Better late than never (Act II)

“Well, I’m glad you feel this way. I think it goes without saying that we keep this a secret, at least for now.” Jenny said, turning and examining her hemline on the wall mirror.

“Sure dude. Can do. One condition though.” Chris said with a sly grin on his face.

Jenny braced for it again. ’Please be something easy.. please be something easy.’ She thought. “Sure, and what’s that?” she asked.

“You’re definitely coming with me to that Delta party tonight dude! Showing up there with a hottie like you on my arm, they’re gonna let me in for sure!” Chris said earnestly.

* * *

“I don’t know Chris…” Jenny trailed off. She kind of wanted to be alone tonight. “Would you really tell everyone?” she asked with a glint of fear in her eyes.

“Look man, err… what should I call you?” Chris asked ponderously.

“Jenny works. For now.” She answered.

“OK Jenny, if you do this for me, I’ll never forget it. I’ll keep your secret for free, but if you come to this party with me, even just for a little while, I’ll make it up to you I swear. I’ll owe you a huge favor.” Chris pleaded, dropping to one knee and cupping his hands.

Jenny felt bad for him suddenly. He’d been talking about pledging Delta in the Spring since the end of their first week of classes. She couldn’t say she didn’t have anything to wear, and looking in the mirror again, she found herself thinking that it could be fun. Like going to a party in costume, only nobody could tell. “Alright fine, I’ll go…” Jenny began, “But only for an hour, then I’m out. Introduce me as your girlfriend from back home or whatever. Oh, and fair warning, I’m holding onto that favor, and when I call it in, it’s going to be a epic.”

As they walked down the campus sidewalk in silence, Jenny looked up into the night sky at the moon overhead. ‘Thanks a pantload’ she directed her thoughts to the moon, ‘as though my life weren’t complicated enough already, now I gotta watch out for you too?’

The graceful swivel of her hips, the way her arms swung from the elbow instead of the shoulder and the gentle sway of her breasts in motion all crept into Jenny’s consciousness. ‘Weird. Not unpleasant, but different.’ She thought. Passing a storefront window on the main street of town, Jenny could see herself gliding gracefully in her new body, her motions were quite natural looking. She knew so little about being a girl, but she had instincts to go on. Besides, she only had to pretend to be one for a short time tonight.

The run-down, dilapidated structure known as Delta House stood before them. In better days, it had served as the home of a local businessman and his large, prosperous family. The Victorian style manse, complete with wrap around front porch and a wrought iron gate at the sidewalk must have been truly magnificent then. Its current state, 90% peeling paint and rust, had clearly been the product of years or even decades of neglect.

“I can’t believe I’m going in there.” Jenny said as Chris opened the squeaky gate leading up to the main entrance. “I mean, this place is in shambles! Don’t they have pledges to fix this stuff?” she asked rhetorically stepping over a gap from a missing board in the front porch, heading towards the front door.

“I don’t know, looks pretty cool to me.” Chris said knocking loudly. “Like a post apocalyptic ‘Stately Wayne Manor.’ And these guys aren’t your preppy, douche bag frat guys like some of the other frats, they’re way chill.” He explained. “You’ll see man… I mean Jenny.” He blushed.

Jenny lightly swatted her roommate in the back of his head. ‘And here I thought that I’d be the one to blow it.’ She thought as a scruffy faced, tie dye sporting pale kid with dreadlocks answered the door.

“Sup man. You’re here for Marcus, right?” he asked, flashing a sense of faint recognition at Chris through blood shot, half shut eyes. “He upstairs, third… no fourth door on the left.” He said, smiling at Jenny as she passed by with Chris.

“What the fuck is wrong with that guy?” Jenny whispered to Chris when the tie-dyed stoner was out of earshot. “Did you see the way he was looking at me?” she asked incredulously.

Chris grinned. “Dude, Jenny… look at you! You’re a stone cold fox! He didn’t mean nothing by it, I’m sure.”

Jenny blushed as she remembered suddenly her current state and appearance. “Well… it’s weird. That’ll take some getting used to.” She said, folding her arms in front of her as they stood before Marcus’s door.

Chris knocked.

“Who is it?” a booming voice bellowed from within. Chris and Jenny flinched slightly in the hallway.

“Uh, it’s Chris, we met last week at Old Pete’s Tavern.” Chris answered.

“Just fucking with ya, come on in.” Marcus opened the door and gave Chris a fist bump. He was a large man, 6’2 or 6’3, tanned and sporting a shaved head. He wore a sleeveless t-shirt, exposing a couple tattoos on his muscular arms. He looked more like a gang banger than a frat brother, with an intimidating, square jawed countenance.

“Thanks man, this is Jenny.” He said, pointing to Jenny.

