Embracing Justice -chp 15

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“No Annette. I am so much more than that. Just ask the LOG Party.”

Chapter 15

As Sam and Bobby left the parking lot Annette realized that her Stephany was long gone and in her place was a woman she didn’t really know. The woman who had just killed one of her families most wanted was not the young girl she knew. This woman had far more ice in her veins than Stephany had. There was something about this new woman that bothered her as well as frightened her.

“Your Stephany is no more Annette. That young girl has grown into a very formidable and unstoppable force of nature. Do you remember what I said earlier?” Annette nodded her head yes. “As I said then. Samantha Justice came here tonight to arrest the man who took out a contract for her death and the deaths of friends. It was Stephany Capizeo who delivered justice and our revenge. And now, as I said earlier, we shall clean up the mess.”

Annette just looked at her mother, ‘How can she just be so blasé about this?’ the next thought went through her head ‘She is right though. That was all Stephany who killed Jason Voorhees.’ As Annette and her mother began the task of cleaning up the bodies of Voorhees and his men. Maria riffled through Jason’s pockets to find the car keys.
Once she had those she went over to Jason’s car and pulled it into the parking lot. Opening the trunk of the car they started loading them into the car. The first was Voorhees, to be followed by the first man Bobby killed. The last two they stuffed into the back seat. Maria climbed in behind the steering wheel and started the engine. Rolling down the window. “Annette, go get our car and meet me over at the Pier One Warehouse. Darling be sure to watch your rear end.”

“Yes, mama and you do the same. By the way don’t use Lake Front Dr. the cops have a John stakeout going on there tonight. I found out from Billie about it the other day. You know getting to know the local talent wasn’t a bad idea.”

“It is like I always told you dear. If you want to find out what is going on in any town talk to the local prostitutes. Now get going we still have to get rid of this car.”

“Mama, do me a favor and look in the glovebox for me?”

Maria looked at her daughter for a minute then did as she asked. Pulling out the registration Maria realized what her daughter was getting at. There in black and white was more proof than anyone could ask for. The car was not a rental. It was registered to the local LOG Party office. The problem they had was how to get rid of the car and bodies without drawing the attention of the Party’s upper leadership. Normally all they had to do was drive it off the end of the pier and the lake would take care of the rest.

“Mama switch places with me. I think I know what to do.” As Maria climbed out of the car, Annette pulled out her cell phone. Dialing a number she had on speed dial she waited for the person on the other end to answer. “Kasey, hey girl. I got a favor to ask of you.” “No it doesn’t involve sex you perv, no I need to know if you’re still banging that salvage yard guy?” a few seconds later. “Cool, can you get ahold of his keys?” Maria was only hearing half the conversation but was already understanding what her daughter was up to.

“Great! I’ll be by in twenty minutes. I need you to get me those keys. And Kasey no questions, understand?”

“Alright daughter tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Kasey is dating a guy over at the Yale Salvage Yard on route 69. They do total recycling there of old cars. We take this baby” patting the top of the car “there and drop it in the crusher. Then step back and let the wonders of modernization take care of the rest. By the time the car gets to the other end there is a nice big smelter just waiting to melt everything down into a nice neat pool of liquid metal. All ready to be poured out as six by six blocks.”

“What about security cameras and guards?”

“That’s the good part mama. The only security for the place is the guy Kasey is dating. Everything else was cut due to budget concerns.” When Annette started to giggle even Maria had to join in. it was practically perfect. The car and all of the evidence go in one end and come out the other as an indistinguishable hunk of metal. No bodies, no trace, no blood, and no finger prints all evidence gone in a matter of hours at the most.

“Lead the way my dear. For some reason I find that I am excited at meeting this young woman who is your friend.” Maria headed over to their car with a smile on her face. ‘It seems that my little girl has a few tricks up her sleeve that I knew nothing about. Samantha is quite the killer herself. She handled her blade the way her mama did. I can tell that my Mary was the one to train her in the art of the blade. Oh what a killer Samantha turned out to be. Why she could even be better than my Annette with a blade in her hands. It is no wonder she makes such a good cop. She still thinks like a criminal.’

