Embracing Justice -chp 16

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 16

Federal Building US, Marshals Office, Toledo, Ohio

David Earp could not have gotten a more surprised reaction if he had pulled his sidearm and shot someone. Everyone began speaking or shouting at once. David and Dorothy didn’t care they had the head of the snake that was the cancer infecting something they loved, and they were going to cut it off. Even with all the evidence in front of them they were still trying to deny their guilt and making demands. Judge Parker was the loudest of them all.

“How dare you think you can arrest a sitting Federal Judge. I’ll have your badge over this, Earp. By the time I get done with this office every last deputy will be either on unpaid suspension or fired out right!”

“Shut up Parker.” It took Dorothy Rose’s order to restore order to the conference room. “We have enough evidence to throw every last one of you under the courthouse and forget we ever knew you were there. At this moment I have officers serving arrest and search warrants at your homes and offices. Let me be perfectly clear ladies and gentlemen. For the past few days all of you have been under surveillance. Your connections within the Law, Order, and God Party will not help you. All of you have been brought up on RECO charges, White Slavery, Murder, Election Fraud, Kidnapping, and a whole slew of others too many to be named at this time.”

Everyone in the room was looking at the US Marshal in a whole new light. For most of these people that had never really taken the woman seriously, this attitude also extended to the few women there. To all of them Dorothy Rose was nothing more than an experiment in Political Correctness. This attitude was often found in their superiors. Dorothy was not one to mince her words, and drove home the point that she was no experiment.

“At this time I have all of your Directors waiting for me in a room down the hallway. Oh and for those of you who are lawyers those search warrants are being carried out by your own Internal Affairs Investigators. Let me make this perfectly clear. None of you have a fucking thing to offer in a deal. For far too long you have used your contacts inside the LOG Party to further your own ends. By doing so you have only yourselves to blame for the sentences that are handed down.”

Turning to David and Kathy. “Shall we go and meet our respected numbers?”

“With pleasure Marshal, with great pleasure. I am sick and tired of dealing with these Party thugs. Even now I feel like I need a shower.” Commented Kathy just before she felt a pair of hands grabbing her from behind.

“That is where you’re wrong Kathy.” David said as he quickly slapped the handcuffs on her wrists. “I am afraid that you're going to be spending a great deal more time in their presences. I know you're the one who leaked the location of the Hotel Safe House to Homeland. Did you really think that I wouldn’t find out?”

“What are you talking about, David? I have always been a loyal officer of this service.” Looking over at Dorothy, Kathy continued to plead her innocence. “Dorothy, please you have known me for over fifteen years now. We came up through the ranks together. Surely you don’t believe these accusations?”

“Kathy, as much as it pains me, I cannot deny the evidence against you.” sighed Dorothy. Looking at her one time partner and longtime friend she asked. “What happened to you? You were always so by the book; that and you had such a great career. Where and when did all that go wrong?”

“When a second rate piece of shit like you was promoted when it should have been me. How can you stand there and think you can lecture me about what is right and wrong? You who let her witness be gunned down and do nothing to save them? Your career should have ended twelve years ago, but no, they give you a promotion over someone who really deserved it. They should have demanded your badge and sent you packing. I have spent my entire career trying to put away the scum and what happens? Some piece of shit attorney gets them a deal for rolling over on their bosses. No jail time, no punishment, nothing. Instead they get a new life, a government paycheck, all while walking away without paying for their crimes. Where is the justice in that?”

“So you join the real criminals. The people who would put you and me back in the home bare foot and pregnant. How can you be so blind to the LOG’s motives? Are you so blinded by jealousy that you can’t see them for the monsters they are?” Dorothy’s impassioned plea to her old friend fell on deaf ears.

“They are not the ones who are destroying this country. You and your liberal bleeding heart conspirators are doing that. The LOG is trying to restore our country to its rightful place in the world.” Kathy just couldn’t see the truth about the LOG and what they stood for.

“Come on Dorothy. You won’t change her mind on this. She is just like all the other brainwashed followers of the LOG.” David handed Kathy over to one of the deputies and pulled Dorothy out of the room. Once in the hallway David just sighed and looked at his boss and at one time trainee. “Look Dorothy, I hate to say this but we both know that Kathy was never a really stable person.”

“No David that is where you’re wrong. Kathy was once a very stable person. So stable that nothing could affect her. No I know what happened to my friend and I let it happen. I should have seen this coming and gotten her help long ago.”

