A Reason to Go On

A Reason to Go On


Paula Dillon

Elizabeth Renoir was in despair. She had lost the most important person in her life, her Mom.

Sandy Jennings was in despair. He was a 17 year old boy, who had spent the last four years living on the street. He was tired, weak and starving. He was ready to die.

What happens when their lives collide?

Elizabeth Bernadette Renoir was driving home in a blue funk. The sun in the west was just setting as she drove down I-15 towards Los Angeles. She was just twenty and had lost her Mom just two weeks ago, after losing her father not quite two years ago. The worst part was seeing her mom just waste away to pancreatic cancer and not being able to do anything about it. The pain she endured in the last weeks was almost unbearable. She tried to get on with her life, but she kept asking herself, “Why bother?” or “Does it really matter?” She was in a sore need of a reason to go on.

Even with all the medical costs her mother incurred, she was well off. Her mother and father had large multi-million dollar life insurance policies on their lives, and on top of health insurance, her mother had a large cancer policy.

Her Father, Robert Renoir had worked in one of the larger houses on Wall Street managing the money managers and investors. They had a nice home on a large estate a few miles out of Trenton New Jersey and earned a high seven figure salary, plus bonuses. He would take a train ride to and from work almost every day Monday through Friday. He died of a heart attack at forty three.

Elizabeth and her Mom, Renee moved just off the Pacific Coast Hwy near Malibu, California. They both lived happily there for a year, before Renee went to the doctor and got her dreadful diagnosis. Elizabeth became her mother’s rock and helped her live longer than the doctors had given her. They had been more like close friends rather than mother/daughter and when Renee finally checked into the hospital that last time and signed her DNR (DO NOT RESUSCITATE), Elizabeth was by her side all that time. When her mother passed away two days later, Elizabeth felt the life drain out of her. Renee was laid to rest three days later.

The day after the funeral, Elizabeth got dressed up in a nice suit, did her hair and makeup, before getting into her Mercedes Sl class convertible and drove to San Francisco. When she got there, she turned right around and drove back to Malibu. Two days later she drove to San Diego and back. Today she had driven to Las Vegas and was on her way back to Malibu. She prayed every day for a reason to go on.

She had just passed through Barstow, when she saw what looked like a girl sitting and leaning against one of those highway signs that held one of those I-15 placards.

Sandy Jennings was tired. He had run away from home when he was almost thirteen. He got tired of being beaten and yelled at by his father. What hurt more was his mom’s indifference; she just sat there and watched as he was being beaten. She had been afraid that she would be next if she interfered. Sandy had saved up a lot of money from mowing lawns, almost three hundred and fifty dollars and when he father had left to go to his favorite watering hole, Sandy made his escape.

He got quite far away before the sun rose in the east. He trekked three miles from his home to a rail line that had a passing track. Luckily there was a north bound train sitting there waiting for a south bound train to pass, he found a flatbed car that had two large wheeled front end loaders. He easily hid between the large wheels of the front end loaders.

Sandy had a close call with a railroad dick in Dallas, he managed to jump off the flat bed on the other side of the train and evade him long enough to get clear of the rail yard. He snagged a meal and some bottled water and snacks. He kept clear of the authorities during the day, before making his way north of town and catching a northbound train, at dusk. At Oklahoma City he got off the train before the rail yard to avoid unpleasentries. Jumping from a moving train wasn’t the best experience, but it was one Sandy would avoid if possible.

Sandy decided then and there to make his way to California. He began hitching rides there. From Oklahoma City, he made it to Phoenix, then New York City, Panama City Florida, Boise Idaho, Portland Oregon, Salt Lake City, Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta Georgia, Anchorage Alaska, Kansas City Kansas, and a thousand other cities along the way. He was tired and he would never speak about what he had to do to survive to anybody. He had been used and abused by a good third of the drivers he had ridden with. One trucker kept him captive for over a year, locked away in the sleeper.

Now almost four years later, Sandy finally made it to California, but he was on the verge of giving up. He was hungrier than her had ever been, it had been over a day since he had anything to drink and he was just a shell of what he had been. It would be so easy to just stand up and walk into traffic, if he just had the energy. Really he saw absolutely no reason to go on. Tired, he had just sat down to die over an hour ago.

Elizabeth pulled her Mercedes over and backed up till she was near the girl. She had never picked anybody up on the road; it just wasn’t safe to do so. Too many people have been killed and robbed picking up hitch hikers and she knew this. She also knew that she had to do this. She got out of her car and approached the girl. She was nasty from her head down to her sandals. Her greasy hair of unknown color came down almost to her waist. Elizabeth couldn’t tell if she was a black, white or Hispanic by looking at her skin tone, she was incredibly soiled and nasty. Her lip shape suggested she was a white girl, but they were impossibly cracked and chapped. Her soiled T-shirt showed two nipple peaks much like a girl of ten or eleven, it also showed her ribs. Elizabeth could count the girl’s ribs while she was dressed. Her low rise jeans slim fit jeans looked crusty enough to walk off by themselves.

“Are you alright?” Elizabeth asked, with some trepidation.

Sandy’s voice cracked and squeaked, barely coming out audible in a whisper, as he tried to say “Thirsty,”

Elizabeth bent down and pinched the skin on the back of the girl’s hand. It took nearly ten seconds for the skin to smooth out again. The girl was clearly dehydrated.

“Come on girl, you’re coming with me,” Elizabeth said helping the girl up.

Sandy had long ago learned to be submissive, several times when he had tried to say no got him beat severely. So with Elizabeth’s help he stood and got into her car. Elizabeth buckled the girl in and grabbed two V-8 Fusions (a vegetable fruit drink by the makers of V-8 tomato cocktail) and two bottles of water from the cooler on the backseat. She waited till she got back into her car before she handed the V-8 fusion to Sandy.

“You may be thirsty, but drink this slowly, or you may throw it up and be worse off than before,” Elizabeth said.

It was hard advice to follow, his body was craving nourishment, but he sipped the drink slowly. The fluid came just in time to save his kidneys and the sugar brought the glucose levels in his blood up from dangerously low levels. He went through the first 16 ounce bottle in ten minutes and nursed the second bottle over the next hour. They were back in Malibu before Sandy had to use the bathroom, for the first time in a while.

Elizabeth opened her purse and took out a lip stick, “I don’t have any lip balm, but this lip stick will help your poor chapped lips. There is a lighted mirror on the back of that sun visor.”

Sandy took the lipstick and tilted the sun visor down. He was surprised when two lights came on. He had never used lipstick before, but he just tried to stay in the lines of his lips. He was surprised at how much better his lips felt after he coated them in a cranberry red lipstick.

Elizabeth got Sandy into the bathroom and began undressing the girl. She saw the girl was wearing what might have been blue lace panties.

“Just sit and do your business, I am going to run you a bath,” Elizabeth said as she turned her back to the girl, added bath salts to the tub and ran some warm, but not hot water.

Elizabeth picked up all Sandy’s clothes and after checking the pockets, she took everything and threw it away. She would give or buy the girl some new clothes, but these things were too nasty to go into her washer. When Elizabeth came back, she had changed into a T-shirt and panties. She set down a silk chemise and matching panties on the counter.

Sandy was relaxing in the tub when Elizabeth got back, she then knelt by the tub, took the shower wand and wet Sandy’s hair. She took an insanely large amount of shampoo in her hand and began shampooing Sandy’s hair. After massaging the girl’s hair for about four minutes she rinsed and repeated.

There was an incredible amount of scum floating on the water, so Elizabeth said, “Drain the tub, and refill it. Add some more bath salts and then we will shampoo one more time, condition your hair, scrub the dirt out of your skin and shave your armpits and legs. I will be back in a few minutes.”

Elizabeth rushed to another bathroom in her home and washed her own hands and arms. It was hard for her to shampoo that greasy mane and she had to wash her own hands and arms to feel clean. She just didn’t want to do it in front of that girl. She didn’t want to make the girl feel any worse.

When Elizabeth got back to the tub where Sandy was, the greatly energized girl was scrubbing her own skin with a vengeance. Elizabeth again shampooed Sandy’s hair, as she was scrubbing her legs. After shampooing, she rinsed and conditioned Sandy’s hair, leaving the conditioner in for at least ten minutes. Elizabeth took a razor and began shaving Sandy’s armpits. It wasn’t till she began shaving the girl’s legs that Elizabeth noticed her mistake. She was shocked, but she didn’t show it, she just continued what she had set out to do. She didn’t know what else to do. She had him stand and shaved his pubic hair into a strip and shaved his backside and around his genitals. He just did whatever she told him to do.

Sandy knew that Elizabeth now knew that he was a boy and he was glad she didn’t run off screaming. It had been a long time since he had felt clean. He didn’t miss his armpit or leg hair.

After he rinsed off, she had him drain the tub. Elizabeth then dried him off with a big fluffy towel. She then appraised him nude. Except for his penis and scrotum, which were really small, he still looked much like an underfed girl. He had slightly more than AA cup breasts, a narrow waist; probably around twenty five inches at the waist and thirty two inches at the hips. She wrapped him in a pink towel chest high.

She took a comb, brush and hair dryer to his mane. As much as she tried, she could help adding volume and curl to his hair as she worked on it. As it dried it turned into a really nice brown and it had a nice shine. When she finished she took his towel off and used her skin moisturizer on him from head to toe. He really needed it. The moisturizer had a nice lavender fragrance to it. Elizabeth also used an antiseptic cream on about a dozen places on his skin, bandaging three sores.

“I will be back in a minute,” Elizabeth said, heading to her room. She didn’t intend to dress Sandy in the panties and chemise. She knew he would object and in her heart she was going to rescue him and give him a chance.

She returned with running shorts and a T-shirt. She was surprised to see him wearing the chemise and the panties. He looked good in them; it was again hard not to see a girl.

“Do you really want to wear those? I brought those in when I thought you were a girl, you can wear these if you want.”

“This is alright with me,” Sandy barely croaked out.

He sounded better than when he first spoke but he was barely understandable.

“Alright you can wear that. Put on this kimono robe,” Elizabeth said handing his a robe that hung on the door. “And follow me. Let me fix you something light to eat and something that will soothe your throat.”

Sandy followed Elizabeth to the kitchen. He liked the cute wiggle of her pantied butt and tried to copy it trying to not make it look ridiculous. Elizabeth scrambled four eggs and sat them in front of Sandy with a glass of milk. She then made him a hot toddy. A quarter cup of Jack, two tablespoons of honey, one tablespoon of lemon, half a cup of water, a lemon slice, a stick of cinnamon, stir and microwave it for a minute. She turned to see Sandy sitting in front of an empty plate.

“Oh my, you must have been really hungry. You need to take it easy though. You can have more food in the morning. Now sip this very slowly. It has enough alcohol to make you a little loopy, but it will really help you sore throat.”

Sandy smiled and mouthed the words, “Thank You.” He sipped the tonic slowly and began to really relax. It didn’t take long for the alcohol to get into his system. He became drowsy when he finished the drink and Elizabeth helped him into one of the guest room beds. He was already asleep as Elizabeth covered him.

Elizabeth sat in a chair and watched the sleeping boy. She had done as much for her dying mother in the past months. She fell asleep after hours of watching Sandy.

Elizabeth awoke to the sound of someone saying, “No, no, no, don’t do that,” in a crackly voice that was just a tad better than the day before.

The boy she picked up and yet didn’t know the name of was having a nightmare. She could only imagine what demons were chasing him in his dreams. She got up to lie on the bed beside him and held him tightly, whispering gently in his ear that he was alright; nothing was going to hurt him tonight. He slowly began to calm down and soon was snoring softly again.

Elizabeth woke before Sandy, she kissed his ear and then went to the bathroom to take care of her morning needs. Refreshed she came back into the bedroom. The boy was still sleeping. She looked at his eyes and noted that he was in a deep sleep cycle. It wouldn’t do to wake him now, he would probably be disoriented for a while and she didn’t want that. She went to the kitchen and put the tea kettle on over low heat. She would wake him up when the kettle whistled.

She sat and watched him for a while more. When he went into REM sleep and the kettle was whistling, she whispered, “Wake up little rose bud, wake up.”

Sandy’s eyes flew open and he saw a smiling Elizabeth. It didn’t take him long to remember what had happened yesterday evening. He sat up and saw the pink chemise he was wearing and the silk panties. They felt so nice to him.

“Don’t try talking, you’re probably still hoarse. The bathroom is over there.” Elizabeth said, pointing. “Do what you need to do, put on a robe and come to the kitchen. There are extra new toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet, please do use one,” Elizabeth said, heading toward the kitchen. “OK.”

Sandy, feeling just how sore his throat was, just nodded.

Elizabeth went to the kitchen and began to cook some breakfast for both of them. She hadn’t eaten in over half a day and she needed sustenance too. She cooked some more scrambled eggs and some sausage patties to keep thing simple for the boy.

Sandy went in the bathroom and took care of his bladder, washed his hands and rinsed his mouth out. He opened the medicine cabinet and found a toothbrush and toothpaste. His teeth were very stained right now as they hadn’t seen a toothbrush in over a year. He spent a good ten minutes trying to brush the crap off of his teeth. He didn’t completely succeed, but they did look a lot better. After he rinsed out his mouth again he looked and saw that his gums were bleeding a little, but his teeth felt better.

He then took a good look at himself. He actually liked the looks of the chemise and panties he wore. He wished that he could keep on wearing clothes like this. He loathed being a boy after what he had gone through. Elizabeth seemed nice enough, he would see if she too had some agenda for him, but he might just try to stay with her, at least for a little while.

Sandy smelled the food cooking and followed his nose. Elizabeth was just plating the food as he came in.

“I wondered where you were, you took a while back there,” she said bringing two plates of food over to the table. “Now I expect you to eat a lot slower this time. You will get plenty of food, but you need to take your time eating it, or your stomach might rebel at being stuffed, ok?”

Sandy nodded.

“There is a lot of lemon and honey in that tea, but no whiskey. We need to be able to talk without you being half drunk.”

