Embracing Justice -chp 10

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.


Donald Mallard was in high spirits as he left his office on the third floor of the Federal building in downtown Toledo. It has been eleven years since he was here last. Back then he had been a brash young District Attorney for the Department of Justice. He was practically exiled to the far frozen north for the way he had handled the Capizeo cast. It wasn’t his fault that no one would believe him when he tried to get that little shit to confess his own crimes.

That kid was a killer and Don knew it. He just couldn’t prove it. So what if the kid was giving them everything to take down the Organization. That little fucker should have been behind bars with the rest of those slime balls.
Then just when he was starting to make headway in getting the kid to confess they go and put the little shit in Wit-Sec, and remove him from formal custody. All of his hard work down the drain. Weeks of interrogation out the window. Then there was the fact that if he wanted to question the kid he had to deal with that cunt Deputy Rose.

No matter what he tried she would get in the way. Why couldn’t these people see that the kid was a killer? That thought plagued him to this day. Not that it mattered in the long run. He made sure of that by telling Marko DiFronzo who had ratted them out. Joey Capizeo died on the courthouse steps in front of God and everyone else.
That three of those stupid ass Deputies also died was just icing on the cake. If they hadn’t got in the way then they would still be alive and Capizeo would be behind bars where he belonged. Now though he had the case that would allow him to get back at Marshal Rose, CDM David Earp, and those fools in the Justice Department. In his briefcase was the court order that would give him access to those sealed files for the Witness Protection Program.
He would finally be able to go after all those scumbags that escaped justice.

As he was taking the elevator to the fifth floor Mallard was truly in a good mood. Exiting the elevator Mallard headed for his Town car. He never even heard the dark clothed individual that came up behind him. In fact the last thing DA Donald ‘the duck’ Mallard would see would be the blade of the knife that would take his life. The light flashed off the edge of the KA-Bar knife as it passed in front of his eyes and the hand that covered his mouth from behind. Don barely felt the edge of the knife as it bit into the flesh of his neck.

Freddie ‘the knife’ Krueger smiled as the DA fell lifelessly to the ground. Picking the dead man up by his underarms Freddie dragged him over to the far side of the Town car. Once there Freddie quickly reached the body. Jason said to make the man disappear and Freddie knew where to make that happen. Pulling out the dead man’s car keys Freddie opened the back door and put him in the back seat. Returning to where Don had dropped his briefcase Freddie found that it was still closed and locked. Not wanting to waste time opening it in the garage he throws it in back with the body.

Getting in Freddie started the big car up and pulled out. As Freddie was exiting the parking garage the big car was engulfed in a ball of flame and smoke. The explosion shook windows and doors for three square city blocks. The shockwave set off car and burglar alarms up to six blocks away. It would take the local Police Department three weeks to figure out that there were two bodies in the twisted and mangled wreckage of the Town car. It would seem that Donald Mallard was not a well-liked man. The investigation into the car bombing of the former DA would be bogged down by dead ends and false leads so much that it would become a cold case in a matter of weeks.

For Freddie Krueger his remains they would lie in the coroner’s office unclaimed and unidentified for weeks on end. They would eventually windup in a pauper’s grave under the name of John Doe 1776301. No one would ever shed a tear for the killer and rapist. Not even his own family would ever come looking for the man who had disgraced them by his actions.

A lone figure watches from the shadows of a side alley as police, fire, and ambulance services arrive on scene. With a smile it watches as justice has been served finally after twelve long years. Annette DeMarco may have not been the son her father wanted, but she was definitely his daughter. As she turned to leave the scene Annette placed a single white tulip on a nearby mailbox. She knew that the CSI crew would find her calling card once they started looking for clues. She wanted everyone to know who killed Don Mallard.

If she had stuck around a little long she would have seen the fire spread out of control to the surrounding cars. When the fire department finally got the fire under control their fire hose’s had done their work to wash away any evidence as to who had planted the bomb. No one really paid any attention to the lone tulip that floated down the gutter on a stream of water bound for the Great Lakes. Justice may have been Annette DeMarco’s goal but instead she created one of the greatest mysteries to ever surround the Great Lakes.

