Embracing Justice -chp 3

Embracing Justice


Can the love of another really help a person overcome the need for revenge or is the old saying true about digging two graves?

Dedicated to the men and women of the US Marshal Service.

Edited by my husband Paul, Honeysuckle, and djkuffman.


This is a work of fiction an any persons in this work are purely fictional.

“You mean to tell me that after all this time, on all those stakeouts chases and overnight pit stops, you were the one leaving the seat up in the bathrooms?”

Chapter 3

“Ow! Damn it Sam you don’t have to be so violent about everything.” Bobby rubbed his arm where Samantha had hit him. The fact that his longtime partner had hit him instead of saying something meant a lot. He had known for a longtime that Sam was a little different. He used to believe that it was because of her small size, and just had no use for most men or women. Not that their careers were really conductive for long term relationships. However it was the look on Kristine’s face that caused him to regret his words.

“Um… Deputy Justice, I’m sorry. I thought that Deputy Everbrite knew. Really, I am so sorry.” Kristine was almost in tears trying to apologize to Sam.

“Kristen, honey, don’t worry about it.” Sam had turned around in her seat to talk to her. “I just never told this lug head about my past. You’re not to blame, but if he makes another sexist crack like that again, he’ll find that it is a long walk home in high heels.”

“Damn it, Sam. Please tell me you’re not going to bring that up again. It wasn’t my fault you got picked up by the locals in that bust. Jesus you act like I did it on purpose or something. Besides, you’re the one who picked out the safe house, not me. I wanted to get the Six downtown, but nnnnooo; you just had to have the Courtyard out by the bypass.”

“You could have at least met me half way you big goofball. Do you know how hard it is to walk in five inch heels?” Sam came back at the big man. The more that Kristine listened to the two of them, the more she realized that this was an old game of theirs. She could see why the two deputies were some of the best. It made her wish her father was more like them.

“I couldn’t blow your cover. How many times do I have to tell you that? Besides that walk gave you massive street cred in the area. Thanks to your little walk, we were able to track down and arrest Gilson faster than O’Hair and Bailey.” Bobby was doing everything he could to change the subject and thankfully Sam had no problem going along with this.

“That is beside the damned point. I had blisters on my blisters. Damn, I don’t know how your sister can were heels that high all the time?”

“Oh, trust me, Candice; was not always that graceful in heels, or as confident. It wasn’t until she started working the runways, that she got that good. Even then she had a lot, and I do mean a lot of help in learning how to walk in heels.”

At Sam’s mentioning of his sister Bobby started to remember when she first started out in the modeling business. Of all of his siblings he was most proud of it was his baby sister. At one time, she had a real body image problem. When you’re 5 foot 10 inches tall as a girl it can be a real handicap in finding a boyfriend. Her time in high school was not pleasant.

“Um… Deputy Everbrite, I know this is going to sound crazy, but are you really Candice Brite’s big brother?” The fact that Kristine knew who Bobby’s little sister was a surprise for him.

“Yup, she sure is. So tell me short round, how is it you know about Candy? Oh, and you can call me Bobby. Every time you call me Deputy Everbrite I want to look for our boss.”

Kristen giggled at hearing this. She would never have called an adult by their first name. it was almost like he wanted to get to know her or something. For the first time in her life see was seen as more than just decoration. The giggle did not go unnoticed by the two deputies. They could see the young girl starting to come out of her shell a little.

“Ok, Bobby, but to answer your question. It is not like she isn’t the most glamorous and well known model in all three of the top fashion shows on the European continent.”

“What? Wait a minute, are you telling me that the baby sister of this overgrown boy scout here, is a top fashion model in Europe?” the fact the Sam didn’t know this about her partner’s family was a surprise to say the least. “When were you going to tell me this little fact about Candy, Bobby?”

“Hay, you never told me your little secret. Besides I thought all you girly girls knew Candice Brite.”

“If I had known that your sister was a professional runway model I would never have let her talk me into trying those damned heels. Shit no wonder she can move in stilts like their flats.” Sam grumbled.

“What’s the big deal? It’s not like you wear heels all the time you know.” Bobby was at a loss for Sam’s foul mood over something that happened four years ago. They were working a fugitive recovery case, where the suspect had a thing for short women in high heels. The fact that he frequented a neighborhood bar made things easier when finding him. The problem was that Sam didn’t know how to wear high heels, so Bobby called on his sister to teach Sam.

