The Transit of Venus - Ch 37


Chapter 37

"You aren't the first potential inheritor there's been Venus and even now your potential successor has been picked. Also if we're both still alive in 18 years you only get my personal inheritance not the trust. About the most awkward thing would be if we both disappeared in December but there is even a legal backup for that. Assuming the trust comes to you eventually you in turn will be stuck with the problem of who to leave it to as it can't be split, only left to a single individual."

"Enough!! My head is spinning with repercussions. Has it been worth it? If you could go back and talk to a young you would you tell him ‘Run!’”

"For me accepting the inheritance worked. It's kept me involved, given me a sense of purpose…" he paused struggling for words. "Let's pay the bill and have a walk."

* * * * * *

Some time later we were walking through Bute Park where the trees were showing the first signs of autumn and we could look up at Cardiff Castle . "There's a lot of history in this city Venus but you aren't really part of that history yet. To be part of something involves change - both things that we change and things that change us. With the trust, wherever you go and whatever you do, you will inevitably change and bring change around you."

"I follow what you're saying Bill. Merely live in the world or actively be part of it - 'Do, or do not. There is no try' .

"'May the force be with you' Venus."

"I'm going to enjoy having you as a Grandad, Bill! Can I start by being a manipulative granddaughter to get a lift with you to the doctor's surgery?"

* * * * * *

Dr Jane Carter allowed me some space to get re-dressed after her examination while summing up her thoughts:

"You have a lot going for you Venus." - we'd been through the ‘born David Victor, called Dai, renamed Delia Venus, called Venus' conversation as though it were the most normal thing in the world. "There is no infection and thanks to your youth and fitness you are healing very quickly.

I'd say that 6 weeks would be too soon after a caesarean birth for the voyage you're contemplating but your surgery seems to have been less invasive than that. Although it will bear keeping an eye on, as long as you exercise without pushing the exercises too hard beforehand, you will probably be ok."

I can reassure you that the emergency treatment you have had will be covered by the NHS but not, I think, the earlier tests even though Mr Pitt's intervention influenced the operating theatre procedure. If it weren't for him and your appearance I imagine, if you presented as male two months ago with those acute symptoms, you might well have died before they knew what was wrong and in any case you would probably have been given a hysterectomy!"

I pulled out and showed my notebook where I was keeping my morning temperature records. "A very good idea for you to keep this up but at this stage the temperature change could be environmental or might have a hormonal cause. For now all we can do is play a waiting game."

"I'd like to take blood and saliva samples now with you coming back to see me and repeat those tests weekly for a while as your body readjusts. If you have any trouble between visits please don't hesitate to call me or go to A & E as it could be serious. Besides all that I'd like but cannot force you to see a psychiatrist. I'm not suggesting you are mentally ill but you have been through a lot with the possibility of more for you to deal with in the future. If you have future voluntary surgery the operating surgeon may well require a psychiatric report so doing this now could save time."

"Is that it then Dr Carter?" I asked once she had taken her samples and I had agreed to see the 'shrink'.

"Just one more particularly important piece of information I need." she replied. "Where did you get that top? I love it!"

I could see why. With dark hair and very pale skin the red hoodie would look very good on her but, "I'd love to tell you. But then of course, I'd have to kill you." I said in my best Sean Connery, Scottish accent.

"That would be tremendously ambitious of you. Dr Franklyn."

"I can't believe you recognised a ‘Hound of the Baskervilles' quote" I exclaimed, amazed.

"Actually I didn't. It was misquoted on last night's television so I googled to find it's source!"

* * * * * *

Litara had cooked Caribbean chicken casserole and I got home just in time to join everyone for dinner. Mum seemed more reassured by news of my cleanish bill of health from Dr Carter than anything I'd passed on from the specialists but I knew the only true font of medical wisdom was Barbara the hairdresser who she trusted implicitly - 'go figure' as they say.

After clearing up I sat down with Litara for advice about my new purchases - Kelly had got me freebies from the salon but that hadn't stopped her selling me nail products "You deserve it girl" I think her words were and I was intrigued to try them at a time I wouldn't be giving my hands a hard time with work.

Litara was taken with my choice as was Mum - Dad, watching rugby on the television with occasional complaints about noise and smell escaped the session - so fingers and toes got an evening's pampering while we chatted. Mum liked my eyelashes and I told Litara about Dr Carter's keen response to the red top which took my mind to the doctor's beautifully kept nails on my tummy examining and…

Shit! After all this am I going to turn out to be lesbian? Where was I when the other girls were learning about this growing up? I hope the psychiatrist's appointment is soon!

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