The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 52

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The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 52
by StarPrincess a/k/a Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1. At Reneé's house.

Naomi and Reneé stopped the car in their driveway. After getting out of the car, they ran the ten feet to the house, because the windchill was only sixteen below zero. After getting inside the house, they took their boots and coats off, and settled down to tell the others in the house what had happened while they were visiting the "Home".
Ruth Watkins was in the living rooom when they entered the house.

"Ruth", Naomi started. "We have something to tell everyone. Is Carl home, yet?"

"Yes, he is. He's in the garage, working on someone's car."

"Renée, go get your father. Are the others home from school, yet?"

"Yes, they're upstairs. I asked them to start on their homework."

"Well, we need everyone down here. This is important."

Ruth went to get Renée's brother and sister, and as they came down the stairs, Carl Richards came in the living room.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this time to tell you, that Rachel will be in the infirmary on the House grounds for the weekend, because she has finally started her surgical process. That is why she is not with us right now. I think tomorrow we should go and see her."

"Can we see her all at one time?" Daniel Richards asked.

"We should all be able to see her at the same time, but bcause the girls at the Home want to see her, too, we should limit our visit to one hour."

"That sounds good to me, Naomi,"

"Okay, good. Now Daniel and Cathie, have you finished you school work?"

"Yes, Naomi."

"Good. Alright, who wants to watch a movie?" Everybody raised their hands.

"Daniel, it's your turn to pick the movie."

Daniel picked one of his favorite dvd's called Flower Drum Song. They laughed at the silly antics of Benson Fong and Jack Soo. Ususally they had a talk about the movie when it was over, but this was a school night. After the movie was over, they all headed to their beds to get a good night's sleep. Naomi was calling it a night, too, because she had to work the day shift.

Morning came too fast. Alarms were going off in every bedroom of the house. Renée was the first one on the bathroom. She used her lilac perfumed soap and washed all over. She rinsed the soap off and turned the water off as well. She stepped out of the shower and patted herself dry. After wrapping the towel around her from under her arms, she opened the door and went to her room. She went through her closet to see what she wanted to wear. It was 10 degrees outside, warm enough to wear pants and a warm shirt. She picked her turquoise a-line skirt, shirred at the waist, and her matching turquoise blouse to go with it. Renée got her trquoise lingerie and her black Mary Jane's and he white double knit knee high socks. After putting on a little mascaara and putting her hair in a pony tail, she was ready for school.

She went downstairs to the kitchen where she poured a glass of milk, orange juice and scrambled eggs, fried three strips of bacon and one slice of toast. She sat down to eat, when Ruth Watkins came in.

"I see you're eating. I will just have a cup of tea. It is my turn to drive you to school. Later, after school, we're going to go and see Rachel."

"That sounds like a good idea," Renée answered.

Finished with breakfast, Renée placed her dishes in the sink after rinsing them off. Renée put on her coat, picked up her few books, and went out to the car. Ruth started the car and let it warm up. Making sure Renée was buckled in, Ruth drove Renée to school.

"Remember, Naomi will pick you up, and then we will all go to see Rachel."

"Alright." Renée got out of the car and went in the school.

Chapter 2 - Renée can't wait for the school day to end.

The first person Renée saw when she entered the school, was Tommy Barker.

"Hi Tommy," Renée said, with a beaming smile.

"Hey, Renée," answered Tommy, smiling back at Renée. "I'm taking Darla to go and see Gone With The Wind. This is the umpteenth time this movie has been through here. It's one of our favorites. Darla likes looking at all the handsome guys in the movie and I like the action."

"Sounds like a romantic date, than a movie date," Renée snickered.

"Who told you?" Inquired Tommy, facetiously."

"So, this would be a 'Tommy and Darla, k i s s i n g in the back row'. Right?"

"Well, yeah, maybe. I want to be able to spend more time with Darla. If everything works out, we could end up getting married. Darla and I have known each other practically our whole lives."

"That would be a wedding ceremony I would love to go to."

