Over the Moon

Over the Moon

By Paul Calhoun


A cosplaying couple who met at an anime convention have been talking about doing a kigurumi for a long time. Andrew says he has a surprise and when he leaves and Sailor Moon walks in, Alyssa is ready to do whatever she wants.

Andrew met Alyssa at the door with a kiss on the cheek and eyes bright with mischief. “I have a surprise for you!” He sing-songed.

“What?” Alyssa asked, throwing her arms around him and dropping her bag on the counter behind him.

“I’m not telling.” He led her to the bedroom. “I’m gonna close the door and you’d better not open it.”

Alyssa blew her bangs up, but was smiling. “Not even a hint?”

“It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a long time.”

He closed the door behind him and Alyssa sat at the computer to kill time until he got back. She had a fair idea what was coming, though the surprise would be more in line with who he came back as and how well he pulled it off. They’d met at an anime convention while attempting to take a picture of the same cosplayer, a stunningly vivacious Mink from Dragon Half. The molded head she wore was detailed down to having pores and the two of them had clicked from the moment Andrew had said he wanted to wear a lycra bodysuit and sculpted mask to cosplay. They had both been in costume, but neither had done more than casual cosplaying before or after, having started to coordinate their costuming to come from the same shows after they met.

Alyssa had up a picture of a Love Hina kigurmi when the door opened. She could almost hear the theme song as Sailor Moon swung her gold-crowned, pink heart wand in a circle, twirling in place with her other white gloved hand on her hip. The red frills on the ends of the gloves neatly hid where the material of the lycra bodysuit that gave her a smooth, matte look bunched up at the elbow. Her knees were not so lucky, as her white edged red high heeled boots’ crescent moon broaches didn’t reach her knees, her shiny blue satin miniskirt also falling far above. In fact, as she took a hesitant step, it was clear that the skirt was so short that if her stride were to lengthen beyond putting one foot directly in front of the other, she was likely to flash an immodest amount of the already intermittently visible pale pink panties she wore underneath. From a practical standpoint, Alyssa thought, they only way to stay decent while also maintaining Sailor Moon’s magical quality of never showing any underwear despite also showing almost all of her leg was to build in two layers of skirt with the inner part Velcroed to the bodysuit.

Sailor Moon’s approach was slowed by her lack of experience with even the low heels on her boots, the apparent lack of full vision out of the eyes of her mask and the fact that with almost every step, she was turning, twirling, almost dancing rather than simply walking over to Alyssa. Alyssa enjoyed the show, trying to focus on each part of the costume as it went by. Ignoring the mask and bodysuit, it was a very well made outfit. From the large, fluffy bow just above her rear to the smaller one that spread out to partially cover her small, firm breasts with an oval broach that secured not just the bow itself but the blue collar that fell across her shoulders. When she was close enough, Alyssa felt the pleats on her skirt and the rings of harder material around the tops of her arms. Sailor Moon stood still to let Alyssa feel the material of the white top and down the broad V that formed a point between the bodice and skirt, a point which was aimed at something Alyssa was looking forward to exploring later.

Alyssa finally let her examination move up to the yellow choker and heart shaped pendant and finally to the hard mask, which she tapped with a fingernail. It clacked hollowly, its material feeling too soft to the touch to be clay or plastic, but perhaps something softer overlaid on top of that. The mouth was a small red pair of lips opened a little bit, with a small, slightly pointed nose and broad cheeks with a light dusting of barely visible freckles. The rest of the face was dominated by the wide, blue eyes with white sparkles inside, the signature of the genre. Alyssa cautiously pushed at the red-gemmed tiara, which lifted easily in her hand. Sailor Moon took it from her after she’d looked at it and pretended to throw it before fitting it back over her forehead. Alyssa tapped the red gems that secured the enormous buns on either side of her head. “Are these removable?” Moon shook her head. “That’s too bad,” Alyssa said, playing with the long braids that fell from the buns. “You have beautiful hair.”

