I Have Two Mommies and One of Them Is Younger Than Me

Ellie Bishop's widowed mother has a secret lover. Ellie is happy for her mother, but will that still be the case when she finally meets her mom's new girlfriend? Set on the planet Paxum.

"I Have Two Mommies and One of Them Is Younger Than Me"
By = Sure As Elle

Location: The town of Lindsayville, 500 miles from Lavernia
Year: 2913 AD

Hi, I'm Ellie Bishop. I'm just an average girl of Paxum, mixed race: half black, half Greek. Well, okay, not really average as such. You see, I'm not a Paxite. Mom and Dad and I moved here from Earth when I was 5, so I'm a Terran. It's really hard making friends or finding dates on Paxum, because though I'm the same age as everyone else in my senior class at high school (18), I'm already fully grown, while everyone else looks like preteens. So yeah, life has been difficult here. I do have friends, but it's kinda weird since I'm much more physically mature than they are.

It got even harder when my dad died four years ago. I miss him a lot. Luckily, he worked at the same place Mom does, and life is a lot easier, finance-wise, on Paxum than on Earth. But I'm still not completely over his death, especially since we moved here because the company he works for wanted him specifically. They wanted Mom, too, but Dad was even better at his job than Mom is.

Also, it's been... interesting... trying to get used to this world where gender is such a fluid thing among kids, and where adult/child romantic relationships are cool with most people. But I was so young when we moved here, I adapted to all that stuff. It's the physical differences that are the hardest to adapt to. I mean, by lucky coincidence I'm panchrono, AKA being attracted to people of all ages, even preteens, which helps on the dating thing, at least. But it would still be nice to have some Terran friends my own age.

Mom was hit by Dad's death even harder than me, and for three and a half years she didn't date at all. But then she met someone, someone she was keeping a bit of a secret for some reason. I mean, I knew she was going out and dating someone, she made no secret of that. And I knew the other person was a woman (my mom is bisexual), but beyond that I didn't know much. Mom never brought her over, never showed me a picture, never let me talk to the woman on the phone, and never took her Omnus calls around me.

I remember the day Mom first decided to let me meet her girlfriend of six months. I was back from school, watching the three-vee to unwind, my shoes and socks scattered around the room, my bare feet draped over one arm of the sofa, flipping channels looking for something watchable, when she came in from her bedroom. It was her day off, so I wasn't surprised by that. What did surprise me, though, was that she was wringing her hands and looking very nervous. I noticed, and flipped off the three-vee with the remote, sitting up.

"What's wrong, Mom?"

She sat down on the sofa next to me, resolutely putting her hands on her legs. "Nothing wrong, honey. Just... I've decided to let you meet Zoe at last. But I have some things to tell you about her first, so you'll be prepared."

"Like what? Is she horribly disfigured?"

Mom laughed. "Oh, nothing like that, honey."

"Okay, I'm listening."

"Well... for starters, she's not Terran."

"Seeing as there's only two other Terrans in town, and they're married to each other, I'd be surprised if she was Terran."

"Good. But there's more. She's... she's not a Paxite, either. She's a Lucite."

"Oh, the sex-shifters? I think there's a Lucite girl in school. I've seen her in the halls. So you're dating her mom?"

"Um... is that girl of Indian heritage, with black hair and almost-black eyes?"

I frowned a little in thought. "Yeah, I think so."

"Does she usually wear a sunflower hair-clip and denim overalls with short pants legs?"

"Uh... I think the few times I've seen her, that's what she was wearing."

"Then no, I'm not dating her mother."

"But-" I started, but stopped myself short. There weren't any other Lucites in town. I didn't know the girl I'd been talking about well, but I was sure one of her parents presented as male. "I don't-"

"I'm not dating her mother. I'm dating her. The girl I described is Zoe."

My insides froze. I stared, open-mouthed, at Mom. I couldn't believe my ears. I mean, I'd lived here long enough I knew some paedos and panchronos, and most of them were great people, but I'd never seen any indication that my own mother was one of them, in 18 years of living with her. This... this was a bombshell.

"I... what? Hold on, I just... I just need to think," I said, my head in my hands.

"Your, um... your father never approved of such things, so he never knew. I guess I got so used to keeping it a secret that, well... I never thought to tell you. I think a part of me still worries you'll... you'll think me some kind of sicko."

I looked up at her. "Mom, I love you. I'll always love you. I don't think you're sick. I've lived here so long I don't even remember Earth, much. It's just... I never had any idea."

This seemed to cheer her up, which I was glad for, but there was a part of me that wasn't happy. A part of me was angry, for no reason I could identify. Angry, and jealous. But why? I was panchrono myself, why should I-

"Mom, I... I just realized I never told you, I'm panchrono. Are you panchrono, or just paedo? I know on places like Earth, closeted paedos will date and even marry adults to fit in. Anyway, I just wanted you to know I'm panchrono, so I don't think you're sick."

