The Ring - Part 2

The Ring

Part 2

by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2015 Melanie Brown

A father is asked what he would do to save his son

“We’ll eat something and then head to the next town which I believe is called Bugville. Sounds like a charming place. We’ll probably get there around noon,” said Anthony as we all stood in his camp. “But first things, first.”

Pointing at Lisa, Anthony said, “On your knees girl. Submit to me.”

“Yes, Master,” said Lisa as she slid to her knees on the rough ground at Anthony’s feet. She spread her legs apart, bowed her head, raised her arms and crossed them at the wrists. “I submit my body and heart to you, Master, totally and completely in all things. I am yours to do with as you please.”

Smiling, Anthony said, “Now stand. Come here girl, and kiss me.”

Lisa smiled slightly as she stepped towards him. She said, “Yes my Master.” I stood there, growing ever more nervous as I watched her slide her arms around Anthony’s neck and gave him a long, deep kiss.

“Very good, girl,” said her new Master. “Now prepare us something to eat. Look in that saddle pack.”

“Yes my Master,” said Lisa. As she turned to walk to the saddle pack, Anthony gave her a little swat on her butt.

Anthony turned to me and said, “And now you, girl. On your knees.”

I hesitated. I said nervously, “I’m not a girl. We don’t do shit like this where I come from.”

His face suddenly clouded in anger, Anthony took a few steps towards me, his hand on the hilt of his sword. Lisa stopped and turned to look at me.

Anthony said, “You look like a girl to me and in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not where you come from, wherever that may be. On your knees, girl. Now.”

I folded my arms across my naked breasts and said, “No. I won’t. I’m not playing this game.” Lisa’s eyes were pleading as she silently mouthed the words, “Get down. Get down.”

Scowling, Anthony stepped right up to me. I felt so small with his large, muscular frame towering over me. Through clenched teeth, he said, “I have no time or patience to deal with an insolent girl. You can help with my quest as you know the person I seek, or your rotting corpse can lay here in the forest and feed the worms. On…your…knees. Now.”

I smiled nervously and said, “Since you put it that way…” Lisa, her eyes wide, kept making an obvious gesture for me to get down on the ground. I lowered myself slowly to the ground on my knees, trying to find a softer spot. Imitating Lisa, I spread my legs and bowed my head. I hesitated as I started to raise my arms. I thought how insane this was. I had no desire to submit to anyone. To hand my very life over to another person. But this man can help me find Zeb. I shook my head and took a deep breath.

Staring at the ground and hoping I could remember what Lisa had said, I said, “I submit my body and heart to you, Master, totally and completely in all things. I am yours to do with as you please.”

Anthony said, “Very good girl. Now stand.”

I stood, starting to feel nauseated, afraid that my new Master would order me to kiss him. My body may be a girl, but my mind definitely isn’t.

Anthony said, “Now kiss me, girl.” Lisa was frantically nodding her head.

I felt sick. I looked at my Master’s face. Oh God I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to be here. I wish Zeb had never found that stupid ring. I looked at my feet for a moment, then back to my Master’s face. With a deep sigh of resignation, I did what Lisa had done. I slowly slid my arms around Anthony’s neck, stood on my tiptoes. He bent his head toward me and I watched as his lips parted slightly. I pressed my lips against his. I was going to pull away the moment our lips touched, but he held me close and pressed his lips into me. His scruffy beard felt rough against my face, but also felt somehow exotic. I just closed my eyes and submitted to his kiss. What else was I going to do?

Finally my Master let me pull away. He grinned at me and said, “Now that’s more like it, mine. I can tell you will provide me with much pleasure. But why were your fingers crossed as you said your oath?”

I winked at Lisa and said to my new Master, “It’s an old Earth custom. It…ah, it emphasizes what I was saying. Yeah. That.” I crossed my fingers once again.

Swatting my backside, my Master said, “Go help your sister.”

Lisa had found some salted meats and bread in the pack. She was trying to prepare a cold meal, something quick so we could be on our way. In a whisper, she said after I had gotten near to her, “What does crossing your fingers mean?”

I smiled and whispered back, “It is an old Earth custom. It means I didn’t mean anything I said.”

