Professor Prick 6 - D-Day and the Aftermath

Moving his face to within centimetres of mine he said, “I know all about your kind; I’ve read articles and seen a few books on TVs. This is what they want; to be submissive, be tied up and have some guy take advantage of them.” he growled. Startled and scared by his actions I was silent as his hands wandered up my thighs and under my skirt and across my bottom “Well isn’t it? Look at you in your short skirt, tight top and high heeled boots, and made up like a tart; you’re begging for some guy to restrain you and have you aren’t you?” he added, fondling my breast forms.

I was scared and not sure what he was going to do...


By Karin Roberts

The week passed like lightning my mind in turmoil with different thoughts. This little adventure had proved surprising the incident with Lesley the way I felt with Eddie so safe and feminine in his arms, I enjoyed being with him his sense of humour his kindness and more than anything the way my body tingled when he touched and kissed me. Concentration was a problem during the week with several lapses being spotted by the teachers and landing me in some trouble along the way. My mother also noticed it “Are you okay, Craig?”

“Yeah, fine just concerned over the exams in two weeks,” I lied.

“You’ll do fine, dear,” she responded, oblivious to what was really going on.

So with the week gone I set off for Lesley’s house on Saturday, ready for the final instalment but also looking forward to seeing Eddie again.

Lesley and Angela were already waiting for me when I arrived. “Where’s Margo?” I asked.

“She’s got held up. Something to do with an argument with Andy,” said Lesley. “Anyway, Angela’s going to help and she’s good with fingernails, so go let’s get started.”

Angela led me into the bathroom and began cutting my fingernails; happy with them, she brought out a box from her bag. “What’s that?” I asked.

“Just some false long nails. We just glue them on, then you soak them in acetone later and they will fall off, so don’t worry,” she said, beginning work by selecting the appropriate size for each finger. “I really admire what you’re doing for Lesley; not many guys would do it,” she said as she glued the last nail in place. “There, they’re finished; just like mine,” she said, holding up my hands to show long tapered nails which matched hers. “Quite sexy,” she said, and she began to stroke the inside of my thigh.

“What’re you doing?” I asked.

“Well, Craig, as I said, I admire what you’re doing for Lesley and you’re quite nice looking.” Her nails traced their way up my now erect cock, her mouth covering mine and her tongue probing into my mouth. Guiding my hand under her short skirt, she pushed it towards her pussy. Getting up slightly, she slid her panties down. “I want you to finger me off with those long nails.” She resuming the kiss, and my fingers slipped inside her: I soon found her clit and the increased passion in her kisses told me she was getting worked up as my long nails flicked her joy button. Minutes later she moaned and I felt her warmth as her orgasm hit. “Ooh that was good,” she exclaimed, sliding down in front of me and gripping my still erect member. “Now for your treat,” she said as her mouth opened and slid over my shaft sucking furiously. She had me at boiling point within minutes and soon I burst inside her mouth spurting for all I was worth. Standing back she tore of some toilet paper and wiped her lips. “There now, get a bath. Lesley will be waiting,” she said as she casually turned away from me and left the bathroom.

Jesus this is getting weirder and weirder I thought as I turned off the taps having run my bath. Dropping some expensive Chanel bath salts into the bath I savoured the aroma and slid into the hot soapy water. Soaking in the water I tried to focus just on what I had to do tonight and tried to block out all the other side issues that were going on. The plan was for us to meet Eddie at the Amusement Park, goof around for a while and then all go back to Margo’s as her parents were away for the weekend. Gordy had already got some alcohol and we would have a party before I was to lead Eddie to his doom. With the offending photographs of him in a compromising situation they would then set about ruining his reputation in the school. I drifted in the aroma until there were three sharp raps on the door “Hurry up, Craig, you’ve been in there for over 40 minutes,” shouted Lesley.

“Oh sorry, I lost track of time. I’ll be out in a minute,” I said as I began to dry myself. Stepping out of the bath I took the tape from the window ledge and secured my penis up between my legs and went to join the girls.

“Where’s Angela?” I asked as I stepped back into the bedroom.

