Serving with Distinction: Chapter Two A Night to Last Eternity

As the sun is setting Brad and I link up with Donaldo and Sgt. Aaron Doyle and we catch a bus to the hotel strip. It takes about 30 minutes but the wait only makes anticipation better. We get dropped off downtown and take in the sights. Neon lights, signs for miles. Japanese tourists dominate the foot traffic. I see a few familiar faces walk past us.

The four of us look for a place to eat. We choose The Hard Rock Café and eat our fill before we venture out to the bars. Club Fission, Honey Karaoke, the Wild West Saloon, bar after bar, we pub crawl and sample the best each establishment offers. Feeling halfway to fucked up I notice one bar in particular. A giant surfboard, with a large bite in it reads, “Jump the Shark”. Being a fan of Jaws and curious at what they serve, I convince my rag tag group of lady killers to go inside.

We get inside and the first thing I notice is that the place looks like the inside of a cartoon shark.

Guess we didn’t actually jump over it but into it, hahahahah

A big Chamorro man is working the far end of the bar, but a nice looking Japanese woman approaches wearing a low cut top showing her God given gifts before she redirects our attention.

“What will you be drinking tonight fellas,” she asks in her hyper voice.

By now the local Ska band is getting loud and it takes us a couple tries to ask our hostess for the house special.

“You’re gonna love this one,” she shouts. “It’s called ‘rum run for your life’ quadruple shots of banana and blackberry liqueur mixed with light and dark rums, topped with local grown pineapples, some orange peels and a dollop of grenadine served in a fishbowl.
We all unanimously agree to this drink. I think it might be my last if I don’t take it easy.

While she mixes the drinks, two women enter the bar. They look incredibly sexy in their clubwear, one, a redhead sports a short grey dress, the other a blonde is wearing a plaid miniskirt and tube top. Just as I am about to turn around a third woman enters the bar, a woman whose beauty calls my mental state into question.

They say when you meet the hottest girl you will ever see, time slows down. You know what, it did. The song, “Bad Fish” starts playing as soon as she comes into full view. From what I can best describe in my drunken state, I am seeing a goddess. I look to see dark colored stilettoes clack as she walks forward and with each step I look up to take in more and more of this beauty. Black stockings grace her legs followed by what appears to be a Knee-length Halter Black Empire Chiffon.

“Wait, how did I guess THAT?” I ask myself in shock.

I see her beautiful model face scan the room and make eye contact with me. A smile crosses her red, full lips. She walks past my squad and I though and instead decides to sit at the table in the far corner of the room.

Our hostess comes out from the backroom with four fishbowls filled with alcohol. Their red opacity and floating shark fins reminds me of the namesake of this drink.


We all crowd around our drinks and in vain we try and lift without spilling. We all agree to a truce and use straws for these behemoths.
“Guys, if I can’t finish this, tell my wife I love her,” said Doyle.

PUSSY!!!! The rest of us shout and then get to chugging.

As I take my first sips, I notice through the red lights and strobes that the angel in the corner is staring at my direction as she puffs on a cigarette. Laser like stare come to think of it. Like a predator, like a wolf eying his kill. Those eyes, that hair, she looks like Kate Upton and Scarlett Johan---


I spit my drink and spray the gang in the most uncool fashion.

“Woah dude, what the fuck?” says Donaldo.

“Seriously Mac, party foul number 3,” jokes Brad.

“Sorry guys it went down the wrong tube,” I declare.

“PHRASING, BOOM!!” Shouts Doyle.

We all laugh and then they turn to see who I was looking at. The woman, none other than the girl of my dreams. This is getting weird. Like blood in the water, my squad all internalizes how they will claim her for their night of fun. Maybe not Doyle, he’s married and true. Brad and Donaldo face me and face each other.

“Like she will ever talk to you Nate, you just showed the smoothness of gravel,” said Donaldo confidently staring at her.
I can see now she is listening to the music, not paying attention to me or my squad. Who knows, maybe she isn’t into guys. Not that it’s a bad thing.