Lisa shook her head. She said, “Girl, I don’t think that works here. You are his to obey at his pleasure. He will take care of you, and protect you, but only if you give yourself totally to him. Like it or not, you belong to him. From what I can tell, he will be a good Master, but you must please him. If he can’t trust you, he’ll sell or just kill you. Nobody will care.”

I just stood there in silence for a moment. I have to do this for Zeb.


*          *          *


“So tell me girl,” said Anthony as we walked along the rutted road to Bugville. Well, Master rode his horse. Lisa and I walked beside him. “Why is your son involved? You claim to be from another world.”

“Well, that’s because I am, my Master,” I said. “My son Zeb, found the Ring of Jared on the ground and like most people would do, he tried it on. It slid on easily, but now it won’t come off.”

Anthony nodded. He said, “The ring was tossed into the Vortex where it could wind up just about anywhere. It went to your world because apparently, your son is a Ring Holder. Your son has the power to use the ring.”

“Use it?” I asked. “He can’t even take it off!”

Nodding again, Anthony said, “He can only remove it at the Black Monastery. But only he can remove it. We must be there when he does to be sure the realms stay in peace.”

I shook my head and said, “I’m worried I’m too late. That my son, Zeb might already be dead.”

My Master said, “If this John Banos has your son, then he will protect him until they get to the Black Monastery. If the Ring Holder, your son, dies while wearing the ring, the ring loses its power. It must be recharged in the Vortex where it will become lost again. The ring is my responsibility as a Knight of the Realm. We must locate it soon.”

“I don’t believe in magic, but I can’t deny I’m here,” I said. “But what’s with the ring?”

My Master said, “The ring has great power. It’s origins lost in antiquity and its history has been told and retold for so long that it’s now regarded as a fairy tale. Just children’s stories. But its power is very real. The high priest at the Black Monastery is evil. With the ring, he would enslave us all. And by all, I include your world as well.”

“My world, Master?” I asked. “But magic doesn’t really work on my world. It’s just tricks that fool people.”

My Master laughed. He said, “Yours must be a technical world. I’ve heard of those. The magic is there. It’s just not obvious. The ring would not have gone to your world if it wasn’t a Member of the Realms. If the high priest gets the ring, your world would be in for a rude surprise.”

“Oh my God,” I said. “So this is bigger than just my son.”

Looking a bit grim, Anthony said, “Yes. The fate of many realms rest in your son’s hands.” He paused for a few moments and then he said, “So tell me girl. How did you come to be here.”

I stared blankly into space as I remembered that terrible moment when Zeb disappeared. I said, “Zeb and I were in a store, shopping for a game…never mind that’s not important. Anyway, this John Banos approached my son about the ring. He didn’t know the ring had locked on his hand. That’s when this other guy showed up to try to arrest Banos. Banos shot him and disappeared with my son. The guy who was shot gave me a disc of some kind. Told me to press the stone to come here to try to save my son.”

Knitting his brow, Anthony said, “This ‘guy’ who was shot…did he say his name?”

Frowning in thought for a moment, I said, “Banos said it. His name was…um…um…Micah. Yeah, it was Micah.”

Anthony stopped his horse and looked sternly down at me. He said, “His name was Micah? Are you sure? And he gave you his travel disc?”

Looking worried, I said, “Yes my Master. I’m sure. He warned me that using the disc would change me.”

“What was his condition when you left, girl?” Anthony looked very agitated.

“I’m sorry my Master,” I said looking up at him while he sat on his horse. “He died just before I pressed the button or stone or whatever it was. Did you know him?”

My Master nodded grimly. He said, “Yes. He was my closest friend. We worked together a lot. Are you sure he was dead?”

Nodding slowly, I said, “Yes my Master. I could see the life leave his eyes.”

“And John Banos killed him?” asked my Master as his eyes stared blankly.

“Yes my Master.” I said.

Grimacing, my Master said, “Then John Banos is dead man. I will not rest until he pays for his crime.” Anthony kicked his horse in the flanks and the horse started moving forward. The rest of the trip to Bugville was in silence.


