Embracing Justice -chp 13

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“Well at least you missed me Stephany. How long did you think you could stay hidden from me now that you’re back home?”

Chapter 13

Turning around slowly Sam came face to face with her past, and maybe her future, however unlikely that is. “Hello, Annette.” Sam’s right hand automatically moved to the small of her back, where her sidearm rested. “Long time no see.”

“You could say that darling.” Annette let all the hurt and anger over Sam’s disappearance creep into her voice. “Then again you are supposed to be dead. Care to tell me how you managed to return from the dead, Stephany?”

“Kristine, when I tell you to I want you to run as fast as you can back to the safe house.” Sam knew that if Annette was here and this pissed off it’ll end in one of two ways. Sam knew the history of the DeMarco family and the women who were born into it. “I don’t go by the name anymore Annette. My name is….”

“Samantha Justice. To be more exact US Deputy Marshal Samantha Elisabeth Justice. I don’t care what you call yourself now, you’ll always be my Stephany.”

‘Shit! She knows my new name. This is not good.’ Thought Sam. “Kristine run!” Sam commanded as she pulled her sidearm and started to point it at Annette.

“I wouldn’t do that young lady. You move and you die.” Annette was not going to let this moment go. Not that she now had the woman she loved in front of her again. “Stephany you know that I am not joking.”

“Kristine stay right where you are.” Sam knew that the young girl hadn’t had time to start running yet, she also knew that Annette was bluffing. For her to be here in front of her here and now meant she wasn’t alone. Kristine could tell by the sound in Sam’s voice that they were in deep trouble. “Alright Annette the ball is in your court. What do you want? I know that if you were here to kill us you would have done it by now. And like I said the name is Samantha, Stephany Capizeo died twelve years ago with her family. You know the ones I am talking about or did you forget the girls who treated and loved you like a sister?”

Sighing Annette could see that this was not going the way she wanted. “Look Stephany…”

“I told you the name is Samantha or Sam the choice is yours. It is no longer Stephany. Understand?”

“Fine, Samantha! Is there somewhere we can go that is not so public and you’ll feel more in control? I don’t care where. We need to talk.”

“Fine, then. Our old hangout in a half hour. If you’re not there in forty five minutes then all bets are off. Agreed?”

“Agreed. I’ll be there and I’ll be alone.”

When Sam heard that she knew the Annette would honor the old ways. If there was one thing Sam knew about the DeMarco family it was this. They will never break a truce, and that was what she and Annette had at that moment in time. The fact that Annette had allowed her to pick their meeting place set the tone for their meeting. She had set the terms of that meeting. They would both be alone and unarmed. It would place her at a slight disadvantage but she was willing to take that chance. When it came to the DeMarco women even unarmed they were dangerous. Most people could not match their martial arts training.

“Come on Kristine. We need to get you back to the others.” Sam took a hold of Kristine’s hand and headed for home. As they walked away from Annette Kristine could tell that Sam was upset. Looking up at the woman who had become to mean more to her than her own family.

“Sam do you think it was smart to agree to meet with that woman alone?”

“Kristine, whatever happens in the next few hours I need you to do me a favor.” When the young girl nodded her head Sam laid out what she wanted her to do. “Now do you understand what I have told you?”

“Yes, but Sam you’re talking about not coming back. I know that you know that woman, but why didn’t you arrest her or something back there?”

“Kristine, don’t ask me questions that I can’t answer right now or have the time to explain. Just do what I asked of you and everything will work out in the end.” The tone of Sam’s voice left no room for argument.

“Ok Sam, but can I at least tell Bobby what you’re doing?”


“But Sam you’re going to…”

Kristine I said no and I meant no. you do not tell anybody at the house what I am about to do. I owe Annette DeMarco and her family way too much to put them at risk. Whatever is on Annette’s mind she has gone to a lot of trouble to find me and I will not put her or her family in danger.”

“Ok Sam. I think I get it, but how do you know she’ll just let you go when your meeting is over?” Kristine let the worry she felt fill her voice and eyes.

“Don’t worry Kristine. Annette DeMarco will abide by the old laws. She called for a sit down. As long as I don’t break the truce she won’t either.”

“What does that mean anyway, Sam?”

“I don’t have time to explain it all to you Kristine, just understand that if I don’t came home within two hours after I leave that I won’t be coming home at all. Now head inside and don’t tell them anything. If they ask just tell them I had to take care of some personal business.” With that Sam turned and walked away. She knew where she was heading. Hell it was only ten miles away following the streets. Sam had no intention of following the streets, though.

