Eve - Chapter 11


Chapter 11


Simon Jones is Eve Jones. But she didn't know.


Eve Jones has accepted who she is, she has now realised that she always knew, she just hadn't told anyone.
Now the story continues.
Eve Chapter 11
I walked from the hospital with mum after yet another session with Dr Fox. We went first to the grassed area where I'd had my breakdown, where they'd discovered me after searching the entire hospital. I was found curled on the grass calling for my mummy. That was one week ago.

"Eve, I know Dr Fox suggested you came back here as part of your therapy but if you feel uncomfortable tell me and we'll leave."

"Yes mum, but I'm ok. Simon had the breakdown, not me."

I stood there for a minute, looking at the trees. The leaves were now turning brown and there was a carpet of leaves on the ground. The seat was still there, exactly where it had been a week earlier.

I stood there for a minute, so so. "I'm ready to go now, mum."

Back at home we sat in the kitchen and had a coffee. My stitches still hadn't been taken out, there'd been some discharge and Mr Bishop had also deferred it owing to my breakdown. I still needed the wig, to hide the dressing, but then as Eve I needed the wig anyway.

By now there was stubble on my head; mum had suggested shaving it again but I wanted it to grow.

Of course I'd already decided that Eve would stay, but Dr Fox had told me to reconsider my position and not to rush. She'd also said that this must be my decision not my mum's. After all I'd been in skirts for less than two weeks, and that was because of circumstances and not by design, apparently.

My most recent session had been without mum but I'd asked for a nurse to stay in the room, as a witness. I didn't completely trust Dr Fox but didn't know if I could ask to see someone else, I certainly hadn't been offered the choice. I had also been promised that she'd be completely open with me. That was cold comfort given that she seemed to have an agenda, but how much blame fell to mum? I felt uncomfortable explaining this dilemma, so didn't.

Dr Fox had queried my way of referring to Simon in the third person. Was it evidence of a split identity? I told her that it was easier to concentrate on being Eve, and not both Simon and Eve. She'd accepted this but told me to remember that Simon was as much me as Eve was, in fact Simon was the greater part and I shouldn't forget that.

Today I had a conservative cotton skirt and a long sleeved top, over a cami. Anyway, today was a little cooler than the past few days. I'd been bare-legged up until now but mum wasn't happy about that this morning. Tights were still not an option. In the end she suggested I put on a pair of hold-ups, stockings without suspenders. They felt a little strange gripping my thighs tightly, at least that's the only place they gripped.

We'd spent the past few days working on make-up lessons. Mum had simply said it was part of my training but I suspect Dr Fox had suggested that it would keep me from thinking about other subjects.

My tutor had been told to stay away for a few days and would be back tomorrow. Mum had also asked Sharon to keep Claire and Annie at bay. Especially Claire. I missed her.

"We need some bits and pieces for you, and some food. We're running a bit low."

"Where do we need to go?"

"There's the retail park on the other side of town, we can use the Asda there. They do clothes as well, wait a minute."

Mum came back with a tape measure.

"I need to get exact measurements. Take off your top and drop your skirt."

She wrapped the tape round my hips, waist and twice around my chest, marking the numbers on a notepad.


By the time we walked out of the store two hours later we had a few days supply of fresh food and plenty for the freezer. I had gained a selection of mostly what mum called separates in size 12. I deliberately hadn't used the changing rooms at the store so we'd check the sizes when we got back.

She also included some strappy vests, knickers and bras. The latter item I wasn't sure about. I waited until we got home to ask, I didn't want to let everyone hear in the store.

"Girls your age are all wearing bras, you need to blend in. This is a training bra and will give the impression of an A cup."

"But it'll look strange, I've nothing there at all."

"Have you looked at yourself recently? You have budding breasts. I've watched them develop since you came out of hospital. I'm also pretty sure they were starting while we were on holiday. Have you felt anything?"

"They've itched a bit."

"That's part of their development. I noticed you scratching when you got out of the shower last week. Your size is 34AA at the moment but it looks like they'll keep growing.

