Do you ever have that feeling?

"Do you ever have that feeling someone is looking

over your shoulder, watching everything you do?"


"Then you're sick in the head and you'd best see the doc!"

"Just joking but you must admit it's funny because who are you saying 'Yes' to?"

"Sometimes it might be an illness but more often than you can imagine it is me - well either me or my twin sister Nora. The two of us have nothing to do than look in on peoples lives because we're what you might call discorporate spirits. We both had bodies ages ago which is why I'm a boy and she's a girl. You wouldn't believe how frustrating it is when you can't do anything for yourself any more and even when I'm on someone's shoulder I can't make them do things right."

"Take the other day, This woman was trying to park her car but could she do it? No way! The useless woman started from totally the wrong place then just as I'm expecting her to turn and correct it she hits the brakes and starts going forward again. I mean what's she even doing owning a car driving like that? I tell you I was screaming at her ' You stupid bloody woman, you can't do anything right!!!"

Excuse me? Do you really think you were any help shouting like that? I was there as well and saw the whole thing. She was doing perfectly well until you started bullying her and then you just had to shout at her didn't you? You know you reduced the poor woman to tears."

"I'm sorry I never introduced myself. My name is Nora and that other thoughtless idiot you've been talking with is my twin brother Perry" Together we are known as PerryNora.

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