“Oh she’s gone off to get changed. Let’s see your nails?” she asked and I held my hands up. “Oh very nice. Now let’s get started; there are panties, a suspender belt and stockings on the bed. Put them on, then I’ll come back and do your make up.” She stepped out of the room. I slipped the suspender belt around my waist and gently rolled the sheer stockings up my legs, securing them to the clips at the end of each strap on the belt. Then I pulled on the black lacy panties Lesley had left for me. She came back in with her make-up bag and we moved over to the dressing table. The usual procedure followed with the application of foundation, some rouge and, a light dusting of powder. She then set to work on my eyes; using black eyeliner she outlined my top and bottom eye socket before applying a dark grey eye shadow with some silver on the top lid to make the eye look bigger. She applied some mascara to my eyelashes and then outlined my lips with a dark burgundy lip liner before using a lighter shade of wine lipstick. To finish the effect she brushed on some clear lip gloss to give my lips a nice sheen.

“There now let’s get your hair sorted; it’s really getting quite long,” she said as she smoothed it back leaving a front fringe. She secured it in a pony tail and brushed out the fringe. “You know you really do pass well as a girl. If I hadn’t known you, I would never be able to tell. I can see how the Prof has been fooled,” she said, as she attached some three inch hoop earrings to my pierced ears. Taking the breast forms from the dresser she applied some adhesive and carefully fixed them to my chest before applying some foundation and powder to conceal the seams. Handing me a black lacy under wired bra which seemed to push up my fake breasts even more we were now ready for my outfit for tonight.

Lesley produced a black body suit which had popper fasteners for between the legs which I fastened and pulled the suit up my torso it was made from tight Lycra and was really figure-hugging and low at the back finishing off with a narrow halter neck strap which also fastened with poppers behind the neck. This was followed by a really short leather skirt which had a slight two inch slit at the left hand side which only really covered the top of the stockings by about two inches.

“You don’t think this will be a bit short?” I asked.

“No, just make sure you don’t bend over otherwise everyone will get an eyeful!”

For footwear she produced a pair of black knee length boots with four-inch stiletto heels, which I pulled on and zipped up my legs. “They’re my mum’s,” she said. “I borrowed them so watch what you do with them. She’s a size bigger than me so they should be more comfortable,” she added. “Look I’m going to get changed so help yourself to some jewelery and have a ciggy. I’ll be back in about ten minutes.” She left me alone in the bedroom.

I looked through her jewelery box and selected a couple of gold bangles and a watch, a gold necklace with a heart at the end of it and three rings which I slipped on my fingers. Crossing to the window, I opened it and took the ashtray from under Lesley’s bed. I lit a cigarette; looking at the lipstick mark around the tip, I blew the smoke out the window and sat down deep in thought about the rest of the night. It was too late now I had to go ahead with this: I worried about the consequences for Eddie and my life getting back to normal if it could. I finished the cigarette and waited for Lesley to return crossing my legs in the way that Margo and Lesley had taught me in the early days–which now seemed so far away. Minutes later she returned looking absolutely stunning in a white see-through lace dress with only some discreet solid panels to cover her breasts and groin area. White five-inch stilettos completed the look.

“You look stunning,” I said.

“Well you look not so bad yourself. Let’s have a drink,” she responded as she produced a bottle of white wine and a couple of glasses. She poured me a glass and I offered her a cigarette which she took and we both lit up. The sight was quite surreal two good looking young ladies sitting smoking a cigarette and having a glass of wine waiting on their boyfriends to take them out for a Friday night on the town.

Finishing our cigarettes and the wine, Lesley produced some nail varnish–a colour matching my lipstick–and proceeded to paint my, now extended, nails, blowing on each one as she finished to aid the drying process. At the same time she went through the plan for the night and how her plan should turn out. Still listening, I meanwhile was thinking about the consequences if it all went wrong. When she had finished my nails she said, “Now, is everything clear? You know what you’re doing?”

“Yeah, I’m clear,” I responded.