"Why are they growing? Why haven't you mentioned anything before?"

"Let me answer those questions back to front. I told Dr Fox about your breasts but she didn't want me to tell you until she felt you were comfortable as Eve. Of course, if you noticed them yourself then we'd simply have to deal with it."

"Ok, but why do I have them?"

"Do you remember Mr Bishop saying about a hormone imbalance? If you have sufficient female hormones then your body will outwardly change. Your breasts were not the only indicator, remember how you told me about your face? We need to speak to Dr Kumar to see what they've found out though, that's tomorrow. We'll hit the town centre on Saturday for some serious shopping. Now, how about you show me everything?"

I modelled all the tops and skirts. but left my original underwear and hold-ups on. I was upstairs about to change out of the last item, a jersey dress, when I heard the kitchen door. The next noise was Claire bouncing up the stairs.

"You've been shopping! Great! I want to see everything."

"But I've just done that for mum."

"So you can do it again. Girls do this all the time."

Claire was a little more critical than mum. Whilst mum and I had rejected one skirt and two tops on account of their sizes, Claire rejected another two skirts and two tops. I argued her down to one and one but that left five rejects. I was wondering how to deal with it when Claire guessed.

"Don't worry, you'll take them back and get some more. We do that all the time, you've got alot to learn girlfriend. Wait 'til we hit the shops!"

Claire then noticed the underwear that had been hidden on the bed until I hung up all the clothes I would keep.

"You've got bras at last! I want to see how they look."

I reluctantly took off my cami.

"Wow girl! You've got real tits."

She reached over to touch but I wouldn't let her and I turned away, holding my hands to my breasts.

"Sorry Eve, I wasn't thinking. You've only been a girl for two weeks and I forgot you're still learning how we do things. Here, I'll help you put this one on. You haven't done this before, have you?"

I shook my head and let her help me but I wouldn't turn around until she'd finished adjusting the straps. It didn't stop her hands brushing past my nipples though.

"That's better. A little padding works wonders. I remember I needed some padding when I was fourteen, but not any more."

With that she whipped off her sweater exposing her bra, just as mum walked into the room.


"Sorry Mrs Jones." Claire quickly put her sweater back on. "I was just showing Eve how a bra fits, as she can't see her own back. She didn't know how to adjust the straps."

"OK, I accept that. But please, I don't want any bras or knickers to come off. Understand?"

"Yes mum." "Yes Mrs Jones."

I didn't challenge Claire, although she'd let mum think I'd put my own bra on. It was simpler this way. Mum had looked pleased that I'd worn it without being prompted.

I put the jersey dress back on and immediately saw how much better it fitted with the bra. Claire noticed the same and came close to hug me, breasts to breasts, her arms around my neck, her lips on mine.




We retreated to the bathroom to repair our make-up as that was the nearest mirror. Whilst at Asda mum had noticed the Christmas display, even though it was still mid September. The stand was almost right in the entrance so you couldn't possibly miss it, amongst the items was a starter make-up kit for teenagers. Mum had added it to the trolley and now it was mine.

We went downstairs and mum had a quiet word with Claire before we were on our own again.

"Eve, I know you think of yourself as a girl and I know that Claire is your girlfriend but there are limits."

"Yes mum. Claire and I had promised each-other last week that we'd be careful. Perhaps we just got carried away a little."

"I accept that it was all very innocent this afternoon but you cannot afford to compromise yourself, even with Claire. That means you will both keep bras and knickers on at all times, and the bedroom door open. No exceptions. I have told the same to Claire and I will speak to Sharon too, in case she wants further restrictions. Understand?"

"Yes mum."

"It also looks like you could do with a long mirror in your room, and a dressing table."

We got on with dinner. Having picked up a prepared meal at the store we only needed to throw it in the oven then add new potatoes and some fresh veg for a complete meal. Total time 25 minutes. Neither of us had the energy for anything more complicated.

My nightly tablets followed our hot chocolate a few hours later.

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