Sailor Moon put her face in her hands. “Aww,” Alyssa said. “You don’t want to talk?” Moon shook her head again, then stepped back, put one hand on her hip and the other over her forehead in the show’s salute. “Yes, you’re beautiful,” Alyssa said. Sailor Moon clasped her hands and bowed her head. Alyssa laughed. “Oh, totally false modesty. You know you did good.” She hugged her bodysuited boyfriend, realizing for the first time how easy it was to reach around. “Doesn’t it hurt to be squeezed like this?” She said, encircling his waist with the fingers of two hands.

Sailor Moon shrugged and then slowly turned, showing off her body. “Yeah, I hear you.” Alyssa said. “Worth it!” She knelt and pushed up the skirt. “Feel free to say something if you don’t want me to,” she said playfully, knowing her boyfriend wasn’t going to break immersion even if he didn’t want her to touch him. She also knew he did. Sailor Moon visibly caught her breath when Alyssa tugged at the panties and Alyssa grinned to herself. She could only imagine how it felt to have satin brushing along a body covered in soft, sensuous lycra. Under the underwear was a smooth bulge with a small zipper running along it. “Oh, you’re such a naughty girl,” she purred. The combination of the tone, the words and being called a girl made Sailor Moon shake with desire, and Alyssa’s gentle exploration was no doubt having an effect beneath the shapewear. Alyssa lightly fingered the bulge, feeling twitching beneath the lycra but no obviously male shapes. She took the zipper tab in her teeth, “I have to see how you’re doing it.” She said around the tab. Sailor Moon’s breath was echoing so loudly in her head that Alyssa could hear it from where she was kneeling. Rather than letting Alyssa continue, however, she put her hands on Alyssa’s shoulders and pushed her away. “Not yet, though.” The kigurumi Moon seemed to say. “All right,” Alyssa said. “This is your surprise. There’s more to it then?” Moon nodded and Alyssa slid the panties back up her legs, taking a moment to stroke the kigrumi Scout’s thighs and rub her cheek on the material. She stood and their arms went around each other and Alyssa pressed her lips against the soft but unyielding sculpted ones of the mask.

She’d noticed something when she’s been playing around below and she reached around to squeeze one of Sailor Moon’s boobs. “You can’t actually feel that.” She said. Her boyfriend shook her head despite sounding like she was enjoying the touch, he also pressed her hand against his chest and squeezed her butt. “Oh, I see.” Alyssa giggled. She danced around behind Sailor Moon and hugged her around the middle. Her hands wandered up and cupped Sailor Moon’s breasts from below. She gently massaged them, also taking the opportunity to feel them and give them some covert jiggles. They felt like they were attached to Andrew’s chest somehow and were strikingly real to the touch, though no doubt helped by the costume layers that leant them extra softness and smoothed out any imperfections. Sailor Moon relaxed against her and she could hear Andrew’s contented breathing echoing inside the mask. It was almost sure that his eyes were closed in contentment. “I should have guessed that even the suggestion of boobs would be enough for you.” Sailor Moon didn’t protest. “I bet I could get you off just by doing this, but then where would be the fun for me?” Sailor Moon seemed to agree, since she turned around and squeezed Alyssa to her. Almost picking her up, Sailor Moon put Alyssa on the bed and looked down, the character’s wide eyes looking down at her with innocent trust that was surely mirrored in those behind them and which she knew was in her own as she looked up and waited for Andrew to make the next move. Sailor Moon sat on Alyssa’s lap and she instinctively pulled her boyfriend in to the kiss, his lips pressing against the inside of the mask so hard that she could just about feel them brushing lightly against hers as she pressed as hard. “You know,” she murmured as if whispering sweetness into her love’s ear, “if they’d been into this on Pushing Daisies, it would have been a lot easier on them.” She stuck her fist in her mouth to keep from bursting out laughing as Sailor Moon shook, Andrew on the very edge of breaking character by vocalizing. She tapped the scout on the nose. “As for me,” she squeaked as Sailor Moon threw her weight forward and landed bouncing on Alyssa’s body. “I can tell you’re as into this as I am.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but play with Sailor Moon’s hair, the two long blonde ribbons falling down on either side of her body to trail down and over the end of the bed. Sailor Moon seemed to be more single minded, hooking her thumbs under Alyssa’s waistband and pushing down on her pants. Alyssa wiggled to help her boyfriend get her clothes off, grinding against him in the process. They both tried to arch their backs at the same time to press Sailor Moon’s shiny pale pink panties to Alyssa’s purple cotton ones. Sailor Moon was fumbling with Alyssa’s top and Alyssa struggled out of her shirt and bra, having removed her socks and shoes on her way in. Naked but for her panties, she luxuriated in the feel of the fabrics her boyfriend wore on her skin. She shook with pent up lust when Sailor Moon put a single satin finger inside her and she fumbled at the zipper between Sailor Moon’s legs. “I’m so close,” she moaned. At that moment, Sailor Moon removed her hands from Alyssa’s body, pressed her sculpted lips against Alyssa’s and rolled back to her feet, swaying for a moment as she accustomed herself to her high heels again. Alyssa reached out with a mewing cry as the Sailor Scout walked away with a wiggle in her walk. “Come back, you sexy lady! Finish what you started!” Sailor Moon tipped her head in a frozen-eyed wink and opened the closet. Lucky for Andrew’s surprise, Alyssa hadn’t looked inside and what was sitting on the shelf and hanging on the hooks was enough to trigger the orgasm she’d accused Andrew of neglecting. “You are so good.” She panted, already up and running at the lycra suit and kigurumi head, everything else about the cosplay secondary to putting on that wonderful mask.