“Oh and, Nikki, thanks,” she said. This was becoming rather confusing if she was even thinking of me as Nikki! Another five minutes and a car horn sounded. “That’s Gordy let’s go.”

I sprayed some perfume on my neck and wrist and some down my chest as Lesley had shown me and we walked downstairs to the car.

About ten minutes later we pulled up outside the Amusement Park. Margo and Angela stood with a guy at the foot of the steps. As we arrived both looked suitably stunning for the night; Margo with a short, red, tight Lycra dress and red and white stilettos, and Angela in a silver lurex top, with a short black skirt and silver stilettos. With them was a guy called William who was Margo’s cousin and whom she had been trying to pair off with Angela for some time.

We stepped out of the car with Gordy and Andy and walked over to meet them. As we reached them Margo spoke. “William, you know everyone except Nikki, I think,” she said, gesturing towards me. William stuck out his hand and I shook hands with him

“Nice to meet you, Nikki.” All the time his gaze was on my nipples which were showing through my tight top,

“Likewise,” I said and broke off the handshake.

“Where’s Eddie?” asked Angela.

“He’ll be here,” I answered as the three guys climbed to the top of the stairs, us four girls following behind, our heels clicking noisily on the tiled steps.

As we reached the entrance foyer, I stopped just inside and said, “Look, I’ll wait for Eddie here. You lot go on and I’ll meet you in the café.”

“Okay, but don’t be long,” snapped Gordy. As the others left, I walked to one of the small benches and sat down. Opening my bag, I took out my cigarettes and lit one to wait for Eddie. Several guys went back and cast a look at either my boots or my chest so by the time that Eddie appeared less than ten minutes later my confidence was high.

He was dressed in a pair of black jeans with a white shirt and black leather jacket. “You look stunning,” he said as he took my hand and helped me up from the seat. He leaned forward to place a gentle kiss on my lips.

“You look good yourself. You okay about tonight?” I asked.

“A bit nervous,” he answered.

“You’ll be okay; nothing will happen when I’m with you,” I said squeezing his hand reassuringly. “The others are in the café,” I continued, as I led him towards the door.

As he opened the door I let go his hand, not wishing the others to see the contact between us. We walked in and joined the others at the booth. “Hi, Prof,” said Gordy.

“Cut that crap now. His name’s Eddie,” I snapped at Gordy.

“Okay, Okay, keep your knickers on, Nikki,” Gordy replied. “Sorry, just ignore me, Eddie,” he added.

“Hi, Eddie, don’t you scrub up well,” Angela said, batting her eyelashes in his direction.

He blushed and said, “Hi, Angela.”

“Right, let’s get a drink and then get on with enjoying ourselves,” announced Margo, gesturing for the waitress to come to our booth. Our drinks ordered, we sat and chatted like any group of teenagers on a night out, laughing and joking and making plans for the night ahead. The group had settled into four couples which was intended, but I was a bit uncomfortable with the way I kept catching William looking at my legs and chest. Putting it to the back of my mind, as the group left the café and headed out into the park, to enjoy some of the rides.

The group moved around the different attractions, laughing and joking and enjoying each other’s company. Gordy and Andy decided to go on the Waterslide. We girls deciding that we had no desire to get sprayed with water, we opted out, standing well away from where splashes of water were cascading over the side each time the carriage plunged through the bottom of the steep incline.

Lesley passed the cigarettes around and we all lit up. William and Eddie were about ten feet away from us and once more as I turned, I caught Williams’s gaze upon my person. Margo mentioned that she wanted to go to the toilet so I volunteered to keep her company. Extinguishing our cigarettes in the sand bucket close by, we headed of to the nearest facility. Once inside Margo slipped into one cubicle and me into another; the bathroom was quiet, with only one other middle-aged lady inside. When we emerged we were alone and went to the mirror and opening our bags took out our lipsticks and lip gloss to touch up our make up. “Margo, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, no problem.”

“Well, it’s just does William know about me? I mean does he know that I’m Craig?”

“Yeah, I explained it to him last night and about what’s going on and he’s fine with it, why?”

“Oh, nothing really. It’s just the way he’s looked at me a couple of times.”