“Sup, broham?” Jenny asked, going in for a fist bump too. “I mean, nice to meet you.” She squeaked.

“Nice! I love a chick who fist bumps.” Marcus said reciprocating. “She’s cool man, so how do you two know each other?” Marcus inquired.

“She’s my girlfriend from back in Springfield.” Chris answered. “We’ve been going out for what, 3 years now?”

“Yep, three years!” Jenny said with a smile as they entered a messy room that smelled similarly to the common room she and Chris shared back at the dorms.

A loft bed hung off the wall to the left, suspended from the ceiling by chains anchored into the ceiling jousts. Underneath there was a couch, half covered in laundry and presumably empty pizza boxes. A beer can or two were visible amongst them. Pictures of women in varying states of undress littered the walls, some vintage centerfolds and a couple a bit raunchier. An old-school, tube TV played at a low volume. It rested on a dusty entertainment center, and was tuned to a college game being played on a division 1 campus far away.

“So.” Marcus began, shutting and locking the door behind them. “Make yourselves at home, and we’ll get right down to business.” He said as he turned to open his bi-fold closet doors. A pile of dirty clothes got in the way, and he leaned in to pick them up.

Chris plopped himself down on the clean spot on the sofa. With nowhere else to land, Jenny casually straddled the arm, oblivious to the visibility of her panties as she sat, legs apart. Chris tapped her on the arm lightly as Marcus fumbled with the pile of clothes, his back still turned.

“What are you, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct?” Chris whispered.

Jenny’s face reddened as she suddenly realized how she was sitting. She quickly crossed one leg over the other and adjusted her posture, leaning in and placing a hand on Chris’s shoulder.

“Okay, it’s $350 a lid normally, but for you I’ll do $325 this time. And it’s good. Even better than the last one, I promise you that.” Marcus said, emerging from the closet with a hockey bag that was most certainly not filled with hockey equipment. Nevertheless, it did look damn near full. And quite heavy.

Jenny’s eyes went wide, from the site and from the smell that came when the bag was finally opened. “$325 sounds a little high, do you think that you can do $300?” she asked demurely, batting an her eyelashes. Instantly she decided that Jim would be proud, as he was always a tough negotiator. Chris just looked at her like she was insane. He even lipped it.

But Marcus chuckled. “Wow I knew you were awesome chica. Sure, why not? See that Chris, you’re getting the hot girlfriend discount my man. I think we’ll call her the Negotiator.”

Jenny blushed at the compliment. For his size and intimidation factor, coupled with his bag-o-felonies, this Marcus seemed rather affable to her.

Chris looked relieved and shot Jenny a grateful look and thumbs up as Marcus pulled out a scale and set about weighing out the purchase. When it was bagged up, Chris handed him the money and took the bag, placing it in his jacket’s inner pocket. “Thanks man, I appreciate the hook-up.”

“What can I say, I’m a sucker for the pretty ones, and I like it when they smile.” Marcus said. “So let’s go downstairs and get some drinks. Mixer should be starting soon.” Marcus said leading the way down the hallway lined with pictures of brothers long since graduated. As they rounded the corner at the bottom of the steps, another door opened onto a party room lined with lights, speakers and two functional looking bars complete with tap handles. “Guys, this is Chris, he’s going to be one of us some day. And this is Jenny, she’s his girlfriend and chief negotiator.” He joked as the group of guys at the back bar passing a blunt offered an obligatory, “sup?”

Jenny noticed a few of their eyes light up as they set upon her, slightly disturbed that she knew exactly what they were thinking about her. As she and Chris approached the bar, the tie dyed stoner from the front door encounter offered her a peach fuzzy navel wine cooler. “Fuck that.” She said on instinct, reaching past him for a cold beer from the ice bucket.

A chorus of “Ohhhs” erupted from the gathered brothers as the tie dyed stoner plopped his offering back into the cooler. “Can she pledge with him?” one of the Delta’s said as Jenny cracked open her beer.

“You’re a lucky man, Chris, you should bring her around more often.” Marcus said, pointing to Jenny with a friendly smile. “Fill up some pitchers, Jonsey. We’re going to play some pong with our guests. Crash, get some cups.” He said, as two of the brothers obediently broke off to prep the table.

There was little doubt in anyone’s mind who was in charge at Delta house. The brothers seemed to hang on his every word and command. As Jonsey and Crash set the table, another random brother approached and whispered something into Marcus’s ear. “Got it. Be right there.” He said back before turning to Chris and Jenny. “Duty calls, but don’t worry. Goofy, Otter, get over here and play some pong with our honored guests.”

As the tie dyed stoner and another, more hipster looking kid approached the table, Jenny leaned to whisper in Chris’s ear. “Am I missing something here? Your getting the VIP treatment. You’re blowing Marcus aren’t you?” she joked.

“Good one Tits McGee.” Chris fired back. “That’s what happens when you show up with a stone cold fox on your arm I guess. It’s a first for me too.” He admitted. The volume of the music rose sharply and a few moments later, people began filing into the basement. Another fraternity and two sororities were invited to the event, and before long the large party room was filled to capacity, smoky and noisy.

The plastic ball flew off Jenny’s hands towards the cups across the table, and plopped into her opponent’s last remaining cup. “Haha! What motherfucker? Drink up bitchezz!” She said cockily, flexing her biceps menacingly across the table like a pro wrestler would at his newly vanquished foe. The tie dyed stoner and his partner shuffled off and merged with the crowd. “Who next?!” she said, strutting around her end of the table like a wide receiver in the end zone holding the ball.

“Uh Jenny, you know how it’s like, good to lose to your boss at golf and stuff?” He asked semi-rhetorically. “We need to apply that principle to this situation and maybe not thrash the people who get to decide if I can join or not.”

“Awe come on, they can take it.” Jenny protested. “Just a little ball busting is all.” She thumped her fist into his arm in a friendly but bro-like gesture. A moment later, the next on the list appeared. “Hopefully these guys don’t suck as bad. I’m getting thirsty over here!” Jenny quipped.

A few games later, Jenny was still on fire. But the few beers she’d consumed to that point seemed to have an amplified effect on her. Jenny, for all her cockiness, didn’t hit a shot in her final game. And without realizing it, had stayed well beyond her obligatory hour. Stepping aside after the loss, Jenny felt a good buzz kicking in.

“So are you having fun?” Chris asked as Jenny as they stood together at the end of the bar.

“Yeah, surprisingly I am. I mean it’s weird, getting ogled like this, but it’s flattering in a way I guess.” Jenny said, adjusting her bra straps casually. “And my tolerance is crap. I’m cutting myself off now.” She added, setting down her half full beer.

Chris put away another 3 cold ones as he chatted with Jenny and a few of the brothers for a while longer.

“Chris, I think I’m ready to go now.” Jenny said after some time had passed. “It’s getting late.”

Chris agreed without hesitation.

They started to leave quietly, most of the guests focused on getting drunker yet. As they passed, Jenny felt most of the lustful looks she was getting from a few of the Alpha Theta brothers they brushed by. But she most definitely felt every bit of the hand that reached up her skirt and grabbed her butt when she was about halfway across the room. “What the fuck!” she exclaimed, turning around in disgust to see a tall pretty boy in Alpha Theta letters drunkenly grinning back.

Acting on instinct, Jenny pulled back and socked him in the nose. As he stumbled back, a few of his brothers gathered around him. “C’mon you want some more?” Jenny said, before suddenly feeling small and vulnerable. She half expecting him or his buddies to rear up and swing back.

“What the hell?! That bitch broke my nose!” he exclaimed in disbelief as blood ran from each nostril. With that, he turned to the bathroom and his backup looked at one another and shrugged, unsure about how to react.

Jenny’s knuckles hurt, and she shook her hand at the wrist and inhaled sharply. “Tell Gropey McFeelyhands there that grabbing people’s asses isn’t cool.” She said, turning and strutting towards the door.

The crowd murmured softly for a moment, and as she walked out in a huff, Jenny could hear the sorority girls giggling and saying things like “Right on girl!” and “Serves him right.”

On the sidewalk, Chris was grinning ear to ear.

“So, was I a good ‘date?’” Jenny asked ironically. “Keep in mind that you’re not getting any tonight.” She joked.

“Hells yes!” Chris declared. “But man, I gotta say, you suck at being a girl! Fist bumping, sitting spread eagle, talking smack at beer pong, flexing at dudes! Then you go all Bruce Lee on that pretty boy’s nose. That was epic!”He laughed loudly. “I thought he was going to cry! It really is you in there, I’m sure of it now.”

Jenny smiled pridefully. “I thought he was going to kick my 5’3, 115 lb. ass though. It’s kinda scary being this small.” She admitted. “I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to now.”

“I would have stepped in, not that you needed me too.” Chris observed. “And thanks too. For doing this for me. I really owe you one for helping me make a big impression.” He added with sincerity.

“Don’t thank me yet, because there’s no telling what I’ll ask you for in return.” Jenny giggled as they entered the dorm building. “Hey what’s up Doug?” she asked, passing by her neighbor from public speaking in the lobby.

“I’m good.” Doug said automatically, looking up at an unfamiliar female walking past. A puzzled expression washed over his face. ‘Who is she? How does she know my name?’ he wondered as she sashayed past into the elevator.

“Holy shit dude!” Jenny said as the elevator door shut behind her and Chris. “He doesn’t know me like this, how could I be so stupid?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Chris cut in. “ He’s probably just really happy that a hot chick knows who he is, period.” He joked. “But yeah, something else you’ll have to watch out for I guess. Bummer.”

Entering the common room, Jenny sat on the couch and leaned back, closing her eyes. “No idea what I should do about this man. It’s sooo weird, right?”

Chris took the seat next to Jenny, loading up his favorite bong and picking up his gold, player 1 controller. “I know what I’d do.” He said pausing to inhale.

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” Jenny inquired.

Chris breathed out a stream of thin, white smoke. “Two words dude. Girls shower room. Shoot. Three words.” He coughed lightly as the Xbox kicked on and he went about loading a game.

“Ha, very funny man.” Jenny said, at once realizing the value in his suggestion, and the futility of gaining his full understanding. The familiar sounds of the digital massacre began a moment later.

“Should I tag you in?” Chris asked hopefully.

“Naw, I think I’m just going to chill in my room for a bit.” Jenny said standing. “Oh and Chris… she turned back to him and waited as he paused the game. “Thanks. For everything tonight. I appreciate you not freaking out, and I actually had a good time at Delta. Hand pain aside.” She shook out her punching hand again.

“No doubt, what are friends for?” He said with a warm, half-baked smile.

Back in her room, Jenny flipped on the computer and took a seat at her desk. A moment later, she found herself on entering in her credentials. Once in, she opened up her profile and officially changed her name on the site. ‘JennyMoon’ she entered confidently.

When she created the account long ago, she’d assumed the female name Jamie. But tonight, after the change, she decided Jenny felt right. Plus it was further off of her male name, James, and would better disguise her identity, at least in theory.

Luna1996: “You’re on! And a new name, huh?”

JennyMoon: “It kinda came to me earlier tonight.”

Luna1996: “Does that mean what I think it does?”

For some reason, Jenny hesitated before realizing that she had far more to gain by being truthful about her situation.

JennyMoon: “Yeah, it finally happened.”

Luna1996: “Better late than never.”

JennyMoon: “Says you, me I’m not so sure yet.”

Luna1996: “Yeah it’s a big adjustment, that’s for sure.”

JennyMoon: “Yeah, so far the verdict is I suck at being a girl.”

Luna1996: “You know what they say, practice makes perfect! And you’ll have plenty of opportunities for practicing too ;-) ”

JennyMoon: “I guess. There’s what, three full moon nights per month?”

Luna1996: “Yup, tomorrow and the following night. Plus it tends to slip out between full moons sometimes. You’ll see what I mean.”

JennyMoon: “Yeah I remember my dad saying it’s hard to control it at first, but he’s settled into changing on the moons and about once per week in between.”

Luna1996: “That’s a pretty accurate prognosis, it was the same with me. But one you get the hang of it, you can control when you change outside of the full moon nights. Could be every other week, every week, twice a week. Any more than that though, and you really run the risk of getting stuck in girl mode for good.”

JennyMoon: “Oh shit… that can happen?”

Luna1996: “It’s been known too. But relax, it’s rare. And the folks I know who it’s happened to, they all seem to prefer it that way.”

JennyMoon: “How am I gonna deal with this Luna?”

Luna1996: “Do like the rest of us, and live with it. One day at a time. Get as much enjoyment out of both halves as possible, and find a balance between the two that works for you.”

JennyMoon: “I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”

Luna1996: “You’re welcome, and feel free to hit me up anytime. I’ll be here for you.”

JennyMoon: “Í appreciate that.”

Luna1996: “I know. So, are you gonna show me how you turned out, or do I have to beg? ;-)”

Jenny adjusted her webcam downward to account for her shorter stature, and checked the angle of the screen in the monitor. Once satisfied, she sent a request to Luna. She smiled nervously and waived when the feed started broadcasting.

Luna1996: “Whoa you turned out smoking hot! And that outfit, wow! I half expected to see a frazzled chick in a men’s t-shirt and boxers.”

JennyMoon: “Haha, thanks, I got these last night, it was like I was on auto pilot.”

Luna1996: “Yeah it pays to stay out of the malls when the moon is close to full like it was last night. You’ll end up buying all sorts of girlery!”

JennyMoon: “Yeah I just got a couple outfits and some essentials from Vicky’s.”

Luna1996: “A good start, but make some room in that closet of yours hun.”

JennyMoon: “I guess it gets pretty expensive being a werewoman huh?”

Luna1996: “Worth every penny, you’ll see. Your folks know yet?”

