A Mother's Gift

A Mother's Gift

Losing someone you love, is never easy. My mother was just 57 when cancer took her. We were indeed close, but I was close to both my parents. My dad and I spent a few days together, in the days that followed her passing. My girlfriend Jennifer also stood by me in this time of sorrow.

But I didn't realise at the time, that the best days of my life were yet to come, and I owe it to my late mom, for them happening.

Despite a few years at college, I found myself working behind a computer all day. One of many people doing the same boring bottom of the ladder job for a major company. It didn't pay much, but it was a job.

But despite all that, working for this company had brought one benefit: Jennifer Mills. My beloved Jenny and I met during my first week, and we clicked almost instantly.

The first few weeks of knowing each other, were awkward at times, but this was due to a secret of mine – a secret that I finally decided to disclose to her.

My secret, is that while I'm attracted to women, I long to be one too. I had gathered a few items of clothing, which I'd kept secret, dressing whenever I had the chance. But when it became clear that Jennifer and I were getting serious, I decided to come clean.

I was hoping she didn't freak out and dump me. That wasn't the case, thankfully, though it took a few days for the dust to settle. She asked me to dress up for her, so she could see my other side.

Then, my appearance was not that good. My make-up skills were novice standard, and my dress sense was no better. But it all changed, thanks to Jennifer. She never backed off, but stuck by me, and thanks to her, Angela made her first steps outside the house.

Our relationship got better for it, and we made a habit of going out as a lesbian couple every Saturday night. We could have posed as close friends, but Jennifer insisted. Whatever, she certainly liked Angela.

“Andrew, you really are convincing me that you should be a woman.” she told me. “Angela is all you, plus more. To be honest, I might have to ditch you for her.”

“You're telling me, you're gay?” I asked.

“I'm ready to go gay for her.” she smiled.

“Ok, I'll go and fetch her.” I smiled back. “You can tell her in person.”

It certainly assured me, that I was safe to pursue a sex change while dating Jennifer. She was the only person who I had told about Angela, but it eventually occurred to me, that someone else knew about her, or at least suspected her.

We had been dating for just over 2 years when my mom died. Her death came at a pivotal time for me, since Jennifer and I were talking about me beginning the long journey to becoming Angela, as well as marriage.

The plan had to be shelved for a while, while plans for the funeral were made. I spent the next few days in close contact with my dad, talking about her, remembering her. I only wished that she would have lived long enough to attend my wedding.

My mom did leave a will, which did leave most of her belongings to my dad, though she had requested that her clothes be donated to charity. I was not left out though, for I did end up with a small amount of money, and a large quantity of cardboard boxes.

“I wonder what could be in those boxes?” I asked my dad.

“No idea.” he replied. “Your mom did have a few things of note, but she had other things too.”

“I suppose I'll just have to see what they contain, once they've arrived.” I replied.

* * *

They arrived on Saturday, just days after the will had been read. Jennifer was with me, since we now lived together.

The courier brought them to the door on a trolley. As soon as I signed for them, I took them all inside.

Jennifer and I looked at the boxes, now stacked in the middle of the living room, with wonder. They were plain brown boxes, and all adorned with a number on the side, written with a black marker pen, no doubt. There were 15 in total, and all of similar size, though box 15 broke the trend and was notably larger. I was about to open a box, when Jennifer pointed to an envelope that had been attached to Box 1. It had “Read First.” written on it. I took the envelope off, opened it, and read the enclosed letter.

“To my beloved son

You may be wondering why I have left you a number of cardboard boxes. The answer is simple: I knew something about you, that you thought was a secret.”

I felt a shiver down my spine. What secret? Not that one, surely? I continued to read. Even Jennifer looked anxious, and came over to look at the letter too.

“Don't be alarmed or ashamed, but I had suspected for a while that you liked womens clothes. I have no problem with your hobby at all, and so I have left you a quantity of my clothes for you to use.

Before you start opening the boxes, you'll notice that they are numbered. That is the order I wish you to open them in. I do suggest that you take a fortnight break from work before you start opening them. You will understand later why I suggest you do this.

I would have loved to have helped you in person with your hobby, but all I can do is help you now.

Though we are now far apart, I will always love you.


So, she knew about Angela, to some degree. There was no way I could find out how she found out, but at least she had no problem about it. I read the letter again, and pondered. Jennifer was curious too.

“So, she knew about you. But you said, you kept it from your parents?” she said.

“I did, but somehow, she knew. But did she know that I wish to become a woman?” I replied.

“But 15 boxes, and a need to take time off from work, too?” asked Jennifer. “Why the need to do that?”

“That is something that puzzles me, too.” I said. “But if my mom left that instruction, I see fit to obey it.”

“Well, if you're going to take 2 weeks off work, I'm doing so too.” said Jennifer. “Besides, since they know we're together, it makes sense for both of us to take time off.”

Jennifer was right on that, but it would mean waiting a week or two, at least. We were all given so many weeks holiday, each financial year, and once they had been used up, we had no more until the next financial year. But arranging the time off, required giving advance notice.

We made the excuse that we had booked a midsummer break. It worked, and the chance to see what my mom had planned for me, was now on the horizon. Just to be extra sure, I phoned my dad, and told him that we were going away for 2 weeks. I didn't really want to have any visitors during that time.

So, it was decided to open the first box on the Saturday, having begun our holiday from the moment we left work on Friday. It was discovered to be a good idea after all.

Having finished breakfast, I picked up Box 1, and carried it over to the sofa, where Jennifer was waiting. I used a pair of scissors to sever the tape that secured the flaps, then carefully opened the box. The first thing I noticed, atop of some tissue paper, was another letter. I took it out and read it aloud.