“I’m gonna give it a shot first losers,” declares Brad.

Brad walks confidently over to the angel’s table.

He asks to sit next to her, she looks disappointed and it Iooks like says no.

Brad walks back with his tail between his legs, defeated.

“Yep pretty sure she’s a dyke,” says Brad.

“You don’t know that, besides once she sees what I’m packing, lesbian or not, she want to ride this train,” said Donaldo in the most confident and cheesy tone. “Toot toot bitches.”

A few moments later, a similar scene plays out and he comes back with a dissatisfied look.

“Yep definitely a lesbian,” sighs Donaldo. “You got no chance in hell Mac.”

The guys grab their drinks and fan out to salvage what they can with the other ladies in the room. I see a girl who looks like one of our sailor’s from the Hickory. She asks to sit next to the angel. She accepts. I can see the sailor coming on hard. Eisenburg is her name, yeah. She definitely plays for the other team.

But after what seems like five minutes, the lesbian sailor also fails to get the attention of the angel.
Strange, I think to myself.

After Eisenberg departs, the angel makes eye contact with me again, I move away from the crowd and she flashes a seductive huge smile at me.

“Alright fuckers, watch and learn,” I shout as I pass and slap Brad’s back.

I walk over with as much control and sobriety my brain will allow.

“Mind if I sit here, my lady,” I say in the most gentlemanly fashion.

“You are the first guy…or girl not trying to throw me their cheesiest A-game,” she says with air quotes.

“I’m sorry I’m in way over my head, you’re out of my league, sorry to bother you,” I say as I start to walk away.

She reaches out her hand and grabs my arm before I can move another step. Her grip and strength catch me off guard.

“Please don’t leave, I didn’t mean to be rude,” she admits.

“Well okay…thanks,” I say.

For some stupid reason, I extend my hand and try and shake hers.


“Hahah,” she chuckles as she shakes my hand. “I’m Gabriella.”

“Beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” I say to her.

We release our grips and I notice she is still smiling, looking through me like I have some inner truth inside.

“Is there something on my face?” I ask desperately.

“Oh, my apologies, I love your aura,” she admits in an embarrassed tone.

“My aura, I have an aura?” I ask her.

“I’m kind of like a druid,” she reveals. “I see people’s true auras’ quite often.”

“Really what does mine look like?” I ask with curiosity.

“Yours for starters is really bright, like almost brighter than the stage kind of bright,” she says slightly squinting. “It’s also really pink, Magenta got nothing on you dude.”

“Pink? Okay, that’s different,” I say surprised. “Is that normal?”

“Let me put it this way, it’s not bad thing in the least, it’s actually really comforting,” she admits with relief in her tone. “Many people have different intensities of brightness and color.”

“What about my buddy Brad?” I ask pointing to my friend who looks like he’s doing well with a Japanese tourist.

“His is pretty bright and strong, it’s mostly blue with some hints of pink shade emanating,” she adds.

“What about Donaldo?”

“He is blue, like heavy blue,” she admits. “One of the deepest colors I’ve ever seen.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I ask a little annoyed.

“It’s your personality type more or less,” she confesses.

“So what’s the room average?” I ask again.

“Some grays, some silvers, blues and pinks, a mix of intensities too,” she says matter of factly.

“What is your aura then, pink too?” I fish for a reaffirming response in hopes hers matches mine.

“Mine’s purple, been so for a long time,” she says as her gaze shifts to stare at nothing.

“Okay, is that unique?” I inquire.

“Yeah, it’s rare, but don’t sell yourself short, auras don’t make the man,” she says reassuringly. “Honesty and heart do.”

“Alright, while we are being honest, I must confess I’m a terrible dancer,” I admit.

“That’s not a problem, you can’t dance to this terrible Sublime cover band anyway,” she says as she gets up. “Listen, if you’re not too hammered, want to do some shots?”

“I’d love to,” I exclaim.

“Fantastic,” she says with an enthusiastic smile.

