Embracing Justice -chp 14

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.


Chapter 14

Earlier at Sam’s old home …

Kristine rushed inside and straight to the living room yelling at the top of her voice. “Bobby, Hunter, Uncle Bat! Help! Please come quick!” in all her years Kristine was never so panicked or scared. “Sam is in trouble!” When the three men heard Kristine’s yell they dropped whatever they were doing, and came running. Hunter was the first to reach her. He could tell the young girl was in a near panic.

“Kristine calm down honey and tell us what is going on from the beginning.” Hunter was doing his level best to calm the young girl down. The problem was he was woefully unprepared for handling a hysterical teenager. He had to grab her by the shoulders to get her to look at him and not anywhere else in the room. This of course with Kristine’s past just scared her even more.

“Hunter you're not helping; let her go and step back.” Bobby ordered his friend. “Can’t you tell you're scaring her even more?”

A look of surprise and shock that came to Hunter’s face as he realized what he was doing. In all his years as a deputy none of his training had really prepared him for this. Sure he could go through a door with a violent psychopath on the other side, but handling a hysterical teenager was a totally different matter. Even with all the training in how to handle a distort hostage couldn’t help him now. So taking the advice given to him by Bobby he let go and stepped back away from Kristine. Once Hunter was out of the way Bat stepped in front of Kristine and leaned over to look her in the eyes.

“Ok, Kristine take a few deep breaths and then tell us what this is all about. Take your time sweetheart.” Bat was doing his best to get his niece to calm down. Whatever had happened with Sam and her during their walk had really upset her. So waiting for her to calm down was the best course of action to take.

Kristine listened to her uncle, she closed her eyes and took a few breaths to calm down. Once she was calm she looked up at her uncle. “Some woman stopped us outside in front of the house. She said her name was Anna, Annie, something like that. Damn it I can’t remember.”

“Did she say her name was Annette?” Bat asked of his niece.

“Yah that was it. Anyway they’re out there talking and Sam has her hand on her sidearm. The next she’s telling me to come inside and not say anything for two hours to you guys. But I think you should know that she is going to some place called Prareily’s Pizzeria. I know she is in some kind of danger. Please you have to help her. I don’t know why but I got the feeling this woman is dangerous.”

“Kristine, I need for you to go over everything you heard, first. Please?” Bat asked of his niece. He knew for some reason that Sam was going to be just fine. Kristine looked at her uncle and could tell right away that what she had heard was important. Taking a deep breath Kristine told them everything she had heard during the meeting between Sam and that Annette woman. When she finished her uncle Bat started giving orders.

“Bobby I want you to head for this pizza parlor. Keep things quiet and low key. Understand?” Bobby nodded his head and went to the hall closet to grab a jacket before heading out. “Hunter, I want you to walk the property then double check all the doors and windows. Kristine come with me.” Kristine just nodded her head a followed her uncle upstairs to the room he and Hunter were using.

Bat knew what he was about to do went against all the regulations, but he was damned if he was going to leave his niece without a way to protect herself. Going over to his weapons locker he opened it up and looked inside. Twisting a pair of latches in the lid Bat opened a compartment hidden in the top. There behind the padding were two hand guns, a matched pair of Smith and Wesson .40 caliber automatics. Either one of these guns had the stopping power to put down a two hundred and fifty pound man with one shot. Taking one out he check to see that it was unloaded. Turning to Kristine he asked. “Tell me something kiddo. Did that worthless brother of mine at least show you how to use a hand gun?”

“Yes uncle Bat he did. My father thought it would be good for me.” puffing out her chest and putting a determined look on her face with a gruff voice she said. “It’ll make a real man out of me.” dropping her pose Kristine just smiled. “As you can see it really did the trick.”

Every time Bat heard how his brother had treated Kristine over the last few years he felt his anger grow. If his brother wasn’t already behind bars Bat would be tempted to kill the man with his bare hands. Letting his anger go for now he looked over at his niece. Everything about her reminded him of her mother. Bat really missed his sister-in-law. Once again he made a promise to himself that he would do everything in his power to protect his niece.

“Good. I know that you don’t want to hear this right now, but your father’s misguided attempts to make a man out of you just might save your life. Now this is an S and W .4o cal auto.” Bat went on to tell his niece everything she would need to know about the weapon he was handing over to her.

