Embracing Justice -chp 12

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.


Chapter 12

“Excuse me Annette, but do you know this Deputy by another name?” asked Nathaniel with more than a little curiosity. He knew that the Deputy in the photos was one Samantha Justice. She had been a thorn in his firm’s side for the last few years. Her and her partner Bobby Everbrite had caused them to lose more than one client over the last three years.

Annette looked over the files that were in the folder. There in 8x10 full color glossies was proof of her one time and first crush. There was no denying that Samantha Justice and her Stephany were the same people. However she knew that if Stephany was going by Samantha now she had her reasons. Reasons that Annette was going to protect until she had answers.

“No Nathaniel. The Deputy just reminds me of an old friend from my past.”

“Are you sure that, that Deputy and your old friend one in the same?”

“Yes Nathaniel I am. Believe me I know that they are two separate people.”

“How can you be so sure? I mean I don’t want to sound like I am prying.”

“Then don’t. As for how I can be so sure the answer is simple. I watched as my friend died in front me on the Courthouse steps. Believe me Stephany is dead and this woman just looks like her nothing more.”

“Well that’s good I don’t need you getting emotional on a job. By the way there is a time limit on this one.”

“If there is a time limit then I want triple my normal rate, Nathaniel.”

“I doubt I can get you that much…”

Annette didn’t give the man a chance to finish that sentence. “I either get triple my normal price or I take out anyone they send to do the job. I am not fucking around here Nathaniel. Remember you came to me for this one. Also there is the fact that they want two US Marshal Deputies killed in the mix. I do this and I am going to have to disappear for a long time. No place in the US will be safe for me or my mama. So yes I will get my price or you can forget seeing these people dead.”

“Alright Annette you’ll get you price no need to be a bitch about things.”

“Wrong Nathaniel. You and your partners are nice and safe behind layers and layers of fake companies. While I am out here on my own with nothing between me and the law but luck and skill. Now get the fuck out of my house before I forget that I am a lady and kick your ass just for shits and giggles.”

Nathaniel knew when to push things and when not to with this young lady. There was a reason his firm hired her to handle these types of things. Annette was one of the best assassins for hire out there. With her signature white tulip left behind at more than thirty unsolved murders all across the world he knew she was not to be screwed with right now. That and he had no desire to be added to her garden. There was something most people didn’t know about Annette DeMarco that he did. Whenever she carried out a contract she would plant a white tulip in her private garden in her backyard green house.

As the maid showed him out Nathaniel had a bad feeling come over him as if someone had just walked across his grave. He would not know just how prophetic that feeling would be in the days to come. As Nathaniel left her home Annette walked out to the kitchen and her mother. For years she had believed that her longtime friend was dead and buried. The fact that Stephany was alive and working for the US Marshals was almost too much for her to handle.

Then again Annette had always felt that Stephany was still alive. But she could never find any proof. Now out of the blue Nathaniel drops that proof in her lap. However she had a problem with her moral compose. Sure Annette was a hired killer and she is one of the best, but this was her childhood friend and first love. Yes she knew that Joey’s actions had led to her father’s arrest, but she knew Joey’s reasons and understood them. Annette understood revenge and with what the Organization did to Joey’s family he was entitled.

At the tender age of fifteen Joey had done what most people thought impossible. He had killed two of the meanest hired goons in the Organization. Oh Annette had known about Stephany for a lot longer than most people, but to see her once again in a photo after all these years brought up memories best forgotten. Then again for the chance to see her first love brought back from the grave was not something she was expecting. In front of her was all the proof she would ever need, in color. Her problem was she had a contract to fulfill. One that would either lead to her own death or that of her former lovers.

As she walked into the kitchen her mother looked up from her morning paper. “So dear what did Nathaniel want at this hour?”

“He came here to offer me a contract, mama.”

“So dear who is the target?” Maria knew that for her daughter to be this upset about a job meant that there was a personal matter involved. “Do I know the target dear? Are they a friend of yours?”

“Yes, mama to both of your questions. In fact you know them quite well in fact. At one time you were her teacher for ballet.”

“Oh my. Now that is a problem. I haven’t taught ballet in over twelve years, not since the Capizeo’s were killed, and sweet Joey took his revenge. Just who are you going after? After all almost all of those girls had more than enough reason to wind up as your targets. For that matter most had more than enough reason to want to kill us. Your papa was not a good man. We both know that, dear. Now who is the target and quit beating around the bush about it.”

