Leigh Anne - Chapter 12

Leigh Anne - Chapter 12
by StarPrincess

Part 1 - The evening before the big game.

The bus pulled up to Hampton Senior High School and the girls all got off the bus and went to their waiting parents. Leigh was still thinking about the upcoming nuptials that her parents want to go through to renew their vows. Then something crossed her mind, almost as if there was another person hiding inside of her.

"Don't think about what your parents are going to go through. Just concentrate on the upcoming match."

Leigh got in the car, fastened her seat belt, then told her mother what she was thinking about.

"Mom, I was thinking that I am going to concentrate on the match tomorrow. We are going to practice at Birn University in the morning, then we are going right to Gaynor High for the match. If we win, we are on the way to Lansing. If we win at state, we will go to Jacksonville for the nationals."

"You will do fine, Leigh." her mother replied. "You just need to focus on what is important right now. Your team is depending on you to pull them through."

"That's just it, mom. I'm only one player on the team. When did they put and 'I' in team?"

"I know, Leigh, but they came to you, because next to the injured girl, the Lady Tigers knew you were the best. I have seen you play. You're good and could be a professional tennis player after high school. If you go to college, you could play tennis there, too. Don't feel bad about the team laying all their chips on you. You are better than you think you are."

"Honey, we will be there tomorrow afternoon, when the Lady Tigers play the Lady Cougars. Right now, though, sweetie, just concentrate on the game. After the game, then you can concentrate on other things."

"Alright, mom."

Leigh decided that her mom was right. The most pressing thing right now, was the final game to see who goes to Lansing. Leigh put everything else out of her mind for now, and decided that winning tomorrow was important. She couldn't let the team down. After all, they approached her and she agreed to be their substitute. She wondered if Janey would be at the game tomorrow.

"Leigh, would you like to help with the dinner?" Her mother asked.

"Yes, mom, I would." Leigh replied.

"Did you want to watch television after dinner?"

"Yes, mom. I thought I would watch the tennis channel to see if I can pick up any hints they would give on their programs."

"That sounds like a wise choice, dear," Her mother replied. "I will watch it with you. Two brains are actually better than one."
"Except where boys are concerned." Both ladies giggled.

"Well, dear, boys have two heads and don't know how to use the big one between their shoulders. Anyway, I will pop a little popcorn and we can sit and snack while we look for tennis hints you can use in tomorrow's game. Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"No, mom, just a few things I can use against Gaynor. They are so smug because they come from rich or well to do families. Tomorrow, the Lady Tigers are going to have the Lady Cougars for lunch."

"Alright, let's get the dinner on the table, then. Tell your father it is time for him to wash his hands and come to dinner. You have to do that with men, sometimes, because they either forget to wash their hands, or they just think dirt is cool." Both lades giggled, again, and Leigh went to get her father.

"Dad, mom said to wash your hands and come to dinner."

"Okay, punkin', I'm coming."

When Leigh's father came to the table, hands washed, shirt tucked in, nails cleaned and hair brushed, Leigh let out a whistle.

"Wow, dad, got a hot date?"

"Yes, punkin, I do. She is sitting right here," he said, giving his wife a kiss on the neck. "And, I have another hot date right here," he added, giving Leigh a kiss on the cheek. "A man couldn't ask for prettier ladies to dine with than what I have here, right now."

"Are you going to be at Gaynor tomorrow, when we play the Lady Cougars?"

"Yes, punkin, we are. When I saw you play, I knew you were all girl. So, as I asked before; can you forgive a foolish old man for being so pig headed?"

"Oh daddy," was all Leigh could say, giving him a big hug.

As they passed around the food, Leigh's father explained why he had a change of heart. He said he had to come to a game and watched Leigh Anne play, before he decided anything else. He said that what amazed him, was how Leigh could be so feminine and graceful. He said that kind of attitde doesn't come over night, but, comes from years of growing in to the body that is graceful. He also stated that he had talked to a doctor who was recommended to him by a friend.

He also added, that this friend wanted to know what took him so long in realizing that Leigh was very feminine. This friend said that ptractically the whole school knew Leigh was a girl. That is why she never had any problems at school. So, this friend told him to go and see this doctor, and explain it to him what you have against Leigh being the girl that she is.

When he went to see this doctor, she told him that it was not uncommon for a 13 year old male to come out, either to his/her friends or parents. The sad thing is, she said, that most parents, especially the fathers, are more than likely to reject the idea that his "son" is claiming to be a female.