She smiled even more. "No, honey, I'm not an exclusive paedo; I'm panchrono, just like you. I guess it must run in the family."

We had a good laugh about that for a few minutes before she spoke again. "Listen, honey, how would you feel about me inviting Zoe over for dinner tomorrow so you two can meet each other, finally?"

I forced a smile. "Sure Mom, that sounds great."

"Good, I'll have her come over at 6pm, then, okay?"

"Cool," I said, with feigned enthusiasm.

With that settled, we chatted amicably for a while about this and that, but there was still a mysterious battle going on inside me. But I couldn't think about it yet. I set that aside til later, and so we had dinner and watched three-vee together until I decided to turn in, having very expertly hidden my feelings from Mom, since I needed to analyze them.

In my room, I lay down on the bed and finally got around to thinking through my feelings. Why was I jealous and angry? Was I jealous of Mom? I pondered that, but it didn't feel like that was it. Was the anger at being panchrono myself and not knowing Mom and I had that in common? I hadn't realized that part of my orientation until after Dad died, and he didn't like to talk about that kind of thing, so I didn't really have any issues there. Or did I? Well, maybe that was part of it. But what of the jealousy? If I wasn't jealous of Mom, why was I jealous?

Then it hit me. I wasn't jealous of Mom, I was jealous of this Zoe girl. I hadn't thought about it, but now I did, I got up and looked through some of my writings from the last few years. Looking through it, I saw finally a pattern I had completely missed that whole time. My writings were littered with poems, stories, and fantasies about an older woman I dubbed Katie, and our romantic and sexual relationship with each other. It wasn't until I read it over with the new realization in my mind that I noticed something in all these stories I'd never noticed before. Katie, with her long, curly brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, strong chin, and athletic calves, looked exactly like my mother, who is of Greek heritage. Her personality was practically a perfect clone of Mom's, too. And what was more, Katie was a widow.

I fell back on the bed, trying to decide if I wanted to cry or laugh, and too stunned to do either. It took my mom dating a girl four years younger than me to finally figure out that I was in love with my own mother. And I might have realized my desire earlier if I'd known sooner that Mom was panchrono.

Yes, it wasn't the fact I was in love with my mother that bothered me, so much as the shitty way I figured it out; after all, incest is not taboo on Paxum. No, it was because I had to figure it out because the woman I loved was involved with someone else. Someone younger than me. And they'd been dating for six months already.

It was irrational, I know; jealousy isn't rational to begin with, and I only just now figured out I'd been fantasizing about my mother for years. It wasn't Zoe's fault! It wasn't even Mom's fault, given how she'd grown up and the man she'd married. I didn't blame her. I didn't want to be angry with Zoe, either, a girl I hadn't even properly met yet. But that didn't change the fact that I was angry, and very jealous. Not to mention frustrated, since I couldn't do anything about it. I'd barely even recognized my feelings, so I could scarcely go barging in to Mom's room and profess my undying love for her. I doubted it would do any good even if I did. What's more, I didn't want to ruin her happiness nor the presumed happiness of the Zoe girl. Mom had been sad for so long after Dad's death, I was glad that she was happy at last.

Not surprisingly, I cried myself to sleep, the tears muffled by my pillow.

I woke up the next day dreading the coming school day. All I wanted to do was lie in bed and cry all day. But instead, I got up, stood in front of the mirror, and forced myself to look normal. I think I mostly succeeded, but I may have looked a little wooden.

It was a real fight to have normal conversation at the breakfast table. I didn't want Mom to think that I'd lied to make her feel better, because I wasn't upset about what she would assume I was upset about. I think my drama club experience was paying off, because Mom didn't seem to sense anything was wrong.

At school, I looked all over, without going out of my way, to find Zoe, to look at her again, but I didn't see her until lunch time, when I saw her across the cafeteria. I didn't know how much Mom had told Zoe, so I didn't move to introduce myself. But when I finished up, I passed by her as closely as I could without appearing to be doing so, and got a good look at her. She was 14, but being a Lucite, looked about 11, by Terran standards, at the oldest. I wasn't entirely clear on when she would likely hit puberty, or the timetable of Lucite puberty.

The look I got of her didn't help me feel any better. Though she looked like a child still, she was prettier than me. Her dark skin was flawless, her brown eyes were large and wet and gorgeous, her hair was luscious, healthy, and elegantly coiffed. Her arms looked perfectly proportioned for her age, and her fingers were delicate and kissable. Also, she wore a beautiful red sari or sarong or whatever it's called, with gold trim; it hugged her form gracefully and sensuously, her slight, childish curves pleasing to the eye. I felt a tingling between my legs, looking at her. It just made me angrier. I hadn't been jealous of Mom before, but now in addition to being jealous of Zoe, I was now also jealous of Mom. They were both lovely, and now I wanted both of them. I had to fight the urge to scream. Instead, I just walked as quickly away as I could without drawing attention to myself.