Sailor Moon blocked her way and pointed at her underwear. “Oh.” Alyssa slid them down and kicked them into a corner. “Am I ready now?”

Moon shook out the bodysuit delicately and held it up. Alyssa said, “Aw. Can’t I put on the mask first? It’s so cute!” Calming down, she was seeing that it was the scarlet-eyed face of Sailor Mini-moon, her fluffy bright pink pigtails brushing the shelf and the ear-like hair buns adorned with the wings and gems she had when transformed. Her nose and mouth were smaller than Sailor Moon’s and her eyes seemed even bigger in comparison. Sailor Moon shook her head and gently pushed Alyssa down into a chair, kneeling to slip her feet into the flesh tone lycra bodysuit. She wiggled her toes in the item that felt like thick stockings and Sailor Moon pretended to put Alyssa’s toe into her mouth. Sailor Moon rolled the leggings up to Alyssa’s knees and Alyssa stood to let Moon get them up further. Her boyfriend stopped at the tops of her thighs and pressed his frozen lips and pert soft plastic nose against her wet crotch. She stroked his hair as he mimed licking her vagina. “You look pretty and if you keep doing that, you’re going to smell like a horny girl all the time. What are you going to do when men start coming up to you in cons and asking for your number?”

Sailor Moon stood up and strutted around the room, swinging her hips in an exaggerated way and brushing her bangs back dramatically. “Letting them down lightly, huh?” Alyssa asked drily. “So what becomes of poor me now that I’ve donated by juices to your heartbreaking cause?”

Sailor Moon clasped her hands and bowed in apology. She gestured to the slightly damp patch where Alyssa had hiked up the bodysuit so it would sit around her hips and then to the Chibi Moon mask. “Oh, I get it!” Alyssa grinned. “I get to be a heartbreaker too. Maybe I want you all to myself!”

Sailor Moon wrapped her arms around Alyssa and hugged her, pressing her lips to her girlfriend’s again. “Hey,” Alyssa said, “you don’t see me smearing your cum on your face!” Moon didn’t stop kissing her and Alyssa could again feel Andrew’s lips feeling like they were trying to get through the mask. Sailor Moon pressed Alyssa’s hand to the front of her skirt. “Is that permission?” Alyssa asked playfully. Sailor Moon nodded enthusiastically. “Later then,” she promised.

