Ten year old Ariana Walker has a close relationship with her older sister, a trans girl. One day, their relationship becomes closer than ever.

Author's note: This story is fantasy only. The author does not condone any of the actions in this story.
Also, some of the story codes you won't see as applying unless you read the whole thing.

By = Sure As Elle

Young Ariana Michelle Walker, ten years old, was scooting home from school on her two-wheeled push-scooter, her blond pigtails and blue, sunflower-print sundress flying in the breeze. It was the last day of school and she was excited.

She rolled up to the gate, got off, and carried her scooter inside the gate, then into the house. “Sarah! I'm home!” she called out as she opened the door.

Her older sister, a fourteen year old girl with her hair dyed black, was sitting on the sofa watching TV. She looked up when Ariana came in, and smiled, throwing her arms open for an embrace. “Come here, brat!” she said with affection. Ariana closed the door, set her scooter and school bags aside, and then ran into her sister's embrace. The older girl gave her younger sister a gentle noogie, and then held her and tickled the girl, but only a little before stopping. In response, Ariana pulled her sister's black blouse up, revealing her abdomen, and blew raspberries on her sister's belly, eliciting laughter from the older girl.

Their greetings out of the way, the two sisters calmed down. Ariana was laying atop her sister, her ear against the older girl's heart, listening to it thump. Sarah was running her fingers through her little sister's hair; the TV was ignored.

They were silent for a long time, like that. Then, finally, Ariana broke the silence.

“Billy Henderson said something mean today. He called you a freak.”

“And what did you do?”

“I kicked him in the nuts.”

“Ah, so are we going to get a letter from the school about this?”

“Nope. I did it after school was over. Tracked him down, said, 'This is for calling my sister a freak,' and kicked him square in the nuts.”

Sarah grinned, giving her little sister another gentle noogie. “That's my little brat. Thanks for sticking up for me.”

“Well, I love you loads. And you beat up Jennie Calendar that one time she stole my lunch money. Nobody calls my sister a freak; that's your word.”

“Exactly right, my little plum cake.”

Ariana sat up a little, digging her elbows into her older sister's chest. Sarah had long been a bit of a masochist, so she didn't mind this. “I was wondering...” Ariana began.


“How does it feel?”

“How does what feel?”

“Well, how does it feel, being a girl, but having boy parts.”

Sarah thought about that a moment. As she did, Ariana looked at her sister's face and did her own thinking. She'd heard things explained, before, with the words 'Sarah was born a girl in a boy's body.' She had a hard time believing it; Sarah did not look or sound anything like a boy of any age. Her long black hair was well cared for and cut in a girl's cut, and she did her makeup flawlessly. But even when Sarah had no makeup on, her hair mussed up from having just woken up, and running around in her pajamas, even then Sarah looked 100% girl. Ariana had even tried looking for telltale bulges, and had never seen any.

“Well,” said Sarah at last, “it feels like my body betrayed me. It feels like Goddess made a mistake. But I've kind of gotten used to it. I don't like it, but it's the way I am.”

“I've heard you could get it fixed? Some kind of surgery.”

“Sexual reassignment surgery, yes. Many folks like me do get that. But I don't think I will. Just the hormones for me. For one, there's a huge loss in feeling down below when they shorten the penis down into a clitoris, and I like sex and masturbation too much to do that.”

“Wow. I didn't know. I thought it was just like pressing a button and they take out your boy parts and put in girl parts.”

Sarah laughed. “If only it were that easy.”

A few minutes of silence passed, Ariana back to having her head on Sarah's chest. Then she sat up again, asking, “Where is the clitoris? I know it's between my legs somewhere, but I don't know where exactly. And I hear that touching it feels really good.”

“Yes, touching it a certain way is masturbation. Those with 'boy parts' can masturbate, too.”

“Do you masturbate? I mean, you're a girl but you have a penis. So... I dunno, maybe you don't because it'd feel weird. Like using the wrong thing.”

“Some T-girls feel that way, so they don't masturbate. But me, I just call it an oversized, malformed clitoris and masturbate anyway.”

“What about the nuts?”

“I have those, too. I tend to call them 'descended ovaries.' Do you know what an ovary is?”

“Yeah, Mom explained all that stuff to me last year. With pictures and even photos.”

“So you know what a penis looks like? And the nuts?”

“Yeah. But I've never seen my own clitoris. I wish I could.”

“I think I know a way to do that.”

Ariana got off her sister and stood up, excited. “Oh really? How?”

“I'll have to show you. Follow me.”