“Joey is still alive mama.” That simple statement caused her mother to turn white. “She is now a US Deputy Marshal and is protecting a witness against the LOG.”

Maria knew that the impossible return of her daughter’s childhood lover had just changed the game and the rules. If Stephany was alive Annette would do all in her power to keep her alive and safe. “You know that this changes things right?”

“Yes mama, I know that all too well. The problem is what do I do about it?”

“What on earth do you mean do about it? You take the contract and until you know who took it out you protect Stephany. Once you know who took out the contract you remove them from the playing field, plain and simple.”

“Are you sure mama?”

“Annette Marie DeMarco I know exactly what I am telling you to do. Your Stephany was more than just a friend to you. I know for a fact that she was your first love. It was Joseph that took down the Organization and your father, not Stephany. Joey had more than enough reason to do what he did. Your father and his friends had no right to kill Joey’s mother and sisters. His father on the other hand was a different matter entirely. There are rules in this business, my dear. Rules, I have gone out of my way to teach you. The first of which, is that you don’t kill the innocent. Your father’s friends brook that rule and got what was coming to them. The other is you never kill family members unless you have too. Another one is that all contracts are approved. All three of those rules were broken when it comes to the Capizeo family.”

“Ok, mama. I understand. You know I have always followed the rules.”

“I know dear. Now what are you going to do about the people who targeted our family? Do you know who they are by chance?”

“Oh yes mama. I know who they are and why they want Stephany dead. As for what I plan to do about them that is another story.”


“These people are also the ones that ordered papa’s death as well. Yes, mama I have been hunting the people that had papa killed for a long time now. I know who they are and I finally have them in my sights. They will not see the inside of a courtroom. No they will die at my hands and my hands alone.”

“So my child you have become the Sword of Gideon?”

“No mama, not the Sword of Gideon, merely the instrument of Justice.”

“Then my child the time of our revenge is at hand.” Reaching over Maria picked up the service bell and rang it. The tinkling sound brought their maid. “Anna, please be a dear and open the studio for me. Also I need for you to handle the day to day affairs of our estate and companies for a while. Both my daughter and I will be unavailable for the next few days.”

“Of course, ma’am. What should I tell people if they ask for you or Miss Annette, ma’am?”

“Just tell them we are out of the country with no return date, Anna.”

“Yes ma’am.” Anna knew not to ask anything more. Her family had been in service to the DeMarco family for seven generations. She learned at her mother’s knee that there were certain things one did not ask in the DeMarco household, if you wanted to live to a ripe old age. One of the more interesting things about the Demarco family was that the women of this family didn’t take their husbands last name. For more than four hundred years when a man married a DeMarco they took the DeMarco last name as their own.
The reason for this was simple. The DeMarco family has been one of the most effective families of assassins going all the way back to the old country. For more generations than anyone could count they have been the family to go to for having someone killed. Anna and her family were the holders of their secrets and loyal to the death. The fact that Miss Maria had just told her that she and Miss Annette were going to be ‘out of the country’ let her know that someone was about to die. Anna knew what her job was now, just like her mother before her, and her mother’s mother. Like her ancestors, she would protect these women’s secrets and pray for their swift return.

She knew that for Miss Maria to come out of retirement that this time it was personal. That was the only reason Miss Maria would even think of going back into the field. She truly felt sorry for whoever they were going after, almost.

Maria led her daughter to the back of the house to where the family kept their private gym and training room. Annette had spent more than one day locked in this room getting her ass handed to her by her mother. The fact that her mother was joining her for this job meant that she was ready to take back the reigns of the family business. A business started by her great, great, great, great, great grandmother in Sicily. No one knew when or where she learned her craft but she was the best there ever was during her time.
For centuries the kings and queens of Europe had used her family for removing problem people. When the old monarchies fell they shifted their employment to the less than honest employers. Their family quickly found that they were the perfect assassins for the mob. She watched as her mama went to the panel that hides the secret arsenal for the house. When it opened Maria pulled down her favorite weapon, a Walther PPK 9 mille-meter pistol.

“Well my dear who is our target, and where are they?”