Jenny sighed and bowed her head.

JennyMoon: “No. Not yet. I don’t know how to tell them. I know my dad will make a big deal out of it, want to do a shopping trip and hold a pack get together to welcome me in a hyper-supportive way. I don’t think I’m ready for that.”

Luna1996: “That actually sounds kinda nice if you think about it. Besides, you can’t hide it from them forever. You could try, but Easter falls on a full moon night next year, so the jig is probably up at that point.”

Jenny thought for a moment, telling her folks would be a good way to grow her wardrobe…then she giggled when she envisioned trying to hold back the change at Easter dinner.

JennyMoon: “Well, maybe tomorrow or Monday. Definitely not tonight.”

Luna1996: “Let me know how it goes hun. I’m sure you’ll do fine. So how’d you spend your first night as a girl?”

JennyMoon: “Long story there. First, I stupidly agreed to go to this party with my roommate. Then he sees me change, right before we left thank God. But after all that, I still end up agreeing to go to this frat house.”

Luna1996: “Frat house? On your first night? You’re bad! I’m guessing your roommate didn’t freak out then?”

JennyMoon: “Yeah he took it surprisingly well. That’s why I agreed to go to the party. It was kinda fun actually. I met some people, played beer pong. Oh also on the highlight reel: Some dick grabbed my ass and I busted his nose.”

Luna1996: “It’s funny how that can happen too, like if I wasn’t paying attention I’d forget I was female at first.”

JennyMoon: “Haha yeah, I was acting like Jim in there. It was quite a scene.”

Luna1996: “That may be the best first night I’ve ever heard of before. Most of us just freak out, maybe cry and then explore the new equipment and stuff. Not my Jenny ;-)”

Jenny blushed as she realized that she hadn’t really taken any time to explore her new body. The notion was at once appealing and embarrassing to think about.

JennyMoon: “I didn’t really have time to do either of those things tonight. So far”

A request to accept Luna’s cam feed came across.

Luna1996: “We’ve got plenty of time before sunrise, if you’re up for it ;-)”

‘Oh what the hell, why not?’ Jenny thought hitting accept as her screen filled with Luna’s feed. She was wearing a tank top and pajama pants, a window open on the full moon in the background. It’s silvery light shimmered off her onyx tresses in a delightful way. A true beauty of the night.

Luna1996: “You have a beautiful body Jenny. Let’s start exploring, shall we?”

As she finished typing, Jenny watched as Luna peeled her grey tank top over her head, revealing the white lacy bra underneath. She deftly slipped down the shoulders, pulled down on the band and spun the clasps around to the front, unfastening them as her bountiful chest tumbled out. Jenny felt a damp warmth deep within her loins as she watched and followed suit, pulling off her own top and bra. Jenny relished the sensation as the weight of her breasts redistributed itself from her shoulders to her back and chest wall as the garment fell away.

Luna1996: “That’s good, what are you, a DDcup? They’re perfect. So perky, yet soft and inviting.”

Jenny blushed as she reached up to tease a nipple. A shiver of pleasure shot through her as she gently squeezed, pressing inward on the pillowy flesh beneath. “Ohh.” She cooed involuntarily.

JennyMoon: “Yeah, good eye ;-)”

Luna1996: “Atta girl, it’s pretty great having your own set isn’t it?”

Jenny felt flush as she continued to fondle her breasts, kneading them with both hands as Luna on screen followed her lead this time.

Luna1996: “That’ll help to warm the oven, but wait until you see what you get from down lower...”

On screen, Jenny watched as Luna leaned back in her seat and wriggled free of her silky pajama bottoms. As they fell away revealing her bare womanhood to the camera, she smiled slyly. Her pubis was hairless, save for a ‘soul patch’ centered like a bullet point above her clit.

Jenny fumbled with the buttons on her skirt as she watched Luna begin to rub in a circular motion around the apex of her outer lips, arching her back and panting visibly. As she tossed aside the skirt and dropped her panties to her ankles, Jenny imitated shyly reached a hand down, making contact with a gummy mound, slick with musk.

Jenny gasped audibly as she began to slowly circle her clitoris with one hand. The other greedily pawed at her breasts, gently squeezing and tugging, hardly believing that these wonderful masses were attached to her. As the pleasure built, Jenny found herself mewing and moaning in passion as she arched her back and spread her legs farther yet.

And just when she thought that the pleasure had reached crescendo, Jenny’s wonderful new body would transport her to another level of ecstasy again and again. Her eyes still glued to the screen, Jenny watched in wonder as Luna’s stomach seemed to cramp up, her hand motion slowing as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She leaned back, swooning with passion as her hips bucked wildly against her hands.