“Dear Son

If you are reading this letter, it means you have found the time to discover my gift to you. Only in due time, will you realise what sort of gift I have left you.

In this first box, you will find a nightdress and an outfit to wear, including underwear. Wear the nightdress every night to bed, starting tonight. The outfit is for you to wear today. Wear it all day, for I want you to know how it feels to wear such wonderful clothes each day.

Tomorrow, I want you to wear the outfit inside box 2, and then box 3, and so on. Each day, you will have a new outfit to enjoy. You will find a further letter in box 14, when you eventually open it.

Just remember me while you wear these clothes. I loved these clothes more than any other.

With love.


Jennifer was already searching through the tissue paper and removing the garments from the box.

“Considering she knew my secret, she had overlooked that I have womens clothes of my own, already.” I said, as I looked at the clothes in the box.

“Well, you have a nightie already.” said Jennifer. “Though this one is really nice.”

The nightie was lilac in colour, whereas my own was white.

“The outfit looks nice too.” I said.

The outfit that I was to wear now, was complete to the last detail. Matching bra and panties, a short white sleeved blouse, a mid length grey skirt, and dark tights. All that was needed, was shoes, and I had several pairs.

“I'll go and put them on now.” I added. “I hope they fit.”

I picked up the box and headed to our bedroom. All my “Angela” items were stored in a separate cupboard, while a long brown wig sat atop a mannequin head on the dressing table. I sat on the bed and started to undress. My body was not hairy, though that was down to the weekly nights out as Angela. Still, I felt a need to quickly use a razor, especially if Angela was going to be around for 2 whole weeks.

I was barely finished, when Jennifer came in. I didn't mind her watching.

“2 whole weeks, with the beautiful woman I love.” she smiled.

“I still ponder, how your parents will cope, when they discover that their future son-in-law becomes a daughter-in-law.” I said.

“That, and the fact that I find women a turn on too.” smiled Jennifer, placing a kiss on my lips. “In all honesty, you are a woman. Those clothes help bring out the real you.”

“So, you won't miss something of mine?”

“All that matters, is that you are you. I fell in love with you, your personality, everything that says that you are you.”

By now, I had started putting on the clothes, and they were slightly tight. But I decided to endure them. At least I could view them in more detail. I walked over to the dressing table and put on my wig, false nails and make-up. I then returned to the bed to put on the shoes I had chosen earlier.

* * *

And so, my first full day as Angela began. First full day indeed, since all other times had been the evenings out, or for just hours at a time. The slight discomfort from the clothes couldn't hide the fact that I felt better wearing a skirt and heels. The feeling of long hair also felt right, even if it was only a wig. I was planning to grow my hair out when I finally got round to beginning my transition.

“Well, my love. We've got 2 whole weeks to do as we please, as the women we truly are.” smiled Jennifer. “Now, no chatting up the men.”

“Why would I want to chat up men?” I asked, playing along. “You know I only like women.”

Our red lips met in a brief but enjoyable kiss.

“We can start today. Go out, do some shopping.” said Jennifer, being serious again. “We can go and get our nails done.”

I looked at my nails: extensions that were adhered with sticky pads, and not the usual glue. They were quicker, but not as strong. Plus, with work, I tried to avoid anything that could out me.

But 2 whole weeks as Angela, as me, was the perfect opportunity to get a professional manicure, and perhaps a pedicure too. I couldn't wait to start transitioning, for all the possibilities it would open up. These next 2 weeks would be the perfect appetiser.

Even so, I still felt slightly nervous about going out. I had always gone out during the evening, when the night sky gave me some cover. Going out in broad daylight was something I was yet to really do. Jennifer was however, helping me in any way possible, teaching me a few mannerisms, as well as how to walk.

I headed back to our room to collect a coat from my collection of female attire, plus a handbag. Jennifer helped once again, with coordination. It was something I was still learning, and I was determined to get better at it.

My usual plan when going out as Angela, was to remain close to Jennifer. I had learnt that holding her hand was not a bad idea, since a lot of women did it – and it did not suggest an intimate relationship between them. Two men holding hands, on the other hand, did suggest as such.

The holding hands thing also relaxed me. In fact, we did a number of things which helped detract attention away from myself, though kissing wasn't one.

We had a car, which we took turns in driving. Jennifer did the duty this time, as she let me take a few minutes to get my voice right. Though it wasn't perfect, I had managed to make my voice sound more feminine. Jennifer had once again, been my teacher.

In gay nightclubs, which were our destinations every Saturday evening, the voice wasn't required to be perfect, but heading into shops, it would be different.

“Actually, some store assistants won't cause trouble.” said Jennifer, as we headed into town.

“It's not them that worry me. It's those people in the street who consider it divine duty to pick on people that society objects to.”

“Look, they only pick on people they can identify.” said Jennifer. “Stay close, and be yourself. You look like yourself, by the way.”

After parking the car, we headed off to the shops, to revel in the subject of clothes. I took Jennifer's hand and we walked up to the main street, and into a nail salon. I had mentioned having a pedicure too, and Jennifer was all for it. She opted to have one too.

This was actually the salon that Jennifer visited often. I'd never been here though, though I wanted to. Well, now I was.

Jennifer introduced me as her close friend (an understatement, if ever) and I was soon having my old nails removed, and replaced with glued on ones. The technician was buying my appearance, and it only served to boost my confidence. My voice was also working.

As the technician moved onto my toes, I admired my new fingernails. As good as my old ones were, these were better. They were certainly Angela's hands, and not Andrew's. It was a sight I wanted to see every day, and not just for short periods at a time.

When the pedicure was done, I admired my toes for a few minutes before putting the tights back on.

Outside, I showed my new talons off to Jennifer, who smiled warmly.

“I think it's certain, that I fell in love with a woman.” she said heartedly.

I merely smiled, but refrained from kissing her. But she was right. I felt like a woman, and it felt good, and so right.

* * *

We now headed to clothes stores, and this was something I could look forward to. I had visited such stores before, with Jennifer, but never as Angela.

“I think I need some open toe shoes.” I said, as we entered the first store. “Why have painted toes, when you can't show them off?”

We never headed to the shoe department straight away, but decided to explore the store in most of its entirity (avoiding the mens department). For Jennifer and I, this was how we wanted to peruse these stores. As Andrew, I had to let Jennifer do most of the work, even if I did choose the clothes. Now, as Angela, I could peruse the racks and shelves, without too much worry, and boy, was I enjoying it!

Jennifer could see it too, and we spent what seemed like ages looking at clothes, and picking items for each other. But for once, I didn't feel worried about not being able to try items out for size, and Jennifer was willing to help.

We did have assistants ask us if we needed help, but we declined. The store was busy, with shopaholic women, and some men.

We left the store with some purchases, including a pair of open toed shoes in my size. More stores followed, but we merely browsed them. The thrill I got, really helped my confidence, and I forgot that I was something that some people frowned upon. I was Angela Cooper.

We spent most of the day, looking around shops. We even stopped at a cafe to have lunch, finding a secluded table, just so we could talk in private.

“When we finally get round to marrying, I think we should both be thinking dresses.” said Jennifer. “You would look so much better in a dress, than a suit.”

“What would my dad say, though?” I asked. Despite that, I wouldn't hesitate at the chance to wear a dress at our wedding.

“I don't know, but its clear your mom would have approved.” she replied. “She's given you all those boxes of clothes, plus she stated in the letters, that she supports your cross-dressing.”

“From beyond the grave.” I sighed.

“Angela. I believe she is watching you from above, and feeling happy that you're enjoying her gift, and embracing who you are.” said Jennifer. “She wants you to be happy, and this is making you happy.”

“So is being with you. Meeting you was the best day of my life so far, and I'm not even sure that the surgery to make me female will surpass it.” I replied.

“That day will be wonderful, no matter what, and I'll be there to celebrate with you. But we'll have our wedding too.”

She put her hand on mine. We looked into each others eyes, and did so for a few minutes before finishing our food and heading out.

We eventually returned home, and reviewed our purchases. I continued to wear the clothes from Box 1, as instructed, and only removed them when we headed to bed. I only wished I could wear the wig in bed, but that was not possible. I put on the lilac nighty, and got into bed with Jennifer.

* * *

The next morning, I got up and before considering getting dressed, headed off to get Box 2. I brought it back to our bedroom, where Jennifer was still getting ready for the day.

“Ok, lets see what mom left me for today.” I said, as I used a pair of scissors to open the box.

This time, it was a casual pale blue dress. There was also another bra and panties set, plus more tights.

“Can't I just wear the same bra and panties as yesterday?” I asked.

“Us women make a habit of wearing clean underwear everyday, something men seem incapable of.” she replied.

I said no more, and removed the panties that I had worn yesterday, and through the night, and put the new pair on. The bra was next, again holding my breastforms. Before putting my dress on, I headed off to the bathroom to wash and shave.

I should have noticed (but managed to fail) that my hair was slightly fuller, and that the bra I was wearing didn't seem as tight as the last. It was also the first time that I'd done the morning rituals with long nails. On other occasions, I had taken them off before going to bed.

Long nails made a difference, since I could easily poke myself in the eye while washing my face. I didn't care though, for I wanted long nails to be the norm. I continued to admire them, even now.

I washed down, and shaved my face, arms and legs, before applying some of Jennifer's deodorant (she had given me clearance to use it, if the chance arose).

She was waiting to get in the bathroom, as I left. She didn't complain about waiting though.

“Don't fear. Us girls take our time, just to make sure we do a good job.” she smiled. “But I am busting.”

While she was in the bathroom, I put on my dress, wig, my new shoes, and some costume jewellery that I had collected. Facial make-up completed the job.

“Well, Angela. You are looking really good.” I said to myself, as I admired my new look in the standing mirror.

Jennifer came over to look at me too, as soon as she was finished in the bathroom.

“That dress looks good on you.” she smiled. She then kissed me.

“You're getting good at shaving. Your skin is nice and soft.” she added.

“The result of doing it every day.” I smiled.

Since it was Sunday, we opted to stay in. It gave Jennifer a chance to teach me more about being a woman, since it was easier to do when I was dressed. But we also talked about the boxes of clothes and how my late mom could have suspected that I was a cross-dresser at least.

“I wonder if your dad suspected too?” asked Jennifer.

“I don't know.” I replied. “I'm not sure how he'll react when I tell him I want a sex change.”

“But you'll need to tell him that eventually.”

“After the wedding.” I replied. “I don't want that day ruined by anyone.”

I could just picture him being miserable and unsociable during our big day, all because I'd told him that I was becoming a woman.

Jennifer didn't question my answer, for she faced a similar situation with her parents. They didn't know about me either. Jennifer was the only person alive, who did.

We spent some time in the kitchen, which was small, preparing our dinner for later. It was small, for we lived on the upstairs flat of semi-detached house. It wasn't a big abode at all, and we were thinking of finding a bigger place, once we were married.

