Jack and Jill by Trudy - 11 - The Baby Bump

Jack and Jill, by Trudy - 11
The Baby Bump

By JessicaC

Previously - “Don’t do it Melanie, you’ll hurt the boy’s feelings.” I’m embarrassed, I know she’s right. The jerk bites Sara’s hook and we have a last game. I’m pissed as a nail breaks but I win easy enough. Sara wins a dollar and we leave quickly.
I’m expecting to leave, but Kathy and Sara have other plans. We’re quickly at L.A. Women’s World. Sixty dollars for cheerleading shoes …Kathy follows us back to Marti has us do a cheer and gets it on her smart phone, not good.

~ ^_^ ~

When Chapter 10 was posted, the BC website was up and down so it was a time between the chapters and chapter 10 had not been read by all those following the story

~ ^_^ ~

Kathy is ready to leave but as she opens the door, my mother is there announcing, “I have Melanie’s new and bigger baby bump.” Kathy asks my mother, “If she’s putting it on now, it would be sweet to see.”

“No time like the present then,” Mom’s reply.

“Ugh, why would you need to see it,” I ask Kathy?

Kathy says, “Get use to it Mel; girls take interest in one another. Plus I’m hoping you’ll still be able to cheer.” My Mom’s eyes pop open as I had not shared the possibility of my cheering with her.

“Marti what would you say to you and your three girls eating with us on Tuesday and Thursday nights? I want Melanie to stay connected to her own family. Plus this way we can help while Ron is gone.” Marti smiles as it will be two meal nights she won’t be responsible for supper.

I walk with Mom to my room and begin to take off my blouse till I notice everyone following us into the room. I pull the front of my blouse closed and begin to ask people to leave. “You should have said you wanted privacy before you led them down here,” Mom says.

Marti smiles, “We’re all girls here Melanie, plus you only need to dress down to your panties and bra.”


Mom reads the instructions as she has me lay down on the bed as she pulls out a disk like form that tapers at the edges. “The package says’ three pounds but it feels like it’s at least a pound heavier.” “Tah Mom, it doesn’t make a difference.”

“That comes from the little prissy upset she broke one of her fingernails,” Sara says.

One would think changing the disk is surgery as Mom and the other women have their say about the placement of the bump. Once in place Sara and Kathy smooth on the makeup around the edges; it is a good match. Once ready for me to get up, Marti hands me a camisole to wear. As I move around I notice the added weight and how the bump changes my world.

Mom turns to Marti, “I think she’s noticing the difference. Sara, I hope you and Kathy are paying attention and don’t get in the same way?” I’m turning red as they talk about so much and it's like it doesn’t matter that I’m in the room.

“Now Melanie, let’s see what we can do about your fingernail,” Mom enjoys the chance to be Melanie’s Mom. "You know we should be increasing the size of your breast forms as we go along as well?"

Mom says, “Melanie, I am not against you having longer nails but let’s take these off and have you grow your own. You should take the time and be able to grow your nails and learn how to care for your hands.” I turn around in puzzlement; Mom is treating more like I should be Melanie than I ever thought I’d see. After my nails are done, Mom sets me to modeling some outfits she has not seen me wear.

When I come out modeling my second outfit Trudy is here; she came from work before she goes home. “O my Melanie that is a really nice outfit and it’s you.” I reach for her with both hands and she drops one, “Now turn around.” It is like we choreographed it, for as she let’s go of my other hand and I curtsy to Marti and my Mom.

“Tell me a boy didn’t just do that,” my Mom says as she draws her hands to her mouth in surprise.

Marti whispers from behind, “Your son is quite precious.” The outfit is very nice but nothing special. They’re all realizing how easy I’m slipping into girl mode it seems to make the moment special. Luckily Sherri comes and hugs my legs and then reaches for me to pick her up.

“Whooo’s shee Untie Melwanie?”

“She's my friend Trudy; remember seeing her as Jack during Halloween?”

Sherri says, “I thinks she wuvs you.”

Trudy gives me with a hug, “How much did you pay her to say that? She’s right you know.” I look to Trudy in surprise and then pull her in with the arm not holding Sherri.

Marti pulls the three of us into my room. They now begin holding up different outfits and combinations. It might be normal for them and as beautiful as it all is, it’s an overload for me. I’m on my bed holding my legs together and my skirt down. I’m seeing their faces, outfits and so many shades of color and deep down its beginning to make sense. There is no way I can take it all in, it is like sensory overload. A wave of fear rides over me; my male ego has trouble with Melanie enjoying things so much.

Mom’s taking pictures with her iphone as I sense Trudy nibbling my ear as she whispers, “Your bump has grown some girl, so how’s the baby? When is the baby due?”

“I am glad to hear that question for someone other than me,” Marti says.

~ ^_^ ~

“O Mom I felt Marti’s baby, you should feel it, it’s awesome.” Aunt Marti unbuttons the bottom of her blouse so we can see and feel for the baby. Trudy is the first to feel movement. She half hugs me as she enjoys the sensation.

It is kind of neat as the five of them get into conversations. When they are mindful of my presence, they won’t let me hear. Other times it is like they’re seeing me as a girl and they even bring me into the conversations like I understand. It is 10:30 p.m. before we realize the time. Mom heads out the door just before Trudy, then Kathy’s next and Sara negotiates to stay the night.

There are dishes to do as well as my new clothes to put away or into the wash. I coax Marti not to do the dishes. I say to Sara, “She has a toddler and a baby to get to bed. We’re doing the dishes, unless you wants us to take Sherry and Suzy off your hands as well.”

Aunt Marti apologizes, “Sorry but putting them to bed is a special time for me; you’ll understand when you two are Moms.” Sara looks to me, realizing what Marti just said.

I pick up a dish towel to dry, but Sis first puts an apron around me. She dries and I get to wash. Sara says, “I really enjoy watching you as my little sister.”

When we’re getting ready for bed, Sara’s in with me. Yes, she manages privacy when she’s changing, but as Big Sis she sees it as her right to watch and help me change into my night clothes. She has comments about my removing makeup, moisturizing my skin and taking care of my hair. Then we sit in a big beanbag chair together going through a fashion magazine. Sara telling me what’s hot or not, she giggles at some of my likes. She says, "Your tastes are more like a sister than a brother."

I’m not sure when we got to bed but 6:30 came all too early. Sara uses some of Marti’s old clothes and reclaims a camisole she had let me have. I’m doing well until a snug top rides up on my bump. Sara’s solution is for me to wear a teal bodysuit with a crochet sweater and a simple skirt. Tada’ an outfit I would not have dreamed of, but it works and looks nice.

= ^_^ =

Our first Tuesday family night dinner in December is great. But Mom’s after me for a Christmas list. “Sorry Mom, but it’s hard for a boy to ask for makeup and maternity clothes.”

Sara jokes I might need knee high or support hose. “Not funny at all Sara; remember someday you’ll really be the one having kids.” Our joking goes too far and Marti feels the brunt of it; though we didn’t intended it to be about her or to be insensitive.

When Marti, the girls and I go home, Marti begins to cry once we’re in the house. I take Suzy and Sherry; give them baths and get them ready for bed. I need to give Suzy another bottle and change her once more before she goes to sleep. