My Summer Vacation Contest Entry of 2015

My Summer Vacation Contest Story

By Polyrobotics1

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Every known child of eleven is too be taken to a processing center starting on January 1 to December 31. This order is mandatory. Anyone found to be in violation will be dealt with in what ever manner is consider appropriate. That is all. This message will repeat every 60 seconds through out the year.


The message began on January 2 of the previous year. Martial Law was invoked, by the UN. Military might was brought to bear on those who opposed this idea. China opposed and fell within one hour. As did the rest of those on The security council who disobeyed the orders.

A month or more had passed by the time the shuttles land with the processing centers. These buildings were put up all over the world in everything from a town with one kid of age to the mega cities. The scary part is that while children entered the actual centers only coffins came out.

The first to be process, were those of special needs or care. like those on life support or adhd, including those in juvie. Those in juvie were, especially well behaved, were placed into the second batch. Also those of the rich and or powerful were taken in the second up to third batch. Far more often death had accord from these incidents.

Those like myself were given time. All we had to do was stay out of trouble as the military handed out cards to each of us. We were allowed to go to any movie, use any drugs, and cause minor mischief but not anything that disrupt the processing and or safety of those in charge. By our birthday we have to report to a processing center.

Those that behave, or at least the paperwork says so, got the highest military awards. Military sendoff the works, including a plaque with our pictures on our own memorial wall.

I went into processing, leaving my family with me that final time. crying. Those that made fun of this were told to behave or they would just be forgotten like so many others, only remembered by family and friends then no one.


Led to room, I was handed a box, and told to strip by someone wearing what amounts to a hazmat suit. Next a walk through a metal detector, then sent to the next room. A set of showers lining a corridor. At least they were warm. Excess was blown off, before leaving the corridor. Next room lowers me into a tank of black gelatin like substance. I struggle to stay out of this pit, but the room is pressurized when the door was shut. The ceiling comes down, along with the four walls closing in. The walls stop around the opening in the floor with the ceiling pushing me down into the goo. I struggle to breathe. I just stop struggling when my body knows it is getting oxygen. I feel things attach to my body. One goes through my anus wraps around to the front and seals, pain in the butt and pee holes, with more pain from between my thighs and holes. I reach down to stop it only to feel something grab my forearms wrap around them and flow up and down leaving only my fingers free, but stiff. I kick my legs only to have them grab, then encased. My toes expose but heels bent in such of a way that I would be walking on those very same toes. Something pushing into my back, especially my spine, I scream, no sound, with it's mate in the front pushing into my nipples. A mask goes over my head, tube down my throat and up my nose. More pain at the back of my neck base of my skull. Consciousness is taken from me.


I wake up. I am no longer the same. Naked but furry. Extra genitalia between my legs. Breasts. Tail. Claws on feet attach to legs like a creature from mythology. Claws on hand. Extendable bone blade out from before the wrist. Got a snout. Long tongue. Fangs. Ears on top of head. Light sensitive eyes.

"Welcome Home Survive."

Forest. Wilderness. Fresh. Inviting. Foreboding. Adventure.

This is going to be scary epic.


Don't know much time has passed. Seasons past. I have enjoyed the hunting, the eating, the killing of both rivals and threats, the autumns of the mating, both as receiver and catcher, the springs of the birthing. The summers of heat, The winters of frost. I am as much human as animal, or more accurately less human, more animal, or is that reverse. Then comes the surprise one day.

"Do you truly want this in real life? Positive, Negative, Unknown. Respond."

Which one do I choose?


This is report is formulated from the journals of our ancestors from seven generations and one thousand years ago. I do not have the information to figure if this is one who said yes or no. Thank you class.

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