After another few minutes of Sailor Moon massaging Alyssa’s bare middle and chest with her satiny smooth costume and trying to make out through a solid mask, Alyssa felt her boyfriend tugging the bodysuit up further. She stood still, only raising her arms when he reached them and otherwise letting him play dressup with her as his doll. He had difficulty tucking her hair into the hood and she eventually had to assist in getting it all in there. When that was done, she stood with a perfectly smooth, slightly tanned body, the stain between her legs almost invisible, though the zipper tab at her pubic bone wasn’t so well hidden. Sailor Moon stroked her thigh, lycra against lycra as she lay back and enjoyed his slow initiation into the costume. “You must have wished so many times while you were getting this ready that we could do it together.” Alyssa said.

By way of reply Sailor Moon guided Alyssa down onto the bed, dropped her panties and knelt over her, lowering her lycra curve with its bound manhood beneath against the similarly shaped one dimpled a tiny bit by the vaginal lips that lay inside. Very slowly, she touched them together and then moved forward. The sound and sensation of the two mounds rubbing sent waves of electric joy through Alyssa, who fought against the urge to buck her hips, sensing that her boyfriend had something else in mind and not wanting to stop him from unfolding his evening the way he’d planned. Sailor Moon lay with her hands on either side of Alyssa’s body, her face suspended so that Alyssa looked into those huge blue eyes and was tickled by the long spills of hair. Moon pulled down the bodice of her costume slightly and let her false fabric covered breasts whisper along Alyssa’s real ones. Alyssa bit her lip to keep from crying out and Sailor Moon covered them with hers. For a long moment everything stood still in that perfect instant on the edge of an explosive climax. Then her boyfriend was gone again, Sailor Moon’s skirt floating down as she swiftly put her underclothes back in order, the creases from having pulled her top down disappearing as it sprang back into place. She unpacked and laid out an outfit similar to her own next to Alyssa on the bed, with darker red bows, bright pink skirt and pink collar. She put the dark pink edged white gloves on either side and stood the neon pink, white topped knee high boots against the bed. Alyssa propped herself up on her elbows and watched as Sailor Moon went back to the closet and bent down, displaying a shapely rear as her skirt rode up. She wolf-whistled. “Grab me the paddle!” Sailor Moon straightened up and wagged a finger at her. Alyssa rolled over and hung her head backwards over the edge of the bed, regarding Sailor Moon upside-down. “Hey, how come you didn’t dress as her? Then you wouldn’t have had to go to so much trouble to get all those delicious curves – oh, I answered my own question,” she giggled, feeling giddy at the interlude her boyfriend had created in his insistence that she get dressed. When he didn’t take the mask down, she pouted. “Spoilsport!” She stuck her tongue out and spoke around it, “See? Here’s something you can’t do!” Sailor Moon swiftly bent down and tried to force Alyssa’s tongue into her open but shallow mouth. When she went back to the clothes, Alyssa put one of her boyfriend’s braids in her mouth and sucked it loudly. “A preview for later,” she teased. Sailor Moon sternly pointed at where she’d placed a pair of dark pink panties and a white bra.