For the rest of the school day, I was lost in thought, and I don't remember much of anything but alternating between fantasies of Zoe, my mom, and I in bed together, and fantasies of punching Zoe in her stupid, beautiful, smug face. Though I'd still not been properly introduced yet, and so didn't know her, I imagined her to be stuck-up, snotty, the kind of girl who is beautiful, knows it, and thinks it made her better than everyone else. I imagined her voice as being high-pitched and grating on the ears. I imagined her being rich and having a servant whose sole job was to wipe her ass for her, as ridiculous as that was on Paxum - the system on Paxum doesn't allow people to get that rich.

Then the thought crossed my mind that, being a Lucite, people might bully her for being different. That tiny compassionate thought was soon countered by the image of her becoming a bully herself so that nobody dared bully her; she certainly had the beauty to become a bullying prat of a girl. I liked this thought; it meant I was able to hate her again. I pictured her reducing a younger student to tears with a cutting verbal barrage, and me stepping in to defend the victim and punch Zoe in her beautiful face, marring its beauty with ugly black and blue marks, and blood.

Every time I would have those violent thoughts, though, I would feel bad and change the fantasy; Zoe would start crying, I would start crying with her, and we'd tearfully embrace. I'd forgive her, tell her I understood what it was like being an outsider, never really fitting in, and we'd end up kissing. But then Mom would discover us together, and be heartbroken, and I'd feel so bad about that, that I'd go back to imagining Zoe was a horrible excuse for a human being again.

As soon as Drama Club was over, I went home, torn between hurrying away and taking my time. I couldn't decide which was better, or what reasons went with each. Sometimes I wanted to take my time to avoid meeting Zoe, other times I wanted to be slow to give her and Mom time alone together. Then I would get angry about that, and hurry up to punch Zoe's lights out. Or did I hurry because I wanted to kiss Zoe before Mom could get home from work? I had a very hard time not crying.

When I got home, Mom was still not back yet. I went straight to my room, threw my things down, and threw myself onto my bed, where the furious confused battle continued to drag on. But in the privacy of my own room, I could now switch between crying into my pillow, and masturbating to various fantasies, only to scream into my pillow after I "came," my emotions a wilder mess than they'd ever been in my entire life, about anything. I even had a brief memory of a Terran boy I'd once loathed, who no longer lived in town. I pictured him blaming my emotions on my period, which was still two and a half weeks away, and then I wanted to find him and punch him in the face for something he hadn't even done.

When I finally got up off the bed and started to get dressed for dinner, I didn't know what to wear. It suddenly struck me that the girl, who almost always wore denim shortalls, had been wearing a fancy sari, which had to mean she was dressing nicely for the dinner where she would meet me for the first time. I didn't know what to think about this. On the one hand, it could be a sign of respect for her lover's daughter. But on the other hand, she could be dressing fancy to show off her wealth and how superior she was to me. I decided on the latter, so I could go back to hating her. I decided to one-up her by wearing my prom dress from last year to dinner.

I looked at the dress; it was blue and glittery with rhinestones, like a blue disco ball. But since I wasn't round like a disco ball, more like a disco... cylinder? Hot dog? Whatever. The point is, it was beautiful. But then, I suddenly realized it was also a bit gaudy. It might look like I was trying too hard. So I put it back, and started trying on a whole bunch of other outfits.

I finally settled on this year's prom dress, which had been more subdued. It was also blue, but it had no sparkles at all. It was simple and elegant and fancy without being gaudy or ostentatious. It was perfect.

The front door opened just as I left my room, and Mom came into the house. She walked right by me, moving a lasagna from the fridge to the top of the oven while the oven preheated. She must have prepared it last night after I went to my room, and now it just needed to cook. Then she turned around, and froze in place, her mouth open in shock. Granted, I hadn't been able to do my hair, and I hadn't thought to change my makeup, but I must have looked pretty nice anyway.

"Wow," she finally managed to say. "You're looking amazing, Ellie honey. But, well, isn't it a bit much, considering the circumstances?" I was suddenly very glad I wasn't wearing the disco ball dress, if she thought that of this simple dress.

"Well," I said, deciding to go with partial honesty, "I happened to spot Zoe at school today, and she was wearing this lovely red and gold sari, so I figured I should try to look equally nice."

Mom chuckled warmly. "Ah yes, that does sound like Zoe, always wanting to make a good first impression. She wore that very sari to our first really romantic date. She wore a couple of others on other occasions, but I don't think she has more than a few really nice outfits. Anyway, yes, you made the right call, honey; I think she'll be pleased to know you put so much thought into this."