Anyone who saw us now, would not believe that we were boyfriend and girlfriend. We could have been sisters, being as close as we were.

It was a day with not much to do, except sit on the sofa and watch television, or read magazines, or even talk. I didn't care, for I was able to be myself.

We headed to bed, with further days out planned for what was to be an interesting 2 weeks. I just didn't know at the time, that incredible would have been a better way to describe it.

I was soon wearing just the panties and the lilac nightdress. Wig and make-up had been removed, and I awaited Jennifer to join me in bed.

“Well, your hair looks thicker.” she said, as she sat beside me.

“Does it?” I asked.

“Not complaining, my love, for it will only make growing it more enjoyable.” she replied.

She started to kiss me, and I responded. I paused just to switch the bed lamp out, before resuming our love making.

* * *

We awoke early, Monday morning. Put it down to the usual routine of going to work, though we weren't going to work. Instead, I was going to find out what Box 3 held in store for me.

But first, I headed to the bathroom to wash and shave. It was here, that I finally noticed that Jennifer's words from last night, were on the money: my hair was thicker, and darker.

Not only that, but my morning stubble was lighter too. Not as much to shave, but I wasn't complaining. It still made me wonder though.

After shaving nonetheless, I felt my face, and found that it was soft to the touch. My heart skipped a beat. Could it be? No, it couldn't, could it?

I headed back to the bedroom, where Jennifer was waiting.

“Call me crazy if you like, but my hair is thicker, my skin is softer, and my stubble is less.” I told her.

“So, those are things you want, surely?” she asked.

“Look, those sort of things are caused by hormone therapy, right?”

“But of course. Are you on hormones?” she replied. “Not that I'm asking you to stop.”

“I'm not on hormones, as much as I'd ike to be.” I replied. “It just seems so unreal.”

“You're suggesting, that something is changing you into a woman?”

“That is the idea I'm getting, and I really hope its true.”

“It would be wonderful, if it was.” she smiled.

I eventually let her spend some time in the bathroom, while I went and retrieved Box 3. It was simple plain top, with patterned sweater, plus a skirt. More underwear too.

The clothes that I'd worn so far, had been placed to one side, back in their boxes. I just felt the need to do it. The yet to be opened boxes were in the living room, stacked to one side.

Well, I began to get dressed, using the latest outfit, plus the extras that I was adding (breastforms, wig, jewellery, etc), and waited for Jennifer to come out of the bathroom.

I was still pondering the possibilities about my hair and skin. If I was undergoing a physical transformation, then it had to be the boxed clothes. And if that was the case, I was really looking forward to wearing the clothes in them.

Jennifer soon returned to our room, and gave her verdict on my latest outfit.

“Your mom certainly chose some nice outfits for you.” she smiled. “Can't wait to see what else she chose for you.”

“I wish she was still here. Seeing how she knew about me, I'm sure she would have treated me as the woman I long to be.”

“Having read that first letter, I agree.” said Jennifer.

We planned on going out as much as possible, with trips to the cinema, and dinner dates suggested. The latter was something I really wanted to do, for dressing formally was something that women did best.

As for Monday, it was shopping for groceries. Monday was our designated day for doing our main shop for such, though the odd trip to get the odd item did occur.

We always headed to a major store, which sold more than just groceries, and that pleased me no end. A clothes aisle, make-up, and ladies toiletries. Men would think me mad, and women would think me perfectly sane.

Alas, one such man was at the supermarket, and he decided to make trouble. I was just walking along side Jennifer, with shopping trolley, minding our own business, when I caught this guy looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I could tell he was reading me.

“Jenn, I think we need to move.” I whispered. “That guy over there, I'm sure he's reading me.”

She turned and looked to see a thirty something man walking several yards away. He seemed to be heading elsewhere, but I wasn't convinced.

We headed up another aisle, but I kept watch for him nonetheless. I was feeling nervous, and Jennifer was telling me to relax and keep calm.

“There he is again.” I whispered. “We need to get our shopping done now.”

Jennifer wasn't entirely convinced until she saw him pass us again, and he glanced at me.

“If he passes us again, I'll have him for harassment.” she said.

We soon got the message, that he was bent on finding me out, and Jennifer called out to him.

“What's your problem? You keep passing us, and staring at us.”

“What is that thing standing by you?” he asked.

“My girlfriend, you jerk.” replied Jennifer. “Unless you leave us alone, I'm reporting you to store security.”

“Why should I? Freaks like that shouldn't be allowed out in public.”

“Come on Angela, lets go.” said Jennifer.

We turned and headed off, but he came and grabbed the back of my coat, pulling me back.

“Let's show the world what a freak you are!” he shouted.

Jennifer turned, and marched over to him, shoving him to the floor.

“SECURITY!!!!!!” she shouted.

It was not what I wanted, for we now had the attention of all within sight. Jennifer was now in a scuffle with the man, and the security she requested, was now coming to her aid.

I just wanted to dig a hole and hide in it, for the man was getting what he wanted after all.

Jennifer and the man were now being separated, though they were insulting each like crazy. The security guards took the man away, but from what I heard, it was merely to put an even greater distance between him and Jennifer.

We were questioned about the incident, and we made our case. I was saved by the law, which didn't prohibit cross-dressing in public.

After we were given the all clear to finish our shopping, we headed to the car. We kept an eye out for that man, in case he had opted to cause further trouble, but we never saw him again.

* * *

I was planning on driving us home, but I was too shaken to. Jennifer didn't complain, and got behind the wheel instead.