Alyssa got up and tried to pick up the panties but her boyfriend instead sat her back down and insisted on putting them on her himself, giving them a couple of unnecessary tugs and a satisfied pat on her rear when they were on. She didn’t complain as she had her eyes closed so she could enjoy the sensation of them being drawn up her lycra clad legs. Alyssa was pleasantly surprised when he put the bra on her with no difficulty and then knelt to let her step into the one piece Sailor Scout uniform. It was if anything even more satisfying to feel being slowly – more slowly than necessary, she knew – slid up and over her body, enclosing whispering lycra in sensuous satin with the low purr of a zipper traveling up her back. She opened her eyes and in the door mirror saw herself in the Scout uniform. She played with the skirt and turned to see herself in profile while Sailor Moon got the gloves. These went on with a satisfying smoothness and now two pairs of gloved hands traveled across her body. One in exploration and the other in desire. She sat and her boyfriend knelt again, nuzzling her toes one more time before slipping the boots over her feet and calves. She stood and her eyes shone with hope, love and lust as Sailor Moon took down the Chibi Moon head and she bent to let him guide it over her hooded head. The foam padding inside had an odd but not unpleasant smell, one she knew she would soon become very pleasurable as she associated it with this experience and all the others she would no doubt have while inhaling the fragrance of foam and plastic in the close environment of the head. Through the mesh in the pupil of the wide dark red eyes – pupils almost as wide as her own eye socket with faux light reflections painted across part of them – she could see the two Sailor Scouts standing next to each other. One in a pose of amazed delight and the other possessively holding her shoulder. Sailor Moon drew her into a hug, one hand going under her skirt and the other pushing a wand into her hand. Chibi Moon and Sailor Moon separated and both spun on a toe, holding their wands out in a silent dance. Jokingly, Chibi Moon began doing the Fusion Dance from Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon followed, their wands’ tips meeting at the end. Sailor Moon held out a tiara and Chibi Moon bent her head to allow her boyfriend to place it across her forehead and over her sculpted ears. She then took a moment to admire herself again in the mirror while Sailor Moon buckled the red choker around her neck.

The now fully dressed Chibi Moon looked at Sailor Moon with expectation and Sailor Moon shrugged, gesturing first at the door and then at the bed. Alyssa didn’t think she could hold a conversation entirely in mime with Andrew, talented though they both were and opted to place her pouted lips to Sailor Moon’s ear and whisper, “You didn’t plan any further than this?”

Sailor Moon put her fists to her mouth in a silent giggle, turned in place and then swept her hand along Chibi Moon’s body. “No, you’re right. This is already one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.” Sailor Moon put her fists to her chest and bowed her head and Chibi Moon put her finger under Sailor Moon’s chin, wagging the other in silent rebuke of her false modesty. Sailor Moon jerked her face at Chibi’s finger, trying to get it into her open mouth. Chibi pulled the hand away and put her hands over her eyes, rocking back and forth in pretend fear. Sailor Moon took the opportune blindness to sneak a quick squeeze of one breast and received a swat on her behind. She threw her arms around Chibi and their faces met with a muffled clack. Alyssa melted into the embrace, pressing her lips to the smaller pair seemingly always ready for a kiss on the outside of her mask. She half-felt, half-imagined Andrew’s doing the same through her mask and his. She didn’t need to physically feel them anyway. The way he held her was still all him and kissing the inside of the mask was like kissing him, although satisfying in a very different way than having his tongue flashing back and forth along hers.

His grip tightened on her back and hers around his shoulders and she allowed herself to fall forward as he fell back, pulling her head so that her mask didn’t crash into his as they landed on the bed. For a breathless moment, the two Moons stared into each other’s eyes, Alyssa thinking about how under the adorable Sailor Scout lay her wonderful man who had arranged all of this. Then his doubly gloved fingers dug into her back and their hips were moving in tandem, their skirts pushed out of the way so that pale pink and dark pink underwear and what lay beneath could grind against each other. She couldn’t help but vocalize her pleasure as one of Sailor Moon’s hands made its way to her chest and when she started augmenting his crotch to crotch stimulation with skillful fingers neither could he. She longed to kiss him properly, but another long look at how Sailor Moon’s face retained its wide-eyed, innocent demeanor was enough to fulfill her just as much and she knew that seeing Chibi Moon looking back at him the same way was as good for him as it was for her.