I wanted to scream and rage, but somehow I managed to just grimace. Mom was already turned around and putting the lasagna in the oven, though, so she didn't see my grimace. I went into the living room and sat uncomfortably on the sofa watching three-vee while I waited.

Zoe was five minutes early arriving, and the lasagna wasn't done yet anyway, so after Mom welcomed her in, she brought Zoe into the living room. I turned off the three-vee before she came in. Mom then introduced us.

"Zoe, this is my daughter, Ellinor Oshun Bishop, better known as Ellie. Ellie, this is Zoe Isabella Singh, my girlfriend."

She held out her hand to me with a beautiful, warm smile, and said, "Nice to meet you at last, Ellie. Your mom speaks very highly of you."

I lifted my arm and reluctantly took her hand. This girl was nice. Not a trace of snootiness on her face or in her voice. My resolve began to falter, and I began to wonder how I could have thought such horrible things about a girl who - despite being 14 years old - looked no older than 11. When I shook her hand, her smile widened, and it lit up her entire face, especially her eyes; dark as they were, the reflections in her eyes seemed more intense than the environment would suggest. Also, the skin of her hands was soft and felt great in my own.

Shortly after that, we went into the dining room, and mom served the lasagna.

"Now just a heads up, Ellie dear, but the lasagna is vegetarian."

"Oh? Why's that?"

"Well, Zoe and her family are Hindus, so cows are sacred to them. They can have milk products but not beef."


"Yes," Zoe said. "But I wouldn't want to eat meat anyway. As a Hindu, I could have fish, but I personally feel that fish have feelings too, so I don't eat any kind of animals. A lot of Hindus go full vegetarian. Anything that has feelings can suffer. There are other spiritual and karmic reasons as well."

"Well, it's been known since the 20th century that plants scream when you pick them or cook them, too," I said, wanting to pick a fight with this girl.

She shrugged. "Yes, but we have to eat something. The Jains, of course, won't eat anything but fruit that falls off the tree on its own, but that's too much work for me. Maybe it means I am weak, but I pray for my food's spirits in apology for my weakness." She bowed her head, looking sad, and I suddenly felt like a heel. That feeling was quickly countered by some part of me deciding she was emotionally manipulating me, though. Still, I backed off.

"Fair enough. It's not like I have any room to preach, seeing as I eat meat. Mostly lab-grown meat, though, right Mom?"

"Yes. You know, I've always wondered about that, Zoe my love; what does your religion say about lab-grown meat?"

"Well, there's a lot of debate there. Most Hindus just avoid it anyway, on the grounds that the meat was grown from tissue taken from living animals, and therefore has the same spirit of the animal living on inside it, and thus the same suffering. But others are more liberal and consider it fine. Me, I just avoid it. My parents do too, for beef anyway. Fish and chicken and other meats allowed by our religion, however, they do go with lab-grown."

She did indeed pray before eating, something in Hindi, but did not provide a translation.

We continued to eat and talk, talking about this and that; and as the conversation continued, my feelings became more and more conflicted. It was chaos in my head. I wanted to hate this girl, but she was proving more and more to be sweet, kind, thoughtful, and warm. She was also friendly and showed an active interest in me, and wasn't off-put by my less than warm feelings for her. So the tenacity to which I clung to my dislike of her became more and more desperate the longer we talked.

My resolve began to falter, though, more and more. Between the erosion of the poorly-built castle of hatred I had built for this girl, and my attraction to her - which was growing, I was talking less and fighting to control my expression more and more. Mom and Zoe even began to notice. It was Zoe who said something about it first, though, oddly enough.

"Are you alright? You look upset," she said, her expression falling. "I... I hope I haven't said anything to offend you." Her head bowed down to stare at her plate as she said this, and it was this heartbreaking display of genuine self-disappointment that made the castle of hatred go tumbling down into the ocean below. That is to say, I broke down crying at the table. Which, yes, didn't help Zoe's mood; naturally, after a brief glance up at me in shock and dismay, she began to cry, too. And Mom just sat there, staring, her fork halfway to her mouth, where she looked utterly bewildered and unsure what to do or say.

I saved her the necessity by going up to Zoe and hugging her. Between sobs, I tried, brokenly, to explain I wasn't upset at her, but at myself. I could barely understand my own words, though, so I don't know how well she understood me. But lots of words came out, about my feelings for my mother, about how I'd only put the truth together last night, about how beautiful Zoe was and how lucky Mom was to be dating someone so beautiful and sweet and kind. It all tumbled out, like occasional solid bits of detritus in a flash flood of emotion. Then, when I ran out of words, I just kept crying. Crying, because I had ruined this lovely meal with my mixed up feelings, and crying because I really hoped I hadn't ruined things between Mom and Zoe, because they both deserved to be happy.

At some point, I noticed vaguely that Zoe and I were on the floor. I didn't remember how we got there. We cried there together for so long, I honestly have no idea how long it was. But then, I noticed something else; Mom was holding both of us in her arms. I didn't remember when she'd done that, either.