He took a sip of the tea, it was overly sweet and sour, but it felt good on his throat. He tried to slow his eating down a bit, but he just had to get the food in his stomach. He knew he needed the nourishment, he knew he was all skin and bones. He didn’t quite get it all stuffed into his gut when he felt stuffed.

Elizabeth was almost giggling as she watched Sandy try to eat slowly. She could see that he was looking better than he had been.

When he finished the tea he held the cup out and almost whispered, “More please.”

“Do you want the same amount of lemon and honey?” Elizabeth asked.

Sandy just nodded. It felt so good to his throat.

She fixed him another cup of tea. He mouthed the words thank you.

“Ok, we need to communicate with each other. Your throat will heal faster if you don’t talk. So can you type on a laptop?”

Sandy held out his hand and wagged it meaning… So, so.

Elizabeth got out her laptop and set it down in front of Sandy after booting it up and starting Microsoft Word.

“Alright I will talk to you and you can respond by typing on the computer. My name is Elizabeth Renoir. What is your name?”

Sandy typed out Sandy and hesitated before typing Baker. Baker was his grandmother’s last name.

“It’s good meeting you Sandy Baker. Sandy I need to ask you to forgive me for yesterday. When I saw you, I actually thought that you were a girl. I just didn’t know what to do when I discovered that you were a boy.”

Sandy typed, “No problem, I hate being a boy…” he hesitated. Then he continued, “After what was done to me.”

“So is that why you were dressed in girls’ clothes last night?”

Sandy looked sheepishly at Elizabeth and then type, “No… those were the only clothes I could find. The last few months I had to steal clothes from laundromats. I am sorry but I needed clothes and had no money.”

“Don’t worry honey. I’m not mad at you. You were only trying to survive right?”


“So do you want me to go out and buy you some boy clothes?”

“Can I keep wearing clothes like these?”

“Are you sure? You want to keep wearing girls’ clothes?”

“They fit better, and I like them more.” Sandy typed. “… and I like them a lot.”

Elizabeth was uncertain what to say. She had had some psychology courses at college before she dropped out this year to take care of her mother. She knew what she was taught about transgendered people. She wasn’t sure Sandy was transgendered or not.

“So do you wish you had been born a girl?”

“I want to say yes… but I am not certain.”

“That seems to be an honest answer to me. Now how old are you?”

Sandy actually had to figure things out, he hadn’t thought about how old he was or birthdays in ages. He actually did some mental math to come out with the age seventeen.

He looked younger than that to Elizabeth so she said, “Open your mouth.”

He opened his mouth and Elizabeth looked at his teeth, counting molars. He had all his regular teeth and she could see his wisdom teeth beginning to erupt. She could also see that he needed a dentist.

“I believe you. I can also see you need a dentist and probably doctor too… Where did you come from?”

Sandy frantically typed, “I am not going back. I hate them. My father would beat me just for fun. Mom only watched me get my ass kicked.”

Elizabeth got up and hugged Sandy to calm him down, “I’m not going to make you go back. In fact you are old enough to live alone if you like. I was just wondering. That’s all.”

“I was born in Madisonville Texas,” Sandy croaked.

“How long have you been out on the street?”

Sandy held up four fingers.

“You’ve lived on your own for four years?” Elizabeth asked the shock plainly showed in her voice.

Sandy nodded.

“Oh you poor child,” Elizabeth said. “Ok, here is the deal. You can stay here with me, if you want. I will help you get well and help you to stand on your own two feet. You will not be asked for sex and you won’t be forced to have sex. You can leave anytime you want. I just ask that you tell me if you are leaving. Ok?”

Sandy nodded his head.

“I have several rules, first, no stealing from anybody. I know you had to steal to survive before, but don’t worry. If you need something just ask. If it is reasonable, I will get it for you. Second, you are going to see a doctor, a dentist and a psychologist. No compromise on this. They will report to you, not to me. So if you tell them something, it is between you and them. You can tell me if you feel like it. Thirdly, you are not my slave, but I want you to work with me in keeping this place livable. I am going back to college this fall and I will need your help to keep this place and to do my studies. Fourth, no out on the streets all night. I know you know how dangerous the streets are. Be home at a reasonable time. Rules maybe be changed if I feel the need, but they won’t be draconian or overly harsh. Do you understand?”

Sandy nodded at what Elizabeth said.

“Is that acceptable to you?”

Sandy again nodded and then typed out, “Why me?”

“Ok let me ask you a question. Were you despondent when I found you? I mean were you giving up on life?”

Sandy nodded yes.

“Do you think I saved you?”

Sandy again nodded yes.

“Well believe this. I think you saved me too. You see my dad died of a heart attack a couple of years ago and I lost my mom about three weeks ago. I too was despondent. I was looking for a reason to live. Then I found you. I needed a reason to go on. So mi casa es su casa.”

Sandy hugged Elizabeth and they both had a good cry. When they both were cried out, Elizabeth led Sandy back to the bathroom and they both washed their faces.

Back in Elizabeth’s bedroom, she said, “We need to get dressed. You can wear my clothes, but I think you need some that will fit you. Take off the chemise and let me measure you.”

Sandy took off the chemise as Elizabeth hunted down a measuring tape. She began measuring Sandy. Sandy was almost a 32A. He was just a quarter of an inch away from a full A cup, but his nipples were only just a little feminine. His waist she was jealous of, only for a second. The twenty four and a half inch waist indicated just how malnourished he was. His hips were only thirty two inches. She had him try on a pair of her sandals, his foot was narrow enough for her shoes, but his foot was about an inch longer. She wore a seven and a half. He would wear an eight and a half or a nine better. She stood in thought for a second or three.

“If you really want to be a girl, may I make a suggestion.”

Sandy nodded.

“Ok,” Elizabeth said, digging in her dresser. “You almost have a girlish figure, but we are going to be putting some weight on those bones of yours. Put this on,” she said, handing him a camisole and some panties.

As he put on the camisole, Elizabeth pulled out a very pretty below the bust silk brocade corset, that had a pretty flower and lace pattern. She checked the label; it was sized to reduce a waist down to twenty four inches. Sandy could probably wear that completely closed and not be bothered by it. Yet as Sandy put on weight it might be forced to go where it would make him look more feminine.

“This is a corset. I don’t think it will be all that tight on you, but if you wear it or another one the same size as you put on weight, it will help you keep a girlish figure. Let’s see.”

Elizabeth got it on Sandy and sure enough got it easily laced it up so there was no gap in the back, “That isn’t tight at all is it?”

Sandy held her finger and thumb about a half inch apart, to indicate only a little.

“Well take a look at yourself. Do you like what you see?”

Sandy looked in a mirror and his eyes got really big. He did like what he saw. He turned to the left and then the right. The corset was the prettiest thing he had ever worn. Also his small breasts seemed to be more prominent, as the corset squeezed his lower chest. He smiled at Elizabeth.

She then dressed him in a pair of her shorts and a tank top.

“I’m not keeping you captive, but you don’t need to go out till you are a lot better. I need to go out and get you some things. Ok?”

Sandy nodded.

Elizabeth then undressed and selected her clothes with Sandy sitting on her bed. He watched her with interest as she began doing her makeup. Especially when she did her lipstick. He mimicked putting on lipstick. His lips were still cracked and chapped. She opened a drawer in her dresser and found a never been used lipstick.

“This will be your lipstick,” she also handed him an empty makeup bag. “This is your makeup bag. Keep your makeup in it. It isn’t good sharing makeup. You can trade eye infections doing it.” Elizabeth then taught him how to put lipstick on.

Elizabeth also found one of her mom’s shoulder bags to give to Sandy. She put the makeup bag in the purse and handed it to Sandy saying, “A girl always know where her purse is, she would rather have a run in her stockings all day than to lose her purse and believe me girls hate runs in their stockings.”

Sandy took the purse and hugged Elizabeth. Nobody had given him much of anything in the last six years or so.

Elizabeth fixed Sandy a couple of light snacks, “I am going shopping for you now. Eat one snack in a bit and eat the other in an hour or so. I will be back in two hours. If you want to rob me, my laptop is in on the table and my mom has some nice jewelry in her jewelry box. You can try on any clothes in this house except my panties. I will buy you some panties, just as nice as the ones I own. If you’re here when I get back, I will have some real food for you.”

Sandy didn’t take that comment wrong, he recognized sarcasm when he heard so it didn’t bother him, he just hugged Elizabeth and she smiled as she left.

Sandy sat in the living room and began listing his doubts and listing his hopes about his current situation. He had been held captive for a period of almost a year and it took some ingenuity to get away, because his captor never left him alone in a room that wasn’t secure. At least until he made a mistake. Sandy had feigned being seriously ill, that was dangerous in itself because the man might have killed him on the spot and gotten rid of the body. When the man found Sandy ill, he was going to kill him. In fact he had left to get a sheet of plastic and a gun. Sandy escaped with seconds to spare.

Elizabeth had treated Sandy better than anybody in the last four or five years and Sandy wasn’t locked in the house. It just came to the question “Did Sandy want this for himself or herself.” Herself was looking like a real possibility. He had thought about this over the last few years. He knew girls didn’t have life easier; he didn’t fall into that trap of misbelief. A girl’s life was no easier and in fact may be harder, due to gender prejudice. A boy who was known to be transgendered would surely be worse off than a girl.

Sandy had, by necessity of circumstances, been portraying himself as a girl. The circumstances being that he could only find girl’s clothes to fit him in a halfway decent manner and were available for theft. The clothes he had been wearing, when Elizabeth found him, he had been wearing constantly for the last four months, except for the panties. He had stolen more panties and wore them till he just had to throw them away. In despair he had not planned to steal anymore clothes. He hadn’t planned to live much longer.

In conclusion, he decided he would stay with Elizabeth, till he decided whether life was worth living or not. The thing he was happiest about was that he wasn’t as hungry now, as he had been yesterday.

Sandy hadn’t seen the whole house yet, so he set about exploring. Behind the curtains in the living room, he could see the street in front of the house and the Pacific Ocean beyond the houses on the other side of the street. He stood there watching long enough to tell that a big ship was traveling north. The ocean was prettier than the pictures he had seen of it. He also saw that this house was set higher than the house directly across from this one. He was almost looking directly at the roof line of that house.

He had already seen two bedrooms, the kitchen and two bathrooms, so he decided to explore the rest of the house. Near the kitchen was a sliding glass door and out back was a small yard, a swimming pool and farthest back was a large flower garden and fountain. The water from the fountain flowed into the swimming pool.

He found a room with a desktop computer, laser printer and a huge monitor, maybe twenty four inches or so. One wall had loads of books, chemistry, psychology, English, history, political science, French, calculus and so on. Sandy thought this was her study room or office.

Another room turned out to be the master bedroom, as it was larger than the ones he had seen. It was done in a mature, but feminine look. There were pictures of Elizabeth and another woman that had to be her mother. Sandy did look into the jewelry box on top of the dresser, he loved what he saw, but he didn’t touch anything.

In the dresser he found some panties. He knew that he had been wearing a size 4 or XS before he met Elizabeth. The panties he was wearing now were a little looser, so they had to be a size 5 or S. These panties he found had to be at least a seven or L. His mouth hung open though as he picked up a bra, the cups looked absolutely huge. The tag on the bra read 38D. There were also a lot of things he had only seen in catalogs, like garter belts, girdles, body briefers, slips and such. In another drawer there were pantyhose, socks, thin socks and stockings.

There were some really nice clothes in the closet, but they would all swallow him up. The shoes in the closet though were just a little big on his foot. He actually tried on a pair of pumps that had at least a four inch heel. He stood in them and noticed that he had a quarter to three eights inch space behind his the back of his foot. He giggled at himself; Elizabeth’s mother had a full length mirror on the back of the closet door. He couldn’t help but pose for himself. He wobbled fiercely as he tried to walk, so he took them back off, he didn’t want to break anything by falling.

There were also flats, boots and sports shoes in the closet. He settled for a pair of New Balance running shoes in pink and black and a pair of very colorful knee socks. The shoes felt great, he hadn’t had good shoes in years.

Sandy took time to eat his first snack, which consisted of a small salad, with lettuce, baby tomatoes, bean sprouts, celery chopped in fine bits, shredded carrots, mushroom bits, cheese and a ranch dressing. While not his normal fare, it was better than what he had to eat prior to Elizabeth. He took his time to eat, he didn’t have to eat and run, or eat out of a dumpster today.

Elizabeth really did go shopping for clothes and things for Sandy. The main reason though she went out was to show Sandy she trusted him. She picked up a pair of slim-fit jeans in a size two, some tops, some and some bra and panty sets. She didn’t want to buy too much because she wanted to take Sandy out shopping with her. He just needed some girl’s clothes that fit, looked good on him as a boy or a girl.

She also got an appointment with her doctor for tomorrow. She gave the doctor a partial history, so the doctor would be prepared for what to expect and what to ask about. She did tell the doctor that he might be transgendered. The doctor blocked out a two hour block of time beginning an hour before regular hours. She asked that Sandy have nothing to eat after midnight. She wanted to check Sandy’s A1C. Elizabeth also told the doctor that Sandy was also going to the dentist next week.

Elizabeth’s last stop before heading home was a burger shop, but it wasn’t just any burger shop. The burgers this shop made, were made of lean ground sirloin and unlike most burger stands the burgers were specially seasoned twelve ounce sirloin burger with lots of fixings, including lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickle slices, sautéed mushrooms, mushroom gravy, Swiss and cheddar cheeses on an six-inch gourmet bun. She picked up two burgers and two fries.

Sandy didn’t need to be told that Elizabeth had gotten home. The fragrance from the bag of burgers was the best announcement he could have been given. He was almost dancing as he entered the kitchen. He hugged Elizabeth and kissed her cheek.

“Damian’s ought to bottle the fragrance of their hamburgers and sell it as a perfume. I bet more husbands would be home with their wives,” Elizabeth said giggling at Sandy, who was just grinning. “How’s your throat Sandy?”

“Better,” Sandy said with just a few crackles.

“Well get two glasses of milk and the ketchup, then have a seat at the table. I will set out the food.”

Sandy found some large glasses and poured two glasses of milk. Then he grabbed the ketchup and headed to the dining room table. Elizabeth set the two hamburgers and fries on plates with a knife and fork. The two of them then sat at the table.