*          *          *


“No color TV?” I asked as I looked around the room Anthony had gotten us at the Bugville Inn. It was pretty stark. One bed and a small chest of drawers against one wall. A table with a chair was against the other wall. A couple of eye bolts were driven into the stone floor by the bed. Two lanterns hung from the ceiling.

“What?” asked my Master.

“It’s nothing my Master,” I said. “Where do Lisa and I sleep, my Master? I only see one bed.”

Directing Lisa to drop the saddle bag she was carrying, Anthony said, “The bed is for me. See those rings on the floor by the bed? You will be chained there. I’ll allow you to use some of my bedding if you don’t want to lie on the stones.”

Frowning, I said, “That’s awfully big of you, my Master.”

Smiling, Anthony said, “I try to keep my girls happy.” He sat down at the table, pulled a piece of paper from his pocket along with something that resembled a pencil. He started scribbling something that look like a list.

As he continued to write, Anthony said, “Lisa. Can you read?”

“Yes my Master,” said Lisa. “As you know, I wasn’t always a slave.”

Anthony didn’t look up from his writing, but he frowned as he said, “Girl I didn’t ask for a history lesson, did I?” He pulled up the paper and held it out for Lisa. He then opened a small pouch hanging on his belt and removed a few copper colored coins. “Take these coppers and see if you can acquire the items on this list.”

“Yes, my Master,” said Lisa. She glanced at the list. “I’m sure I can find most of these things.”

Anthony stood and removed the chain attached to Lisa’s collar. He handed her a key. “Bring everything back to this room and lock the door. I’m going to the tavern to see if I can learn anything about Banos.”

Feeling the chain attached to my collar, I said, “Am I going with Lisa or staying here?”

My Master smirked and said, “You’re coming with me, girl. I’m not letting you out of my sight.”

“But but but…you’re letting her go by herself!” I exclaimed.

Looking serious, my Master said, “Lisa knows her place, Little One. I could see she took her oath of submission to heart. I’m afraid you’ll bolt at the first opportunity.”

“No I won’t, my Master!” I said, stung by his words of distrust. Honestly, where would I go? This knight is my best chance so far of finding Zeb.

Anthony said, “You’re too valuable for me to let you roam around loose anyway. You’d be stolen before you got halfway down the street.”

My words heavy with sarcasm, I said, “This is such a lovely world you have.”

My Master smiled broadly, showing white, even teeth. He said, “We call it home.”

Master jerked on my chain for me to follow him. He stopped and turned to face Lisa. He said, “Oh, girl. There should be a clean camisk for you in the saddle bags. Burn those rags you’re wearing and put on that camisk.”

“Yes my Master,” said Lisa simply.

“Do I get some clothes?” I asked timidly.

Anthony laughed and said, “No Caldi. I prefer you the way you are. Come.”

It was a short walk to the tavern. I felt really uncomfortable walking in public stark naked. Looking around, I noticed other girls with or without a Master, but wearing the ever present collar, going to and fro. Most were dressed in what I guess was a camisk. I really had no idea what that was. A few girls were naked like me. What surprised me, just based on my experience so far on this world, were other women, walking freely around, not wearing collars. Some of these women wore dresses while others shockingly to my slave sensitive eyes, wore workpants and shirts. It was a world of contradictions, for sure.

“Just curious my Master,” I said as we walked. “How will I be able to return my son to our home?’

My Master smiled down at me and said, “A couple of things. One, it’s dangerous for a slave to be curious. Secondly, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. First we have to find him before he gets to the Black Monastery and defeat Banos and the high priest. If we manage that, your son removes the ring in the Garden of Light and hands it to the priestess. She’s on our side. He then walks into the Vortex and he returns home.”

“And then I follow him, right?” I said hopefully.

Anthony stopped walking and looked sadly at me. He said, “No. Without a travel disc, which are, as they say, as rare as hen’s teeth, you can’t enter the Vortex.”

“But you said all my son has to do is enter the Vortex to return home! Why not me?” I asked.

“Your son is not of this world,” said Anthony. “The Vortex will correct that and send him to where he belongs.”

Speaking louder than I should have, because some people turned around to look at me, I said, “But I’m not ‘of this world’ either. I should be able to just follow him.”

Shaking his head, my Master said, “Micah must have surely warned you before he gave you his travel disc. In coming here, you have been transformed. You are now of this world in this form. You can never return to your former life.”

