Take Three Girls Part 3

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Take Three Girls
Part 3

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Take Three Girls. This is about 2 girls and one woman (myself) and their very different route to become the women they knew they should be. It was going to be called Take Two Girls, but an on line friend (she knows who she is) and the girls bullied me into the name change. Some poetic licence has been used to help the flow of the story but not very much.

In this chapter I continue telling Kate’s story going to school also I meet her brothers and learn more about Kate’s home life.


Call me a coward or what every you want; but instinctively I knew that if I headed for the boys part of the store all hell would break loose (metaphorically speaking).
So I headed for the girls section, I glanced down at Kate’s face she was so animated, a look of absolute pleasure was there, I said, “what have you left in one piece” “Nowt!” came the reply, I sighed and picked up two six packs of girly cotton panties. Kate gasped, ”they for me?” I looked at her and asked, “why d’you want underpants?” “No, please no Aunty Av. These are perfect.”

We went around and I picked out the most androgynous girls clothes I could find. This seemed to suit Kate. Then I lost her! In a panic I looked around to see her looking at a really nice dress, the colours would really suit her.
Hurrying across to her she looked up radiant, every inch a young teenage girl loving a dress. I knew that I couldn’t buy this for her as it would seem like I was guiding her down a specific route. Then I remembered my first dress and nearly weakened.
“Kate” I said quietly “I simply can’t buy you that” “Why it’s lovely” came the response. “Look” I said my job is to guide you if I got that dress for you it goes beyond guiding and into leading. Believe me I’m so sorry.”
We had a selection of girl’s jeans, joggers, T-shirts, tunic tops and panties, some sleeping gear, a camisole top and flowing trousers (nothing remotely masculine in this section.) Now for shoes, so I got some girls trainers that were not too girly and of course socks.

Now for the school uniform. I started heading towards the boy’s section when Kate stopped dead. “Where we going?” she asked “I’ve got to get you a school uniform for tomorrow.” “There” she said pointing to the rack of girls clothing.
I thought about this. The school uniform consisted of; black trousers or slacks, white shirt or blouse the school tie and a ‘V-necked’ pullover and and black shoes.

I looked at the selection and finally chose the most masculine slacks and blouse I could find which contented her the pullover was a unisex item and the shoes again girls shoes but the most masculine I could find.

When I got to the checkout the bill came to £150 my flexible friend was not going to be so flexible! (My credit card).
We passed a branch of Next and Kate was drawn to a burgundy parka type jacket (in the sale luckily) as she needed a jacket for school – I got it for her she picked up some scrunchies I thought what the hell her hair needs something to tame it so these were added to our haul.

It was a twenty-minute drive to my house a typical semi detached Victorian house with a rather large garage that also doubled as my workshop.
As I pulled onto the drive Kate said with some awe, “You live here aunty Av?” I smiled at her, “Well I either live here or we’re about to break into someone’s house.” “Bloody hell its huge” she gasped, “Language Kate” I automatically told her then carried on, “Its not that big though.” Kate snorted saying, “You want to see where I live in Don Street.”
Then I understood, Don Street was one of the less well off places in the city a street of Victorian Terrace’s originally two up two down but nowadays most had a couple of dormer bedrooms in the attic and an extension which gave them a larger kitchen.
“Come on then Kate grab your bags and I’ll introduce you to my dogs” I said as I got out of the car. “Dog’s’ she said, “You’ve got dogs Aunty Av?” I nodded and answered “Two.”

Between us we managed to carry all out bags and open the front door to be greeted my dogs a black Labrador called Sam and Clumber spaniel called Dillon. Kate squealed dropped the bags she was carrying and started playing with them.
She seemed love them and these were her new best friends.

I took her upstairs and showed her bedroom (my spare bedroom) and bathroom told her to put her clothes away and then have a bath and we’ll do something with her hair.
One thing we had forgotten was a dressing gown for her so I gave her one of my satin short gowns she was about 5’ 3” (I’m 5’ 10”) so this looked like a long dressing gown. But of course it was way too big for her as then I was then a size 18! Kate was about a size 6!

The dressing gown was a pink floral heavy satin that tied at the waist with a broad sash. “Can I really wear this Aunty Av?” This made me grin, “Of course you can we forgot to get you one at Matalan.” I watched her stroke the satin the look on her face was something to behold.
I started the bath running and about 10 minutes later Kate wearing just her boy’s underpants joined me. Completely without embarrassment she took them off and made ready to get into the bath. “Can I put some of that stuff in?” she asked waving in the general direction of my bath cream. These were all feminine scented but not overpowering so I put some into the water and watched as Kate lowered herself into the water.