“Now before you start eating girl, this isn’t an eating competition. Girls eat slower and try to be neater. You might as well start learning how to do this. The food isn’t going anywhere and nobody is going to take it away,” Elizabeth said, noticing the socks and shoes for the first time. “Those socks look so cute on you and do my mom’s shoes fit you well?”

“They are just a tad too long, but these running shoes fit alright. You don’t mind me wearing your Mom’s shoes do you?” Sandy asked.

“No, you can have anything of my Mom’s. Anything you don’t want or can’t wear is going to charity.”

“Thank you… So how does a girl eat a burger?”

“Normally you could just pick up the burger and just eat it. These are so large cut them in quarters and eat them that way,” Elizabeth demonstrated. “Also pick up each quarter and lean towards the burger, you don’t want to drip gravy on that pretty top.”

Sandy looked at the top he was wearing; he really didn’t want to get it dirty. He followed Elizabeth’s advice, even though his stomach was shouting, “hurry, hurry, I want that food.” Sandy picked up a quarter and leaned over and took a bite out of the best burger he had ever tasted. He set the burger down and chewed it slowly. Sandy couldn’t hide the excitement in his eyes or the joy on his face as he ate. He swallowed and said, “I have eaten a lot of burgers since I ran away from home. None of them taste half as good as that burger,” Sandy said dipping a fry in some ketchup.

“Here in Malibu, even mundane food gets the gourmet treatment.”

“Malibu, you mean the rich recluse Malibu.”

“That’s right, sorry I never told you where I live, did I. Please don’t hold that against me. I’m not like most of my neighbors. To them my Mom’s funeral was more of a photo op rather than a chance to mourn my Mother’s passing. I know of most of my neighbors. They came by and dropped off catered dishes off. The paparazzi with their long lensed cameras got their photos. At least they came by and offered their condolences, considering we are new comers here and aren’t stars or old money.”

“I didn’t mean anything by my comment Liz, may I call you Liz?”

“Yes you may, my mom called me Liz, I think I like you calling me Liz. Most of the people around here just call me Elizabeth or Miss Renoir.”

“Thank you Liz, anyway I always heard Malibu was a high brow community, is all.”

“I know. It’s not so much highbrow now, the average income around here is a hundred thousand, at least I think it is,” Elizabeth said turning her laptop where she could see it. “Ah ha, make that a hundred and twenty five thousand and some change.”

“Oh my, where do the workers, you know the waitresses, the short order cooks and cashiers come from.”

“Most come from Los Angeles.”

Sandy didn’t know how slow he was eating, he was enjoying talking with Liz, but Elizabeth noticed and kept him talking in between bites of food. Sandy had eaten all of his fries and almost half of his burger when he stopped. He was full. It wasn’t just the corset that stopped him although it helped. It was that his stomach wasn’t use to being filled as much.

Elizabeth produced two plate covers and put their unfinished meals in the fridge, “I have some clothes for you to try on, but first we need to take a bath.”

“Oh, Ma, do I hafta.”

“I’m not your mother, but if you need a sister. I can be that for you. If you hang around people, anywhere not just around Malibu, you need to take one to three baths a day. Depending on how you smell, and brush your teeth at least twice+ a day.”

“Gee Sis; you’re such a harsh task master.”

“And don’t you forget that, Sis.”

Elizabeth led Sandy to her mother’s bathroom, where she helped Sandy undress by removing the corset. Sandy just stared in awe at the tub as he took off the shorts and panties he wore. Liz added some bath salts to the tub and began running the water.

Sandy stepped into the tub and Elizabeth asked, “Mind if I join you Sis?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

Elizabeth undressed and stepped into the tub at the other end. Together they helped each other bathe. Elizabeth noticed that even with all the tactile stimulation Sandy was getting, he wasn’t getting an erection.

“Has there ever been a time, when your penis had an erection, Sandy?” Elizabeth asked.

“Oh it’s been years since I’ve had one of those. I stopped having those when I got kicked real hard by a man who was giving me a ride. I hurt down there for a couple of weeks, but I got better.”

“Didn’t you get medical care?”

“Couldn’t no money and I was young enough that I would be sent home or put into a foster home. The kids I met on the street told such horror stories about foster care.”

“Be sure to tell the doctor about that Sandy, this is important. That may be the reason you have breasts and a narrow waist.”

They got out of the tub and dried each other off. Elizabeth tended the sores on Sandy’s body which looked a little better and then moisturized Sandy’s skin. They cleaned up the bathroom and then went to Elizabeth’s room. They got their lingerie and Elizabeth showed Sandy how to do launder their dainties and hang them up to dry.

Elizabeth then opened one of the bags of things she had gotten for Sandy. Sandy got to put on panties that fit like her old ones did. He slid the panties up his legs and at the last second reached down the front of them to tuck his stuff up and pulled the panties up tight. Sandy had a smooth front panel to his panties.

“What did you just do with your penis and scrotum?”

“Well girl’s clothes don’t fit well and it pinches a bit if I don’t. I just push my penis back into itself; it’s not very big so that is easy. Then the rest goes up inside me.” Sandy said indicating where the testes went.

“Okay, now for your bra,” Elizabeth held up a bra and unhooked the back.

Sandy kind of knew what to do. He held his arms out front and Elizabeth ran the bra up to his chest. She reached around him and hooked the hook and eyes up. She then adjusted the straps.

“That is a padded push up bra, which pushes your breasts up and makes them look bigger. The bra is a 32A that should make you look like you’re a 32B.”

Sandy’s eyes got really big as she looked down at her boobs. This moment convinced her of the truth of the moment. She loved her boobs and shook em, cupped them and stared at them in the mirror.

“I see you like wearing a bra. It does make you look good.”

“This is me?” Sandy asked.

“About half of your breasts are your bra’s magic, but you look bigger than you did yesterday without the bra.”

“I think, I was very dehydrated yesterday. I hadn’t anything to drink in a day. I am peeing a lot more today, I’ve noticed. I’ve also had to poop today. I can’t remember when I’ve had to do that… Do you have another corset; I don’t want my waist to grow.”

“I have two more. One you won’t be able to wear unless you really sprout up top. That corset has cups and you need a large C or D cup breast to fit it,” Elizabeth said digging out a white underbust corset.

She laced Sandy up, this corset was a little tighter, maybe because Sandy was a little larger due to eating and drinking more often or the corset was a little smaller. Elizabeth still laced it all the way. She then helped Sandy try on her clothes. Elizabeth first had Sandy put on a pair of padded briefs. They added about three inches to her butt.

“Those things give you a backside, you sorely miss. Look at them in the mirror.”

Sandy looked over her shoulder at her butt; she now had a nicely rounded backside.

“It does look good,” Sandy said.

“I have six of those for you, till you get some fat on you.”

Sandy then worked a pair of slim fit jeans on. The jeans looked like they were made for her and gave her a bit of a butt lift. Of the four tops she had, Sandy liked the frillier tops. She fell in love with the lacy peasant blouse. Elizabeth then taught Sandy how to put shoes on while wearing the corset.

Sandy looked down right sexy in those tight jeans and peasant blouse. Elizabeth looked Sandy up and down. The New Balance shoes looked alright with those jeans but… Elizabeth went to her mom’s room and brought back three pair of shoes. She brought a pair of blue T strap pumps, a pair of brown calf length boots and a pair of pink marabou trimmed mule wedges.

“Take off your running shoes.” Elizabeth said.

She then put the brown boots with a three in stiletto heel on Sandy’s feet. Sandy had a happy smile on her face as she held out her booted feet and wiggled them in the air. Elizabeth helped Sandy stand and walk in the heels. The pointers she gave Sandy helped the new girl walk on the spindly heels. The jeans lifted Sandy’s rump up nicely and she had a cute wiggle to her butt as she walked.

Elizabeth thought that if she didn’t consider Sandy a sister she would ravish the poor girl. Sandy was far from expert on the boots, but they both suspected that it would only take a little practice for the girl to look quite natural in them. The boots looked quite nice on her legs.

Elizabeth giggled and said, “I can’t wait to take you shopping and get your cute butt in a mini skirt girl. I would love to see you in full makeup too, but I know that mom or I don’t have anything that will match the golden brown your face and décolleté are. You got plenty of sun girl.”

“It’s hard not to get sun, when you live out on the street.”

For several hours Elizabeth got to play Barbie’s with Sandy as her doll. Elizabeth attached garters straps to the corset and rolled stockings up Sandy’s legs. Sandy just loved that. The feel of the stockings was absolutely delicious. The last outfit Sandy tried on was a black tweed high waist mini skirt. Sandy could almost wear a crop top with that skirt and cover all her skin above the hips. Her blouse was a long sleeve white charmeuse blouse. On her feet she wore a pair of four inch stiletto sandals that was adorned with twenty or so crystals on each shoe.

Elizabeth also gave Sandy a full makeover, curling her hair with a curling iron, adding eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. She didn’t have any foundation or powder to match Sandy’s skin, but she did use some bronzer on her face and some blush. Sandy was speechless, her own mother and father would never recognize her if she walked by them. Then again after four years and some months she might not recognize them.

Elizabeth found a unique way to teach Sandy how to walk in heels. She led Sandy to the living room and turned some music on. Elizabeth taught Sandy to walk by teaching her to dance in her heels. Sandy danced the female role and didn’t fall or twist her ankle because Elizabeth helped her control her body. After an hour of dancing Elizabeth had Sandy walk up and down the hall. Sandy felt confident enough that she added a little wiggle to her backside.

Elizabeth then spent some time teaching Sandy how to be a woman. She taught Sandy about sitting, standing, holding her arms and many, many other gestures that are uniquely feminine. Even when they sat to eat the rest of their burgers, Elizabeth taught and Sandy happily learned.

Elizabeth had Sandy sleep with her that night. As she expected, Sandy had another nightmare and Elizabeth was able to soothed Sandy, who almost squeezed the breath out of Elizabeth, until the nightmare passed. Afterwards Sandy held Elizabeth like a body pillow as she fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Elizabeth woke Sandy at six thirty. Sandy took a bath and convinced Elizabeth to do her hair and a little makeup, just eye liner, mascara and lipstick. She dressed in an ice blue bra and panty, padded brief, colorful knee socks that you need sunglasses to look at, her slim fit jeans, a pretty embroidered top that was almost long enough to be an ultra mini dress and the pair of New Balance running shoes. The blouse gently clung to Sandy’s figure, enhancing her feminine figure.

She wasn’t keen on not eating, but she had been there before, so it wasn’t a big deal. Elizabeth did find a large hobo purse for Sandy in which she packed snacks. Sandy included her makeup bag filled with lipstick, eyeliner and mascara.

“We may have to go to Texas to get a copy of your birth certificate, so we can get you some ID. Do you know your social security number?”

“Yes I know my SSN. How do you get a copy of my birth certificate, cause I am definitely not going to see my parents and I am definitely not going before my eighteenth birthday. So we have three months and a few days.”

“You say you were born at Madisonville, Texas right?”


“The county seat for that county is where we can get a copy of your birth certificate.”

“Ok, Madisonville is the county seat of Madison County Texas.”

They left home about seven fifteen and arrived at the doctor’s office about five minutes before eight. Dr. Jeanette Stevens arrived a few minutes later with one of her medical assistants and a nurse. Elizabeth greeted Jean with a hug and introduced Sandy.

“YOU… were born a male?” Jean asked, with a look of surprise on her face.

“Yes Ma’am, Dr. Stevens.”

“Cut the ma’am and call me Jean, Sandy. Gwen take Sandy in the back and take her height, weight, temperature and blood pressure. Also take blood for those tests we discussed. You haven’t eaten have you?”

“No Ma’am… I mean no Jean; I am hungry but haven’t eaten. I did bring some snacks.”

“Let her eat a few snacks after you take her blood. Take her to exam one and have her undress and dress her in a gown. Annette go with them and take her history as Gwen works.”

The girls departed with Sandy.

“How are you Elizabeth?”

“I am doing better Jean.”

“You know it’s dangerous taking in a homeless kid.”

“I know, but I just had too. I thought Sandy was a girl when I first saw her, and besides being a boy physically, I know she has the heart of a girl. Anyway I just had to rescue her. I think she saved me as much as I saved her.”

“Elizabeth just be careful. Come back in two hours, we should be done by then.”

Sandy followed Gwen to the back; Annette picked up a clip board and began asking Sandy questions. Gwen had Sandy step on the scales and came up with 5’ 6 and a half and a hundred and five pounds. Her blood pressure was 107/73 and her temperature was ninety-eight. Gwen had Sandy pee in a cup, in the restroom and then began to take Sandy’s blood. She filled seven vials.

“Are you going to take all my blood?”

“No we are going to leave you a few ounces, Sandy,” Gwen joked.

After they took all her blood, Sandy had a bottle of water a tube of yogurt and a breakfast bar. She was led to exam room one and asked to undress behind the screen and put on a gown.

When Dr. Stevens came in the room with Gwen and Annette, Sandy was sitting on the papered exam table. The doctor started by listening to Sandy’s heart and lungs. She checked her eyes, nose, tongue, throat and ears. She made a special note of three wisdom teeth in various state of eruption. Sandy was at least 17. The doctor then checked inside each elbow. She checked her feet between each toe. Jean didn’t find any track marks on Sandy.

“Sandy please stand and take off your gown. I want to assess your appearance first.”

Sandy took off the gown and stood up straight. Jean took a careful look and began talking. Annette took notes for the doctor. They noted her general appearance.
“Sandy I want you to put on twenty to twenty five pounds you are underweight.”

“My meals came quite irregularly since I ran away from home.”

Dr. Jean inspected the sores, even checking beneath the bandages.

“Elizabeth has been cleaning them, using an antiseptic cream and bandaging them,” Sandy said. “They came from me living on the street.”

“Keep them clean and bandaged. They seem to be healing well. Turn around.”

When Sandy turned, Dr. Jean saw healed belt scars on her back.

“Who beat you with a belt Sandy?”