A moment later, Jenny felt a similar contraction. Her busy hand detected a vibration coming from within her, as suddenly her body started to quake involuntarily. Slipping in two fingers, she felt a wave wash over her. “OH GOD! Yesss!!!” She said loudly, moaning as her inner walls gently clenched and unclenched against her probing fingers. Her breasts heaved as her hips bucked, forcing her fingers deeper and deeper into her slick, smooth pocket of womanflesh.

A glistening wetness dribbled across her inner thighs as her hand went idle from pleasure overload. Her vision blurred as she cried out in sheer bliss. The pleasurable internal contractions reverberated throughout her body for what felt like an hour, but in reality was probably about ten seconds. When her eyes refocused on the monitor, a seductively smiling Luna stared back at Jenny.

Luna1996: “Much better on this end, huh?”

JennyMoon: “That was… incredible…”

Luna1996: “Haha that’s the spirit! We so have to get together one of these nights ;-)”

JennyMoon: “For sure. Where are you located these days by the way?”

Luna1996: “I’m at Tech, loving it so far.”

JennyMoon: “You’re kidding? That’s only 30 miles from me. I’m at State!”

Luna1996: “I’ll have to come up next month, make sure you stay out of trouble and learn how to not suck at being a girl!”

JennyMoon: “Haha very funny. But on the reals I could probably learn a lot from you. I’d like that.”

Luna1996: “Then it’s a date! See you then kiddo, I’m heading off for now. Oh, and welcome to the club ;-)”

JennyMoon: “Thanks Luna, sweet dreams hun.”

A few moment’s later, Jenny was climbing into bed. She slept naked, not wanting to risk destroying her modest collection of girlery when she shifted back to male mode when the sun came up. Her father said that you’re almost always asleep when the reversion happens. Your girl side will wear out, settle down for a snooze, and you’ll wake up fully male again. And as fun as tonight had ended up being, part of Jenny was looking forward to going back.

As Jenny drifted off to sleep that night, she dreampt of Genevieve. Their bodies intertwined in a loving embrace, moans of passion mixed with squeaks of delight as they explored every inch of the other’s body. Playful looks and coy smiles were exchanged as the women gently rocked together, locking lips and swirling tongues giving way to more sensual vocalizations. The dream was vivid, and in sharpest detail, yet as it happened, Jim had the sense that he was dreaming.

The urgent throbbing of his erect member was the first waking sensation Jim felt the following morning. Hopping out of bed, still fully undressed, he checked himself over and noted that every aspect of his familiar self was present and accounted for. Relief like he’d never known washed over him, until he realized that this reversal was temporary. He’d change again tonight, at moonrise.

It was 10:14AM according to the clock on his wall. Jim checked for the precise time of moonrise that night. 5:23PM. That left t-minus seven hours, nine minutes until girl out. ‘(Yawning) sounds about right’ Jim rolled his eyes at the sleepy sounding girl voice within.

‘That’ll leave you with time to wash my stuff and get it ready for tonight.’ She said cheerily.

‘We’re staying in, Jenny. I have to study.’ He thought back at her from his male brain.

‘Study female anatomy, maybe!’ she retorted with a raspberry sound at the end. ‘Plus, I have to wear something don’t I?’

Jim groaned and tossed the garments from last night into the hamper as he set about getting ready. Showering and dressing for the Sunday ahead, Jim emerged into the kitchen. ‘GAME OVER’ flashed across the television screen as Chris snored prolifically, his head resting on the arm of their couch. Scooping in the grounds and filling the tank, Jim prepared a pot of coffee, knowing how much Chris liked it first thing in the morning. As quietly as he could manage, Jim set about making breakfast.

“Huh? Oh word! You’re back dude!” Chris said, suddenly leaping up and rushing towards Jim. He wrapped Jim up in a tight bear hug, lifting him off the floor before setting him down gently. “So what was it like broseph?”

“What was what like?” Jim asked somewhat embarrassed.

“The change dude, being a girl. How was it?” he asked again. “Oh and by the way, I heard you having fun with it in there last night. Even over the sounds of battle.” He said with a wry grin.

Jim reddened a few shades more. “It was… good man. Just good.” He lied, not wanting to go into too much detail.

‘Mmm, damn right it was!’ Jenny purred from within.

“Well, even though it’d be weird and stuff, if you ever… and I do mean ever… need a hand with that when you’re in Jenny mode, I got your back.” He said with mock seriousness. “You’re a good friend afterall, and that’s what friends are for.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Jim replied flatly. “But one thing you should keep in mind too, it’s contagious during the full moon. One night with me and you’ll be sprouting tits of your own.”

Chris’s mouth went wide, his expression aghast. “Shit dude, you serious?” he asked.

