Serving with Distinction: Chapter 3: A Werewoman is Born

Twenty seven days later.

The past month or so has been pretty uneventful, a short stop in India, a lot of boring days at sea. Oh, a lot of the guys heard of my night of escapades and give me looks of disbelief about that. We are now almost near the Middle East, getting ready to sail through the Strait of Hormuz in a few days.

Ever since that night, I’ve found myself day dreaming of such wonderful sex, God I hope to see soon.

Inside my office space, I spent this preparation day working on captioning my photos and writing a story.
While looking over the day’s set of photos I found my mind drifting to shots of the Marines I photographed working out.

“Mmmm, Jones looks good, nice definition in the chest,” I thought to myself. “Wait, why am I thinking it like that? I mean he has muscles and looks good in his tight green PT shirt, but I’ve never think of him like that.”

As I kept scrolling through my shots, both women and men I photographed left me slightly aroused with a faint, different pleasure in my groin.

“I can’t focus like this, I need to get some fresh air and some dinner before I can finish.”

I logged out of the computer, cleaned up my area and went up to the mess deck a.k.a ship cafeteria to grab some food.
With early chow pass in hand, I cut ahead of the line and the sailor manning the grill piles on some pizza.
Saturday night was always pizza night on ship, my second favorite meal of the week.

“Lucky me,” I say with enthusiasm.

The smell of the food was great, but after a few bites, I couldn’t eat much. My mind kept wandering to the sailors and Marines eating.
Corporal Theresa Mullen, a computer network specialist, caught my eye. Her baggy tan camouflage uniform did little to hide her large bust and wide hips. I found myself admiring her curvy body. I bet she’s a D cup maybe even double. Her cream colored skin with freckled and dimpled cheeks gave her a youthful and sexy appearance. Her light brown hair and sapphire blue-like eyes framed with a warm smile is what I always liked about her. I bet her legs are divine too. Wouldn’t doubt she’s a moaner in bed. Wouldn’t mind seeing her kinky side either.

Just as I was drifting further into an almost trance like state, her eyes shifted toward me and I quickly averted my gaze elsewhere to avoid an awkward moment.

Sitting a few tables over from her I saw Sergeant Mike Johansson, a squad leader and all around decent fellow. I liked the way the sweat glistened off his body. His olive tanned skin and dark military high and tight haircut and trim facial features bore all the signs of a guy who takes care of his appearance. His dark green eyes, stoic nose and square jaw made him look like Michelangelo’s David and Viking in human form. My eyes were quickly drawn to his large biceps as he curled his arm and took a bite out of dinner. His rolled sleeves and toned appearance further proved that he knows how to work out.

“I wonder what he’s hiding between his legs,” I mumbled. “Wait, did I just say that??”

As I caught myself, I could feel my cock get erect and hard. But it was a deep feeling of tight sensitivity all over my groin, a foreign sensation I've never felt before.

“Hey Mac you alright, you look like you’ve been burning the candle at both ends?” said Doc Holloway, a medical corpsman with the squad I often worked with.

“I’m fine, just a little frazzled, deadlines and what not,” I respond anxiously.

“You should go to sick call in the morning if it gets worse, last thing we need is everyone getting what you got,” said Holloway as he got up with his empty tray of food.

Phewwww, awkward moment averted again. I think to myself. Why am I thinking these thoughts? Why am I so turned on right now? I need to go rub one out and fix this before I do something stupid.

By now the mess deck was filling up with people and the crowded room and noise started to really bother my head. I took one last bite I could muster, stood up and walked to the scullery to have my tray cleaned.

Sensing my erection will not go down, I do my best to adjust myself before anyone notices. Lance Corporal Loraine Cooper, a short foul-mouthed Marine with raven hair, pulled tight into a bun stared at me with curiousity as I dumped the contents of my uneaten tray of food.
“Sergeant Mac, you of all people I wouldn’t expect to leave all that fucking food to waste,” she said in a raspy and joking voice.

“Yeah I don’t know why but I feel like shit today,” I tell her in a half kidding way.

“Going down to the smoke deck?” she asks in response.

“Yeah, give me a sec.” I mutter.

Feeling the beginning pangs of a sore stomach I quickly walk to the nearest head to get my wits about me. The florescent lights and rocking ship certainly don’t help things, I feel a headache brewing and I almost want to barf now.

Once inside bathroom or head as I call it, I splash some water on my face and I take a look at myself. My skin feels a tad hot. I take closer look. It appears skin as cleared up, and no signs of blackheads but being so pale, I look like I haven’t seen the sun in months. The strangest part is that my scar on the bridge of my nose has completely vanished. Also, the psoriasis on my eyelid has disappeared. Come to think of it, my eyes look a tad greener than usual. And my 5 o’clock shadow is missing tonight.