“Oh my god! You did not have a professional runway model teach your partner to walk in heels? Are you loopy or crazy?” at Kristine’s shocked comment, Bobby looked in the mirror at her. She could see that he had no clue as to what the big deal was. Sighing, Kristine took pity on the big man. “Professional runway models start off with heels no higher than three inches and then go up gradually. If they have been doing it for as long as your sister has most can’t walk in heels that are lower than four and a half. I bet that she doesn’t have more than maybe three pairs of shoes that can be considered flats, and they are all tennis shoes, cross-trainers, or ballet slippers. Shoes she would use for her workouts in the gym or in the dance studio.”

Bobby looked over at Sam, and saw from the look on her face, that Kristine was telling the truth. The only thought that ran through his mind at that time was ‘Oh Shit!’ “Um… Sam, look I’m sorry about that, ok. Look I didn’t think that Candice being a runway model would that be that big a deal. All I knew was that she could walk in heels.”

“Unlike our young friend here, Bobby. I don’t follow the fashion mages, but I do know who the top twenty runway models in the world are. If and this is a big if, I had known that Candice Brite and Candice Everbrite were one and the same I would never have agreed to let her teach me to walk in high heels. It took me months to get the stretch back into my calves. However you are forgiven, for now. Right now we need to pull in somewhere so I can get changed.” Seeing a service station up ahead on the right Sam pointed it out. “That’ll be good enough.”

“Why, in the world do you need to get changed Sam?” Bobby was a little confused about this.

“I can’t just walk into a Hell-mart with Kristine dressed the way she is like this. We’ll stand out like two roses in a turnip field. So, to avoid suspicion we do the ‘sisters act’ only we just came from the gym. This way we can pick her up some clothes to wear for the next few days, and no one will think different.” At Sam’s explanation Bobby could see the logic behind it.

Once they had pulled into the station and parked, Sam got out and grabbed her gym bag from the back of the SUV. Kristen watched as she headed inside for the key to the outside restroom. Once she was sure that she was alone with Bobby, she leaned forward so she was between the front seats. “So, Bobby, you really didn’t know that Deputy Justice was post-op?”

Bobby smiled at the young girl. Her innocence was a refreshing breeze in their world of scumbags and escapees. This poor kid was stuck in a shitty situation, she’s been abused by the ones who were supposed to protect her, has a price on her head, been thrown out of her home because she’s a little different, all that and more; but somehow she still has this air of purity about her. Something that is making Bobby want to protect her.

“I have been Samantha Justice’s partner for six years now. In all that time I never once thought she was anything, but the woman you see today. Even her service record shows her as being a female. Oh, there were a few times in the past that I thought she was a lesbian or over grown tomboy. But nothing in the time we’ve been partners ever said anything about her other than woman. Even when I had to get my sister to teach her how to walk in heels.”

“About that, did she say why she didn’t know how to walk in heels?”

“Well, that is a little complicated. You see, Sam grow up in the foster care system. she lost her family at a young age or that’s what her records say. Now that I know she was in the WPP, thanks to you, when she was younger I’ll have to ask. To be honest, Kristine, I know absolutely nothing about Sam.”

“Um…How can you have been her partner all these years and know nothing about her?”

Laughing at Kristine for her very blunt question Bobby answered her. “If there is one thing about Samantha Justice that has remained constant in all the years I have known her it is this. If she doesn’t want to talk about something, she won’t and nothing you can do will get her to change her mind about it. That woman could teach the CIA about keeping secrets. I think the only person who really knows anything about her past is the Marshal. In fact, right now you probably know more about her than I do or anyone else for that matter.”

“Why do you say that?”

“For starters, she told you that she was once in the WPP, next she told you about how you and she were the same, and finally she told you how the WPP helped her become the woman she is today. Believe me when I say all of that is a very big deal.”

“I didn’t think about that. Why would she have kept all that from you though? I mean she’s been your partner for a long time now. Doesn’t she trust you?”

“Kristine, honey Sam trusts me to have her back when we go through a door, into a dive bar, or a back country hell hole; and I trust her in the same way. We’ve arrested more escapees and low life runners than I care to comment on. Shared more, bad take-out, fast food, and pizza than ten married couples. Slept in some of the rattiest, bug infested, hotels and motels there is in this fine country of ours. We do our level best to separate our personal lives from our private lives. I don’t go digging into hers and she stays out of mine. In a partnership like ours, that is the only way it works.”