Alyssa floated in the warm glow of their now slow, measured stimulation of one another when she felt a tug and a breath of air in a sensitive spot. Sailor Moon had unzipped the opening between her legs. She looked into Sailor Moon’s eyes for a moment and then kicked her booted legs happily. It was finally time! Sailor Moon let her open the zipper between her own legs, but when Alyssa was stymied by the smooth bulge of flesh tone fabric beneath, Sailor Moon had to step in and undo the hooks of the gaff he was wearing. His penis sprang out from its lacy prison twitching, the condom he’d worn in anticipation showing amazingly clean of any sign that Andrew had climaxed even once that evening. He was raring to go now and Sailor Moon lay back and luxuriated at Chibi moon put the head to her frozen pout and then gently stroked the shaft, Alyssa knowing that if her boyfriend had been holding back all this time, it wouldn’t take much to set him off now. In fact, she thought, she ought not to be too greedy by trying to get him to go straight to penetration immediately. She’d come at least twice and it was only fair that the man who had made her so happy have at least one of his own before things got really heavy. She rubbed the erect member against her smooth Scout costume, still careful to keep him on the edge. She could feel the pulses beneath her fingers and counted on her knowledge of how Andrew worked to tease him through a very long session of simulative foreplay before it was finally time for the finisher. She brushed the shaft with each finger in turn, reveling in how audible he had become as she worked. Chibi stroked him with her fingers as her unmoving lips ran around his head. When Sailor Moon looked like she was going to sit up and take charge, Chibi Moon swung her legs around and buried him inside of her. As expected, Sailor Moon’s hips bucked hard as she came at that moment and she fell back stunned by Alyssa’s performance. Chibi Moon let Sailor Moon relax and exit her in her own time and then inched up, rubbing her masked cheek against Sailor Moon’s body as she made her way to lie next to her. Andrew had shown restraint in his padding so that they could cuddle without any over large breasts or hips getting in the way. They were two slender Japanese schoolgirls, one with a semi-erect penis that the other cupped as they held each other.

They rested in each other’s arms, letting the hot air trapped in their masks lull them into relaxation. Alyssa felt Andrew’s chest expand and contact with measured breathing, his belly unable to do so because of the waist cincher he was no doubt wearing to maintain his girlish figure. Alyssa played with the bow between his boobs and he began to loop the one on her rear around his finger. Soon their masks were pressed together in a long simulated kiss. Sailor Moon rolled on top of Chibi, tossing her head to send her braids out behind her. Aylssa looked up at the Sailor Scout readying herself for further action and squeezed one of her boobs, “Honk.” She said, remembering how much Andrew loved to do that.

Sailor Moon put her finger on Chibi’s mouth and then tickled her. Alyssa broke out in giggles and then reciprocated, Sailor Moon falling off as she lost her grip. Chibi pressed her advantage and soon both Sailor Scouts were trying their hardest not to fall off the bed. Chibi scrambled to her feet and with a ‘catch me if you can’ flip of her fluffy hair, ran out of the room, her rounded lycra behind coming clearly into view as she took much longer steps than was modest and foregoing putting her satin panties back on in her rush to escape. Though Sailor Moon was hot on her heels, Moon’s heels were her undoing. She couldn’t keep up and keep her balance, so Alyssa waited for her in the living room, glad that the blinds were closed. She let Sailor Moon get close, danced back and put her hands to either side of her head and waved them, the tongue sticking out of her mouth implied. Sailor Moon lunged forward, but caught only air and had to steady herself on the sofa. Chibi darted in, tickled her under her bust and ran off back towards the bedroom. Sailor Moon found her waiting on the bed, her skirt up and her legs well apart, fingers lying casually between her legs. She beckoned and Sailor Moon regained her position on top. She silenced Chibi’s laughter and gestures of triumph with a well timed motion of her hips that had Alyssa gasping both for air and in renewed amorous pleasure. They swiftly synced up and this time Sailor Moon was again skillfully playing out the encounter so that Alyssa cried out in ecstasy only moments after Sailor Moon’s final buck of her hips. One thing Alyssa had found very useful so far was that Sailor Moon’s hips made a much better hand-hold than Andrew’s normally. It was so much more satisfying to be able to get and keep a grip on him while they made love. They cuddled and panted again after Andrew pulled out, and this time their rest period included genuine sleep.