Outside in the SUV……..

Bobby knew something was up when Kristine came in yelling for them. When she told him and the others that Sam and her had run into Annette DeMarco. When Kristine said that Sam was going to meet DeMarco at some restaurant he damn near came unglued. Punching in the name of the restaurant he found it was going to take him almost fifty minutes to get there with the traffic at this time of day. Bobby couldn’t figure out how Sam was going to be there in the time she set, but know that she would be on time.

As he drove to where Sam was meeting with what could very well be a contract killer Bobby thought back to the first time he saw Sam. Now even knowing her past there was still so much he didn’t know about the woman. Even after six years as partners she was still as much a mystery now as she was then. Sam for whatever reason never let people know who she was. Hell as far as he knew she never had a boyfriend or even a girlfriend. He knew absolutely nothing about her personal life.

The few times he and she had taken a vacation together they had gone to his family’s home. He had always thought it was because of what her cover story said about her family and past. Now that he knew the truth it made more sense. He remembered how hard Sam had fought to get out of this assignment. She didn’t want to come here to Toledo. And here she is facing her demons on her own. And what was he doing sitting on his hands. Well that was going to stop here and now. If he was ever going to face his parents again he had to have Sam’s back. No matter how this played out she was never going to be alone again.

The main reason was that if he let anything happen to Sam his mama would skin him alive. His mother had fallen in love with the dark haired little hellion. On more than one phone call she had asked if he had asked Sam out on a date yet. Needless to say his dad thought the sun rose and set on the girl named Samantha Justice. As for the rest of his family, well as far as they were concerned she was a member of the family already. Most of this thinking was because Sam was the only gal he had ever brought home to meet the family. Then there was Candice his runway model sister. The first time Candy met Sam it was as if they had grown up together. It was Candy that talked him into bringing Sam home the first time.

When his phone started to ring he was hoping it was Sam. Not recognizing the number Bobby flipped it open and answered still hoping it was Sam. The voice on the other end while not Sam’s was still welcome.

“Hi Bobby. How is my big brother doing this fine day?” Candy asked with real cheer in her voice. It had been a long time since Bobby had last heard from her.

“Not bad too bad Candy. So where are you this week?”

“Oh didn’t mama tell you I am in Cincinnati this week.”

“Umm… Candy when did you arrive in Cincinnati?”

“Yesterday. I called mama and she told me that you and Samantha were transferred to Toledo. So I thought I would call and see what you two were up to this weekend. Say speaking of Sammy where is my favorite female deputy?”

“What makes you think I would know where Sam is? And don’t call her Sammy!” Bobby had let the irritation he felt over Sam pulling her latest stunt color his voice. Of course Candice picked up on it immediately.

“My aren’t we touchy today. From the sounds of it I would swear you two had a lover’s quarrel or something.” Candy just couldn’t resist teasing her brother. She knew that as much as Bobby loved Sam he would never do anything about it.

“Candice I really don’t need this right now.” Bobby growled into the phone.

“Ok Robert what the hell is going on?” Candy could tell by the way Bobby had snapped at her something was very wrong going on. “Is Samantha ok?”

“Look Candy I can’t talk right now. Just do me a favor and call me back later tonight.” Bobby could tell that his irritation was starting to show in his voice.

“No Robert. You will tell me what is going on right now, damn it!” Candice Everbrite had always known that what her brother did for a living was filled with danger. The fact that he was a deputy and chased deadly men and women made this fact hard to ignore. “Now where is Sam?”

“Look Candice I can’t talk right now, and I don’t know where Sam is. Hell I don’t know if she is in danger or not. Right now I don’t know a shit load of anything right now, but once I know something I’ll give you a call tonight.” As Bobby started to hang up his phone he heard her scream at him one more time.

“Don’t you dare hang up on me Bobby!”

He had no sooner hung up on his sister than he got the call he wanted. It was Sam. After he talked to Sam he knew that he would be there in a few minutes. Quickly calling Bat and filled the older deputy in on what was going on. No sooner had he hung up again he saw Sam walking down the street. Looking at the time he could not believe his eyes. It had taken him almost two and a half hours to get here.

After Sam got in the SUV Bobby pulled out into traffic. Bobby turned to Sam when she asked. “Bobby I need you to do me a solid, partner.”

