Embracing Justice -chp 11

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

Chapter 11

Franklin County Jail 8am the next morning

As Caroline Masterson was removed from the jail cell that she had been placed in three days ago, she was not happy. For whatever reason those damned Deputy Marshals wouldn’t tell her anything about her husband or that brat stepson of hers. If she ever gets her hands on the person behind first her arrest at her home and then incarceration they will not live to regret it. She had never been so humiliated in her life. When the Columbus police showed up at her home with the warrant for her arrest for child abuse she denied everything. All she had done was try to make her stepson a proper man, not let him turn into some freak or sissy. Yes she had taken a belt to the boy for wearing the clothes of a girl but everyone knew that you had to have a firm hand when dealing with disturbed children like that.

Those bleeding heart social workers didn’t see it that way, though. Oh no, in their eyes the boy needed ‘consoling’ not discipline. Caroline was a firm believer in the old ways of spare the rod and spoil the child. If her husband’s first wife had taken that route then she would not have had to beat the boy as much as she did, and if he still wanted to dress like a girl then so be it.

She had no problem with sissies as long as they knew where their place was. In her mind that place was as servants to real men and women. In truth she believed that they needed to be controlled and owned like the slaves they were meant to be. This is way the way the good Lord meant things to be.

The so called minorities were placed on this earth to serve the true superior race. As she was being led to the processing area of the jail she saw someone she had not seen in years. It was her old friend Freddie Krueger. The last she had heard he was working for her real bosses over in the LOG Party. The smile that came to her face was one of relief.

“Freddie, what in the world are you doing here?”

“Hi Caroline. I am here to get you out of this mess. I posted your bail and once I have finished with the paperwork you’ll be free.” Freddie just returned her friendly smile.

“Oh thank the Lord. I thought for sure they were going to hold me here on that bullshit charge. Who did you get to rule on my behalf?”

“I talked to Judge Presteston. It took some convincing to get him to rule on your case. Why don’t we wait till we’re out of here before talking anymore ok?” Freddie was looking at the deputies as he said this. Caroline took the hint and shut up. For some reason she knew that the LOG Party had put pressure on the judge to get her bailed out.

Within a half hour she was dressed in the clothes they arrested her in and had her personal possessions back. Once they were out the jail and on their way to someplace they could talk Caroline began to relax. “Tell me something Freddie why has the Party really sent you down here?”

Freddie looked over at Caroline before answering. He had wanted to wait till they were back at the hotel before saying anything but he knew this woman would just hound him till he answered her questions. He knew he needed to delay her for as long as possible, until they were out of sight.

“Look, Caroline I need you to just hold your questions until we get to the hotel. Once there I’ll explain everything to you.”

“Why don’t we just go back to my house? I mean my husband may own it now, but he can’t throw me out until after a divorce. That is the law and he knows it. Half of everything he owns is mine until then.”

“Caroline, your home is under surveillance by the FBI, Homeland, Department of Justice, and a whole slew of other Federal Agencies. Right now your husband is sitting behind bars in the men’s side of that jail back there. Before you go asking why I haven’t gotten him out understand that he is a US Chief Deputy Marshal and the law is a whole lot harder on cops than civilians. When they screw the pooch they don’t just throw the book at them they throw the whole damn library. There is no judge in the state of Ohio, let alone this county, that is going to set bail for him. Not with the charges he is currently facing.”

“Oh damn. I bet it is that whore Rose that is behind all of this. She has always wanted to get rid of William. That person doesn’t deserve to be the US Marshal. She has too soft of a heart to do what has to be done.” the venom in Caroline’s voice was palatable. The hate Caroline had for the current Head of the US Marshal Service was known to more than one person.

“Shut up Caroline.” Freddie snapped at her. “If you had kept a better eye on your husband you wouldn’t be in this situation, and I wouldn’t have to bail your ass out of jail. Now, just sit there and keep quiet.”