“Ok. I get it. I won’t go asking embarrassing questions.”

“Good girl, I knew you were smarter than you look. Now, I have a question for you, but you don’t have to answer, but it will help if you do.”

“Sure, go ahead I may lie though or claim the fifth depending on the question.” Kristine giggled.

“Ok smartass I’ll give you that. What I want to know is when did you realize you were a girl?”

Kristine sat back and chewed on her lower lip for a minute before answering. “I first realized I was a girl shortly before my mama’s death. I always knew that I was different, I first realized this when I was about four or five. While my friends wanted trucks and cars to play with or play sports, I wanted Barbie dolls and doll houses, instead of sports I wanted to learn ballet and gymnastics. You don’t think I’m weird do you?” Bobby could see that his honest answer meant a lot to Kristen.

“No, honey child, I don’t. Before I joined the Marshal Service I spent time in the Army. I got to travel around the world and found that there are more ways of living under the sun than here in the States. That was one of the reasons I join the Marshals after I got out. The US Marshals have a long history of being on the cutting edge of equal rights. Did you know that they were the first law enforcement agency to have women as full officers?” The look on Kristen’s face said she didn’t believe him. “That’s right; I said they were one the first law enforcement agency to have women as full officers. Our current US Marshal is named after her great, great grandmother, who had one of the highest arrest records ever within the Marshals or any law enforcement agency.”

“WOW! And here my father was trying to get rid of her, and all the women in the Service. He really hated the fact she was promoted over him.”

“Let me guess, his views on women in the Marshals changed about the time she was appointed US Marshal?”

“Um… no… he was always against women in the Marshal Service. He used to say it is a man’s job. But yah, he got really involved with the LOG party after that. Well, I should say he became more involved. It was Carol that got him turned on to the Party, but he kind of always kept his distance. But after he got pasted over things got really stupid around the house. I couldn’t have any friends whose parents weren’t members of the LOG. Will, you know this stuff already, but I will say this much. I don’t think it was the Cartels that had Wright killed.”

Their conversation was interrupted by Sam’s return. Once she was back in the front seat, and buckled in Bobby and Kristine both did a doubt take. Instead of looking to be in her mid-twenties Sam looked as if she was barely nineteen at most. Bobby always knew that his partner had a hard time being respected as an adult, often resorting to pulling out her badge; he never in a million years would have expected her to be able to look this young. And to his undying shame, like every time around a pretty girl, he engaged his mouth before his brain.

“Damn, Sam I knew you were young, but you didn’t tell me you were jail bait.”

Sam was tempted to punch Bobby in the mouth, but she has known him for far too long, to truly be offended by her partners comment. She knew of his lifelong affliction of foot-in-mouth disease around pretty women, of which she was one. So instead of using her normal means of getting back at her friend, she switched gears and used female jujitsu. Unbuckling her seatbelt she slid across the seats and into the big man’s lap. Just as she figured he was already starting to squirm.

“What’s that matter big man? Does little old me make you nervous? Don’t worry, I really am twenty-one.” She purred into his ear. The more she snuggled up to him the redder the blush on Bobby’s face became. All the time Kristine was giggling her back side off. She couldn’t help it; the two deputies reminded her of some of her friends her therapy group. Sam decided to give her partner a break when he started to stutter and slid back into her own seat. The Cheshire cat grin said it all. “That’ll teach you to pick on someone as cute and sweet as me.”

Kristine lost all control at this point and was laughing out loud. Bobby, just glared at Sam for a few moments before joining her, and soon Sam was laughing as well. When they all finally calmed down Bobby looked over at Sam again, but this time he could tell that she had redone what little makeup she wore so she would intentionally looked a great deal younger. If someone were to see her and Kristine together they would look like sisters. However he couldn’t let her get away with her little joke.

“Who ever said you’re cute and sweet needs their head examined. You Samantha are a mean, nasty, and vindictive woman. If you ever do that to me again, that eight mile hike in heels will seem like a walk on the beach compared to what will happen.”

“Oh yah, big man. Just remember, I know where your mama lives. If I remember right she said, and I quote, ‘If that boy of mine gets out of line just give me a call.’”