“Sure Sam you name it.”

“I need you to take me downtown and drop me off at Vine and Shore. Then I want you to head back to the house.”

“Sam I am not going to do anything like that until you tell me what is going on.”

“Bobby, this is one time that I need you to just trust me and do what I tell you.”

“No Sam. Not this time. I don’t like this. You’ll be out there with no backup and no way to get any. So before I do anything you’re going to tell me what is going on.” Bobby let the irritation creep into his voice.

“Bobby, what I am going to tell you stays between us. I just got done talking to two of the people who have the contract to kill us and Kristine. They have given me their word that the contract will not be carried out. Instead they plan on killing the people who want us dead.”

Sam could have said a lot of things, but this something he never thought he would hear her say. “Holy shit. Why in the name of Hell would they do that? Don’t they know that will just put a target on their backs?”

“Yes Bobby they know that. That is why I am asking you to just drop me off downtown and head back to the house.”

“I will on one condition. Tell me why they’re doing this and who are they to you?”

“This does not leave this car Bobby.” Sam waited for Bobby to nod his head before she told him. “They’re family Bobby.”

Sam could have said a thousand things and Bobby would have tried to figure a way for her to avoid what could very well get her killed. Everything but what she just said. He knew that a lot of people who enter the Wet Sac program leave family behind, but from what she had told him, he knew she didn’t have any living family. For these people to be considered as family by Sam meant that it goes back to her time before she ever went into the program. In his mind this was not a good thing.

“No Sam.”

“Wrong Bobby. You are not getting involved. Do you understand?”

“Oh I understand Samantha, but this is one time you’re not going it alone. You’re my partner, my ma loves ya’, my pa is head over heels impressed by ya’, the rest of my family are planning’ our wedding. I won’ts even goes into ma sis. So withers yous like or not’s you’re aparts of ma family now. So you eithers lets me comes with ya tonight or ya any going.” It was taking all Bobby had to keep control of his feelings, so much so he let his accent color his voice. He never let people hear his accent if he could help it. When he did it was usually on purpose, that was not the case this time.

“Look Bobby…”

“No Sam that’s the deal. Take it or leave it.” Bobby could tell by the grimace on Sam’s face he had won. “Besides my mother would kill me if anything happened to her future daughter in-law.”

“Wait! What!? Future daughter in-law?! Bobby just what have you been telling your family, especially your mother?”

The laugh that Bobby let go with earned him the expected punch in the arm. As always Bobby knew just the thing to get Sam to change the topic. Which was exactly what he wanted right then. He was not going to let her try and change his mind about they were about to go do. “Now tell me about this meeting we’re going to. Just who do you think is going to be there?”

“Fred Krueger. He is the son of a bitch who took out the contract on you, me, and Kristine. From what I understand from my contact he is supposed to meet with the hired gun tonight in about” looking down at her watch “two hours from now at nine pm. If we head for the meeting spot now we’ll have about forty five minutes to get in to position before they arrive.”

“So just where is this meeting happening, Sam?”

Sam could tell that she was not going to get Bobby to back off. So she just let her mind go over the meeting area.
“There is an old theater downtown on Salem St. It has a parking lot around back. If I remember right there is a parking garage just down the street about a half a block away. It is perfect for hiding this monster. As for the actual meeting area there are trees across the backside of the parking lot, few lights, if any, plenty of places to hide, in short the best place for this kind of business.” Looking over at Bobby Sam decided to tell him the rest of her plan.

“Bobby, there is something you need to know. One of the men who is responsible for the death of my family is Fred Krueger. I also know who the other two are. Tonight I plan on arresting one of the three and hopefully I’ll be able to get him to roll on the others. If he rolls then not only will I get justice for the deaths of my family, but I will be able to spare Kristine a great deal of pain.”

Bobby took a few minutes to gather his thoughts. “Sam I don’t know about this. I mean just how trustworthy is this friend of yours. Now before you go chewing my head off hear me out. I know that she is some kind of family to you, and that means a lot to me, but she is a hired assassin. What I am trying to ask, and from the looks of things I am totally screwing up, is this. Is she setting you up for the kill?”

