Serving with Distinction: Chapter 4: My Homecoming

It’s dark and I can barely see where I am. I try to stand.

I feel like I just ran a marathon and my legs are like jelly.

My legs slowly regain strength as I will them to move and I go from sitting to standing.
A new weight puts pressure on my chest and I see that I am indeed sporting two C cup, omega shaped breasts.

No sooner as I comprehend that sensation, I feel a wetness trailing down my legs. I touch it with my hand and raise it to my nose. It smells delightful, like lavender and jasmine. I put it to my lips and it tastes of sweetness, almost like nectar or honey. Almost instantly I feel my nipples go erect and my breasts swell. I stammer as I feel my clit pulse and more juices cascade down my pussy lips onto the ground.

After a second I regain control and I stand up straight. My eyes adjust to the dark and I see the moon crest over the horizon between the trees. I must be in the forest.

“Hello, anyone here!!!?” I shout.

I see the moonlight grow from red to yellow to white as it rises high and higher in the night sky. The branches cast many shadows. But I can still see enough to confirm that I am indeed a woman.

The moons rays emanate brighter and brighter until finally I see the moonbeams cause the thicket’s trees and branches to recede leaving a glowing path stretched before me.
Naked and alone, I walk through the forest. My hips gyrate with each step, butt and breasts jiggle in unison. It takes a moment to get used to it. But I adapt and overcome.

I begin seeing strobes of purple light glide effortlessly through the air and follow me step by step. They’re warm and make a whisper sound. I catch small phrases as they zip by.

“Welcome sister”

“You turned out nice”


“Aren’t you tall”


“Keep going”

“I want to play with her”

“Mother will be so happy at her handiwork”

It isn’t until I understand these “faes” that I notice and see that I am heading toward what appears to be a pond.
I break the tree line and see a moonlit pond with still water reflecting a full moon and sky full of stars.
A ball of light begins to grow forth from the depths and builds until I see what appears to be a giant clam spring forth out of the water.

(Cue music)

Just as soon as it surfaces, shadows exit the tree line. The moon reveals naked women bearing instruments from throughout the ages. I see ahead a brown haired, Native American woman gently beating a drum. I look to my right and I see what seems like a Celtic maiden with red hair playing a flute. I look to the left and I see a raven haired Asian woman playing a stringed instrument… an ehru, I believe. More and more join the circle shore. The tune is melodic and haunting, yet joyous as its tempo builds.

The water ripples and moves as churning power emanates from the glowing clam. With a loud clap and a crescendo from the maidens playing, a bright light envelops the circle. I shield my eyes, but in a matter of seconds my eyes adjust to reveal a naked woman standing before me. Her silhouette shifts to reveal a brunette goddess, tall with a slender figure and pert breasts.

She has opens her eyes to reveal emerald green irises, tender full pink lips accentuate her growing smile, a narrow high cheek boned face and olive toned skin appear from the light. She looks like a super model. As a matter of fact, she looks like someone I recognize in a half-remembered dream.

She turns toward me and opens her mouth just as the music dies to a faint and slow beat.

“Welcome daughter,” she says.

In that instant I realized it was her guiding me through this transformation. Her kind and encouraging words helping me to understand the changes brought forth.

“Thank you, Ma’am,” you utter in awe.

“No need to Ma’am, me I am no officer, I am certainly not in the military,” she says with authority and jest.

“Sorry, I’ve always been raised to address the fairer sex with respect,” I say with humility as I look down.

“Daughter, no need to be sorry, this is a joyous day,” she exclaims.

“Then how should I address you?” I say with respect.

“I am Luna, a disciple of the one who loves all and is loved by all,” she proclaims. “When this world took form, she was there to ensure humanity had the drive and desire to continue its existence. Men fought for her, named their children after her and even some died for her.”

“Who is she?” I ask in curiosity.

“She goes by many names, Venus, Aphrodite, Chuang Mu, Bastet, Eros, Hermaphroditus, Nanaya, Ishtar, Xochiquetzal, Qetesh,” said Luna. “She goes by many forms, a mother, a lover, a sister, a vengeful woman, beauty, lust.”

“Luna, why am I here?”

“I will get to that part,” she said in the most motherly of tones.

I stood at attention to emphasize my respect.

“Long ago I was a sorceress named Luna, in your tongue. I prayed and worshiped Venus with love and devotion. She blessed me with children, health and home. My king grew angry at the favor that was shown upon my household. He begged the other gods to smite Venus, to make me wither and die. They laughed at his insolence and told him to go punish me if he truly wanted vengeance. The gods as crafty and scheming as they are, aren’t without mercy or love. The deity called Aries by your tongue, informed Venus of the king’s plans for me. During my monthly sacrifice and orgy, she came to me as a vision and warned of my impending destruction. On my knees and with outstretched arms I begged for her help to spare my family. She told me that I had to go through the nearby woods and seek out a special tree called vulvanostra and pluck seven of its berries. From there I was commanded to brew a potion with its contents. She then commanded me to give the cup to each of the members of her household, slaves and all. Each would take a single sip, no more, no less, with me drinking the last.”

