Season of Change - Chapter 25

Season of Change


There were only a few things in Harry Potter's life that never changed, he was the son of Lily and James Potter and that he was born a male. What happens when he discovers the truth.


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Black family Etiquette : Note as someone pointed out in the Black family tree (I have a lovely copy of it) how technically Narcissa and Andromeda are not Alya's Aunts, you are correct. However, in many families including my own, it is common to call older cousins, usually those near our parents age Aunt and Uncle. Members of the Black family do the same.

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Chapter 25

Alya sighed as she watched Silverhook, the Potter family account manager, slowly lose his patience. She along with her uncle had of course arrived early at Gringotts and even after speaking to the Black account manager first, they were on time. However, Albus Dumbledore was not.

Suddenly the door opened and the man himself stepped into the room. Alya tried not to cringe at the color of the Headmaster's robes, positive that such colors did not exist in the natural world, at least not together.

"Milady Black, an unexpected pleasure." The old wizard gave a grand-fatherly smile as he entered the room. However, his eyes kept looking around for one person in particular.

Alya smiled congenially. "Good morning, Mr. Dumbledore. Oh before we continue, as Head of House Black, let me be the first to wish you good luck on your retirement and to express gratitude for your years of service to our community."

"I'm surprised that you're aware of my up and coming-retirement, Milady Black." Albus said with an unhappy frown.

Although innocent of any complacency in regards to Umbridge, Richard Abbot still requested Dumbledore's resignation. What even fewer people knew, his replacement would be none other than the senior member of the Centric Party, Milord Carrick Fawley.

Already the three of them had new legislation in the works. Working together with the up and coming Chief Warlock, Alya planned to ask for the removal of the banns on a number of old family rituals declared dark at the turn of the century. In turn, Milord Fawley agreed to push for the removal of many of the ridiculous non-human laws.

Although Fenrir Greyback and his pack would still be a problem, most of the other Werewolves, according to Remus, would be more than happy to keep away from something that appeared to be a Wizarding problem.

That along with a bringing back a number the old sedition laws of 1942, would help blunt the motions of the Traditionalists and followers of Voldemort inside the Wizengamot. The sad part, all these laws had been well within Dumbledore's power.

"Well as you know, due to certain circumstances I am not a sitting member of the Wizengamot however, as Head of House Black I am still a member of that august body."

The old wizard nodded. "Very true, my apologies. Good to see you as well, Mr. Tonks, although I am a little confused why the two of you are at this meeting."

"Mr. Tonks is the solicitor for House Potter and I requested Milady Black's presence." Silverhook grumbled. "Now take a seat, Wizard, so we can start."

"Of course, I apologize for my tardiness."

The goblin ignored him, instead began passing out a stack of parchment to each person. "Perhaps we shall start at the beginning?"

"What about Mr. Potter?"

"Do you see a Mr. Potter here?" Silverhook growled.

"Very well." Dumbledore sighed unhappily. "Although you are sure that Milady Black should be allowed to view the Potter account?"

"She had more business viewing it, and then you do." The goblin gave a toothy grin. "Since September 1, 1991 Hogwarts has removed from the Potter vault gold equal to a year's tuition for a one Harry Potter."

"Of course."

"Were you aware that James Potter paid for all seven years of his son's schooling already?"

Albus Dumbledore looked up genuinely surprised. "No, I was not."

"I see, then Hogwarts will refund the amount overpaid."

The older wizard reluctantly nodded.

"Excellent." The goblin nodded before flipping one of the pages. "Now then, let's take a look at the next half a dozen transactions."

An hour later, Ted Tonks found his niece sitting on a bench with her eyes closed. She had left half way through the discussion, obviously upset.

"Are you alright?"

Smiling sadly, Alya said. "You know what's so stupid about the whole thing, if he had asked I would more than likely have said yes. Harry probably wouldn't have even asked to be paid back."

Since the end of the war, the number of students has been at an historic low. It had only been in the last year that the population of the school had increased dramatically. However, instead of asking for an increase, Dumbledore instead took the money out of the Potter account to shore up the school's budget.

Although at first it appeared if only small amounts of money had gone missing, it couldn't be further from the truth. It took a little while for the goblins to discover the creative accounting going on.

"Even though, at the end of each school year they returned most of the money, I don't imagine Dumbledore nor the school can pay for all of the fines the goblins are going to levy against them?"

Ted gave a sad chuckle. "No, besides the Potter accounts manager also plans on demanding interest on all monies owed and paid back to the Potter family as well."