Caroline was shocked to be talked to in such a way. However she was smart enough to know that Freddie was not one to push. On more than one occasion she had heard how the man had killed with his bare hands. For once in her life Caroline Rodmen Masterson kept her mouth shut, and decided to wait to get wherever they were going. Little did she know that she was on her way to a whole new life. A life that she had sent more than one innocent to.

Meanwhile back at the Franklin County Jail, over in the ‘A block’, William Masterson was also being taken somewhere. For him though it was to breakfast. Like all prisoners he was about to get his first of three meals paid for by the tax payers. For William this was beyond humiliating. It was for him like a trip through hell. He was once the second most powerful US Deputy Marshal in the U.S. and now they were treating him like a common criminal.

The last thing he would ever hear would be the words whispered in his ear from the man behind him. “Carstairs sends his regards and wants you to know that your freak will be bent over by the end of the week.” The shank entered his skull just behind his right ear. The eight inches of sharpened plastic was driven home until it reached his brain stem. William Masterson died before he knew what was happening. He would never know that his own political boss was the one who ordered his death and the kidnapping of his child and wife. He would never know that of the three of them he would be the lucky one.

Southside Toledo in an abandoned warehouse…

As the car pulled to a stop Caroline had a very uneasy feeling come over her. The fact that Freddie hadn’t said one word in the past forty five minutes was starting to get to her. Nothing in her pampered life had prepared her for what was going on. She was supposed to be relaying information about what the U.S. Marshal Service was investigating and if they were close to looking into the Party membership. She was never supposed to be arrested let alone put in jail. Now though she was for all practical purposes on the run from the law and a wanted criminal. She was not supposed to be hiding out in some dilapidated warehouse on the wrong side of town. Turning to her companion to ask what was going on all she saw was his back as he walked toward the warehouse. Not knowing what else to do she moved quickly to catch up to him.

As Caroline entered the building behind Freddie she felt as if her world was coming apart at the seams. The man she had known as a friend for the last few years has not shown her even the slightest kindness, only distance and contempt. It was as if all the work she had done for the Party was nothing.

Ahead of her Freddie walked to the old abandoned warehouse foreman’s office. Once there he knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s me, Gray. Open up I have Caroline with me.” The door to the office opened to show a rather unassuming man in his mid-thirties. Freddie nodded his head for Caroline to follow him inside. Not knowing what else to do she did as instructed. She never saw the other two men in the room until it was far too late. Not that she would be able to defend herself against them. These men were trained mercenaries skilled in the use of surprise tactics.

They had her arms and hands secured before she could even blink and soon had her disabled. The needle that entered her upper arm was filled with a powerful sedative. One that would put her to sleep for the next ten hours. As she struggled to remain awake she would hear something that would drive a fear deep into her very soul. “The boss wants her at the Farm and broken before the end of the week. She is to be trained and sold before the end of the month. You are to use whatever it takes to make it happen. Do you understand Gray?”

“She’ll be ready for actuation by the end of next week. Does he want her stateside or overseas?” If Gray Wentworth was anything it was a perfectionist. He wanted to know exactly what his boss had in mind for Caroline Masterson.

Freddie just looked over at Caroline in time to see her eyes start to flutter and gave her a cruel smile. “She is to disappear preferably to one of the countries that know how to make their women behave. You know on their backs with their mouths shut unless it is engaged with providing pleasure to their master.”

The last thing Caroline Master heard or saw the four men laughing at her look of fear in her eyes. Freddie and Gray knew that her fear was yet to reach its highest point. In the days to come she would learn fear on a scale that she had never known before. Nothing in her life would have prepared her for what she was about to face. Freddie just stood back and watched the other three men work as they prepared Caroline for transport to the Farm.

The heavy wooden crate that would hold her as she was transported across state lines was made of two by eight pine wood blanks. It was about three feet wide and tall by six feet long. The inside of it was lined with heavy foam with the center cutout in the shape of a human body. Where the arms and legs were there is a set of three inch wide leather straps. Everything inside of the crate was designed with one thing in mind, the shipping of humans as if they were property. The two men that had been waiting with Gray moved quickly.