She grabs my hand and pulls me up with some severe force and takes the lead as we walks toward the bar. She seems tall, I know the heels change her height but she looks like she stands at a confident 5’10, the heels do make her as tall as me at 6’2. The guys see her walking with me and the looks they give me make me smile like a doofus.

“You know you have the strongest grip of any woman I’ve ever met,” I confess.

“I hope so, I do Cross-Fit,” she says proudly.

"She is going to break me in two,” I mutter internally.

I laugh and complement her.

“Explains why you look so good.”

We get to the bar and she orders a dozen shots of tequila.

“Six for me and six for you,” she lays them out in row. “Try and keep up.”

With cat-like speed and reflexes, she downs three shots while I’m on number one. In a few seconds she finishes, and squirts the lime juice and shakes salt in a sexy double hand/blow job pantomime above her head. Doyle drops his drink when he sees this. The shattering glass breaks her concentration and she laughs upon the realization of what she was doing.

“hahahahahahahahahah, I’m not a fucking slut I swear,” she says

“No, didn’t really get what you mean,” I lie.

“Well you need to finish what you started Mr. Suave,” she says with a party girl tone. “Here, I’ll finish these three, you finish the last one.”

“Challenge accepted,” I say.

She finishes all three together in one quick motion as I barely finish mine. In awe, she looks happy and mostly sober.

What am I getting myself into?

“You still need to chase the shot you cheater,” she exclaims. “Here try it now.”

She squirts the lime juice across her cleavage with her left hand and with the speed and intensity of an amazon, grabs my neck and head with her right and pulls my face into her bosom. I am in heaven. I hear few glasses break while smothered between her mounds of majesty.

Must be my squad

I lick as best as I can and a cooing moan escapes her throat that sounds like the voice of divine beauty.

“Don’t forget the salt,” she shouts as she lifts my face to her mouth.

I taste the salt on her lips but it soon wears off as she sticks her tongue in my mouth and we begin to make out. Strange though, her mouth tastes like nectar, maybe honey, not something I was expecting. I come up for air and she gazes into my eyes with the most honest look in her eyes.

“You’re a better kisser than you let on,” she says in sultry and hushed tone.

She embraces me and whispers in my ear the words I’ve waited for all night.

“I don’t know about you, but let’s get out of here,” she says.

“Please, let’s do,” I say as suave as possible.

As we prepare to leave the bar. I motion for Brad to pay the tab. He glances an evil look at me. But Gabriella covers the tab with two $100 bills that she pulls out of thin air. She winks at our hostess and tells her to go buy something sexy. The woman goes weak at the knees for a second. Only I notice this power of sexual energy.

We make our way to the exit, the guys quickly follow suit.

“Hey Nate, what you smoking?” she asks me.

“Here, try these menthol’s,” I say as I pull them out of my pocket.

“Mmmmm, my favorite, thank you,” she says gratefully.

I give her my zippo and with deft hands, she lights the smoke in one single motion and hands me it before I can register. My boys exit the club, Brad and Donaldo both exit holding a girl. Doyle follows them out while talking to his missus.

“Well this is grand,” I congratulate them.

“Yeah, mad props to you too bro,” Donaldo admits.

“Alright were we want to go?” I ask.

Brad suggests the bonfire by the beach at our hotel. We agree in unison. It’s getting close to 10 pm. We cross through the hotel lobby and make our way to the beach. Lo and behold a bonfire stands 10 feet high. The arm candy my boys brought, run to the fire and begin to rhythmically dance against the fire light.

This brings back my memory of this familiar sight. A few dancers against the shadows, the orange red flames and it’s at night. In a spit second, Gabriella tackles me and I hit the sand with a soft thud.

Her face hovering above mine brings me another flashback.

“This can’t be happening,” I tell myself.

The hungry look in her eye draws out more worry and I lay paralyzed by her commanding stare. In a split second, she bears her beautiful face on mine and joins her lips to mine. We begin to make love.

“Mmmmmmmhhh,you have no idea how long I’ve waited for a guy like you,” she whispers to me between breaths.

“Mhhhhhhhhh, I feel same way,” is the best response I pull with my foggy brain.