I tugged on my Master’s shirt and said, “But that’s not fair! Yes, Micah told me I couldn’t come back, but I thought surely there’s a way around that.”

My Master ran his fingers through my long, blonde hair and said, “I will help you return your son to your world or die trying. There’s just too much at stake. But I’m sorry Little One. This is now your life.”

I started to cry. I said, “Nothing against you, my Master. But this royally sucks.”

Anthony shrugged and flashed a brief smile. He ruffled my hair and said, “Come my girl. Let’s see if we can learn anything in the tavern.”

I followed my Master into the tavern as he led me by my leash. It was bigger inside than I expected. Not very well lit but busy with patrons and girls bringing food and drink to tables. There was a raised circle in the middle of the room filled with loose sand. Two girls, dressed in silks were dancing there.

A bald man dressed all in black leather stood up and stepped in front of my Master. He was missing a few teeth. He said, “That’s a magnificent girl you have there, sir! I’ll give you four gold for her now.”

My Master just stood there expressionless. He said, “She’s not for sale.”

From the table next to us, another man said, “She’s a virgin, isn’t she? I’ll give you five gold for her.”

Another man at the same table said, “Hell, if she’s a virgin, I’ll give you one gold just to pop her!” There was a roar of laughter around the room. I wanted to run away and hide.

Anthony just smiled and said, “I’m her owner. I reserve that for me.”

The first man looked hungrily up and down at me. He wouldn’t take his eyes from me. I felt like I going to throw up. I looked around and almost every man was looking and grinning at me. The man who spoke first said, “Six gold. That’s my final offer.”

Laughing, a man at a table behind him shouted, “What are you goin’ to do with her, Carl? Ever since that varmutte bit off your pecker, you have no use for girls!” Several of the girls working the tables laughed.

“Shut up, Larson!” shouted the man with the missing teeth and apparently his manhood as well. “I can sell her up north!”

Smiling, Anthony said, “Like I said. She’s not for sale. Now if you’ll excuse me?” He started to walk past the man.

Suddenly serious, the man behind Carl said, “Better sit down. Look Carl. He’s a Knight of the Realm.”

Eyes widening, Carl said, “What? Um…excuse me sir!” He quickly sat back down.

Anthony led me to a wall where I saw half a dozen girls chained there. To me he said, “Wait here.” He then locked my leash to a hoop embedded in the wall. I started to protest, but Anthony raised a finger to his lips and said, “Quiet girl. I’ll be back after a few drinks.” He turned and walked away leaving me with the other girls.

I watched as he approached the man behind the bar. The man raised his hands and said, “We don’t want no trouble, Knight.”

The last thing I heard before he got too far away to hear in the noisy tavern was, “I’m just here to quench my thirst good sir.”

Frowning, I sat down on the floor with the other girls chained to the wall. I just sat there, watching Anthony get a tankard of something and chat with the guy behind the bar for a few minutes. He then walked up to a table of scruffy looking men and sat with them, drinking and laughing.

After that got boring, I turned around and looked at the other slaves chained to the wall. We were a glum looking bunch. Everyone seemed to be keeping to their own thoughts. Why didn’t Anthony just let me stay at the inn? This place was too dark, it stank, it was too loud and if you’re chained to a wall, it’s incredibly boring.

I was about to doze off when I saw man enter the tavern, wearing basically the same black leather and armor that Anthony wore. Trailing behind him was a tall, slender girl. My Master looked up and waved at him. Anthony stood up and embraced the newcomer’s shoulders. He pointed at me, and then pointed at one of the few empty tables. The newcomer smiled and brought his girl over to the now crowded wall.

The newcomer looked down at me and said, “Greetings, girl. You’ll keep my girl Saki company while I discuss business with your Master, okay?” He then chained his girl to the same post I was chained to.

“Yes, Master,” I said as the girl sat next to me. He turned and walked back to where my Master was now sitting.

I turned to the girl and said, “I am called Caldi. Nice to meet you.”

The girl smiled weakly at me and said, “Same. Is that your Master mine is talking to?”

I nodded and said, “Yes. I’m guessing your Master is a Knight of the Realm?”