Down the street at the safe house……

A little after noon Sam watched as the two door coupe’ belonging to Lt. Larry Hurwitz arrived. In all her years with the Marshals she had never had the chance to meet so many living legends at one time. The fact that one of those was about to walk through the door to old home floored her. Larry Hurwitz had more commendations for bravery than thirty other Deputies. He had been on the job longer than almost everyone she knew, with the exception of David, Dorothy, and Bat. While they were waiting for him to show up Sam had looked up his record. To say she was impressed is an understatement.

Not wanting to expose Kristine to any danger Sam had sent her to the room she was using. Sam had become very attached to the young girl and really wanted to keep her safe. Until she knew where Larry’s loyalties lay she was keeping a lid on Kristine’s involvement. As much as she wanted to trust her fellow Deputies she knew just how far the claws of the LOG had reached.

The man that climbed out of the car was not what she expected. She was expecting someone who was over six feet tall and bigger than most. It was not this unassuming five foot eight maybe a buck eighty five, slightly balding, gray haired, blue eyed man in front of her. “I see by the look on your face Deputy Justice that my reputation has preceded me again. Not what you were expecting?”

“To be honest L.T., no.” Sam just chuckled at being caught by surprise.

“Well I can say the same about you young lady.”

“Oh I have a reputation?”

“Oh that you do young lady. If I went by what I have heard you would stand about six feet tall, have a 44 triple d chest, curves in all right places, and jump over tall buildings in a single bound. I am kind of glad that I was wrong.”

“Oh. I take it that I am not your type?”

“No my dear lady. You are most definitely my type. However I believe that I am here for some other reason than trying to pick you up?”

Giggling at the man’s honesty Sam waved for him to come on inside. “That you are Lt. Hurwitz. Come on inside and we’ll lay it all out for you.”

As Larry Hurwitz followed the young woman into the house he enjoyed the view. While he was not normally drawn to petite woman there was something about this young woman that grabbed his attention. The way she moved spoke about a classical education in ballet and long hours at the bar. Then there was the liquid grace of her walk. It was as if the young woman was part panther or lion.

Starting at her feet he took in everything about her. Her shapely legs, on up to her pert round bottom, from there to the slender waist, all encased in skin tight denim leggings. The only thing that ruined the view was the Colt .45 M1911A1 pistol in the waist band of her pants.

Then again to most men who were not law enforcement it would be a turn-off. The fact that she was wearing a skin tight top that showed the rest of her curves to full effect. This fact just sets off her whole look. It was as if the young woman in front of him didn’t really grasp just how stunning she truly was. As Larry entered the house he saw something that caught his eye.

“Are those gun ports?”

“Yep. They sure are Larry. Before you ask this house used to belong to a top ranking member of the Organization about twelve years ago. I would suggest that you not ask any more questions unless you want to get stuck on this detail.”

Larry Hurwitz was no bodies fool. He knew when he was being told to keep quiet about what he was seeing. After Sam closes and locks the door they head for the living room where they find the rest of the protection detail. Larry was expecting to meet his old buddy Hunter, not the other two other men with him. Seeing not only Bobby, but Bat as well, really peeked his curiosity. Of the four people in the room the only one that was a real mystery was the young woman who had met him outside the house. He knew Bobby and Hunter were both former military and that they both had excellent records. Of course he knew Bat as he had worked with the man on more than one occasion while hunting down fugitives. When it came to Sam he only knew her and of her by her arrest and work record. He knew absolutely nothing about her personally. That was enough for him though.

Larry could tell that they had called him for a reason if these deputies couldn’t take care of a problem themselves. These four officers were legends in their fields, even if two of them were rather young. It didn’t matter to Larry how young an officer was as long as they got the job done. During his time on active duty with the US Army Military Police he had met a lot of fine young men and women who were officers of the law. More than one that he had no problem going through a locked door with or into some back alley. As he shakes the hands of the other three deputies he asks what is on his mind.

“Alright, folks why do you all need me? From the looks of things you have four heavy hitters here already.”

“I guess that’s me queue” Hunter says. “Before we get into things here Larry I need to know something. What is your take on the Law, Order, and God Party?”