This doctor advised him to observe his child in his/her activities. So, that was when he decided to go to the tennis matches and watch Leigh in action.

"But, daddy, why didn't you let us know you were there?"

"Because, I wanted to see for myself, what everybody had said about you. After seeing you play two days in a row, I decided to talk to your mother and ask her forgiveness for being so selfish. I was only thinking about myself, and worried about what other people might say, do, or even think about my son wearing dresses. But, punkin', you never were my son, were you?"

"No, daddy. If the tennis squad hadn't of come up to me, when they did, I was going to talk to you that night."

"Dear," Geri Smythe said, looking at her husband. "Dr. Sam has told me that Leigh is a female and has to have a corrective procedure done to open the vagina. We have talked about this, and Dr. Sam wants this procedue done right after the game tomorrow. This way, Leigh won't miss any games at the state tournament level."

"So, what you are saying is, that Leigh is genetically female?"

"Yes, dear. It took this episode with the girls tennis sqad to bring this out. If Dr. Sam hadn't ordered the tests Leigh went through, we may never have known the truth. So, tomorrow, right after the game, Dr. Sam wants Leigh in the hospital. She will be there for a few days, just to make sure no infections set in. After that, she comes home, and resumes practice with the squad. State isn't for another two weeks after tomorrow's game."

"Now I do need your forgiveness, punkin'. I wonder if the doctor who delivered you can be sued?"

"Dear, Dr. Sam delivered Leigh. Whatever mix up happened, happened when the birth certificate was filed by the hospital. We need too look in to this. I will talk to Dr. Sam. If I am not mistaken, Dr. Sam had another doctor there when Leigh was born. That is the doctor we need to look at. I will call her first thing in the morning."

"I have to go to Traverse City tomorrow. I have to see a few people about a load of lumber."

"But, dear, you're an auto mechanic. What do you need with a load of lumber?"

"It's a surprise."

"What kind of a surprise?"

"Well, if I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise."

"I suppose we can wait for the surprise. Let me ask this, then. Is it for anyone in this house?" Geri Smythe asked her husband.

"Honey, I can't tell you, it's a surprise."

"Mom, let's get the dinner dishes done. Then we can gang up on daddy."

Everyone said they were full, anyway, so Geri and Leigh cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink. While Geri ran the water to wash the dishes, Leigh cleaned off the table and swept and mopped the dining room floor.

After Leigh was finished in the dining room, she went in the kitchen. She helped her mother with the rest of the dihes, even helping to put them away. After everything was cleaned up and put away, Geri Smythe said to her daughter.

"Let's go and find out what the surprise is, that your father doesn't want us to know about." They both went in to the living room.

"Oh, daddy, dear. What is the surprise that you need lumber for?"

"Well, punkin', I can tell you this. It is bigger than a bread box and smaller than the sun."

"Oh, daddy! I don't know, I just don't know what I am going to do with you. You tell us you have to go to Traverse City to pick up a load of lumber. We ask you why you need lumber and you say it is a surprise. If you didn't want us asking about it, why did you even mention it?"

"I shouldn't have said anything. But, you know us guys. We talk without thinking."

"Yes, dear," Geri Smythe said, looking at her husband, with a broad smile. "I'm sure that whatever the surprse is, it will be worth waiting for."
"I will say this," Leigh's father added. "Whatever it is, is definitely worth waiting for. You will see when it is finished."

"Alright, dear, you can have this little secret. But, I want to know one thing. Why are you doing this now?"

"Gives me something to do, when I'm not working at the garage. IHe's my accountant. Anyway, this surprise is something the women of the family can use. So, ladies, let your imaginations run wild."

"Daddy, has anybody said you were silly?"

"No, punkin', they haven't."

"Well, daddy, guess what. You're silly."

"Yes, I guess I am at that. But, when you're over forty and losing your hair, you have a right to be silly."

"Oh! Daddy, honestly."

With this light banter going on, nobody paid any attention to the television. Before long, it was time for bed.

Leigh went to her room to get ready for bed. She got out her nightgown that had a picture of Minnie Mouse on it. Leigh loved everything Disney. Leigh took a quick shower, and got in to her nightgown and crawled in to bed. She was asleep in seconds.
When you play tennis for your school, professionally, or even as a weekend sport, you are tired because of all of the exercise. So, Leigh was definitely tired. Tomorrow after the game, she was supposed to go to the hospital for a minor non-invasive procedure.