“You won’t dare?!” Bobby could see that Sam would carry out the threat. “My god, woman! Do you know what kind of hell that would cause? Typhoons, hurricanes, earth quacks, tidal waves, and the return of the seven plagues. We’re talking about the end of days here, total Armageddon. Not to mention her hounding us about why we haven’t gotten married yet?”

When Bobby finished all three were laughing again at his antics. When Bobby was once again under control Bobby started up the SUV, and headed for the nearest Hell-mart. The three talked about everything under the sun on the way. Kristine stayed away from her suspicions about Mr. Wright’s death. She knew deep down in her heart that it had more to do with something her father was into than the war with the Cartels. She knew that all of this was somehow connected to something she had overheard one night at the door to her father’s home office. Most of all though she knew, in her heart of hearts, that her mama’s death was no accident. When she found the proof, she will make those who were responsible pay with their lives.

When they pulled into the parking lot of the big box store Bobby dropped the two girls off at the front door and pulled around to park. Both girls headed inside and grabbed a cart. They quickly headed for the women’s and girls section. Samantha talked Kristine into getting things like slacks, jeans, simple blouses, and keeping her wardrobe kind of plain for now. She did however allow her to get two skirts and one dress. After a quick trip to the shoe department where they pick out a pair of tennis shoes, some ballet flats, and some boots for both Kristen, and Sam they were met by Bobby near the electronics section. He had one of those box collections in his hands along with seven other individual cd’s. He was looking at the cd/blue ray players that were on sale.

“What ya got there amico mio?” ask Sam.

“Educational and training videos for the munchkin.” Was all Bobby said, not looking up at her use of Italian for friend. It was just one more thing that was part of the mystery known as Samantha Justice.

“Huh?” Kristine was trying to figure out what was going on. “What kind of educational video’s? They’re not those ABC and other learning tools videos are they?”

“Nope. These are for rounding out your cultural education as a teenager. I hate to say this Kristine but that sheltered life you’ve been living has left you woefully unprepared for what is ahead of you.” Bobby told her straight up, and didn’t pull his punches. “After, you get done with testifying they’ll want to place you with someone else within the program. It’s not going to be easy. You’ll face a whole list of problems, but the more you’re able to pass as a normal teenager the easier it’ll be for you.”

‘Um… I still don’t understand what those cd’s have to do with this.” Kristine was really confused.

Seeing the confusion in the young girls eyes Sam came to her rescue. “We’ll go over all that later at the hotel, but for now I’ll just tell you this. When we place a person in the WPP, we do everything in our power to prepare them for their in life as a protected witness. In your case one of things we need to teach is what most teenagers know. Those cd’s he has in his hands are all movies or shows that your parents would not approve of as they were made by the ‘liberal left’ media.”

“Ohhh! Yeah, I guess it would seem strange if I didn’t know what other teenagers know.”

“Don’t worry, Kristine, it’s all part of our job in making sure you stay safe, even after you leave our care. Now, come on we need to get you a few more things before we leave.” Bobby placed the cd’s and one of the players in their cart.

In a very quiet voice, Kristine asked Sam. “Um… deputy what else do we need to get? And who’s paying for all this? It is not that I am not grateful, but I cannot afford a whole lot. I only have a hundred and fifty in my bank account.”

“First off, Kristine, I need you to call me Sam or Samantha.” Kristine smiled at hearing this, and nodded hear head yes.

“Now that, that’s out of the way. Until you are out on your own, or no longer under the WPP’s care, the Justice Department will cover your living and any medical care costs. What we are doing right now is getting you the basics for now. Just enough so you have a change of clothes for the next ten days. After that, we’ll know or should know here you’re needed in court. If, and this is a big if, the JD does not know when you will be needed or they feel the threat to you is too great for you to appear in person they will make other arrangements. Now, we need to get you some panties, bras, hosiery, socks, and … you get the idea. We are nowhere near done for now.”

After a quick stop in the lingerie section for training bras, panties, and a few other needed items they head for the hosiery area. There they pick up panty hose, tights, knee highs, and socks for Kristen. As they were heading for the cash register they passed a rack of socks that came up to the thighs. Kristen stopped and was reading the package on one pair. It said they were Over-The-Knee socks to be worn in the cooler times of the year. Sam looked at the package and smiled. She remembers her first pair of OTK’s. Sam didn’t give it a second thought as she grabbed seven pairs for herself and seven for Kristen. She knew that in a few weeks they would need them.