Ariana followed Sarah upstairs and, after making a quick detour to her own room, followed into Sarah's bedroom. Sarah rifled around for a few minutes for some things while Ariana sat on the bed, waiting. Ariana was reading one of the books on the bed when Sarah fake-coughed for her attention. Looking up, she saw Sarah bring over her tablet PC with a webcam plugged into one of the USB ports, the screen showing the camera's view.

“Now don't worry,” Sarah said, “it's not online and not recording. But this way you can hold the tablet, I'll hold the camera, and we can help each other find your clit so you can see it.”

“Oh cool!” Ariana kicked her shoes off so she could get all the way on the bed without getting it dirty, spread her legs, hiked up the skirt of her sun dress, and held the tablet. Sarah set the camera down a moment, and locked the door of the room. “Just in case. Mom and Dad aren't due back until 8 tonight, but you never know.”

That taken care of, Sarah picked the camera up again, and put it up close to her younger sister's panty-clad crotch, with one hand. With the other, she moved her sister's panties aside. “Do you see it yet?”

“No. I see my crotch, but it just looks like skin.”

“These panties don't have much give. Try taking them off.”

Ariana giggled, but set the tablet down and pulled her panties down around her knees. Picking up the tablet again, she said, “Still just folds of skin.”

“Do you mind if I touch it? To move things aside? The clit is inside the folds, as I understand things.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Sarah set the camera down so it was still pointed in the correct direction, and used both hands to pull her little sister's young pussy apart, showing the inside bits. She held it open with one hand, picking up the camera again with the other.

“See it now?”

“I dunno. Do you? Can you point it out?”

With one free finger of the hand holding Ariana's pussy lips apart, Sarah poked at the clitoris. “Right there. You see it?”

“Ah, yeah, I see it now. Hmm...” Ariana used one free hand to search down there herself, finally finding it. She then set the tablet down and tried again without looking.

“Oh good! Now I know how to find it without looking.”

“You want to try rubbing it, see if your body is ready for you to masturbate?”

Ariana tried, clumsily, a few times and then sighed. “I don't feel anything special. Can you help?”

“Well, from what my female friends online have told me, I think I might be able to help you out.”

Sarah went back down between her sister's legs and held onto one of Ariana's fingers with her own, guiding it to stroke the clit back and forth rhythmically. She kept it up for several minutes, waiting for a verbal response. She was just about to look up and ask when she heard Ariana breathing hard in a telltale way. Grinning, she asked, “Should I continue, or do you want to try it on your own?”

Ariana managed to moan softly that she wanted to try it herself, so Sarah let go. Ariana seemed to have learned what to do, because she kept her eyes closed, still breathing hard.

Sarah continued watching Ariana masturbate. For a moment, she felt a bit creepy, but that didn't last long; it was replaced by a tingling in her own nether regions, as she felt her errant “oversized clit” get hard. She was 14, watching her 10 year old sister masturbate, and it was turning her on.

“Um... Ariana? Do you... would you mind if I, uh... if I masturbated, too?”

Ariana giggled, not pausing in her masturbation, and said quietly, “Go ahead.”

Smiling wanly, Sarah said “Thanks” and sat across from Ariana on the bed, spreading her legs. Along with her black blouse, she was wearing a black skirt, which she pulled off now, sitting in just her blouse and panties. She pushed her pink, frilly panties down a little, just enough for her hard girl-cock to pop out, and started to stroke it back and forth. At first, she did this while watching Ariana masturbate across from her. But after a while, she got so caught up in it that she, too, was closing her eyes and moaning softly.

Sarah had no idea how long she sat like that, masturbating, getting so close but never all the way, when she opened her eyes and saw Ariana watching her masturbate. As if that wasn't enough, Ariana was still masturbating while watching. Sarah felt like she should be stopping, and feeling ashamed, but she couldn't find it in her to stop. Ariana just looked so very fascinated... and so very horny. Sarah realized that her little sister was eying her girl-boner with a hungry look in her eye. Or was she imagining that?

“Do you... um... like what you see, Ariana?”

“Yeah, I think I do. I've never seen a penis in person before. I've never even seen Daddy in the shower.”

“So you like it?”

Ariana nodded emphatically.

“Thanks. I, uh... I thought your clit was pretty cute. I've never seen one in person, either.”

Ariana looked up at her sister with a thoughtful look in her face. “It felt better with you guiding me than it did with me by myself. Would you mind if I masturbated you for you? Maybe it'll feel better for you, too.”