When the alarm clock struck five thirty and decided to make a whole lot of racket, Leigh wanted to throw it out the window. Instead, she swung her feet out from under the covers, and with bath caddy in hand, robe and slippers on, she padded off to the bathoom.

Making sure to use her lilac perfumed soap, she washed herslef all over, then, after rinsing off, she grabbed the soft terry cloth towel, and padded herself dry. She stepped in to her slippers and just put her robe on. She put her nightgown in the laundry. She went in to her bedroom and started to get dressed.

She will wear her tennis outfit today, because they are practicing at Birn college and then going right from there to Gaynor Senior High School for the tournament match against the Lady Cougars. It is the winner of this match that will go to the state tournament in Lansing. After putting on a little mascara, and then getting out her tennis skirt and jersey, she fumbled around for her glitch pants. She took her tennis dress in the school colors and placed it very carefully in her backpack. Taking everything with her to the kitchen, she found that she was the only one up. So far.

She began making her breakfast of two scrambled eggs, two strips of crisp bacon, one slice of toast, milk and orange juice. The bacon was put in frying pan first, so as to create a greased pan. Then she made her eggs, adding a tinch of milk, so that the eggs would be fluffy. It was when she sat down to eat, that her mother came in.

"I thought I smelled bacon," Geri Smythe said to Leigh.

"Yes, mom, I decided to make my own breakfast and let you sleep in."

"Well, thank you, dear. Are you wearing that to school?" Geri Smythe asked.

"Yes, mom. I also have my tennis dress in the school colors in my back pack. We're practicing at Birn college this morning, then we are going right to Gaynor for the last game of the tournament. Madison High lost their game, so they are out. There is only Us and Gaynor."

"I'm sure you will do fine, Leigh. After all, the squad did pick you for their stand-in."

"Yes, mom, the did. If we win today, we will go to Lansing for the state tournament. If we go to state, we will be playing on grass, too. It is like three different tournaments in one."

"Well, your father and I will e there at Gaynor to see you play. I have seen you play, Leigh. You are very good at this game. I have no doubt that you will beat Gaynor. As far as the state tournament goes, I know you will do very well."

"Thanks, mom." It was then they heard a car horn. "That will be Patty and her mom. Gotta go. See you and daddy at Gaynor at one."
"Alright, dear," Leigh's mother said, giving Leigh a cheek kiss and a hug.

Leigh greeted her friends as she got in the car.

"Hi Patty, hey Dar. Thank you, Mrs. Langston."

"You're welcome, dear. I am driving you to Birn and then Gaynor. Leigh, Patty, Dar and I talked about what this game means. I know you will all do well today."

"Thank you, Mrs. Langston. I talked to my mom before I came out this morning. She seems to think we will do just fine, to put it like she said it. I know this past week has been very grueling for the squad, but we needed the practice. We have this morning to really get in shape. Even if Geri Watson isn't playing. Gaynor has a good team, and we need to be just a tad better."

"I'm with you, Leigh. But, I do think we are ready to play on their courts. Birn has the same type of courts as Gaynor, so, we should be ready."

"We're ready, Patty," Leigh stated affirmatively. "But, this added practice should give us the edge we need."

Part II - Last practice at Birn College.

Leigh no sooner said that, than Patty's mother pulled in to the guest parking lot and were met by Gloria Edmonton.

"Good morning, ladies. The rest of the squad is on the way in the bus. If you want to warm up until they get here, the court is yours."

"Thank you, Gloria," Leigh said, with a beaming smile.

Leigh and company went by the courts and took out their racquets and tennis balls. Leigh practiced with Patty first and it was tied between them. Then Leigh practiced with Darlene and it also was a tie. They didn't play the tie breaks. Then Patty and Darlene pracrticed against each other, with Patty winning the game. It was then that the bus pulled in to the guest parking lot.

Mrs. Edmonton said the bus just arrived, and the practice needed to stop momentarily, so that their gymnastics instructor could do a proper lineup. The three girls put their racquets down, and gathered the tennis balls they were using.
Mrs. Madison and the rest of the Hampton Jady Tigers went by the tennis courts and the girls just sat in the bleachers so Mrs. Madison could give them their energy talk.

"Ladies, I know I have said this until I became a broken record that skips too much. But, I have to keep saying it until it becomes second nature to you. In a couple of hours, we are going to go to Gaynor Senior High School and play the last game of this local tournament. When we win tonight, we are going to Lansing to play in the state tournament. So, ladies, let's kick some serious butt out there, tonght.