She looked nervously back towards her Master, then back to me. She said, “Yes. I think something is going on.”

I looked at her curiously and said, “Why do you say that?”

Looking directly at me, Saki said, “Your Master is the second Knight we’ve seen today. Three Knights in one small area doesn’t happen very often.”

“I think I know what might be going on,” I said. “My Master is looking for…”

Saki put her finger on my lips and shook her head. “Don’t speak of it here. Has your Master not taught you anything?”

Knocking her hand away from my mouth and frowning I said, “Actually, he hasn’t. But what’s the idea? It’s just us chickens here.”

Smirking, Saki said, “These other girls are just like little magpies. Without knowing what it’s about, they will tell their Masters anything they’ve heard.”

Shrugging, I said, “Sorry. I didn’t know it was a secret.”

Looking a bit smug, Saki said, “For Masters like ours, a good slave keeps her mouth shut and ears open.”

Before I could say anything else, my and Saki’s Master approached us and unchained us from the hoop. My Master, in a serious tone jerked my chain and said, “Let’s go.” All four of us walked in silence back to our room at the inn.

Once we were back at our room, Anthony sat on the bed while the other Master, a Master Damari sat backwards in the chair by the lone table.

“This is getting more serious by the minute, it seems,” said Anthony. “Your description of the two men you saw hiring a few soldiers of fortune match those of a John Banos and my girl’s son.”

Master Damari looked at me strangely and said, “Her son? Both men were clearly older than her.”

I laughed lightly and said, “Well, it’s a long story…”

My Master shot me an angry glare and said, “Nobody gave you permission to speak, girl!” Turning back to Damari he said, “It’s a long story. The older man’s name is John Banos. The boy’s name is Zeb and is Banos’ prisoner. Zeb has the Ring of Jared.”

Damari said, “Prisoner you say? He was not restrained and seemed pretty anxious to get moving. In fact, they left a little more than an hour before you arrived.”

“Damn the luck!” said my Master through clenched teeth. “We were so close. We have less time than I thought. The boy is feeling the ring’s power. The closer he gets to the Black Monastery, the more influence the ring will have on him.”

Nodding, Damari said, “Aye. If he’s gathering an army as he goes, it’d be suicide for us to just ride in and try to take him.”

Anthony looked in deep thought for a few moments. He looked up and said, “You’re the Knight for these parts. What resources do we have in this region?”

Damari said, “There’s a small garrison about five klicks up the Eastern road towards Sullsbury. They protect this region from marauders from the neighboring kingdom.”

My Master said, “Can we use them? Will they fight for us?”

Leaning back reaching into her camisk and twirling a finger around Saki’s nipple for a moment, Damari said, “A lot of them are weekend warriors, working off debts and minor crimes. But there are Royal Regulars there as well. I think they would all jump at the chance to serve the Knights of the Realm.”

Anthony smiled. He said, “Good. If we can stall their army long enough for you and me to get this girl…” He pointed at me. “Get this girl into the Monastery, we can defeat the evil priest and send the Ring back into the Vortex.”

Damari looked at me quizzically and said, “This girl? Yes, she’s beautiful and I’m sure will keep you warm at night, but she’s far too delicate to take into a campaign. You’re other girl, while pretty as well seems to be much tougher. I wouldn’t doubt if she could handle a sword herself if it wasn’t illegal.”

Lisa grinned broadly at Damari’s words.

“Oh, I’m bringing her too,” said our Master. “But I feel Caldi is the key. It has to be more than just luck that I found the only one on the planet who knows who holds the Ring.”

Damari looked at me with disbelief and said, “And how would such a young, beautiful little slut come to know this?”

I waved my arms in frustration and almost shouted, “Because Zeb’s my son!” I almost added “you fucking asshole…” but held my tongue. I affected a Texas accent and said, “We alls ain’t from around these parts!”

Everyone in the room looked at me as if I was from Mars. Well, I guess to them it’d be the same difference.

Anthony laughed and said, “Easy, Damari. Caldi isn’t a slut…yet. She’s still a virgin.”

Damari laughed heartily and said, “Still? With you owning her? You’re getting slow old man.”