“Listen, Nikki, he looks at all girls like that, so don’t worry.” There, it happened again–someone using Nikki as my real name. I was in danger of losing my identity.

We spent another hour in the park before we all agreed to return to Margo’s. Her parents were away for the weekend and her older brother would most probably stay at his girlfriend’s for the night, so we would have the place to ourselves and Lesley’s devious plan could spring into action.

We all piled into Andy’s car, the girls on each of the boy’s laps, and headed the short distance back to Margo’s. Piling out of the car, Margo got Gordy and Andy to set up a barbecue while we girls got the food out and set up a table with the substantial amount of alcohol that Gordy had somehow managed to provide. It was a still balmy night so we took a Hi-Fi outside and while Andy and Eddie cooked, we girls danced away to a few tunes played by the local record station. Once the food was ready, the guys all grabbed a beer, and we girls, glasses of wine, and we mostly paired of with plates of food for each couple. Margo and Andy at the wooden garden seat, Gordy and Lesley sat at the patio table and Angela and William on the small dividing wall between Margo’s and her neighbours. Eddie and I found ourselves sitting on the three back steps that led into the kitchen.

Once we had finished our food each couple sat chatting to each other. I was sat close in to Eddie, his arm on my shoulders. “Nikki, can I ask you something? It’s likely that after the exams I will be going to University. I’ve applied for St Andrews or Edinburgh so I won’t be around. Can we still see each other during the holidays or maybe you could come through?” he asked eagerly.

“You’ll find lot’s of new girls once you go to University–clever intelligent ones,” I answered.

“I don’t care who I meet I’ve got all I want here,” he said as his lips gently touched the back of my neck and his breath sent tingles down my spine.

“We’ll see,” I said looking into the distance deep in thought. Five minutes later Andy and Gordy were larking about like idiots. In the garden, the music was still playing and I needed the bathroom. Handing Eddie my glass, I got up and said, “Get me another glass of wine babes; I just need to go to the loo.” Taking my bag and walking into the kitchen and upstairs toward the toilet.

I’m not sure why maybe it was because of what Eddie had just said and I wanted some time to clear my head but I let myself out the front door leaving it ajar, walked past the gate that led to the back garden and stood leaning against the garage door. Opening my bag, I took out a cigarette and lit it allowing the cool menthol taste to seep into my lungs and try and relax. The night was quiet and it appeared that we had most of this street to ourselves the light’s were out in nearly all the houses apart from one up at the top of the street.

I had only been there a minute or so when William stepped out the front door. “Ah, that’s where you’re hiding,” he said.

“Oh hi just taking a break,” I said.

“Yeah, me too, Angela can be a bit heavy,” he said as he stood beside me. “You know for a guy you do make a sexy girl.”

“Thanks, but this is Nikki’s last appearance.”

“Pity. Hey, Angela tells me that she done your nails today, I just love girls with long nails,” he said, taking my bag from under my arm and putting it under his arm. I dropped my cigarette and put it out with my foot and offered him both my hands. With lightning speed he produced a half-shut plastic cable tie from behind his back and slipped it over both my wrists, pulling it tight in the process.

“Hemmmph!” as he put a hand across my mouth and pulled me to the other side of the garage and up the small gap between the garage and the neighbour’s wall. With his hand still over my mouth he looked up and spotted some hanging plant pots reaching up he removed one and dropped it on the grass before pushing my hands above my head and slipping my bound hands over the wire pushing me back I could feel the garage wall on my bare back. Removing his hand he looked at me.

“What the hell are you doing?” I said quietly.

Moving his face to within centimetres of mine he said, “I know all about your kind; I’ve read articles and seen a few books on TVs. This is what they want; to be submissive, be tied up and have some guy take advantage of them.” he growled. Startled and scared by his actions I was silent as his hands wandered up my thighs and under my skirt and across my bottom “Well isn’t it? Look at you in your short skirt, tight top and high heeled boots, and made up like a tart; you’re begging for some guy to restrain you and have you aren’t you?” he added, fondling my breast forms.

