The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 51

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 51
by Barbara Lynn Terry

(Author's Note: "The Girl Most Likely To ..." is a transgender soap opera, if you will, about several predominant characters all sharing an everday existence that many take for granted. Since it has been quite a while since I posted any parts to this ongoing series, please re-read a few chapters to get reacquainted with the girls of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls, located in Pine Meadows County, USA.)

Chapter 1. At the House.

As they walked in the house, Sharon Hardesty noticed that Rachel wasn't with the group.

"Where's Rachel?" Sharon asked.

"Get the girls together," Gloria Richards told Sharon.

"Is it good news?" Asked Sharon.

"Yes, it is. We have something to say to all of you."

Sharon went to get all the girls in the living room. "Sisters, Mrs. Richards has something to tell us."

"Thank you, Sharon. Ladies, Rachel will be in the infirmary for a few days, because she is going to get the first surgical procedure in her transition. When
she gets back here, she will no longer be producing testosterone. Dr. Nita said also that she will prescribe female hormones for Rachel."

"Until now, I was thinking that Rachel was trying to pull a fast on us so we wouldn't pick on her," Janice stated.

"What made you think that, Janice?"

"Because I always thought that boys who dressed like girls, were doing it just to make fun of us."

"Well, Janice, now you know better."

"Janice," Naomi cut in. "Rachel is serious about being who she is. If it hadn't been for you ladies helping her, she may have gotten in to so much trouble where she couldn't finish or even start her transition."

"I'm sorry, Naomi. I know better now. How long is Rachel going to be in the infirmary?"

"For a few days, at most. What she is having done is considered day surgery, but Dr. Nita wants her to stay those few days for obervation. That is mainly to see if any infections set in. When she is released from the infirmary, Dr. Nita will give her antibiotics to stop any infections."

Okay, so now the girls of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls know that their sister, Rachel, will be in the "hospital" for only two days, three at the most. So, what are they going to do in the meantime?

"I think we should take turns and go and see Rachel, just to give her our support," Joy stated.

I'm willing to over after dinner," Connie Stevenson, stated.

"I will go with you," Karen Harvester, added.

Karen Harvester was placed at Pine Meadows for her protection from her father and step uncle. Her step mother was powerless to help Karen, because if she interfered, Karen's step mother would get a worse beating than what Karen had gotten. Karen's father tried, unsuccessfully, to get Karen released. But, because of his attitude during the hearings, and there were multiple hearings, the judge always denied his request. This is why Karen never went outside of the house without at least two or more of the girls with her.

Janice Peyton, who lived with her mother off campus, was at the house. "I'll go, too," Janice added.

"I think three at a time is as many as should be allowed," Madelline said with kind of mock authority.

"Okay, mom," the girls all agreed.

With everybody agreeing that only three girls at a time would go to visit Rachel, everbody relaxed and Madelline offered them a repast of cookies and hoy cocoa. They all sat in front of the television, not paying any attention to the movie that was playing. Instead, they held an impromptu group session.

Chapter 2 - Dinner and Rachel's first visit.

Janice and Joy were the cooking squad today, so Naomi and company asked if thhey could stay for dinner. Madelline said they could.

"Let me make one phone call. I have to tell Gloria that we won't be there for dinner. This doesn't mean we will be here every night, now." There were giggles from all the girls.

Tonight was roast beef, baked potato, cole slaw, bread and butter, peas, milk for the girls and coffee for the adults. For dessert They would have pineapple up side down cake.

Everybody but the cooking squad gathered in the living room. They talked about this, that and the other just passing time. About twenty minutes later they were all told to wash their hands and take their places. When everyone was at their chairs, Madelline asked who wanted to say grace. Janice Peyton was the first one with her hand up.

"Janice, you may say grace," Madelline said, with a smile.

"Let us bow our heads. Dear Lord God, thank you for this bounty and these wonderful friends whom I call my sisters. Thank you for a trusting and caring staff. Thank for our health and our many privileges. Amen."

After everbody said Amen, they all sat down and began passing the food to each other. During the meal, they all talked about Rachel, and what they should besides just visit her in the infirmary.

"I know that we are taking a lot on ourselves helping Rachel at every turn, but, we have never had anyone like Rachel here before now. She is going to need a lot of instruction in how to be the girl she has always been. I, for one, am ready to help her."