“What are you talking about, Dorothy? Nobody could have foreseen this happening.” David was a little confused by Dorothy’s statement.

“I knew that Kathy was jealous of my rise in the service. I just didn’t see it as being dangerous. I always thought she was happy with the way things went. I never thought that Kathy of all people would jeopardize an investigation or place a witness in danger like she has.” For the first time in her long career Dorothy was faced with having to send a friend to prison.

David while being her subordinate had a much longer career had already faced this prospect. He also knew what Dorothy was facing, having already been there. He still couldn’t forget the look on the face of Jim Fields, his training officer, the day he placed the cuffs around his wrists. David had learned his old partner was dirty and taking kickbacks from a local drug lord. It broke David of the idea that cops are above corruption. “Come on Dorothy we still have to deal with the respective Directors for those people in there yet. I don’t think that they’re going to be too happy with us slapping the cuffs on some of their top people.”

“You know something David, I really don’t give a shit. If I find even the slightest piece of evidence tying any of them to the LOG I’ll slap the cuffs on them as well. One way or another the LOG party is going down. I figure we have forty-eight hours before the news hounds get wind of this. If the other agencies play ball with us we might be able to keep a lid on things for four days at most.”

“I highly doubt that, boss. There are just too many people involved here for us to keep this quiet. When you add in the other agencies the chances of this breaking, sooner rather than later, go up like a rocket.”

“We’ll just have to try David. We need to buy Sam and the other’s time to get Kristine out of the line of fire, and Larry the time to take down that farm.”

“Then I have an idea, but I don’t know if you’re going to like it.”

“Talk to me, David. What is on that devious mind of yours?”

“Let’s use the press for once.” At Dorothy’s confused look David smiled and explained what he had in mind. The more Dorothy heard the more she liked the idea. For once the press was going to be an asset rather than a hindrance. Smiling at David she had only two words to say. “Do it.” and with that simple command a very twisted and totally legal manipulation of the press was put into play.


Meanwhile at the offices of Law Order and God, Alexandria, Va.

Preston Carstairs was not in a good mood. Nothing had gone right for him this day. First there was the mess with CDM Masterson, and his family. While William and Caroline had been taken care of there was still the little matter of their son. The last report he had received from Voorhees had also turned his mood dark. It seems that his people in Homeland had not been able to find the Masterson boy. It was as if the boy had just dropped off the face of the world.

Then there was the continuous interference of the Marshal’s. Why couldn’t they just let his people in Homeland handle this problem? If those damned Marshal’s would just get the hell out of his way he could tidy up this matter in moments. All he had to do was make a phone call and the boy would disappear without a trace. However his man in Homeland was not talking to him or anyone else for that matter. To make things even more complicated no one had heard from the Deputies that were members of LOG.

There was also the ongoing attacks on the LOG black server. It was as if this hacker had the passwords for every member of the Party. Everything his IT techs tried to stop the attacks were useless. Whoever this Kmasterson2000 is, they are good, very good. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were a threat to Carstairs plans he would love to hire them. The fact that this kmasterson2000 was able to break into the party servers so easily showed their skill. He wasn’t surprised to find out that Kmasterson2000 was on the FBI’s most wanted list for cyber criminals.

His biggest problem though was that he needed an update on how things were going from Jason. He knew that two of his biggest problems had been taken care of, but there were still too many loose ends that needed to be tied up. The Masterson boy was the biggest, with the deputies guarding him being the next. But they have disappeared into the ether.

The knock on his door drew his attention back to the here and now. “Yes.” He called out. He was not surprised to see his secretary open the door. “What is it Mark?”

“Sir Congressman Strein on line four for you. And sir from the sounds of it he’s upset over the recent polling numbers out of Dayton.”

“Damn. I do not need this right now.” looking up at his secretary. “Thank you Mark. Can you please get me those polling numbers please? I’ll stall the good Congressman until you get back.”

“Yes sir. It’ll take me a few minutes to get the new numbers sir.”

“Fine Mark. Just be as quick as you can.” Carstairs reached for his phone while Mark left to get the polling numbers that his boss wanted. “Congressman Strein how can I help you this evening?”

“Preston you want to tell me what you’re doing over there God damn it? Every last law enforcement agency is going ape shit over files that are dropping into the laps of their IA departments. There are allegations’ of dirty cops in every branch, with ties to the LOG. Please tell me these charges are bullshit?”