Finally, we both ran out of tears, and even ran out of sniffs and dry sobs. When this happened, we sat up and looked at each other. Then I looked at Mom.

"How... how much," I tried to ask her.

"How much of what you said did I understand?" she said with an understanding smile. "Enough. Oh, my poor baby, I had no idea. But then, it sounds like neither did you."

There were so many things I wanted to say, to ask her. I couldn't decide if I wanted to ask her if there was any chance of it happening, or apologize for being such a disgusting human being. Yeah, there was no incest taboo on Paxum, but Mom had been raised on Earth, so there was no telling what her feelings about that would be.

As it turned out, I didn't need to ask. Mom continued speaking about it on her own. "Anyway, dear... you know, I've never thought about you that way before, as far as I know of. But you didn't hate me for being panchrono, so I can assure you that your feelings for me don't disgust me or make me love you any less. To be honest, before I moved here, I never would have considered dating a minor, despite my feelings for them. The same may be true of my feelings about dating my own daughter, too; but I would need time to figure that out.

"Anyway, dear, the point is that I love you still. And I can appreciate the situation you're in, even if I can't really understand it, having never been in that situation myself. But yes, honey, I still love you. I could never stop loving you, Ellie dear."

I sniffed again. "Sorry for ruining dinner," I told them both.

"Nonsense. Don't you worry about a thing, honey. Emotions are hard to control. Things happen, so don't worry about it."

Zoe grinned at us sheepishly and said, "And hey, we're all down on the floor, hugging!"

"That we are, my love, that we are," Mom said, and hugged us both even tighter, which admittedly made both of us giggle.

I'm sure if this were some erotica rather than real life, we would have had a threesome that very night, but we didn't. We hung out after dinner, and I managed to start taking the same sort of active interest in Zoe that she'd taken in me, which was a start. But aside from Mom letting me cuddle up next to her on the sofa after Zoe left, the rest of the night was fairly normal.

I felt silly, later, for the things I'd thought about Zoe before properly meeting her. Of course Mom wouldn't date someone snooty or superior. She detested that kind of person as much as I did, if not more! I don't know how I could have fooled myself as long as I did.

Over the course of the next few days, Zoe and I became good friends at school, whenever we could spend time together there, and she became a frequent after-school visitor at our house, to see both of us. One afternoon when Mom kissed Zoe on the lips, Zoe looked very embarrassed, and said she didn't want to do anything to upset me. I reassurred her that I was fine with them being kissy, and I really was. Yeah, I had the hots for my mom, but her happiness was more important to me than my desire for her.

It wasn't until a week had passed when I began to notice a pattern from my mom. She was looking at me more often, especially when she thought I couldn't see what she was up to. After a week of witnessing this, I finally realized she was checking me out. Whether or not she'd ever thought of me in that way before, she seemed to be pondering the notion now. Especially since some of the more notable instances were when I was going from the shower to my bedroom wearing nothing but a towel. After putting things together, the next time I took a shower I made sure to hold it a little more loosely, just to test my theory. Mom was drinking some tea, and when one side of the towel slipped and showed a little boob, she nearly choked on her tea. I was hard pressed not to giggle.

Still, though, I was unsure of myself. If she was interested in me that way, that didn't change the fact she was already dating someone; someone who was fast becoming my best friend. For, aside from being a sweet girl, Zoe and I also have a lot in common. We like the same music, we read a lot of the same authors, we like most of the same school subjects, and many other things besides. A lot of these things were things we both had in common with Mom, which helped me understand their relationship a lot more.

As much as it pained me to talk about it with Zoe, she really was the only person I had to talk about such things with, so the next day I brought it up, carefully. We had just been laughing about something on the three-vee; Mom was still at work. The commercials came on and so I muted the three-vee and turned to Zoe.

"So, uh, Zoe... I have to talk to you about something. If I had anyone else to talk with this about, I would, because it's kind of awkward-"

"Is it about Caroline? Er, I mean, about your mom?"

"Yes. But if you don't want me to, I could find-"

"No no, it's fine. Really, it is. What's on your mind?"

I looked down a little, thinking. Then I looked up at the ceiling, still thinking. "Well," I finally said, "it's just, I've noticed Mom looking at me in a way, like she's... like she's thinking of me in a sexy way. And of course, part of me is thrilled, but also, I don't want to get between you and her. She hasn't said anything yet, but I'm starting to worry she will, and I don't want you too to break up. You're awesome for each other! Mom has never been so happy as she's been with you. Even Dad didn't make her so happy."

She grinned at me, not at all the reaction I was expecting. "Oh, yeah, I know. She's talked about it with me."


"Yes. And she was upset, a little. She is indeed developing feelings for you, and she wants to help you be happy, but she didn't want to stop dating me."