For what feels like an eternity we make out. Her mouth still tastes of sweet juices.

“Oh before I forget,” she says in a deadpan voice as she pulls a white cylinder from her purse and stabs my neck.

“What the hell,” I shout. “You stabbed me with an epi pen?”

“Not an epi pen,” she corrects me. “I can’t fuck you if your dick is on hiatus with all the booze in your system.”


The guys witness the whole thing and I see their jaws drop.

“Come to think of it, I’m not hard…wait there he is,” I correct myself.

“See, a little drug of my own concoction,” she states matter of factly as I stare at the tube.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Think of it like a cross between adrenaline, Viagra, antihistamine and molly,” she admires.

“Hey can we get some of that,” Brad asks.

“NOooo,” she says in a serious tone. “I’m all out, besides, you guys don’t need it.”

“Ummmm will that show up on a test?” I ask in a worried tone.

“Naaaa,” don’t worry about it.“It’s all easily available stuff. Nothing extreme."

Over the period of a few seconds I feel my body recover and then some. My blurred vision goes away, my attention span goes into overdrive, and the colors around me begin to split and change. I see a faint purple haze around Gabby and by now I know the drug is doing its job. My tightening crotch begins to hurt under Gabriella’s weight.

“Owwww, I need you to move Gabby!”

“There we go, soldier,” She coos with excitement.

She stands up and pulls me with her.

“You boys have a good night,” she finishes. “I got my own suite here…don’t worry I’ll return him after I’m done with him,” she jokes.
She’s gonna shatter me to pieces.

We walk back to the lobby, I stop in my tracks to go pass word to the guys.

“Need to pass on some info, I’ll be right back, promise,” I swear to her.

“You better,” she finishes turns around and sashays with a sexy walk that draws everyone’s glances.

I run back to the guys and give them my number just in case and tell them to look for me in the penthouses if I don’t come back.

“Yeah you owe us on this one,” Donaldo says bashfully. “Make sure you’re back in our room by 10 am for check in.”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I shout.

I make my way back to her to see a couple speaking with her.

“Normally I would, but tonight is special, enjoy your vacation,” she says in apologetic tone but staring intently
The couple, looking downtrodden and in a trance, meander off back to the bar.

“What was that about?” I question her.

“Oh, nothing, couple was celebrating 10 years of marriage wanted a threesome to spike things up,” she says in a deadpan tone.

“You sound like it’s not a big deal,” I say in shock.

“It really isn’t a big deal,” she says in an honest and almost bored tone.
“Have many of those I take it?” I say with a devious tone.

“Well, yesterday I went to an o…, you know what? Let’s continue our chat up in the penthouse,” she says correcting herself.

Not wanting to delay the best night of sex of my life, I oblige her.

We take the elevator to the top floor and enter not a penthouse, but villa, maybe an estate. She opens the doors to reveal the lavish accommodations. Marble floors, granite counter tops, expensive paintings and a host of other features set this place apart from any room I’ve stayed in.

She grabs my shirt and pulls me toward the bedroom. Inside I first notice the mood lighting, California king bed covered in rose petals and a layer of plastic on everything. Wait what?!

“What’s with plastic?” I ask as cooly as possible.

“This is so embarrassing,” she puts her fingers in her mouth in a sign of bashfulness. “I am a squirter. I mean once I get going, it goes everywhere, I don’t like to leave the mess for the help staff.”

“Well a plausible and thoughtful answer,” I complement her. You sound committed to tonight’s sex. I thought for a second you were gonna go American Psycho on me.”

“Oh, God no, though I could play some Huey Lewis and the News if you want,” she jokes.

“Hahahahah, a fine woman who knows pop culture, you are a gem,” I complement her again as I kiss her hand.

“There’s a lot about me you don’t know,” she tells me with a kiss.

I move my hand down her dress toward her panties. I feel a buzz and startle.


“Oops forgot that was in there,” she says matter of factly as she reaches down into her panties to pull out a small purple cylinder shaped vibrator.