Annette pulled ahead of Maria and led the way to Kasey’s place. Maria was a little surprised to see a seventeen to eighteen year old girl run out to Annette and give her a hug. This was not something that Maria saw coming. Oh she knew her daughter was a lesbian but Maria had always thought Annette kept her leanings to herself. That she didn’t have anyone in her life. Maybe it was time for her to step back and let Annette go her own way. When the two separated the young girl handed Annette something, then give Annette a kiss on the cheek and head back inside the house they had stopped in front of. “May be this Kasey isn’t Annette’s lover. There is something there though. I wonder what it is.”

Maria didn’t have time to think about her daughter’s love life just then as she needed to pay attention to where she was driving. Forty five minutes later they were pulling up to a locked gate for the Yale Salvage Yard. Annette got out of the car and opened the gate.

Maria followed Annette through the gate, into the yard, and stopped to wait while Annette closed the gate behind them. Annette then climbed in to the car with Maria. “Ok mama drive around to the far side of the yard. That’s where we’ll find the start of the crusher line. According to what Kasey has told me there is a fork truck we can use to drop the car into the crusher. After that all we have to do is push the start button and walk away.”

“What about the smelter?”

“That bad boy works around the clock. It takes to long for it to cool down or heat up, so they just let it work non-stop. In about forty minutes this car will be ground-up and into the smelter. Within twenty minutes after that all the evidence will be so much slag that’ll have to be poured off in the morning. And we owe all this to the miracle of automation.”

“My dear this is absolutely perfect. I wish we had this in my day. Back then all we had was the lake, abandoned lots, or the old Viking funerals. This is so much more efficient. So tell me Annette where did you meet this Kasey?”

“Please mama there is nothing between us.”

“Wrong child. I saw how that girl ran into your arms. Now where and how did you two meet?”

A heavy sigh escaped Annette as she realized her mother wasn’t going to let this go. “About four years ago I was working a job for Nathaniel. It was the Porterhouse job. When I first saw Kasey, only she wasn’t Kasey at the time.”

“Wait a minute here are you telling me that young girl is really a boy?”

“Yes mama, Kasey is just like Stephany. I found her working the streets of Dayton turning tricks for a worthless piece of shit by the name of Benny ‘B G’ Goodman. I had just taken care of Porterhouse and his number two man. I was looking for a place that would be perfect for disposing the bodies, when I passed the corner she was working where I saw Benny giving her a beat down. Yes, mama I know, I know never get involved with the local talent.” Maria just patted Annette on her leg. She knew that her daughter had a big heart.

“Anyway there was something about what was happening that made me stop. I just couldn’t let a kid get beat that way. Not thinking I pulled over and stopped Benny from doing any more damage. When he turned on me I kind of put him in his place. However when I got done I had another body to deal with. That was when this beaten and battered kid looked up at me with the eyes of an old soul. Then she said something that made me want to get her out of that life. ‘We need to hide or get rid of that body. I know the perfect place.’ Between the two of us we loaded Benny into the backseat and headed for the Logan Reservoir. We pushed the car and all over the side of the dam. It took us an hour to walk into town. Any way I paid for two tickets home. One for her and one for me. I set her up in the apartment back there and got her in with the correct doctors. She has sort of become like a daughter to me.”

“Then once we are done here you’ll be taking me back to that apartment and introducing me to my granddaughter.” The conviction in Maria’s voice let Annette know that there was no arguing with her mama on this matter. “Then we are going to pack her up and take her home with us. I will not have a daughter of the DeMarco clan living in an apartment.”

“Oh mama are you sure? I mean …”

“You heard what I said Annette. I will not have my granddaughter ashamed of whom she is. Now tell me just how old is and… well … just everything.” Maria DeMarco was excited at the thought of there being another generation of DeMarco women.

After hugging her mother Annette point to where Maria had to take the car. Once there the two women got out. Annette quickly walked over to the seventy ton fork truck. After starting it up she quickly maneuvered it in to position to pick up the car. Once she has it placed the car and all of its contents on the conveyer belt she backed up and shut down the fork truck. Once she was on the ground she walked over to the control panel for the long machine. With a simple push of a button the car that held the earthly remains of Jason Voorhees and three of his associates started down a path to total destruction.

As the car worked its way down the conveyer the big hammers began to pound it into smaller and flatter pieces. Not even the engine block could withstand the power of those hammers. The bodies became nothing more than extra tenderized meat when the hammers reach them. Slowly the four door car became nothing but scrap metal. Scrap metal that would soon be melted down to nothing but a six by six raw metal billet. That one day would become something new totally different from a car. As for the bodies, well they would end up in the slag that would be scraped off and discarded as so much trash.