“Hmmm, all things considered at least my face looks better.” I say confidently. “Looks like my soldier won’t stand down either, better beat him later for insubordination, I chuckle to myself.

I head down the narrow stairwells, dodging hard surfaces, pipes and people as I make my way to the smoke deck. I lift the large steel lever and push the metal door open, giving way to the brightness of a sunset that hit me hard. The ocean’s surface shone brightly, reflecting an orange tint as the big fireball loomed over the horizon, and hitting against the gray hull of the ship.

Thankfully, the sensory overload is keeping my erection down at this point.
My eyes quickly adjust and I make out the silhouettes of Marines and sailors clustered together as they shoot the shit and conversate. I walk over to the corner of open air space where Cooper and some junior Marines are chatting and smoking. I light up my cigarette and listen in what they’re talking about.

Hinterlong, Cooper, Simmonds and Garcia are talking about the latest rumors; who’s sleeping with whom, when we have the next port call and when we get our next mail call. I add my two cents between puffs.

“I heard we’ll be hitting Dubai after our next field Op” I say with a crack in my voice.

“Wouldn’t that be fucking awesome,” says Garcia. “Got a cold Sergeant Mac, you look like shit?”

“Pretty sure I’m fighting something,” I say as I try to adjust my high voice.

“I hear ya, this fucking place,” adds Simmonds.

With one last drag I try and savor the menthol flavor and toss the butt over the side of the ship.

“Hit you up later, I’ll pass any more info I come across, stay sane guys,” I declare as my parting motto.

With the sun’s light almost spent for the day, I look to the ocean one last time before I head down to my office.

I climb down four flights of stairs and walk to the back of the ship. The thing I cherish most about my work space is that it’s tucked away from everyone and is mostly quiet, minus the odd machinery echoing down the hall.

The evening drags on and for the next couple hours, I sit in silence and misery as I try and work through my pain and my last captions. The whistle blows over the loud speaker and signals the end of daylight. Now the main hallways will be illuminated blood red in what we call darken ship procedures.

The last few photos I need to send up to higher are of the guys in Bravo Company doing squats.
I don’t know what happened but seeing the toned, tight shapely muscles of all the guys all of sudden just made me hard. The next thing I feel is a wave of pleasure shoot through my body from my groin.

Mmmmhhhmm, yeahhhh, that’s the spot,
I gasp in surprise at the high pitched tone in my voice.

A gnawing feeling in my brain commands me to touch myself. I unbutton my cammie trousers as I flip open my personal laptop. What should I watch tonight? How about this girl/girl scene? Yeah that sounds nice.

I click “play” and massage my cock with my left hand gently, as two women enter the frame. It’s your typical office lesbian fantasy. A brunette seduces her blonde boss for more pay. The sultry brunette opens her boss’s white blouse to reveal two real looking D-cups supported by a lacy-burgundy bra.

“Mhmmhmmmmhh that’s nice,” escapes my lips as I sit there.

I don’t care how feminine I sound right now. I need more pleasure. Why am I so turned on? My cock and balls are throbbing in pleasure. My tip feels especially sensitive and moist as the two start making out.

The boss opens up her colleague’s top to show two obviously fake E-cup breasts barely covered by a nice teddy black bra.
“Ooooooooohhhh I wish I could wear those,” I tell myself.

The brunette bombshell and blonde boss strip each other out of their skirts to reveal their curvy and heavenly bodies. The brunette girl is sporting black and pink ribbon panties, black stockings and garter belt and her boss wears thigh highs and boy shorts to match.
My mind is racing with fantasy as I the desire to wear their sexy lingerie consumes my mind. So hot and sultry, they are. Writhing together, groping and fondling each other they slowly disrobe. The blonde takes the lead and rubs her lover’s breasts, exposing more of her nipples with each caress. For some unknown reason, I instinctually raise my right hand to my chest and touch my nipples.

“eeeeeeeeekkkk Wow, this feels great!”

I scream at the pleasure my nipples feel. Erect and sensitive they pulse with my increasing heartrate.
A moment later, a knock is made on the door.

“Everything alright in there?” a muffled voice says through the door.

With a quick motion, I pause the screen and answer as quickly as possible.

“Yes Sir, Everything is fine, just editing today’s take.” I shout, forgetting how feminine my voice sounds.
“Ma’am, are you authorized to be in this space?” the man asks.

“Yes…, I’m working with Sergeant MacGregor …on a project….He stepped out to grab a smoke.” I quickly mention, trying to ignore a wave of pleasure shooting through my body.