"Even if I ask them not to worry about it, the school doesn't have enough money to pay the goblin fines do they?"


Alya shook her head. "Stupid, the hubris of that man; he had to know that it would catch up to him. Even if its wasn't malicious, because the old man's ego wouldn't allow him to go to the Board of Governors for an increase in the budget, he has financially ruined a thousand year old institution."

The two sat quietly for a moment until Alya said. "Dumbledore must know he won't be able to remain as Headmaster. There is no way that this is not going to get back to the Board of Governors. Especially since as head of the Black family, I happen to be one."

"You have another decision to make as well."


Ted nodded. "Do you want me to contact the DMLE?"

"Merde" Running her fingers through her head, she said. "No, the man is a hundred and fifty years old, he won't survive prison. Actually, as much as I hate to admit it, Dumbledore would do better staying as a Professor at school until at least Tom's been dealt with. Tell the old man, he has to resign and I will speak to the Board of Governors this week."

"Unfortunately, that doesn't help the school's financial problem."

"And since someone is going some how blame Harry Potter for it anyway, I might as well fix it as well." Alya thought for a moment. "Uncle Ted, how much do you think an ounce of Basilisk venom would go for on the open market?"

The older man started laugh, remembering the story about the remains of a thousand year old Basilisk sitting under the school. "Quite a bit I imagine. I'll check the laws."

"Brill, see if you can set up something with the goblins. They will need to take care of it before school starts."

"Oh, Dumbledore wants to meet Harry. He says, it's important."

"To him maybe." Alya couldn't help but growl. "Have him write a letter."

"I can do that." Ted chuckled. "You need anything else?"

"No, well yes. You know some of that money went towards a scholarship for students who couldn't pay to attend. Tell the goblins that I want ownership of it and rename it to the James and Lilly Potter Scholarship Fund." Standing up, the raven-haired girl stretched. "And with that, I think I've done enough damage for one day."

"That's fine Alya. Go home; I'll take care of the rest."

After a hug, she walked away amazed how much Dumbledore's manipulative ways had come back to bite him in the arse.

Karma indeed.


Even with all of the oddities that had occurred throughout this summer, mostly to Harry, admittedly it was one of Hermione's best. Of course, Harry, no Alya, had been the reason for that as well.

Hermione knew she had been distancing herself from her parents since entering the Wizarding world. At first it had been a desire to remain with her friends, something she had never had. Afterwards, it had been to protect them from the evils of that world.

Alya, however, would have none of that. Family had become very important to her, especially since the start of the summer and she didn't want to see her best friend lose hers. She even went as far as going behind her back, inviting both her parents to France over the summer. In the end, Alya practically forced her to spend time with them.

Annoyed at first, Hermione quickly reconnected with her parents, especially with her mother, much to the joy of everyone involved. Her mother even went as far as joining her at the Naples School of High Magic while her Dad went to some Golf Tournament. She had spent almost the whole summer with them, only arriving late in the evening at Alya's home on the southern coast of England.

However, even with all of the oddities of the summer, reconnecting with her family, even having her best friend turn into a girl did not prepare her for a half-naked Luna Lovegood in her best friend's bedroom.

"Oh, good morning, Hermione." The petite blonde-haired person yawned then suddenly frowned. "You seem to be swarmed by Wrackspurts, is that why you're up so early?"

"It's not that early." Hermione murmured trying to ignore the fact that Luna wore little more than a gauzy peach colored Baby doll nightgown. "Why are you in here?"

"I had to go to the little witch's room." Luna looked at her confused for a moment, and then said. "And now, I'm going back to bed."

"Luna." Hermione whispered fiercely as the blonde-haired girl crossed the room slipping back under the covers of Alya's bed.

"What's going on?" A tired looking raven-haired girl sat up from the bed, rubbing her face with a look of confusion. "Is it time to get up already?"

"No, go back to bed."

Alya turned, raising an eyebrow. "Luna, luv, why are you in bed with me, again?"


The blonde ignored the bushy-haired girl's outburst. "I followed her this time."

"Hermione?" She stared at her friend who stood in the center of the room. "It's a little early."

"No, not Hermione."

Shifting in place, Alya looked down to find another in bed with her. "Nym, that's new."

"Tonks is in bed with you as well." Hermione said a little louder than she intended.

"What the fuck." The Metamorphmagus sat up clutching her head. "How come all of you are in my room?"

"She's not much of a morning person, is she?" Luna commented happily, as she snuggled underneath the covers.

"No." Alya grinned. "You're in my room. I'm guessing too much to drink last night. So how was the date?"