While Annette and Maria were taking care of Jason and his friends, Sam and Bobby were making their way back to the safe house. Bobby had seen Sam get into fights with suspects while trying to arrest them, but tonight the person he watched fight Voorhees was not Sam. That was someone he didn’t know and, truth be told, scared the crap out of him. He had killed in war and while on the job as a deputy. He had seen Sam do the same but the person he saw tonight was like nothing he had ever seen before. That person was cold, heartless and unfeeling. In short nothing like the woman who had been his partner for the last six years.

“Tell me something Sam. Just what the fuck happened back there with you and that guy? What was his name Voorhees or something like that?”

“Yes Bobby it was Jason Voorhees. The head of security for the LOG and one of the architects of my family’s murder. I wanted to take him in but he had other ideas as you no doubt saw.” Sam leaned back in her seat and rested her head against the neck and head rest. With her eyes closed she hoped against hope that Bobby would just drop this line of questioning. She really didn’t want to go into her family’s most guarded and darkest secret. Of course she knew her partner wasn’t going to let it go. She knew that Bobby was like a dog with a T-bone steak. He was not going to stop until he had all the meat off the bone and then he would chew that bone until nothing was left. It was this tenacity that made him such a good deputy and great partner.

“Sorry Sam that is not enough of an answer. I have seen you get into fights with suspects and I have never seen you fight like you did tonight. Hell I have seen and met S.F. and SEALs who can’t fight like you do. Just where the hell did you learn to handle a knife like that. And speaking of knives just where the fuck did you get that knife from in the first place? It sure as hell isn’t your normal bowie knife.”

“If I asked you to drop this Bobby would you do it?”

“No Sam not this time. I need answers that only you can provide. You know I’ll back you no matter what but I need to know what I am getting into. So spill already. You can start with that wicked ass knife fighting style you used back there. No on second thought just start with the knife.”

Sam leaned forward and withdrew the knife Bobby was talking about. Holding it in her hands Sam began to tell the story behind the Capizeo dagger. “It was forged for my many times great grandfather. The blade is of the finest Toledo forged Damascus steal, and is nine inches long. The hilt is wrapped in four layers of the finest hand tanned leather in a cross-hatch pattern. This knife has been carried by the head of the Capizeo family for over three centuries, and I have no idea of how many lives it has ended. For me it is the only connection to my original family.”

“So why haven’t you been carrying it until now?”

“The program Bobby.” that was all the answer Bobby needed to hear. He knew that the people who enter the Wit Sac program aren’t allowed to take anything from their old lives with them.

“So where did you hide it and when did you get it back?” the giggle that escaped Sam told Bobby the answers to his two questions. “The Padre’s at that church hid it for you didn’t they. So that and the keys were what you pulled out from that hidey hole. I wondered why the bundle was so big. Now I know. Ok now the sixty four dollar question. Who taught you to use a knife like that?”

“My mama.” It took all of Sam’s control to keep from laughing at Bobby’s reaction to that answer. “Before you ask Bobby I am telling you the truth. It was my mother who taught me how to wield a knife. She also taught me how to use more than just knives. But she wasn’t alone in teaching me the arts of the assassin. My father was also one of my teachers. You need to understand that both of my parents were Blade Masters and Master Assassins.”

“If your parents were these big shot assassins how did those two men get the drop on them? Wait that didn’t come out right. What I meant to say was …”

“It’s okay Bobby I know what you’re trying to ask. The two men who were sent to kill my family were friends. Hell I even called them uncles they were so close to my family. If it hadn’t been for that fact they would never have gotten the drop on my family. Then you knew all this already and what I did afterwards. I always knew who the architects were behind the murder of my family. I just didn’t know that they worked for the LOG. Bobby it has taken me twelve years to get this close to taking down the LOG Party and getting justice for my family. I’ll understand if you want to pull out or turn me over to IA.”

“Sam, if I did that I would have way too much to explain. Besides, I already told you I got your back on this. I know what it means to want revenge for something. I only have two more questions. The first is what is up with those DeMarco Women and you? Especially that hottie Annette? That’s her name right?”