Moving through the back allies and side streets like she had never left them. This was her home turf. No one knew these streets better than she did, not even the City planners Office or local PD knew them better. She started out slowly at first, then she started to jog a little bit, as she moved she slowly increased her speed until she was running flat out. Her movements became fluid as she vaulted over dumpsters, grabbing overhead fire escape ladders, and taking short wall runs. All her training in Parkour came back to her. It has been a long, long time since she last ran like this.

Not since the last few weeks before her family was killed. It has been her training in this obscure sport that help her avoid the Organization almost thirteen years ago. She had left it behind with her old identity. The Parkour community at the time was so small and many for the boys that any girl showing up with a hooligan pack would attract unwanted attention. Now though it was a means to an end. Halfway to her old hangout she more felt than heard her old running partner coming up behind her. Looking back she saw Annette was only a hundred feet behind her. A smile came to Sam’s face.

She slowed down enough for Annette to catch up. However once Annette was beside her the race to the finish line was on. Sam may not have run like this in years but she was not out of shape. Chasing down dirt bags and low life scum for the past six years had seen to that. Annette was no slouch either. The two girls pushed themselves to their limits and held nothing back.

For both girls long slumbering reflexes awakened. Feels that they had not felt in years surged to the forefront. As they approached the old finish line it was as if by some silent agreement they blew past it, not wanting the run to end. Each reached deep within themselves to find that little bit of extra strength. That ‘edge’ each would need to win. The only thing one the line may be pride, but for these two young ladies that was more than enough. Their movements went from being trained movements just for movement to flowing almost dance like. Finally they both decided to return to their out hangout.

“I see you haven’t lost a step Samantha. You’re still the hardest hooligan to flow. Do you get to run often?” Annette was surprised that her old friend and lover was able to lead her on a merry chase through the streets and across the roof tops of Toledo like she just had. Then again her Stephany was something of an expert in Parkour being a Parkour Master Traceur; Annette doubted the woman would ever lose a step.

“Not as much as I like Annette, not as much as I would like. Then again I do get the occasional chance to have a little fun when going after a scum bag who tries to run. Not as fulfilling as going up against someone who knows what they’re doing.” The smile Sam gave Annette soon faded as she remembered why they were meeting. “Shall we go inside? I haven’t had a good calzone in a long time. Do you think mama Prareily is still cooking?”

Annette just gave her old friend a sad smile. “Yes she is still cooking. Her son Michael is running the floor now, though. Carmen took off to New York to join the Mets’ Ballet Company and Juliet is left for Chicago to join the Chicago Ballet company last year. Come on I called before I left and asked for a table in the back.” Annette opened the door to the restaurant and headed inside.

With nothing else to do but to follow Sam walked throw the door. They were met by a young man that Sam had not seen in years. The last time she had seen Michael he was an eight year old boy. Thankfully he didn’t recognize her, then again the last time Michael saw Sam she was a boy named Joey Capizeo. He lead them to a backroom were a table was set for two. As they took their seats Sam realized that this was the place where her father and Annette’s father had done most of their business. Looking at Sam Annette just smiled.

“Yes Samantha this is where our fathers did their business, or as I used to believe held court as it were. I know you have questions of me as I do for you. I suggest we order first before we get down to business.”

“You haven’t changed one bit, Annette. Is the calzone as good as always?”

“You talk about me not changing; you’re as bad as me. Yes the calzone is as good as always.” They didn’t talk until after their waiter came and took their orders for calzone slices and a glass of red wine for each of them. Once they were alone Annette sat back in her chair and truly studied the young woman sitting across from her. There was no sign that she had ever been a male. “I take it that you’re all girl now Samantha?”

“Yes, I had my SRS a few years after … well you know. So tell me. Do you have the contract on my head?”

“Yes and no Samantha. Yes there is a contract on your life and yes it was offered to me and my family, but that was not the only one. Five others were handed out at the same time by the same people. They want you, your partner, and the girl that was with you earlier and the two other deputies dead. They have offered to pay twice my going rate. That’s over two and a half million dollars, Sam.”

“So what are you going to do, Annette?”

“I plan to get my payment then kill the man who took out the contract on my family.” Annette’s voice had turned hard and cold. Sam knew there would be no reasoning with her on this. Sam knew by the way Annette gave her answer that this was a matter of Family Honor. And when it came to Family Honor the DeMarco’s never held back and nothing stopped them but death.

“So I take it this is your way of warning me that my time is short?”