“My father and several guys I hitched rides with. I was also held captive for almost a year. Jason is all I know of his name. He beat me with his belt. I escaped from him in Nashville.”

“He lived there?”

“No he was a trucker. He kept me locked away on his truck. He had a sleeper he kept me locked in. I haven’t been abused though in almost a year. I got big enough and fast enough to elude most people.”

Sandy answered yes to all questions of sex, she answered yes to drugs, no to IV drugs and unknown to what drugs she had been forced to take. She did describe what effects, as best she could remember, of the drugs she was given.

She also told the doctor what she ate, when she did find food. She didn’t feel like stealing food anymore and her take from panhandling took a nosedive. She spent most time dumpster diving for food at places like restaurants and grocery stores.

The doctor was shocked when she checked Sandy’s genitals and to check for a hernia. The boy’s testicles were small and misshaped. Sandy told her about being kicked in the crotch by a man near Topeka, Kansas, a couple of years ago. She hurt for almost two weeks; she met some girls on the run who helped nurse her back to health.

“I need to ask Sandy, how old are you?”

“I am seventeen and will be eighteen in three months.”

“Are you living apart from your parents and if so for how long?”

“I have been living apart from my parents for four years.”

“Do you handle your own financial affairs?”

“If you call panhandling for money, handling my own affairs, then yes. I haven’t gotten a dime from my parents in four years.”

“Good then you may consent for your own medical treatment. I need to do a biopsy on your testicles. I am very disturbed by what I feel.”

“You can cut them out for all I care.”

“Are you transgendered?”


“I can’t remove them unless it is a medical necessity, until you are eighteen. Annette, get me a medical consent form for minor surgery. Gwen prep Sandy for a needle biopsy of his testicles.”

Gwen had Sandy lay on the exam table and put his feet in the stirrups. She scrubbed Sandy’s crotch clean with a povidone-iodine scrub. She then scrubbed her own hand before gloving up. She then helped Jean with her gloves. Dr. Jean then used a local anesthetic to deaden the area, before withdrawing several samples of each of Sandy’s testis.

Jean turned to Gwen and said, “Send those biopsies to our lab Gwen.”

“Sandy I want you back here in a week. We will decide what to do when we get the results of all your tests back. I want you to slowly put on twenty to twenty five pounds over the next six months. Start to exercise, first begin walking a half mile a day, three days a week and in a month pick that up to three miles a day, for three days a week. I also want you to start taking some daily multi-vitamins. You need to see a dentist after you see me next. I also have the name of a clinical psychologist that I would like you to start seeing. I may have further recommendations after I see you next week. Don’t eat before you come here next week either.”

Gwen entered all the doctor’s instructions on her computer. She saved a copy to Sandy’s patient file for Dr. Stevens and printed them out for Sandy to read and follow.

“Considering all that you have been through, I would say that you are in pretty good condition for the condition you’re in.”

After Sandy got dressed, she met up with Elizabeth in the waiting room, after making an appointment for next week and picking up a referral to a psychologist.

Back in the Mercedes Elizabeth inquired as to how the doctor visit went. Sandy told Elizabeth everything that they did to her, complaining about the amount of blood they took.

“I almost thought that they were going to drain me dry.”

“I think they hire Vampires to draw blood.”

“Jean wasn’t happy when she felt my balls. She stuck a needle in them and took out some of their tissue.”

“Did she say anything about them?”

“No, I think she didn’t want to say anything until she is sure about her facts.”

“So do you want to go to the beauty parlor or clothes shopping?”

Sandy almost giggled as she thought, “Beauty parlor. I don’t have my corset on. I don’t want to get clothes that the corset won’t fit with it. I really want to keep my waist, but the doctor wants me to put on twenty pounds in the next six months.”

“The beauty parlor it is but first we eat. It will be soup and salads for brunch. How does that sound.”

“Sounds good, I am already starving.”

After they ate Elizabeth took them to her salon. Sandy didn’t know what to expect, but the place seemed many times nicer than she expected. The proprietor, almost a Justin Timberlake look alike named Peter, greeted them and escorted them to his office. They all sat on some really chic couches. He first made them feel at home, serving them coffee or tea. He then slowly maneuvered them into talking about, what they wanted done today.

“This is a dear friend of mine Peter. I found her again a few days ago. She had been living on the streets for several years. She knows almost nothing about beauty. I am thinking of easing her into it. Just do hair, makeup, brows and pierce her ears.”

Peter had Sandy sit on a stool and pulled her hair back in a tight pony tail. He took several pictures and the best picture appeared on a large monitor in front of her.

“Now do you want long hair, medium length hair, or would a short hairdo suit you?” Peter asked, as he displayed Sandy’s image with the various lengths of hair.

“I want to keep as much of my hair as possible. I like it longer.”

Peter then asked about styles from straight to very curly to wavy, adjusting the picture as he went.

“I like the long loose curls, but it will have to be easy to keep up with. Like my sister said. I don’t know very much about fixing it myself.”

“How long did you live on the streets Sandy?” Peter asked.

“A little over four years. I had to get away from my father. He beat me badly.”

“Well if we give you a perm, you can just shake it out in the morning and brush it like you like it,” Peter said, as he panned through a dozen hair styles till he found one she might like. “How about this style, I really think it would suit you nicely.”

“What do you think, Liz? I like it but I’m not an expert.”

“I think it would look great on you Sandy and I can show you how to take care of it. What else do you suggest Peter?”

“Her hair color is kind of plain. I don’t think she would make a great blonde with her skin tone, really bright reds are out too, but… a really rich brown with some highlights would look really good on her,” Peter gave her the hairstyle they had selected and then played with the color a bit. “How does this look?”

Sandy looked at her image on the screen and smiled, “That would be awesome.”

Peter then played with her brow shape a bit and then began working on her makeup. Sandy’s jaw hung as he kept making minor changes that made a huge difference in her appearance.

“Oh my, I like it,” Sandy said.

“I’ll include a DVD tutorial on how to do your own makeup. They were produced by our premier makeup artist.”

Peter printed out the picture he made of Sandy. He then listed what she would need to achieve the look.

“Elizabeth if you come back in three hours I think we will surprise you, with how Sandy will look.”

“Ok and oh put these in her ears,” Elizabeth said, handing Peter a pair of pierced earrings. “Don’t let her see the earrings till you have her made up.”

Elizabeth left knowing about how Sandy would be looking when she came back. So she went out to buy her friend an outfit worthy of her new look.

Peter handed Sandy off to one of his stylist, to begin her transformation. Normally the process is perm, color then cut, but Sandy’s hair was in such a state, they went shampoo and cut first, then perm, color and style. In no time they were rolling her hair up on rods and adding a permanent solution to her hair. The smells of the perm solution stunk worse than many of the dumpsters that Sandy had dived in over the years. Sandy had only been in one other beauty salon and now she knew why they stank so much.

Sandy was under the dryer, perm solution perming, plastic bonnet over the perm rods and her scalp cooking in the heat, a couple of nail techs came over and began working on her hands. Sandy went to the shampoo station for a rinse and to have neutralizer added, after some random time. After the neutralizer was rinsed out, they began to color the hair. Her hair was colored and a few blond highlights were added. A stylist then brought Sandy’s hair into shape. Sandy loved what she saw.

She then went to a nail station where she got acrylic gel nails added to her fingers. They gave her three quarters of an inch long French nails, with oval tips. The nails glistened and reflected the lights of the salon. Sandy was mesmerized as she held up her fingers and looked at her nails.

Finally Sandy came to the makeup station, a lady named Brenda, worked with Sandy taught her as she worked. First she plucked Sandy’s eyebrows. She didn’t pluck them insanely thin, but she did shape them nicely and gave them a feminine arch. She then gave Sandy lessons on doing her own makeup. Finally she used a piercing needle to pierce and insert a pair of diamond earrings in her ear lobes. The hair style she had chosen, with most of her hair behind her shoulders, allowed the earrings to be shown off nicely.

Sandy was just about to pack up to leave when Peter came back.

“Elizabeth has bought our girl here a present. Brenda, be a dear and help our girl here to get dressed. She will need your help.”

Sandy was a little nervous as she was led to a dressing room. She hoped that she could keep her secret from Brenda. They both gasped as they saw the dress hanging and the lingerie in a chair. The dress was an emerald green silk crepe sleeveless, cowl neck dress. It was simply gorgeous. The lingerie included a corset and panties just a shade lighter than the dress. There was also a green handbag, a pair of off-black lace patterned stockings and a pair of emerald green stiletto pumps with three inch heels.

“You, my dear, have a really nice friend. Go behind that screen and put your panties on. I will help you with the rest.”

Sandy didn’t know what to say, so she just followed instructions. She took off her clothes and put the panties on tucking herself back as securely as possible. The results were good. The panties were just padded briefs with a satin finish. When she came out, Brenda was stretching out the corset.

“I don’t know what you need with a corset, but it is one of the prettiest, most elegant corsets I have seen in a while.”

“My doctor wants me to put on weight, and I don’t want to lose my waist,” Sandy said.

“I can understand that, you have a waist many girls would die for and your doctor is right. You are a skinny little thing.”

Brenda wrapped the corset around Sandy and helped her get everything in place. The bra portion of the corset were heavily padded and as Brenda tightened the corset, Sandy’s own breasts almost popped out the top of the corset.

“How tight do you want to go?”

“All the way. Elizabeth knows I don’t really want a smaller waist.”

Brenda pulled until the sides met in the middle and really didn’t have to work too hard at it, “Well it seems you are right,” Brenda said, attaching garter straps to the corset. “I will help you with your stockings. I don’t want you to put your new talons through these stockings. Those things look lethal.”

“I know. It’s going to take me awhile to get use to them. Any suggestions.”

“Don’t rush what you do till you get use to them. Some things you will need to do with the sides of your fingers instead of using your fingertips.”

“Thanks for the tip.”

Sandy stood and stepped into the pumps, they had a large toe instead of the pointed toe you see on so many ladies heels. Brenda then helped Sandy with the dress. Fully dressed Sandy just had to stare at herself in the mirror. She looked so incredible.

While Sandy admired herself in the mirror Brenda picked up the green hand bag to put the pink lipstick, mascara and a compact in it.

“Oh Elizabeth put some jewelry in your purse. Let me help you with it.”

Brenda put four gold bangles on her right arm and a gold Rolex on her left. She then put a diamond pendant and a fine gold chain around her throat.

“I need to adjust your makeup and Elizabeth is waiting for you. Put your clothes in this bag,” Brenda said.

Sandy bagged up the things she wore there and followed Brenda back to her station. She had to change the blush she used and adjust the eye shadow a bit.

“I have a makeup kit for you. While you were getting your hair done, I made a kit for you with everything that you need, that matches your skin tone.” Brenda said, wheeling a professional makeup kit to Sandy’s side. “And here are the makeup tutorial DVD’s. Let’s go see you friend.”

Elizabeth was waiting in the lobby of the salon. She was dressed very much like the clothes she brought for Sandy, only where Sandy would be dressed in emerald green, she was dressed in sapphire blue with silver jewelry instead of gold. Silver and blue fit her pale complexion better than green and gold.

She was on pins and needles waiting although it had only been a little over two hours and forty five minutes since she dropped Sandy off. Elizabeth had bought part of Sandy’s outfit while she was at the doctor’s office and part while she was, here at the salon and the jewelry was her mom’s. She hoped Sandy would love everything that was done for her. She hoped she would have a new sister. The things Sandy had selected in the beauty consultation gave her more than a little reason to hope, but she would keep her word if Sandy wanted to be a boy. Now she would see if Sandy took to it well.

Elizabeth was deep in thought as she sat there appearing calm, but in deep turmoil inside.

“Well Liz, what do you think,” Elizabeth heard.

Elizabeth looked up and her mouth began working like a kissing gourami fish. Elizabeth felt like she was going to be the ugly sister compared to Sandy’s Cinderella.

“Do I look that bad,” Sandy said, teasing Elizabeth. Sandy knew she looked hot.

“No… no … no… You look fabulous Sandy.”

“A triple negative, what does that make me Brenda?”

“Stupendous girl. You look simply stupendous.”

“Yeah, what she said, Sandy. You look hot. I feel like the ugly step-sister.”

“No your wrong. WE look hot. Liz you look better than I do.”

“Girls, let’s get this over with,” Brenda said. “Sandy you are beautiful, Elizabeth you are beautiful. Now girls get out there and break some hearts. First though I get some pictures.”

Brenda took several pictures for the Salon; one of each girl alone and one of them together. These two will be good advertising for the salon.

“Let’s go Sandy; I have dinner reservations at Danny’s on the Sunset Strip and then we can catch a movie.”

“Lead on Sis, I am starving.”

Elizabeth took the bag of clothes and Sandy wheeled her makeup kit. Both went into the trunk of the Mercedes. Danny’s was a posh Mediterranean style restaurant. They had many dishes that would grace any town on the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, mostly seafood or surf and turf.

Sandy was a little nervous, this wasn’t Spago but it was a very nice restaurant.

“Just enjoy yourself Sandy nobody knows you here. You have as much right to be here as anyone else, besides you are one hundred percent girl, to me.”

Sandy smiled and just hugged Elizabeth as they headed into Danny’s. All attention shifted momentarily as they entered the restaurant, but LA is a city of glamor. So much so that the people have built up a tolerance to beauty and if you’re not a mega star, attention eventually goes to other things and people.

The two girls split a seafood platter and split a dessert. The seafood platter was so big, they both ate their fills. The seafood platter had fish, shrimp, fried oysters, a stuffed crab, scallops, French fries, coleslaw and hush puppies. There were many new tastes for Sandy. She had eaten fish before, but not the rest of the seafood, but she felt adventurous. The dessert they split was a turtle cheesecake. Although they cut it in half, they had more than enough.

They went to see a comedy, ‘How to Train Your Dragon’. Sandy loved the movie, but she fell asleep and leaned into Elizabeth about thirty minutes into the movie. Elizabeth just held onto Sandy. Elizabeth woke Sandy just before the credits rolled. She apologized for falling asleep, but the chairs felt so good and it was so nice being here with Liz. Liz just rubbed Sandy’s hand and they went home.