"Here, here," all the girls said, in unison

"Thank you, Connie. I think we are all concerned about Rachel. So, let's take turns tomorrow and got to see her."

"I was thinking a few of us could over after dinner, tonight maybe."

"Nice try Joy, but you girls have homework that must be done first."

There were groans, but one thing these girls did, was their school work and their chores.

"Oh, okay," Joy said, in mock disappointment.

"Alright, I think We had better get the dishes done and then you can all get to your homework."
Madelline thought it was a good idea to have all the girls do the dishes and clean up the dining room and kitchen. Then they could all get to their homework with a little brush Sunday evening.

"Remember, girls, after the dishes and clean up is done, get to your homework. Then Sunday night you can do a little study period to refresh your memories as to what you did tonight."

"Yes, mom," all the girls answered, together. It wasn't long with all the help, that the dishes and cleanup was done. All the girls Then went to their rooms to get their homework and take it downstairs to do in the dining room. This was because, if they needed help with their studies, Madelline was right there. Madelline was only too happy to help the girls with their studies. It wasn't long before they were all done with whatever homework they had. They all took their books back to their rooms, and settled down for an evening of television. In this home, however, television was not important. What was important, was the constant bonding these girls did as sisters. Tonight was another of these nights.

"So," Connie Stevenson, started. "I think we should make up a list of who will be with what group, when we go and see Rachel tomorrow."

"That sounds like a good idea," Debra Sanger, agreed. "Mom, would you, please, get some paper so we can make a list?"

"Yes, Debra, and I think it is a good idea. This way you are not all crowding around the infirmary at one time. I think there should be a one hour time limit for each group. How does that sound?"

"Like a plan, mom, like a plan," Darlene Simpson, added.

"Well, girls, I will leave the rest up to you. You decide who will be with what group."

"Mom, we aren't going to make a list. What we are going to do, is write on small pieces of paper a number. Whatever number each of us draws, that will be the group are in. Then were going to put our names on a full sheet of paper and the the group number. We are going to start early, so everone has a chance to visit for one hour." Janice Peyton had said with authority. "This way, too, Mark and Shari will know where we are at."

"That sounds fine, Janice," Madelline answered, with a smile.

Mark Graeling was only twenty four and in college. He was actually ready to graduate from the ivy league, having gone in to college right out of high school.
Shari Bickford was twenty eight, and had been working at the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls for two years. Mark and Shari worked on weekends and holidays when Jack and Jan are off. That evening, Joy, Janice and Connie went to see Rachel.
As they walked in, Rachel gasped.

"So, what brings you all here?" Rachel asked, smiling.

"Our legs," Connie quipped.

"We came to see the lazy girl," Janice said, rolling her eyes at the ceiling.

"Well, when you see her, give her my best wishes."

"Okay," Joy answered.

"How are you doing? Connie asked.

"I'm fine. A little sore, but Dr. Nita said that will go away in a few days. She did say no baths until she says it is alright. So, I have to take showers. When Dr. Nita says I can take a bath, I am taking a long, long bubble bath."

"I hear ya, girlfriend," Connie piped in.

Chapter 2 - Renée sees Dr. St. Clair.

As the girls were doing this, there was another plan being hatched in a house only a one half mile from the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls. Renée was talking to her mother, father, Rachel's mom, Ruth and her siblings. She was talking about what she was going to do when Dr. Barbara St. Clair came to see her the next day. Renée never had to see a psychiatrist before now, but she was determined to get this doctor to prescribe the hormones she would need to start to devlop like a natural girl would.

"Mom, have you evern seen a psychiatrist?" Renée asked.

"No, sweetie, I haven't, but I hear that some of them are very decent people."

"Only some, mom?"

"Well, one hears things about all sorts of professions. Psychiatry is only one of them that newspaper, television and radio reporters like to pick on. I don't think you have anything to worry about. You just be youself, annd everything will be fine."

"Thanks, mom. Daddy, what do you think?"

"I agree with your mother. You just be yourself and there won't be any problems. So, now that we have that settled; what do we want to watch on television?"

"Daddy, how can you think of television at a time like this?"

"A time like this, punkin? I don't think I understand."

"Daddy, I am just one bundle after another, of nerves. How do I know how this lady will look at me?"