“They’re dirty as all hell. I can’t for the life of me figure out why the alphabet’s haven’t taking them down yet. Shit, even the jackasses over in CID know they’re rotten but they have stayed away from the Military so we haven’t had a reason to investigate their sorry asses. Until they do that you all know the deal. It’s hands off until they cross the reservation boarders. I have tried to get my CO and PM to go after them but as always it’s the same old story about jurisdiction. Every time I try they pull up that damn five mile limit bullshit.”

“What if we told you that right now that at this every moment the LOG was inside of that five miles breaking about twenty Federal Laws?” the smile on Sam's face was mirrored by the other three men.

Larry looked at Sam as if she had grown a foot taller and started to glow like some long forgotten Goddess of Justice. “If you can give me proof of this I can guarantee that my CO and PM will land on them like avenging angels.”

Bobby just smiled and waved for Larry to take a seat on the couch. Laying out the printouts that Kristine had provided them with earlier Bobby gets down to business. “This is a complete printout of an illegal operation that is currently taking place just on the other side of FT Bellamean. It quite literally backs right up to the property line. Everything you need for a tactical team to make a perfect strike is there. As for the reasons let’s start with slave trade, both sexual and other wise. Just take a look at these files.”

As Larry reads the files that were on the tablet that Bobby handed him he feels his guts turn to ice. The more he reads the more his anger melted that ice, slowly turning it into pure molten metal. It would not be long before that liquid metal turned into a stainless steel resolve. A resolve to tear down the LOG and bring all those responsible for this travesty of humanity to justice, one way or another. Yes, he was an officer of the law, but he was also human. The fact that these people had targeted children as their prey pushed one of his biggest buttons.

“Can I have a copy of these files for my CO and PM?”

Sam didn’t even blink when she heard Larry grade out his request for copies of the files. She just reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a flash drive. “Here Larry we kind of figured that you would ask for this. Just do us one favor. When your guys hits this place make sure that when you’re done leave nothing behind.”

“Samantha the only thing of that place that will remain when we get done is a hole in the ground. I know my CO and PM. They will tear this place apart until they get every last piece of evidence and person connected to it is behind bars. Nothing and no one will get away. When we hit this place it will be with a full company of MPs and two full heavy strike teams.”

“Damn, Larry. How are you going to swing that kind of firepower?” asked Hunter with just a little bit of awe in his voice. It was Bobby that answered the question though, and not Larry.

“Hunter, there are a few things you don’t screw around with in the eyes of the MPs. One of those is kids. The LOG leaders have gone and broken one of the Holy Three by targeting kids in their eyes. If I had to guess at the reaction of the MP strike teams I would say it will be a scorched earth attack. Believe me when I say those teams are going in hot and heavy in a way we have never seen.” Hunter and Sam were looking at Bobby in a whole new light.

Sam had known that Bobby had served in the Army as an MP but he never really discussed his duties. The way he talked about the strike teams it was as if he had intimate knowledge of how they worked. For Hunter it was a reminder that Bobby was at one time a SWAT officer and one of the best. He had often wondered where Bobby had gotten his training with those weapons and tactics now he knew.

“Larry do you think that there is any way these people will get a warning?”

“No Bobby I don’t. For one thing most of the MPs with that unit have a real hard on hate for the LOG. Everyone from the PM and CO down to the street patrol officers have had more than one run in with the local LOG flunkies. Almost every weekend the FT Bellamean have to go down town and pick up at least three to four troops because of a run in with those holier than thou knee jerking ass hats. The Post Commander has had to place the strip off limits more than once because of the LOG. Our guys are just trying to relax ninety percent of the time when these ass hats show up at whatever bar they are at and start provoking our troops.”

Interrupting Sam finishes Larry’s briefing. “This leads to a fight that our troops normally finish but windup on charges thanks to the local PD.”

“Exactly Samantha. And every time we try to get the local LOG arrested for in sighting the problems they started screaming about infringement of their right to assemble peacefully in protest. What they are protesting is we don’t know. However if I had to guess it is the troops having a good time. Now what I want to know is why are the four of you handing over a true carrier making bust like this to Army provost marshal and CID?”

“I think that the less you know Larry the better.” Sam started only to have Larry stop her mid-sentence.

“Bull shit! Either you four come clean or I go to our IA with this. Now answer my question for why you’re doing this.”

