I Need To Remember. Chapter 7.

Chapter 7. Linda gets an embarrassing wake up call.

I was lying on my bed as Wishes knelt over my naked body, she was still dressed and oh she looked so incredibly beautiful as she looked down at me.

Her hand was at work in my sex, thrusting hard, driving me to the edge of my orgasm. She smiled down at me as she spoke.

"Linda, are you. Oh sorry."

I was jerked from my dream to see Wishes standing in my bedroom doorway. It was my own hand that was thrusting deep into my sex. I tried to stop but I was too close, even as I withdrew my wet hand my body was convulsed by my orgasm. Through the rush of sensations I saw her head disappear and heard the door click close.

Before I had even finished trembling through my orgasm I was reaching for my robe and pulling it on. Hot shame flushed my face. What had seemed so natural last night now seemed so dirty and disgusting in the light of morning.

"Oh god, what is she ever going to think of me" I thought as my tears started. I was sobbing on the bed when she must have heard me and rushed back into my room.

For the second day running I found myself held in her arms as Wishes tried to comfort me only this time I was almost naked and Wishes couldn't help but smell that the room reeked of my sex.

"I'm sorry," I sobbed "I...I didn't mean to. I just woke up like that."

"It's ok hun," her voice was calm and soothing "we all do it from time to time, I did last night as a matter of fact."

"You did?" I looked up at her as I spoke. Wishes looked slightly flushed, I suppose she was embarrassed. Then before I knew what was happening she leant in and kissed me. Her lips pressed against mine and oh they were so soft and delicate. We kissed for maybe a minute before Wishes pulled away looking slightly puzzled.

"Um, sorry" she mumbled as she quickly climbed off my bed and fled the room.

I sat there stunned, the woman I loved had kissed me! True it wasn't really a passionate kiss filled with promise, yet I could still feel her soft lips on mine. I had gone in a matter of seconds from distraught to blissfully happy.

I heard Wishes clattering around in my kitchen, I don't think it was necessary to make so much noise as she was but I think she was trying to let me know she was still in the house and hadn't run off after her abrupt departure from my room.

I shook myself and ran to the bathroom for a quick shower, I stank of my sex and needed to wash it off before I met Wishes again.

Five minutes later I walked slowly into the kitchen unsure about how Wishes would be feeling.

She was sat at the table with a large mug in front of her looking down at the wooden surface. Across the table I could see the steam rising from another mug. I sat down opposite her.

"I'm sorry Wishes." I said mournfully, I was so afraid she would hate me now and wouldn't want to spend time with me any more.

She looked up at me, a flash of annoyance crossed her beautiful face.

"Will you stop saying you're sorry. You don't have to be sorry, it was me that kissed you remember."

The annoyed look was replaced by her customary smile.

"I kind of liked it you know, soft, nicer than the way Mark kisses."

I was treated to hearing her wonderful laugh again. The tension disappeared with her laugh and we were back where we were yesterday. I could still feel the ghost of her kiss, but that was enough for now.

"Come on drink up your coffee and we will get started on the front room."

The day passed quickly for me. We worked hard, but I was working with someone I wanted to be with. By five o'clock we had stripped all the wallpaper off of all the downstairs walls and made good any holes in the walls ready to paint tomorrow.

Soon it was six o'clock and Wishes had to go and meet Mark from work.

After she had left I sat for a while in my stripped down living room, I just sat there grinning to myself. I was deliriously happy, okay I didn't have the girl I wanted more than anything in the world but she was willing to spend time with me and she had kissed me, that meant a lot to a lonely old man I can tell you.

After a while I got my coat on and walked into town, there were still a few shops open including the large book shop I needed.

I browsed the shelves until they were ready to close at seven and by then I had picked out several books on the female body and sexuality to take home and read. It was extremely embarrassing taking them up to the till to pay for them, and the grin on the girls face as she rang up my purchases didn't help any either. I had so much to learn about this body I was now in, I know you can't learn it all from a book but it was the only place I could start. I mean I couldn't find someone and say excuse me I have just gained this lovely female body but I don't know much about it, could you tell what this little nubbin at the top of my sex is and how it works. I think I would be considered ready for the sleeveless overcoat if I did that. The other item I had to buy was an alarm clock. As Graham I had thrown mine in the rubbish the day I retired, I didn't want to risk a repeat of this morning.

Returning home I read for a while learning how this body of mine worked before going to bed happy. I lay in bed trying not to think of Wishes, unfortunately my mind was determined to remind me that Wishes wasn't really mine. I dreamt of Wishes kissing and loving Mark while all I could do was look on and I have to admit I was incredibly jealous.

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