“Why are we getting so many of these Sam?” Kristen really wants to know. She knew they would feel good once the weather turned but there was no reason for her to have fourteen pairs of OTK socks.

“Oh, half of those are for me. I remember how cold it gets here in Toledo. There is no way in hell I am going spend October through April freezing my ass off or my feet. You may be from the Mid-lands of Ohio, Kristine, but I grew up on the Lake. The Lake effect snow at times is bad enough to shut down the city in hours.” The words had no sooner left her mouth when she realized what she had said, and the fact that Bobby had heard her. Things were rapidly get out of hand. She knew she would have to come clean with her partner.

“You can tell me once we’re in a secure location Sam. I think I have some of the answers already, but I’ll wait for you to give me the full story when we’re safe.” Bobby knew that for no other reason now that everything in Sam’s service file was a cover. One that was setup by the very Service she was now a part of.

Looking up at her big friend Sam smiled. “Thanks Bobby, that means a lot to me. Once we get to the hotel, I tell you both everything about a skinny assed kid from Toledo, Ohio. In addition, how he became the strikingly beautiful vixen before you today. Besides after everything you and I have gone through over the last six years you have more than earned the right to know my past. And Kristen, my dear, it’ll do you some good to hear that there is a life out there for you as well.”

Sam didn’t wait for a reply from them she just pushed the cart to the cash register area. When they got there they found that there were only two registers open and had to get in line and wait. That was when the problems began. A woman who was around Kristine’s stepmother’s age got in line behind them. Normally this would be no big deal, except for the fact she was wearing a LOG pin on the left breast of her blouse.

“Don’t you girls have any shame?! Waltzing around in here dresses like a pair of street walking harlots. Does your mother even know you’re out in public in your under wear?”

Before Sam or Bobby could stop her Kristine slapped the woman. Then got right in her face. Both could tell she was pissed off and was ready to really hurt the old bat.

“I’ll have you know, bitch, my mother is dead because of you people! You and all your so called morally correct bullshit got her killed. She could have been one of the greatest ballet dancers, ever! But nnnnooo! You stand outside of the theater and picket her performances, calling them sinful, and a disgrace to public decency. But it is perfectly alright to sit around in a bar getting shitfaced drunk, and then go for a drive. Never mind all the lives you’re putting at risk. All because it’s your God given right to be stupid!” Sam grabbed Kristine’s hand before she could slap the woman again. Meanwhile Bobby was stepping between the three women, it was a brave thing to do, stupid but brave.

“Lady, I suggest you find out the facts of what is going on, before throwing around accusations like that. Especially when it comes to my baby sisters. Who by the way are both black belts and highly trained instructors as well. If I was you, I would find another place to be right now. Get my drift, lady?”

Most people who are in their right mind would have taken the hint from someone Bobby’s size, and run with it. However, no one said the members of the LOG party were in their right minds. But, for once one of their members actually showed most common sense and left the three alone. When Bobby turned around he found Kristine in Sam’s arms crying. Whatever had set Kristine off was big. He and Sam have seen the results of long-term abuse and neglect over the years on more than one case. This was no difference in his eyes. Kristine has been carrying around this pain for a long, long time. However, it was something she had said in her momentary loss of control that made him think she might know more than she is telling them. Also there was something she had said when they were alone about Wright.

“Sam, take Kristine out to the car. I’ll take care of the purchases, and be out in a moment.” Sam just nodded her head and lead Kristine out of the store. Turning back to the cashier. “Sorry, about that ma’am. My baby sister is taking the death of our mother rather hard.”

The elderly aged woman who was running the register just smiled. “Young man, I would have paid good money to see that. I don’t know how many times that old LOG bitch has been in here causing trouble. If I had a dollar for every customer her and her friends have pissed off I could retire to Cancun tonight. That doesn’t even cover the number of times they have stood outside protesting something we’re selling in the store. Trust me, I was a witness to the riots of the 60’s and 70’s, I have seen what fanatics can do when they get going. Those Law, Order, and God nuts are some of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Mark my words they’re no better than the KKK or neo-Nazis.” She ran the purchases through as she was talking. When the total came up all she asked was. “Will that be cash or credit, sir?”

“It’ll be credit. Can you explain why I haven’t seen your store manager or security yet? I figured they would have been here long before now.” Bobby really needed to know. It was important that their improvised cover not be blown to Kristine’s safety.