Standing, Anthony said, “Give me a break. I only found her this morning. Girls. Load up the saddle bags and load up the horse. Damari and I have some planning to do. We leave in a few minutes for that garrison.”

I stood there, angry. How could they say such things while I’m standing right here? I might as well be an end table as far as they’re concerned. I’m an it. A thing. I said, “I can barely lift one of those saddle bags. Can’t they just wait until we’re actually leaving?” Lisa covered her eyes and shook her head.

Saki slapped my naked ass. She said, “You heard your Master. I sure hope you get some training soon, girl. You dishonor your Master.”

“The tavern here needs a new kitchen slave,” said Anthony. “I may sell her after we’ve retrieved the Ring.”

I glowered at my Master for a moment, and then with a sigh started helping Lisa with the saddle bags.

Hissing into my ear, Lisa said, “I’ll kill you myself you stupid bitch if you don’t stop acting like that!”

Whispering back, I said, “Sorry. I’ll try to be a good girl.”


*          *          *


“Honestly? You don’t know how to pleasure a man?” said an incredulous Lisa.

“I know what pleasures a man,” I said. “But it’s certainly not anything I’ve considered having to do myself. I mean, to another man that is.”

Lisa, Saki and I were given a small cell at the garrison’s kennel. I bristled when I heard the word “kennel”. It was where the girls who served the garrison were quartered. Each cell had its own cage door, but none seemed to be locked. The girls came and went as needed for various chores. Each cell’s floor was covered with blankets and other bedding.

Saki said, “You must learn to pleasure your Master. It’s part of your duty to him to make him feel like a man. His day is hard. His nights should be filled with pleasure.”

“You don’t get it, either of you!” I said. “I have no desire to do anything with a man. Until yesterday afternoon, I was a man. I didn’t choose this!”

Lisa pushed my forehead and said, “None of us chose this, you stuck up little twat. I was stolen from my home during a raid and sold to that walking pile of garbage The Weasel. I had to pleasure his men so they’d stay out of his stock. You think I chose that?”

Saki said, “Same for me. I was taken as a young girl when marauders sacked my village. I was sold to a house of pleasure in Muldar. I was beaten daily by the men who came there. My Master won me in a game of chance. I love my Master and would do anything for him. You need to learn to love your Master. I can tell he loves you.”

Looking shocked, I said, “You’re out of your mind! He doesn’t love me. He didn’t even know me until this morning when he took me from The Weasel.”

Lisa said, “Yes he does. You can see it in his eyes when he looks at you. Me he took because he felt he owed my father a debt. He took you because of your beauty.”

I shook my head. “He took me because I can lead him to the ring. That’s all. Besides, men own us. They don’t need to love us.”

Saki said, “A good Master loves his girl, even if he’s sometimes harsh to her. A good Master is also a teacher. You should learn from him.”

I laughed humorously. I said, “Those girls serving in the tavern might say something different.”

Saki shrugged and said, “Tavern owners aren’t good Masters.”

Lisa said, “Like Saki, I love our Master. I’ll do anything for him as long as I’m away from The Weasel. Which is why I’m going to help you. Saki too. It’ll be dark soon and we don’t have much time to prepare you.”

“Prepare me?” I asked. “What are you talking about?”

Lisa picked up the small bag that held the new clothes our Master had sent her to buy along with supplies. Instead of a rough camisk, she pulled out something small, made of red silky material with golden highlights. She and Saki both smiled as she held it up.

Lisa said, “You will wear these beautiful silks tonight and enter our Master’s tent. You will make him feel like a man and he will finally make you feel like a woman.”

I shrank back against the cell’s wall in horror. I said, “You’re out of your fucking mind! I…I’ll do no such thing! The hell with what I look like! Inside, I’ve spent my whole life being a man!”

Scowling, Lisa said, “You told us what our Master said to you. You’ll spend the rest of your life here as a woman. He’s your Master. You must show your love for him.”

“Look. He’s a nice guy and all, but I don’t love him,” I said trying fruitlessly to force myself through the wall. “I mean, he bosses me around and treats me like shit.”

Still scowling, Lisa said, “You don’t know what shit is like, you bimbo. The Weasel was going to sell you to that very tavern you were at today with Master. The tavern owner would have made a fortune selling your services…your body to a never ending parade of men until you died. Master saved your life. You owe him everything.”