Wait, why did I have to answer like that?! A pause hangs in the air as I worry at how, the Petty Officer will answer. Something is wrong with me and I can’t face this guy.

“Good to go, have Sgt. Mac pay myself EC1 Williams a visit in space 2-141-3L later,” he said with hint of monotone sternness in his voice.

“Aye, Aye EC1” I hurriedly shout.

As a moment passes and the Petty Officer walks away, my heartrate goes down a little.

A look to the screen and I can see in the freeze-frame, the brunette girl is licking her boss’s mound through her soaked panties.

“I wish I could feel that right now,” I coo with delight.

The clock says 21:40 on the wall. Hopefully no one is around anymore.

I press “Play” and resume my session.

As soon as my left hand touches my cock, it shoots me with another pleasure/pain sensation, like I grabbed it too hard.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhh----“ I quickly try and muffle my voice.

I pull open my underwear and there greeting me is my fully erect cock, covered in a clear sheen of pre-cum and throbbing with each beat of my heart. I move my hand and some of my pubic hair adorning my groin comes loose.
Hmmmmm strange. I don’t remember shaving today.

A moan on the screen draws me back to video. By now, the brunette is finger banging her boss who is on all fours atop her desk.
I lick my left hand and begin to rub furiously at my cock as my right hand rubs my chest with renewed vigor. Funny, I never lick my hand.
Fuzziness begins to wash over my head as I get more into it. It’s taking every amount of my strength to keep from cumming.
The two now naked lovers move into 69 position and lap each other’s juices with such delight. The glamour-shot like haze of the screen tells me I am watching a fantasy, but right now I feel the most carnal of urges to be in that lovemaking session. Not as a man, but as one of them.

My ears start ringing and a voice begins to surface inside my head.

“You know you need me right now, you always have,” it says in a seductive feminine tone. “I’ve always been a part of you. Come and let me in. Let your manhood go so you can begin anew. I am your future. I am your life, I am you.”

I try and shift my focus back to the screen; both women have now moved into a scissoring position and are rubbing each other’s pussies’ together, riding a wave of ecstasy.

My hips are now gyrating to their rhythm, and small moans build from my voice as the two lesbians moan louder and louder. I move my hand to my mouth to mask my sound of ecstasy.

They are about to come and I am trying to come with them.

As the two sirens, shout their song of moaning delight. I shoot my cum from the tip of my cock with reckless abandon. Spurt after spurt, my jizz covers the desk and screen in the largest spray I ever had.

Never before have had I felt such a pleasure. Sweat covers my body and the air hangs with a fog of sex. The two lovers recover and kiss each other as the scene fades out. Out of the silence, that voice speaks with gleeful laughter.

“Hahahahaha, thank you for cumming, you won’t regret this.”

As soon as she uttered the last syllable, the first wave of sensation hits me.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH----------“ I move to cover my mouth.

A feeling of pleasure hits my abdomen, like a tickling tingle.


I fall out of my chair and land on the steel floor with a “Thuuuud”

Writhing and trying to keep quiet, I arch my back. I feel my vertebrae and ribs adjusting. My ribs contract leaving me breathless and out of control.

“Don’t worry, no pain shall you feel my daughter as you blossom,” says the voice. “Remove your garbs while you easily can, you are far from done."

For some reason her voice reassures me, like a mother embracing her child to let them know it will be alright.

With a snap and a crunch my ribs have realigned and caved inward, my breath returns with the last snap.

I feel another big wave hit again, as I try in desperation to remove my trousers. My boots are not coming off, but then I feel my feet narrow and toes tingle as they shrink in length.

I get my trousers and boots off several seconds later, wiggling like I’m caught in a trap.

Pulling my boot socks off I move my feet close to my face only to see them reshape before my eyes. The skin also begins to heal, my scar on my ankle fades, my toe nails become clear and the hair on my feet falls with the slightest touch of my hand. I pull my cammo top and shirt off in more haste.

I as soon as I notice those changes happening, I see the nails on my hand grow, but my fingers shrink with the tiny waves reverberating through my body. Time feels like it’s getting slower and slower with each breath I take. It must be the adrenaline my brain is sending out.

“I want you to notice the transformation child, I want you to take in the sight of womanhood, I want you to see true beauty become you,” the voice says again. "Drink it in, revel in it.”

In that moment, all worry left my mind. I knew what was happening. I was about to become a woman.

My hand becomes small and dainty, all blemishes and calluses shrink away. The hairs on my hand fall off too.