“Because I didn’t hit the panic bottom under the counter, sugar. Besides I know Jimmy is laughing his ass off right now in his office. Trust me, Jimmy was probably hoping your baby sister scratched the old biddie’s’s eyes out or worse. Every time that woman or her cronies show up it is nothing but trouble.”

“Ok, I was just wondering is all. She has had a rough go of it lately and was hoping bring her up here she could get a new start, ya know?” as Bobby was pulling out his service credit card he flashed his badge. “Right now I really don’t need my fellow law enforcement brothers giving her a hard time.”

“Deputy, around here unless there’s a body our local police won’t bother. Before you ask, it isn’t because they don’t care. They just don’t have the man power thanks to all the budget cuts.”

“Well, I better get going, if I don’t I just know those two will be waiting for that woman outside. Knowing those two, there will be a body this time.” Bobby had finished paying and had placed everything into the cart. The cashier looked over to where the problem woman was just now starting to check out.

“You better hurry then, because dollars to doughnuts she has already sent a text out to the rest of her kind. They’ll be here amassing within twenty minutes.”

“Thank you ma’am. We’ll be long gone by then.” With that, Bobby headed out the door to the SUV and the two girls. When he got there, he found both in the backseat with Sam holding Kristine as she cried. He maybe a little dense at times, but he knew that right now his best option was to get the bags loaded into the back, and not say a word. He could handle a lot of things, but bawling young girls or women wasn’t one of them. Whatever had triggered this meltdown in Kristine he knew that Sam was better equipped to handle it. Once he hand everything in the back. He climbed in and started the car, put in gear and headed for the hotel safe house. The whole ride from the store to the hotel Kristine cried her heart out.

It took them almost forty-five minutes to get to the hotel with the traffic. When they got to the hotel Kristine had cried herself out and was asleep on Sam lap. Bobby didn’t say a word he just got went inside and got the key to their room. Sam hadn’t moved and neither had Kristine by the time he got back. He just drove around to their room out back and parked. Looking back over at the girls, he took his cue from Sam.

“Bobby, do me a favor and get the bags out for us. I think it’s going to take both of us to get her inside, she’s out cold.”

“She going to be alright Sam?” Sam could hear the concern in his voice. She sighed heavily before answering her long-time partner and friend. She wanted to lie and say yes, but knew that would just make matters worse if Kristine didn’t bounce back.

“Truthfully, I don’t know Bobby, I just don’t know. She is holding in a lot of pain and anger about something, and it more than the murder of Wright is what led her to us.”

“Do you think we can help her, Samantha?” he knew by using Sam’s full name instead of her nickname Sam could tell he really cared for the kid. Everyone in the service often said he was one of the coldest deputies there is, but the big man had a heart of gold, and had a real soft spot for kids.

“To be honest, maybe. I think that may have been one of Rose’s reasons for pulling us off fugitive retrieval. Look, why done you get the bags inside while I try to wake short round here.”

“Gotcha, but just keep her comfortable for now. It’ll only take me a few minutes to get everything inside then I can give you a hand with getting her inside.” Bobby didn’t wait for an answer and got out to open the door to their room. Just as he said, it only took him a few minutes to get everything inside the room, including their firearms locker. For some reason his taking that particular item inside didn’t bother Sam.

The entire time he was unloading the car Kristine never moved or woke up. The girl must have been running on fumes. Looking down at her tear stained face, Samantha was taken back to a time twelve years ago and the first time she had seen this hotel. She too had been at the end of her rope. At the time, she wanted nothing more than to curl up in a corner somewhere and just cry. At the time, she thought that she was alone in the world and would be for the rest of her life. She knew the truth behind the facts when it came to people taking in transgendered youth. She had actually researched it under the cover of doing a paper for her social studies class in school. When she added in the fact she had a price on her head, nobody in their right mind would take her in. That’s how she wound up in the care of Deputy Marshal Dorothy Rose.

When Bobby was done unloading the SUV he came to Sam’s door. Reaching over and unlocking it Sam tried to keep from waking the sleeping teenager. With the door open Bobby reached in and picked her up. Kristine woke up for only a few seconds before curling up in his arms and going back to sleep. Once Sam was out of the car she grabbed her purse, then closed and locked their car. She was just a few seconds behind Bobby as he carried Kristine inside. She quickly closed the room door and followed them into the bedroom where Bobby was placing Kristine in the bed. Sam pulled the covers back and let Bobby put her in. After removing her shoes and covering her up they both retreated to the suite’s living room area.