I swallowed hard and said, “You’re right. I owe him for that. But what you’re asking. I…I…”

Saki held up the skimpy silks and said, “Put this on. It’ll be a quick lesson, but we’ll teach you how to make your Master feel like a man.”

I took the silks from Saki and felt them in my hands. They were smoother and more sensual than any of the sexy panties my wife had ever worn. I said, “Look. I don’t think I can do this…”

Through gritted teeth, Lisa snarled, “Put on the fucking silks!”


*          *          *


It was quiet inside the walls of the garrison at night. Light from dozens of torches along the top of the wall as well as scattered throughout the garrison grounds cast odd dancing shadows. The men of the garrison were either standing guard duty or standing around talking or sitting on the ground eating their dinners. Those in view of me stopped what they were doing when they saw me. Their eyes followed me as I headed towards a large tent in the middle of the grounds.

I could feel the silks slide around my legs as I walked. You couldn’t help but feel sexy wearing these silks. It felt incredible. And despite being embarrassed at being dressed like this in public, my self image still being my old self, I held my head high.

None of them made any move towards me. They all knew who owned me. I felt nervous as hell walking past all these men. There was no masking what their thoughts were. I had never worn make-up before, but Lisa and Saki had lightly rouged my cheeks and reddened my lips and made up my eyes. Apparently, for special occasions and dancing, girls would wear make-up and jewelry.

The two guards at the entrance of Anthony’s tent smiled, but made no move to block my entry. My Master didn’t notice me as I entered. He was shirtless and seated on a bench before a table studying a large map. Several candles lit the table while a few torches lit the interior of the tent. In the middle of the tent’s floor were a pile of silks and blankets for his bedding. I doubt even the garrison’s captain had a bed so inviting. It’s good to be Knight of the Realm apparently.

My Master turned with a look of surprise followed by wide smile when I said in as sultry a voice as I could muster, “Greetings, my Master.”

Following the quick lessons Lisa and Saki had given me, I gently placed my hands on my Master’s broad shoulders. I softly kissed his neck between his shoulder blades and started to gently massage his shoulder and neck muscles. His muscles were so tight! He’d never let on that he was so stressed. I pressed my fingers deeper into his skin and kissed his neck. He closed his eyes and started to relax. I was surprised that he didn’t say a word as I massaged his tight muscles.

After a few minutes of massaging him, and after another soft kiss on the base of his neck, he suddenly turned and put a hand behind my neck and pulled my face towards his. He kissed me deeply. I was suddenly breathless. I’d never been kissed like this before. Trying to think of baseball players or other distractions, I found I just couldn’t resist his kiss. My heart started to race and I felt other things…strange feelings…starting to happen with my body.

Anthony pulled away and said, “Dance.”

In a breathy voice, I said, “Yes , my Master.”

I’ll never be a Fred Astaire or I guess in my case a Ginger Rogers, but Lisa and Saki had taught me a few moves and both had assured me that the rest would begin to flow naturally. I swayed my hips and moved my arms as gracefully and as sexily as I could. I hoped I looked sexy and not like a football player trying to belly dance.

For several minutes I danced before my Master. He smiled at me the whole time. I wasn’t sure if he thought I was being funny or I was entertaining him with my dance. I guess it didn’t matter if he was enjoying it.

After several more minutes of dancing, he waved his hand indicating I should stop. He said, “Remove the boots.”

“Yes my Master,” I said. I slid to my knees before my seated Master. I started dutifully unbuckling the several buckles on his boots. His boots were pretty dirty and scuffed up. But I dared not mention that as I was afraid he’d direct me to lick his boots clean and buff them with my hair or something.

After unbuckling the first boot, I grabbed it by the heel and tugged. And tugged. I finally jerked on it hard and went tumbling backwards when the boot finally came off. I lay on my back a moment, holding his smelly boot while Anthony laughed. I smiled sweetly at my Master as I sat back up. I saw my Master’s naked foot and wondered if socks have even been invented on this stupid world.

The smell from the boot was nauseating and I muttered under my breath, “Master could use a bath.” I crawled on my hands and knees back up to Anthony to pull his other boot.