A moment later, a second bigger wave emanates from my groin and I feel my hips crack and shift. The pleasure builds even further with this shift. A widening sensation shoots through my hips and femur as I see my underwear tighten.

“Ohhhhh shit”

I try and trace my foreign hands over the fabric of my boxer briefs and yank with all my might as they barely budge. I yank them again and with a slight tear, they slide of my waist and I tug the tatters from my body. More hair comes off my legs and I see how long, shapely, smooth and even tan they are becoming. I rip my shirt and camouflage blouse off in a force of desperation.

I feel flesh in my bottom move and plumpen, as it touches the cold steel floor for the first time. My lower back cracks and curves as I feel my ass jut and become more pronounced.

“Baby got back,” I mutter.

I look down and I can see my cock, is still there, albeit smaller and throbbing with the waves of pleasure and change, like a maestro conducting this symphony of flesh.

“Ooooooohhhhh ahhhhhh…”

I lean up for a moment to take in what’s changed so far. My hips are now wide and womanly. My waist is contracting more and more with each of my breaths. I also see my pale skin is becoming even in color tone, a nice bronzed appearance to match the farmers tan. My legs and feet are now mostly hairless and look like they could belong to Joanna Kruppa, Kyra Milan or any Victoria’s Secret angel.
I try and shift my weight to stand up as a third bigger wave hits and I arch my back again. This time I feel my shoulders narrow.

“Well there goes years of lifting weights,” I say regretfully.

“Nonsense, you will become stronger as woman than you ever were as a man,” the voice replies.

I feel my shoulders crack and shift and…tickle… as what feels like hair is cascading out of my scalp. I try to move my right hand to my forehead. I grab a handful of long smooth locks. Behold I was once a dirty blond, now I am a chestnut brown.
I glance down to see my pubic hair has indeed thinned and I think how glad I am it changed to match the drapes.

“Hahahahahaha, yes it does match,” she laughs

I smile at her laugh and a fourth even larger pleasure wave, almost unbearable in magnitude hits my flushed face. I feel my cheekbones raising and becoming large. I look to my nose and see it thin and shrink to smaller, button, almost Tinkerbelle proportions. I feel my Adams apple shorten and narrow with my neck as I let a hollow moan escape my changing mouth. I feel my lips swell and soften and then narrow to become smaller, yet fuller. I also feel my forehead and eyebrows shorten and shift. My eyes go blind for a split second, shift, shrink and change shape.

My vison returns as I feel my jaw narrow and recede. My teeth respond, shifting and correcting to my become straight and perfect. I spit my metal fillings out to my side. I smile and trace my lips with my hand to reveal a cupid’s bow shaped upper lip and nice narrow curved jaw. Small changes overtake my face, and I feel the waves of change and pleasure recedes for a moment.

“MMMMmmmmmhmmm that feels nice and soft.” I say in admiration.

“Oh honey, were’ almost done, now for the real changes, you might want to brace and look down,” the voice says in a toying tone.
I look down and in matter of seconds, I feel the biggest and fifth wave of pleasure emanate from my torso. A heat washes over me, like I am being washed in sun.

Ohhhhhhhhoooo!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

It takes all my strength not to cry out and look away, but I see my cock stand straight in the air, in a direction it never has before. A harder pulsing sensation hits it and with each movement it contracts smaller and smaller. My testicles respond in unison. Shrinking and being pulled millimeter by millimeter. No sooner had I noticed that change, I felt my organs shifting against my bones and flesh in a weird alien sensation.

“Must be my ovaries,” I say with a muffled tone.

I continue shifting my gaze to my chest and I see my erect nipples enlargen. They shift in color from dark brown to a pink shade lighter. With each breath I see a jiggle bigger than the last on my two pecs, Bigger and bigger they grow, expanding to a sexy full breasts.

“Go ahead, touch them, they’re yours to enjoy,” the voice says.

I cup each breast and feel a pleasure more powerful than I have ever known from that area. But that pleasure is soon eclipsed by my groin again.

“You’re gonna love this last part; enjoy,” she says.

In a split second, I felt like I was jumping off a waterfall into a pool of pleasure that enveloped me. I saw the last vestiges of my penis recede under my new mound and take its place as my clitoris. My balls slid against my new pussy lips and clit, a strong pleasure wave hit me down there as my two balls were pulled inside for the curtain call of my manhood.

A couple seconds of shifting inside and I feel the final cascade of pleasure build, ringing hits my ears, louder and louder. My new clit throbs in rhythm, and I buck my hips in the air. A deep and powerful tidal wave of pleasure washes over me.

I see a little bit of love juice spray forth between my legs before my eyes fade to black. And my mind slips into a deep sleep.

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