“Impressed, you aint seen nothing yet,” she says seductively as she walks toward the walk in closet and shuts it behind her.

In five minutes, out she walks not as an angel, but a sexy devil. Looks like, Agent Provocateur, black bra, matching panties and black hold up, black stockings, black Diane von Furstenberg open toe…holly hell how do I know all that detail?!

“Found this lying around, you don’t mind if I wear it do you?” she says as she twists, flutters her eyelashes and bites her lip in an innocent and seductive tone.

“Whoa!” I say as I drop onto the bed.

“I could use little down time too,” she replies.

She struts to me sexily and slowly, drawing out my arousal until she reaches the foot of the bed and lowers her body over me inch by inch. I make out her cleavage top down. She maintains eye contact the whole time.

She lowers her face to my groin and with a slow methodical motion she undoes my belt and pants while breathing and nuzzling against my heavily engorged cock. She begins nuzzling and tasting again. With my boxer briefs being the only holding my member at bay, my cock breaks through the fabric and she catches the catapult of my manhood in her mouth. Her velvety lips delicately hold it against her tongue. She cradles my balls with her left hand while using her right hand to grab my shaft. She begins to channel a deep vibration of air through her throat and to her mouth that feels like she is playing me for recital.

“Agghghghhgggggungghhh” I squirm with delight.

She slowly begins to suck my tip, then shaft, then begins taking it all in while holding my cock firmly. She caresses my balls, playing with them ever so gently.

A pleasure pang shoots through my core.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH,” I’ve never felt that before.

“Most men don’t,” she says for a brief pause.

Faster and faster she sucks, stoking, fondling, it all becomes too unbearable. An orgasm hits me like train. Then another, than another, then another.

She lifts her mouth off my cock slowly lapping the juices.

“Did she swallow?” I ask myself louder than I thought.

“No need, I’ve cut off your swimmers until I’m ready,” she says.

“Oh, okay, no complaints here,” I reply embarrassed.

“Now I want you to return the favor,” she coos.

Inch by inch she crawls on top of me like cat. I move to unhook her bra. Springing forth two D-Cup breasts to greet me. Her pink nipples look rosy and so welcoming. I take time to suck on her left nipple, then her right.
She rocks her head back in response to my tongue. I grab her breasts and smush them together to let me like both her nipples at the same time.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh, someone knows a thing or two,mhhhhhhhhhmmmm yeahahhhhh,” she writhes in ecstasy.

I begin to taste honey sweet discharge from her nipples, slightly different from her lips but aromatic, like lavender and something else. I swallow it a little at a time. It warms my stomach. In an instant the warmth travels my whole body and feel a small orgasm again. My cock stands even tighter than before.

“Holy shit!!!”

“You like that, aphrodisiac nipple cream, my own design,” she states.

What the fuck was that I ask myself internally, it wasn’t always there, I don’t know what or how, but I feel like she might be a succubus. Oh fuck I don’t care. I resume fondling and sucking her tits of milk and honey.

Faster and faster she bounces to rhythm and begins to squish my face with her hands. I don’t relent. She keeps bouncing until she withdraws and kicks her head back in a full body orgasm.


The bed shakes violently. I’m braced between her legs immobile as her body trembles. I a golden fluid flow from her nipples down her torso, I see golden fluid come out of her panties as well.

“Well Nate, I must say you are the first man in a long time to bring to orgasm with only licking my breasts. Bravo. Now let’s see what your tongue can really do.”

She tugs off her soaked panties and throws them off the bed with her shoes. I pull off my shirt and undershirt. She quickly thrusts her snatch above my face and clamps her legs around my head. Powerless to move her off me, I give her what she wants. She lowers her pussy to my lips and I begin to serenade her folds.

I taste her sweet juices again and again it sends a series of pleasure waves echoing through my body. Harder and more repetitive; my body can’t keep up.

I lick and lap with a passion and vigor I’ve never felt before. For some reason, my tongue did not tire within the first couple minutes either. It is almost as if her golden honey is keeping my tongue from becoming fatigued.

