Susan is bored with all porn, even scat porn, until she discovers a new kink - Squirmies: Slimy, fat, genetically engineered worm-like vertebrates that invade the human body for human amusement. She soon becomes hooked, and auditions to become the star of the website's newest video.

by Pyrayton Svaenohr
Copyright© 2014 by Pyrayton Svaenohr

Author's note: The title "Hospitality" comes from the fact that she is playing host to body-invading creatures.

I remember when I first heard about Squirmies. Like a lot of people, I was just a bored woman searching for something interesting online. Porn, mostly. But I'd already seen the kinds of things I wanted to, and some of the things I didn't, even scat porn and bestiality porn until I was commenting on camera angles and choices of outfit even in the middle of Hungry Bitches, and while I craved excitement, I was not even remotely interested in anything illegal or vile. No gore for me, no snuff films, none of that nonsense.

After months and months of such boredom, I was finally beginning to give up hope. But one day I saw something new, something that purported to use the latest genetic engineering science to give people something they'd never seen before. The site was called, and so – intrigued – I clicked on it. It looked like a standard porn site, with pictures and a free sample video section. I viewed one of the videos, and was amazed by what I saw.

It began with a beautiful woman, blonde, getting undressed and laying down on an operating table. Once she was settled down, a man came over with something in his hands. I thought it was a snake at first, but it had no head. Some kind of gigantic worm? But no, it didn't look like any natural animal. Yet it didn't look fake or CGI, it looked real. The woman spread her legs, showing her pussy, and the man placed one end of the creature in front of her cootch. It hesitated for a moment, then began to slide itself up her. It was big and long and thick, so the woman reacted favorably to its intrusion.

Once it was up there, it wriggled around inside her, the camera panned to show it distending her belly. A second one was soon put up there, then a third, and the woman looked nine months pregnant with these giant smooth-skinned worm-things squirming inside her. She masturbated while they were up there, but then the video was over.

I was hooked. I immediately got out my credit card and subscribed to the site, and as soon as I could I was watching the rest of the video. She masturbated with the Squirmies as they were called inside her, and then the man came back with a fourth. But instead of putting it in her cunt, another person sprayed her throat with an anti-gag substance, and soon this strange creature was forcing its way down her throat into her stomach. I was masturbating heavily by this time myself, and in a few minutes I had the biggest three orgasms I'd had in a year.

That night, I went to bed thinking about the Squirmies, and imagining them invading my own body; the fantasy was so hot that I brought myself to another orgasm before going to sleep. I had a new kink, and I knew it.

Over the next few months, I watched every video they released, downloaded every picture, and was one of the top posters on the forum. And I fantasized about being a Squirmie girl so much, that I worked hard, did so much research about the Squirmies, until I finally found out what I wanted to know: where to go to audition.

I am lucky enough to be a beautiful woman, though if I'd been born in another era, I wouldn't be so lucky, since I had been born assigned male at birth. But with a combination of nanotechnology and 3D-printed human organs using my own DNA, I was now the proud owner of breasts, a vagina, a uterus, and ovaries; all the working plumbing, so to speak. I am a woman; only a DNA test would ever contradict me, and I was saving up to have a DNA re-sequencing operation. If I got the role I wanted, I could indulge my kink and pay for my operation at the same time.

The audition went well. They liked my looks, my voice, and they were thrilled to find out that Squirmies were my kink. Apparently, they shoot their videos in one take, and prefer people who genuinely like having their bodies invaded.

"So, Susan," the director, a mustachioed man with hazel eyes and dark tan skin said to me, "one more thing: we've gotten permission from the FDA to add something new to our repertoire with these videos, if you're interested in trying it out sometime. You can change your mind at any time, but just sounding out the possibility first."

"Try what?"

He whispered into my ear (I shall not spoil the fun by telling you what he said), and I felt my pussy get wet and tingle. As soon as I could, I said, "Yes, that sounds like something I'd very much like to try," I said.

"Good, good. Now, if you're willing, we could start filming after lunch. And I can discuss a few other things we might try, too."

I grinned. This was going to be a great day.

An hour after lunch, the director led me into the studio. I recognized the table from the videos I'd been watching for months. I felt a little like I already had things squirming around in my belly as I saw it, I was so excited. The cameras started rolling, and at the director's cue, I stripped naked, pulling my long black hair out of its ponytail. I should probably describe myself some more. I am 5'10'', with pale skin and green eyes. My breasts are a C cup, and I'm slender but not Hollywood skinny. I kept my pussy clean-shaven, too.