“I have no idea of what you’re talking about Howard. Trust me the Law Order and God party is completely above board. All these allegations’ of corruption or whatever will blow away with the winds of time. These is nothing more than the flights of fantasy by the Department of Justice.” Carstairs was doing everything to calm the Congressman. If what he was saying was true then matters were far worse than he thought. If the IA departments of the individual agencies were investigating then he had a real problem on his hands.

“Are you sure there is nothing to worry about? You know I can’t be seen as having any kind of connection to corruption, political or otherwise.”

“Please, Congressman, you have nothing to worry about I assure you that the LOG party is totally legal on all matters.”

“Good, because the first thing that happens if this is true? No one will vote for any LOG party candidate. Hell you couldn’t get a LOG candidate elected as dog catcher.” Congressman Howard Strein hung up before Preston could even reply to the man’s threat. To say Preston Carstairs was upset would be an understatement. The phone flying across the room would testify to that fact.

Mark had heard the phone hit the wall and knew that now would not be a good time to show his boss the new numbers out of Dayton. If Preston Carstairs was mad enough to throw things then he was mad enough to fire someone over these numbers. Mark didn’t want to tell his boss that they were losing ground in the Dayton and Hamilton County areas. What Mark didn’t know was that Carstairs wasn’t mad over the numbers but something far darker than polling results.

Preston pulled out a burner cell phone that he kept just for emergencies. Punching in a number he had memorized months ago he sat back and waited. When the other end rang the fourth time he hung up. Ten minutes later the burner phone rang. He answered it before the ring tone had even finished the first time. “Bullock?”

“What do you want Carstairs?”

“I have a job for you. The pay is twice your normal.”

“Why not have your boy Jason handle it. That way you can save some money.”

“Normally I would, but this time I need a message sent.”

“What’s the message?”

“To back off.”

“Okay we can do that for you. Who’s the target?”

“It’s a US Marshall safe house.”

“Where is it, and do you want any survivors?”

“None and burn the house to the ground. This is an ash and dust job, Bullock.”

“Gotcha. However the price is going to be higher than normal.”

“No. I’ll pay you twice your normal rate and not a dime more.”

“Wrong Carstairs, you’ll pay triple my normal rate or you can get someone else to hit your safe house.”

“I told you ….”

“You don’t get it Carstairs. The price is triple for hitting a US Marshal Safe House. We do that and none of my people can show their faces anywhere in the States. You want us to take care of this problem then you’re going to pay.”

“Fine fifteen million and not a dime more. However for that amount of money I need it done no later then two days from now.”

“Deal. Send me the address. I have a crew that can be anywhere in the States inside of thirty-six hours.”

“You don’t have to go far. The safe house is in Toledo, Ohio.”

“Watch the news then. By this time tomorrow night there will be a tragic house fire in Toledo claiming the lives of all those who live there.” Bullock heard his text alert go off as the address for the safe house came through. “How many people can I expect to be there?”

“Five. Three men, one woman, and a teenage boy. If there are more do it anyway, but leave no witnesses.”

“My men are professionals Carstairs. Can you tell me where you got the info on the safe house?”

“No. now I’ll arrange for your payment in a half hour. Do you want it the usual way?”

“Yes. Half now, half when the jobs done. You can split the payment up between my usual accounts in Switzerland, Austria, and the Grand Caymans banks.”

“It has been a pleasure dealing with you Mr. Bullock, have a goodnight.” Carstairs didn’t wait for the man on the other end of the connection to answer. He just flipped the phone closed. Turning it over he pulled the battery out, and then its sim card. Breaking the sim card in half he put the phone, its battery, and the broken sim card in a paper bag. Standing up, Preston Carstairs picked up his briefcase, after tidying up his desk and putting the papers he needed in his briefcase he turned off the desk light. Grabbing the paper bag in one hand and his briefcase in the other Preston left his office.

Stopping at his secretary’s desk. “Have a good night Mark. I’ll see you in the morning. Oh and I am sorry for losing my temper earlier.”

“No problem sir. I kind of figured that the good congressman said or did something to piss you off. Is there anything I can do to help out?”

Looking at the young man Preston cataloged his features. The more he looked at his secretary the more he wanted to own him. The young man was in his early twenties but looked to be in his late teens at best. With the right drugs and a little plastic surgery he would be extremely passable. It was a shame that the boy was so well known around the office; if not for that, Preston would have the boy shipped off to the farm. Controlling his urges Preston just shook his head no.