"Now, for the practice lineup. Leigh, Patty and Darlene, since you were practicing until we came, I want you three at the end of the lineup. Donna and Colleen, you two are first. Now remember, this our last practice before we go to Gaynor and play the last game of the tournament to see whih one of us will go to the state finals in Lansing. Donna, we will flip to see who takes the side facing the sun. Ladies, as I flip the coin, call it in the air."

Mrs. Madison flipped the coin and Donna called heads while Colleen called tails. It landed on heads and Donna took the east side of the court, facing west. This way, Donna Sanchez would be facing the sun. Donna served first and the volley lasted for about fifteen minutes, making the score 15-

Donna's next serve was called out, so she served her second serve. Colleen retrned the ball ad this kept up for about another fifteen minutes, making the score 15 all. Donna's n serve was an ace and the score was now 30-15. Donna served again and they volleyed back and forth several times, when Donna hit the ball out. The score was now 30-30. Donna served again, but it was called out.

In tennis, each player gets two serves. If the second serve is a fault, then the point goes to the opponent. Scoring is always called from the server, first. That is why Donna's score was mentioned first.

At the present time, the score was 30-30 or 30 all you will hear it said during tennis competitions.
Donna served her second serve and she and Colleen volleyed back and forth for fifteen minutes, before Colleen hit it out. It was now 40-30. Donna's next serve was an ace, so Donna won the game.

"That was great girls. You both played superbly. Alright, I want Dorothy and Susan next."

The two girls took the court and Dorothy won the toss and elected to serve. This game was almost a repeat of the previous game, except that Susan hit four aces, winning the game.

"Ladies," Mrs. Madison began. "It is time we were getting on to Gaynor. One word of caution. Keep your eye on the ball at all times. Do not let the Lady Cougars distract you. I was told that Ms. Olga Svenson will be chair umpire again. So, if we are ready, let's go and show the Lady Cougars who is regional best."

With that, Leigh, Patty and Darlene put their equipment in Patty mom's car and Mrs. Langston drove them to Gaynor Senior High School. It was a twenty five minute ride, and as they drove up, they could see the Lady Cougars still practicing. They watched the Lady Cougars for a few moments, then decided they should announce themselves.

Part III - Hampton Lady Tigers -vs- Gaynor Lady Cougars

"Nice lob, Debbie," Leigh said, in a raised voice.

Debbie Adams turned to see who said that, and saw Leigh Anne Smythe, Patty Langston and Darlene Haskins walking towards the tennis courts. She also saw the Hampton Lady Tigers bus behind them, just pulling up.

"You know, Leigh, I was hoping that you had met with a horrible accident and that your were in the hospital."

"Not today, Debbie. At least not until we beat the skirts off of you in front of your home court disadvantage."

"Yeah? Well, Miss Leigh Anne smarty pants, I have news for you. I'm good because I practice a lot on these courts, and we do have home court advantage. That is only because these are clay courts, and I don't think you have the necessary practice to play on a soft surface."

"We will see, won't we, Debbie?"

Mrs. Madison called the Lady Tigers together and talked to them in a hushed tone.

"Ladies, it seems that they have been practicing. Remember what I said at the college. Keep your eye on the ball at all times. Do not let them distract you. Mr. Thompson request Olga Svenson for chair umpire today. So, we have an impartial official. Let's get out there and show them who is
regional best."

The Hampton Senior High School Lady Tigers set their equipment by their side of the court. Leigh had a bag of racquets and two canisters of tennis balls. The Gaynor Senior High School Lady Cougars already had their equipment out, because they were practicing. Ms. Olga Svenson took the chair, and started telling both sides the rules.

"Ladies, one word of caution. The first player to act in an unsportsman like manner, will be disqualified from competition. Now, let's play a clean match. Whoever wins this match today, will go to Lansing for the state tournmant, which will be held inside, due to weather changes. Alright, ladies, good luck. Coaches, start your lineup."

"I want Mary first. When she is done with one set, I want Colleen for the second set. We have several sets to play today, so, you will all get a turn. Leigh, I want you last. That is because if we are trailing behind, I am confident you will pull us through."

"Mrs. Madison, I am glad that you feel I can play good tennis, but, I have had a lot piled on me, lately. I am the newbie to the team and yet, I am the star player. My mom wans me to be Bridesmaid at my parents 'wedding'. They're retaking their vows. Then I have my school work to do, and I have the tournament. I'm only thirteen years old and yet, I have the responsibility of an adult. Let me enjoy being a teenager for a few years. I mean, I am having fun playing on the squad, and I have made some very close friends. But, let us enjoy life and be who we are. All of these responsibilities are making my head swim."