I was scared and not sure what he was going to do so I just said, “Please let me go, I’ve got a job to do here tonight.”

“Yeah, I know all about that and that’s why I’m about to cut that tie off. Just as well, because if you didn’t, me and you would be getting to know each other a whole lot better by now.” With that he grabbed me by the pony tail and forced his mouth over mine pushing his tongue roughly between my lips and into my mouth. He reached up and took my hands down. Slipping a small pocket knife out of his pocket he cut the tie. “Now run along, Nikki but we’ll do this again, Nikki, and on my terms, I promise you.”

Shaking and nervous I picked up my bag and ran into the house nearly colliding with Margo at the foot of the stairs. As I started to go up, she said, “What’s up? Gordy says it’s time.”

“Yeah, just tell him I’ll be down in a minute. I think I might be going to be sick with the nerves.”

“Well, don’t be long,” she called out as I opened the bathroom door and went inside locking it behind me.

I sat on the edge of the bath and took out my cigarettes lighting one up I sighed and thought to myself this is getting mind blowing. What had started out to be favour for Lesley to get revenge had led somewhere I never had dreamed off. So far I had had a blow job off Lesley, snogged the face of a guy and wanked him off, and then fingered off a girl in her loo before she had sucked me dry, and now I’d had a bondage experience with a guy at a party, and next I was to lure a guy upstairs and have pictures of him taken with my cock in his hand! Inhaling deeply, I knew that the time had come, so I dropped the cigarette in the toilet and flushed it away. Re-applying my lipstick, I opened the door and headed downstairs.

Stepping out into the garden I was met by Eddie “Hey, where you been? I was worried,” he said, handing me the glass of wine I’d asked for.

“Sorry, I was taking to Margo,” I lied, lifting the glass to my lips. I took two drinks and had emptied it. “Get me another, babes.” I added, handing him the glass. Eddie made his way over to the table and I returned to the steps and sat down once .Lighting a cigarette, I waited for him to return. From further down the garden I could see Gordy look in my direction and then point towards his wrist watch. It was time! Eddie returned and sat behind me, his arm slipping around my waist, “You do trust me, don’t you?” I asked.

“Of course I do. I love being with you. I told you the other night, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me,” he said as he placed a gently kiss on my bare neck.

“Good, and you would do anything I ask?”


Setting the glass down I took his hand and said, “Then come with me, I need to talk to you.”

As he rose and I led him into the kitchen, glancing back I was aware of Lesley tugging Gordy’s sleeve and gesturing with her eyes in my direction as we went inside.

As I reached the bottom of the stairs I broke into a run tugging Eddie behind me “Hey what’s the hurry” he said as I yanked his arm.

“Look, just move!” He started to run behind me. We had one chance: Margo’s house was very similar in design to ours. I knew that her mother’s bedroom window would be adjacent to the garage the gap between the window and the garage roof was only one paving slab we could climb out and drop on the roof. Once we slid down from the garage there was only one house to the right before some waste ground and beyond that there was a wooded area. If we could make it there, then we would be safe.

Pushing Eddie into the room I closed the door behind us and slipped a chair under the door handle. Bending down I unzipped the boots and slipped them off looking around I saw a pair of maybe three inch block heels I picked them up and headed towards the window, opening it as fast as I could.

“Look, what’s going on?” Eddie asked.

“I don’t have time to explain, you said you trusted me; now just do what I ask and follow me out this window,” I said as I began to climb out, tossing my bag and the pair of shoes on to the garage roof. I jumped the short distance and landed as quietly as I could. I could still hear the others in the garden so they had obviously decided to give it a couple of minutes before coming into the house to carry out the plan.

I saw Eddie at the window and gestured for him to follow me twice before he started to climb on to the ledge. Just as he got ready to jump, I could here Gordy say, “Right, gang, we’ve got a goose to cook. Let’s go.”

Eddie landed beside me. “Come on,” I said, “down here.” Leading him towards the edge of the garage I sat down and dropped to the concrete runway with my shoes and bag in one hand. Eddie dropped beside me and at that point I could here Gordy banging on the door.