“You know something partner you’re a real horn dog. All you ever see is the body. Yes her name is Annette. She is like a sister me; her and her mother are the closest thing to family outside of my family. When I ‘died’ twelve years ago I heard Annette screaming my name as I blacked out. Only the name she screamed was not Joey but Stephany. That was one of the reasons why I had to let that name go when I went into the program. I will give you a piece of advice though big guy. Do not ever, and I mean ever, piss that woman off. You see as deadly as I can be, Annette makes me look like a pussycat.”

The thought that any woman could be as deadly as Sam was a disturbing thought to Bobby, but the thought of someone who can be even more deadly terrified him. “You have got to be shitting me?!” when Sam shook her head no Bobby felt the hairs on the back of his neck go up. “Um… Sam just how bad ass are these DeMarco women?”

“Let’s just say that they earned their reputation as the premier assassins and leave it at that, okay?”

“Shit! Okay I get the hint. I don’t have to have a building fall on top of me. Now, for the sixty four dollar question. I have walked all through your old home. Now, in every one of my walks through that house I have never once seen an area that could be used as a training room. Was it your father or your mother who trained you and where did they do the training?”

Sam just smiled. More than one person throughout history had wanted to know the secrets of the Capizeo and DeMarco clans and their training method’s. In over seven centuries no one had ever found a way to learn those secrets outside of the families. “The answer to that question is both. As for the room we used well that is a little more complicated. Have you ever noticed that the house foundation doesn’t quite matchup to the exterior of the house?”

“Now that you mention it I have. I just thought that it use changed during the construction phase of the house and covered over. So what is the big secret?”

“The basement is about twenty five feet longer than the house is what. You’ll see what I mean when we get back to the house.” As Sam thought about the training room that was hidden under her old home. In more ways than one she had spent more time in that room than any other. “Trust me Bobby when I show you the training room you’re going to be shocked. Hell the first time I saw it I was shocked. Everything about the room is designed with a purpose.”

“You have to be kidding me. There is a twenty five foot long, by what sixty foot wide training room under that monster you call your home. Shit just how much money did your family have?”

“Let me put it like this. My mom and dad had a saying when it came to anything that money could buy. ‘If you have to ask how much it costs then you can’t afford it.’ I never really knew how much money we had, but we never wanted for anything.” Looking out at the night sky Sam had a sad smile on her face. Just talking about the training room brought back memories of her long dead family.

“My father taught me the ways of the assassin. He was a hard task master, but he made sure I knew how to handle a weapon of any type. It was my mother who taught me the ways of her family, she also gave me my love of ballet and the fine arts. That was the one thing I have carried with me even to this day.”

As Bobby drove through the lamp lite streets of Toledo he let his mind absorb the words of his partner. The way she talked he could tell that her mind was a thousand miles and twelve years in the past. He was tempted to ask where she was but already knew. Sam’s killing of Voorhees had only brought the memories back that much harder for his partner.

In a way Bobby was right. Sam’s mind was not in the present. In fact it wasn’t even in this time zone. No Sam had her mind way over six hundred miles away in another state. At the headquarters office for the LOG Party. There was something Sam missed but she just didn’t know what. As hard as she racked her brains she just couldn’t find the thing she missed. She found her answer at the next traffic light. There in front of her on the opposite corner was the local office for the LOG Party and two of their company cars were missing.

“Oh shit Bobby I think we may have missed a second car back there at the theater.” The more Sam thought about it the more she was certain of it. “Turn around we need to get back there before someone finds it.”

“Sam the only car that belonged to the LOG back there was the one Voorhees was driving and it was taken by the DeMarco’s.”

“Bobby are you sure? Because if you’re even the slightest bit wrong this whole thing could blow up in our faces.”

“Sam I went over every inch of that parking lot before you and Voorhees decided to have your fun together. The only thing I found was my three playmates.”

“Not bad work there by the way. I take it that you learned to handle yourself like that in the Army?”

“Yah. That was a long time ago Sam. I never thought I would be using that training again for anything but arresting scumbags. For a minute there I thought I was back in the sandbox and facing off against the scum of the universe.”

“Damn Bobby I knew you served but I don’t have a clue to your back ground. Just how many tours of duty do you have?”

“Enough that when I hear certain sounds that I have to fight to kept from pulling my sidearm at times.”

“Bobby how have you been able to keep this from the shrinks?”