“Don't let narrow-minded morons like that get to you.” she told me. “I'm just hoping the bastard doesn't decide to press charges.”

“But he attacked first.” I said.

“Which is why he won't win, if he tries.”

“I didn't think I could get emotional in this sort of way.” I sighed, wiping my eyes with a tissue.

“Don't be ashamed. You'd rather let your emotions out, than bottle them.”

I was still glad to get home, and having helped put the food away, I sat down, kicked my shoes off and tried to relax. My worst fear had been realised, but I was surprised at how upset I had gotten.

Jennifer headed to the kitchen to make us drinks. She came back with them, placed them on the coffee table and snuggled up beside me on the sofa.

“Don't be ashamed of yourself.” she told me. “You've done no wrong.”

“You truly make me feel like a woman.” I said. “Even if I do have the wrong body.”

After finishing our drinks, we continued to cuddle, but with kissing thrown in.

“Jenny? Have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked.

“No, but I have always been attracted to girls, as well as boys.” she replied. “Don't worry. I'm really looking forward to seeing you with breasts.”

“I am too.” I replied.

That night, I decided to take a look at myself before heading for bed. I had to remove my make-up anyway, so it wasn't any bother. As I did, I noticed that my stubble was not showing any sign of growing. Having removed my wig and wig cap, I noticed that my hair did look thicker indeed, and at the roots, it appeared darker in shade.

“If I am changing, please let it be quick.” I whispered to myself.

I said nothing to Jennifer as I put on my nightdress and climbed into bed.

Tuesday morning, and time for Box 4. But I wanted to see if my body had undergone any further changes in the night. Jennifer didn't seem to believe me, but I was sure that subtle changes to my anatomy were happening.

“My hair is growing!” I exclaimed, albeit in a near whisper.

It had grown, but not by very much, and the darker colour of the roots was now spreading across the hair as a whole. My medium brown locks were becoming a dark chestnut hue.

I snapped back to what I was doing, and set about shaving. My stubble was there, yet hardly there.

I headed back to the bedroom and pointed out my hair.

“It's grown a few centimetres, I'm sure.” I said. “And its changing to chestnut.”

Jennifer was for once looking, and ready to believe me. She looked at my head closely, and ran her fingers through it.

“It is darker, and softer too.” she smiled. “You appear to be right. Wow, I'd love to see it really long.”

“You kidding? I want it long, down to the middle of my back.”

My excitement was apparent, and I found it hard to relax. I soon went to get Box 4, finding another dress to wear.

Despite the events of yesterday, I agreed to go out again, though we opted to visit a shopping complex a few miles away. No such problems this time, as I managed to keep a low profile. I couldn't help but look at other women though, but not because I was attracted to them, but merely to see how they looked, to admire their hair and make-up.

Jennifer did notice, and did comment. I just explained the truth, and she merely smiled.

“We always look at other women, just to see how they look.” she said. “As long as that is all you are doing.”

“You know, you're the only woman for me.” I smiled.

After the nightmare at the supermarket, Tuesday had proven to be a great day, with no problems at all.

That night, before going to bed, I again inspected my body to see if there were any further changes. Jennifer, curious to know too, joined me by the standing mirror and held me, as I stood nearly naked (only wearing my panties).

“You do appear to be changing.” she said. “Your skin is so much softer. What about your chest?”

I felt my nipples, and around them. The skin was softer, and the stubble from shaving was near to gone. I couldn't really feel anything, and felt disappointed for it.

“Nothing.” I replied sadly. “If its these clothes from mom, then perhaps I need to wear them all first.”

“You may be right. But your hair is longer.” said Jennifer. “I'm really hoping that you are becoming your true self, Angela.”

I turned and began to kiss her, but she broke off quickly.

“Not that I'm against you sleeping near naked, but put your nighty on.” she smiled. “And tonight, just dream about being a woman.”

“I've dreamt that many a night, my love.” I said, as I put the nighty on. “Goodnight.”

* * *

“Wake up, my love!” said Jennifer.

“Why, what's happened?” I asked.

“Your hair!” she said excitedly.

I sat up and felt my hair. It certainly felt like I had plenty on top. I quickly got out of bed and ran to the mirror. My hair was not long in the way I wanted, but the volume was wonderful. It was now completely chestnut brown, and effectively a short mullet. It was also wonderfully soft too.

I was lost for words, for a few moments, as I allowed the information to sink in. It did appear, that I was set to take my rightful place among the fairer sex. As Jennifer approached me from behind, I turned my attention to other parts of my body. I wanted to feel something behind my nipples, but there wasn't anything.

“They'll come, my love.” said Jennifer, noticing my reaction in the mirror. “It appears your mother has given you some magic clothes, that are allowing your inner woman to surface.”

“Indeed, but I wonder where she got them?” I asked. “It must have been some magic shop.”

Jennifer went and looked at some of the garments from the earlier boxes, just to look at the tush tags inside them.

“They're not new, though you'd think so.” she said. “The tags suggest they're a good many years old.”

“You mean, she got them years ago?” I asked.

“Either that, or she got them second hand. But they've hardly been worn.”

I decided to leave further questions on the matter, and fetched Box 5. I wanted to see what wonderful attire would be adorning my body today.

It was starting to appear that odd numbered boxes contained a top and bottom combo, with a sleeveless top and floral patterned skirt. I put them on, along with the new bra and panties, and then set about hiding more hair under the wig cap. Immediately, my mind was back on the fact that my hair was growing out at above natural rate, and I wondered if I would need my wig by the time I reached Box 14. The thought was heart warming.