“Thanks for the offer Mark, but there is really nothing you can do right now. That is unless you can change the outcome of those polling numbers.”

“Sir I maybe good with computers and make a mean cup of coffee, but not even I can do that. Have a good night sir.” Mark never really knew what was going in the mind of his boss. One minute he was looking at Mark like a piece of meat that he want to devour the next he was totally about the political process. What Mark didn’t know was how many times he came close to becoming a sexual slave in his boss’s home.

“Have a goodnight yourself Mark.” Preston just smiled as he walked out of the office and headed for home.
“Maybe once all this blows over.”


11:35 pm Toledo, Ohio

Maria DeMarco was having a rally good night. First the daughter that she thought lost to time and death had returned to her. She remembered the day that she found her Annette with Stephany. Even back then Maria had a hard time seeing Stephany as a boy. Stephany was just so feminine in everything she did. It was no wonder she was able to pass so well. Now her own daughter Annette was introducing her to her first grandchild. Oh this Kasey may not be blood, but Annette had taken responsibility for her. That made her family in Maria’s eyes. The fact that the girl wasn’t born a girl didn’t matter to Maria. Stephany had shown her that it was what was on the inside that mattered.

In fifteen minutes she will finally be able to meet what she hoped to be her granddaughter. She already knew that having a child of both DeMarco and Capizeo blood lines was out of the question. That still didn’t mean she couldn’t have a child out of their traditions. Oh she knew that Stephany was now Samantha Justice and a Deputy for the US Marshals, but there was now a chance for new generation for both families. This girl and the one that is under Samantha’s protection. She just needed to find a way to get the four of them together. There was only one problem in Maria’s mind. That problem had the name of Robert ‘Bobby’ Everbrite.

‘I wonder if the young man would be averse to having two wives.’ Maria thought. ‘After all most nobleman in the old country still have a wife and courtesan. Why couldn’t we follow that tradition here as well? Yes that would be the perfect solution. Only, which of her two daughters would he accept as his wife and which as his mistress? Then again the young man did show signs of having some Native American Blood. Didn’t they practice polygamy? I really need to investigate this young man’s family heritage.’ Maria put these thoughts out of her head as Annette came to the door they were looking for.

“Here we go mama. Now please do me a favor? Before you go dropping the granddaughter on her let me explain who you are. She hasn’t had too many good experiences with older females.”

“Would you care to explain what you mean by that?” Maria let her daughter know by the tone of her voice that was not a request but an order.

“Kasey’s mother used to beat her whenever she fond Kasey dressed as a girl. She used to force Kasey to strip before letting her leave the house. If her mother found even a pair of panties in Kasey’s room her mother would beat her with a belt. Then there was the all night prayer vigils to drive the demon of homosexuality from her lead by her grandmother. It has taken me the last three and a half years to get her to believe in me. That all I wanted for her was to help her grow into the woman she was meant to be.”

“I see dear. I’ll wait for your cue before going further. Now quit stalling and knock on the door already.”

Annette didn’t get a chance to knock more than once before the door was snatched open by a very excited Kasey.

“Oh man you promised that you would be back before midnight. I am sorry I didn’t believe you mom.” The cough from Maria at hearing her daughter called mom by this young girl was not missed by either Annette or Kasey. The young girl looked at Maria before turning to Annette. “Um did I say something I shouldn’t have?”

“I think we need to continue this conversation inside, please. Oh and Kasey this woman is my mother.” Both Annette and Kasey were a nice shade of red. “Kasey I need to know. Are you alone or is your current boyfriend here?”

Kasey looked at the two women who had just entered her apartment. One she had come to see as a mother and the other she had no clue about. She trusted Annette and truly loved her as a mother. “No mom. Danny is still here. Why what’s up?”

“Well, first we need to return the keys you barrowed. Then we need to have a few minutes alone with no one else here, just you, me, and my mother.” Annette told Kasey as she handed over the keys to the salvage yard.

“Be right back mom. Let me give these to Danny and see him on his way.” Kasey walked to the back of the apartment where her bedroom was. As she entered the room she started yelling. “Danny wake up big guy it’s time you went to work.”

“Shut up bitch and let me sleep.” Those words almost had both DeMarcos heading for the bedroom to tear the man apart.