“Oh I have my PTSD well under control around the headshrinker’s. To them all they see is a well-adjusted vet trying to make his way in the world. What I want to know is how you have been able to hide you own PTSD from them?”

“Let’s just say that I know how to sling the bullshit real well. Probably better than you my friend. Look we’re almost to the house, let’s table this discussion for now. We don’t need Bat, Hunter, or Kristine asking too many questions about tonight.”

“Okay Sam I can take a hint. Oh fair warning, expect to get land blasted by Bat. He was super pissed off when Kristine told us what you were doing. I hope like hell you have an excuse lined up for them. One that cover both our asses.”

“You know something Bobby. You worry too much. Trust me.”

“Hey Sam you know what that means in Yiddish right?”

“Yes Bobby I know what that means. Now shut up and pay attention to where you’re driving. I don’t want to have to replace or repair the gate.”

Bobby just chuckled as he maneuvered the big car between the two halves of the gate entrance to the safe house drive way. Bobby hadn’t got the SUV parked good when Kristine came running out. The young girl was so excited at seeing the woman she had come to see as her sister that she forgot how cold the night air had become. Bare foot and without a jacket Kristine yanked the passenger door open and wrapped her arms around a very surprised Sam.

“Hay there kiddo. I’m glad to see you, too.” Sam could feel Kristine shaking in her arms and felt Kristine’s tears as they fell on her breast though her blouse. “What brought all this on?”

Kristine looked up at Sam with a tear streaked face and ruined makeup. “You could have gotten killed out there because of me. Why did you have to go to that meeting?” the more Kristine talked the lousier Sam felt. Sam had forgotten just how much this young girl had already seen in her life.

“Trust me Kristine, if there was any way for me to avoid going to that meeting I would have taken it. If there was any way for someone else to take that meeting I would have gladly let them go. But I want you to hear me and trust me when I say that the only person who could’ve done what I did was me. Annette DeMarco and her mother would have done one of two things. They would have either disappeared into the night and made sure the contract on you was fulfilled, or two killed whoever I sent in my place then came after us hard and heavy. Leaving me with no other choice than to either kill her or let her kill me. These people are not someone to play with. Please baby girl if there was any other way I would have taken it.” It was taking Sam’s entire strength to keep from crying herself.

“But Sam if you hadn’t told me where you were going, they could have killed you, and no one would have known.”

Sighing heavily Sam realized she had screwed up. “Come on let’s get you inside before you catch a cold out here.” When Kristine started to protest Sam stopped her with her finger to her lips. “I’ll explain everything once we get inside. I promise I’ll tell you everything, once we’re inside.”

Sam and Bobby guided Kristine back inside the house. Once there, Sam sat down on the couch in the living room holding Kristine as close as she could. Within seconds Kristine really let go all the pinned up fear and frustration and started to bawl her eyes out into Sam’s shoulder. She was crying so hard that she was shaking like a leaf in a high wind.

Bat, Bobby, and Hunter had all gathered around as Sam did her best to calm Kristine down. After fifteen minutes Kristine had cried herself asleep in Sam’s arms. Seeing this Bat gently picked her up and carried the teen up to her room. Sam waited until Bat rejoined them before telling them what went down at the restaurant with the DeMarco’s. When Bat heard that the white tulip was the one who had the contract on their lives he just whistled. The white tulip was the most wanted hired gunman anywhere in the world.
Sam had just finished up with the conversation between her and Annette when Kristine walked back down stairs. Rubbing her eyes Kristine looked up at everyone with a small smile. “Sorry about being such a baby, guys.”

Hunter was the first one to say anything. “Young lady, if you hadn’t had a breakdown until now then you were more than deserving of one or two. Shit you have people out there trying to kill you. That is not an easy thing to deal with. I should know there has been a price on my head so many times it’s not funny.”

Sam saw Kristine turn white at hearing just how casual Hunter was about death threats. Taking a cue from her old dead father she smacked him in the arm as she walked past him growling. “You big goof ball. You’re not helping matters talking like that. You’re scaring her even more. Go sit down and keep your trap shut.”

Hunter just scratched the back of his head as he did as Sam told him. When he sat down next to Bobby he watched as Sam pulled Kristine into a hug. Bobby whispered to the big man. “Smooth move, dumb ass. Why did you have to go and bring up contract killings? Don’t you know that Kristine has enough on her plate?”