The first thing they did was to strip Caroline of her clothes. Next they shaved every inch of her body including her head. They removed every hair from her body. Then they covered her body in an oil that would allow them to place her in the steel reinforced body suit that would keep her from moving even if she was outside of the crate. It won’t matter what she tried she would never be able to escape the fate that awaited her. No one had ever escaped the suit. In the past five years no one had and all had tried. The next was the hood that would cut off all sight and sound driving the subject into total sensory deprivation. Until the hood was removed the subject would see, hear, smell, and feel nothing. Once they were removed they would do anything to please whoever released them.

This was the first step in breaking all new slaves. For the next five days they would live in a world of total silent darkness. Unable to move or feel anything it would drive them even harder to avoid being put back into the suit and hood. For a few of them they would be conditioned to love the suit and hood but they were only for the truly perverted of their clients. The really twisted sick sexual perverts. Unfortunately for Caroline she would not receive the conditioning or training to handle being put into the suit. For her this would become her worst nightmare and over the next five days her mind and will would slowly begin to crack. Until there was nothing left but the mind of a child.

With practiced ease the two mercenaries hooked up the air hose and other hook ups that would handle her bodily functions. Once done they placed her inside the crate that would be her home for the next week. Once the straps were secured and the lid put in place she was loaded onto a non-descript delivery van. Freddie just stood there and watched as the van pulled out with a slight smile on his face. Everything was going to plan.

The only hitch was the death of his friend in that unfortunate accident. Then again he should have made sure the former DA didn’t have any enemies still on the loose. On the upside of things though he wouldn’t have to pay Jason a dime and there would be no lose ends. In a way it was almost perfect. However there was no way he was just going to let his onetime friend go unavenged.

Across town at the safe house……

Sam rolled over and smacked the alarm clock the second it started to ring. “Oh man six am is too damned early to get up. Why did I have to stay up until midnight with Kristine? Sure we opened and found all those hidden files, but was it worth it? We could have done that this morning.”

Seeing no use in staying in bed she got up and headed for the bathroom at the end of the hallway. As she left her old bed room she grabbed her shower supplies and a fresh pair of workout clothes. Sleeping on the floor of her old room had left her with a kink in her lower back. After taking a shower and relieving herself she dressed in her leotard and tights. Once dressed she headed down stairs to the family room where she would have room to go through her exercises. For the next hour and a half she did her normal morning routine. The exercises had at first been Gail’s idea to help her with the trauma of the loss of her family. Over the years they had become more of a way for her to clear her mind and help her focus for the work ahead each day.

She became lost in her own world of movement and exercise. Nothing else mattered to her at that place and time. For her there was no one hunting her. There was only the here and now. To her there was no massive conspiracy to destroy the country she loved. There was only peace in her mind. To her there was no LOG Party and their criminal dealings. There was justice in the world. She pushed herself to find only peace and harmony.

The clapping of hands brought her out of her trance. Looking over her left shoulder she was met with the smiling face of Kristine. The fact that Sam had lost herself so far in her morning routine was not missed by Kristine. “That was beautiful Sam. Is there any chance you could teach me?”

Scratching the back of her head Sam just look at Kristine. The fact that she knew enough to teach didn’t mean she had mastered all the techniques. Did she really have the right to teach Kristine? Then again the person how had first taught her wasn’t a master either. So why couldn’t she teach Kristine the basics as she was. Taking in the way Kristine was dressed Sam made her decision.

“Ok seeing as how you’re dressed for a workout lets begin with the basics.” For the next two hours Sam taught Kristine the basics of Yoga. Slowly but sure the young girl learned the proper way to perform each pose before moving on to the next. With each one Sam would pass along a small bit of advice or wisdom she had learned over the years. Things like “Take your time and let the answer come to you.” “Bend like the willow reed or you will break.” “Let your mind find its own balance.” “Do not push your body to be more than it is.”