"She was really torn up about it at first. Then I suggested polyamory."

"Poly... polyamory? You mean, more than one lover at a time?"

"She didn't like the idea at first, because she thought it would be too much work, but then I pointed out that you being her daughter meant she was already doing a great job of dividing her time equally between the two of us, so it wouldn't be much different if she decided to date you, too."

"Wow. What'd she say to that?"

"Said she'd think about it. That was a couple days ago. Um... no idea what she's decided."

"Oh. Well, thanks a lot. And, well... I just want you to know, if she tries to pick me over you, I'll refuse. I can get over it if I have to. You two... you know, I don't know the legalities of such things here, but if you two got married, I would love to have you be my second mother."

Her face turned bright red, and she turned away a little. "Well... thank you, Ellie. But, well... I uh, I kind of already, well... indicated to her that I wanted us to be a poly triad. Like, not just her dating both of us, but, well..." she turned even redder, and looked up at me sheepishly.

I blinked in surprise. "You... do you mean to say, all three of us, romantically involved, in a kind of romantic three-way?"

She giggled, and nodded. "Yes. You did, after all, indicate you thought I'm very pretty."

Now it was my turn to feel hot with embarrassment. "Oh, yeah, I did, didn't I? Wow... I can't believe I didn't consider polyamory, either." I got a little more control over myself, and took Zoe's smaller hands in mine. "I would love to be part of a poly triad with you and my mom. I... well, I haven't been able to get either one of you out of my mind, this past week.

"And Hell," I continued, "you being pretty is only a perk. More importantly, you're sweet, kind, compassionate, polite, and we like a lot of the same stuff. We have a lot of opinions in common, and our differences enhance the relationship, I think. You've introduced me to a lot of cool things, and even when we disagree, I learn stuff. So yes, I would be honored, if Mom decides to take you up on the idea."

She leaned toward me conspiratorially and whispered, "You know, even if she doesn't want to be in a triad, I still want to date you, no matter what happens. Unless she says she doesn't feel comfy with me dating you while I'm dating her, of course."

"Of course," I agreed. "Man, I hope she decides on the triad."

She and I continued to talk for about 40 minutes before Mom finally got back, having brought dinner home from Taco Tavio's, since she was too exhausted to cook. So we ate tacos and talked about this and that, which honestly was difficult because I kept wondering if Mom had decided what to do yet.

When we were done eating, Mom sat up and fake-coughed to let us know she wanted to say something.

"Thank you. Now, I've been thinking lately, ever since Zoe suggested we could be a poly triad, about whether I wanted to do that or not. And, well, looking back, I notice I've been a lot like my own daughter, in terms of having the hots for her without realizing it. So, my answer is: yes, I'll try a triad."

Zoe and I got up and cheered, chest-bumping each other in celebration. When we calmed down a little, Zoe turned to Mom and asked in a semi-joking tone, "So, Caroline, could we have an after-dinner threesome?"

Much to both our surprises, Mom answered, "Yes, that sounds lovely. How about you girls get washed up, and I'll meet you in my bedroom."

Ecstatic now, Zoe and I rushed to the bathroom to wash up. When we were done, we rushed to Mom's room, where she lay on her side on the bed.

"So, how should we do this? How should we start?" Mom asked.

Zoe spoke first. "How about a strip tease? You sit there, while Ellie and I take turns doing strip teases. Then we sit down and you take a turn. Whadda ya think?"

Mom grinned. "That sounds amazing, my lovelies."

The two of us played Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine who started first. I won, so Zoe lay down on the bed next to Mom while I got up and showed her how it was done. I was wearing a blouse and a skirt, which was lucky, since that's easier to strip-tease in. I cat-walked around the room, swishing my skirt around, pulling my shirt up in places to show off my 18-year-old Terran belly and back. A few more swishes, and I started to rock my hips around, inching my skirt down my hips as I did. It must have been working, because both Mom and Zoe had their hands down their panties, playing with themselves.

Inch by inch, the skirt came off while I did my little dance, until it fell to the ground and I kicked it aside with my bare foot. Still dancing, I inched my blouse up, then back down, then up again, finally taking it off. My bra, its white color contrasting against my dark brown skin, held in my C-cup breasts while I danced even more. That is, until I popped it off and let it fall to the ground, where I kicked it aside.

I ran my hands up and down my skin, and played with my breasts for a while, before I started to inch the panties down. They, too, went inexorably down inch by inch, and when they fell, I was faced away, taking my time to finally show my pussy. Then I cat-walked over to the bed, lay gracefully down beside Zoe, and gave her bedroom eyes.

"Your turn," I purred.

She looked like she was about to cum in her panties just then, but got up to try her own tease. Zoe's attempt was, naturally, amateurish; but that 14 year old mind in a body that looked only 10 or 11 made it all the more titillating for that inexperience. Her hips were still pretty boyish, though they had a trace of girlhood curves to them. She danced in something approaching my own style, though overdone and not as elegant. Again, it was endearing, and it was also even sexier in its own way.