“Damn it Danny. It’s time for you to go to work. You told me to wake you up in time for you to get to work.”

The sound of flesh hitting flesh followed by the scream of pain did have both women moving. Each were headed for the bedroom for different reasons. One to protect her child the other to educate a man on how to treat women. There would be two very different outcomes depending on who got there first. Thankfully neither one got there before said male came through the doorway head first. He was quickly followed by one very pissed off young girl.

Even though Kasey only stood five foot four and weighed at most one hundred and fifteen pounds she still knew how to fight, and she didn’t believe in fighting fair. The kick to the crotch was followed up by a punch to the upper stomach took most of the fight out of Danny. The problem was Kasey wasn’t done beating the shit out of the man. “Don’t” fist to the jaw “you” right cross to the eye “ever” punch to the chest “lay” left hook to the ear “Your” forearm blow to the nose “hands on me again!” kick to the chest. The fact that almost every blow punctuated a word from Kasey was not lost on either Maria or Annette. It also wasn’t lost on Danny.

Maria looked over at Annette with a small smile. “It seems that your daughter knows how to handle herself very well. However I suggest that we pull her off of that man before she kills him.”

“Oh I don’t think it will come to that mama. However, if the boy isn’t smart enough to stay down then we may have to step in.” looking over Kasey Annette had a smile of pride on her face. “You are right though, she definitely knows how to take care of herself.” Annette had to look away as Kasey delivered another kick to the man’s groin. “Ouch! That had to hurt. Um Kasey darling do you think you can show that poor fool to the door before injuring him anymore?”

Kasey grabbed a hold of Danny be the back of his head and by the belt of his pants. Hauling the man off the floor and dragged him toward the door to her apartment. Seeing what Kasey was doing Annette quickly moved to open the door for her. When Danny tried to pull away Kasey slammed his head into the door jamb. “Oops sorry about that. Here let me give you a hand.” With a swift kick to the ass Danny was through the door and into the wall on the other side.

Annette slammed the door shut and walked over to the couch. “Kasey come here and let me have a look at your cheek. It looks like he caught you square. You’re going to have a real shiner there come morning.”

“Oh mom don’t worry, I’ll be just fine. I’ll put some ice on it before I go to bed…” Kasey did get to finish what she was saying. The cold compress that Maria had in her hand as she exited the kitchenette was placed gently against Kasey’s cheek.

“Hush child. You have no idea of what you’re talking about. A blow like this can cause you all kinds of problems later in life if not treated right. Annette when was the last time you had your daughter in for a health check?” Before either Annette or Kasey could answer there was a pounding on the apartment door. “It seems that your guest did not learn his lesson in manners. Excuse me children.” As Maria stepped over and opened the door Danny barged his way in.

“Just who do you think you are bitch? You’re going to pay for that!” the fact that he had just pushed his way past one of the deadliest woman in the world without a second thought. “When I get do with you, you’ll wish you never left that corner were you were turning tricks.” The hand that grabbed him from behind was small, delicate, and well defined, in short the hand of a wealthy woman or a lady. Spinning around to face the woman who had dared to lay hands on him Danny found a rather striking woman. “Get your hands off of me bitch.”

Of all the names Danny could have called Maria he had to choose the one that pissed her off the most. Maria was going to try and talk reasonably with the man but he had to go there. The strike to the diaphragm took the wind out of Danny’s sails. As he fell to his knee’s Maria grabbed him by the ear.

“Now, listen closely, boy. I am only going to tell you this just once. My name is Maria Constantia Natalia DeMarco and if you ever call me a bitch again they will never find your body. I was going to try and reason with you, but you seem to be lacking even common sense. So in light of this fact, I think I shall follow my granddaughter’s example, and just beat the shit out of you.” Maria then proceeded to fit actions to words.

Kasey looked over at Annette. “Um mom should we try and stop your mother? Wait a minute, what did she mean by granddaughter?”

“Well, it is like this, Kasey. When mama saw us together earlier this evening, I had to explain our relationship to her. I told her how we first met. Then I told her about me bringing you here and setting you up in this apartment and with the doctors and all that. When she found out… HEADS UP!” Annette pulled Kasey out of the way just as Danny slammed into the wall just above the couch that they were sitting on. “Oh boy. Kasey I think we need to move over to the bedroom.”

“Um … Why do you say that?”