Sam wanted to tell Bobby to go to hell, but he did have a point. The DeMarco’s were not known as the premier family hitmen for nothing. More than once they have used one side against the other to fulfill a contract. In fact one of their greatest hits was done in this manner. The more Sam thought about it the more she couldn’t make up her mind. Then she remembered the words of Mama Maria. She wanted these people dead and she wanted revenge above all else.

“No Bobby. If anything the DeMarco’s are handing me the chance to take care of this before it gets out of hand. If there is one thing I know about the DeMarco’s it is this. They may not always follow the rules of society but they do follow a set of rules that go far beyond what most do. They have a code of honor that will not allow them to betray family. And to them I am exactly that, family. For the DeMarco’s there is one thing you don’t do, and that is fuck with family.”

Sam had poured more passion into her explanation than at any time in her life. Bobby could tell that this meant a lot Sam. Just as much as his family meant to him, he could tell these DeMarco’s meant as much to her. Bobby made up his mind then and there.

“No matter how this goes down tonight Sam I have your back.”

“Thanks Bobby, but I have this feeling that I am not going to walk away from this without getting dirty. Are you sure you want to go through with this?”

“Sam I said I have your back and I fucking mean it. If we get dirty then we handle it. I am sick and tired of reacting instead of acting. I am tired of these people pushing us around and not being able to hit back at something or someone. They took out the contract on us that means they plan to kill us. In my eyes that means only one thing.” Sam could tell by the hard edge to Bobby’s voice that he was dead serious about what he was going to tell her. There has only been nine times that Bobby has ever been this cold, and each time someone died. “They want a war will they just got one that they won’t win.”

“OK Bobby, but we do this the right way. If I give the signal you’re to pull out and get clear. The only person who is going to get dirty on this is me.”

“No Sam. It’s either both of us or neither of us. I went to war for my country once. Do you think I would do any less for family?” there was a steel in Bobby’s voice that Sam had never heard before. That steel left no doubt in Sam’s mind that Bobby was indeed ready to go to war. A war not only not only with those would take out a contract on officers of the law but someone he thought of as family.

“Ok Bobby but don’t say I didn’t give you a chance to back out.” Looking out the wind shield Sam saw they were coming up to the entrance where they needed to turn. “Take a right at the next light, then pull into the parking garage on the left hand side of the street.”

Bobby did as Sam instructed. After getting the parking chit Bobby headed for the next level up. Once there he began looking for a place on the inside edge of the parking area to park. When he had parked the SUV both of them climbed out and walked around to the tail gate. Bobby open the rear end and pulled out the mobile gun locker. While most of their weapons were back at the safe house Bobby had left a few of their more practical weapons in the locker. Reaching inside Bobby pulled out a few extra magazines for his 1911 and the tactical shotgun with the folding stock. Slipping the shoulder sling over his right arm Bobby made sure it had easy access. Then he pulled out a longer jacket to cover the shotgun.

While he was doing that Sam was deciding on what weapons she was going to carry. Taking off the waist holster she replaced it with a double shoulder rig. She transferred the 1911 in the waist holster to the one under her left arm. Reaching inside of the gun locker she pulled out a second 1911 and put it in the right side. Grabbing four extra magazines for each one she placed them in her belt. When she was done she replaced her jacket and turned to Bobby.

“Ok partner, remember that we are going to arrest the man. Only use that street cannon if you have too.”

“Sure Sam we’ll do this your way. The first sign I see of this going south I reserve the right to handle this my way.”

“Fine Bobby just don’t get trigger happy. Remember it is my ass that is out there in the line of fire, ok?”

“Sure Sam, sure. Now let’s scout the meet site.”

“Bobby do me a favor and hang back some when we leave. I don’t want them to see you coming until it is too late for them to stop you.”

“Not a problem Sam. Do you think this Fred Krueger is one of those types that likes to show up early?” Bobby asked her as he closed and locked the SUV.

“For some reason Bobby. That is exactly what I’m thinking. For some reason I get this, I don’t know, vibe about this guy.”

“Are you telling me that you have one of those feelings again about the guy?”

“Yah that is what I’m saying. The problem is I don’t know what it is. Everything about this guy is telling me he is a pro.”

“A pro as in a hired gun pro or the kind that comes from military training?”

“The latter my friend. I don’t know what it is about the LOG party and the people they employ but everything about them screams para-military and anti-government militia.”