"I understand, but, I still want you to play last, because, even though you may not know this, but you are the best player on the squad. The others may play good tennis, but, you seem to go above and beyond that. You actually are able to move fast so that you can ret;rn the ball, no matter what side of the court your opponent hits the ball. You are very capable of bringing the squad out from, what would otherwise be, a loss."

"Alright, I guess. Just for this tournament, though. Next semester, we will see if I improved lately. Who wants to play w'th me on the weekends and maybe some weekdays. We could reeally use the practice and have fn doing it. We could even get a Burger King meal."

"Alright, Mary, you're up."

"Will the captains of e ach team, meet at center court for the coin toss. Ms. Olga Svenson, will be the Chair umpire again, today. Also present, is Ms. Debbie Constantine from the Michigan High School Athletic Association. She will from time to time be conferring with the chair umpire abut certain things during the competition.

"Ladies, this is just regular quarter with the regular two sides; heads and tails. Call it in the air."

Ms. Olga Svenson tossed the coin and Debbie Adams yelled heads. It landed on heads and she elected to receive. Mary went to her serve line, and got two balls from the runner.

Mary's first serve was and ace and the set started out with Hampton getting the first 15 points.

"15-Love," Ms. Olga Svenson called.

Mary served again, but it was called as a fault. She served a second ball, and the volley lasted for several minutes before Mary hit the ball out.

"15-All," Ms. Svenson called.

The next serve was an ace making the score in Hampton's favor.

"30-15," The chair announced.

When Mary served her next ball, Debbie Adams returned it so hard hit outside the play area.

"Out! 40-15," Ms. Svenson, the chair umpire called. "Double break point for Hampton."

Mary served the next ball but it was called as a fault. She served her second ball and the volley lasted for about 10 minutes, before Debbie Adams hit it out.

"Out! Game, Hampton."

There were boos from the Gaynor student body. Both ladies went to their respective sides for a brief break. Coach Madison told Mary she did well, but, to throw in a few lobs as well.

Mary agreed with her coach, and just smiled an evil hahaha smile. Mary thought it would be best to wait for the lobs, until the end of the match. This way, the Gaynor squad will know they've been had.
"I agree, Mary. This way, too, they will think Leigh has been giving us pointers, or maybe even hired a professional trainer. You did very well this first game. Keep it up."

"Yes, coach."

Ms. Olga Svenson called time and both players took their side of the court. It was Debbie Adams serve.

Debbie's first serve was out. Her next serve was a fault, making the score Love-15.

"Love-15," Ms. Olga Svenson called.

The next ball hit the net, and went over.

"Net, first service," announced Olga Svenson.

Debbie served again and she and Mary volleyed back and forth for several minutes, when Debbie Adams made like she caught her foot on the court. Debbie Constantine of the MHSAA, asked to be recognized.

"Madam Chair, this particular player pulled this same stunt the last time these two schools met. I ask the chair to have the tournament doctor examine Miss Adams foot and ankle to see if here is anything wrong. If there is, Miss Adams should be taken to the ER and have it looked at. I also would recommend to the Chair Umpire to have a substitute player, play in Miss Adams absence."

"The chair is very thankful for Mrs. Constantine's suggestions and will ask the Gaynor coach to enter a subsitute name for Miss Debbie Adams."

The Gaynor coach held a team conference. With their star player in juvenile detention, and the next best player on the Gaynor squad injured, or at least out for this part of the tournament tour, She decided to draw numbers from the ice cooler she brought to keep the Gatorade and sodas cold.
Each girl drew a number. The the girl who drew the number 1 would be Debbie Adams substitute. Carla Rodriguez, who was just starting to learn the game, drew the number 1. The other players just groaned with disappointment.

"Carla, do you think you can play as good as Debbie?" Asked her coach.

"Yes, coach. I am at least that good."

That wasn't saying much, because even though Debbie Adams was tall, she was also a clutz. Maybe this time, she did trip over her own two left feet.

"Substituting for Miss Debbie Adams is Miss Carla Rodriguez, a newcomer to the sport. I am informed that Miss Rodriguez is still learning the sport of tennis, so no outbursts if she makes an unforced error."
"Yes, judge," a voice called out from the Gaynor side, followed by laghter.

"Any more of that, Gaynor, and you will have no spectators. Let's stop acting like little children and be the young men and women that you are. I am very serious, any more rowdiness on the part of
Gaynor's spectators, and that entire section will be cleared. Coaches, control your schools. Players, please take your side of the court."