“No Samantha.”

“Then what is it, Annette?”

Sam studied the woman that she had loved for so long. The woman she never stopped loving, even in her exile. For over twelve years she has kept hiden from those around her, her feelings for Annette. So when Annette said that she had the contract to kill her and the others she knew she had a choice to make. Even though Annette had had already made her choice she could not let Samantha know what that was.

“What this is Sam is me telling you get to disappear again and don’t come back.”

“Sorry can’t do that Annette. You see that little girl that was with me earlier, while she is a federally protected witness. Now if you want to kill her, you and your mother are going to have to go through me.”

“That’s what I thought this was about. The whole contract smelled to high heaven. They were too quick to agree to my terms. That tells me that they plan on getting rid of me once the contract is completed. That is why I demanded full payment up front. I am supposed to meet their man tonight to collect payment. Someone that I think you knew all too well.”

“Oh really. Just who might that be?”

“Fredrick Krueger.”

Of all the names that Annette could have said that was one she wasn’t expecting. The fact that the LOG was sending their head of security to handle this matter did not sit well with Sam. The man was a known mercenary. The problem was no one had ever been able to get any solid evidence on the man here in the states. As far as anyone knew he was spotlessly clean here.

“So what are you planning on doing Annette?”

“The plan is simple, Samantha Elisabeth Justice. They have crossed our family one too many times. He and his employer have the blood of my husband on their hands. I will have my revenge. This is no longer a matter for the Law. Take your charge and leave Toledo. We, the DeMarco’s, shall be the ones to destroy the Law, Order and God Party, not you and your witness.” The voice was one that Sam knew from a long time ago, even though it was now hard as steel. One that at one time belonged to someone who she saw as a second mother. There was no love in that voice, only rage and hate for the ones who killed the man she loved.

“So mama Maria, I take it you have come out of retirement?” Sam turned around and took one look at Maria DeMarco and knew without a doubt that she was set on revenge. Sam knew the type of people the DeMarco Clan came from. To them this was a personal matter, and one of personal honor. There was only one way to handle these matters in their minds. “I take it, that if I try to stop you that you’ll fulfill the contract one way or another.”

“Yes child you are correct. This is a matter of Blood. Now your dinner is coming and you look as if you haven’t eaten in days.” And just like that all discussion of contract killing and protected witnesses was ended. When the waiter arrived it was with another chair and place setting along with three calzones and a big bottle of wine. “Now, I have a favor to ask of you my dear.”

Sam looked at Maria DeMarco with more than a little fear. She knew from experience that any favor to the DeMarco’s came with strings, but if they were asking you for that favor it is usually best to run. The problem she had just then was simple. Both Maria and Annette could have killed her at any time they wanted. They also know where she is hiding and who she is protecting. She needed to stall for time. “What is the favor mama Maria?”

“When this is done take my daughter with you and away from this life.” Of all the things that Maria DeMarco could have asked of Sam this was one that had ever crossed her mind. “For too many generations the women of my family have lived this life of kill or be killed. I never wanted this life for my daughter.”

“Hold on here mama Maria. What are you asking of me? Oh yah and why?”

“The answer to that is simple Samantha. We want out of this life but unlike you we were never given the opportunity you were twelve years ago. The very people that you are now protecting that child from saw to that. Tonight when Annette goes to pick up her payment we will kill one of the people hunting her and you. For the past twelve years we have hunted those who had my husband killed in prison along with the rest of our family and friends. This LOG party are worse than any mob family there is. They have no honor, only greed.”

“Trust me mama Maria I know that all too well. You should read some of the evidence that we have on them. Nothing that the old Organization did even comes close to what these people do. That little girl I am protecting was the daughter of the former CDM Masterson. She found enough evidence on her father’s home office computer to put the man away. Then she went so far as to hack the LOG servers. The shit she found on those servers is enough to tear them down and put every last one of them away for life. You don’t need to kill Krueger or anyone else. You can turn States Evidence about them approaching you for the contract killing and get new lives, just like I did.”

“No, Samantha that is not something we can do, it is not our way. You know that deep in your heart. That man was the one to arrange for my husband’s death and he well pay for his crimes against our family.”

Sam knew then and there that Krueger was a dead man and she could do nothing to stop them. The DeMarco women were going after their own justice. By all rights she should arrest them both, but this was a neutral area and a private sit down. As much as Sam wanted to stop them from taking the law into their own hands she couldn’t. They had come to her and asked for this. Sam knew there was only one thing she could do.