So, from then on, Jennifer and I made mental notes of any changes to my body over the remaining days of our break from work. Understandably, our trips out saw my confidence grow, as my body did change into that of a woman.

Thursday (Box 6 – Dress)

Thursday morning proved to be wonderful, for my body finally started to show signs of change. I hadn't bothered to notice that each bra and panties set were the same size, or that over the days, they were less tight in fitting. But the feeling of growth behind my nipples got Jennifer and I really excited. My hair was also showing further growth, and in the hoped direction: towards my shoulders.

Friday (Box 7 – Blouse and skirt)

Halfway through the boxes, and I knew beyond doubt that my days as Andrew were quickly ending. Further growth in my hair and breasts were now joined by my face beginning to soften and reshape. I was also finding it easier to use my female voice. We decided to go and see a film at the cinema, and decided to get some solitude in the back seats!

Saturday (Box 8 – Dress)

My breasts were up to an A cup, if Jennifer's guess was right. They were certainly showing now, and the nipples were larger. My body was also changing in the hips and waist. But my manhood remained, spoiling what was becoming a distinctly womanly body.

Sunday (Box 9 – Blouse and trousers)

First pair of womens trousers, and thanks to my lower body filling out in all the right areas, they fitted pretty well. My unwanted bulge at the front was becoming easy to tuck now, especially as my balls seemed to be withdrawing. My face now looked more feminine, and passing was now possible without make-up. My dark chestnut hair continued its journey south, and my shoulders were now close to being reached. It even flowed down the sides, covering my ears. Still, I would wear my wig until my hair was past my shoulders.

Monday (Box 10 – Dress)

Continuing the pattern of clothing, I began Monday with shoulder length hair. My breasts continued to grow, resulting in my breastforms being swapped for tissue paper. I could only assume that they would fill the bras that I had been wearing over the past week. I should have guessed that my voice was changing earlier, since my female voice was becoming easier to do. No doubt at all now, that my voice was naturally female.

With the final assigned box being on Friday, it left us with a problem. I was becoming a complete woman, and hopefully, forever. We were due back to work on the Monday, and I wondered how I could go back, as my new self.

The only answer we could think of, was the letter that was to be found in Box 14. It had to have the answers. Keeping my new body was a must in my opinion.

* * *

The last few days were a breeze in comparison to the first, as the problem of passing in public had been consigned to history. Only my little bulge could betray me, and that was working towards becoming my clitoris.

My hair continued to grow, while my bra was now filled by a pair of beautiful breasts. I had to get my false nails removed, since my hands had shrunk, resulting in fingers that were now too narrow for them. I did agree to go back to the nail salon for new extensions.

Love making between Jennifer and I, had switched to gay style almost immediately, but now that my member was no longer capable of its male capabilities, it no longer featured. Not that it mattered, for the rest of my body was now making up for it. Fuller lips made kissing even more enjoyable, and my whole body was now more sensitive. Just having Jennifer rubbing my thighs felt great. But the problem was the lack of a vaginal opening. I swore that I could feel something in that area, but the opening wasn't there.

It was a temporary problem, for my labia arrived on the morning of Box 13. My penis was now looking like a clitoris, and almost fully withdrawn. By then, my hair was brushing the back of my shoulder blades, while my height and feet had also seen shrinkage. The latter did give me the problem of needing new shoes. That was solved by having me wear one pair, but with tissue paper stuffed into the toes. It at least allowed me to get to a shop to buy some more.

The final day arrived, and Box 14's contents, including the anticipated letter awaited me. Before I could even take a look, Jennifer insisted on helping get ready, by brushing my wonderfully thick chestnut tresses, which now reached the bottom of my shoulders.

After washing, I headed off to get the box. I couldn't care less if I was nude at the time. Jennifer was the only person who would see me, and she wasn't complaining. She had already confirmed that my plumbing was fully complete, now that my clitoris was hidden away. I picked up the box, leaving Box 15 as the remaining sealed box. I opened it, took the letter that was on top, and then looked for the underwear that I knew would be in there. Jennifer was getting impatient, but I wasn't reading that letter until my breasts were comfortably contained in a bra. Once my bra and panties were on, I took the letter from its envelope and read it.

“To my new daughter.

By now, you have discovered the true extent of my gift. I always suspected that deep down, you were always a girl. You were just not very good at putting my clothes back once you had finished with them. Whatever, you certainly take after me.

You're probably wondering what I mean by that last remark. Let me explain.

You would never have believed it until now, but I used to be male too. I also longed to be a woman, but found it difficult to find a way to achieving this dream. But a way came, and it was in the most unlikely of places. I was visiting a car boot sale, when a man at a table called me over.

He told me that I was the sort of person in need of clothes, womens clothes. I was not in the mood to talk about my interest with strangers, but he insisted that I heard him out. He told me that he had a bundle of clothes that would be perfect for me, and that I had nothing to worry about.

I asked him why he would want to sell me womens clothes, and his reply was that he knew my secret. I was not in the mood to believe him, but he whispered my secret to me.

“You wish to be a woman. I can help you. Just buy these clothes.” he said. “Your secret will go no further.”

I was in need of more clothes for my wardrobe, but even so, I remained doubtful. The clothes were likely to be the wrong size.

But he seemed to read my mind.

“They will fit you, that I can promise you. They are special, and only by accepting my offer, will you find out how special.”

I was still doubtful, but he seemed insistent. He then told me that the clothes would turn me into a woman. I asked how, and he gave me a piece of paper. It had instructions on it, which I have since passed onto you. Wear the outfits on consecutive days without break. I did buy the clothes of course, and they did work as he promised. My dream had come true.