Miss Carla Rodriguez took her side of the court, facing the sun, while Mary Whithers took the side facing away from the sun.

"The score was Love-15 before Miss Adams theatrics. Miss Rodriguez, you will continue from there."

Carla Rodriguez was just thankful to be playing in the tournament, that she didn't put up much of an argument. She had been warned by her coach to show sportsmanlike conduct at all times. Now, the score is Love-15, Miss Rodriguez, it is your serve.

Carla served her first ball and Mary Whithers retrned it for a volley lastg fifteen minutes, when Carla hit the ball in to the net on her side.

"Love-30," Ms. Svenson called.

Carla served an ace for her next serve.

"15-30," was announced from the chai

"Bring on the fag," someone called out from the Gaynor side.

Ms. Olga Svenson made a statement.

"One more outburst like that and I will clear the Gaynor side bleachers. This is a tennis competition, not a name calling contest. No more outbursts of any kind, or Gaynor will be playing wthout any school support. If you don't think I have the authority, you had better refer to the MHSAA handbook. Now, let's play a clean game."

"Madam Chair."

"The Chair recgnizes Miss Debbie Constantine of the MHSAA."

"Thank you, Madam Chair. It appears that the Gaynor Senior High School staff does not have control over its student body. I have told security that if there is one more outburst of any kind, they are to proceed to clear the offending side. In this case, Gaynor Senior High School. I am warning the staff of Gaynor Senior High School and the parents who are here, to make sure there is no more outbursts of any kind. You are allowed to cheer for your team, but no more name calling, or you will hear about the score for this game on the eleven o'clock news. Thank you, Madam Chair."

"The Chair is thankful for Miss Constantine's remarks. Players, resume your game. The score is 15-30 in favor of Hampton Senior High School. Miss Rodriguez, you may resume play at any time."
Carla's next serve was returned, and she and Mary volleyed back and forth for several minutes, before Mary hit it out of bounds.

"30-all," Ms. Svenson announced.

The next serve was an ace.

"40-30, Gaynor".

The next two serves were faults, making the score 40-40.

"Deuce," Miss Olga Svenson stated.

Carla Rodriguez served her last two serves. One was out and the second hit her side of the net.

"Game, Hampton. There will be a short break so the coaches can advise their next player. The next players will be, Cheryl Masters from Hampton and Eve Gardener from Gaynor. Ladies, take the court, please."

Since Carla Rodriguez, who substituted for Debbie Adams, served last, it was Cheryl Master's serve. Cheryl served the first ball.

This volley lasted for about four minutes, before Cheryl hit her side of the net.

"Love-15," Ms. Svenson announced.

On her next serve, Cheryl hit an ace.

"Ace, 15-all."

The next serve lasted in a volley of eight minutes. Eve Gardener hit it out making the score 30-15.

"30-15, Hampton."

The next serve was a fault, but the second serve lasted for five minutes before Eve hit it out.

"40-15, Hampton,"

The next serve was called out, and the second serve as a fault.

"Game, Hampton."

There were cheers from Hampton and, of course, boos from Gaynor.

"Bring on the fag," Someone from the Gaynor side yelled.

"Security, please clear the Gaynor side bleachers. You can all hear about the score on the eleven o'clock news tonight. Everybody was warned the offending side's bleachers would be cleared if another outburst was made. Apparently, the stdent body of Gaynor Senior High School doesn't listen as well as doesn't play well with others."

The game was delayed slightly, while security cleared the bleachers occupied by the Gaynor student body. As the students and their parents were leaving, someone yelled, "get rid of the fag, or we will."

"Security, wait! Hold the person who just said that," Miss Debbie Constantine ordered. "I want the offending person brought to the principal's office, now. Ladies, excuse me while I take care of a few matters. I will be right back, I promise. Go ahead with your game."

Eve resumed serving. Cheryl Masters returned for a volley lasting five minutes, before Eve Gardener hit it out.

"Game, Hampton," the chair umpire called. "Ladies, parents and staff, we are going to postpone further play as it is starti'ng to rain. We will come back tomorrow and finish th rest of the tournament. Have a good evening everybody." Ms. Olga Svenson turned off the microphone and covered it with the weather proof sheath.

Everybody got up and started heading for their cars. They would definitely be back tomorrow.
If you want the rest of the play by play from the players,
please let me know in your comments. Thank you, Barbara Lynn Terry.

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