Slowly, achingly slowly, Zoe inched her own skirt off, and tossed it onto a chair. She ran her hands along the beautiful Indian skin of her legs, throwing her long hair around, which she had not gotten from me. Then she went to work on her shirt, inching it up, then down, and up again as I had done. When it finally came off, she had her back turned to us, and then she spun around and grabbed the skirt off the chair in the same motion, covering up her little-girl tits before we could see them, which had both Mom and I moaning in frustrated disappointment as we both jilled off to the free show. Zoe danced around for a few more minutes with the skirt covering things up, giving us peeks or almost-peeks every now and then to keep us interested, until finally she let the skirt fall to the ground, unveiling her tiny little puffy nipples. I was in absolute love, at the sight of her; she was even lovelier than I had imagined.

Naturally, she did the same teasing dance with her panties, as she'd done with her nips, going to great lengths to keep it hidden from our eyes; since she was a sex-shifter and neither of us knew which mode she was in, it was an even greater tease. But I was most enthralled by her cute little butt, which I just wanted to touch, to pinch, to spank, and to kiss. I wanted that little tushy in my face while I licked her little rosebud.

Finally, though, Zoe let her pussy be seen. Yes, pussy. She was in "blue mode," as her people called it when they had certain things retracted into their vagina. I could see her little clit, which was really the first third of her penis, the only bit of it you could see with her being in blue mode. I found myself wondering if it hurt when her testicles retracted, since they weren't there, of course, in blue mode. But I didn't think of that for long, because I was too busy masturbating.

To finish her show, Zoe slinked over to the two of us, and snuggled up to me. It felt so good with the warm skin of her back - which was still childlike in its softness - pressed against my breasts and belly, her adorable little butt touching my hairy cunt. I ran my hand along her leg, across her belly and chest, teasing her nipples until they got hard, and then let my hand wander down to her sex. I was curious to feel her clit. When I did, I was surprised to find it felt like a small penis, but slightly different. At first I wondered if her family still practiced the barbaric art of genital mutilation, which in her case would also be called circumcision, but then I realized the foreskin was taut. This was unexpected; I had thought it would be all bunched up at the front, but apparently there was some mechanism to her genitals by which the foreskin was pulled taut when the penis was in clitoris mode. I was also surprised to find that she was already wet; I wet my fingers in her cunt and started to rub on her clit.

Mom got up, a little shaky. "I don't know how I'll surpass that," she said. "I almost got to orgasm just watching you, Zoe dear."

Zoe giggled, using one hand to silently encourage Mom to take her turn stripping.

Mom got up in front of the bed, and began to do a version of strip-teasing even more talented than my own. I was mesmerized, and what she was doing was too complex to really go into detail without being boring. One highlight was after her slacks came off: she leaned against the wall by her hands and began swaying her butt while crouching down and back up again, occasionally pausing to twerk, her glorious arse just jiggly enough to where I'm sure I would have gotten a very big boner if I had a penis. Zoe took over masturbating herself at the sight of this, and I started jilling myself off instead.

I lost track of things at that point, because I was so hypnotized by Mom's butt. I snapped out of it a little at one point, wondering when her panties had come off, as she gave us a professional-quality stripper dance, which was really weird because Mom was a lawyer, and had been since she was in her early 20's.

At another point, I once more snapped out of my entranced stupor to notice she not only had her blouse off, but was building up to getting her bra off; she already had one strap loose and the other one was just now slipping over her shoulder. Slowly, excruciatingly, Mom took her time teasing us, to the point where I thought we'd both orgasm before she was done. But finally, her bra fell off and unveiled her glorious C-cup breasts.

Although I was astonished that Mom and I had the same size breasts, I was mesmerized all the same. I had a strong desire to touch those surprisingly pert breasts, to wrap my lips around those nipples, and - though this was unlikely - suckle milk from them. For some reason, I was so entranced by her breasts than I didn't even notice her pussy, which was neatly trimmed into a rectangular patch.

I was still staring as Mom slinked into bed behind me, and I felt those gorgeous breasts pressing against my back. Mom then wrapped one leg over my own and began running her free hand over my breasts. As I melted into this sensation, my hand wasn't doing anything. Apparently noticing this somehow, Zoe grabbed my hand and put it back against her own pussy. Obligingly, I began fingering her little clit, occasionally dipping my finger into her pussy to wet it. Then, deciding to do even better, I fucked Zoe's cunt with my middle finger and massaged her clit with my thumb.

"Mommy..." I murmured as Mom played with my breasts, and I leaned my head back, enjoying being the cheese in this human sandwich, the middle spoon between a bigger and a smaller spoon.