I climbed up on the table – an old gynecologist's setup – and put my feet on the stirrups. One of the men slathered my belly with a gel filled with nanites designed to make my skin stretch fast without tearing, which would also put the skin back to its previous state after everything was over. I believe it also made the skin more durable, too.

Soon after, I saw it, being carried over by one of the men. It was long, fat, and green, tapered on each end. The man let me touch it first. The director had explained everything over lunch, but I already knew – Squirmies are made from reptile and mammal DNA, and also amphibian and penguin DNA. They can breathe through water, they can hold oxygen in their blood for hours without breathing, and they ate only moss. Also, their poop was sterile and non-toxic, so if they had any accidents inside me, it wasn't going to make me ill. I was not surprised to find its skin was moist, but I was surprised by its warmth. It had no eyes, either, but it seemed almost to be looking at me anyway.

After having touched it, Raul – the Squirmie handler – took it down to where my legs were splayed open, and lay it down by my crotch. I felt my pussy tingle with excitement and anticipation, especially when it nuzzled my cooter a little with its ... nose, for lack of a better term. And then, by whatever programming they had given it, it started sliding inside of me, a warm, moist, crawling sensation better than anything I'd yet imagined. And then its thicker parts started working their way in, and I began making little moans and whimpers of joy as it stretched my cunt on its way in. I played with my nipples as it slid the rest of the way in.

It was truly glorious. I could feel it inside of me, this thing that should not be there, invading my body. And I loved it. I watched it push against my insides, its shape briefly visible against my skin. I wanted to masturbate, but Raul was preparing a second Squirmie, and I didn't want to startle it. The second one went in much faster than the first, as though it had some need to join the other one. This one was a lot thicker, and almost didn't fit. It hurt a little, but not much, and the pleasant tingle its fluids left behind in my cunt more than made up for it.

Now I could feel the both of them inside me, and I could feel every place they touched my insides. I watched with delight as they distended my belly, and I even enjoyed them beginning to push my other organs aside.

Then the third one was inserted, and I felt a lot more discomfort, since I too looked nine months pregnant now, but that discomfort was balanced by how amazing it felt to be invaded like this. The writhing visible in my belly's skin was turning me on so much. I was finally able to start masturbating, so I did so with gusto. But it was difficult, now, to reach down there around my gigantic belly.

Raul came back and said, "No need to do that yourself. Here's our latest creation, the Clitsucker."

He showed it to me. It looked like some kind of sea invertebrate, maybe a tiny fat octopus with tiny, useless tentacles. He then went back between my legs and I felt its warm wetness touch down on my clit. As soon as it was in place, it began to suck rhythmically on my clit, also running something roughly textured but soft, almost like a cat tongue, over my clit while it sucked. My breathing got harder and more ragged. But this was going to be a slow build to climax, I could just tell; for one thing, the creature never changed its pace.

Once more Raul came over, this time setting two smaller, similar creatures down – one on each nipple. They, too, began to suck rhythmically, running rough tongues over my nipples as they sucked.

"Now for the spray," they said.

I opened my mouth, and the anti-gag spray was spritzed into my mouth, coating my throat. When they were satisfied that I was ready, Raul brought one last Squirmie over, this one slender enough to fit in my throat. I stared at it with excitement and trepidation, but opened my mouth. Raul set it down on my chest, one end touching my lips. With startling rapidity, it slithered onto my face, circling around it before tentatively touching my tongue. I felt my chest constrict a little. Putting things in my vagina was one thing, but this thing would be going down my throat, where it really should not be going. I was scared, but thrilled. I wanted this. I did not close my mouth; I did not say the safeword. I left my mouth open, an invitation in invasion.

It poked my tongue again. Satisfied, it leapt down my throat. I was glad for the spray, then; the pressure of it in my mouth, crawling down my esophagus, I know I would have vomited if not for the spray; or tried to. A thrill of horror and delight went through me as it crawled down into me. I imagined what I looked like, from the videos; I knew it would be visible on its way down, because slender as it was, it still distended my esophagus somewhat. To Hell with the ones going up my cunt, this was what I was here for: the true invasion. This thing was forcing itself down my throat, and I should be gagging. I wondered idly if it would feel better if I could gag. If it would be more exciting if my body fought the invasion.