Tonks admitted to her that she fancied some bloke that worked with her in the Ministry. It took over a week to convince her to get her to ask him to dinner.

"Sucked, I hate men." Tonks grumbled flipping herself back over and wrapping an arm around a surprised Alya's waist. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

"Maybe I'll go read." Hermione started to back out of the room.

Lying back down, Alya said in an amused voice. "You won't be able to get into this Library either, at least not without me."


Sitting up, Tonks looked across the room. "Merlin, it's too early for this." Reaching towards the bed stand, she grabbed her wand and pointed it at the bushy-haired Gryffindor.

Hermione squeaked only to find her clothes transfigured into red and gold pajama.

"Now go back to bed."


"No buts." Tonks pointed next to her.

"Why in my bed." Alya chuckled.

"Hush, you." Tonks then turned back around, raising her wand again. "Well?"

"Fine." Hermione grumbled climbing into the bed next to her friends. Staring at the ceiling, she wanted to say she wasn't tired but surprising found herself drifting off to sleep. She then decided, while curling up around her best friend that it was indeed the best summer ever.


"Looks to be a nice day." Tonks commented as she walked down the small wooden stairs to step on the Black's private beach. Setting down a bucket filled with Butter Beers and ice, she conjured a chair before passing a cold drink to each of the girls.

"That's cute." Luna smiled as her friend pulled up a chair to take a seat under the morning sun. All three girls were wearing muggle-bathing suits, although Luna wore, in Hermione's opinion, a rather skimpy white bikini.

"My mum bought it for me in Paris." Looking across the beach, she asked. "Who is Alya dueling with?"

Tonks tilted her head for a moment watching Bellatrix and Alya duel. "That's our cousin, Mira."

"Hmm, OH is she the one Alya mentioned that was ill?" Hermione sat down with her book to watch the duel.


"She's really good." Hermione noted at the two witches danced around while casting numerous spells but she couldn't help but get a little annoyed. "Though it seems she's playing with Alya."

"No she's not." A dreamy voice said next to her. "She's testing her."

Hermione soon realized that Luna was correct, but it was difficult as both witches were casting spells so fast it appeared as if they were just constant beams of light. However, she could also tell that Alya was tiring, when suddenly her friend cast a spell sending up a huge mound of earth into the air.

All three were shocked as Alya moved faster than normal charging through the wall of sand. "Oh my."

"Beautiful." As the mound of earth vanished, Luna whispered as the trio watched the two witches now with knife and wand move around one another, a beautiful, but terrible dance.

"What's that?" Hermione asked worriedly as the air around them seemed to crackle and flash like lighting.

"The dueling wards." Tonks spoke with obvious concern in her voice. Alya had laid some very complex dueling wards around the back of the house; for them to appear to be overloading was a testament to the power of the two witches.

Suddenly Alya flew through the air, end over end in some sort of explosion and if it wasn't for her laughing they would have run to help her. Instead, she continued to laugh as Mira brought her gently to the ground.


"Goodness that was fun." Alya smiled as she lay on the ground. Turning her head, she smiled at the now very blonde Bellatrix. "But you really kicked my arse."

Alya couldn't help but think how strange it was a have a friendly duel with the woman in front of her. Earlier in the summer, they traded spells with deadly intent. She had even cast an Unforgivable upon the older witch.

Now she could only feel anger, not at the woman herself but at how she was treated in the past. Bellatrix had returned looking different but not so different.

The healers had used a mix of magical and muggle surgeries to make changes. A lift there, a tweak there and of course the hair coloring. They even managed to darken the color of her eyes. However, with all of the changes she still looked like a Black.

Alya had offered her gold and a new life anywhere on the planet; it's not as if the family didn't have the housing. However, Bellatrix made a deep curtsey and swore a magical oath to protect her new head of house from all enemies.

"Of course, ducky." The older witch sauntered over; swinging her hips back and forth seductively before sitting down. "Three times Hogwarts dueling champion."

Both women then laughed, but Bella then commented. "Still, you're very good but I'm guessing a lot of your training has been through an Auror?"

Alya nodded while sitting up. "My father and Nym. Is that a bad thing?"

"No not necessarily, however the style is very much studied. In the dueling circuit only a few Aurors end up doing well."

"So what should I do?"

"Don't be skriking about it, I'll get you moving; however, whatever you did at the end, scared the crap out of me." Bella grinned.

"We'll, I knew you were testing me." Alya looked, then finding herself blushing." But I got a little angry that I should be doing better and then I just moved."