Sarah almost choked on her own saliva at these words, but said, “Um... well, if you really want to, I suppose. But, uh... well... I mean, what we've done so far, we shouldn't tell anyone else. But I don't think we'd really get in too much trouble if we did. But, uh... well... you touching me there. Well, I didn't actually touch yours, in that way. I just guided your hand. I mean, any more than what we've done might be... well, illegal. I mean, I'm only 14 myself, but I've heard stories about that not mattering anymore...”

Ariana blinked. “Oh. Is that the kind of thing they mean by 'bad touch'? That touching someone's clit or penis without permission first is illegal?”

“Well, it's a little more complicated than that. We're both under the age of consent, so legally speaking, neither of us is old enough to consent to any kind of sexual touch, good or bad, except from our own hands. Even if we both consented, and knew we consented, legally speaking it would still be rape.”

Ariana gave such a comical look of confused disbelief at these words, that Sarah laughed briefly. “You mean to tell me that we have no say at all over whether or not to make other people feel good sexually, or have others make us feel good sexually? They just picked an age, said anything under that was always rape, and that's that?”

“Well... in some parts of the country it's as low as 16, but not here. Also, there are exceptions, at least in some places, for cases like a 17 year old and an 18 year old having sex, to where – because they're so close in age – they won't get in trouble despite the 17 year old being too young. And when two kids below the age of consent have sex with one another... well, it's up to the parent to decide whether to allow it or not, in most cases. Unless there are too many years between the kids. But I don't think we'd fall into that area even if we weren't related, and... well... sex between family members – siblings, kids with parents, so on – is illegal as well, no matter their ages.”

“But enforcement requires either a confession from either person, or being caught in the act?”


Ariana thought about it some more and then said, “What gives them the right to dictate love and sex for us like that?”

“Well... aside from the fact that we're kids and they're adults, they do it to protect kids. At least, in part. I guess it's too much work to hear all the details of every case, and decide on a case by case basis when it's rape or not, especially when kids may not always know what they've gotten into, and may either be loyal to their parents or other adults enough to lie and say it wasn't rape when it was... or may be too scared to be honest about it. So they just came up with an arbitrary age of consent, instead. And anyone who is convicted – and in some cases, merely accused – of sex with a minor is put on a special list, and persecuted forever.”

Ariana frowned. “So stupid, those laws. But again, they have to catch people in the act or get a confession, right?”

“Yeah, I guess. Why?”

“Because I would never tell. Why should I? You're my sister, I love you, and you haven't done anything to me that I didn't want. Down with the law! Mom and Dad trust us both, they'd never suspect! And they're never home before 8 PM anyway. And I'd never tell. I really want to do more sexy things with you, Sarah. I want to make you feel good, like you made me feel good. In all the ways you know of to do so! I love you. I would never tell. And if we got caught, I would stick up for you. But we won't get caught, I know Mom and Dad; we won't.”

Sarah was very uncomfortable. “Well, I'm flattered. But what if I don't want to risk it?”

“Well... you've already done something that could get you in trouble. But... well, I suppose if you don't want to risk it, I'd be a little sad, but I'd get over it.”

Looking at her sister's disappointed face, and then at her adorable and sexy little pussy, then back at the disappointed face of her beloved sister, Sarah chewed her lip a little, mulling it over. Finally, she said, “Well... okay. As long as we're both super careful, I guess I can't disappoint you.”


“One other thing, first: promise to me that if I do anything at all that makes you hurt or uncomfortable, to let me know, and I'll stop right away. I love you, too, and I don't want to hurt you. So if I do by accident, I need to know so I can stop.”

Ariana smiled. “I promise.”

“Good. And I promise that you're the one in control here. When it comes to sex stuff between us, your word is my command. Though I reserve the right to veto anything I'm not comfortable with, too. Okay?”

“Sounds good. Can I touch your big clit now?”

Sarah checked the time. It was only 5:00. “Okay.” She looked down at her floppy girl-cock. “Maybe you can liven it up. But first, let me slip out of my panties.”

Sarah pulled her panties off, and Ariana got closer to take a good look. Then she touched it with her right hand. Next, she held it, and began stroking it the way she'd seen Sarah do it earlier. It felt different from anything Sarah had ever felt before. Similar to doing it herself, but with someone else doing it, and the hand doing it being smaller than hers, it was very different. But very nice.

“I've been thinking,” Ariana said as Sarah closed her eyes and got lost in the experience, “the way they explained things, the penis goes into the vagina to make babies. But they also said that you have to go through puberty, and have to be having periods, to get pregnant. I haven't had one yet. And besides... the vagina is warm and wet. I was thinking, it's not the only warm, wet place on the body. My mouth is warm and wet, after all.”