Meanwhile across town……

“Hay, Sam can you come in here for a minute?” Bobby called out from the kitchen. When Sam entered the kitchen she found Bobby, Hunter, and Bat all looking at one of their laptops.

“What’s up, Bobby?”

“Sam, have you looked at all of the files on this flash drive?” Hunter asked her.

“No. Why?”

“Sam, there are files on here that are heavily encrypted. I haven’t seen this type of encryption since my days in the Army. If I had to guess I would say they were stripped straight from the server memory in a raw format.” Hunter was using the mouse pad to highlight the files that had the three men so intrigued. “The last time I saw this kind of security it was on the invasion plans for Iraq.”

Looking over Hunter’s shoulder Sam read the names of the files. Even she couldn’t make heads or tails of the file names. There was one though that grabbed her attention. French Rose was the name of a private maid service, so why would it be the name of a file on the LOG server. When Sam clicked on the file to open it open she was asked for a ten character password. The fact that this file had that kind of security even made Sam nervous.

“Look guys I think we need to wait for Kristine to get done with the docs before we go screwing around with these files.” When Bobby and the others started to object Sam held up her finger to forestall them. “Look as much as I hate to say this, but that little girl is a major league hacker. If anyone can get into those files with what we have here, it’ll be her.”

“Sam I don’t want my niece any more involved in this mess than she already is. I made a promise long ago to her mama to try and keep her safe. If those files are that heavily encrypted then what is on them could be a death sentence.” Bat was really showing his over protectiveness as Kristine’s uncle. “But if you’re right, then we need to get her to really look at these files.”

“Alright, I agree with you that these files are mostly likely as you said a death sentence. Let’s wait for Kristine to get done then ask her if she will try to break the coding on those files. If she says no we drop it and hope the guys over in the Internet crime division and computer forensics departments can crack the code. I agree with Bat on this one Sam. I don’t think I can put that little girl in any more danger than she already is.” Hunter’s response was a little too close to being that of a big brother for Sam’s liking.

“Same here, with me, Sam. That is three to one if you want to try this with Kristine. I know I am no computer genius like some people. However even I can tell that is some heavy duty encryption there on those files. Whatever is in there will get someone killed. Don’t ask me how I know this; just call it my gut talking to me.” Bobby was the last person that Sam thought would take the position of hands off.

“Ok, guys, I get it. You’re not happy with my idea, but Kristine may be the only one here who can get us answers. Oh, and for the record, I hate this as much as you all do. For some reason I have a feeling that there is some really crazy and nasty shit in those files.” Sam let the worry creep into her voice as she told the guys her feelings on the matter. Sam and the other deputies were interrupted before anything more could be discussed.

“Sam, I’m ready to see you now.” Called out Doctor Gail Whitmore from the home office. When Sam didn’t reply right away Gail called out to her again only this time she wasn’t polite about it. “Samantha, get your scrawny ass in here. Don’t make me come out there and drag you back here.”

“I’m coming Gail. No need to get bitchy about it already.” Sam’s comment had the three men chuckling. All three knew that Samantha Justice had a real hate and fear for doctors, of any type. Once she had entered the home office Bat turned to Bobby.

“Bobby, I need you to tell me something. You have been Sam’s partner for more than anyone else in the service. So you know her better than anyone. Is Sam dealing with a full deck?” Bat was worried and so was Hunter. Neither man wanted to ask if the fiery little deputy was not up to doing the job.

“Bat, trust me. Sam is more than able to do the job. Before you ask why she is seeing Gail I’ll tell you. About two years ago we had a case that involved a serial rapist and murder. It involved kids. The case really got to her. In fact I think that is why she is so driven to help out Kristine. If there is a problem Sam will tell Gail. Sam has always been a professional when it comes to the job. She won’t endanger Kristine or us for her ego. She is too much of a deputy to do that.” The fact that Bobby was defending his partner so passionately only made the two men trust her that much more.

“Ok brother. I just want to know if she is letting her emotions get the better of her judgment. We all know that when emotions get mixed in with this type of work people can get hurt. I just don’t want Kristine getting hurt. Are we good on that front or should I request a new deputy be assigned as her handler?”