"Well," replied Tommy, " if it happens, you will be invited. Most of the town gets invitations sent to them with a two week R.S.V.P."

"Okay, I will wait for the invitation. When do you think the wedding would be?"

"About two years after graduation. We need to work for a bit to save a little money."

"I guess I can understand that."

The second bell rang, and they each went to their classes. Renée's first class was homeroom where attendance was taken to see who actually made it to school. Pine Meadows county is a farming county and many of the boys have to stay home. Their homework is brought to them, either by a teacher or a friend.
Homeroom was only twenty minutes long; long enough to take attendance. When the bell rang, ending homeroom, Renée didn't have to go anywhere, because her first class was right in Coblenz Hall, which was the name given to the auditorium.

Mr. Daniel Sampson began his math class.

"Students, today we are going to study the algebraic equations we started yesterday. I want you all to to the exercises at the end of chapter 2. You will do this in class. You may begin."

Each of the students read through the chapter first. This told each student how to do the equations at the end of the chapter. Renée was busy eadig, when a paper airplane landed in her lap. The note that was on the said paper airplane was not read until Renée finished her exercises. The note said.

"Sit with me at lunch", and was signed by Matthew Gardener, who is a new student this year.

Renée was not in the habit of passing notes in class, especially to boys. When the bell rang, several students, including Renée, placed their class work on Mr. Sampson's desk.As they started to leave the class room, Matthew caught up with Renée.

"Hey, what gives? Why didn't you anr my note?"

"Matthew, I am not sure how it is in the school you came from, but here, we don't pass notes in class. We actually study and learn here. Another reason is, I don't know you. And my big sister is called the Dagon Lady of Pine Meadows County. Don't pass me any more notes, and don't rush up to me like you just did."

As Renée walked away to her next class, Matthew Gardener callled after her.

"Yeah, right, your big sister is the Dragon Lady everyone is talking about."

"So what if I am," came a voice from behind Matthew.

Matthew's jaw almost dropped to the floor.

"Renée," Naomi said with a sad face. "I am here to take you to the hospital. Your father was injured while he was working on a car. One of the jacks collapsed. Now, he will be all right," then she said under breath, "I hope."

"If he is going to be all right, why can't I finish school today and find out what really happened when I get home?"

"Because, sis, mom wants the whole family there when the doctor comes out to talk to everyone. Right now, even I don't know what is what."

"Hey, Dragon Lady, are you really her sister?" Asked Matthew increduously.

"Yes, I am. Was there something you wanted, mister?"

"Uh, no, I need to get to class."

"Naomi, come with me while I get my homework assignments, then we can leave."
Renée and Naomi went from classroom to classroom, until Renée had all of her homework. She needed all of her books, because she wouldd be absent from class most of the day. Both ladies then went out of the school and drove to the hospital, because of the number of books Renée had

When they got the hospital, Carl Richards was sitting on the side of the hospital bed in the emergency room. He was being discharged.

"Why are they discharging you? They should keep you at least a few days to make sure everything is okay," Gloria Richards told her husband.

"It's nothing, just a few scrapes and bruises. I will have a mechanic look at that jack to see why it collapsed. The doctor is writing my discharge and he is going to give me a prescription for pain medicine. I told him nothing narcotic because I work on cars. He said he had the perfect medicine for that.

No sooner had Carl Richards said that, than a man with rich brown hair, sparkling blue eyes and a royal gait, entered the exam room.

"Mr. Richards, your xrays came back and there is nothing broken. So, I am sending you home with intructions on how to care for thainose scrapes on your shoulder and right arm. As soon as the nurse gives you your discharge papers, you may leave."

"Thank you, doctor."

The nurse came in and handed Carl Richards some papers. He had to sign one of them and the rest he took with him, one of them being the prescription for the pain medicine.

As Gloria and Carl Richards went back to the waiting area, they sae Naomi, Renée, Cathie and Daniel. They had surprised looks on their faces when Carl came out with Gloria

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