Alyssa woke up to find herself and Sailor Moon curled up together. From the breathing emanating from the mask, Alyssa guessed that Andrew was both well and still asleep. She lay basking and floating for awhile before Sailor Moon’s fingers twitched. She clasped the hand and a minute later, felt a squeeze back. She turned and the Scouts stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like half an hour, drinking in the evening’s activities. “I’m hungry.” Alyssa whispered. She squirmed as Sailor Moon cupped her crotch. “No, hungry hungry.” She stretched and Sailor Moon sat up, her arms also raising in silent acknowledgement they she was feeling stiff and not just in the obvious place caused by being in a Sailor Moon kigurumi cosplay while his girlfriend lay in a Chibi Moon cosplay of her own. Sailor Moon pulled Chibi into a sitting position and placed her hands behind her girlfriend’s head. Alyssa felt a breeze on her neck and did the same for Sailor Moon, their heads lifting off at the same time. They set their partner’s mask aside and engaged in a long kiss before Andrew sat back, grinning. “Good surprise?”

“Oh, as if you have to ask!” Alyssa said. She jumped forward and started the kiss again. “What happened to dinner?” Andrew asked.

“It can wait a few minutes,” Alyssa said. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you with nothing between your tongue and mine for hours!”

The continuation of their lovemaking continued until the rumbling from their empty bellies became too distracting to continue. After getting cleaned up, Andrew bundled himself back into his gaff, holding out a hand to stop Alyssa from helping him tuck his penis and balls back into the thong like undergarment. “If you touch it, we’ll only have to get going again,” he warned. He closed the zipper on the bodysuit and pulled his pale pink shiny panties on. “There. Now no one would ever guess that this,” he slapped his rear with a satisfying sound, “or this,” he tugged on the panties, “hide anything unexpected.”

“Aw,” Alyssa said, half-jokingly. “So much for my nefarious scheme to keep you in bed. I’ll make dinner and you practice walking in those boots, then.” She said. “Next time I run away, I want you to catch me!” Alyssa reflected as got up that she looked almost normal, albeit bald. An unnaturally smooth, completely hairless woman in an anime costume. Andrew, however, looked just as good from the neck down, but his obviously male face spoiled the effect. “I can fix that a little bit,” he said when she mentioned it. He rummaged through their cosplay box. He plopped a long neon purple wig on her head and slipped a pink one with giant pigtails onto his own. “There, hair.” He said.

“I ought to put some makeup on you,” Alyssa said, adjusting her wig.

“Sounds fun. Let’s do that tomorrow.” Andrew agreed.

Despite the distraction of her boyfriend mincing around in high heels and a well fitting Sailor Moon costume, Alyssa got dinner ready in little more time than it usually took. Andrew’s mincing, meanwhile, was interrupted frequently when he – intentionally – got too close and received a playful pat on the rear or a tip on where to put his feet from Alyssa. “I’m really enjoying the padding,” Alyssa said, finished with the preparation and taking a break to caress Andrew’s backside. “It’s quite shapely,” she grabbed a double handful, “and squeezable.” Her hands went to his hips and his to her shoulders, though their kiss was interrupted when he moved one of her hands to sit between his legs. “I meant to ask about that,” Alyssa said. “So you don’t come when you’re in that?”

Andrew shook his head. “Not so far.”

Alyssa squeezed and massaged the soft simulated female curve. “Even when I do that?”

Andrew closed his eyes in bliss, running his hands over Alyssa’s body and kissing her deeply. “Not even then. Try a little higher – oh yeah.” Her grip was just above the base of his shaft. “It felt good before, but if you squeeze right there it kind of tickles too.”

“Huh. I wonder if it’s anything like having my boobs touched.” Alyssa said.

“Speaking of which,” Andrew’s grip moved to Alyssa’s chest. “Dinner soon?”

“Before it gets cold,” she agreed.

They didn’t want to risk getting their costumes stained by their food, so their amorous activity was constrained to a longing, roving gaze across the table as they ate. Alyssa even had to stop eating suggestively because she could see that Andrew was losing control. After the dishes had been cleared, she knelt over him as he lay on his chest on the bed. She unzipped the back of his Scout uniform and the bodysuit, inhaling the smell of him that permeated the shapewear beneath. “Lots of washing to do later.” She said.