Kristine took it all in as if they were the words of a master. For Kristine the fact that Sam was even willing to spend time with her was priceless. For someone other than her long dead mother to show her even this much attention brought her a feeling of happiness she had not felt in a long time. As the two young women performed their exercises Bobby, Hunter, and Bat came down stairs. The sight that greeted them was one of two beautiful women doing what appeared to be a delicate dance of mating.

Looking over at Bobby Hunter asked. “Does she do that every morning partner?”

“As much as I hate to say this Hunter, this is only the second time I have ever seen Sam doing anything like this. Before you even ask the answer is no. Sam never once performed her workout in front of me even on stakeouts. I will be honest here guys. I know almost nothing about the woman. I don’t even know if she is straight or gay. Yah she told me all about her past and there is no way I’ll ever spill her secrets. As for that little girl over there with her, now that is another story. Sam has already taken her under wing as a little sister. I pity the idiot that is stupid enough to chance that little girl.” The conviction in Bobby’s voice caused both of the other men to look at him in a way that said more than words. They could tell that Bobby would do more than just stand by his partner.

Hunter had only met the man the other day and he already knew that Bobby was in love with Sam. He had seen the signs in more than a few of their fellow officers, but he had never seen them to this degree. Bobby had it bad, real bad for his partner. For some reason this fact did not upset Hunter.

Bat just looked at his niece and the young woman who was becoming so much a part of her life. For him the fact that Bobby was in love with that young woman was beside the point. Bat knew for a fact that when partners fall in love with each other they go out of their way to protect the other outside of what is normal. The fact that Sam and Bobby were assigned as her bodyguards was a good thing in his mind. Turning to look at Bobby.

“Tell me something Bobby. In all the time you two have been together as partners has Sam ever failed in her duties?”

“Bat, if it wasn’t for her short assed temper Sam would be a Department Head somewhere. For whatever reason she just can’t stand the stupidity of others or the politics that come with our job sometimes. Hell the two of you have read her record. There are at least two dozen complaints in her file for insubordination or reckless conduct. When Sam gets it into her head that she is right about something there is no changing her mind on the matter. Hell the last time she got wrote up it was for knocking the hell out of the local PD Detective that was helping us chase down a two bit drug runner who had escaped from the local jail. The dumb ass had pinched her on the ass when we first arrived at the station. He made the mistake and she corrected it in a way she saw fit. Only problem was he was the one who went to IA first. Sure I was a witness to what went down but you guys know IA. Their motto is first come first serve.”

Hunter looked over at him with a smile that said more than words. “Bobby if those are the types of complaints in her file it is no wonder she has the reputation she does. There isn’t a deputy that hasn’t heard of the ball busting little hellion in cold case retrieval. You guys have a real reputation for bringing in the worst of the worst. They say the two of you leave no stone unturned. I have just one question for you. Is it true that she walked over five miles to a motel just to keep her cover story intact?”

From over where the girls were working out Sam started to giggle. “Hunter if you’re going to ask about that case you need to read all of the reports. And I mean all of them. As for how far I walked that day it was just short of seven miles and in five inch heels. If that big lug head next to you ever tries to talk me into going undercover as runway model I’ll know how to walk in heels that’s for sure. Then again I might just get his sister to do the job for us.”

“How can his sister help us in that matter?”

“The man next to you is the older brother of one of the most chased after super models on any high fashion runway in the world, Candice Brite.” The look of total surprise on Hunter’s face at this news was perfect.

When he turned to look at Bobby he saw the truth in Sam’s words. “Dude you have got to introduce me to your sister. Is she really Candice Brite?”

“Oh no you don’t Hunter. If Bobby is going to introduce any of us to his sister it is going to be me, old buddy.” The fact that Bat was old enough to be Bobby and Hunter’s father was not lost on the others. The laughter that followed this announcement was full and light. The kind one would find in a squad or locker room for any law enforcement agency.