Now, there is one more instruction that you must follow. Think carefully before you do this. Once you are wearing the last outfit, you need to make the spell permanent. To do this, you need a name for yourself. You may already have one at hand. I'll tell you that I was planning on calling you Angela, had you been born a girl. If you have another name, that is fine, for it is your choice. Once you have decided, use the enclosed pen to write it down on a piece of paper.

Once you have done that, your place in reality will alter. Everything will go about as if you had been born female. I also know that signing your name in front of others, will allow them to avoid the reality change. My own parents, and your father, witnessed me sign my name, and they're the only ones who knew the truth about me.

I will also tell you now, that the last box does not contain a magical outfit, though when you wear it, and I hope you do, that you will feel magical. It contains the very dress I wore when I married your father. I would be honoured if you would wear it on your special day.

I really wished that I would be able to be there in person on such a day, but I will be there in spirit for you. I'll always be there for you.

I will see you again, but hopefully, not too soon.

Be happy for me.


P.S. Pass these clothes on to someone who needs them. Until then, they are yours to wear whenever.”

* * *

I was in tears. I could tell by the handwriting near the end, that my mom had been crying when she wrote it. It was a revelation that she had been male like I had been, and the answer to how she knew about me. Were moms always that attentive to how their drawers and wardrobes were organised?

“So, you borrowed her clothes, then?” smiled Jennifer.

“I imagine there are others out there, who find comfort in their mother's clothes.” I replied. “And to think, she would have called me Angela anyway.”

“But what about your dad? He knew about her.”

“I know. That is some surprise too. I wonder if he knew about me getting these clothes?”

I read the letter twice more before putting on the dress that was in the box. The bit about my dad knowing, really intrigued me, for he certainly kept the secret well. I found the pen at the bottom of the box, and looked at it. It was a fountain pen, and didn't look special in any way. With dad still on my mind, I decided to leave the signature part for a while.

Before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast, I stood in front of the standing mirror, just to admire myself in the latest dress. It looked so much better, now that I had the body to compliment it. I'd already applied make-up.

As we ate breakfast, we talked about the letter some more, as well as my appearance.

“That chestnut shade really suits you.” smiled Jennifer. “Very much like your mom's.”

I had started playing with my hair as she mentioned it. I did like the shade, and she was right about the colour being similar to that of my mom's hair. But that aside, had I become a clone of my mom?

The conversation soon returned to my dad, and I concluded that I wanted him here to see me put the seal on the deal to my new life. With breakfast finished, I went over to the phone and picked up the receiver. Would my dad freak when I told him who I was?

“Hello, who's there?” asked my dad.

“Hi dad, it's me... Andrew.” I replied. My original voice was now beyond me.

“Andrew?! You sure?” he asked. “Hang on. Have you used the clothes?”

“So, you knew I had received the clothes?” I replied.

“I didn't know at first, since I'd forgotten about them.” he replied. “So, which set are you on?”

“I'm wearing the 14th outfit.”

“Ok, so you know about the signature part? Please tell me you haven't signed your name yet!”

“I haven't.” I replied. “I do know about it, and a few other things. I want you to witness me signing my name.”

“Thank goodness. I'll be over as soon as I can.” he replied.

“Ok, I'll see you shortly, then. Bye.”


I put the phone down, and sat by Jennifer again.

“That was quick. Did he believe you?” she asked.

“He's coming over, just I hoped.” I smiled. “So, its official. Today, you get a full time girlfriend.”

“I've always had a girlfriend. She just need to get the right body.” smiled Jennifer.

We spent the next few minutes enjoying some serious kissing.

* * *

It was a hour before my dad arrived, since he did live a fair distance away. Jennifer headed to the door to let him in, while I waited. I was actually nervous, and as I saw him come into the room, I showed.

“Hi dad. So, what do you think of me?”

“My goodness, you look like your mom.” he said. “You still have a bit of me there though.”

“I'm sorry I've never told you about my gender problem before, but I've been afraid to tell you.” I replied. “I've only just found out about mom, too.”

“No need to be sorry. If this is who you really are, then I have no problems at all.” he said. “You look beautiful though.”

He walked over to me and offered a hug, which I accepted.

“So, all along, my mom was like me too?” I asked.

“She was, and don't ever count her past against her. Your mother was a beautiful woman, and I loved her dearly. The first time I saw her as a woman, she was wearing that very same dress, but she was younger than you are now.”

“Younger than me?!” I exclaimed.

“I'll tell you everything.” he said. “You don't mind?”

“Not at all.” I replied.

We all sat on the sofa, and he began his tale.

“Your mother and I were at college together. Best friends, we were, though very different. Your mother was very insecure, and found it hard to make friends. I was, in effect, her only real friend.

I never really understood what her problem was at first, apart from the fact that she got picked on. Rumours spread that she was gay, and I wondered if she was in love with me.

I did eventually confront her over it, and though she admitted to me, that she liked me, she told me that she wasn't gay. She told me that she had always felt like a girl inside, and wanted to be one. Her desperation had not been helped by the bullying she got. I didn't know what to think, but I chose to remain her friend. I don't regret that choice.

We were 17 when she told me that she was going away for 2 weeks. At the time, I was unaware that it was just a cover story. She spent the whole 2 weeks with her parents, wearing the clothes that you have been wearing. She rang me at the end of the 2 weeks, putting on a terrible male voice, asking me to come over to her house. So, I headed over, and I found myself looking at a 17 year old girl, who could have been my friend's twin sister.”

“So, did you fall in love with her, straight away?” asked Jennifer.