“I won’t say anything to my bosses. When this is over, come by the house and I’ll do what I can to help.” Sam stood up and started to leave. She stopped and pulled out her wallet. Taking out a twenty dollar bill she put it down next to her plate. “Thanks for the calzone and it was good seeing you again Annette. Mama Maria I’ll do the favor, just don’t get yourselves killed.”

“Thank you Samantha. We know that you did what you did was to avenge your family. I and Annette hold no grudge with you. We understand vengeance.” Maria DeMarco had hoped that they could have worked out a more solid deal with Sam, but she was happy with what she got. “You always were a person of honor, Samantha.”

“Don’t fool yourself mama Maria. I am no girl scout. Never was and never will be. There is blood on my hands just like the blood on yours. Don’t ever forget that I may be a US Deputy Marshal now, but I wasn’t always. Underneath all this spit and polish of a law officer is still a Capizeo.” Both of the DeMarco women looked at her with more than a little respect. “Like I said. Do what you have to do and I will do what I have to. Just tell one thing.”

“What is that Samantha?” Annette asked of her with some surprise.

“When and where is the meet?”

Once again the DeMarco women were caught off guard. Maria was the one to answer not knowing what was on Sam’s mind. “Tonight at nine pm at the old movie theater on Salem Street in the back parking lot.”

“Thanks, mama Maria.” With that Sam walked out of the restaurant. The fact that she said nothing to either Annette or Maria was not lost on them. What they did not see was Sam pulling out her cell phone once she was outside. The other end was answered after just one ring. “Where are you?”

“The corner of twenty third and Wabash.” Sam could hear the relief in Bobby’s voice. “Do you need a pickup?”

“Meet me at the corner of nineteenth and Wabash, Bobby.”

“Sam are you ok?” Bobby could tell by the sound of Sam’s voice that something was bothering her. When she didn’t answer right away he pushed for an answer. “Sam, talk to me kiddo.”

“Just meet me where I told you to. I’ll explain everything when we get back at the house.” Sam hung up on Bobby before he could ask any more questions. As she started walking towards where she told Bobby to meet she thought back to the first time she had met Annette DeMarco. That was almost twenty year ago and even now Sam still loved the woman. As much as she wanted to just let the DeMarco’s kill Fed Krueger she still had a job to do. The only problem was this was a matter of honor for them, and despite leaving that life behind twelve years ago, Sam still held a great deal of loyalty for the DeMarco family.

She knew that no one would ever find out about her from them. The fact that Maria DeMarco wanted to get her and Annette out of the life told her that. Then there was the fact that the two of them came to her for help spoke volumes. Even after all that Sam had done to tear apart the Organization and ruin their lives they still trusted her to protect them
and get out of the life. Her thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of Bobby in the SUV. Getting in Sam made up her mind.

“Bobby I need you to do me a solid, partner.”

“Sure Sam you name it.”

“I need you to take me downtown and drop me off at Vine and Shore. Then I want you to head back to the house.”

“Sam I am not going to do anything like that until you tell me what is going on.”

“Bobby, this is one time that I need you to just trust me and do what I tell you.”

“No Sam. Not this time. I don’t like this. You’ll be out there with no backup and no way to get any. So before I do anything you’re going to tell me what is going on.”

The sigh that escaped Sam was one of frustration. She could tell by the way Bobby talked she wasn’t going to win this argument. “Bobby, what I am going to tell you stays between us. I just got done talking to two of the people who have the contract to kill us and Kristine. They have given me their word that the contract will not be carried out. Instead they plan on killing the people who want us dead.”

“Holy shit. Why in the name of Hell would they do that? Don’t they know that will just put a target on their backs?”

“Yes Bobby they know that. That is why I am asking you to just drop me off downtown and head back to the house.”

“I will on one condition. Tell me why they’re doing this and who are they to you?”

“This does not leave this car Bobby.” Sam waited for Bobby to nod his head before she told him. “They’re family Bobby.”

Sam could have said a thousand things and Bobby would have tried to figure a way for her to avoid what could very well get her killed. Everything but what she just said. He knew that a lot of people who enter the Wet Sac program leave family behind, but from what she had told him, he knew she didn’t have any living family. For these people to be considered as family by Sam meant that it goes back to her time before she ever went into the program. In his mind this was not a good thing.

“No Sam.”

“Wrong Bobby. You are not getting involved. Do you understand?”