Sandy just did get her dress off and cleaned her face before she fell asleep on the bed. She looked so cute still in her green panties, corset and stockings. Elizabeth crawled in behind an already sleeping Sandy.

Sandy had a nightmare that woke them both up. She was shouting, hyper-ventilating, she had sweated the sheets up and her heart was beating at a hundred and fifty beats a minute.

“Calm down Sandy, you’re ok,” Elizabeth whispered into Sandy’s ear.

“Sorry Elizabeth, I was just dreaming about that man Jason. He was the one that kept me captive for a year.”

“That’s alright Sandy, don’t worry about him he can’t touch you now. You are definitely going to see that psychologist the day after today. Let’s change into some dry clothes and move into my mother’s room.”

They both changed into chemises, but Sandy made Elizabeth put her into another corset. They stripped the bed and went into her mother’s room and slept together for the rest of the night.

The next morning they both got up. They stripped off and washed both sets of lingerie in the sink and started a load of sheets in the washer. They both put on shower caps and took a nice long bath together.

“Sandy did you have nightmares while you were living on the street?”

“Some but not many. I couldn’t let myself get as deep a sleep, because I was worried about staying alive. The nights can be dangerous living on the streets.”

Elizabeth hugged Sandy to her for a few minutes, and then they both began washing each other’s backs. They dried each other off and used moisturizer on their bodies. Elizabeth smiled as she looked after Sandy’s sores. They had healed up enough that they only needed to be treated with antiseptic cream. Elizabeth taught Sandy how to get into and out of a corset on her own. Sandy laced herself into a corset and put her bra and panties on.

They then spent an hour on hair care and makeup. Sandy found her hair easy to work with, with a little coaching from Elizabeth. Then came makeup, the first attempts were laughable. The foundation that matched her skin was easy enough for her; she even remembered to feather it down her throat and to work it into her hairline. Her eye makeup though gave her many problems; she had mascara on her eyelids and cheeks. She had a heavy hand with her eye shadow and her eye liner she drew almost half an in wide.

“It takes practice to be good at makeup, Sandy. Every girl starts whenever their moms let them, some get to be pretty good at it very quickly others have to work at it for years. I think you will become very good, pretty quickly. Eye makeup is the hardest part. One trick, you don’t have to get both eyes identical, just close like sisters. Also don’t ladle the eye shadow on in one step. Start out lightly and keep blending it in slowly till you get it the way you want it.”

“I got some DVD’s that teach make up, where can I watch them?”

“We will get you your own laptop, so you can use it anytime.”

“I haven’t used a computer in years. I don’t know how.”

“I can teach you they are fairly easy to use.”

The girls dressed in T’s, shorts and running shoes to go to the mall. They first sought out everyday clothes that Sandy could grow a little in. She had one of her padded briefs and with a corset on. They headed out to Beverly Hills. Sandy’s head was on a swivel as she tried to take in all the scenery. Elizabeth chuckled and pointed out things to Sandy.

The mall they headed to had a Niemen Marcus in it and that was their first stop of the day. Sandy was like a kid in a candy store and wanted to look at everything in the store. Elizabeth sent Sandy to the dressing room with armloads of clothes. Elizabeth would match clothes for Sandy, at first teaching her what went well with what. Then Sandy was tasked with making suitable outfits. Sandy didn’t have more than one or two sets of clothes over the last four years, so she was a little overwhelmed.

Sandy left Niemen’s with four more pair of jeans, a half dozen pair of dressy slacks, a dozen skirts, half of which were mini’s, five dresses, a couple of dozen tops and some sleepwear. They also picked shoes, hosiery and a few odds and ends. Elizabeth didn’t let Sandy see how much they were spending.

They both left Niemen’s dressed in skirts, blouses and heels. They dropped their purchases off at the car and headed back in the mall. Their next stop was at the food court where they had salads, slices of pizza, a chocolate chip cookie each and a drink.

“We need to get you a bikini so you can swim in my pool. You’ll love my pool; you can swim with the koi.”

“There are fish in your swimming pool?”

“Yes there are. It takes a lot of care to keep the water clean and safe enough to swim in. We have twice the filtration of a pool its size and a UV light sanitizer to kill bacteria, but it is fun swimming with fish. I have a pool maintenance specialist come in weekly to inspect the pool. There are about twenty to thirty species of fish in the pool. The whole pool, fountain and garden are one system. Still don’t drink the water and don’t pee in the pool.”

After they cleaned up their table, they went to the ladies room to take care of business and to fix their faces. Sandy messed with hair a bit and reapplied her lipstick, while Elizabeth did the same. They then headed to a shop that sold swim wear and pool accessories. Sandy tried on a dozen swimsuits and chose a cute one piece and a couple of bikinis. The one piece was a very high cut zip up suit in blue and green. The cut for the legs came almost to Sandy’s natural waist and made her legs look really long, but it still had full front and back coverage. The zipper allowed as much or as little cleavage as the wearer wants to show. The waist had a hidden spandex band that helped keep the wearer’s tummy flat and the waist trim.

The bikinis she chose tended to be fuller, wider in front, the crotch and backside, but which Elizabeth said, were still quite stylish. She chose one string top and a bra top bikini. Thanks to Elizabeth’s coaching, the two tops could be mixed with the two bottoms to create four looks. Sandy was goofing around and was giving Elizabeth some swimsuit poses, much like you would see in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Sandy also got some sunscreen, cover ups, water shoes and sunglasses.

The Verizon store was around the corner and was where they wound up. Elizabeth bought Sandy a Samsung Galaxy 5, a Verizon dongle for a laptop and added her to Liz’s phone and data plan. They also synced their phones up. Sandy took a photo of Elizabeth to go with her number while Elizabeth took a photo of Sandy to go with her phone number.

Lastly they stopped at a computer store, where they picked up a laptop computer for Sandy. Elizabeth also bought some GED study software, along with Math, English, History and Microsoft Word software, along with several games for Sandy. The store agreed to load the computer and deliver it to Elizabeth’s home the next day.

They headed home and unloaded the car before going for a walk. Sandy and Elizabeth both changed into bikini tops, shorts and beach shoes. Elizabeth led Sandy down to the beach and they went for a short walk. Sandy was a little nervous; she and Elizabeth were being given their fair share of glances as they walked down the beach.

A couple of guys actually, accidentally on purpose tossed a frisbee their way just so they could introduce themselves. Sandy caught the frisbee and tossed it back to them. They still came over to the girls and apologized to them and introduced themselves.

Elizabeth introduced herself and her sixteen year old sister. The two guys were crestfallen at learning Sandy was only sixteen, they were looking for a couple of girls they could eventually end up in the sack with after barhopping. Still the guys asked if the girls wanted to get a bite or something.

“Sorry fellas, my sister has been ill and needs to get her strength back. We just came here to get her some exercise.”

“Speaking of which Liz, I think we need to head home,” Sandy said. “I am getting a little light headed.”

“Does she need help,” the guys asked with genuine concern.

“No we don’t have to walk far to the car,” Sandy said. “Thank you anyway.”

“Okay, you girls take care,” one of the guys said, as they headed off trolling for babes.

“Are you okay, Sandy?” Elizabeth asked.

“Of course, we walked our half mile and I was just supporting your story.”

Elizabeth hugged Sandy and they turned around and walked home. Elizabeth then put Sandy to work in the kitchen just to see how much she knew about cooking. She did know some dishes and with Elizabeth’s help she began making a hobo stew. A can of V-8, a can of corn, a can of sweat peas, a pound of ground beef and some spices Elizabeth added after she browned the ground beef. It was interesting and didn’t taste half bad with crackers. Elizabeth decided then and there that her sister was in sore need of some instruction in the culinary arts.

After dinner they put all of things they bought for Sandy up. Elizabeth made room in her closet and dresser. It felt good to Elizabeth to think of Sandy as her sister. They set her phone on charge. They would set up the laptop tomorrow after they got back from the psychologist. Then they sat and watched a movie or two before bed. It had been so long since Sandy actually watched any movie, let alone one on TV.

They bathed and slept together again. It was amazing but Sandy didn’t have any nightmares tonight. Elizabeth felt good having somebody to hold.

The next morning they woke at daylight. Sandy put on a robe over her corset, panties and heels before she went down to eat breakfast. Elizabeth made them breakfast of Eggs Benedict, yogurt, orange juice and coffee, with almond flavored creamer.

Sandy hadn’t been much of a coffee drinker before; it’s hard justifying spending money on coffee, when you barely had enough to buy food. The coffee in some of the soup kitchens she had visited tasted like a mixture of kerosene and hydrochloric acid, not something to long for except coffee was often warm when it was cold.

Sandy took her time eating. She had been hungry, but it wasn’t that deep down hunger that had fueled her eating a couple of days ago.

Sandy looked at Elizabeth and said, “I have told you a lot about me Liz, but I hardly know much about you.”

Elizabeth sat up straight and realized, that she had only told Sandy a little about herself. Elizabeth began to open up about herself. Sandy listened raptly as nibbled on her food. She gave Sandy a condensed version of her life. Expanding on points Sandy inquired about.

“I sorta know about being a boy. Many things I wish I could forget about. How was it being a little girl Liz?”

Elizabeth shared about her growing up back east. Her mother and her father, when he was around, treated her like a little princess. Her father just spent too much time working. Elizabeth didn’t understand entirely, they had everything they needed, why did papa work so hard? She talked about her friends, her dolls and going to school.

“We need to get ready; you have an appointment in a couple of hours. It will take forty minutes to drive there.”

Sandy chose her prettiest blouses and a black mini-skirt to dress in. Sandy tried her hand at makeup, but since she wanted to look good, she had Elizabeth do it. Sandy did brush her hair in a very reasonable style and sprayed it with hair spray.

They bought grabbed their purses and headed out the door. They were running a little late, but the traffic wasn’t as bad as it could be and they made it to the office with five minutes to spare.

It was only few minutes after they checked in before Dr. Kayla Porter called for Sandy. Kayla led Sandy back into her office. The office was a very comfortable room, not as antiseptic as Dr. Steven’s office. This was much like a comfortable living room. There were no desks or file cabinets. There was a very realistic fire place, a large comfy couch, coffee table and a wingback chair. There were several impressionist prints; there were real flowers in vases and a spinning wheel with a stool in one corner.

After they introduced each other, Sandy asked, “What I tell you is confidential right?”

“Unless you tell me that you are going to kill someone, blow up a building or commit a sexual assault, whatever you say stays right here in this office.”

“How long do I got?”

“My sessions are fifty five minutes each.”

“Well sister get your pen out and beginawriting. I have got a lot to say. I hope you don’t embarrass easily”

Sandy figured the best way to help Dr. Porter, was to show her what she had to work with. Sandy began when her father first began to beat her and took off in roar. Dr. Porter barely had time to get a question in sideways. She didn’t have time to be embarrassed. She did want to strangle Sandy’s father. Sandy was rather unusual; Kayla usually had to pry the problems out of her patient. With Sandy she would have to refer to her notes and her recordings just to keep up. She was afraid to stop Sandy, the things she was bringing out definitely needed coming out. Dr. Stevens had only told her that Sandy was a possible transsexual as hard as that was to believe having just met Sandy.

Sandy had been going constant for forty minutes and had just rushed over being held captive in some detail.

“Sandy just a second, please. You have dispassionately described horrors that would have most of my patients bawling in tears. Yet you barely showed any emotion, almost like you are describing things in third person.”

“Kayla, I know there will be a time for tears. I know I am a mess between the ears. If I let it out all at once, you would be no closer to understanding me. I know I lived a rough life and maybe living four years on the road has left me a little jaded. Believe me I want to get it all out, so we can get to the real issue. I want to give up on being a boy; I want to live the rest of my life as a complete girl. Just let me get all the issues on the table and you can root out the things I haven’t considered, so we can get down to work.”

“As long as we get to the roots of your problems, I think that is acceptable for now.”


Dr. Porter glanced at the painting that was actually a clock. There was a flower that rotated on the painting. When the blue petal was at the eleven o’clock position, Sandy’s time was up.

“Well Sandy, you have given me a lot to think about, but your time is up. I want to see you next week for a session.”

“Schedule Elizabeth for a session also, I think she needs to talk to you too. I will let her tell you why?”

Back in reception Dr. Porter scheduled Sandy to come back and convinced Elizabeth, with Sandy’s help, to come in also.

Back home they had a small meal and then changed into swimsuits and beach shoes.

“Do you have a frisbee Liz?”

“No, but we can get one. Tie a shirt on beneath your breasts; put a pair of shorts and one of your sarongs on.”

Elizabeth helped Sandy by showing her how to tie the shirt off beneath her breasts. She realized that she would need to measure Sandy for a bra again soon. She looked to be more than an A-cup on her way to a B-cup. Her ribs also looked to be softer, less well defined, but she still had a tiny waist.

Elizabeth grabbed a couple of large fashion beach bags. She put her purse in one and Sandy put her purse in another. They then drove to a nearby superstore and bought sunscreen, frisbee, beach ball, oversized sunglasses, a couple of floppy but stylish beach hats and a couple of beach towels.

Venice Beach was only a couple of miles away, so they drove there. Elizabeth and Sandy rubbed sunscreen on each other, put their sunglasses, put their floppy hats on and put the things they had bought in their beach bags.

There are few words able to describe Ocean Front Walk. It looked a little like a carnival with all the booths setup that were selling everything from munchies and drinks, sunglasses, beach toys, T shirts, books, DVD movies and music CD’s. There were places to rent bicycles, inline skates, surf boards and tattoo shops.

Sandy couldn’t believe that people came to the beach to play tennis or the crowds of people who came to watch the body builders. It was fun for both of them to mosey down the walkway. They stopped in a salon and both got manicures, acrylic nails and pedicures.

They went on the beach, took off the shirts they wore and laid out in the sun for half an hour.

“You know, the scars on your back aren’t too bad, but a plastic surgeon could probably help with them,” Elizabeth said looking over Sandy’s back.

“I don’t want to forget about them right now. I want to remember what those people did to me. Maybe I will have them taken care of latter, but they don’t bother me right now.”