“Not straight away, for it took a few weeks to get used to what was happening. I knew who she used to be, but no one else, but for her parents, did. She was no longer the bullies favourite, but now one of the best looking girls in college. But as much as the other boys craved her, she only had eyes for me. She was still my old friend, but a girl, and a beautiful one. We started dating, and well, you know the rest. We got married, had you and....”

He broke down in tears, as her loss came back to him. I hugged him, consoling him. I missed her too, and always would.

“At least she had the life she always wanted.” I said. “You stood by her.”

“You're right. Just cut too short.” he sighed. “But back to you. You've got her hair, and her eyes.”

“I've got Jennifer too.” I replied. “She's known about me, almost from the moment we met, and she has stood by me, helping me discover Angela.”

“Angela? Your mom and I had arranged to call you that name if you were a girl.” he said.

“Well, I found that out in her final letter.” I said. “But I'd been using that name for myself for a good while. It's the name I'm going to take.”

I got up and went to fetch the letter.

“I hope you don't mind, but we're still getting married.” said Jennifer.

“Yes dad. If it wasn't for these clothes, I was actually planning on having a sex change after we wed.” I said, as I reentered the room with the letter. “We get along so much better on the same side of the fence. Talking of which.”

I handed my dad the letter, then walked over to where Box 15 lay. I brought it over and opened it. Even my dad stopped to look at it.

Neatly wrapped and folded, my mom's wedding dress was slowly lifted from the box. Even my dad was moved by the sight: a happy memory that he'd cherish forever.

“It's beautiful!” I said, as I held it for all to see.

I have to admit, that I'd seen it in mom and dads wedding photo, but seeing it now, for real, it looked even better.

“This is going to ruin tradition.” sighed Jennifer. “I know the groom is not allowed to see the bride until the ceremony, but well, you know.”

“I'm not wearing it yet.” I replied. “Though I will wear it at the wedding. Mom requested it, and I won't let her down.”

“How about signing your name?” asked my dad. “You'll have no official identity till you do.”

“Of course. I'll get the pen.”

“Any piece of paper will do.” he added.

Putting the wedding dress back in the box, I found a spare piece of paper and then fetched the pen. I knelt down at the coffee table and prepared to sign it. My dad and Jennifer stood either side and watched me.

“So, sign your name, and not print it?” I asked.

“Yes, signature.” said my dad.

And so, I signed Angela Cooper on the paper. As I did so, I swear I could see the ink glisten, even more so than bottled ink.

“Well, you're now Angela Cooper, son.” said my dad. “That is one thing you'll need to remember. It's just Jenny and I who will know that you used to be Andrew.”

“To be fair, I've always been Angela.” I said. “It's not easy being someone you're not.”

Getting to my feet, I hugged them both, before sharing another kiss with Jennifer.

My dad stayed with us for the remainder of the day, as we shared more stories of my mom, and the 2 weeks I had just lived.

* * *

That night, I chose to sleep without a nighty. I kept my bra and panties on though – for now. I entered our room and found Jennifer sat on top of the bed, dressed in identical fashion, her strawberry blonde hair flowing about her shoulders. She smiled invitingly, and I walked over, swaying my hips.

“So, what are your parents going to say now?” I asked.

“No idea, but their daughter is in a very serious relationship with an attractive brunette.” she replied.

“How serious?” I asked.

She leant in and kissed me. “Very serious.”

I smiled, and resumed the kissing, which led to us making love. Nothing more was said for a good while.

The next day, we arranged to meet up with my dad, and headed to the cemetery. Mom's grave had recently been given a headstone. Looking at it, I felt a lump in my throat.

“Wherever you are mom, I want you to know, that I've carried out your instructions, and I cannot thank you enough. This is a dream come true, and I will wear your wedding dress, when Jennifer and I marry. I miss you loads.

My dad had brought some flowers to place on the grave.

“You left us, too soon.” he said. “I miss you!”

For Jennifer and I, all thoughts were now turned to returning to work. If the spell had worked right, I should still be an employee, and our relationship should still be common knowledge to our floor, even if it had altered slightly. Jennifer had offered to get me an engagement ring, to match the one I gave her, just to put off anyone who thought they had a chance with me.

Sure enough, all at work were under the impression that I'd been female all my life. I was tempted at times to tell them the truth, but thought better. Some would probably say that I should be a man, since I'm marrying Jennifer. Sorry guys, but Jennifer and I are serious.

But to be honest, the reception at work wasn't all that bad, and when it came to our wedding, two months later, we invited most of our work colleagues to the service.

For Jennifer, her parents were affected by the reality shift, and that our relationship had always been a lesbian one. It took a while to piece together how the shift had affected them exactly, but we worked it out in the end. Jennifer's dad did escort her up the aisle on our big day, while my dad did likewise with me.

Life was certainly better from then on, and better still when I received a promotion at work. It did mean working further away from Jennifer on the floor map, but it didn't bother us too much. It did allow us the opportunity to move house. No more 4 room flat with little space. A nice semi-detached with a larger kitchen and bathroom, plus two spare rooms.

As for 14 special outfits. I kept them to one side, still in their boxes. I occasionally wore them, and they fitted perfectly. I wanted to keep them separate, so that if I ever met someone who I felt really needed them, I could give them to them. My mom had helped me become my true self, thanks to the clothes that helped her in the same way. Seeing how much we actually had in common, makes me feel bad that were never able to talk about it. When I look at the photo of her, that I keep close to our bed, I can see how I resemble her. I'm not her exact double, but I am her daughter, and I want her to know, that I'm very proud to be.

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