“Oh I understand Samantha, but this is one time you’re not going it alone. You’re my partner, my ma loves ya’, my pa is head over heels impressed by ya’, the rest of my family are planin’ our wedding. I won’ts even goes into ma sis. So withers yous like or not’s you’re aparts of ma family now. So you eithers lets me comes with ya tonight or ya any going.”

“Look Bobby…”

“No Sam that’s the deal. Take it or leave it.” Bobby could tell by the grimace on Sam’s face he had won. “Besides my mother would kill me if anything happened to her future daughter in-law.”

“Wait! What!? Future daughter in-law?! Bobby just what have you been telling your family, especially your mother?”

Meanwhile back at the restaurant….

Annette and Maria watched as Sam left. They waited until Sam was out the door before saying anything to each other. “Mama, why did you tell her about the meet tonight? You know she’ll try and stop us.”

“Of course she will Annette.”

“Then why tell her?”

“Because no matter what else your beloved Stephany has become she is still deep down in her soul a Capizeo.”

“Why does that matter mama?”

“She will do what is right by all those involved.”

“Mama that makes no sense what so ever.”

Maria sighed. This was not something she wanted to get into with her daughter right now, but she had been avoiding this topic with her daughter for far too long. It was time for the truth between them about the Capizeo family. “Annette, there is something I need to tell you about the Capizeo family and I am not sure how you’ll handle it. So I am just going to come right out and say it. Besides being one of the premier book keeping families for the mob, they were also one of the best families of assassins in all of Italy and Sicily at one time. It was one of Stephany’s ancestors that founded Murder Inc. about sixty years ago they moved over to book keeping as it was not as dangerous. That was one of the reason your father and his associates never tried to kill Marko Capizeo. They knew for a fact that he would bury anyone they sent to kill him. It is also why they killed the rest of Stephany’s family. They feared their revenge. As you know they had ample reason to fear the revenge of the Capizeo’s. They missed Stephany and she tore the Organization down around their ears.”

“So how do you think it will play out tonight?”

Maria looked at her daughter in a new light. Annette may be one tuff bitch, but she always had a soft side for the woman she once loved. Maria had known that Annette loved Stephany and was still in love with her. She didn’t want to tarnish that love but knew that Annette needed the truth.

“Tonight Samantha Justice will arrive at the meet site before we do. She will try to arrest Krueger before we get there. When that fails she will be forced to confront her past. When that happens one of two things will happen. One she’ll die when Krueger resists arrest or two she’ll kill him in cold blood.”

Annette sat there thinking about what her mother had just told her. Sure she knew that her Stephany was long dead, but she still loved the woman she had become. If what her mother was saying was true then she had to get there before hand and stop her. She couldn’t let Sam throw away her career and her life. Nothing else mattered to her at this moment in time. She had to save her one time lover’s life.

“Mama, we can’t let her go to that meeting.”

“Wrong child, we are not letting her go to that meeting. I sent her there on purpose. I have every confidence that Samantha Justice will arrest Krueger, and Stephany Capizeo will kill him before the night is done. We just need to be there to clean up the mess when she gets done having her vengeance.”

“What are you talking about mama? What vengeance?”

“For as long as you have been hunting the men who had your father killed in prison, I have been looking for the men that framed Sam’s father with the Organization. It is as I told you earlier child, the time of our revenge is at hand.”

“Mama, can I know why you want Samantha to kill Krueger?”

“I have my reasons Annette, reasons that you do not need to know right now. However, I will tell you this much. Krueger was one of the men that paid for the Capizeo family to be killed. And when he sees Samantha Justice tonight he will go out of the way to either escape or kill her. There is no way for him to not recognize the one Capizeo that escaped their trap twelve years ago. The one who made taking down the Organization down plausible. No matter what happens that man will try to kill another member of my family. The problem is that member is more than what she appears to be.”

Annette could see the meeting between Sam and Krueger going down in her head, and what she saw not only didn’t sit well with her, it angered her to no end. She knew, just knew that Krueger was going to kill Sam if she didn’t get lucky and kill him first. The reason for this is simple. Sam was going to go to the meet alone. As good as Sam may be there was no way she could take him alone.

“She is going to die isn’t she? Sam will not allow anyone else in the Marshal’s to know where she is going. She’ll be there alone with no backup.”

“Yes my dear that is exactly what is going to happen.”

“Why is she doing this mama?”

Maria knew that her answer was not going to sit well again with her daughter. She also knew that she couldn’t lie to Annette either. And one way or another, the truth will come out, so she saw no need to lie.


----------- To be Continued ----------

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