Becoming Antonia Part 6.

...we left the hospital, just as the police showed up.

“Toni Trepasso?”

I raised my hand and of course dad always being a smart ass did the same. The cop looked at us and asked which one of us hit a truck on a motorcycle today?

“That would be me.” I told him.

Becoming Antonia Part 6.
By Toni Trepasso

Things were going well as far as the wedding was going. The crews from Alfred are flew in yesterday. They got their hotel rooms and are coming over to the house today for a big party. Brit and I are planning on taking her new bike out tomorrow for a tour of the country side. It’s so beautiful here. It kind of reminds me of the Finger Lakes region back home. She’s excited to finally break out her new “toy” as she calls it. I wouldn’t call a Honda RC51 race bike a toy, but she’s funny like that. I just hope she’s careful on it. I know that crotch rocket’s can be more dangerous then bikes like mine.

“A toast to the brides!” I’ll never get used to that high pitched squeal of Maria’s voice.

“Here’s to our dear sisters, our dear sisters, our dear sisters. And here’s to our dear sister who’re with us tonight. They eat it, they beat it, they really mistreat it. So here’s to our new sisters who’re with us to night... NOW DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK! NOW DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK MOTHER FUCKER’S! DRINK!”

It was deafening when the whole party was chanting to us like that. Brit’s and my parents just stared in awe of the whole debacle, not really sure what to think when they saw their baby girls chugging fresh beers with our arms locked elbow to elbow. We held ours up and shouted the Alfred chant of “BOOZE FACE!” This causing everyone else to drink as we did. We made our way over to the parents and all sat down for a quieter moment.

“I take it that was you’re doing Toni?”

“Heh, yeah mom, I used to sing that to the new guys at hell night, right after they got brothered.”

Mary broke in. “You have quite a daughter here Michelle, (Mom).”

“Yes I do, I thought she was a handful when she was a boy, but that was a cake walk compared to the past year.”

“Brit was the same way. We always worried about the girls she brought home. That is until we met Toni. She’s just a sweetheart. I can’t believe she was ever a man.”

Brit noticed me turning shade after shade of red and took my hand.

“Come on mom, they all weren’t THAT bad. And besides... Toni and I were friends before she changed. So that counts for something doesn’t it? Come on dear, let’s go see what trouble our friends are getting into now.”

“Probably beer pong and flip cup like always.” I said as we got up and lets the old folks talk.

“My mom can be so.....” Brit struggled to find the right word.

“Direct?” I offered

“Yeah. I guess that’s it.”

“But that is one of the things I like about her. You always know where you stand with your mom. My folks used to never tell me what they thought of my girlfriends, until after I had broken up with them. But I can assure you, my mom simply LOVES you, just like I do.” I told her as she softly kissed my lips.

The party died down around 1am. NO, they didn’t burn the house down. NO, the cops didn’t have to be called to break up anything. It was just a nice gathering of friends and family. After they all left and Brit and I went to bed cuddling together like we had done since we started seeing each other.

“You know, I could get used to this Brit.”

“What’s that?”

“Falling asleep with you in my arms and waking up with me in your’s”

“You’re such a dork, go to sleep.” she said as she kissed my cheek and snuggled into my arm.

Morning broke and we cleaned up a bit before we made our way out to the garage to give the bikes the once over safety wise. It was hard to concentrate with Brit dressed in her leather race style suit. It really hugged her slim body and really accentuated the curves. We both strapped on our helmets and fired them up. While we let the motors warm up I showed Brit how to use the two way radio I had installed in the helmets so we could talk to each other without having to yell. I had her take the lead, since she only has her permit and I have to keep her in eye sight since I have my licence.

We made our way north and she started to get the feel of her new ride as we both started to pick the pace up a bit. I relaxed and just let the road come to me, as my mind started to think about the wedding and everything else that has happened over the past year. I probably shouldn’t have to tell you that this is not a good thing to do at 70 miles an hour on some back country roads. I never saw the truck pull out in front of me. But I do remember sailing over a stopped Brit as she had swerved to miss it, (I didn’t).

I woke up just as the paramedics were getting there. Brit was kneeling over me screaming for me to wake up.

“What happened?”

“OH TONI! You’re alive.” She hugged me tighter then she’s ever done before, and the medics had to pry her off me so they could give me the once over.