“Bat, if you do that we will have a real mess on our hands.”

“What do you mean, Bobby?” hunter asked him.

“You’ve seen how Kristine looks up to Sam already. Your niece sees Sam as the perfect big sister. Sam ain’t much better, to her Kristine is like having her kid sisters back. Look just give it a few days to see how things go. If things start to get out of hand I’ll make the call myself.” When Bobby finished laying out his proposal Hunter and Bat looked at each other.

Hunter reached into his back pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to Bat. “You were right. He has it bad. The question is what are we going to do about it?”

“Not a damn thing partner. So long as they don’t cross the line we keep our mouths shut.” Bat took the twenty and stuffed it into his wallet.

“Just what the hell are you two talking about?” snapped Bobby. Even though he had a good idea Bobby wasn’t going to let them know it.

“Amigo, we have both been watching you and Sam all day long. Hell everyone in the office think you two make a great looking couple.” Hunter put in before he really dropped a bomb on Bobby. “Shit man there is even a pool going on when the two of you will set the date.”

You could have knocked Bobby over with a feather at this piece of news. He had gone out of his way to keep his feelings for Sam hidden. The fact that there was a betting pool going on was not a good thing in his eyes. If Sam found out about it whoever was running the pool better take out a life insurance policy. “Look guys there is nothing going on between me and Sam. That woman is too set on her career to have a love interest. As for me, well let’s just say that Sam isn’t my type and leave it at that ok?”

Bobby should have known better than to try and B.S. a pair of seasoned deputies like Hunter and Bat. The two of them just sat there and started to chuckle. They both knew that Bobby was in love with Sam. They had seen the signs in more than one of their fellow deputies over the years, especially Bat. He had lost more than one partner to the marriage aisle.

Bobby just shook his head and left the two older deputies to themselves. As he walked around the house waiting for Sam and Kristine to get done with the docs he thought about his feelings for Sam. Sure he knew he loved her, but could he really tell her. He knew the policy about deputies being in relationships with another deputy. One of them would have to transfer to another department. Could he really do that to Sam?

When he first met Sam she was working cold cases. She was damn good at finding clues where others missed something. She could easily go back to cold case without a problem, but there was a problem with that. The problem being Kristine. No matter how he looked at the situation he knew that Sam would never leave her. Also he had orders from the Marshal to protect Kristine. Sure he could request a new assignment, but if he did that he might as well hand in his badge. In his wonderings he found himself upstairs around the bedrooms.

He noticed how two of the rooms had a very feminine feel to them, while one was pretty empty. Most of the furniture was missing, and it had the feel of a young man about it, but not quite masculine either. He could tell this was Sam’s old bedroom. This room held a lot of ghosts. Bobby’s mother had always said that he was more sensitive than most when it came to feeling spirits. He knew that this was where Sam was earlier when Dorothy and David showed up. Deciding to let the ghosts remain undisturbed Bobby headed back downstairs.

As he walked down the stair case he could hear a conversation taking place in the living room. “So this shot is supposed to do what exactly doctor?”

“What it will do, Kristine, is help level out your hormone levels. From what I can tell by my examination of you my dear you have been taking illegal hormones for some time now. Don’t you realize how dangerous that is?”

“Um… no sir.”

“Kristine, you could have gotten yourself killed. Now this is what we’re going to do.” Bobby turned away as the doc went on to tell Kristine his plan for her medical care, and what all she could expect. This was not something he wanted to hear. It was bad enough he had already over heard what he had. The thought of changing his body the way Kristine was and Sam had already done was a little unsettling for him.

Walking into the family room he found that the T.V. was on and there was a special news report playing. Reaching over and picking up the remote he turned up the volume. The on scene reporter was just starting to explain what he had learned. “At this time Steve all the police have been able to tell me is that it was D.A. Donald Mallard that the car belonged to. From what I have been able to learn so far the D.A. had a long list of enemies. He was known for his hard stance on crime. For the past twelve years he worked in the northwestern office for the Justice Department. In that time he was able to prosecute and convict over one hundred and eight murders, break up three organized crime syndicates, and helped with taking apart more drug run organizations than any other D.A. in that area. He was known for his ability to turn low level and mid-level criminals against their bosses.”