“Fraid so champ.” Jim said with a conciliatory pat on the shoulder. “Besides, I think Jenny’s into girls.” Jim admitted.

“Awesome…” He said with a dumbstruck look in his eye. But the wheels were turning in his head, and his face contorted into the, ‘I have an idea’ look that Jim had come to recognize by now. “Do you think I could”

“Hell no Chris.” Jim cut him off. “You can’t watch me with another woman. Boundaries dude.”

“I wasn’t gonna ask that, what do you take me for brah?” Chris said defensively. “I wanted to film you with another woman.” He said playfully emphasizing the word film.

Jim rolled his eyes. “I wish you’d stop breaking my balls about this already man. This is a big change for me, I’m still getting used to it.”

Chris looked apologetic. “You’re right man. I’m sorry. You really did me a solid last night, and the least I can do is be supportive.” He said contritely.

“It’s OK man. Water under the bridge.” Jim shook Chris’s extended hand.

“So tonight, I was thinking after we’re done studying, maybe have a Halo night?” Chris said hopefully. “Now that things are back to normal until next month, it’ll be good to have a bro night.”

“About that.” Jim said matter-of-factly. “The moon is full enough to force me to change for three nights in a row each month. So Jenny will be back in…” Jim looked to the clock on the microwave… “six hours, twenty one minutes. Plus, apparently it can happen at other times too. Outside of the moon’s influence. Jenny could pop out a couple times between, I don’t know… I’m still kinda learning the ropes.”

“Right on, Jenny’s cool with me. She was way fun to be around last night.” Chris said as he poured out a fresh cup of coffee. “So you really think she’ll be around more often?”

‘You bet she will!’ chirped the squeaky voice in Jim.

“I don’t know man. I don’t think so, not too often. But tonight for sure.” Jim added. “I can kinda feel it. It’s weird, hard to explain. Look I gotta do some laundry and study for now, but we can have a bros night next Sunday.” Jim promised.

“Sounds good.” Chris said, heading to his room to pour over his Accounting 101 notes.

Jim went into his room and dumped out his bag. ‘A novel to read for Literature Appreciation, or calculus problems?’ he pondered before diving into the calculus. Hours ticked by as he worked the problems one by one, deriving satisfaction from problems that were solvable, unlike his own. Jim made sure to show every step of his work, so as to get full credit on the assignment. He was on a role, suddenly he remembered his laundry. Quickly finishing the last problem, Jim scooped up the novel and his hamper and headed down to the laundry facility in the basement.

‘T-minus 2 hours and eighteen minutes until girl-out.’ Jim calculated in his mind, looking at the clock. ‘Should leave me with time to spare.’

The dull track lighting reflecting off of the front glass windows of the tumblers, and the faint scent of dryer sheets greeted his senses, coupled by the sound of a washing machine on spin cycle. Someone else’s wash was going, but nobody seemed to be around. So Jim swiftly tossed his things into an empty machine, careful to conceal his Jenny items.

As the machine filled and gyrated, the other patron’s washer came to a halt. About a minute went by, and Jim noticed another person entering the facility. A female, in a baby t and high cut underarmor shorts “Genevieve?” He said as she smiled back. “How are you?” He asked as she set her hamper down next to her machine.

Over the past few weeks, Genevieve and Jim had become closer. They traded texts, sat next to each other in Public Speaking, and had dinner together twice since their cafeteria encounter. Genevieve trusted Jim, and valued his company and Jim harbored his secret crush for her, suffering in silence as they bonded as good friends.

“I’m good.” She smiled. “Just doing a story for my creative writing class.” She said, holding up a slim, stylish Macbook. “It’s a story about a female werewolf.” She revealed. “It’s was a horror themed assignment, and I’ve always kinda dug werewolves.” She went on. “What have you got there?” She asked, pointing to the novel in Jim’s hand.

“Things Fall Apart, a novel by a Nigerian author. So far it’s pretty good.” Jim said, “but I’m only about a quarter of the way through.”

“Yeah that’s a great book. I read it when I was a freshman too. Sad ending though.” Genevieve said moving her things into the dryer and taking her seat beside me. “We should hang out again soon. Want to get dinner tomorrow?” she asked pleasantly.

‘Tomorrow…full moon night… no good.’ Jim thought, wracking his brain for a feasible excuse. “Oh tomorrow? Ahh I can’t. I have a thing.”

‘Swing and a miss. You can do better than that!’ Jenny interjected into Jim’s stream of thoughts. ‘Tell her your parents are visiting.’

“Uh, my parents are visiting, taking me out to dinner and I won’t be back until really late.” Jim lied convincingly. “How about Tuesday?” He asked hopefully.

