Not a gay icon but I couldn't resist- Dammit!


"But Max, I am paying you and you are doing nothing?"

Mr Han Lee knew there had to be something wrong with my argument but he loved the increased business

Ever since the television cameras came to film us while we worked, new customers have poured in to be extras for the television series. They are so keen the television company doesn't have to pay them and Caroline and I make sure they buy lots of food and coffee to keep their tables or they are out the door.

So everyone is happy. The film company for cheap extras, Mr Han Lee for more big spending customers and I'm happy 'cos they're good tippers - dammit!

These newest fans though are something else!

"If Caroline and I wait on tables all we get is our wage from Mr Han Lee plus tips. So when the new fans say "We'll pay you to let us dress as you and do your job." what could I say? A boy waitress I might be but money is money and while not a gay icon I couldn't resist- Dammit!

With apologies to Two Broke Girls

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