Sarah looked up in shock at these words, and Ariana grinned, continuing. “I hear things... around school, on the TV, on the Internet... I put one and one together and got two. I keep hearing about blow jobs, and I know they're something to do with sex, something done to those with boy parts. And since gay boys can do it to each other, well, I figured out on my own that a blow job must be putting the penis in the mouth.”

Ariana looked up at her older sister, who was looking flabbergasted. “Well, Ariana... you're right. That's exactly what a blow job is.”

Her older sister looked a little embarrassed, and Ariana sensed it wasn't just because her younger sister was talking about blow jobs. “You've given them before, haven't you?” she asked Sarah.

“Um... yes. Once. An older boy. Last year, when I was 13, and he was 16. I was enamored of him, and chatted him up. He convinced me to give him a blow job. And then he ignored me completely afterwards.”

“Were you... bad at it?”

“Quite the contrary. I wasn't especially good at it, but I think that didn't matter so much. He seemed to enjoy it. So much that he, uh... well... the term is 'came' in my mouth.”

“He 'came'?”

“Yes. He climaxed, and sperm shot into my mouth.”

Ariana nodded. “I thought so. Am I right to think the only way to get pregnant is for the sperm to go in the vagina?”

“Yes. It's the only route to the eggs.”

“How does sperm taste?”

“Salty and wet. And sticky. My throat felt a little like it sometimes does after drinking milk or eating cheese.”

“Good. Now if you're okay with it, I wanna see what it's like, giving somebody a blow job.”

Sarah could only nod, mutely. She didn't know what had come over her. It was like she couldn't say no, even when every instinct told her to.

Ariana grinned, and stroked Sarah's cock some more to get it stiff again. Then she got up really close to it, hesitating a moment, then stuck out her tongue and licked it. Sarah moaned softly in response. Heartened, Ariana opened up her mouth and put as much of Sarah's girl-cock in her mouth as she could before gagging.

In and out it gently went as Ariana concentrated on sucking her sister's cock, moving her tongue over it as well. Sarah's body filled with tension, and she struggled to hold still, while Ariana was sucking on her cock. Sarah was enjoying the experience so much that she wanted it to last as long as possible before coming.

Towards that end, Sarah managed to hold it in for a whole ten minutes, her back beginning to arch from the effort, when her cock finally exploded salty cum into her little sister's mouth. Ariana pulled Sarah's dick out, showed her sister the cum proudly, and then swallowed it. Sarah felt herself get hard all over again when Ariana did that.

They lay in bed, cuddling, for several minutes. After a while, Ariana lifted Sarah's blouse up in such a way that Sarah got the hint, and took it off. Ariana then tried taking Sarah's bra off, which Sarah had to finish doing. Ariana also took the rest of her own clothes off, and they lay there nude together, cuddling, while Ariana started to play with Sarah's nipples. Being on hormones, Sarah's breasts were growing; they were already on the large end of a B cup.

Without warning, Ariana leaned forward and began to suck on her sister's nipples, first on one and then on another, alternating between them. Sarah began to masturbate while Ariana did this, getting herself quite hard. Ariana was also fingering herself while she sucked on her sister's nipples, getting wet again.

Eventually, Ariana stopped and said, “I... I don't know if you'd want to... but if you would, Sarah, I... I'd like you to put your 'big clit' in my pussy.”

Sarah blinked, astonished, at her sister.

“Of course, I know that's a very boyish thing to do, and so I understand if you don't want to, but... well... I've heard a lot about it, and I really want to feel it firsthand. Since, after all, I'm not old enough to get pregnant. Pretty please?” She stroked Sarah's cock as she said this, making Sarah shudder with pleasure.

Sarah tried to pretend she was thinking it over, out of guilt. But her little sister had so thoroughly seduced her, she no longer felt she could say no. The look on Ariana's face clearly said she'd be very sad if Sarah refused. How could she refuse such a face? Besides, she was already in deep trouble if Ariana decided to tell on them. She didn't think Ariana would tell on them for any reason, but she might just decide to not speak to Sarah for weeks if she didn't get her way, and Sarah couldn't bear that. And hell, she was enjoying this, despite herself.

“Well, if that's what you really want, I suppose.”

“YAY!” Ariana shouted, laying on her back and spreading her legs.

“Erm... did anyone happen to tell you that it might hurt the first time?”

“Yeah. If the hymen is intact, it will hurt. Otherwise, probably not.”

“Well, there's also size and girth to take into account. I'm 14 years old, you're 10. My cock might be too big for your pussy.”

“Well, I wanna try it at least. If it hurts too much, I'll let you know.”