“What happened next,” I asked in suspense.

“In that moment we all partook of it, we changed shape and form. Men became women, women became men. No one was recognizable. I had gone from a beautiful curvaceous female form, to a hardy and handsome man. After agreeing to give one of my daughters as a bride to Zeus, as you know him, he sent a storm to slow the king’s advance upon us. My household fled far and wide as ruin fell upon the king."

“Far and safe away from the danger, my family settled. But all was not well. Venus, sensing my longing to return to my beautiful form, blessed me and my family to revert to our original form and shape for three days every lunar cycle. This type of lycanthropy has since passed through my bloodlines, generation after generation.”

“However it has become thin over time,” sighed Luna. “Few men and women have this blood, like you. You are among those who carry the desire to become the other gender but you are in hiding. Step forth from the shadows.”

“That isn’t me…” I protest before she cuts me off.

“You dare doubt me?!!!” she shouted in a thunderous voice and quickly calming just as quickly as she angered.

“You must be mistaken, Luna,” I say in a shameful tone.

“I do not make mistakes, nor do I let my children make them,” says Luna in a confident tone. “Remember when you were 13 and the first vestiges of puberty hit. You touched yourself to the sight of the female form. But that wasn’t enough, you longed after their beauty, you wanted more. At age 14, you snuck into your mother’s room and put her pink bra to your chest, you admired its feel against your skin. You wished you could fill the cups and transform yourself. I remember you went to the library and went on the internet to look for spells that might change your appearance.”

Deeply repressed thoughts came to the surface. You remembered everything now. How your parents caught you with porn, how they saw the sites you visited, how they beat you and cursed you and rebuked you as you wept all night and suppressed those feelings for many many years.
Tears came out from my eyes like a well spring as all the negative emotions I felt that summer night 12 years ago came breaking forth like a damn. The dream I had of the hallway was just like that moment.

“Why me?”

“Oh my daughter, don’t despair, don’t cry, you have no need to feel that way. Look at yourself, look at your sisters. Are they not happy and beautiful? Don’t you remember when you set out on your own and learned to enjoy sex, enjoying the sexual liberation of adulthood?”

Even more thoughts came rushing back, the one night stands, those new fantasies you discovered with changing tastes in porn. Your girlfriends who taught you love, longing and roleplaying. The one night three years ago, when you searched the web and saw the lesbian porn that made you want to experience it as a woman. The night you also lusted after a model named Victoria Valmer and wished you could be her.

“Holy shi---I mean oh man, I mean…

“Yes, now you see,” Luna said in a prophetic tone. “I have taken the form of the one you first laid eyes on and desired to be as. As I have done for all your sisters and brothers in ages past. It helps them come to understanding their true self faster I find.”

“Why me? How can this happen to me?” I asked incredulously.

“Just as a mother bird never forgets her chicks, so do I never forget the ones who carry my blood,” Luna says as she steps forward and touches my cheek to wipe away the tears. “All beings possess an aura, most beings on this planet bear a neutral aura of grey with tinges of the colors to match their gender, blue in men, pink in women. But my lineage gave men pink auras and women blue."

You noticed the sprites while walking to the pool?”

“Yes” I say.

“They are all the souls of my children brought back to me,” replied Luna. “Spared from the fires of hell or the heavens above, they live out their eternity in my slice of Elysium.”

“How many descendants do you have Luna?” I ask.

“I have, 96,981,433 who all share my blessing. Of that, a mere 80,204 currently walk the earth,” Luna boasts.

“Why THAT many?” I ask, fishing for answer.

“Then there are very few born with the ability to shift with the lunar cycles. Purebloods they’ve declared for themselves, arrogant offspring is what I call them,” added Luna in regretful tone.

“Each soul possess’ a certain level of masculine and feminine traits opposite to their gender. Even you as manly as you once were; you possessed quite a feminine desire not many men know.”

“Many of our kind have lived in the shadows and after many, many years, not everyone lived to pass on this blessing, or curse as some fools call it,” said Luna in scolding tone. “Mothers forgot their daughters were born with Venus’s blessing, fathers neglected to tell their sons of the reason they felt different. After many years, the chances of a werewoman, or wereman, as we are often called, meeting were so few and far between that only after the industrial revolution and the spreading of mankind, have we seen my family grow again.”

“How did I get this blessing then?” I ask in a curious tone. “What was the method of delivery?”