“Hunter, Bat, get in here guys! You have got to see this report! I think we have a problem!” Bobby called out to the two other deputies. He knew deep down in his gut that things just got a whole lot more serious.

“What are you yelling about Bobby?” was the general consensus as more than just Hunter and Bat joined Bobby in the family room. In fact the other three adults had rushed to find out what had Bobby so upset.

Bobby merely pointed to the T.V. broadcast. Everyone turned to watch and listen as the reporter repeated what he had learned so far. As they stood there Sam let out a sigh of relief. As much as she hated the fact that a man had died she wouldn’t be shedding any tears over him. She remembered the hell that Donald Mallard had put her through all those years ago. She had never been able to prove it, but deep down she knew he was the one who had leaked the location of their safe house back then. She was also kind of happy that he wouldn’t be the one handling Kristine’s case now. She kept her feelings to herself. Sam knew if her feeling were known she could be pulled from the detail. Thankfully it was someone else who voiced how Sam felt.

“As much as I hate to say this, but it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving ass hat than the Duck.”
Everyone turned to look at Doc Gail. “I know what you all are about to say, but that sack of shit has given me more patients than I care to comment on. I spent four of the last twelve years in his district. You should hear some of the things I get told by those he has used to get his convictions. I swear he is no better than some of the scum he puts on trial. I know for a fact that I and three other doctors have filed complaints against his treatment of witnesses, but for some reason they have all been ignored by his superiors.”

“Damn, Gail. Don’t hold back on your opinion about the man. However you do raise a valid point here. If he has treated that many people like the way you’re describing one of them could have killed him out of revenge.”

“Bat, I know for a fact he has at least a file cabinet full of enemies.” Gail told them all. “I won’t put it past one of them doing this.”

“Um… I hate to say this but you can find everything you need to know on how to build a car bomb on the net.” Kristine told them all. When Sam and others looked at her Kristine blushed. “If I can borrow a laptop I’ll show you.”
Sam went over to hers and opened it up. “Here use mine, Kristine.”

They all watched as Kristine first opened a web browser then typed in a command on the search line. Soon they were all reading about how to build a remote controlled car bomb. Then Kristine showed them how to order the needed parts to build one. After that Kristine decided to show off, she just couldn’t help herself. She opened a secure line to a private email account that no one knew she had. One for Kmasterson2000.

Both Sam and Bobby looked at what was on the screen and damn near shit themselves. Right here in their protective custody was one of the most wanted hackers in the country. Here they were looking for Kmasterson2000 as being a man with years and years of experience in cybercrimes not some teenage girl.

“Do you mean to tell me you’re Kmasterson2000? Kristine you said you were good not that you were one of the most wanted hackers in the damn country.” At Sam’s accusation everyone looked down at the teenager.

“Um… well… um… you see it is like this. I would get bored sitting around the house all the time if I wasn’t at school or a turnaround I would tell my father I was going to the library. He never really thought about where I was really going. I would go over to the College Campus and go to the computer labs. They all knew who I was so they let me come in and play around. They just didn’t realize they were letting in one of the biggest hackers there is.” The girl had the good sense to appear embarrassed. “I just could help myself. I just had to see if I could get into some of those systems and not get caught.”

Before any of the adults can say something they hear the sound of a car crash come from the laptop. Kristine turns and sees that she has an email from an old friend. Someone she has not heard from in over ten months. Not waiting to ask permission from the others Kristine opens the email.


Help! I don’t know if you will get this email, but I hope that you do. I was kidnapped and transformed against my will. I doubt you would recognize me with the way I look now. Listen K the people who did this to me are coming for you. They have sent their head of security to either recruit you or kill you. They know it was you who cracked their secure server’s. They want their ‘black files’ back. One way or another.

They are also after some kid by the name of John Masterson. When they find him they are going to do to him what they did to me. You have to help this kid K. Don’t let these monsters do what they did to me to this kid. Whatever you do you have to at least help him out. I know you are a White hat.