“You know Hunter, it’s no wonder that you don’t have a girlfriend. I swear if it wasn’t for your mother I don’t think you would have any woman in your life.” Bat said without any comedy in his voice. “Now when Sam gets my niece to calm down, again! You’re going to apologize for scarring the crap out of her, understand?”

“Sure boss man. I just wasn’t thinking. I meant we have all had a contract taken out on us at one time or another. I mean it is like a badge of honor amongst most of us. You know like you’re not a real deputy until you’ve pissed someone off enough to put a price on your head. Hell Bat you were the one to tell me that years ago when I got my first death threat.”

“I know that Hunter, but you don’t tell something like that to a witness. Outside of keeping them safe what is the number one rule, you dipshit?”

Hunter sat there for few minutes thinking before he realized his mistake. “The number one rule is the health of your witness that also means making sure to keep them calm. No matter what you never tell them just how close an assassin’s bullet got or how high the price is on their head.”

“I see that not all of your training was forgotten. Do me a favor Hunter start thinking on more than just seven cylinders? Remember that Kristine has not had our kind of training yet.”

“Sure boss man. I kind forgot that. What I mean to say is she is so damn smart and grown up acting that I don’t see another witness.” The blush that came to Hunter’s face over this embarrassing fact went all the way down to his chest.

“Hunter, when you look at me what do you see?” there was a small tremble in Kristine’s voice. Hunter looked over at her and saw her chewing on her lower lip. Everything about the way Kristine was standing said little girl not teenage hacker genius. That was not all he saw either. It was the scared shitless kid on the run from people trying to kill her. Who
just so happens to be hiding in plain sight as the opposite sex without the help or love of her parents. He had no idea of how hard this was for her.

“What I see Kristine is one tough ass young lady. Come here and let your older brother Hunter give you a hug.” Kristine damn near jumped into the big man’s arms. The fact that Hunter was willing to accept Kristine as she was meant more than he could understand at the time, but in the days and weeks to come he would in a way that would shape his life for years to come.

“Thank you Hunter, thank you.” the fact that this man was willing to accept her meant more to Kristine than all the riches in the world. Kristine felt another set of arms warp around her. Looking up over her right shoulder to see Bobby there hugging her as well. The smile she saw on Bobby’s face matched the same one on Hunter’s. These simple acts drove home to her the fact that these people truly loved and accepted her; and that for the first time in her young life she was not alone. “Thanks Bobby. I really needed this. Now can someone please tell me who this woman was that Sam and I ran into?”

Taking that as her clue Sam pulled Kristine over to the couch. “Ok kiddo, here is the deal. The woman we ran into was someone from my past. Her name is Annette DeMarco and long ago she was my first love. However she was more than that too, she was like a sister to me in many ways.”

“So why did you reach for your sidearm the way you did if she is like a sister to you?” Kristine was very confused by what she had heard.

“Look Kristine, there are a few things that you don’t know about my past and my family. For starters the DeMarco’s and Capizeo’s were as close as two families could be. What concerns you is the fact that the DeMarco’s were and still are one of the premier families of assassins.” As Sam went over the meeting with Annette and her mother Kristine realized that there was a lot more going on than just the LOG party trying to kill her.

The office of SSD David Earp 6 PM……

“Excuse me sir.” David looked up from the legal brief that he was reading. David could tell by the look on Kelly’s face that he was not going to like what his secretary was about to tell him. “There is a Supervisory Special Agent Du Mass here to see you. He also has a DA Becky Haven with him.”

“Which agency is Miss B. Haven and agent Dumbass with?”

A giggle escaped Kelly’s mouth before she covered it with her hand. She could tell her boss was feeling a little playful by that remark. So in keeping with the playful banter she formed her reply. “Well, if I were to go off the way they are dressed. I would say either Home Land Insecurity or the Federal Breuer of Idiot’s.” Kelly had timed her reply perfectly as David was taking a drink from his ever present coffee mug. The spit take was of epic proportions.

Wiping the coffee from his shirt and mouth David gave Kelly his number seven ‘I’ll get you for this’ look who was laughing at her boss. “Kelly, when you stop laughing at me please go show them to the conference room please?”

Kelly stopped her laughing right away because she didn’t want to tell him the next thing she was told. “Sir, I don’t know how to say this, but they are insisting that they meet with you here in your office.”