“Hey! Let me in!” Grabbing Eddie’s hand, I started to run turning right past the last house.

We were past it and on the short piece of waste ground before I could here Gordy bellow out the window “You two are dead meat.”

We reached the trees and just kept on running finally we stopped beside an old farmers building catching our breath I was convinced that we were probably safe. “Care to tell what the hell that was all about” Eddie asked. “It’s a long story” I began.

I told Eddie about the set up meeting between us the plan to have him caught in a compromising situation and the plan to ruin his school career. Interestingly though the one thing I left out was the fact that I was a guy!

“So you were just using me?” he said angrily, stepping away from me.

“Well at first, but I didn’t know you then,” I said, lighting another cigarette.

“So how would l have been compromised found making out in a room with you” he asked.

I had to think quickly “Well, I had to use a dildo on you,” I lied. “Then they were going to tie you up and Margo and Lesley were going to make you up as a girl, take pictures and show them at your school.” Taking a draw from my cigarette I got up and slipped on the shoes I had taken and stepped towards him dropping my cigarette as I went.

“It’s just that since I’ve got to know you, I’ve realised how nice a guy you are. You’re smart, you’re kind and you’ll be successful what ever you do. You don’t deserve having your life ruined for a silly accident that happened weeks ago,” I said as I took his hand and sat on the wall beside him. “And besides I…”

“You besides what?” he asked.

Looking at the ground, I said, “I think I might be in love with you.” Did I just say that? I thought.

“You might be?” he asked.

“No, I am,” I answered.

His arm slipped round my waist and with his other hand he reached towards my head and turned it towards him, “That’s okay then, because I’m in love with you as well,” he said and his mouth moved to cover mine. My two hands on his shoulders, we kissed gently at first, and then as the passion rose our tongues eagerly played with each other.

One hand slid down his firm torso and settled in his groin area kneading at what was a growing bulge as his hand caressed my back and breasts. I unzipped his trousers and slid my hand inside his pants, sliding it along the length of his erection. Breaking the kiss I said, “Stand up a minute,” and as he did so, I hooked my hands either side of his trousers and pants and slid them down, while easing him back against the wall, my new long nails tickling his balls as my mouth moved towards his erection.

I teased the tip of it with my tongue before pushing back the foreskin with my lips and taking it in my mouth. My head bobbing back and forward it was not long before I could feel Eddie tighten and his hand gently on the back of my head. “Oh, Nikki, I love you,” and with that he exploded into my mouth.

We sat on a tree which had been recently cut down me smoking a cigarette and Eddie with his arm around my shoulder. He broke the silence “You’re going to get flak for helping me get away tonight.”

“Yeah, but it was worth it,” I said, smiling at him. Tossing the cigarette away I added, “We’d better get home, it’s getting late.” As I stood up taking his hand we walked towards the end of the wood where we could here traffic.

“I think it might be wise if we took a taxi,” he said. “They might be out looking for us. How much money had you got left? I’ve only got about 4 pounds.”

Opening my bag I checked my purse; “About seven pounds,” I said.

“Well that should get us both home, are you going back home?” he asked me.

“Well, I can’t go back to Margo’s, but I have another friend–I’ll call her.” We had just reached the main road and we looked around for a telephone box. Finding one, I said, “You flag down a taxi and I’ll call her.”

Leaving him I stepped into the phone box and pretended to drop some money in and lifted the receiver and dialled a fake number pretending to speak on the phone while Eddie had just managed to get a taxi. Putting the receiver down, I stepped out of the box. “Did you get her?”

“Yeah, it’s fine. Let’s go.”

We both climbed into the cab. “Where’re you going folks?” the driver asked.

“Mason Street” and then Carver Lane,” I said, as he drove off. About three hundred yards down the street, true to form we saw Andy’s car with Gordy and William inside combing the streets looking for us.

“This will do here, driver,” I said as we approached the end of my street. Stopping, I turned to Eddie.

“When can I see you again?” he asked.

“I’m not sure. Look, I’ll get in touch,” I replied. He eased my head forward and gently kissed me “Goodnight,” I said as I opened the door.