“Ah Tuesday’s no good for me. I have volleyball practice and I’m usually exhausted afterwards.” Genevieve sounded slightly bummed. “Well there’s always Wednesday.”

“Wednesday works.” Jim agreed. “It’s a date… Well… not a date, but two friends, hanging out and getting food at the same time, in the same place and stuff.” He sputtered nervously.

‘(giggle) do you hear yourself sometimes?! I swear. Real smooth Don Juan.’ Jenny teased playfully.

Genevieve smiled. “I know what you mean, it’s cool.” She said as Jim’s washer buzzed. Turning to her Macbook, she began to type away gracefully working the keyboard as text populated the empty space in her screen.

Jim stood and went to switch his load into the dryer. Upon opening the lid, he saw his VS bra staring back at him at the top of the heap of clothes. ‘Crud. I hope she doesn’t see this.’ He thought, casually bundling his stuff into the basket and carefully arranging it so Jenny’s things hit the bottom of the pile. As Genevieve focused intently on her writing, Jim slipped the damp mass of fabric into the dryer and hit spin.

For the next hour, they chatted off and on between immersion in their studies. When Genevieve’s buzzer rang for the dryer, she stood to fold her things. Jim watched as she delicately folded each bra and rolled up each pair of panties, secretly examining them for style and material.

‘That’s a nice one. And all her stuff is top end. Is that A D&G shirt? True religion jeans? Wow her folks must be loaded. Girls got taste.’ Jenny marveled in Jim’s mind as Genevieve went about her work. ‘I can’t wait to meet her face to face. When you gonna tell her what you are?’

‘When the time is right.’ His male side admonished. ‘So don’t go getting any funny ideas, hear?’

A second buzzer a few moments later brought Jim back from la-la land. He glanced at his phone.

‘T-minus 19 minutes to girl-out.’

Standing, he used his body as a shield and quickly flung his laundry into the hamper, careful to ensure his girlery was covered.

“Aren’t you going to fold and separate?” Genevieve asked. “I can help if you want.” She added with a smile.

“Oh, no, thanks I got this. I usually just fold it before I put it away. Plus these pants here… Gotta iron these babies.” Jim said in reply.

“Suit yourself, Jim.” She said as they set off together for the elevators. Stepping on, they pressed their respective floor numbers and rode upwards. “So until Wednesday then?” She said as the car neared her floor.

Jim was about to agree when the elevator suddenly lurched to a halt and went dark. “What the…” Jim trailed off. “Why did we stop?” he said nervously.

‘Not good… not good dude.’ Jim’s male and female minds agreed for once.

“Oh shit.” Genevieve said worriedly. “The power must be out. This happened last year when the transformer blew. The kids in the elevator then ended up being trapped in there for like, 4 hours or something.”

“Four hours?” Jim repeated incredulously, reaching for his phone as the emergency lighting in the elevator engaged.

‘T-minus 14 minutes to girl-out’

“Yeah, hopefully it wasn’t the transformer. I don’t want to be in here all night.” Genevieve said looking mildly panicked.

“Look it’ll be OK.” Jim said reassuringly as he maintained a calm exterior despite his inner dread. “I’m sure they can get us out of here before then.”

‘But not before showtime.’ Jenny observed.

“I hope you’re right.” Genevieve said, sitting in a corner of the elevator and placing her head in her hands.

Jim nervously shuffled his feet before taking a seat in the opposite corner and tried to remain calm. Looking at Genevieve, he noted how even in the faint glow of the emergency lighting, she was a sight to behold. Her platinum blonde tresses betrayed no signs of peroxide bleaching or dye. It hung in a loose pony tail that bobbed behind her head as she nervously rocked herself slowly, back and forth.

The delicate features of her face, even when distressed by their sudden confinement, radiated a soft and comforting beauty. Pouty, full lips in a cupids bow shape, arched eyebrows, perfectly tended and sculpted. A button nose complimenting her highly placed cheekbones and atop it all, slightly tanned skin, smooth even in the absence of make-up. She was a goddess of feminine beauty, Jim thought with a smile.

‘And you’ll be one soon too.’ Jenny warned.

“It’s OK Genevieve. Everything is going to be OK.” Jim reassured her again, suddenly feeling a rising warmth radiating outwards from his abdomen.

Outside, the sun was sinking quickly in the late afternoon sky. As the pinks and oranges of dusk faded into the purples and deep blues of twilight, a pale moon crested the horizon, ascending slowly into the darkening sky. As the world slowly turned, its silvery glow crept ever closer to a blacked out dorm building. And Jim could feel it coming.

In the second installment, Jim finds himself adjusting to his new reality. How will he cope with coming into his werewoman heritage?

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