She begins to ride my face, bouncing up and down. If it didn’t feel so good, I swear it felt like she was crushing my face.

"Ohhhhhhh oooooooooooo God yes, fuck yeah, tongue fuck me you animal!!!!!! I need to feel you enter me!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh." She screams again.

Between thrusts I make out that she is rubbing her nipples. I struggle, but finally straighten my tongue as much as humanly possible.
She gyrates her pussy and clit off my improvised cock. Faster and faster she goes. I can see she is trying to control herself. Like a caged lioness, who knows it can hurt and kill all who are near, she is holding back. I appreciate it, but that means I just need to give her more.

"Ohhhhhhhh god!!!!!!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes, yes, oohhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Make me cummmm make me cummmmmm ohhhhhhhHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOD FUCK YEAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!"

Her love juices splash me in the face as a series of orgasms wrack her body. I feel her tremble with each passing wave of pleasure. My face is covered in her juices. She wasn’t kidding about squirting.

The bed tremors again, hard this time. I can feel like it might give out. She catches herself.

Lifting her pussy off my face, I see a loving look in her eye shared by a satisfied smile that melts into remorse.

“Oh shit you’re bleeding, I’m sorry,” she apologizes as she grabs some bedside tissues.

I put my hand to my nose and I feel blood leaking out.

“Holy shit, that’s never happened before,” I confess as I sit in amazement and mild pain.

She dabs the tissue over my nostrils and in a matter of seconds, my nose clots.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

“I should be thanking you, you definitely know your mouth and how to get mileage out of it,” she responds with joy.
“Anytime you need,” I cooly say.

We trade glances for a second.

“Get on top of me, I need you inside, come on,” she commands.

I get on top of her in a missionary position. Surprisingly she doesn’t seem bothered by my 6’2 foot, 200 pound frame as I adjust myself.
“How bad do you want it?” I toy with her.

“Just fucking give it to me, don’t make me beg!!” She moans.

I guide my cock between her lips, at first I meet a little resistance, but soon drive it inside her faster than expected.

“HOoolllllly Shhiiiit Yesssssss!!!” she screams. Come on baby ram me, give me what I want.

I plunge my dick in and out harder and harder, faster and faster. Her love juices feel like liquid silk. The foreign feeling gives me an even harder sex drive. Hard beyond belief, and bigger than ever before, I pound her.

“Ahahahahahahahahhahha, yes, that is great, great, great, great,” I shout.

“Oohhhhoooooohhhhhoooooo,” she responds.

She rubs her hands against my sweaty back and she digs her nails in, scratching me to a pleasure/pain trance.
Holding on for dear life, we rub faster and faster. Intertwined and humping madly.

“Ohhhhh baby, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” I come first.

She bucks her hips and I hit her g-spot with my last few thrusts.


I feel no cum leave my cock, but I’m too exhausted to care. My balls feel like they’re on fire though.

“Don’t you pussy out on me Marine,” she challenges. “If you really want to cum, take me from behind.”
She gets on all fours and I prepare for her pussy’s final assault.

I slowly lead my dick into her again until all of a sudden her pussy pulls my dick in and her lips almost formed a massaging vice around the base of my shaft.

“Now ride me,” she commands.

I oblige. With all the strength left in my body, I push as she pulls with an inhuman force.

Innnnnnn innnnnnn ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh yesssssssssssssss, what are you doing? It’s incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ask in awe.

“I’m saving you, lover, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhh yes yes yes yes YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.”

Paying no thought to those words or their impact, I penetrate her harder and harder, as quickly as my body will let comply. Her pussy lips massage my shaft while her insides stroke my cock like its coaxing out my seed from within. I pull her hair and keep going.

"Pusshhhhhhhh pushhhhh fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHH HERE IT COMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


My cock cums and cums and cums some more. I thrust into her trying to pack myself into her being.


With my last few thrusts, I hit her spot and she shoots her cummm all over me as I pull out my manhood.

We collapse together and she moves to cuddle me. We hold close. I see the clock and it shows 3 hours have passed in that moment of euphoria.