“I got the same type of vibe off them when I read some of those files. So yah I can see where you’re coming from on this.”

“Good that means you will have your head on the swivel ball. Come on we got a dirt bag to take down.”

Bobby let Sam lead them out of the garage and towards the theater. Bobby watched Sam from about fifty feet back. Sam gave him a hand signal to drop back a little further. Bobby knew something was up by the way she was acting. What Bobby hadn’t seen was the gray four door sedan sitting on the side street to the back parking lot of the theater. Sam saw the car the minute she turned the corner. What drew her attention to the car was the fact that the man behind the wheel was on the phone. And from the looks of things he was not happy.

Signaling for Bobby to head around the other side of theater. Sam continued on towards the parking lot. There was something about the driver that set her teeth on edge. As she walked into the only light that was currently working in the parking lot she heard the door to the sedan open and close. Sam didn’t bother to turn around as she knew the driver of the car had gotten out of the car and was headed her way.

For once in her life she was glad that from the back she and Annette looked a lot like. Sam could feel her heart starting to pound in her chest. She could hear the blood rushing in her ear. Feel the sweat running down her spine. The fear of finally losing her life. Whatever happened now she knew that one way or another it was going down now. From deep inside of her she felt a long slumbering part of her reawaken. The part of her that was trained in her family’s true calling, the art of the professional killer. Yes the Capizeo’s have not practiced their art for many years now, but they always pass down their traditions.

“You Annette DeMarco?” the voice she heard was not the one she was expecting. In fact it was a voice she never thought she would hear outside of the courtroom. Turning around slowly she was greeted by the one person she never thought to be meeting here in this parking lot. There in front of her was the number two man for the LOG, Jason Voorhees.

“Yah that’s me and you are not Fred Krueger. Mind introducing yourself?” Sam did not let the anger she felt into her voice. In fact her voice was as hard and cold as iron. An iron that matched the iron in her resolve to take this man and his bosses down one way or another.

“The name is Jason Voorhees but you know that already, Deputy Justice. How about we quit fucking around with each other? You obviously know about the contracts or you wouldn’t be here.” Before Sam could even deny what Jason was saying he just pushed on. “Oh please, don’t tell me that the Marshal’s don’t already have Freddy behind bars. That is the only reason I haven’t been able to reach him. Oh I highly doubt that your old friend Annette DeMarco will live to see more than a few more days at best. Especially after letting you know about this little meeting. Oh don’t worry you won’t be around to see that happen.” Jason reached behind his back and withdrew the combat knife he had carried since he first joined the Army.

Sam could tell that the knife Voorhees was carrying was meant for one thing only killing. That knife was eight inches long and made of high carbon steel. Its edge was razor sharp and would cut through her vest like it was made of butter. There was twenty feet between them. Sam was fast but not that fast. The old lie about never bring a knife to a gun fight is only true if there is more than twenty feet between the fighters. In Sam’s mind shit just went south.

“You know it was awful dumb of you to come here without backup deputy. Not that it would matter anyway. I am sure that my friends in the trees would have taken them out by now.” that admission was all Sam needed to hear. She had already figured out that there were others in the tree line. It was the reason she sent Bobby around the far side of the theater. If anyone could handle the people in the trees it was Bobby. She just needed to stall for time.

“You know if you were a really gentleman you would offer to even the odds a little here or at least allow me to draw my own blade?”

“You seriously believe that you would have a fighting chance against me with a knife?” when Jason heard Sam’s challenge he started to laugh. “Please, be my guest and pull that piece of shit you call a knife. Why I’ll even give you a few lessons in their uses to make it more fun. That is before I kill your ass.”

Sam couldn’t have asked for more. The fact that Jason was dumb enough to allow her to reach for a weapon was all she needed. Reaching around to her waist Sam just smiled at the big man. She just smiled as she pulled her only possession from her life before joining Wet Sac. Back when she was known as Joey or to a very select few Stephany Capizeo. The knife she pulled out was handed down to her from her father, who had received it from his father, and his father’s father, and so on down through the ages.

It had a blade that was nine inches of Toledo forged Damascus steal. The tang was three inched wide shaped like a diamond. Its hilt was a work of art in and of itself, six inches long wrapped in the finest leather of the time. This was more than just a killing tool, it was a work of art meant for killing. Oh Sam was done playing now. Her family’s blade was in her hand and she had one of the architects of the murder of her family in front of her.