Frowning slightly, my Master said, “What did the girl say?”

I shook my head slightly. I really need to stop saying things. I said, “I said that Master could use a bath.”

Anthony grinned and said, “I’ll look forward to you bathing me when we return from the coming battle. Remove the other boot.”

As I unbuckled the other boot, my face was almost next to the crotch of his pants. There was an obvious bulge there and I shocked myself by wondering what was underneath his pants. I had less difficulty in removing the other boot. I rested on my knees after tossing the other boot to one side.

“Remove my pants,” said my Master.

I tried to smile as I said, “Yes my Master.” I’m sure they don’t wear underwear here and despite my earlier random thought, I really didn’t want to see anything. I unfastened his belt and pulled it loose. His pants had a row of buttons instead of a zipper. I slowly unbuttoned his pants. I could feel a hardness underneath. When I opened his pants wide, my Master’s penis popped out. It was larger than I expected. I had spent my whole life avoiding looking at other guy’s penises in restrooms and such and now here it was, hanging right in front of me. I couldn’t help but just stare at it for a few moments. I shook my head and pulled his pants down his legs and discarded them to one side.

Smiling, my Master said, “Pleasure me.”

Oh my God. I was afraid he was going to say that. Lisa and Saki gave me pointers on this, but I had told them there was no way in hell I’d do it. I just stared at his massive manhood for a moment. Master slid his hips forward towards me as he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

I grimaced and thought to myself, “Aw fuck.” Hesitantly I opened my mouth and leaned forward. I stopped and pulled my head back. I reached up and held his penis steady with one hand. I mentally recoiled at the touch. Never in my life had I touched a penis that wasn’t attached to me. I closed my eyes tightly and leaned back in, his cock sliding between my lips.

I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. The taste of his sweat and what I really hoped wasn’t urine accosted my taste buds. I slid it all the way until I felt I was about to gag. Then slid it back to where it almost came out of my mouth. I pressed my tongue hard against it as I started sucking on it. My Master moaned as I pleasured his manhood. I’m sure he believed my story about having been a man on my world and I have no doubt he took extra pleasure in dominating me.

With his cock in my mouth, I thought about what I’d like to have done to me when I still was male. I changed my approach and was rewarded by a satisfyingly loud moan from my Master. After a minute or so, I decided giving my Master a blowjob wasn’t as bad as I had imagined and was starting to get more into it.

Anthony suddenly pulled himself from my mouth and stood. Tugging on my hair, he said, “Come to my bed.” I quickly moved to his bed. I knew what was coming and now I was resigned to it.

As I lay on my back, Anthony kissed me deeply as he gently kneaded one of my breasts. I could feel my nipples getting hard. He slid a finger inside my vagina. The feeling surprised me. After spending my adult life sticking my fingers inside someone else’s pussy, it felt weird to know someone was doing the same thing to me. I felt no guilt in deciding I enjoyed it.

Then my Master started massaging my clitoris. I gasped as he stimulated me. The sensation was beyond anything I could imagine! I moaned uncontrollably.

Anthony removed his fingers and I felt his swollen cock slide into me. I felt pain as he pushed into my virgin pussy, but that was secondary to the pleasure of having his manhood push into me. I gasped again, finding it difficult to breathe. I was being fucked by a man, and so help me, I loved it.

I couldn’t help but moan, groan and yelp as he pumped his cock into me. He kissed me deeply. I raised my hips up to match his thrusts. I had never experienced such absolute, raw pleasure before. I decided that sex from this side was much, much better.

Finally, with one mighty thrust, Anthony plunged his cock deep and unloaded his seed inside me. At the thrust, I cried out loudly, “Oh, Master!” I had forgotten I was in a tent and I heard a muffled cheer go up from the men outside. I didn’t care. Both of us hot and covered in sweat, my Master just lay on me, as his cock continued to pulse a few times, pumping more of his seed. Oh man, I sure hope I don’t get pregnant.

He kissed me again, and then rolled off me. He was immediately asleep. I smiled at my Master and cuddled up next to him and closed my eyes and quickly drifted off to sleep.

Tonight, I became a woman.


*          *          *


The End of Part 2

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