I have included the passwords to the ‘black files’ in the attachment. I don’t know what all is in there, but I know it is bad. K you have to stop the LOG Party. These people are crazy evil.


“Oh shit. They got Kenny McCormack.” Kristine was in shock at seeing this email. She knew that her online friend Kennymac has been missing for more than ten months now. She like everyone else thought that Kenny had finally been busted by their parents and been thrown out of their home. Kenny had said on more than one occasion that his parents were big time holy rollers, real fire and brimstone Christians.

“Kristine, who is that email from?” asked Sam. “And does anybody else know about this email account?”

“Sam, guys, as you have already guessed I am a hell of a lot better than I let on you first asked me about my computer skills. Yes I am Kmasterson2000. Yes I didn’t need my father’s passwords to get into the LOG server. I could have hacked that piece of iron in my sleep. It has so many holes in its security protocols that it’s a joke. The problem is that law enforcement and all those security agencies have to have a judge to sign off on a warrant to get the info. Hackers don’t care about that stuff. If we want to get in we will; it’s that simple. As for who that email is from they are a friend of mine from one of the online chat rooms for LBGT Teens. As for anyone knowing about this email account, besides my friends, don’t make me laugh. I have had this baby for over two years now and not even the white hats over in the alphabets have been able to find it. Even then there are so many layers between me and that account I’ll know about anyone hacking it long before they get to me.”

Bat, Hunter, and Bobby couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Sam however was fighting with herself between giggling and wanting to strangle Kristine. The number five most wanted hacker in the country was right there in front of her. The person she has been hunting for, for the last six months, was at last within her grasp and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do. In fact she was given the duty of protecting that person and she cared for that person as if they were a kid sister. Little did Sam know that Bobby was having the same thoughts.

“You said you were good kiddo. Not that you were the number five most wanted hacker in the damn country.” Snapped Bobby.

“It is not my fault you didn’t ask the right questions.” Kristine pouted.

All four deputies started to laugh at Kristine’s antics. Now that they know who was the real Kmasterson2000 they couldn’t help but laugh. At one time or another in the last two years all four had worked the case looking for this little girl. Sam could only smile at just how sneaky Kristine has been able keeping her securities. If nothing else they had a new weapon against the LOG. What did bother her though was the death threat against Kristine.

“Kristine, honey before you and I have a little talk about your illegal activities you need to go finish up your exam and get dressed.” Sam told her with a smile that took the sting out of her words.

“Ok, if you need anything just let me get dressed and I’ll be right back.” Kristine turned and headed off with the Doc. Sam just smiled as she watched the young girl walk away. For most reason Sam knew that despite everything going on in her life right now that Kristine was happy for the first time in a long time.

“It’s good to see her smiling again.” Bat commented from where he was sitting at the table. When those still in the room looked over at him Bat realized he needed to explain. “Kristine hasn’t smiled much since her mother was killed. On the few times that me and the misses visited her and her father we could tell that she was having problems. It was my wife who first got that ass clown brother of mine to take her to see a therapist.”

“Did you ever think that she might be transgendered, Bat?” Gail asked him.

“To be honest Gail, no. if anything I thought she was gay or she just couldn’t get past the loss of her mother. No matter what me or the wife tried we just could never get Kristine to open up to us. I know that when she started to go to these turnaround parties she started to come out of her depression. Other than that I just couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Then my brother cut off all contact with us.”

“Excuse me Bat, but would that be about the time that your current sister-in-law came into the picture?” Bobby asked him.

“No, it was about a year after Kristine started to go to the Turnaround parties. Why what are you thinking Bobby?”

“Look we all know that something is rotten in Denmark here. When Kristine gets done we need her to open those ‘black files’ for us. I believe that the answer to all of our questions will be answered then. But to answer your question Bat, I believe that your soon to be ex-sister-in-law is way more involved than she is letting on. In fact I have a really bad feeling about her not making it to the courtroom, let alone the county jail.” The look on Bobby’s face let everyone know just what he thought.

“You don’t really think they’ll try to make her disappear do you?” Hunter asked the question out loud.