“WOW,” is all I can muster between breaths.

“It’s okay, I leave everyone speechless,” she responds between pants. “I prefer it.”
“You aren’t human, no mortal can sex like that,” I say in wonderment. “What is your secret Gabby?”

“Kegels, crossfit and plenty of juice,” she shoots back.

I look up to see the headboard of the bed is cracked, almost splitting in two. Just further confirming that what just happened may have been something unexplainable.

“Why did you pick me tonight?” I ask with earnest.

“Why do dogs chase cats?” she retorts. “Because sometimes they do what feels right and tonight I saw a man in need of help and attention, and no you were no pitty fuck.”

“Well I’m glad to hear that,” I said.

I still couldn’t shake lingering suspicion she knew more than was letting on. But far be it from me to complain about tonight’s activities.
Just for a few minutes we held each other in silence, both content with each other’s performance in the flesh symphony.

“I’m a sexual being Nate,” she adds. “But you were an honest lay.”

Riinnnnngg*** Rinnnnggggg***

I move to answer the phone.


“Yes, hello Sir, we are calling to ensure everyone is safe and alright, the security chief answered. “A lot of screaming appears to be coming from your penthouse and we’ve heard multiple complaints. Could you please put on Ms. Hunter?

“Yeah, sure, for you,” I hand her the receiver.

She answered and reassured the staff no evil act was transpiring and that we were making love. Just then Brad sent me a text message on my phone.

“”It takes a lot of good D to disrupt 8 floors dude. I need details.”””
She hung up the phone and turned to me, gazing into her eyes.

“What next,” I ask her.

“Soon you’ll get to know more about me,” she says in a loving tone. “Until then you need to rest.”
My body catches up with my exhaustion and I pass out the next instance.

Again darkness surrounds me. Lights overhead turn on and reveal many beautiful and heavenly women wearing lingerie and posing on stands. I walk through the gallery of models. Each one is looking at me seeking my approval. I come to face a model who is the epitome of desire.

Getting hard I take her in. She has full long chestnut brown hair, almond shaped eyes, a luscious pink lips, a cute narrow chin for her face. Her breasts covered by a corset look like a C or D cup. Her tall lithe frame has all the signs of health and beauty. I look on in wonder and smile at her. I then nod in approval.

She all of a sudden shifts and leaps onto me. While brace for the tumble that I think will happen, I feel her essence pass through and awash over me. She disappears and I turn to get my bearing. The lights begin to dim and turn off. Again I am alone and in the darkness.

Awaking from my stupor I leave my bed and gather my clothes.

Another weird dream it seems.

I see all the plastic sheets are gone, as is the comforter= and pillow cases. Weird, she didn’t strike me as a clean freak. I check the closet for any signs of Gabby. Her clothes and wardrobe are gone. I set out into the main living room and before me lay a full breakfast table.
A note lay on a plate under a USB thumbdrive.

The note read

“Please enjoy your morning. The room is available to you for the rest of the day. Eat some breakfast, ice your soreness if needed. Pretty sure you won’t have to though. Sorry I had to leave so soon, I had a work emergency come up. I am leaving you a thumb drive with my necessary contact info. But you mustn’t open or plug it into a computer until 27 days from today, Oct. 17th. I will know if you have. I also ask that when you do, you plug it into an air-gapped machine for security reasons. I want to see you again. Please keep yourself safe. Also on the night of October 17th, work in a locked room or hidden area. I don’t want our next session to be interrupted. Take care love…xoxxoxoxoxoxo

Hmmmmmm, I wonder how in the hell she knows we’ll so soon. She’s left me with more questions than answers with that note.
I take a few minutes to eat the food and enjoy the view. Sip my coffee and prepare to set out for the day. I knew this was real. I also knew her note was weirdly vague, yet weirdly specific. I have no idea how she knows we’ll meet, but more power to her. I never told her where I served and what occupation I was. Nevertheless, if I never saw her again, I would be content.

Happy with the ace hand, life had dealt me last night. I left the room to seek out my buddies and try explain why I was walking funny.

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