Sam could feel Joseph Capizeo rising to the surface. With each inch of the blade that scraped against its sheath the person that was a US Deputy Marshal slowly stepped aside. When her family’s blade finally cleared its sheath it was not a Deputy Marshal that faced Jason Voorhees. Not by a long shot. No the person he now faced was the culmination of generations of killers. All trained in the arts of assassination at the hands of Master Assassins. Only the DeMarco clan was ever better than the Capizeo clan. Here and now Jason Voorhees was facing the last of that family. The problem was he had no clue as to who he was facing. Sam was about to change that.

“Seeing as how you have shown me a curtsey I shall return the favor. Twelve years ago you had a family murdered, you only made one mistake.”

“What mistake was that girlie?”

“You missed one.”

“No we got them all. The boy got his on the courthouse steps. I made sure of that.”

“Oh really how did you do that?”

“I was the one who pulled the trigger of the rifle that put him and his bodyguards down. Well three of them anyway. I didn’t have the time to kill the other two.”

“Oh so you’re the asshole who killed my friends that day. Thank you for giving me that information. That just gives me three more reasons to kill you. I had come here to arrest you, but you know something I changed my mind.”

“Are you done talking or are you going to fight?”

Sam just smiled. There was no laughter in her smile. Her smile was the one of a cold blooded killer. Sam feinted left but moved right. She kept her right hand with the blade low close to her body. She kept her left arm up in the guard position.

Even with this first move Jason knew that he was not facing an amateur. It didn’t take him much to realize he was facing a pro. Years of training with knives and countless hours of close quarter’s combat drills had given Jason an edge against most opponents. Jason saw the feint for what it was. Even then he barely had time to get his blade up in time to block Sam’s strike. This fight wasn’t going to be as quick or easy as he thought. The thought that ran through his mind was ‘This bitch knows how to handle a blade’, as far too close to the truth for Jason to grasp.

Jason’s return attack was just as vicious. Three overhand attacks and one side slash pushed Sam’s skills, but not too much. Voorhees was good, but he was no blade master. She had, had harder times at the hands of her mother and father. No she may have left that life behind twelve years ago but that didn’t mean she forgot what she was taught. There was over six centuries of traditions behind her. While all Jason had was two decades at best.

Within minutes their fight went from a series of slashes and blocks to a contrasting studies of stills. One purely military, the other almost a death like dance. Jason’s three friends in the tree line became so enraptured with the fight they never noticed the six foot pissed off ex-army MP and Ranger, who maybe a US Deputy Marshal at the time, moving into position behind them. Bobby may not have heard the full conversation between Sam and Voorhees, but when he saw her pull out her knife he knew things had gone south.

There was no way they’ll be able to cover this up as an arrest gone bad. He promised Sam he had her back. For six years he had put his own past behind him. It was time to use all that training his Uncle Sam paid for. Quickly he assessed his targets and their threat levels. The two on the outside were local talent just street level thugs, but the one in the middle. He was a totally different story, he was a real pro. Bobby could tell by the way he held his weapon, his stance, even the way he breathed. Moving with all the stealth he learned while on black ops missions he moved up behind the middle man.

With an easy born of countless hours of training Bobby snapped the man’s neck. It was quick it was quiet and above all deadly. Just the way his drill sergeants liked. The other two didn’t even know their partner was dead. Looking at the dead man’s weapon Bobby noticed that it had a silencer. In Bobby’s mind it was time to even things out a little bit more. Picking the fully automatic submachine gun he sighted in on the man on is right and fired. The man never know what hit him, he was dead before he hit the ground. Spinning in place Bobby drew a bead on the last man and fired again. The last man had time to turn and see the man who killed him and the others. It was all over in a matter of seconds. Looking over at the fight between Sam and Jason to see them still going at it. Bobby saw it for what it was.

“All clear Sam. Take the fucker already and quit playing with your food.”

That was all Sam needed to hear. Her smile changed once again. This time though not only was the laughter missing, but so was the soul behind the eyes. Like all her family when it came time to kill she learned to feel nothing. Her strike was as quick, and as exact, as it was deadly. Stepping in close so that only Jason can hear her. “Like I fucking told you, Voorhees. You missed one. Now I have come back from the dead to avenge my family.” Sam stepped back yanking out her knife.