After fifteen minutes on each side, they got up and played with the frisbee. Neither of them were experts throwing Frisbees, but they could almost throw one to the other person, who had to run a bit to catch it. Sandy was having fun but she thought that Elizabeth was having more fun. They both had guys who were watching them closely and fantasizing about being with the girls.

They had a bite to eat in one of the shops and then headed home.

“After being out in the sun and on the beach you really need to wash the sand and salt off your skin and use moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out,” Elizabeth said.

So they showered together, dried each other off and rubbed each other with lotion. Sandy insisted she put her corset on, so she dressed in her above the bust corset, panties, jeans and a pair of high heeled open toed sandals. Elizabeth couldn’t believe how cute Sandy was.

Sandy sat down and practiced her makeup as Elizabeth did hers.

“If we keep getting sun, we will have to rematch our foundations,” Elizabeth said.

“I can see that my skin is a little darker. When I was on the street I kept to the shade when the sun kept getting hotter.”

“Even without your makeup on, you color is a hundred percent better.”

“I feel a thousand percent better than I did before.”

“Now let’s go familiarize you with your laptop and phone.”

Elizabeth first spent time with Sandy learning to use her Smart phone. Elizabeth taught her about some of the popular apps on the phone and downloaded some more. Sandy loved playing with google using the voice controls. Elizabeth also set home on the phone GPS app so Sandy could find her way back here if she got lost while walking.

“All you need to do is start the GPS app and speak go home, and the phone will give you directions and a map to get back here.”

At about four the laptop that Elizabeth purchased arrived and she signed for it.

“Now we get to have fun. I have a wireless router in my house so let me get you logged in on it.”

She plugged in the power supply and plugged it in the laptop. She had Sandy sit and told her to hit the power button. Elizabeth talked Sandy through setting up the laptop, which wasn’t much since the computer company had done the lion’s share of the setup, although Sandy had to set the administrator’s password. Elizabeth helped Sandy choose a secure password. Elizabeth then hooked the laptop into her router and got the laptop recognized by the router.

“Now you don’t have to be hooked directly into the router to be able to get on the internet,” Elizabeth said. “If you go to a place that has WiFi you can log onto the internet there. If the place doesn’t have WiFi, then you can plug this dongle into one of these USB ports and get on the internet that way. Your phone and computer can also talk together. You can use your phone or laptop to check email also.”

“Who would I email? I only know you right now.”

“You know me, Dr. Stevens and Dr. Porter. I am sure that when you start getting out and about you will get to know other people and you will be able to give them your email address.”

“But I don’t have an email address.”

“Let’s set you up one right now.”

Elizabeth helped Sandy pick a name that didn’t give her last name away, “You don’t want to give your whole name away in an email address to just anyone. Till you get to know them. The internet is just as bad as the street is. The internet security software is good, but knowing how to protect yourself is better.”

Sandy then with Elizabeth’s help created an email address and they sent each other emails so that both of their computers would have each other’s address in them. Elizabeth then synced the phone and laptop together. They then spent a couple of hours on the computer to get to know and use the software.

“Now this is the GED software, or General Educational Diploma software. It will help you learn enough to get a diploma for the education you missed.”

Sandy spent a few minutes getting use to that software.

“How long will it take for me to pass the GED test?”

“I don’t know it may take a year or two, or you might be able to pass it in six months. It all depends on how much you know and how fast you can learn. There are also websites that can help you online. You can take the pretest tomorrow and you can begin learning after that. There are also places that you can go to, to lean. Like churches and some schools have adult education. I will support you in whatever you need.”

“Do you like video games?”

“I had a PlayStation at home. I liked some first person shooters and some MMO’s. I had Call of Duty.”

“Do you like tanks, I know of a free game that involves tanks,” Elizabeth said as she went to their website and began downloading the game loader. The download began a torrent which began downloading a massive 7 gigabyte program. “Depending on the network congestion it could take an hour or so to download the game.”

Sandy and Elizabeth got up and walked into the backyard. It was Sandy’s first time in the backyard. It was really beautiful filled with all sorts of flowers and greenery. They walked over to the pool. There were two fountains one up top that fed a waterfall and a water garden and another fountain down in the pool end.

“The fountains and water falls aerate the water for the fish and help keep the water around seventy to eighty degrees for the fish. The fountains are also part of the water purification system. They both have UV sanitization lights in them. The water flows from up to the pool and over to there where the water is pumped out and double filtered to remove ammonia and harmful bacteria. You could swim with the fish in the pool if you wanted to. I have a man who comes four times a week to feed the fish and to check the water and the filtration system.”

“Up top, the water garden has Water lilies, Dwarf Cattails, Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and Parrots' Feather. There are also Black Mollies, Guppies, Plecostomus, Sword tails and other small fish. A small mesh nylon net keeps the small fish up top. I the big pool I have Koi, large Plecostomus, Mosquito fish and Bitterlings. All of the fish eat mosquito larvae. So we don’t have a mosquito problem. It’s fun swimming with the fish, but we pose as much a problem biologically for them as they do for us. So I don’t do it often. We can wade in the pond up top.”

Elizabeth led sandy to the top water garden. There was a sealed Tupperware container. Elizabeth opened it and cast a handful of fish food into the water. The water began to boil as the fish rapidly began devouring the food. Sandy took a handful and cast it also.

“Not too much. It’s like an aquarium. Too much food can kill the fish. Excess excrement makes the water unhealthy for the fish. The water up here is eight to fourteen inches deep here.”

They also fed the fish in the big pond. The food pellets were bigger, and the fish were a little slower. The Koi congregated near Elizabeth and Sandy and were very pretty. They stayed near the surface longer.

“The water in the big pond is between fourteen feet to the north end to four feet on the south end.”

At dark soft lights came on around the ponds, and with the mosquito lights gave the back yard a soft glow.

“All the lights turn off at about ten at night, but I have motion sensor lights setup, anything bigger than a cat causes them to light up. The whole back yard is surrounded by a ten foot wood fence.”

Sandy and Elizabeth just sat in the warmth looking at the sky glow from LA. When it got late they came in and got ready for bed. Sandy had a short bout with he dreams but quickly calmed down.

Sandy began her study the next day after she practiced dressing, walking and makeup. She sat down in front of her computer and got right into taking the GED pretest. When she had been a boy back in Texas she had loved school and had done well, but if the pretest was any indication, she had a very long way to go. She scored lower than the last grade she had been in, in all subjects. So she got down to studying the various modules of the learning software. The software was a little deficient, it taught the test, but it would help.

“Liz, I think I am going to need the classroom help, you talked about yesterday. The last grade I took before I ran away was seventh grade. I scored fifth and sixth in all modules.”

“I guess they don’t grade on street smarts, because I know you are smarter than that. It’s just that you haven’t had much practice doing school work.”

Dr. Stevens called after lunch and asked that Sandy come to her clinic the next day at eight. She told Sandy that her lab work looked good for a homeless person, she was a little anemic, lipid levels and he A1C were a little low but nothing screamed that Sandy was seriously ill. That is except for the biopsies of her testicles. There was nothing serious but the pathologist recommended a bilateral orchiectomy. The pathologist reported that the testes were next to nonfunctioning and that there was some abnormal growth that fortunately wasn’t cancerous. He said given time though the abnormal growth might be troubling.

She asked that Sandy wear a knee length skirt and loose full cut panties. Elizabeth was told to bring panty liners for Sandy and not to let her eat after midnight. They were told that the whole procedure would only take an hour or so and that Sandy could come home after the procedure.

That afternoon Elizabeth and Sandy went out and bought a skirt and panties. While they were at the mall, they caught a romantic comedy at the cinema. The movie had them laughing, crying and ahhing at times.

When they got home they dressed casually and went for their walk on the beach. Sandy played tag with the waves. As it started to get dark, the moon was full and they had a high tide. A lot of people came on the beach with buckets in hand. Sandy and Elizabeth got to watch the start of a grunion run as thousands and thousands of fish came ashore to lay their eggs. Elizabeth explained what was happening to Sandy.

They didn’t stay around long, but went home to eat, watch a little TV and go to bed. Sandy was strangely peaceful that night and actually woke before the alarm went off, while Elizabeth woke startled when Sandy got up. They both took a bath together and got ready to go to the clinic.

Sandy was weighed, measured, temperature taken, blood pressure checked and chest listened to. Dr. Stevens commented on the three pounds Sandy had gained and her much improved appearance and blood pressure. Dr. Paul Ridley was introduced to Sandy. He gave Sandy the full disclosure talk and explained the dangers of doing the procedure and not doing the procedure. The type of local anesthetic they were going to use and what Sandy could expect.

“Dr. Ridley if these test results were yours what would you do?”

“I am glad that they are not mine, they aren’t serious at this point, but if they were my results I would have to choose to do the surgery. I know that you may be a transgender individual. Even knowing that, I wouldn’t do the surgery if there wasn’t a need for it, till I heard from your psychiatrist or clinical psychologist. This falls under a medical necessity category, Sandy. Things can go wrong in a hurry when the body isn’t operating as it should.”

“Alright, let’s do this.”

In forty five minutes Sandy went from prep to recovery. Dr. Stevens sent to tissue to the pathologist. Elizabeth helped her put her panties with a panty liner on and get dressed. Sandy was given a prescription for a mild pain medication and for a 1mg. Estrace pill twice a day.

Dr. Stevens told them that she wanted to see Sandy in three days, call her if there is any unusual pain or bleeding or if the stitches break before a week has passed. The stitches should fall away in a week on their own. Sandy should stay off her feet as much as possible for three days. Shower; don’t take a bath for three days. Keep the area clean and dry. Use an antiseptic cream four times a day and a panty liner is all the dressing you should need.

Sandy walked a little bow legged out to the car. Elizabeth took her home and got her setup on the couch and made something light for her to eat. She then went to the pharmacy to get Sandy’s prescriptions filled.

When Elizabeth got back home Sandy was sitting on the couch. She had changed into a corset, blouse that she wore completely open, mini-skirt and heels. Sandy had brushed her hair out and had done a very basic makeup job. She was working on her laptop, working on the GED program.

“You should have waited till I got back, but you look very good,” Elizabeth said, handing Sandy her medications.

“So I can take up to four of these a day, and two of these a day?” Sandy asked.

“That is what the doctor said. How are you feeling?”

“A little sore down there. Whatever the doctor gave me is starting to wearing off, but it’s not too bad just sitting here with my legs spread a bit.”

Elizabeth gave Sandy a drink and she took her pills.

Sandy asked Elizabeth for some help in English grammar. Elizabeth got her laptop, sat on the floor beside Sandy and once she saw where she was in the lesson, she began to help her understand grammar in writing.

They stopped after a couple of hours of studying. Sandy was tired of parts of speech, punctuation and correct spelling. She had made some real progress. Sandy made her way gingerly walking to the bathroom and Elizabeth ordered Chinese.

When their food arrived they sat at the kitchen table and ate noodles, Kung Pao chicken and mushrooms and chicken. Elizabeth taught Sandy how to use chopsticks. She was slow at first and dropped some noodles or mushrooms down her cleavage a time or two, but she began making real progress eating. As Elizabeth laughed seeing a piece of chicken lodge in to top of Sandy’s corset. Sandy fished it out and kind of flicked it at Elizabeth. The chicken bounced off Elizabeth’s forehead, her right wrist and between her breasts.

That got them both laughing, “Now let’s not get carried away and begin something you can’t finish today. You don’t want to pull your stitches apart,” Elizabeth said. “Tell you what, let’s clean up dinner and then play the tank game together.”

They set their laptop computers side by side, hooked up their wireless mice and head phones. Elizabeth talked Sandy through setting up an account and making it a premium account using a pre-paid debit card that she used for making purchases online.

Sandy like everyone else started out in a T1 Cunningham and Elizabeth bought another slot and started a Leichttractor. Sandy went through the tutorial and played a game or two to get used to using the controls. She died some spectacular deaths till she her gaming side came out and she got use to the controls. She steadily improved and then Elizabeth helped her upgrade to the T2 medium and the M2 medium.

Elizabeth chose her PZIII tank to use. She and Sandy then played together teaming up in a platoon, so they were always side by side. Sandy was really sharp with her aiming and shooting, while Elizabeth knew the maps better and was more up on the tactics of the game. Together they started kicking butt. At times they were both shouting information back and forth, “hide behind that rock” “tank to your four o’clock” “Shoot that SOB” “Backup Liz.” “Shit I bounced on that tank again”. In one match Sandy got seven kills, a Master Tanker Ace medal, a Spartan Medal, Top Gun Medal. Liz got four kills in the same match. Together they killed eleven of fifteen enemy tanks.

In an hour and a half Sandy had earned her way up to the M4 Sherman and Elizabeth was working her VK 30.01 H tank. Then they got in a match where they were on a lousy team. Sandy, Liz and two others were on the west side of the map, setting a trap. The whole central and eastern side of the map had fallen except for a lone Soviet T34-85, who had racked up two kills. The other team seemed to want to kill their team entirely, instead of trying to win by capturing the base. Sandy got Liz and two tanks she was with moving. They tried to make it too the T34-85, but he got in a cross fire and got ammo racked.

The four of them as a unit began to slowly pick off lone tanks by concentrating their fire on them. Arty took out Elizabeth, but she just began working as a Tank Commander and another set on eyes. The kills stood at twelve to six, at that point. Sandy and her two companions picked off two more tanks, before losing one more tank. The odds were Thirteen to eight. Sandy became a Juggernaut, killing one tank after another. Her last teammate was knocked out and she had a medium tank, a tank destroyer and a SPG or Arty left, and the arty was getting quite close at times.

As the other team began getting desperate, they made an attempt to capture the base. Sandy was waiting for that. She one shot the tank destroyer and had to duck a shot from the medium tank, while dodging fire from the arty. She began a circle duel with the medium tank. Peppering the tank with fire as the medium tank tried to bring their turret to bear. The arty began to come from his perch from across the map. Sandy killed medium tank and had five hits left. She popped a repair kit and went after the Arty who had begun to run. When she got an eye on it Sandy stopped and aimed, with ten seconds left on the game clock she fired and dropped a HE round in the arty killing it. Sandy had nine kills and three thousand two hundred damage.

