The Amazons: The future has changed now Amazon women rule Earth and the Galaxy ( part 18)

By the year 2232, the Earth is now ruled by Amazon women after around 40yrs ago an alien female Amazon force invaded our planet and made females superior , stronger and smarter . Now at the age of 16yrs. Boys will be told of a selection process my friends and I am due to for selection .
this our story how my friends and I lives were changed forever and the people around us and how I went from pleasant boy to someone else who I am now a woman with power

18 the new royal Princess of Amazonian Empire

we were at the palace Princess Jade Lily and I when a guard came in said to Jade “ Princess jade your sister Princess Holly has been killed by assassin from the resistance at her school her girlfriend Samantha has also been killed”. both Lilly and Princess jade went fucking what the guard said to her “yes princess” Jade said to her “ I want mom shock troops here and no fucking male will be out or if they are they will be fucking dead except for next 12hrs so for next 12hrs all men were banned from being out in amazon city”. I said to her “ princess I know this a bad time but I have a idea for the new Princess”. she said to me “who Emily?”. I replied to her “ her name is Isabella the queen can adopt her.

I said to her “Her mother has 4 daughters already and she will make a good princess”. princes jade said to me “ ok go to the house in a few days and tell her I going to talk to mother in how bring Holly and Samantha home to Amazonia a few hours later a announcement came over the television it was our Queen Catherine My fellow Amazonian it give great sadness that my daughter Holly has been murder by terrorist in old New York so we the royal family will offer any male the rights back but as woman for the capture of this assassin and resistance leader John Alexander we will now looking for a new princess My supreme commander on Amazonia Earth has already one in mind this girl will be notified soon”.

a few days went past we drove out to Patterson residence I knocked on the door A slave answered the door I said to it “ is your mistress around?”. he said to me “yes mistress I will go get her “.so he went away he came back with her I said to her “ hello Ms Patterson I'm supreme commander of Amazonia Earth Emily I'm here to speak about your daughters especially Isabella”. she asked “why” I said to her “well Princess jade and Queen Catherine are ok she say to me “I will start from the top about 2 months ago I had 3 children A girl Name Tamara who is 17 now in compulsory military training on Amazonia a son named Brendan who was converted to amazon girl for using his brain by hacking a resistance and putting a virus in their main frame and exposing My slave as a resistance helper he is now Isabella and of course my youngest Daniel he just 5yrs old he was converted to Danielle under our new laws for under 6yr olds and Cassandra she was adopted by me after her family was arrested for helping the resistance movement and Sienna is Bella's girlfriend and of their is George our slave and Robert Bella's pet

I said to her “ wow Ms Patterson I want you come work in the military during the day as a major in the royal army we need to catch that Assassin and the leader of the resistance”. she says to me “ thank you”. I replied to her “no worries Major” she says to me “my name is Margaret supreme Commander”. I said to her “ call me Emily the reason Margaret the princess want see Isabella is she going to be our new princess”.

she said to me “wow” I said to her “ I know you will loose a daughter as we were talking 4 girls walked in one said to her “hi mom” the youngest said “hi mommy”. then Margaret said to her “Danni go ask George for some thing lite to eat” she says to her “ yes mommy”. Margaret said the girls “Sienna and Isabella this is supreme commander Emily she is here to take you see Princess Jade”. Isabella look at her mom said “what have I done mom”

she says to her “ baby you need to go you can take Sienna and your pet as well”. Isabella says to her “ but mom” she says to her “sorry baby you need to go with them ok” she kisses Isabella and says to her “ I will always love you Bella remember that”. she says to her mom “ yes mom I will always remember you”. Isabella her clothes and Sienna her clothing and her pet were put in the royal car and we left for the palace.
We arrived at the palace we went up to the throne room we saw princess Jade they bowed Isabella said to her “ your highness”. Jade replies to her “ come closer please”. she walks up to her Princess Jade tells her “ only Isabella not you”. so sienna stayed Isabella walked up to princess Jade her highness look over her said to her “ good you will make a good princess” Isabella say to her “what your highness” Jade says to her again “your a going be a princess” Isabella says to her “ fucking wow oops sorry your highness”

