Nowhere To Go... But Here - Chapter 10: The Barbecue Crush

Chapter 10

My mom wasn’t surprised that I had changed to being a girl. After all the information between Goahirians and Saclaurilians. She was confused for a while, but it took a lot of convincing that she was on a different planet. She was still a bit confused with why I looked like Mikayla. No one knew the reason. Not even Jane.

But, now that we are a family again, we plan on having a barbecue. On Terra, we would go out to a restaurant, which is usually fast-food. Saclaurilia doesn’t have any restaurants like Mcdonald’s, Burger King, The Banana Peel or even a Subway. I believe it’s because we eat healthier here. In fact, there are no restaurants. If we eat out, it usually means a barbecue or at a friend's house.

My dad invited a few neighbors over. I invited the whole Graviball team and even Brianna. I guess Mikayla invited a friend. I’m not sure who. I usually don’t like seeing animals on the barbecue, but today I was okay with it, because those Fraggles smell extremely good roasting over an open fire.

Another good thing about this barbecue is, its beginning to get cold out and with a fire going, it helps us keep warm. I even suggested making S'mores. The bad thing was, It wasn’t easy explaining S'mores, when there isn’t marshmallows on this planet.

I keep forgetting that this is a healthy planet. Marshmallows are considered a junk food. As for chocolate, I gave up on explaining that after the marshmallow incident.

I watched the pig... I mean Fraggle cook. None of my friends were here yet. What else could I do? I wasn’t going to be a couch potato and watch TV all day. I did hear that the Fraggles came from Wendy’s farm. That's when I thought of it. Did anyone invite her? I ran to the phone. I was about to call her, but stopped. What’s her phone number? In fact, what’s her last name? I can’t call her if I don’t have her last name. I can’t look it up. Bummed out, I walked back outside and continued watching the food cook.

The first guest arrived. It was one of our neighbors. They introduced themselves as the Flandersons. I hope I don’t get confused and call them Anderson or Flanders. They seem really nice. I kept watching the Fraggles, but not for long. On the corner of my eye, I saw someone that made my heart pound.

The Flandersons have a child. Not just any child, a boy. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. This was weird for me. I never had a crush on a boy before. Especially since I was originally a boy. He had gorgeous semi-short light blonde hair and his eyes were, like light blue. He looked to be about my age.

He noticed me staring and came over to me. When he saw me looking, I looked away. I guess I am a bit shy. I have never been shy before.

“Hi,” he chirped. I looked at him again and then started blushing. I turned away. “Don’t be shy. My name is Cory. I just moved here.” I can’t believe it. That was my name. I looked at him, with my mouth open. “Did I say something wrong?” He looked worried.

I looked into his eyes again. He has the most gorgeous eyes, I have ever seen.
“My names...” I began. “...Courtney. I was too shy. Why am I acting this way. It was embarrassing me. Mikayla came skipping along. She saw me with Cory and skipped over.

“Hello,” she spoke very fast. Kind of like Pinkie Pie, from My Little Pony. “My names Mikayla. I see you are with my sister, Courtney. I could say she’s my twin sister. But she never was my twin sister before.... Long story. It all started when we lived on the planet Terra. By the way, I never saw you before at school. Are you new? What’s your name?”

“My names Cory,” he answered with a smile. “Nice to meet you.”

“Oh my God! That was Courtney’s name before she changed into a girl.”

“Mikayla!” I grumbled.

“You were a boy?” Cory asked, looking at me again.

“Um...” I started to cry.

“That’s okay,” he gently put his arm around my shoulder. “It doesn’t bother if you changed gender. Where I just moved from, there were lots of people that wanted to change their gender. It’s normal now.”

“Yeah? Well, I didn’t want to change my gender. I was forced to.” I continued crying.

“Forced? How could you be forced?” He let go and looked into my crying eyes.

I was half Saclaurilians half Goahirian. They only way to remove the Goahirian gene, was I had to change physically into a girl.”

“I see. But hey, you turned into a beautiful young lady.”

I looked at my sister. She was watching us. Playing with a flower as well. “Yeah, well my looks came from my sister, when she touched me. I got the genes from her. So I guess, I am the exact copy of her in a way.” Mikayla smiled when I talked about her. I can tell she loved the attention.

I was about to continue talking, but just then, my friend Brianna came over, with her parents. I had to go see her.

“So this is your house?” She said looking at it.

“Yeah, it was built two weeks ago,” I stated. I can’t believe it's only been about two weeks since we left Terra. Mom only got here yesterday. It’s a bit confusing. I wonder what the date is on Terra? As much as I know, only a few days have passed there. That still confused me. I still think we are in a different dimension or something. And I still think The Doctor is going to show up sometime with his blue box. If he does, I am out of here.

The rest of the guests showed up within the hour. Brianna, Cory and I played together. I was still too shy with Cory. I would keep stuttering when I talked to him. Brianna said I had a crush. I knew I did, but I didn’t want to believe it.

Mikayla was with the Graviball team I invited. I would have played with them, but was not in the mood. I did feel sorry that I didn’t want to play. They didn’t mind. In fact, they thought Mikayla invited them. We do sound the same over the phone and I didn’t mention my name when I called.

To my surprise. Wendy came to the barbecue. That made me happy. I guess she was invited, when dad bought the Fraggles from her. Why didn’t I think of that?

Talking about the Fraggles, they were finished and we were all sitting down to eat. Cory Sat down next to me. That made me blush some more. I got to stop blushing, when I see him. It’s a dead give away that I like him.

There were a lot of people here. Or whatever they call themselves. I wondered if this was going to be the same as Thanksgiving on Terra? Wait, there is no Thanksgiving on this planet? Unless this is Thanksgiving and I didn’t know it.

I had to find out. “Dad?”

“Yes, sweetie?” He answered.

“When were were on Earth... Err... I mean Terra, we had Thanksgiving. Is this like Thanksgiving on Saclaurilia?”

“In away, it is?” He announced. “But we don’t call it Thanksgiving here. It’s The Great Harvest Festival. Every city has one. We were the lucky ones to have it at our house this year.

“Why is it so early?” I asked. “Isn’t it suppose to be in November?”

“Only in the United States. In Canada it’s in October and other harvests can be different, wherever they are. On this planet, the harvest comes in Onrich. That is this month on Saclaurilia.”

I keep forgetting, our months are different than on Terra. Juna, Phrane, Milnisium, Apoach, Milneen, Jolnick, Johop, Alfrane, Solice, Onrich, Nuvent and Daphrane.

“Oh,” I acknowledged. “Thanks dad.” I sat down at the table next to my food and... of course... Cory. I sighed. He is so dreamy. I slap myself. Stop thinking about him, in that way. But he’s so cute.

“Kiss him already!” Brianna blurted.

“I...”Cory looked at me. I looked at him. I blushed. Without even giving in, he gave me a kiss. I accepted it.

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