The three men all headed for the kitchen as the two girls went back up stairs to shower and change. A half hour later with the girls showered and changed they all sat down in the kitchen for breakfast. The conversation was light and friendly at first. Like all good things though, this was short lived. It was Sam that first brought up the hidden files they had found in the black files.

“Ok guys, how do we go about getting the info in those files to the right people without alerting the LOG?” as Sam looked around the table she could see the same thing was on everyone else mind. They had enough evidence to tear apart the LOG party from the ground up leaving nothing behind but scraps. “I mean who can we trust in the rest of Marshals let alone the other agencies?”

“For starters we know that Dorothy and Dave on the up and up. As for the rest of the Marshals I think the only ones we can really count on are the IA rats.” Bat started, “Next on that list I would say we can trust the boys and girls over in the FBI’s Organized Crime division. After that I would have to say our next bet are the local IA rats for the individual police departments. Before you ask I say we forget about the dumb asses over in Home Land and Justice. I have a feeling that the LOG party has their claws in deep there. The files we have since decoded I know a lot of those names. Almost eighty percent of them are with those two agencies. As much as it pains me to say this the very people we rely on to help keep us above board have been corrupted by the LOG party.”

“Oh shit Bat you have to be kidding me? If we can’t trust the Justice Department then who can we trust?” Hunter was one of the younger deputies who believed in the concept of entire agency cooperation. The idea that they couldn’t trust one of the supposedly most incorruptible agencies was too foreign for him to contemplate.

“Trust me Hunter, I know how you feel. I have a lot of friends over in Justice and Home Land. Hell I know half the names in the Home Land file. Men and women I have worked with on some of the worst cases in the last twenty five years. The fact that some of my friends could be dirty is turning my stomach right now. A few of them I can see going rotten though, especially the Head for the Internet Crime Division. Now there is a really creep of epic proportions. That woman gives me the willies every time I see her.” Every one chuckled at the thought of Bat being upset around the Head of Home Lands ICD department.

“Now that is a laugh and a half Bat. Thanks for lightening the mood.” Sam said out right with a mischievous smile. “My only question is why does that tiny little woman scare you the way she does?”

“I swear by all that is holy every time that woman looks at me I feel as if I am a side of beef for sale at the local meat market.” The shiver that he gave was one for pure comic relief. At the shiver everyone really started to laugh. If there was one thing that Bat Masterson was known for, other than his ability to track down scum bags, it was his comedic sense of timing. On more than one occasion he has been able to lighten the darkest of situations.

“Oh man I can’t wait until I tell the guys back at the gym that the Batman is afraid of the mouse.” Hunter howled with laughter.

“Ok guys, enough horsing around. We really need to figure out exactly who we’re going to drop this shit bomb on.” At Sam’s comment everyone returned to the business at hand. Kristine got up from her chair and went to get Sam’s laptop and the flash drive. It took her a few second to return but she had them both. Setting down Kristine brought up the files that had the names of the corrupted agents. Once she had them displayed on the screen she turned it to face the others.

“Most of these names are all for the Inter State Crimes Divisions in Home Land. The others are spread out amongst the other major agencies with none of them being in the Internal Affairs Division of any agency. Why don’t we just separate out one of them and send those individual files to the rat squads. I know you guys don’t like Internal Affairs but they are the ones that are suited for this kind of work. I will leave this up to you guys, but that is my opinion on what we should. Then again I am not a cop like you all are.” The fact that Kristine was embarrassed by pointing out the obvious to these experienced deputies.

The four deputies started to laugh at Kristine’s embarrassment. At first Kristine thought they were making fun of her, but Sam came to her rescue. “Oh honey child that was already in the works. What we are wondering how to handle is that file on the Farm. If we just send out a raid it could very well tip off the main parties in charge. What we need is a way to shut down that place while being able to still keep the big dogs in the dark until we’re ready to nail their balls to the wall. Now if you can help us come up with a way for us to do that then you don’t need to be in protective custody but working for us in our Internet Crimes Division.”