"Renée," Gloria Richards cut in. "All you have to do is relax and treat her like you would anybody else. Just think of her as someone who is taking you out for lunch and to get a few things. Think of it as going shopping with your grandmother."

"Oh! Mom!" Said Renée, giggling with a wide smile. "You haven't been shopping with grandma, lately. Have you?"

"Well, no, not lately. The last time I was with your grandmother on a shopping spree, was, about ten years ago. But, I remember those shopping trips being

"Well, someone needs to tell her that times have changed and that young girls don't wear dresses down to the floor, any more, unless they are wearing a gown for a dance or a party, or maybe to even go out for a dinner. But, young girls don't wear her type of fashions anymore."

"Well, tomorrow, Dr. St. Clair comes to see you. When she comes, you don't have to act any differently than you are right now. Just be yourself."

"I will, mom."

Renée and Gloria Richards settled down with the others at home, which was her husband Carl, her little brother Daniel and her little sister, Cathie. They all gathered in the living room for an evening of television. There is a lot of good things on television and a lot of not so good things. They searched through the channel list, and found Lady and the Tramp. Gloria popped some popcorn and they all sat down to watch they movie. It is kind of funny, that when there is a movie everone likes, no one talks while the movie is playing. It was that way with this large family.

Before anyone knew it, it was time to go to bed. Renée was in for a long day, or so she thought. Everybody hugged and kissed each other good night, and went to their bedrooms to get in to their pajamas, nightgowns or even nighties, if that is what they wore.

During the night, Renée dreamt of meeting Dr. St. Clair. But, the dream didn't turn out like her mother had told her the meeting would be. She dreamt that the doctor was belittleing her and telling her that being a boy is what she should be. The next thing Renée knew, Gloria was waking her up, telling her to get her bath. Renée shuffled off to the bathroom with her bath soap, toothpaste, shamppoo, deodorant and body powder.

After she was clean and had gotten dressed, she went down for breakfast. She was having oatmeal, Welch's grape juice, milk, and toast. Renée never was a fast eater, so she just sat there enjoying her breakfast. She helped her mother around the house, and decided to call the infirmary and ask about Rachel. She was told Rachel was doing fine. With a promise to visit later, Renée sent Rachel her well wishes, and, as she hung up, the doorbell rang. She went to answer it and saw an older woman standing there.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Yes, you may. I'm Dr. Barbara St. Clair and I have a lunch appointment with Renée Richards."

"Hmmm, well, you may come in while I check my calendar for today." Both ladies giggled. "I'm Renée, doctor. Please follow me to the kitchen." The went in to the kitchen, where Renée offered Dr. St. Clair a chair. "Would you like a cup of coffee, doctor?"

"Yes, I would like a cup. Thank you."

"Do you take cream and sugar?"

"Just a little sugar and about that much cream," she said raising her index finger above her thumb about a quater inch.
Renée poured the coffee while Dr. St. Clair watched her. Renée placed the filled cup on a saucer, and also took out a napkin. She placed the napkin and the coffee from the doctor's left side.

"Thank you, young lady."

Renée sat down, smoothing her dress as she did so. All the while, Dr. St. Clair was watching Renée do things she has done, like, forever. But, to Dr. Barbara St. Clair these actions were new, so she watched Renée.

"Renée, in just a few minutes, we are going to go shopping. I want to buy you a few things that every girl should have. We will end the shopping trip by having lunch. How does that sound?"

"That sounds good, Dr. St. Clair."

"All right. Will you please go in the other room, so that I may talk to your mother?"

"Yes, doctor." Renée went in the living room, we she could hear what was being said. Remember, fourteen year old girls are very snoopy.

As Dr. St. Clair and Gloria were talking, Renée was listening intently. Apparently, this doctor took the "girl" shopping so she could observe the "girl" in public. Dr. St. Clair told Gloria that if she saw even a tidbit of a boy, the shopping trip was over, but she would still buy Renée lunch. Dr. St. Clair wanted to know Renée's real first name, and when Gloria told her that Renée was her real name, Dr. St. Clair said it was time to get started.

Renée gave her mother a hug and a cheek kiss, and she and Dr. St. Clair left to go shopping. Of course, these weren't the days of Allison Kingston, so Renée and Dr. St. Clair had to buckle their seat belts. Dr. St. Clair smiled at Renée and said:

"Well, dear, let's begin the beguine, as Taylor Caldwell started one of her books with."