Sarah eyed Ariana's sopping wet pussy, which was dripping on the sheets. She'd love to eat her sister out some day, now she saw it in this light. She smiled. “Okay, Ariana.”

Sarah took a few moments to figure out what to do, then pulled Ariana's rear end over to the edge of the bed, getting off the bed herself first. The bed was tall enough that Ariana's cunt was right at the level of Sarah's cock. She held onto her sister's legs, got closer, then began by rubbing her cock against Ariana's clit.

Ariana was enjoying that, so Sarah kept going. Just as she was wondering if she'd give her sister an orgasm just by doing that, Ariana stopped breathing heavily and looked up. “Isn't it supposed to go in?” she asked impatiently.

“Sorry, Ariana. Um... I'll ease it in.”

Sarah tried pushing her cock into Ariana's wet cunt, but it kept slipping out. She finally had to get some help from Ariana to push it in far enough where she could ease it farther in, which she did gently.

It seemed to Sarah that her cock was going to be too big for her little sister to take, especially since it kept swelling from the excitement, but if it was too big, Ariana wasn't complaining. Her little sister's face got red as it went in, but Ariana said nothing. Finally, it was all the way in. Sarah took a moment to wonder how she'd gotten into this situation; she'd never had any feelings for Ariana before, beyond simple sisterly closeness. And now in one afternoon she'd gone from that, to fucking Ariana in her little pussy.

“Don't just stand there, silly,” Ariana said, “move it back and forth!”

Pushing her thoughts aside, Sarah did as ordered, moving her cock inward and outward, back and forth, over and over again. It felt so good, Sarah wanted to let herself pop, but knew that would be unfair to Ariana. It took all her effort to hold back, but she managed to do so long enough to feel Ariana having an orgasm. That taken care of, Sarah relaxed and squirted a hot load into her sister's young pussy. Then Sarah's cock flopped out, and she managed to get herself on the bed. The two of them lay there, naked and cuddling, their brows covered in sweat, recovering.

When they began to recover, Ariana crawled on top of Sarah and brought her mouth close to Sarah's left ear.

“I have a confession, Sarah. I know you never thought of me as anything more than a sister, before today. But I've long been in love with you. I've adored you so much, I just had to have you all to myself. I had to have you, the way lovers have one another.

“I've done a lot of research. We've done things together now that would get you into soooo much trouble, if I were to tell anyone.” She moved closer to Sarah's ear, one hand idly stroking the same ear, and continued, “You leave your door open all the time. Do you see those two teddy bears over there?”

Sarah's eyes followed Ariana's finger to two teddy bears. At once, she saw a faint reflection in one of the spaces between them, like the glass of a camera lens.

“Is that... is that a webcam?” She asked, dread filling her heart.

“It's a wireless webcam set up to record to my own laptop, and the remote control to it is in my bag. When you went upstairs, I turned it on. It's been recording us all this time.”

Sarah turned pale at this, staring at Ariana in horror. Ariana had long been a whiz at computer stuff, so she had no doubt Ariana had caught everything they'd done together on video.

“Don't worry, I'll hide it in an encrypted drive. Anyway, now we can have sex whenever I want it. You're all mine, now, Sarah. You'll stay all mine, won't you?”

Sarah swallowed, nervously. “Yes.”

Ariana looked concerned, suddenly. “Do you love me, Sarah? I hope you do. But I wouldn't blame you if you were upset with me.”

Sarah smiled. “I'll always love you. I always did.”

“Yes, but do you love me the way I love you?”

The older girl pondered a moment. She'd never had feelings for Ariana the way Ariana apparently had for her, but now that they'd had sex together, and despite the blackmailing, Sarah knew she had fallen for her little sister. The cunning, wicked plan actually made her feelings even stronger; she'd long had a masochistic side, long wanted to be someone's slave, and now her 10 year old sister was her Mistress. Sarah finally said, “Despite your devious and evil trap, which I cannot now escape... yes, I think I do. No, scratch that; I know I love you, romantically, Mistress.”

“Good. I'd have been sad if you didn't. But I could have lived with it. I'll be honest, I wouldn't get you into trouble. I love you too much.”

“So... this isn't really blackmail?”

“Nope. You can be honest, too.”

Sarah sensed Ariana was telling the truth. “I was being honest. It's kind of weird I fell for you so quickly, just from your devious seduction and schemes, but I honestly have. I... I want to be your slave.”

“Oh,” Ariana said, pleased. “Good. Now, my slave, kiss me.”

Sarah grinned. “Yes, Mistress.”


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