“Kelly, I really don’t care what they want. Tell them if they don’t want to wait for me in the conference room they can go wake up a judge and we can hold this little talk in a judge’s chambers.” David let his distaste for the people of other agencies show. He really didn’t like the FBI or Home Land.

“Yes, sir.” Kelly knew when to push something with her boss and when to beat a hasty retreat. This was one time discretion was the better part of valor.
Once Kelly had left David picked up his phone and dialed his boss’s number. As he waited for Kathy to answer he grabbed a file folder from his desk. It was the one that held the reports from the Hotel Safe House. After what Sam and Bobby told him about the incident at the Hotel David had gone back to his office and started his own digging. What he found had pissed both him and Kathy off to no end. When Kathy Shaw answered David kept things short and sweet.

“Kathy the rats are waiting for us in the conference room.”

“Thanks David. When do you want to drop the bomb on them?”

“Give me ten minutes with them before you bring in our surprise contestants.”

“You know Dave there are times I really enjoy your sense of humor but now is not one of them. See you in ten.”

“See you in about ten minutes Kathy.” David hung his phone up and headed for the conference room. He took the file with him. David knew what he had in his hands was going to be explosive any way you cut it. The arrest of an entire surveillance team was not a laughing matter. The fact that it was one of his own deputies that caused this cluster fuck was not helping the Home Land agent’s attitudes. What David wanted to know was how Home Land had found out about the Hotel Safe House and who they were protecting there.

The stack of subpoenas to question his witness told the story there. Each and every one of them was signed off on by the same judge and requested by the same DA. Everything about this case had the smell of politics and outside influences. Someone very powerful was putting pressure on Home Land to get control of Kristine and this case. Thankfully Sam and Bobby were able to warn him and Dorothy about the political fallout.

As he entered the conference room he was not surprised to see the people who were waiting for him. While Kelly had told him that DA Haven and SSA Du Mass were here to see him, either she had failed to mention the Federal Judge and three other Special Agents and DA’s in the room with them, or she didn’t know they were there. As he knew Kelly would never withhold information from him it had to be the later. From the looks of things the political fallout was just starting.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen. May I know to what honor I have your company at this hour?”

“Knock off the bullshit Earp. Where is my witness?” Becky demanded coming straight to the point. “And just what the hell did your deputies think they were doing by blowing our surveillance teams cover like that? I want answers Earp and I want them now.”

“Your witness, we have jurisdiction here, not Homeland.” Shouted the DA from the FBI. “I have a court order for you to hand over John Masterson into our custody.”

“No offence Counselor Horn, but this is a matter for Home Land, not the FBI or the Department of Justice.” And the catfight between agencies began. “Now I want my witness in my office in one hour Earp.”

“Wrong, Haven this is a matter for the Department of Justice.” Of the four Law Enforcement agencies they were the one to bring in the judge. This was typical of DA Martin Short. The man was not known for his tact. There wasn’t an agency in all of Ohio that didn’t have a beef with the man. “Now that that is settled where is John Masterson and that so called protective detail?”

“ENOUGH! Let me be clear on this matter people. This case belongs to the US Marshal’s and no one else. I don’t care what right or jurisdiction you think you have. There is nothing you can produce that will compel me to hand over a witness that is under a protective detail. So you can all go home and if you have any investigations going on surrounding john Masterson or anyone else involved with this case you will drop them now.” David was attempting to gain control of the room and not let the others take control.

“Excuse me Deputy Earp but I am afraid that I will have to overrule you on this matter.” When Judge Parker spoke up everyone in the room turned to look at the man. “I am afraid that you will have to produce your witness for questioning. However I do understand your reluctance in handing over this case to another agency. Therefor I will allow the Department of Justice to take over the investigation, the FBI can handle the protection detail, and Homeland will handle the prosecution.”

The smile that came to David’s face was that of a predator about to pounce. Dropping the file on the conference table letting the contents spill out for everyone to see. “I don’t think we’ll be doing any of that. As a matter of fact your honor none of you are leaving this room.” David hit a button on the conference room intercom. “Send them in Kathy. It is time to clean house.”

The six deputies that had been waiting outside the conference room walked in just in front of Kathy Shaw and Dorothy Rose. David smiled at the rest of the people in the conference room. “Ladies and gentlemen you are all under arrest.”

-------------------- To be continued ---------------

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