Jason couldn’t believe what had just happened. This little slip of a girl had beaten him in a knife fight. Not only that she kept saying he missed one of them, but who the hell was she talking about. The pain of her ripping her knife from his gut drove him to his knees. When she stepped to where he could get a good look at her he felt his blood freeze with fear. He had seen the eyes of some cold blooded mean son of bitches before. But her eyes, her eyes were different from all of them. Even in the eyes of the meanest most blood thirsty killers he had ever met there was a soul. There was no soul behind the eyes of this woman. “Who the fuck are you really? (cough) You’re no deputy.”

“Even now you don’t get it. You don’t even remember the eyes of the boy you orphaned all those years ago, do you?” leaning down to whisper into Jason’s ear. “I used to be Joey Capizeo. You killed my family. Prepare to die.”

As the realization of what Sam told him finally reached his mind, Jason finally got it. She had come here tonight to get one of two things. Justice or vengeance. From the looks of things she’ll be getting her vengeance at long last. Jason saw the flash of light on the knife’s edge as it came across his vision one last time.

He never had a chance to think about the fact that it was a deputy marshal who had just ended his life. Sam looked down at the man she had just killed. She had killed in the past in the line of duty and for revenge. It was the revenge killings that had driven her into the arms of the US Marshals. Twelve years ago she had made a promise to three people very dear to her. It’s taken her twelve years, but tonight she has finally fulfilled her promise. Now though she and Bobby had a problem on their hands. There were four bodies with enough evidence on them to send both her and Bobby away for a very long time.

The kills were too clean and too quick to be anything but seen as assassinations in the eyes of the law. “Bobby you know we have a real problem on our hands right?”

“You could say that Sam. There is no way anyone is going to buy this as being a bust gone wrong. Do you have any ideas?”

“I wish I did Bobby, I really wish to God I did.”

Out of the darkened ally way comes a voice that Sam had hoped to avoid hearing the rest of the night. “Samantha, how many times have I told you to never mix emotions with business?” as Sam turned to look at Maria DeMarco walking into the parking she was not surprised to see Annette with her. “Did you even remember to bring bleach for the cleanup?”

“I didn’t come here to kill these men mama Maria. I wanted to arrest them. Why would I need to bring any bleach?”

“How many times were you told Samantha dear? Always have a backup plan in place.” Turning to look at Bobby Maria gave him a very intense look. “You just might be worthy of my daughters. Nice handling of the three goons, boy.” Both Annette and Sam came close to losing it when Maria said that. “Sam take your young man and go home. Annette and I shall take care of the cleanup.”

Sam knew that Annette and Maria would make sure that nothing was found that would lead back to her or Bobby. The DeMarco’s were more than capable when it came to handling this on their own. After all they have been cleaning up these kinds of messes for a long time. “Bobby, come on we need to get out of here.”

“Wait a minute, Sam. What are we going to do about all these bodies? We just can’t walk off and leave this in their hands. We need to help out.”

“Young man I’ll have you know that the DeMarco’s have been taking care of these types of messes for a lot longer than you. Now I suggest you listen to your partner and disappear. We know how to make things like this one appear as if it never happened. Besides there is a nice great big lake less than a mile from here.” Maria just smiled at the look of shock on Bobby’s face.

“Like I said Bobby my family knows what they’re doing here.” Grabbing his hand Sam began pulling him out of the parking lot. Looking down at the submachine gun still in his hands. “And leave that thing here. Annette can you make sure it gets a proper burial at sea would you?” Sam take the gun from Bobby and hands it to Annette.

“Sure thing sis. And it’s good to have you back.” The smile on Annette’s face at the thought of her one time lover once again being back in the fold was misplaced.

“Sorry Annette. I’m still a deputy in the US Marshals. What happened here had nothing to do with you, your contact, or the US Marshals. This was nothing more than fulfilling a promise I made to three men twelve years ago. That was all there was to it, nothing more, nothing less.”

“I was wrong Samantha you haven’t changed. Not one stinking bit. You’re still the cold hearted unfeeling bitch you always were.”

“No Annette. I am so much more than that. Just ask the LOG Party.”

------------- To be continued ----------

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