Sam looked at Bobby, Hunter, and Bat. When all three nodded their heads yes Sam began to explain. “We have a real problem Larry. A problem with our fellow officers both in the Marshals and other Law enforcement agencies. It seems that almost every last agency from the local PD all the way up the alphabets have a rat problem of the worst kind. For you to really grasp how bad I need to show you something first.” Sam brought up the file that had the names of all the corrupted officers in it and what agency they were a member of.

Once Larry started to read the names in that file you could see the rage he had before returning with a greater force than before. Before he only wanted to arrest the LOG and all its members. Now he was considering using a hammer to pound the shit out them one at a time. The fact that some many of his fellow law enforcement officers was a blow to his sense of honor.

“Jesus Christ on a crutch! No wonder you want CID and the Mud Puppies to handle this. No matter how this goes if one of the civilian agencies handles this there is a real potential for the LOG being tipped off beforehand. Not to mention the potential for a political nightmare with corrupted cops being added into the mix.” Sighing heavily he looks at his fellow deputies. “Alright, I’ll take this to my CO and see what he wants to do. Can I take a copy of these files to him?”

“Um… it is not that we don’t trust you Larry, but the information in those files are part of an ongoing investigation. One that involves our witness who has to be kept out of sight
until it is time for trial.” Hunter told his longtime friend.

“Ok, now I know this shit is hot. If you have a witness that is that hot then how are we going to get the Military involved?”

“That part is simple, buddy. We both know that a simple anonymous tip phoned into the tip line is more than enough for the MPs to investigate something like this. Now if that tip comes in while you’re on duty and that person says they think there are terrorist’s involved then you don’t need a civilian warrant. Hell you don’t even need a civilian law enforcement officer present to raid the joint.” Bobby said with all confidence. “If they get their noses out of joint all you have to say is that you received a verified tip on terrorist activity. No matter what they say or try to do if you play it right, they’ll be the ones trying to cover up what was going on at this place. To be honest Larry the whole operation can be done in-house by the Military and CID that no one need know that it ever took place. It could be a total black bag operation. Hell man you don’t even have to let them see a lawyer once they are in custody. Just send them to the Guantanamo Helton and forget about them until it is time for all this to come out.”

“I hate to say this Bobby, but if my CO and PM go for this they’ll more than likely drag those people in front of the vultures in one massive press conference. Believe me when I say they hate the LOG, they really hate the LOG. I think the only people they hate more are the liberal press core. Shit those two have had targets made of Megyn Kelly, and most of the so called anchors over at FOX news. In fact I believe they have a target of a reporter with a camera.”

“Damn! I thought I hated the press.” Sam giggled at the thought of taking a few shots at those practice targets. On more than one occasion the local press had caused problems for her and Bobby. “So I take it that if we were to ask your Military bosses to keep this raid on the down low they wouldn’t have a problem with that Larry, at least until we can get the rest behind bars?”

Larry took a few moments to collect his thoughts and what he knew about his CO and Provost Marshal. “Yah, I am pretty sure they’ll keep a lid on things. Give me the info and I take it from there. Seeing as how I am due to start my two week rotation I’ll go ahead and sign out now, and head for Ft Bellamean today.”

“Thanks Larry I’ll feel better having one of our own on this.” Bat said as he took Larry’s hand to give it a shack. “You know we can tell you anything about the case we’re working, but I will tell you this much. It involves family.”

When Larry heard that he knew exactly who Bat was talking about. The rumor mill had been going strong for the past two days with the news of the former CDM’s arrest. Just about everyone knew that Bat was the man’s brother and the case also involved the CDM’s child somehow. Now that he knew this, he made up his mind to make sure that this raid was kept out of the press and the people at this compound never saw a civilian courtroom. “I gotcha covered buddy. I hear what you’re saying loud and clear. I’ll call in a few days to let you know how things went. Until then you all watch your six and keep your powder dry.”

Sam got up and showed the older deputy out. “Thanks for doing this Larry.”

“No Sam, I am the one who owes you and the guys in there. I have been stuck behind a desk or running the gun range for the past year and a half. If it wasn’t for my Guard time I think I would go crazy. By the way before I give this to my CO do Dorothy and David know about our little talk?”

“They both sent the same two words to our request to turn this over to the Military Police. Nail them.”