The truck I hit was carrying building supplies and ran a stop sign. The owner of the company was pulling up just as the paramedics said I should get looked at in the hospital. Brit insisted I do, since she didn’t want me passing out during the wedding tomorrow. She had already called our parents who were just pulling up in my truck as they helped me to my feet. I looked over at the twisted pile of metal that used to be my bike and started to cry. Our dad’s loaded the bikes, or at least Brit’s bike and what was left of mine, into my truck as Brit and I rode away in the ambulance.

They ran a battery of tests on me at the hospital and determined that I only had a mild concussion, and could go home. I thanked the doctor and went to find Brit and our folks in the waiting room.

“Ok, let’s go.”

“Wait a minute. What did the doctor say dear?”

“That I had a concussion, and shouldn’t ride for about a week.”

She hugged me and we left the hospital, just as the police showed up.

“Toni Trepasso?”

I raised my hand and of course dad always being a smart ass did the same. The cop looked at us and asked which one of us hit a truck on a motorcycle today?

“That would be me.” I told him.

“Ok miss, what do you remember?”

“I remember riding along following my fiancé, and the next thing I know, I’m flying thru the air over the top of her. Then everything went black.”

“Were you wearing a helmet?”

I just held up what was left of the brain bucket. What once was a beautiful green helmet with a nice airbrushed mural on it, was now a broken, and badly scratched mess.

“Ok miss, the driver claims full responsibility, and the owner has agreed to pay for any damages to your motorcycle and personal effects.”

I laughed. “The bike, that I built myself is toast, the helmet was a gift from my mom, and the leathers were from my step dad. How does he plan on paying for the memories?”

“You’ll have to take that up with him miss. Here’s his card.”

I took the card and turned pale white. The card was from MY company. I had hit one of OUR trucks, and the man who the officer spoke to was going to be at my wedding tomorrow. Could this get any worse?

We went home and I got to bed early. I was bushed from the day I had, so I just took a hot bath, and turned in, in one of the guest rooms. (That whole thing about not seeing the bride before the ceremony) I made sure I was out the door early before Brit was up. Not hard to do since she went out with some of the girls for a bachelorette party. I drove to the grove where we were going to have the wedding and started to get ready, by doing my hair. This was something I hadn’t done yet. I’ve been a woman for a little over a year and this was the first time my hair was going to be anything but it’s normal straight or in a ponytail. My stylist showed up right on time and she did wonders. I told her I didn’t want to cut it, since I liked the long look. So she put it in a reverse french braid as she called it. Then she added beads to the front and top, and curled my bangs a bit. It all took about an hour, and I must say it looked good. She left and went to do Brit’s hair, who had just arrived. This gave me a chance to do my makeup and nails just right. I made sure everything was dry before I put on the dress. Britt and I thought it would be fun to get matching dresses, and shoes.

As the time drew near, my maid of honor Jamie came in to see how I was doing. She looked stunning in her green evening dress. I’d never seen Jamie in anything other then jeans and sweatshirts before today, so to see her done up like this was nice. (My maid of honor would ware green while Brit’s wore Red, since green was our house color for the sorority, and theirs was red.) I finished getting ready with Jamie helping me put on the garter and my 2 inch heels. (Brit would be in 4 inch ones to help make us look closer in height)

My dad showed up to help me put my vale on and we walked out of the room just as Brit and her dad came out. We had decided we would both walk down the isle together with our dad’s to “Here Comes the Bride.” The organist started and all eyes were on us as we made our way thru the throng of family and friends who had gathered, to stand in front of one of my brothers, Bean’s mom, Janet who I found out after we got engaged was an ordained minister and she was looking to do a same sex wedding as a form of protest. We exchanged vows and rings. I’ll never forget the look on her face, when he got to the part, ‘I now pronounce you...’, she wasn’t sure what to say. I just couldn’t help myself and started laughing. That got Brit laughing and then the rest of the party joined in. We just shook our heads and kissed our first kiss as a married couple.

As we rode to the reception hall in the horse drawn carriage that the girls in our sororities had gotten for us, Brit started to cry.

“I thought I lost you yesterday.” I just pulled her tight and wiped her tears.

“It’ll take more then that to kill me. Think about all that I’ve been through hun. I’ve been hit by race cars, thrown down mountains, landed in toxic waste, chased on my motorcycle by a deranged lunatic, and you think that a little fall will be the end of me.” I tickled her to get her to laugh.

“Hey! Come in Toni, I’m serious.”

“I know hun, I’ll be more careful from now on, I promise.”

She and I just hugged and enjoyed the rest of the ride to the party. I couldn’t help but think that she was right. I did need to be more careful now. I had a wife to look after.

To be continued...

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