Sandy was so excited she hugged and to their both surprise gave Liz a big kiss. Elizabeth gave Sandy a big hug.

“Well I see you are good at many things.” Elizabeth said, while still clenched in a hug.

Sandy felt better the next day and spent a lot of time learning. Elizabeth decided to get back to her books and read ahead for the fall semester four months away. Elizabeth helped Sandy where she could, but Sandy showed that she was a fast learner, as she did her math and geography. Surprisingly she knew all the states by their shape, where they were located and most of the capitals.

After lunch they spent some time sunning themselves topless in the back yard. While they were sunbathing a man came into the backyard to take care of the ponds. He didn’t bat an eye which had Sandy quietly giggling as he set about doing his job. Elizabeth didn’t seem to mind, so she didn’t say or do anything.

Elizabeth whispered to Sandy, “This is California; he has probably seen it all in his job and maybe even scored a few times.”

The pool man was there for about forty minutes. He skimmed the water, feed the fish, checked the water quality, and checked the pumps, filters and other equipment.

“The pool is very good, Ms. Renoir,” the pool man said as he packed up to leave.

“Thank you Thomas. This is Sandy Parker, a cousin of mine. She just came to visit me and will be staying here for a long while.”

“Greetings, Ms. Parker, its nice meeting you. You two take care, now.”

After he left Sandy asked, “He was awfully nice, he didn’t pay us any attention at all. Is he gay?”

“He isn’t gay. He probably makes a little over three thousand a month, doing pools in Malibu. That is very decent money, considering the job is doing is fairly easy work. The pool company he works for wouldn’t tolerate him being offensive with the customers. He was watching us; he just didn’t make it obvious. Many of his female customers are nude when he comes.”

When they came in they both rubbed themselves with skin lotion. Elizabeth took this time to measure Sandy again. In four days Sandy was a half in larger beneath the bust and over an inch through the bust. She did the math and he was now a full B cup. Her waist was still twenty four and his unaided hips were now thirty five.

“I want to pinch you to see if you have gotten any fat beneath the skin now.” Elizabeth warned Sandy.

Elizabeth pinched Sandy but couldn’t pinch an inch anywhere. She wasn’t about to pinch her breasts, but Sandy did.

“I’m not sure that you have grown much, but I do think you’re just better hydrated.” Elizabeth did feel around the nipple and she did feel Sandy’s mammary glands. Her breasts seemed like normal breast tissue. If she had added fat to her body it was probably there and her hips, although her legs looked better to. All the sores were in the latter stages of healing and would soon be normal skin. The only flaws on her skin were just faint belt marks on her back.

They got dressed and headed back to the kitchen to play tanks for a little bit. Elizabeth had been fairly good before. Sandy was very good and together they were awesome. Elizabeth played Sandy’s wingman and kept her out of trouble when she could, even to the point of blocking shots on Sandy with her tank, or letting Sandy use her as a shield at times, so she could get a kill. Sandy upgraded to the next tier tank, the M4A3E2 and Elizabeth switched to her VK 30.02 M.

They played very well together and got invited to join a clan. Elizabeth got a little jealous, she had played for a year and hadn’t received an invite, she was glad, at least, that they both received invites. They found out that the clan they joined wasn’t one of the world class clans, but they were a very good clan. They both had to download TeamSpeak, an online program that allowed everyone to talk to one another audibly.

Sandy had to buy a premium tier eight tank, because she didn’t have one yet. She bought an American T34 heavy tank. The clans squad leader asked Sandy to get the USA Pershing and to work on the tech trees to get the French AMX 13 90 and the AMX 50 100. Sandy looked at the tech trees and saw that that was a lot of work.

They joined a training room that had seven on each team and a ten minute clock. They were asked not to shoot the other team, they were just playing tag. Seeing who could locate who, learning the map, learning how to maneuver together and take instructions. The squad leader showed them the best places to shoot from and how to get around with the least chance of being spotted.

Elizabeth was good at spotting tanks; her crews were very well trained. Sandy had the best raw skills and needed to train her crew better to get some bonuses. The squad leader thought about asking Elizabeth to play the tier 1, T1 Cunningham since she was so good spotting. The T1 was a small fast tank, with bad guns and no armor, but it was harder to hit and was probably the best spotting tank. Elizabeth and Sandy worked so well together though that she was asked to work on getting the AMX 13 90 and the AMX 50 100 and to work together with Sandy.

They then fought several internal battles against other clan members. Sandy drove her T34 heavy and Elizabeth drove her Panther II. Sandy found her opponents were better, but she was good and she liked the bigger guns she now had. Elizabeth was faster than Sandy now and led the way. Even just doing what they were told to as the battle setup, when they fur began flying, they showed they were players. Sandy needed a lot of work identify weak spots and how best to angle her tank, but her shooting was always good. Sandy just needed to learn how to pen the other tank that were doing everything well too.

When it was late they both got ready for bed. Sandy put on her beneath the bust corset and a pair of panties. Elizabeth just dressed in her chemise. In bed, Sandy rolled over to face Elizabeth and kissed her.

“I told you that you don’t have to do this Sandy.”

“I know and you don’t know how much that meant to me. Liz, I want to do this. I love you so much.”

They kissed and cuddled so much that night. Sandy made Elizabeth come with just her fingers. Elizabeth wouldn’t touch Sandy down there though till she got her stitches out. She did find that she could drive Sandy crazy by playing with and sucking on her nipples. Elizabeth had Sandy crying “enough, enough”. They were both panting when they collapsed in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

By July Sandy had filled out. She was now a 36B, almost a C cup, her waist was around twenty six inches and her hips were 36 inches. Dr. Stevens told her that it wasn’t the pills she had been taking. She hadn’t been on them that long. Dr. Stevens, on Dr. Porter’s recommendation, put Sandy on HRT for MtF transsexuals. It was a little early, but since Sandy didn’t produce very much testosterone and by medical necessity Sandy had already been castrated, it was an easy decision.

Sandy would be ready to take her GED test by December. She soaked up whatever she studied. She and Elizabeth were picking up quite the name in their war game. They both had AMX 50 100’s now and they were a killer pair. They didn’t always win, but their wins were over sixty five percent.

Elizabeth began teaching Sandy how to drive a car in one or the other large parking lots in the city. She couldn’t get a license till she got a birth certificate, but that was coming. Elizabeth and Sandy planned a two week drive back to Texas, seeing the sights on the way.

Come July twentieth they headed out. They hit Vegas the first day. They didn’t hit any Casino’s since Sandy was under twenty one, but they saw Hoover Dam, the lights and the fountains there. From Las Vegas they headed to Flagstaff Arizona, to run up to see the Grand Canyon. They spent a couple of days there and headed to four corners, where Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico came together. Elizabeth took a picture of Sandy standing in all four states at the same time. They drove to the Indian Cliff Dwellings on the Gila River Indian Cliff Dwellings. They hit Albuquerque and Santa Fe. They got to White City and went to see the Carlsbad Caverns.

Sandy was alright till they hit the Texas border. It became real then where they were headed. Elizabeth held her hand and just comforted her. They stopped in Midland Texas that night. From there they went to Fort Worth. They caught a baseball game there and visited the old part of town. They also crated all the souvenirs up at a shipping company to ship back home on a delayed delivery. They had six boxes of things to send home. From Fort Worth they drove to Madisonville, stopping at Corsicana to by a bushel of Pecans in the shell and in Fairfield to buy some peaches. They spent the night at a motel on the Interstate highway, there in Madisonville Texas.

Sandy slept fitfully that night. It was only Elizabeth’s strength that kept her there. Sandy and Elizabeth dressed to nines there. Elizabeth had bought them both really nice skirted suits. Sandy had gotten really good at doing her makeup. Both she and Elizabeth could turn heads at a mile. They had gotten directions to the County Clerk’s Office, where Sandy would be able to get a copy of her birth certificate.

Sandy and Elizabeth headed into the office.

“Hello I am Sandy Jennings. I just turned eighteen and I have come to get a copy of my birth certificate.”

The clerk asked when she was born, who her father was, her mother’s name and maiden name.

“I don’t seem to have a birth certificate for a female born on that date.”

“Yes I know. I was born a male. I have lived on the street almost five years now and suffered an injury years ago. The injury left me sterile, so I grew up in between. I have chosen to live as a girl, this year.”

When the clerk was busy checking the records earlier she had seen that the file had been flagged by the Sheriff’s Office and had notified them. As Sandy was explaining things to the clerk, the Sheriff walked into the office. Mabel, the clerk indicated the blond. At least the hair color matched the report.

“Excuse me Ladies. Am I to believe that you are Sandy Jennings,” he said to Sandy.

“Yes I am.”

“Good I am Sheriff Ralph Carmichael of the Madison County Sheriffs' Office.”

Sandy found she stood a little straighter as she faced the Sheriff, “What can I do for you Sheriff?”

“I just need a little information from you, Ms. Jennings. Mabel may I use the office?”

“Sure Sheriff, just leave a ten on the desk. Rent you know.”

The Sheriff led the way. When Elizabeth started following, He tried to stop her.

“Sheriff, where Sandy goes, I go.”

“What she said, Sheriff.”

In the County Clerks personal office, the Sheriff sat behind the desk. Sandy and Elizabeth sat in front of the desk. He opened a case file, familiarized himself with the data a bit and began asking questions. Many were the same questions that Mabel had asked. Sandy was dead on.

“When did you run away?”

“I forget the specific day, but it was around the 25th of March of 2009.”

“That is the specific day. What school did you go to?”

Sandy answered, gave him her last grade, the grades she made, the names of her specific teachers, the names of a dozen of her friends, the name of her pet dogs, her grandparents names, and a couple of dozen specific facts, when she was queried.

“Well, I guess you are Sandy Jennings. Why are you now dressing as a female?”

“I had an injury while living on the street that left me in between, if you know what I mean? So I decided that I would make a better girl than a boy.”

“Why did you run away from home?”

“I got tired of my father, the good church deacon, Chamber of Commerce, Lion’s Club, Master Mason, wife and child beater, beating on me, several times a week. I have the scars on my back to prove it. I hopped a freight train north and was in Oklahoma City by the next day.”

Sheriff Carmichael made notes as Sandy spoke.

“Where have you been living all these years?”

“I have lived on the streets in a thousand cities or so. I have probably been in every state of the union except for Hawaii and Rhode Island.”

“Where are you staying now?”

“Malibu California. Elizabeth rescued me from the streets and helped me get healthy again. I was ready to die in Barstow California a couple of months ago.”

“I know this may be a sticky issue with you, but what has happened to you in all those years?”

“You mean, was I sexually abused on the streets?”

The Sheriff nodded.

“You don’t have enough paper in your file. More times than I can count. One trucker named Jason; I don’t know his last name kept me captive on his truck for almost a year. Another John kicked me in the balls real hard. That is why I present as a female now. I can’t remember any others.”

The Sheriffs brow was creased; the name Jason was familiar to him.

“Tell me about Jason. What did he look like, how old was he, what kind of truck did he drive, do you know the license plate or anything else about him?”

“Sandy answered as best she could. She did have a partial plate number.”

Sheriff Carmichael got on the phone to his office, “Eleanor, check with NCIC, on a sexual predator named Jason.” The sheriff gave her a dozen specific bits of information.

When he finished he turned back to Sandy, “I believe you are Sandy Jennings. There is too much detail in what you have told me for someone to come up with it to falsely obtain a birth certificate. I have some news for you too. Your father is dead.”

Sandy just sat there with a straight face.

“Your mother killed him a month or so after you ran away. Your mother is serving twenty five to life for his murder at Mountain View.”

Sandy still sat there straight faced, “Do you want me to cry? I will never shed a tear for either of them.”

“You now own their property.”

“Sell it and give the money to a battered women’s center. I don’t want anything from them.”

“Where are ya‘ll staying here in Madisonville?”

“At the motel on the interstate.” Elizabeth supplied. “In my name, Elizabeth Renoir.”

“I would like you two to spend a couple of days in town and contact William Travis, attorney at law. He will have some paperwork for you, so you can give your money away, if that is what you want. You might also see your Momma at Mountain View.”

“We will stay, but I’m not going to see my mother,” Sandy almost spat out.

“Your choice, but talk to your friend about it.”

The Sheriff led the two women out of the office.

“Mabel I am one hundred percent convinced that this woman is the boy Sandy Jennings. Go ahead and issue her a birth certificate.”

It was plain to see that she wasn’t happy that this boy was in a skirt, but by law, she had to issue him a birth certificate. “How many copies do you want, Mister Jennings?”

“Get about eight copies Sandy. You will need them,” Elizabeth said.

“Eight copies please.”

Mabel printed them out, “That will be twenty four dollars.”

Back at the motel Sandy and Elizabeth went for a swim. Sandy was in a sore need to relax. She swam a couple of hundred laps in the small pool. After which she called Kayla on the phone and had a good cry as she told Kayla what happened. They had set it up in advance that Sandy could call her when she was in Madisonville. She told Kayla about Mabel, the Sheriff and about her parents. They talked till Sandy’s phone needed a charge after an hour and something.

The next day the girls dressed in dresses and went to see the attorney. He had been alerted by the sheriff and had some documents and a file ready for them.

He showed Sandy what was hers now, the life insurance money, the home and sale of the business. Sandy was worth a little over seven hundred thousand. Sandy had already talked it all over with Elizabeth.

“Is there a local battered women and children center around here?”

“Yes there is, the sheriff told me about your desire,” he explained. He told Sandy all about the shelter, except where is was located. “Does that fit into your requirements?”

“Yes, I want to give it all away.”

William Travis got on the phone and asked Roger to send Mrs. Bradford in. A short woman of fifty years or so was admitted to the office.

“Mrs. Bradford, this is Sandy Jennings and Elizabeth Renoir. Sandy, Elizabeth this is Janice Bradford Director of the Madison County Safe House.”

“Mrs. Bradford, Ms. Jennings wants to donate her father’s estate to the Safe House.”