Dr. St. Clair drove in to town and parked in front of Jim's Harware Emporium. They walked across the street to one of the few remaining F. W. Woolworth's and went right to the stationary.

"Renée," Dr. St. Clair started. "You may pick out anything here that you want. I will buy it for you."

"Thank you, Dr. St. Clair."

Renée went over to the notebooks and selected one five subject notebook for each class that she had to do writing in, or had to take notes. Then she was looking at a Parker pen set that was colored pink and black.

"Would you like to have that pen set Renée?"

"Yes, Dr. St. Clair."

"Alright, take it and I will buy it for you."
Renée put it the little red hand basket she carried throughout the store. She was looking around when something caught the side of her eye. She went over to where they had the clothing, and she saw this amazing dress, it was a lavender sheath dress, and Renée just had to try it on.
She took the dress in to the changing booth and got in to the dress. She stepped out for Dr. St. Clair's approval.

"Does this look good on me, Dr. St. Clair?"

"Yes, Renée, it certainly does. If you want that, I will pay for it."

"Really!" Renée shrieked, causing a few heads to turn her way. She went over to the full length mirror jus outside of the changing booth, and looked at herself this way and that. "I can wear this this coming summer."

Dr. St. Clair asked Renée if she was hungry, and Renée said yes.

"But, let's go across the street, to Glen's. Glenn's Eatery is inside the hardware store you parked in front of."
After paying for the purchases, they went across the street. As they went toward Glen's, Renée saw Evie talking to Trooper Jim O'Donnell.

"Hey, Evie, hi Jim. We're going to go to Glen's and have lunch. Would you like to come along?"

"Well," said Trooper O'Donnell, smiling. "Instead of one lovely lady to take me to lunch, I now have three lovely ladies to take me to lunch. I'm state
trooper James O'Donnell," he said, extending hi hand to Dr. St. Clair.

Renée whispered to Dr. St. Clair, "he has a thing for Naomi."

"Uh huh, now I know who is starting all these wedding rumors," Jim said, with a beaming smile.

Renée look at him with a coysih innocence and said:

"Who? Moi? Spreading rumors? Never." then she whispered to Dr. Clair, "much."

"Oh yes, young lady, I know you're behind this alright." Jim laughed slightly while the women giggled.

"Anyway, Mr. O'Donnell, I'm Dr. Barbara St. Clair. Renée was showing me the vastness of Pine Meadows County."

"Yes, she meantioned something about a doctor coming today. I hope you like our little place in the woods, because here, it takes a village."

"I am so glad to hear that. Where I live, all you hear are sirens day and night, gun shots, cars with very loud speakers just booming with too much bass. It is quiet here, very serene."

"We like it that way, doctor. Here, we look out for each other. Naomi Petersen is a Pine Meadows sheriff's deputy sergeant. She is my fiancée."

"Well, I don't know about you three, but I am famished. Let's order."

Eve waved to a young, red haired waitress.

"Hi Evie, Jim, Renée. What can I get you today?"

"I will have the salad bowl," Renée said and told Dr. St. Clair it was the best salad in the country. "I will also have a glass of milk.

"I will have the same, except with coffee," Dr. St. Clair added.

They sat there, eating their lunch and talking, mostly about this, that and the other. Dr. St. Clair was watching Renée interact with these two people she felt were frends. She thought, that if what the trooper had said was true, then this is definitely the place where it takes a village.

After about twenty minutes went by, Trooper O'Donnell made his excuses and said he had to get back on patrol. Eve and Renée gave him hugs, and he told Dr. St. Clair that it was nice meeting her.

"Actually, Renée, we should be getting back, too."

"Alright, Dr. St. Clair. Evie, this the doctor that is going to help me."

"Then it is very nice to meet you. doctor. You take good care of my little sister."

"Sister? But, I thought you were the oldest, Renée."

"Uhm, yes, doctor. You see, Naomi was a deputy sheriff's sergeant in Alameda county. She brought someone from there to the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls here. She ended up moving up here, transferring to the Pine Meadows county sheriff's office. The girls at the home made Naomi and me honorary sisters. Evie is an alumni of the home, which is just a half of a mile from our house.

"Well, I guess it does take a villlage here, then."

"Yes, Dr. St. Clair, it does," Renée answered.

After giving Evie and hug, Dr. St. Clair and Renée left to back to the house.

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