“A month ago during the full moon’s basking glow, you bedded one of my daughters,” said Luna. Gabriella is what she calls herself. "She spotted you amongst the bar, emanating the pink aura amongst the sea of gray blue and pink. I am connected to each one of my daughters, living and dead. Whenever their true self springs forth, their bodies tell them to lie with as many men and women as possible. It keeps my lineage intact and fulfils Venus’s desires to spread her message of love. Whenever they see a kindred soul, they are bound to gauge and observe if they are worthy to bear this blessing. If so, they lie with them, or at my behest, ensure the right one comes and lies with them.”

I remember Gabby; she was the best time of my life. I remember pure ecstasy when she was on me…I catch myself before my mind drifts to that night.

“I understand the sex part, but how did she actually pass it on?” I probe further.

“There a couple means during lovemaking,” she says. “Mainly through traditional penetration. The gods made us to show our true selves when we become one flesh. Oral sex works too. With weremen, when his seed is deposited in the woman’s throat. With women, when she cums into his mouth.”

Jesus I did a lot of oral and vaginal that night, I think to myself.

“When a werewoman finds another woman bearing my aura, to pass on my blessing she must either rub her sex with the woman or get her to lap my daughter’s orgasmic juices,” Luna pantomimes. “When a wereman finds another man, he must do along the same lines and penetrate or get him to take his seed orally. Though I will say, if one of my children doesn’t feel comfortable bedding someone, I ensure they can choose not to. This prevents them from having a bad sexual experience or being raped.”

With a quick motion she opens her mouth and two fangs quickly engage to reveal a long vampire like point on her canines.

“This is the most painful means of transmission and I only encourage it when you find yourself in trouble,” says Luna with her fangs still barred. “It will pass on my blessing and teach the lecherous evil souls a lesson they will never forget. But they become your responsibility once you bite. All werewomen and weremen must ensure those they change do not go rogue or reveal their true nature to the masses.”

She retracts her fangs

“Venus in her wise mercy has left countermeasures to ensure we are not hunted to extinction,” says Luna with a hint of regret. “Those who could not learn or adapt to those tricks were often burned and murdered as witches. History is full of atrocities, many of them against your brothers and sisters. I will teach you of some of your gifts, the rest I leave to Gabby, your sister to instruct you.

“I have so many questions,” I exclaim.

“I know child, all your brothers and sisters do,” she declares in a motherly tone. “But I will ensure you leave this place with the knowledge to survive.”

“Thank you Luna, I don’t know what to say,” I sheepishly say with tears of gladness.

“You can thank me after you live a full life and your soul returns to me,” Luna says as she reaches to embrace me. “But for starters, you can heed what I am about to tell you. If you are discovered by someone mid-transformation in a moment of weakness, by a man or woman, you can dazzle their memory. First you must make eye contact and stare into them. Some call it the death stare by your modern standards. You then must command them to come closer until you are nearly face to face. Once they are within your reach, you must whisper to them a falsehood or explanation of what they just witnessed. Like they simply were dreaming or hallucinating. This thought will take hold and become truth in their eyes. You can only try this one person at a time and it only works on people who can see you. The eyes are the window to the soul. Use this skill for defense and evasion only, never for monetary gain or collusion against your crimes. Understood?”

“Yes Luna, I understand,”

“Good, now one of your secondary and most crucial abilities is your speed and strength,” she said in a boastful tone. “The greatest male warriors can never hold a phalanx against you in female form. The fastest messengers will keel over long before they could catch up to your swiftness. The amazons were similar to you and I and we possess a lot of their same capabilities. Use these skills to succeed in life. Let no man tell you, you can’t bear shield or spear, let no woman tell you, you cannot bear children or arrest another with your beauty. You are endowed with the blessings of a goddess.”

“I understand Luna,” I say in a confident tone.

"I have commanded Gabriella to watch over you and shepherd you down the right path, at first you will take care of her, and she will take care of you,” she speaks in a parental tone. “You will soon discover the light and darkness inside all werewomen and weremen. Whether you join a pack, stay in a pairbond, or go as a lone wolf is up to you. Remember there are dangers and safeties with each lifestyle. I will leave that choice up to you.”

Luna puts her hand on my shoulder and gestures me to follow her.

“Come, lie with me, I must bed you in order to ensure you know how to handle your body.”

“Excuse me, Luna?”

“I said come lie with me,” she whispers in my ear with a seductive tone.

I melt without giving it a second thought as my legs buckle and I take her hand. She pulls me close to her and presses her lips to mine, giving me my first real kiss as woman. Electricity flows between us and the music picks up as the maidens play a stirring piece. We both gently hold each other and so begins my discovery of womanhood.

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