And then, all too soon, it was inside me all the way. I could feel it in my stomach. I was as full of these things as I was going to get. Any more of them, and I might well explode. I was glad, then, for the precautions they'd taken; the gel they'd rubbed me down with earlier would prevent stretch marks, as well. There might be some complications with the organs being shoved around inside me, but they had a trained and certified doctor on hand to fix any damage it might cause. There were also scanners keeping close tabs on my insides the whole time; partly to warn the doctors of any emergencies that arose, and partly for the bonus footage of what my insides looked like with those things crawling around inside me.

With all of the Squirmies in place, one of the other things we'd discussed during lunch was coming. A naked man, a porn actor, came over to me in my state of bodily invasion and slid his penis inside me, fucking me as hard as he could. That was pleasant too, thankfully, and he was easy on the eyes, though mine were mostly closed because the Clitsucker and the two Titsuckers were bringing me very close to orgasm. There was just one more thing I needed to get there, I knew. So I grabbed one of the control devices by my hands, and touched a few buttons. Immediately the Squirmie in my stomach stopped squirming around and began making its escape through my intestines. Feeling it there inside me, working its way out of me, was the catalyst. I clutched the arm supports, I screamed, and I had the most powerful orgasm I'd had in my entire life. And before I could come down from that one, I had a second one, and felt my cunt squeeze the naked man's cock as he fucked me.

As I began building toward a third orgasm, I touched some more controls, and the Squirmies began pushing even harder to get out. But I knew they wouldn't escape, not that way. I just wanted to see them try, to feel them try. And try they did.

When I came a third time, so did the man, who then pulled out. And, following the program I'd given them, the Squirmies in my uterus worked their way back out my pussy and into a bowl a couple inches under my dripping cunt. When all three of those ones were out, Raul took them away, and I built toward a fourth orgasm while the last Squirmie made its way through my intestines.

And then, I had another idea, and called over to Raul. I whispered in his ear. He tried to argue with me, but I convinced him, and soon he came back with another throat Squirmie. I opened my mouth invitingly. Once more, it poked my tongue twice. Then, it began to force itself down my throat.

The anti-gag gel had worn off by now. I fought panic as the Squirmie made me gag, but I had wanted this. I wanted to be violated, invaded. My body fought to keep the invader out, it tried to puke the creature out, but nothing could get past the Squirmie. My heart pounding, my involuntary screams muffled, the thing finally made its way into my stomach, and as it did, I climaxed again.

The first throat Squirmie was finally in my lower intestine, and I felt like I was getting ready to take an enormous crap, as it pushed its way out my tight anus. Even with its own lubrication, it struggled to slide out. A camera hastily zoomed in to catch the slow struggle. It was just like a dramatic dump in scat porn, only this turd was alive. I pushed, helping it out, and it slid out with more ease, but still slowly. I was a little distracted by the one in my stomach wiggling around, and the Clitsucker and Titsuckers still doing their jobs, but kept forcing myself to focus.

Finally, it flopped out into a different bowl, and a big old wet turd followed right behind it. Raul was unfazed by the giant poop as he took the bowl away. Of course, the fact that I had nanites in my poop that made it smell and taste like chocolate might have helped.

Of course, there was still the last throat Squirmie inside my stomach. I was close to quitting point, but I thought I had one last orgasm in me, and it was building up. I pressed a button to make the Clitsucker speed up, then waited. When I got close enough, when my breathing was heavy enough, I pressed another button. The Squirmie in my stomach turned around and began crawling back up my throat. I still didn't have anti-gag spray, and could have used it this time. It was easier in some ways, but I was still fighting the gag reflex as this thing crawled up my esophagus and out my mouth. It was halfway out when I lost control and vomited over the side, Squirmie and all. I guess this video was either going to be edited, or billed as a mixed genre porn.

I felt the convulsions, and just thought it was my stomach and throat from the puking. It took me a moment to realize I was having something like a seizure from my last orgasm. It felt amazing, but it was too much. With difficulty, I hoarsely shouted out the safe word, and Raul came over and got the Clitsucker and Titsuckers off of me.

Well, I looked a wreck after that, drenched in sweat, my nipples swollen and bruised from excessive Titsucker time, my clit so sensitive I jumped at the slightest movement down there, and vomit all down my throat. The crew got me to the showers and I got myself cleaned up before going in to the doctors to fix any damage.

But as I watched the footage later, I smiled. I had really, really enjoyed that experience. And despite how far it went, the director was thrilled. Especially after the video – which was also tagged with "scat" and "vomit" - reached 1 million hits. I was officially a Squirmie girl. I signed a contract with them not long after that, I quit my day job, and I enjoy my new work immensely. Now, where is the director, anyway? I have some new ideas to run by him...


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