Bobby watched as Sam collapsed into the room’s couch and kicked off her shoes. He had seen her do this countless times, and in countless hotels. It was this act that reminded him that she was really twenty-seven, and not the teenager she appeared to be. Well, that and the S&W 45 auto she pulled out of the waist of her running tights. What he was trying to figure out was how in the name of hell she hid her holdout piece in those tight as tights.

“Um… Sam, where in the hell did that come from?”

“I’d show you, but that would constitute sexual harassment.” Giggled Sam.

“You know, there are times I’m half tempted to take you up on your little offers.” The big man grinned at her, before looking back at the bedroom door. “Do you really think she knows more than she’s telling us?”

“Hay, I do. If I were to hazarded a guess I would say it has to do with more than just Wright himself, but the entire LOG Party and her parents. Do you know of any investigations going on with them and the Party?”

“No, not off the top of my head. Let me give a buddy of mine over at the FBI a call. Why don’t you check-in with Susan over with the Justice Departments Organized Crime department? If anyone will know anything it’ll be her.”

“Don’t use the room phone, Bobby. Use the laptops and the Wi-Fi, route everything through the Service’s off site servers and proxies. Oh, and make sure it’s encrypted.”

“Ok, Sam, but that is a lot of work just to find out if someone is looking into the LOGP.”

“Bobby, if my hunch is right, we have a bigger problem on our hands than the Cartels wanting Kristine dead.”

“Whatch ya thinking there partner? We’ve got something going on with the LOGP and the alphabets?” the fact that Bobby’s Texas drawl was coming out told Sam he was starting to worry too.

“In a word, Robert, yes. Before I tell you what I think make that call, will you?”

“Sure thing, I’ll get right on it. You take care of Susan. We’ll set down and compare notes later.” The fact that Sam had used his first name was not lost on him. He could count the number of times she had done that on one hand. He had come to realize that when she did that, they were in some seriously deep shit. He had learned to trust her intuition about things like this more than his own. He would never say this in public but Sam was more often, than not, right about something like this, and it had saved their lives just as many times.

Bobby was not one of those men who believed in ESP, women’s intuition, or any of that other sixth sense crap; but when it came to his partner’s gut feelings. He would trust those over cold hard facts in a heartbeat. It took him about ten minutes to get everything setup the way Sam suggested. Then another five to get through to his contact in the FBI, an old Army bubby. Both had spent time in the 437th MP Company out of Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, D.C. It was there that they both found they wanted to do more in law enforcement. They had both worked with the different agencies in the civilian law enforcement. Bobby like the way the Marshals worked over all the others. They’re closer to the Rangers of his home state of Texas than the other Federal agencies.

It took his friend almost a half hour to get back to him. When he did it was to ask for a face-to-face meeting with Kristine. Bobby sat back and looked over at Sam. There was a worried expression on his face.

“Samantha, I think we have a real problem here. The FBI wants to meet Kristine. Before you ask, no I didn’t tell my contact that she was in our custody.”

“Hay, I got the same request from Susan, only hers was more like an order to bring her in for questioning.” Sam looked up from her own laptop at Bobby. She had the same look of worry on her face as he did. “Bobby, I have a really bad feeling now. I know we didn’t tell anyone we had Kristine, and I am pretty sure that neither would David or the Marshal. How many of our fellow deputies do you think are members of the LOGP? The reason I’m asking is because that’s how many potential leaks we have. And from those responses we got from our contacts. I would say that more than one agency is investigating the LOGP.”

“Ok, I’ll definitely give you that. The question is why and how far they got into their investigations? Did one of them have someone undercover, and just how deep were they? Damn it Sam we need answers and right now the only one with them is in that bedroom over there out cold on the bed.”

“Trust me, bobby I know. And right now if we go pushing her for those answers all she’ll do is shut down again. If anything, we need to give her more time before letting the alphabets near her. That includes the Justice Department. I love Susan like a sister at times, but she is way too enthusiastic about having someone to testify against the LOGP.”

“That’s because I know who is really behind Mr. Wright’s and my mom’s murders.” Both snapped around and looked at Kristine. They hadn’t heard her get up or walk into the room. “And I have the evidence to prove it.”

------------------------------------------- To be continued. -------------------------------------------------

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