“Yes I do. If anything else Caroline Masterson is a loose end that needs to be tied up, not to mention your brother. It is just a gut feeling but for some reason I feel that someone over at the LOG is tying up loose ends. Those two are some real big loose ends. If we can get either one to flip and turn states evidence it would put one more nail in the coffin for the LOG.”

“Hold on here, folks. Are you saying that this whole case involves the Law, Order, and God Party?” asked a very stunned Gail.

“Gail, you didn’t hear anything.” Hunter said with some heat. He never trusted shrinks no matter who they worked for.

“Cool your jets Hunter; if there is one shrink you can trust it is Gail. She has worked with more protected than most of our shrinks.” Sam told the man before turning to look at her longtime friend. “To answer your question yes Gail this case involves the LOG party.”

“In that case there is someone you need to meet. Have you ever heard of Annette DeMarco?” she asked of them all. Only Sam had any reaction to the name. Annette had been a friend of hers back when she was still living as a boy. She was also the only member of the DeMarco family to not go to jail. “By your reaction Sam I take it that you know the girl.”

“You could say that, Gail.”

“Sam is she the one that got away?” Bobby asked her. When Sam just nodded her head he started to curse like a long shore man. When he finished he looked around the room at the looks of confusion on the faces of the others there. “Sam I think Bat, Hunter, and Gail needs to know. Do you want me to tell them or do you want to handle this?”

“Bobby I’ll let you handle it. I don’t think that I can go through the story again. I am going for a walk around the block. Bobby I’ll let you decide how much you want to tell them. You have the password to the file if you need to show it to them to back up the story.” As Sam turned to leave Bat joined her.

“I’ll join you, Sam. I need to get some fresh air.” Looking over at his partner Hunter. “Hunt, no matter what you see or read, understand something. Samantha Justice is one of the finest Deputies there is on active duty. She has my full backing and respect.”

“Gotcha old man. I’ll keep my mind open, and my mouth shut.” Hunter didn’t know what all was going on with Sam but if Bat had that kind of trust in her then he would too. Hunter had learned long ago to trust in Bat judgment of people. It had kept them safe on more than one occasion.

“Come on Sam. Let’s go for that walk.” Bat lead the way to the front door. “Besides I want to check out the neighborhood. This place has changed a great deal from twelve years ago. I want to make sure we can make a fast get away without any problems if we have to.”

As the two of them left the house Bobby turned to Hunter, and began to tell him about a young man by the name of Joey Capizeo. Outside Bat didn’t say anything to Sam as they walked down the driveway and out to the sidewalk. Once outside of the fenced yard Bat spoke for the first time. “Sure has changed a lot in the past twelve years, hasn’t it Sam?”

“You have no idea, Bat. The last time I was here eighty to ninety percent of these homes weren’t even built. See that white on the right hand side of the street?” at his nod Sam continued. “It was one of the models the Developer had built for the subdivision. I used to laugh at the customers that would come here to see that house only to walk away shaking their heads at how ugly it was on the inside. It was all part of the scam to keep this place underdeveloped. This whole subdivision was supposed to be a tax write off for the mob. By the way how do you know so much about this area?”

“Back about thirteen years ago I was part of the team that was tasked with taking down the Organization here in the Great Lakes area. When your family was killed we thought that our chances for taking them down were done. Then you just walk in to the field office and offer them up to us on a silver platter. I used to dream of raiding your family’s house with the search warrant that would finally get us the evidence to haul the Organization in.” there was a note of nostalgia in the man voice.

“Ok, that explains some but how is it that you know this was my old neighborhood? I mean you act like you know something about my past.” Sam was looking over at Bat as they walked along the street.

“Sam, please don’t get pissed, but when I first heard of this hot shit, good looking, little deputy that was solving some of the biggest cold cases there were I just had to find out who they were. What I found impressed me and I wanted to know more. When I found that story of how you were an orphan and that Dorothy Rose was your guardian or something I smelled a cover up. So I used my connections over in records to do a little digging.”

“And when you found the Wet Sec file you put two and two together and came up with what?”

“That you were hiding from your past and you were connected to a high profile case somewhere. That led me to what should have been destroyed but wasn’t. The majority of that file is blacked out, but I was able to piece together enough to figure out who you were. I only have one question. How in the world did you get the clearance to become a deputy?”