"Yes, honey, Mommy's here," Mom whispered into my ear. "Mommy's here to make you feel soooo good, and so happy." A little louder, she then said, "Mommy wants both her girlfriends to be very happy indeed."

I must have been doing something right with my fingers up Zoe's cunt, because Zoe was also leaning into me, and was literally purring like a little kitten.

"Yes," said Mom, "Mommy's little baby and Mommy's little kitten are both going to feel very good."

Repositioning herself, Mom took advantage of the fact that her bed is one of those beds with a hole in the middle for your arm to go through, and switched to having her left hand play with my nipples, her right hand teasingly making its way down my body until it finally reached my pussy, where Mom started to finger-fuck me and play with my clit, like I was doing for Zoe.

Not wanting Mom to be left out, I switched hands like Mom did, now using my left hand in Zoe's pussy, then reached back behind me with my right hand and, after groping around a bit, found Mom's pussy to begin doing what I could for her. It was a little awkward, but she seemed to be enjoying it. However, it took a lot of concentration to finger-fuck two women at once, and I kept getting distracted by what was being done with my own pussy. The same seemed to be happening to Mom, because she kept slacking off. As pleasant as it was for all of us to be together like this, I knew that none of us were going to get to orgasm like this.

Taking the initiative, I whispered something into Zoe's ears. She nodded, and so we both moved, pushing Mom gently onto her back. Before she could ask what we were doing, Zoe took a hold of one breast and slipped her mouth over its nipple, and I did the same to the other nipple, both of us laying atop half of my mother as we did so. Since Mom could no longer easily reach her pussy, I began fingering her myself.

However, Zoe and I kept bumping heads, and finally Zoe slipped the tit out of her mouth and slithered down to my mother's pussy. She moved my hand aside and I looked down at her to see what she was doing. From what I could see, she was eating my mom's pussy out with her pink little tongue, a sight that made me very horny indeed. I suddenly remembered Paxite sex education, reminded of this by the fact that Zoe looked like she knew what she was doing. She must have excelled at the part of sex ed class where cunnilingus was taught on a silicone dummy. Feeling Mom's back arching a little, I knew I was right, and went back to sucking Mom's nipples, trying in vain to get milk to come out of them, only stopping to occasionally kiss and lick the other parts of her breasts.

Between me working on my mother's breasts, and Zoe's cunning tongue on Mom's pussy, we had her back arched and her breath heavy in a surprisingly short space of time. And not long after that, Mom's screams of orgasm rang through the house. Zoe did not stop or slow down, though, but kept it right up, giving my mom even more orgasms. It wasn't until the fourth orgasm that I realized that they'd been having a lot of sex these past few months, and so little Zoe was fast becoming a master pussy eater.

While Mom took time to recover, Zoe crawled on top of me and we began to kiss each other, her little tongue expertly dueling with my own. I held her by the small of her back with one arm and ran my other hand along the soft skin of her back and shoulders.

After several minutes, Zoe pulled out of the kiss and repositioned herself into a scissor position, and began grinding her little crotch against my own. I grabbed her little butt in my hands to help and encourage her. Mom, already recovered from her orgasms, teased my nipples hard with her hands and started to suck on them like I'd done to her earlier. Already I could feel my back start to tense up with sexual tension, and arch up. Between Mom sucking my nipples and our shared girlfriend Zoe grinding her clit against mine, I was rapidly approaching orgasm.

I opened my eyes to watch this glorious sight, to watch my own mother sucking my nipples while her 14 year old Lucite girlfriend, who looked like a little girl still, ground her pussy against mine... a glorious sight indeed. And the look on Zoe's little Indian face, her black hair becoming very wet with sweat, a healthy glow of sex in her skin as her hazel eyes shook behind her closed eyelids... that angelic little face, so much older than it looked, which had the joys of sex written all over it, that face is what set me off. I hit that first orgasm with a shuddering yowl that sounded almost feline. Zoe's body jerked like she was getting there, too, and when my next orgasm hit, it triggered one of her own.Using my hands to continue grinding her pussy against mine now she'd lost control of her body, we both had several more orgasms, until finally Zoe thumped down like a sack of potatoes onto my chest, still breathing hard.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I held onto her, and it was only then that I realized just how much I leaned toward the pedo end of the chrono spectrum, because her heavy breathing, childlike body, and sweaty skin were like a drug for me, almost as good as the orgasms.

And while there were so many other things we still had yet to do, things to try together, we were all kind of beat, so we just lay there in a naked cuddle pile for a couple hours, talking and giggling, before finally getting up to take showers and get ready for bed. And since we were a poly triad now, we decided to all sleep in my mom's bed that night; naked, of course. I sighed, content, and wondered what we'd do tomorrow, as I drifted off to sleep.

The End

NOTE: This is a stand-alone piece, but I may have sequels later. Those will also be stand-alone pieces.

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