Sienna walk up to her and says to her “ congrats babe I am so happy I love you your going to be a princess “. Jade says to her “ok sis to be and lover have you have a slave”. Izzy says to her “yea we have a pet he knows I'm his Mistress”. Jade say to her slave “good Jack can you come here”. he walks up and says to her “yes my Mistress”. princess Jade says to him “Jack take Mistress Isabella pet and prepare it for travel to Amazonia”. Jack says to her “ yes my Mistress” Jack says to Izzy “your male his name is”. Izzy says to him “ Robert”. Jack says to her I'm sorry Mistress” then Isabella call Robert over he says her “ yes my mistress I want you go with Jack”. He replies to her “ yes my mistress “and Isabella and Sienna left with Jade. Jade said to them “this is the royal palace and there is control room and upstairs are the bedrooms and stuff BTW Sienna passes all security checks”.

(Jade's Point of View)
I showed Isabella around the palace she say to me “ wow princess this place is great” I said to her “ my supreme commander Emily says she promoted your ex mother to major as you requested”. Isabella says to me “ my ex mother”. I said to her “ yes you are going to be a princess you are royal now”. I walked up to her and put on a diamond necklace around her neck BTW I love your nails sis she says to me “ they are acrylic”. I aid to her “ wow I want nails like you baby sis”. she says to me “ sis we will go tomorrow” I said to her “ no Izzy you are off to Amazonia for your coronation”. she said to me “ I get to meet mom before the ceremony”. I said to her “ sure sis”. then sienna walked and said “ hi baby”. Izzy says to her “ Sienna I was getting shown around the palace by jade” she continues talking “I was shown our room”. then a guard came in says to us “ Excuse me princess Jade and Princess Isabella and Ms sienna dinner is ready”.

Sienna says to her “ Babe did that guard call you Princess” and Izzy says to me “yes babe I am a princes” sienna then asked her “ name your sisters babe”. Izzy says to her “ Jade and Charlotte and my mother is queen Catherine why?”. she say to her “just asking ok” I said to them “why won't you two cuddle and kiss each other so they did all of the sudden Sienna knew I was Izzy sister now we had dinner the boarded a shuttle to amazon city space port they boarded the ship for Amazonia

( Sienna point of View)
we arrived on Amazonia we were greeted by Ms Taylor she says to me “ welcome Princess Isabella and Ms Sienna” she kissed my hand the shook mine Robert came out help their slave with luggage we got in the royal limo and headed for the palace when we got the Princess Charlotte was waiting for us she went up and kissed Isabella and said “welcome home baby sis”. we walked into the throne room saw the queen I bowed and Isabella walked up to throne and kissed her mother said to her “ Mom it great to be home”. she say to her “baby I'm glad your happy after tomorrow you and Sienna are staying here for a while as you will be trained Like Charlotte and Jade before her she say to her “ ok mom”

the next day arrived I was dressed in Full Amazonian Military uniform we in main throne room Princess Charlotte was in a black gown and Queen Catherine was in her Black gown then Bella came walking down the aisle in black gown and Heels 3" she walk up and kneeled in front of Queen Catherine the queen said to her “do you Isabella swear to faithful to our goddess Hera and install believes by her as royal princess of the Amazonian empire”. she replied to her “ I will my Queen” then the Queen continued talking “ by the power invested by me I declare you her royal highness princess Isabella Marie Jamison my daughter you my stand up and sit next to me on throne now princess Isabella”. I walked up and kissed her hand said to her “ I swear allegiance to you my princess and will the best lover to you always and your protector.

We have a new royal Princess Isabella Marie Jamison part of the royal family of Amazonia and Amazonia Earth and her surrounding planets of the great Amazonian Empire

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