Before anyone could say anything else Kristine jumped up and ran upstairs. Sam started to get up to follow her but Bat stopped her. “Hold on for a second there Sam. I have seen the look on her face before.” At the questioning looks on the others faces Bat grinned. “I have a feeling that my niece is about to hand us the answer to this very unusual problem.”

“Excuse me Bat, and I mean this with all possible respect, just how in the hell is a teenage kid with no real world experience with law enforcement going to solve this mess for us?” both Bobby and Sam nodded their heads in agreement with Hunter.

“Trust me here guys. Inside that pretty little head is a mind that is sharper and quicker than a steel trap. I have no doubt what so ever that little girl is about to give us a real solution to our problem.” The confidence in Bats voice forced them all to take notice.

When Kristine came back down stairs she had a small paper folder in her hands. Sitting back down in her chair she opened the folder. Both Sam and Bobby didn’t know she had the folder but when she opened it they saw that it was bran new and the paperwork in it had only been printed off the night before. As she spread them around they all saw that they were the layout for what had to be a large rural homestead. There were seven out buildings surrounding a central main house. Everything a tactical assault team would need to raid on the compound. Everything from motion sensors to the distances between the four outer fences and how tall those fences were.

“Holy shit! Where the hell did all this data come from?” Bobby asked for everyone there.

Giggling Kristine pulled up a file on the flashdrive that none of the others had seen as yet. “One of the files that was hidden in the black files was a petition for a series of building permits all at this location. The really good stuff though is on these pages here.” As Kristine laid out the printouts that were still in the folder the deputies stared in total disbelief.

There on those pages was the locations and sizes of four underground structures. “I don’t believe what I am seeing here. If I am reading this correctly there are four five thousand square foot underground bunkers on that property.” Everyone looked over at Hunter as if he just grew a second head. “Back home my family specialize in this kind of construction. I spent more than one summer helping my dad digging holes in the ground for rich or paranoid ass hats with more money than brains.”

“OK Hunter since you’re our resident expert on underground bunkers. Tell us just what we’re looking at here.” Bat said in a joking manner.

“Alright, you see these six walls here in these bunkers?” at the nodding heads of everyone else. “Well, these are reinforced to help support the buildings overhead. If those walls weren’t there the whole bunker would collapse in a matter of hours. Now take in these beams here. This are what is known in the trade as bunker racks. Without those any bunker will fail within a matter of months. They are the second most important structural component of any underground bunker. Now you see these duct ways. They are both intake and return for fresh air. If I had to make an estimated guess, I would say that each of these bunkers can handle anywhere between ten to fifteen people. No more than that though. Any more and they’ll start pushing the boundaries for the air exchange system. Then there is the water purification system. Now this baby is one of the best I have ever seen. Triple sand and salt filtration with double redundancies for backup. In short folks who ever designed these bunker systems is a real genius and a total control freak.”

“What do you mean Hunter?” Sam asked.

“It’s like this Sam. Whoever we send in is going to need to be quick and quiet. If those people hear us coming they can go underground in these bunkers they can sit back and wait out anyone. So long as they have food there is no way for us to get to them. Those doors are triple reinforced with twenty four, eight inch thick, and eighteen inch long dead bolts. They are over a foot and a half thick double steel and concrete backed vault doors. The manufacture is Hammond and Gray Securities in Austin Texas.”

“Damn those bunkers sound as if they’re impenetrable. Is there any way around those defenses without high explosives?”

“Nope. Not a one. However if the tactical teams can get gas into the air system before they seal the doors they will have to come out or choke to death.”

“Ok so how would you go about assaulting this compound and who would you use?” Bobby was looking long and hard at Hunter.