“Goodnight, Nikki, and thanks again for tonight,” he said as I closed the door. As I stepped away from the car Eddie rolled down the window and called back “Nikki, I love you” and with that the car started to drive off.

I slipped off my shoes and walked barefoot down to my house. Now here was a problem; me fully dressed and needing to get back into my own house still wearing Lesley’s stuff. The front of the house was in darkness, so I figured that my mum had gone to bed. Slipping along the path, I looked round the corner and sure enough the bedroom light was on. Going back I knew where my Mother would have planted a key for me, so moving a large ornamental flower pot, sure enough there it was.

Quietly I slipped it into the lock and opened the door, closing it softly behind me, I slipped through into the kitchen and grabbed a plastic carrier bag I also knew that my mother had some nail polish remover in a drawer in the hall so taking that as well I started to climb the stairs.

“Is that you, Craig?” she called as I reached the top of the stairs.

“Yeah, sorry I’m late, we got caught up at Andy’s,” I lied. Her bedroom door was ajar, but she couldn’t see me from that angle. “Is it okay if I take a quick shower” I asked.

“Yes, but don’t be long.”

Relief swamped over me as I edged into the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Stripping off all my fem stuff I took some baby cream from the cupboard under the toilet and a chunk of cotton wool and began to wipe the make up off my face satisfied that I was clean I dumped it in the loo pan and flushed it away.

Starting the shower I stepped in and soaked away the problems of the night. Life was going to be difficult for me in the next week or so, of that I was sure, but deep down I felt that I had done the right thing. Picking up the bag of clothes I wrapped a towel around me and slipped out of the bathroom “Goodnight, Mum,” I called.

“Goodnight, dear, see you in the morning.”

Stepping into my room, I stashed the bag of clothes at the back of my wardrobe, under some of my own stuff and went to bed. Minutes later I was sound asleep and dreaming of Eddie.

I awoke the next day troubled and a bit withdrawn. After breakfast I retired to my room and pretended I was doing some studying. My mother popped her head in early in the afternoon “You okay? Not going out today?”

“No thought I’d do some extra studying,” I said.

“Good for you, dear, it’s nice to see you making a real effort,” she said, leaving me to my thoughts.

A couple of times I rose and stared out the window. At the top of the street, just shaded my some trees, I was convinced that Andy’s car was parked, waiting on their chance to even the score. After dinner I watched some TV and then went to bed complaining of a headache. Sleep was difficult; I watched each hour go by on the clock as I tossed and turned, wondering how I was going to get out of this situation. When my mother came to wake me in the morning I feigned illness.

Feeling my forehead, she said, “You are a bit hot and look a bit peaky. I’ll ’phone the school and let them know you’ll not be in today. Now just get some rest and I’ll give you a call from work.” Satisfied that my ruse had worked, I relaxed and drifted off to sleep.

As we all know however, pulling sickies is only a short term solution and sure enough the next day I found myself leaving for school with a heavy heart and with mostly likely some serious music to face.
I knew that the classes that I had today would mean that I had minimal chance of bumping in to the gang today, and only my first class of the afternoon had Angela in it. As she had really only been a bit part player. During break I was anxious to find out what Eddie’s fate had been and went to look for some of his classmates. Seeing a girl who I knew studied Chemistry with him, I went over and made an excuse that I had borrowed a book from him. She confirmed that he had not been in school yesterday or today and in fact there was a rumour that his dad had pulled him out of school. Relieved that he was spared whatever the group had now dreamed up for him, I was disappointed that I would not see him again. The remainder of the school day passed without incident with only a smug smirk on Angela’s face during class I was relieved that the day was over and started off home.

I was a few streets from my house when I noticed Lesley and Margo hanging around a street corner having a ciggy, anxious to avoid confrontation, and sure that they had not spotted me I turned down a lane which ran adjacent to the street and would allow me to still get home just as quickly. Around half the way down I realised that this was a mistake as Andy appeared from the other side turning around my heart sank as approaching now from the other side were Gordy, Margo and Lesley. Trapped like a rabbit in headlights, I knew that my time had come.