“That was simple Bat. I just left the program to become a deputy. It took a lot of whining and pleading with Dorothy to get her to sign off on my application but I had to become a deputy.”

“Ok, kiddo that explains some of it, but it doesn’t explain your name.”

Sam smiled up at Bat. Like most people who met her, Bat wanted to know about her name. Taking a few minutes to compose her thoughts Sam explained to Bat how she came up with her name. When she finished Bat was smiling.

“Sam I have to admit that it is a fitting tribute to those three deputies.” Before he could finish though Sam turned white. “What’s the matter kid? You look like you have just seen a ghost or something.”

Pointing to a house down the street where a Lincoln Town car just pulled in with a shaking hand. Sam just whispered. “She hasn’t changed in over twelve years.”

Looking at the young woman who was exiting the car Bat couldn’t figure out whom or what had Sam so upset.
“Sam, I need a little more to go on here. Who is that woman and why are you so upset?”

“Remember how I told you about how this neighborhood was supposed to be a tax write off for the mob?” Bat nodded his head yes. “Well to make it more legal they built ten homes around here. One of which is that one over there. The owner was one Robert DeMarco and that woman is his daughter, Annette DeMarco. If I remember right her father was killed three months after the Organization was taken down in a jailhouse stabbing. Robert cut a deal with the Justice Department that pretty much made sure his wife and daughter were left alone. She and her mother were able to keep the house but that was it. The last time I saw her was at the trial against the Organization. We once close as sisters. When they killed her father she had a minor breakdown. She blamed everyone for his death. The one she held responsible the most was DA Mallard.”

“Do you think that she could have killed Mallard?”

“To be honest with you Bat. I don’t know. If she did do it, I don’t even know if I could arrest her. Before you ask yes if I had ever been given the chance and I could have gotten away with it I would have done the deed myself. Mallard destroyed more lives than anyone can count. He was one of those dirt bag attorneys who believe that no one is truly innocent in the Wet Sec Program. If you don’t believe me just ask Gail when we get back to the house. Speaking of which we need to be heading back.”

As they turned to head back to the house Sam gave her one time friend a last look. As much as Sam wanted to know how Annette was doing there was no way she could talk to her. She knew that to do so would cause far too many problems. She knew that it was far too dangerous to try and talk to Annette.

Annette DeMarco was in high spirits as she walked to the front door of her home. For twelve long years she was unable to get revenge for her family and what that DA had done to them. There were only two more people she needed to kill and she will be able to finally walk away from this double life. Every cop or federal agent knew of and wanted to capture the elusive Lady Tulip. For ten years now the beautiful assassin has killed or politically destroyed every one of the people involved with her father’s trial and murder.

Now there were only two left and she would finally be done. The man who had killed her father but was never convicted and the bastard that got him off. She just needed to find Preston Carstairs III and Jason Voorhees. She knew where one of them was but getting to Carstairs was problematic at best. As for Voorhees the man was a mystery. He was never in the same place more than a few days at a time. He was constantly on the move.

As she approached the door to her home Annette gets sight of a young woman and an old man walking down the street toward the old Capizeo house. Looking at the backside of the young woman Annette was surprised at how much she reminded her of her old friend Stephany. At first Annette thought she was seeing a ghost as she knew for a fact that Stephany or Joey has been dead almost thirteen years now. The day her friend was killed on the courthouse steps was almost more than she could handle. Yes she knew that Joey was the one to start the ball rolling that would take down the Organization, but she understood his motive. The Organization had killed his family, not just his father but his mother and two sisters. If the Organization had done that to her family she would have done the same thing.

Going inside Annette shook the feeling of seeing the ghost of her long dead friend off. Heading upstairs Annette goes straight to the master bedroom. As she steps inside she smiles at the two women she finds there. “I’m home momma.”

The old woman just smiled up at her daughter. “Did you have fun on your date dear?” for Maria DeMarco the sun rose and set on her little girl.

“Yes mama, I had a great time. My date ended with a real bang.”

-------------------------------- To be continued ------------------------------

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