“Well, if I wanted to hit these place I would contact the local National Guard Military Police Battlion and ask for a joint Drug Task Force strike team. Now if we did it right we can throw the whole thing into their laps and not have any connection with it. All we have to do is look at where the Federal Reserve ends and where the private property beings.” Everyone looked at Bobby as if he had lost his mind. “What?”

“Um… Bobby how do you know we can use the mud puppies to raid the Farm?” thankfully it was Kristine who asked what was on all their minds.

“That is simple kiddo. You see this line here on the property map? Well that is the type of designations they put on all maps when a military base butts up against private property. Now one of the things most people don’t know is that the Provost Marshals of all military services have jurisdiction that extends outside of the reservation by five miles.” Bobby started to smile as everyone in the room realized what he just said. “All we need to do is let the local area Provost Marshal know what is going on and they will hit that place with the hammer of the Justice Gods. That simple act will more than keep the LOG in the dark. In fact the only people who are more anal than Military Police when it comes to keeping their jurisdiction is the CIA. Those dip shits wouldn’t give up the murder of their own mothers.”

“Ok Bobby who do you know that we can go to with this?” Sam saw where Bobby was going with this and wanted to help.

“And can they put us in charge with whatever post PM is next to this place?”

“We don’t have to go around the bush to get what we want here. In fact we just have to call Larry over on the gun range.”

“What a minute, Larry the gun guy? Our Range Safety Officer is going to solve this problem for us? You want to tell us how?”

“The answer is right there in front of you my dear Samantha. I told you all we have to do is contact our local National Guard Military Police Battalion. And our gun range safety officer is a member of the Ohio National Guard and he’she is with the MP battalion.” When Bobby finished everyone understood exactly what he was getting at.

Hunter didn’t even wait to be total he just reached over and grabbed his cell phone. After dialing the range control office he asked to speak to Larry. Over the next few seconds Hunter laid out what they want from Larry. When Larry finally answered the phone Hunter asked if he had the day off. “Sure brother, what do you have in mind?”

“Is there any chance you can swing by this address this afternoon?” after giving the address to the safe house.

“Sure not a problem. I can be there by two.”

“Thanks Larry. Oh and by the way. I need you to keep this meeting on the down low. Can you do that for me, buddy?”

“Yah, sure no problem Hunter. I take it that this has to deal with a case you’re working?”

“I’ll fill you in on what is going on when you get here.”

“Alright I’ll see you at two. Later partner.” With that the line went dead.

Sam looked over at Hunter before asking the question on her mind. “Hunter, I know that Larry is yours and Bobby’s friend, but are you sure we can trust him?”

“Sam, if there is one thing I know about Larry it is that when it comes to kids he will do whatever it takes to bring down a purp. The only reason he is working the gun range is because of his car accident from two years ago. If it wasn’t for the pins in his leg he would still be kicking down doors with the tac teams.”

“Damn Hunter I didn’t know that gun range Larry was Lt. Larry Hurwitz from over in SWAT. Wasn’t he also an instructor at the academy?”

“And that my dear Samantha is why he is in charge of the gun range until he gets the all clear from the doc’s.” Bat said with a smile. “Now, all we have to do is figure out how we let Dorothy and David know what we’re up to?” the giggle that comes from Kristine gets everyone’s attention.

“I’ll just send her an email.”

“Sorry kiddo, but unless you can send them an untraceable email there will be no more electronic communications from any of us.” Sam told her. The giggle that came from Kristine at this statement hit a nerve with Sam. “Ok start talking, Kris. Just what was that giggle for? And please tell me you haven’t hacked the US Marshal Service?”

“Ok I won’t tell you I hacked your servers four months ago and left me a backdoor into the service email system.” Everyone looked at her as if she had grown a second head. “But if you give ten minutes I’ll have an email all setup to go to both Dorothy and David. One that will be totally untraceable.”

Sam and the guys just shook their heads in wonder at the pure audacity of the young girl in front of them. Then again she is one of the most wanted hackers in the US. If there was any way for Kristine to get the info to their bosses then they were all for it. It took Kristine a few minutes to open her backdoor into the Inter-service email system but once she had it only took her a few minutes to send the email to Dorothy and David. Before she could even close out the program both Dorothy and David had returned a response. They both sent just a two word response. ‘Nail them.’