Alya knew that it came from the same place where her knowledge of rituals came from. The spells she threw were to say the least rather uncommon. The last, a modified Assyrian shield breaker once used against Wizards who joined the Crusades.

"Well whatever it was, keep doing that, it worked. You're also mighty good with a knife, as well."

Alya snorted. She didn't mention it, but for some reason though, she also felt that she should be using a longer blade than a knife.

"I'm pants at anything to do with them except for these." She the snapped her fingers and a blade appeared.

"Not true, Alya." Tonks said as she and the other girls joined them. "You're just better with those."

"Oh, Hermione." Alya smiled as the other two girls approached. "Let me introduce you my new Primus Custos, Mira Ceridwen Black."

"Hello, nice to meet you. What does Primus Custos mean?"

"Means she is the new head of security for House Black. So, please come to her if there is any trouble."

"Good morning to you, Miss Granger. Milady Black has spoken quite highly of you." Rising from the ground, she helped her head of house up as well. "I'm sure that Auror Tonks would like to get some practice in herself?"

Alya smiled how quickly Bella became so formal. One second she could be swearing like a drunken sailor, the next she sounded like some pureblood heiress.

"No that's OK." Tonks grimaced remembering the last time the two of them dueled.

"Oh pish-posh, cousin." Bella grinned. "No need for your skills to become stale while on holiday."

Luna smiled. "Does that mean you going to wear that new bathing suit you bought?"

Alya shrugged. "Sure why not."

"Brilliant, then I'll go get the sun screen to rub on you." The little blonde bounced around happily.

"You know Luna." Hermione commented. "There are charms for that?"

"And your point being?"


"Alya did you have to moan like that." Hermione blushed trying to hide her face in her book.

"Sorry, it felt good." She mumbled. Not for the first time this summer did she find the whole thing surreal, lying on her stomach wearing little more than a small piece of cloth.

Luna giggled before rolling over on her stomach, and then reached behind her to untie her bikini. "How's the book?"

"Amazing, so much more information than Professor Binns ever spoke about."

"That's not so difficult." Alya commented more than a little annoyed at the lack of real history education at Hogwarts. From speaking to Fleur she was shocked how little was taught in the so-called premier school of Europe.

"I almost followed Gabby to Beauxbatons this year."

"Better not Black." Hermione smiled as she flipped the pages of the History of the Noble Houses Book. "I would have had follow you to France to kick your arse."

"Such language, Granger." Alya grinned at her friend.

"Plus it's such a lovely thing, it be a shame to harm it." Luna said dreamily.

"Dear goddess, you two need to get a room."

Alya couldn't help but giggle. "So, how about our other project?"

"You mean the one that you won't tell me what you know about it?" She grumbled.

Luna sat up, causing the bushy-haired girl to look away from the bare breasted girl. "Well, we think we know why the ritual failed. We just need you to research it and check our facts."

The two had written out most of the arithmetic equations on the ritual room walls. It didn't take long to see what happened however, the conclusion made no bloody sense.

"Alya wrote out the Arithmancy formulas; take a look when you get a chance."

Hermione nodded, amazed at how her best friend broke down two amazingly complicated rituals in probably a couple of weeks at the most. She knew Alya was smart but never showed it.

She then asked something that had been bothering her for some time. "Before, why did you always hold back in school, Alya?"

The raven-haired girl looked up surprised and then shrugged. "I had no real reason to do well. It's not like I would get praise for it, actually, quite the opposite."

"Oh Alya." Hermione sighed. "What about now?"

The raven-haired girl grinned. "I'm going to kick your arse."


Alya frowned for a moment. "You're not jealous?" Truthfully, she had feared that her old friend would be extremely jealous of her knew knowledge. She didn't want it to cause it to be an issue.

Hermione shook her head. "No of course not, I always do better with a little competition. However, I expect something in return for all of this research I'm doing for you."

"Your wish is my command."

"Good, I want you to teach me Warding." Hermione bit her lip. "And perhaps some Advanced Arithmancy as well."

Alya looked up smiling broadly. "OH, I can do that."

"Good, know what about the other thing?"

"You mean where Alya gets all of this strange ritual knowledge?" Luna leaned forward. "I also noticed when you weren't silent casting that you were speaking different languages again."

Alya shrugged, it tended to happen a lot when dueling. "Unfortunately the place we would need to go to probably wouldn't allow us back in, considering what we did to their offices last time."

"You mean the Department of Mysteries?" Hermione gave an unladylike snort. "Not bloody likely."

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