Jacilynn's cold a Jaci and Dottie story.

Lil Dottie got up from the couch. She smoothed her dress both front and back. She had just watched, for the twelve time, Frozen.

Dottie had fallen in love with the movie when it first came out in theaters. While she was not a redhead, being blonde, she felt more in tune with Anna. It was therefore not a surprise that she was humming one of her favorite tunes from the movie.

Looking towards the bedrooms she couldn't help but feel that connection yet again. For the last week Lil Jacilynn had been down with a very bad cold. She had fevers and hot flashes. She complained often about her throat being very sore and she coughed often. Not gentle easy on throat coughs either. More of the deep chest hacking coughs that lasted for minutes at a time and left her very weak.

Veille Tante Ruth had had to go home earlier in the week to deal with family issues of her own. Tante Drea had been doing her best to care for the very sick girl. Even Dottie was trying to help. She had put on one of Drea's dark cardigan sweaters and a white nurses cap and feed Jaci Chicken soup more than once. This usually ended up with a fair amount of the soup on Dottie as Jaci would inevitably cough in the middle of eating.

School for Dottie had seemed somehow lifeless and empty without her big sister there. Even though they didn't have classes together, it was just the knowledge that her sister was there for her. Now the hallways seemed huge. The classrooms smaller. And the other girls just seamed different. She was scared to go to school in truth.

That's not to say that Dottie had not worn her christmas present more than once. In fact she loved being a part of the Pinks. Her pink blouse with her name sew onto it just made her feel so much like a girly girl. Yet without her sister there she was beginning to feel like a fake.

Today a friend of Drea's was going to come and watch over them both. Papa Bru, as he preferred to be called, was not really a "papa" to either of the girls. And yet, both girls usually squealled "PAPA!" when he came to visit.

Papa would sit on his chair and both girls would rush into his arms. He would patiently put each of the girls on his knees and tickle them while they hugged him. Of course both girls would giggle until he let them go. It was just how things developed. As the girl's grew he couldn't hold both on his knees, though to be fair, he did try more than once to do just that.

Both girls would get excited and empty out their respective closet's when he came to visit to find the perfect dress, often in a hurry as the warnings of his arrival was usually a thirty minute call. Had either of the girl's known that the truth was he was already in town when he made the call. He was on the road most of the time and visits were never planned. However when he could get away for a visit he would. If there was time he would give his little girls, which is how he though of them, time to get ready.

Today was an exception. Papa Bru had phoned to talk to Drea for some reason. During the call he had received word that Lil Jacilynn was very sick in bed and that she was running out of vacation time to take care of her. Although more than an hours drive away he had immediatly offered to come watch the girls. There was never a question in his mind if it was a good idea. He just did it. His girls needed him so he would be there.

Cancelling appointments hurt but not as much as it would hurt to leave one of his precious to fend for themselves. Of course he knew Dottie would help. Or try too. Dottie's heart was so big but she got excited and over eagar to help. This often ended up with Dottie crying away in a corner in shame. Just hearing her sobs would break his heart.

Admitting to himself he realized that both HIS girls had him wrapped around their fingers. Strangely he never felt more proud of that fact. He had never once expected to have two daughters to dote on. It just wasn't in the cards for his future. And yet beyond all expectations he now did. He had also noticed that after being adopted by the girls, and more specifically his visits of the two, his sales had gone up. Twice over in fact. He was still puzzling that part out as he drove through the torrential downpour to get to his girls.

Dottie slowly walked up to Jacilynn's closed door. She opened it slowly and carefully. The Vicks vapourub and steam enveloped the room. Jacilynn was buried into her covers tossing and turning. Dottie couldn't help it as she started to hum a song.

"Do you wanna build a snowman.." she whispered.

"Come out and play.."

"I think it's over due... it's like youve gone away..."

From the muffled covers came a " Go way Dottie."

"Okay bye.."

saddened she shut the door to Jaci's room and continued singing the song. Slightly off key.

The reason Dottie was singing slightly off key is that she had not gotten completely used to her new voice. Before it was almost in a single tone but lately it had started to go up and down octaves. She hadn't noticed as she was terrified that any day her face would sprout ugly whiskers and her voice would become a booming basso male voice.

Lil Jaci turned over in her bed. Her breasts heaving she sat up and was immediately overcome with another coughing fit. At the end of the fit she was sweating badly and her throat felt like fire. She was so tired of this cold. She looked up at the canopy over her bed and wondered why god was punishing her so badly. She wasn't trying to be a girl. Everyone else kept putting her into the girl slot. Was it so wrong to want to be normal?

"If I be a good boy will you get rid of my c..." and she coughed and coughed again. At the end she was too tired and fell into a feverish sleep.

She was lookng around her room smiling at how peaceful it was and how pretty it was when suddenly the door to her room burst open and her father slammed his foot down. From his foot her white plush carpet turned to blue tough carpet. He slammed his hand against a wall. The pink and rose patterned wall turned to drab off white paint. The room became sparten as the barbies turned to gijoes. The unicorns on the shelf turned to race cars. And lastly her closet full of pretty dresses turned to ugly boy's suits and ties. Her bed turned to a dull boys bed and her nightie because rough boy's pajamas.

"Your a boy! You will NEVER be anything but a boy!" her father yelled before slamming the door closed. Lil jaci just sobbed in her bed.

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