Down the Street at the home of Annette DeMarco …

“Miss Annette, there is a gentleman here to see you. A Mr. Delacourt with Delacourt, Delacourt, and Hartman Law services.” Her maid told her.

“Please show him to my office Anna. Tell him I’ll be there in a few minutes.” Annette got up from her chair at the breakfast table and leaned over to kiss her mother on the check. “Mama, I need to take care of something. Will you be alright until I get back?”

“Annette, you worry too much about me. Go take care of your business I’ll be just fine until you get back.” Maria knew her daughter worried about her as much as she worried about her daughter. In the world that Annette lived and worked was not a forgiving one. The fact that her contact had arrived here at their home was not usually a good sign. “Annette, please remind Nathaniel that our home is not to be used for business. That you have an office downtown for these types of matters. You know how I feel about these things.”

Smiling down at her mother Annette just giggled. “Of course mama. I’ll make sure that Nathaniel understands and this won’t happen again.”

Tying her robe shut Annette headed for her home office. On entering it she found her old friend and contact Nathaniel Delacourt. In the world of hired assassins Annette DeMarco is one of the best and DDH is known for their discretion in handling certain matters where the law fell short. The fact that some of those cases needed a little help in getting justice, even if some of those methods were less than legal.

“Nathaniel, to what do I owe this unexpected visit?”

“Annette, my dear how are you this morning?”

“Just fine thank you. Now why have you come knocking on my door Nathaniel? Please don’t try to tell me you’re just here for a cup of coffee either.”

“Very well, Annette. It is about last night. The partners want to know if you had anything to do with that explosion and why did you do it.” Nathanial had always been one of Annette’s strongest supporters. The fact that she had taken care of some of their more difficult problem cases was one reasons he was here. The other reason was the fact that this explosion could draw a lot of unwanted attention to the firm.

“For starters Nathanial I do not answer to you or the firm when it comes to what I do on my own time. As for last night I have no idea of what you’re talking about. Would you care to enlighten me?”

“Are you telling me you had nothing to do with the explosion that killed DA Donald Mallard?”

“Wait are you telling me that Mallard is back in Toledo and you fools didn’t tell me? Damn it Nathaniel part of our agreement was you and your partners were supposed to keep me informed on the whereabouts of that man. Why wasn’t I told? You know that if there was a hit placed on the man’s head I was to receive first crack at him.” The fact that Annette was lying about her involvement was lost on Nathaniel.

“So you didn’t kill Mallard last night?”

“Damn it Nathaniel I already told you that. Now what are you talking about?”

“Last night Donald Mallard was killed in a car bomb explosion. As it stands right now no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the bomb. The partners were worried that you had gone freelance on us and done the job without a contract. Before you ask yes there was a contract on Mallard but none of them are backed by reliable sources.”

“Ok I will let it go. Now tell me what else has brought you here?”

“We received a contract from a much respected client that wishes for a problem to disappear. They don’t care how it gets done, but they have offered a fifty thousand bonus if it happens in public and it’s bloody.” Now these were words that got Annette’s attention. Very rarely does a client want something like this. When they do it usually means the Marshals are involved.

“Who’s the bunny?”

“It is three bunnies. One of which you’ll get a second bonus for.”

“Who is the contract for?”

“You know we don’t give out that info.”

“This time you do. If you want me to handle it, then tell me who took out the contract and why.”

“I can’t tell you the why, but the who is someone that you might know. Freddie Krueger and from what I understand he will be delivering the payment himself.”

“I’ll take the job. Now who are the bunnies?”

“Two US Marshals and one witness.” Nathaniel handed over a file to Annette containing the pictures of her targets. When Annette saw who was the targets she knew she would take the contract.


------- To be continued ------

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