Gordy spoke first; “Hi, Craig, we never got a chance to say goodbye the other night when you vanished with your boyfriend.”

“I can explain,” I said.

“Oh well, that’s nice because we would all like to hear it.”

“I just did not think it was fair to ruin somebody’s chance in life over a small thing like that,” I stammered.

“Well that’s where you and me disagree; you know I’ve always said that I did not think that you were really committed to this group.”

Trying to save my skin, I said, “Well if that’s what you want, then I’ll stop hanging around with you, guys.” Looking around there were nods of agreement.

Gordy began to turn and for one short minute I thought I’d saved my skin. Turning back and moving a bit closer he said, “Oh, there’s just one other thing, I think you might have some items that belong to my girl.”

“Yeah, I’ll drop them over later.”

“No rush, as you might want to wear them the next time you see your boyfriend.” Quickly and with no warning his foot connected with my groin area and my head exploded in stars as I crumpled to my knees. A punch to the side of my head saw me hit the pavement before Andy’s foot connected with my nose and blood flowed freely from the blow. Two kicks to my side and I was beginning to lose consciousness. As I rolled on to my back I was aware of Lesley standing over me and then her foot with her block heels crashed down on my groin. The day went black as I passed out.

I’m not sure how long I had lain there, but I awoke sore and with a raging headache. Touching my face I could feel some dried blood at my nose and some around my eye. My groin felt like that it was on fire and my testicles felt like footballs as I staggered to my feet wincing in agony as a pain flashed through my side.

Stumbling the remainder of the way home I fumbled open the door and lurched into the hall. My mother was in the kitchen and dropped the plate she was drying. “My god Craig, what happened to you? Who did this?” she screamed as she ran towards me.

“Just let me sit down,” I said and she helped me to the sofa, returning to the kitchen. She came back, bringing a bowl of hot water and a cloth. She began to wipe the blood away from my face.

“Was this Gordy?” she enquired.

“Mum just leave it,” I said.

“No, Craig. Look at the state of you. I’m taking you to the hospital to get you checked out.” She put down the bowl and helped me to my feet. Three hours later we were heading back home in a taxi, me with two cracked ribs and plasters over my eye and a whole heap of questions that she wanted answers for. Surprisingly when we got back I was sent to bed and the matter was not pushed any further but I knew that answers would be required sooner rather than later.

The next morning my mother brought me breakfast in bed. “How you feeling?” she asked.

“Still a bit sore, but better than yesterday” I replied.

“Okay. Well eat up, but I’ve taken the day off work so we’ll have a little chat later.” she said, leaving the room. There was nothing else for it; I was going to have to tell her the whole story. She returned about an hour later and pulled up a chair beside my bed.

“So what’s this all about then?” she asked.

“Just a minor disagreement,” I replied.

“Look you don’t get beaten up like that for something minor. It was Gordy, wasn’t it?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, I’ll just go round there and ask him then.”

“No,” I said. “I’ll tell you.” For the next half hour I told her of how I had longed to be part of a group and had felt so alone and how we had got into some scrapes and how I had been coerced into this plot against Eddie, and how I had been dressing as Nikki to frame him. Needless to say, I left out all the weird things that had happened along the way.

She looked at me in wide-eyed amazement at the things I was telling her. “I’m not sure I believe you,”

“See for yourself,” I said telling her about the bag of clothes. She went to the dresser and pulling out the bag she emptied it on the floor there were the shoes I had borrowed, the breast forms, the short skirt, top and lingerie I had been wearing a couple of night’s previously.

“So that’s why you were reluctant to go and get your hair cut?” she said. I nodded. “Oh, Craig, I never knew you felt so alone and to do this only to be part of a group. But in the end, dear, I think you did the right thing. You can’t waste someone’s life over something as trivial as that. Now where does Lesley stay?” she asked, putting all the clothing in the bag. “I’ll let her have it back. It’s okay, I won’t say anything, I’ll just leave it on the doorstep.” I gave her the address and she said, “Get some rest. I won’t be alone."

To Be Continued...

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