Her body was very slender and indeed she had small breasts, no body hair her skin was silky smooth as one would expect for someone of that age.
There were no signs of male puberty; her penis being about 1” and that was it.
I left her to wash herself telling her to wash and condition her hair! “Aunty Av wot’s conditioning?” I sighed to myself and replied, “Kate have your bath, don’t wash your hair then I’ll come and show you – ok?” “Ok aunty Av” was the chirpy response.

I went downstairs to fuss the dogs and also to see exactly what I had in the house that a teenager would eat. “AUNTY AV!” Came the bellow from upstairs, “Coming Love” I shouted, as I started up the stairs.

Kate was in the bathroom with my satin wrap on looking every bit a girl apart from the hair that was like a rat’s nest.
Her hair was shoulder length brown and to be honest needed trimming as there were split ends everywhere.

As I washed her hair I explained about shampoo and conditioner I roughly towel dried it then I told her to put her nightie on while I got a shower and then we’ll dry her hair.
It was now about eight and I slipped into a nightdress and a long wrap. Going down stairs I found Kate playing with the dogs.
“Right young lady let’s get your hair sorted.” I started blow-drying her hair she sat there simply enjoying the experience – her hair was beautiful and I was totally jealous. It was a lovely shade of chestnut soft and silky.
Finally it was dry and hung beautifully. “Aunty Av can I put a scrunchy in – please.”
I smiled gently at her, knowing I was leading her down the road to woman hood AND I was very wrong doing this.
I just couldn’t help myself so I got a scrunchy and put her hair up in a high girly ponytail. She stood in front of the mirror shaking her head from side to side.
“Aunty Av, I love it!” she came up and hugged me saying, “and I love you.” I looked at her tenderly and reminded her that she was only here for a week. AND tomorrow her hair must be in a boy’s ponytail.
She asked the difference so I showed her she looked at the lower boys ponytail and commented, “I don’t like my hair this way Aunty Av!”

So I re-did it as she wanted then made some tea for me and got some juice for Kate we sat on the settee watching the TV and chatting about - well she was telling me about her life as she snuggled up to me.

She had three brothers or as she put it, “not from the same dad as me” by saying this I understood meant they were stepbrothers to her.
The story was a disjointed mess as it seemed that she is so full of energy her mind leaps from topic to topic making it hard to keep up but I managed to piece together that her dad was step dad to her brothers their dad had died in a building site accident shortly after her next oldest brother had been born (does that make sense).

This next bit was really a bit shocking so I will tell it as more or less as she said it – remember this is from a 13 year old!
“Well after their dad died me mam couldn’t keep her legs together and copped for me! So she married me dad who drank the compo mam got after me bruvvers dad died (her first husband) and pissed it up against the wall then he started knocking her around! But when me bruvvers grew up they stopped him they really brayed him so when they’re around he don’t touch me mam or me!”

I commented, “You’ve not had an easy life have you love?” She sighed saying, “Oh it’s been all right; just that me dad’s a prat without him we’d be happy – I love me mam and miss her she didn’t mean to crack me she’s just afraid of me dad and - well cracked me one!” She looked up at me I noticed that she had the most beautiful green eyes; she gave a little sob, “I really miss me mam – I think she understands me but it’s me dad that’s the twat!”

I was a bit shocked with this. Sure I was aware that kid’s lived like this but until you’re confronted with the truth of the situation it’s remote; it happens to others not to you. I put my arm around her and hugged her to me she snuggled in close.

About ten I said, “come on young lady its bed time.” “But It’s early” she protested. “Not in this house it isn’t – bed you’ve school tomorrow.” “Oh aunty Av” came the pitiful response. “Bed” I repeated, “you can stay up later tomorrow.”
Grumbling she got up and headed upstairs, I followed her making sure that she cleaned her teeth and got into bed. “Oh I haven’t said goodnight to Sam and Dillon” she exclaimed getting out of bed and heading past me down stairs. I sighed at this remembering when I had tried the same excuses to eke out going to bed.

Eventually I got her in bed and started to leave the room, “Aunty Av” came a sleepy voice. “Yes love” “Thanks Aunty Av I love you.” Walking back to the bed I bent over and kissed her on the brow saying, “you’ve only known me for a day.” “But I still love you” she managed to murmur then silence I think the day had caught up with her.

I went downstairs poured myself a glass of wine and reflected on what had been a very eventful day! I had a feeling that I would be Kate’s support for quite a while and be there for her when she needed support.


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