“Hmmm.” He sighed happily.

Alyssa gently probed the corset wrapped around his middle with gloved fingers. “Doesn’t this hurt?”

“Not so much anymore. I’m getting used to it.” He murmured.

Alyssa spread the opening a little further so she could get a hand down into the cup. She lifted out the silicone form – producing a slight wet sound as whatever was holding it on came loose - which was flesh tone with a sculpted nipple. “I’m guessing the realism is for your benefit,” she commented. She didn’t even have to look to see his grin and nod. She didn’t blame him. Her exploration moved down to the thin elastic straps of the gaff and the hip pads underneath. “This is all so elaborate. You must have been planning for months.” She worked the pads off of his butt and enjoyed his shivering delight as she rubbed his real bum with her satin Scout gloves. “All the work you had to do to intercept boxes before I saw them, the trouble.” She stretched out against his back and nibbled at his ear. “And all of that absolutely worth it. I’m going to have to do something spectacular to show my appreciation.”

“Just keep taking me apart, honey.” He sighed. Alyssa giggled and went back to her examination. Andrew jerked fully awake and Alyssa sat up when the doorbell rang. “Oh!” She looked at herself in the mirror. “My face is a mess and I’ll never get out of this costume in time.”

“Your face is wonderful, but if you don’t want someone to see you in disarray, that’s an easy fix.” He swept the wig off of Alyssa’s smooth scalp, picked up the Chibi Moon head and pushed it over Alyssa’s. “There! Instant cleanup.”

Alyssa touched her Chibi moon face, then laughed. “Thanks, honey!” She pressed her unmoving lips against Andrew’s and ran off before he could get ahold of her. She reached the door, took a deep breath, and opened the door. “Hi!” She said to the older woman who was standing on the mat.

“Oh, uh, hi.” Andrew’s co-worker Liz said. “You’re looking … cute.”

Alyssa tried to look embarrassed, but didn’t think she was doing a very good job. “Yeah. I was trying this out and I couldn’t take it off in time to answer the door. So what’s up?”

“Actually, I needed to talk to Andrew. Um, couldn’t he have answered the door?”

“What’s going on, honey?” Sailor Moon chirped, the muffling of the now fully restored Sailor Scout kigurumi and the pitch of his voice making him sound somewhat like Alyssa.

“Aw, now you’ve ruined my joke!” Alyssa said in a deep voiced attempt at mimicking Andrew.

“That’s not very convincing.” Andrew said in his own voice.

“Sure it was!” Alyssa said in a slightly better impersonation.

“Right.” Liz said. “Uh, yeah, so… Whichever one of you is Andrew, I needed to let you know that Ike’s going to be late tomorrow so don’t worry about finishing up that presentation before noon.”

“Thanks!” They both replied, Andrew normally and Alyssa still trying to sound like a man. Sailor Moon twirled one of her braids around her index finger and Chibi Moon clasped her hands.

“Well, have fun I guess.” Liz said, turning away.

“Thanks, bye!” They both called, now Alyssa in her normal voice and Andrew higher pitched. They waved enthusiastically and Liz waved back after a moment.

Alyssa closed the door and leaned against it, her body shaking with giggles. “That was too fun!” She held up a warning finger. “You need practice at sounding like a girl. If you’re going to break hearts, you need to sound like a sweetheart.”

“Yeah, and if you want to scare horny fanboys, you’ll need to practice too!” Andrew replied. Their simulated lips met with a faint click.

“You’re the one in drag,” Alyssa said, “so let’s start.” She turned Andrew around and held him by the hips. “I’ll help with the wiggle while we’re practicing.” She took a step and adjusted Sailor Moon’s step when she took one. They started slowly crossing the room in a sexy rolling gait and Chibi said, “Now repeat after me: In the name of the Moon…”

“In the name of the Moon…” Sailor Moon began.

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