“Because I know your grandmother, and she is just getting warmed up.” as if to put a point on that statement Maria flipped Danny over her shoulder and into the coffee table. Annette had been on the receiving end of one of mother’s lessons on more than one occasion. “Ouch that’s going to leave a mark. Oh shit he should not have done that.” Annette pointed at the knife that Danny had grabbed from the kitchen knife block. “OH no mama really hates it when amateurs try to use a knife against her. The last person to do that wound up with a shattered forearm and wrist. Oh this is going to hurt.” Both Annette and Kasey had to look away as Maria proceeded to bend Danny’s forearm and elbow in an unnatural way.

“Umm … mom you still haven’t gotten around to why your mother is calling me her granddaughter yet.” Kasey turned to look at the face of Annette when she heard the crunch of breaking bones, followed by a rather unmanly scream. Kasey started to actually look over at Danny but Annette stopped her by placing her arm just across her right shoulder and turning her away from the living room.

“Well my dear it is like this. Oh and you don’t want to watch what comes next, trust me on this.” Annette was interrupted by a very high pitched almost womanly scream of pain. Even Annette who knew what her mother was doing to the poor boy had to cringe. “I think we are going to need to move you in with us after tonight Kasey. It seems that mama has taken quite a shine to you my dear.”

As if she was summoned Maria walked up to the two of them. There was a smile on her face that belied that violence that she had just handed out. “I am so sorry that you had to see that my dear. I am normally more in control of my anger than that. As for your young man, he really should learn some manners not to mention learn how to defend himself.”

“Um… mama, do we need to get the poor boy an ambulance?”

“No Annette. I left him able to drive himself to the hospital. Do not give me that look young lady. You know good and well that I didn’t open any blood veins or arteries.”

“Mama I love you with all my heart, but there are times that you do get a little over zealous. Even you have to admit to that.”

“I do not. I will have you know that I never get over zealous. Especially when I am instructing someone in the art of the knife. Just because the poor boy was never taught the proper way to handle a blade is not my fault. I merely decided to correct the errors in his technic and show him the weak points of his style. I was just giving him a lesson in etiquettes of the blade.”

Annette had to push Kasey’s jaw closed after the poor girl heard Maria describe the beat down she had delivered to Danny as a lesson in blade etiquettes. In all her sixteen years she had never heard or seen anything like this. The fact that Annette accepted her was a forgone conclusion, but this strange violent, yet beautiful woman was unknown to her. “Why did you do that, ma’am?”

“Child, you’re as a daughter to my own. That makes you part of my family, child. Among the DeMarco’s we live by a few simple rules the first of these is you never screw with family. That trash over there stepped across the line when he laid his hands on you. If this was the old country” Maria had turned to look down at Danny as he tried to crawl out the half open door. “I would have his balls in a sling hanging from my barn door.”

For some reason Kasey could tell this woman who was claiming her as her granddaughter was serious as the grave. Kasey knew that Annette was an assassin for hire, but the thought that her mother was her teacher was beyond Kasey’s comprehension. Even though the truth was right there in front of her along with all the proof she needed. She had seen it with her own eyes just how deadly the woman was. This Maria woman may look small and delicate but she was deadly beyond words just like the woman who had takin her in.

“Umm… you know he is trying to escape, right?”

“Oh I know child, not that it will matter.” Maria said it as if it didn’t matter.

“But he could call the police.”

“Oh I highly doubt that, child. In fact I doubt that he will be contacting anyone except for his family doctor.” The look Maria gave Danny let him know that was exactly what he was going to do. Her next words drove that point home. “Besides if he was dumb enough to go to the police we have a handy recycling planet that we can use.” When Danny heard this he promptly passed out.

“Damn mama that has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen you do.” Annette had real pride in her voice. “I never once thought of using the threat of recycling as a way of handling a witness.”

“Why Annette, I am shocked by your attitude. The DeMarco’s have been on the fore front of the war against global warming. We have been practitioners of Eco friendly practices for generations.”

“Um… excuse me ma’am …”

“Kasey, you’re part of this family now. You can call me grandmother or grandma.”

“Um … grandma I thought that the DeMarco family were assassins?”

“Oh child you are truly precious.” Maria smiled and then caresses her check. “We are no mere assassins. No child the DeMarco clan is much, much more. We balance the scales of justice. Protect the innocent, address slights and insults, while righting the wrongs done to our employers.”