“Good enough for me. I owe you big time for this Sam. It is giving me a chance to get back in the field and show those dumb ass doctors and HR fools I can still do the job. It just might get me off that desk and back into the field. I might not be able to work on the TAC teams, but maybe some other field you know.”

“Yah, Larry I can understand what you’re feeling. Just be careful these people are not playing with a full deck and are more than likely to shoot first, and shoot to kill. We know how the LOG feels about regular law enforcement. They believe we are protecting the people that are tearing down our country. They won’t think twice about shooting a Federal Agent, no matter what badge they wear.”

“Trust me Sam I know how they feel more than you or those three in there. Like I said earlier. I have had more than one run in with them and if there hadn’t been so many witnesses I think that they would have tried killing me. Most of them are just harmless nut jobs that don’t have a clue as to who they are following, but the hardliners are a totally different story. They’re the ones that need to be put down like the rabid dogs they are.” Larry scratched the back of his head for a few minutes as if thinking about something. Then nodding his head as if making up his mind. “Sam I know you guys are most likely run on blackout conditions but is there some way I can send you a file that I have been putting together on the LOG party leaders and the real head cases that you need to look out for?”

“Hold on for a minute Larry.” Sam ran upstairs to Kristine’s room. “Hay kiddo that email address was you got those files. How secure is it?”

“Sis that site is so secure that only those who know about it even know it exists. Why do you ask?”

“Can I get someone to send you a file there and it not be traced?”

“Sure. Here let me right out a set of directions on how to reach me at that site.” Taking a pin and paper Kristine quickly wrote her email address and how to sign into the server for the site. Once she had done that she hand it to Sam with a small smile. “I don’t know who you’re giving this to sis but once they sign in it’ll be the only time that password will work. Once they sign out all trace of the site and the connection will be wiped from their computer. That is the only reason why I am not worried about handing over this information.”

“Damn it Kristine you need to trust me and the other deputies.”

“Sam I do trust you and the others here, but as far as everyone else goes that’s another story. I made the mistake of trusting the law one times too many. Because of that I have been raped, beaten, assaulted, and had a target put on my head. No I trust you, Bobby, Hunter, and Uncle Bat, but the rest of the Marshals can go to hell and fuck themselves, I don’t trust them as far as I can throw them.”

The bitterness in Kristine’s voice hit a raw nerve with Sam. “Look kiddo I’ll be right back, I need to finish with this. Once I have this taken care of you and me are going for a walk. I think you need some fresh air and could use the excise.”

Sam almost ran back downstairs to Larry. Once there she handed him the piece of paper with Kristine’s ‘ghost email’. “Look Larry this is a onetime use email and password. So whatever you do make sure you have everything ready to send, because the moment you sign out it wipes all traces and disappears into the ether.”

“Gotcha, this is a one shot deal so use it wisely. Tell me something Sam just how good of a hacker are you guys protecting?” at the look of surprise on Sam’s face Larry just smiled. “The email addie gave it away Sam. Kmasterson200 is one of the most wanted black hat hackers out there. If that’s who you’re protecting then I’ll make sure that I do everything by the numbers. For some reason I have this feeling that no matter how this goes down someone is going to end up dead.”

Sighing Sam looked up into the man’s eyes. “As much as I would love to say your wrong Larry, I have that same gut feeling. I just hope that it’ll be the bad guys.”

“Look Sam whatever you guys do when it comes to both Homeland and DOJ remember they well do whatever they feel is in their best interest. If they have given your witness a deal for their past crimes I know for a fact that three of those ADA’s will not honor them.”

“Which three Larry?”

“Mallard, Campbell, and Stemhouse. All three of those fuckers will betray their own mothers if it’ll get them one more conviction. Like I said earlier don’t trust them.”

“Gotcha, Larry. Thanks for the advice. Be careful when you hit the Farm. For some reason that I can’t explain I believe they will fight to the death.”

“Young lady if you think that I will do something stupid you need to rethink what you know about me. I haven’t gone this long by taking chances is a tactical situation. I’ve been through more doors with thugs on the other side than I care to count on in my thirty plus years as a law officer. Now I need to get going and you need to go have a talk with your witness.” With that Larry turned and headed over to his car and left.