Mrs. Bradford eye got really big. She had been a teacher at his elementary school although she hadn’t been his teacher. It took her a few seconds to recognize the boy’s features in this woman, “Little Sandy is that really you!” She exclaimed. “I didn’t teach you, but I had a room across from Mr. Sullivan’s room.”

“Yes it’s me. You broke up a fight between me and Randy Carter.”

Janice looked pleased to see Sandy. She smiled and eyed Sandy up and down, “You look wonderful. How have you been?”

“Better now. I am living in California now.”

“The whole school was in an uproar, when you went missing. We thought you probably died.”

“I would have, if Elizabeth hadn’t rescued me. I lived on the streets for four years.”

“I’m happy that you were saved, and sorry to hear you had to live on the street. I know it must have been horrible.”

“My dad use to beat me horribly. I was glad to hear he had died.”

“You must go see your Mother. She was so worried about you.”

“No, I don’t think so. She just sat there and watched me get beaten.”

“He beat her too. She was a mess after you ran away. Women often are too afraid to do anything, Sandy. You need to see Rebecca Long. She was your best friend if I remember correctly.”

“I saw her just before I ran to the railroad tracks. I caught a freight train going north that night. I might go see her. Does she still live on Pecan Street?”

“I’m not sure. I know she is still around.”

Mr. Travis got on the phone and asked Roger to look up the address of Rebecca Long. He called back and gave his boss her address. She was still at her parent’s house on Pecan Street.

They then talked about the transfer of property.

“May I keep the house? It is remote enough, yet close enough to law enforcement to protect my women and children. That was a large house wasn’t it?”

“I don’t know what it’s like inside now, but it had four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. You can do what you want with it. I just don’t want anything from my father or my mother.”

Sandy signed some papers that gave Mrs. Bradford power of attorney over her father’s estate.

“You must come with me to the Country Kitchen and have some lunch,” Janice said. “It’s on me. William send me the bill for Sandy.”

Sandy looked to Elizabeth, who nodded yes.

“No charge Mrs. Bradford. I do all your legal work anyway, Pro Bono.”

Janice told Elizabeth where the Country Kitchen was and they headed out. They were walking to Elizabeth’s mothers Lincoln Navigator. A young woman came out of a boutique, just then. A look of recognition came over Sandy’s face.

“Rebecca is that you?” Sandy asked.

“Yes it is, do I know you ma’am…” Rebecca looked Sandy straight in the eyes. Then a look of consternation and then recognition came across her face. “Is that you Sandy?”

“Packaged a little differently, but yes it’s me.”

Rebecca smiled, looked Sandy over and then said, “I’ll say you are packaged a little different. You look wonderful.” She hugged Sandy, then held her at arm’s length and then hugged her again.

“How have you been girl? I have been so worried about you.”

“Hi I am Elizabeth Renoir. Do you have time to eat with us?” Elizabeth said.

“Yes we are having lunch at the Country Kitchen with Mrs. Bradford.”

“Let me cancel my appointment. I will make time. I work for the newspaper in town. I start at Sam Houston this fall.”

“You’re going to college in Huntsville. I thought you had higher hopes.”

“It’s cheaper. I can live at home and drive to Huntsville.” Rebecca made a call as she followed Sandy and Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth drove them to the restaurant, where Mrs. Bradford was waiting. She smiled brightly as she saw the three girls.

“I see you found Rebecca.”

“We sort of ran into her,” Sandy said.

They all went in the restaurant and ordered. Elizabeth and Sandy shared a Seafood Platter, while Janice and Rebecca shared a steak plate. As it came out the platters were huge. They all shared seafood and steak.

They talked as they ate. Sandy told a sanitized version of her story. Janice knew there were things left unsaid, without knowing the details. Rebecca then told them the news around town. Sandy asked about this person or that person. They were there for two hours, before Rebecca and Janice had to leave.

Sandy asked if Janice could help Rebecca on tuition.

“I think I can help her with her tuition, Sandy” Janice smiled, “How long are you going to be around here?”

“One or two days, the Sheriff wants me to stay here for a little while.”

“He is a good man Sandy. You can trust him.”

“I believe I can, Now Mabel, seeing me dressed this way called me Mr. Jennings.”

“She can be a bitch, at times, but she helps me out.”

“Well someone needs to teach her manners,” Elizabeth said.

“You don’t have to tell me that. I know.”

When they got back to their room at the motel, the message light was flashing. Elizabeth called the desk and was informed that the Sheriff had called them and asked if they would call him. Elizabeth called for Sandy who had lain down to rest.

“Sheriff Carmichael, this is Elizabeth Renoir, Sandy Jennings friend.”

“Yes, thank you for calling. I have two FBI agents in town to see Sandy. She isn’t in any trouble; it’s about that Jason dude. Sandy talked about. The agents want to hear her story and to have her identify a picture.”

“Sandy is resting right now. This whole trip has been emotionally draining for her. Let me check with her.”

Elizabeth asked Sandy how she felt and if she was up to seeing a couple of FBI agents about Jason.

“Give me an hour or so. Can we see them at the Country kitchen about dinner time?”

“Sheriff can we meet at the Country Kitchen at dinner time.”

“Sure we can meet at say seven at the Country Kitchen.”

Sheriff called the Country Kitchen and asked them to save a table for five at seven and if it wasn’t too crowded could they give them some room, so they could talk.

Sandy woke at five, took a bath and Elizabeth helped her to get ready. They dressed smartly in their suits and did their makeup up smartly. At six forty five they entered the Country Kitchen. Sheriff Carmichael was already waiting for them and escorted them to their table in an almost deserted back room.

“Ms. Jennings, this is about Jason. That name rang a bell to me. We have been receiving flyers about that man for years and we haven’t caught him yet. We never had enough information, at least till I talked to you. We think we have a name and they will show you an array of pictures. Sandy this guy is bad. They may have linked him to as many as twenty abductions and child rape.”

“As long as I never have to be in the same room with him. I still have nightmares about him. Just catch the bastard and shoot him.”

“I can’t promise that you’ll never be called to testify, but we can try. Those US attorneys can be sons a bitches, if you know what I mean.”

“Never had the pleasure and hope I never will.”

They were there talking about ten minutes before two stuffed suits were led to their table. Both men fit the classical FBI image. Sheriff Carmichael made the introductions.

Agent David Cain asked Elizabeth to leave so they could talk.

“If she leaves, I leave,” Sandy said. “Your call.”

They five of them ordered and then got down to talking. They asked for a brief history from Sandy. She told them about her.

“Now I guess it was winter about two years ago in Omaha Nebraska when I met Jason. It was so cold; I was hitching a ride south. I wanted to get to southern California where it was warmer. Jason was driving a dark blue truck. I think it was a Kenworth sleeper truck. It was so cold, I was glad to get somewhere warm. That was the beginning of my hell though. If I saw Jason again I would kill him myself. The sleeper portion was large and very nice. I think I was drugged and put in a space beneath the bed. I spent about a year locked in that sleeper or put away in that space beneath the bed.”

Sandy then told the men about all that Jason had done to her, while she was held captive. The agents asked many questions to clarify her statements. They showed her a book of trucks and asked her to pick out the truck. Sandy flipped through the book till she pointed to a truck.

“His truck was a lot like that one except it was dark blue with white writing on the doors.”

They then showed her an array of driver’s license photos. Without erring she pointed right to Jason’s photo.

“That’s the Son of a bitch.”

Agent Harry Franks then said, “We identified the truck from the information you supplied Sheriff Carmichael. Jason Davis is an owner/operator and isn’t associated with any trucking firm. We don’t know where he is right now, but we now know what to look for. We will get him now. We just don’t know how soon. The US Attorney for the fifth district may want to talk to you.”

“Well, he will just have to come talk to me in California. Cause I’m not coming back here.”

“We’ll tell him, for as much good that will do.”

They talked some more about the particulars of the case, but they had what they wanted. After the girls left, a thousand calls were made and bulletins were sent out all across the country.

A Georgia state trooper got labeled a hero less than forty eight hours later. He had been off duty when the bulletin reached his station. When he got back to work after a weekend of fishing, he got lucky. At a truck stop outside Atlanta Georgia, he spotted a truck that matched the bulletin. The trooper called it in and pulled in next to the truck that was fueling up.

Being a truck driver Jason was used to being harassed by the highway patrol. So he thought nothing of it as the trooper walked up to him.

“Evening officer. How are you doing?”

“Alright, right now. I just need to see your logbook, bill of lading, driver’s license and insurance.”

Jason wanted to cuss right now, but it was never good to cuss out a state trooper, “Sure officer, just let me get it out of my cab.” Jason opened his door and stepped up leaning into his truck. When he stepped down with his hands full of documents, the trooper had his service weapon out pointed at him.

No one knows why but when Jason saw the gun, he dropped his log book and reached behind him to draw his gun registered weapon. When the trooper recognized that he had a weapon in hand, he fired two shots center mass. The rounds hit Jason between the fourth and fifth ribs on either side of the sternum. In seconds Jason expired. Jason reflexively pulled his trigger twice hitting nothing but the ground. All of this was caught on the truck stops surveillance cameras.

After backup arrived a search of the vehicle found another boy locked in the box under the bed and trophies from a dozen more boys.

Sandy and Elizabeth stay another day in Madisonville, another day. Rebecca had called a five of more of Sandy’s friends. After she told them about Sandy, a couple of them wanted nothing to do with her, but three of them did want to meet with her.

They met at the pool of the motel, where Sandy and Elizabeth were dressed in bikinis sunning themselves. The two girls and one boy hugged Sandy and sat down to talk to her. Sandy traded email addresses and Facebook pages with them. Seeing four of her friends did a lot of good for Sandy.

Sandy and Elizabeth headed out the next morning. They drove to Houston, Then to Austin and San Antonio where they stopped for the night. They stopped less often on the trip back to Malibu. From San Antonio, Elizabeth drove to Deming New Mexico, then to Phoenix the next day and home the day after that. They didn’t know what happened till they were in Phoenix Arizona where they saw it on the national news in their motel room.

Sandy shed tears of release as Elizabeth held her. It wasn’t over there were many others who had abused Sandy still out there free. Many would never be caught a few were, but were never associated with what they had done to Sandy. The devil of them all was dead.

Back home Sandy had a long session with Kayla, over two long hours. She told her everything she could remember. Elizabeth then took Sandy and got her tested for a driver’s license. Sandy drove the Lincoln for the driving test. It was a huge vehicle but Sandy deftly drove the Navigator, even doing a very good parallel park with it. Elizabeth gave Sandy the car, when she passed the test. They went to DMV and had it transferred in her name.

Two weeks before Christmas Sandy took her GED test and passed it with a high score. She applied to and was accepted at the same university Elizabeth went to and started there in January. They also achieve renown at tanks. They had formed a team from Clan members and had done well in the semi pro league. They didn’t win that year but placed in the top quarter of the league.

Physically Sandy stopped growing at five foot eight and a hundred and thirty eight pounds. Elizabeth found she liked the shapely Sandy a lot and loved tickling her lover. Sandy got all new lingerie out of necessity. She still wore corsets to keep her waist at twenty five inches. Her bust grew enough that she needed a 36D bra and she also needed the next size up in panties. She could still wear many of her older clothes though. Sandy learned to love shopping for clothes.

That summer they went on vacation. They sailed with a group to Catalina and up to San Francisco and back. Sandy and Elizabeth then drove back to Texas one last time. It had taken Kayla six months to get Sandy to write her Mom in prison. She and Elizabeth were added to her mother’s visiting list. Sandy and Elizabeth drove to Texas again, seeing the sight, Elizabeth was more than happy to share the driving with Sandy. They got a motel in Gatesville and called ahead to Mountain View, they were told the rules and visiting hours.

It was with much trepidation that the two women drove to the prison unit. They had dressed in skirted suits and heels. Their makeup was immaculate and their hair was gorgeous. They looked like two high fashion models as they entered the women’s prison.

Sandy had told his mother that he was now living as a woman and even sent her pictures, but nothing prepared for how drop dead gorgeous her new daughter was. The three of them sat at a table to talk. Rules let them hug at the beginning and at the end when they left. Being from out of state they were allowed four hours. They used all four hours. Talk began slowly at first, but after her Mom apologized the tenth time for not helping her, the walls between them began to crumble. They cried and laughed with each other.

Sandy asked, “Can’t you get out. I will testify for you.”

“No not for twelve more years. I am a mess inside Sandy. I need to be in here right now. I am treated alright, by everyone. I am getting counseling, but I am still not right. Sheriff Carmichael came and talked to me. He told me about you. I am glad that you got help and are doing well. My heart was ripped out, when you ran away. I finally snapped when your father said he was happy you were gone. He didn’t like having a wimp for a son. He accused me of cheating on him. Sandy couldn’t possibly be his son. I buried my longest kitchen knife in his back a few minutes after he said that. At least right now, I need to be here Sandy.”

They talked till they were told it was time, they hugged and parted.

Sandy and Elizabeth went back to their motel and laid on the bed hugging each other.

The next day they drove to Madisonville where Rebecca and two of Sandy’s friends were waiting. One of the girls was in the Navy was currently deployed to Honolulu, where she was an IT tech. The friends spent two days together having fun with Sandy and Elizabeth. They also met with Janice Bradford and got to see the old homestead. The house had been fixed up and two women and their families from out of the county were staying. Their cases were high risk, so their out of county placement was prudent. Janice only introduced the women by a first name, that they had been given.

The house looked so different than it had been. Sandy was glad it was being used productively.

They left Madisonville and drove to Orlando, where they spent a week at Disney World. Sandy was like a kid there and had fun doing the rides with a sometimes reluctant Elizabeth. She tended to get a little queasy on some of the high speed rides. She would walk over burning coals for Sandy though. At the Magic Castle Elizabeth proposed to Sandy, with her mother’s engagement ring. Sandy accepted and insisted on finding a jewelry store so she could buy Elizabeth a ring.

From Orlando they drove two weeks seeing the sights to Seattle Washington, where they stayed a few days. They then drove down the coast at a leisurely pace till they got home four days later. As much fun as they had, it was good to be home again, where they both found a reason to go on.

The End

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