Kasey looked at Maria with some considerable confusion in her young face. “Um… grandma that doesn’t explain the Eco friendly practices.” Even Annette wanted to know the answer to that question.

“First my dear you need to understand the ways and traditions of your new family. As for our Eco friendly practices, the answer is simple. There are more than a few fertilized lots out there thanks to our family. Not to mention all the fish we have fed down through the centuries.”

“You know mom, there are times when even I have to step back and take a second look at the way we do things. I never really thought about what we do in that way. No matter what happens we always take out the trash.” Annette and Kasey both started to giggle at the prospect of taking out the ‘trash’.

“Very good my daughter. Now Kasey dear let’s get your things packed up. You’ll only need a few days of clothes for now. We can come back for the rest later.” Kasey just stood there with her mouth hanging open. Annette reached over and pushed it close. Taking Kasey by the hand and led her into her room to start packing. Maria looked down at Danny with a very unsettling smile. “While you two are taking care of that I’ll handle the trash out here.” Both girls heard a very girly whimper come from the living room area.


The childhood home of Samantha Justice 12:45 am …

“Come on kiddo I have something to show you.” Sam pulled on Kristine’s hand as she stood up. “What I am about to show you will help put things into perspective. I know that it did for me the first time I saw my family’s training room.”

Everyone in the room stood there looking at Sam as if she had grown a second head with the exception of Bobby. Sam started to giggle at all their looks. “Come on you boys can see it too.”

Sam led the four of them over to the door to the basement stairway. After opening the door and heading down the stairs Sam stopped at the small landing that was halfway down. Reaching up Sam grabbed the light that hung there then with a smile she twisted the fixture to the right. They all heard a click come from the wall next to the stairway. With a gentle push from Sam the wall rotated out and away. The door was so well disguised that every time that Bobby and the others had walked down these stairs they had missed it.

“I’ll be a suck egg mule! Now just how in the name of Hells bells did we miss that dang thang? Sammy just how many surprises does this house have?” Bobby’s south western draw was starting to show. “Me, Hunter, and Bat must have walked past that wall more than four times a day.”

“Remember what I told you about on the way home Bobby and how it was my father who designed this house?” Bobby stood there looking at Sam for a minute, then face palmed. Sam just giggled at her partner. “Like I said when we first came here. This house holds more secrets than the NSA and CIA combined. The firing ports are just the first of those secrets along with this room. The rest of them I’ll keep for now until a time when they are needed.”

Bat, Hunter, and Bobby just nodded their heads yes at this. They all knew the necessity for keeping secrets, especially when they can help save your life. It was Bat who put things into perspective for them all. “Like my great grandfather once said ‘A loaded Forty-five trumps four aces.’ You keep your secrets Samantha. For some reason I have the feeling that we’re going to need those secrets here shortly.”

“Thank you, Bat. If, and this is a big if, we should need those other secrets I promise to let you have them.” What Sam was not about to tell the other deputies or even Kristine was besides the gun ports there was command detonated land mines, four heavy machine guns, and a weapons locker that held enough weapons to outfit a Marine Infantry Platoon. If there was one thing she learned from her father above all else it was to be prepared for anything. When it came to protecting his family Marko Capizeo would spare no expense.

“Would you all please remove your shoes before stepping inside?” Sam set the example by removing her own. The others quickly followed suit. “Kristine if I get approval to be your handler you can expect to spend at least two to three hours in here every day.”

“Um… Sam why would I be spending that much time down here?” Kristine asked Sam.

“Because my dear sister this is where I learned first to move as a girl then behave as a young lady. As much as I hate to say this kiddo you still have a lot to learn. For starters while you may move like a girl at times you lack a certain mount of grace. To correct that you need to learn how to move in a more graceful fashion. The best way to do that is through ballet. Besides I believe that if your real mother was still alive she would be your teacher. I believe that it would be a fitting tribute to your mother if you were to take up her art.”

Sam had flipped the light switch on the wall just as she finished her explanation. The training room that was lit up by the overhead lights was a combination of dojo and dance studio. At one end along the wall was a ballet bar and mirrors. In the middle of the room was a set of mats set out in a square perfect for hand to hand combat training or any number of martial arts. At the other end was a complete indoor firing range with six firing stations.

“Son of a bitch! Talk about your hidden layers! Just who the hell were your family Sam? The Wayne’s?” Hunter ask Sam.

----------- To be Continued -----------

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