Sam stood there for a few minutes watching as Larry pulled out and headed for wherever he was going next. For some reason Sam knew that he was headed straight for his Provost Marshal’s office. She wouldn’t have been far off the mark either. Larry knew that he had in his hands the key to finally putting a dent in the LOG Party’s armor. Not to mention the ammunition he has needed for his personal war against the LOG. He knew just knew that they were behind so much of the trouble his kid sister has been facing for the last ten years.

He may not approve of his sister being a District Prosecuting Attorney for the Cleveland DA’s office. Then again she at least she wasn’t a Defense Attorney so he could forgive her, he just wished she didn’t make his fellow officers lives so damned hard at times. On more than one occasion he had heard from the CPD about how big of a ball buster she was when it came to making sure they had all of their duck’s in a row, when it came to their case work. Then again she had a win/loss rate that was hard to argue with.

Sam headed inside and upstairs to find Kristine where she had last seen her. When Sam found her Kristine was reading one of the books that came out of her family’s library. “So I take it you found dads library?”

“Oh man I never saw so many books covering everything from Mathematics to Economics. Then there are all the Science Fiction books and Murder Mistry books. Just how many books are there in that library?”

Giggling at Kristine’s excitement over her family’s library Sam just shook her head. “It has just close to eight hundred and fifty in total. It was my dad’s favorite place in the house. He felt that no true Household was complete without one. He came up from the streets and a real poor neighborhood. He used to say that when a teacher wanted to demonstrate the laws of gravity they would throw a student out the window of the third floor.”

“Damn sis I never realized what you have had to overcome just to be a deputy.” Kristine was really impressed by her adopted sister. “Hay, weren’t we supposed to be going for a walk?”

Seeing as how Kristine was dressed in a pair of jeans sweatshirt and had on the tennis shoes they had brought her the other night. “Yup, we sure were. Come on and I’ll show a little bit of the neighborhood I grow up in.” Sam led the way downstairs, as she walked pass the hallway closet she grabbed a light weight jacket. When Kristine went to grab one as well, Sam stooped her. “You’ll be fine in your sweatshirt; I just need something to cover my sidearm.”

After they leave the house Kristine looked over at Sam with a sad look. “Tell me the truth Sam. Just how bad is it going to get?”

Sam knows that Kristine was afraid, but until now she hadn’t really thought about just how dangerous all this was. “I won’t lie to ya Kristine. Like I said the other day it can get every dangerous. Unfortunately it is going to get very dangerous here shortly and I don’t know what the ADA is going to do. Everything about this case is so far outside the norm it’s no longer funny. I do know that me and the others will do everything in our power to keep you safe.”

“Thanks sis that’s makes me feel better.” Kristine reaches over and hugs Sam as hard as she can. Then looking around Kristine noticed that the houses in this part of the subdivision were a little older than the others. “So you grew up around here?”

“Yup, sure did. Twelve years ago most of these houses weren’t even here. Most of them were just under construction when my family was killed. The last time I saw this place most of these plots only had foundations on them.” Pointing down the street at one house. “See that one there on the right?” Kristine nods her head. “That one there belonged to my very first girlfriend and the only other person outside of my family who knew my secret.”

“What was her name and how did she find out about you?” asked a very excited Kristine.

“I had just gotten a new blouse at the Grant Street Mall and was walking towards the food court when Annette DeMarco spotted me. At first she didn’t recognize me. Then while I was getting myself a taco salad she just walked up to me and said clear a bell. ‘Is that you Joey?’ I knew then and there that I was busted. When I didn’t answer right away she just grabbed me up in a bear hug practically screaming. ‘I know it was you. I saw you leave your house at first I thought it was one of your sisters but then I saw them getting into your mother’s car. I know you only had the two sisters so I followed you to find out who you were.’ I couldn’t believe what she had done. At first I thought she was going to blow my cover the next thing I knew she was setting down with her own taco salad and we were talking like sisters. Over the next few hours our friendship grew to be of sisters. Later over the next few weeks then months our friendship grew even farther to that of lovers. Of all the things and people that I left behind when I went into the program she was one of the few that I wish I could have taken with me.”

The voice that came from behind them was one that Sam had thought she would never hear again. “While at least you missed me Stephany. How long did you think you could stay hidden from me now that you’re back home?”

------------------------ To BE Continued ---------------------

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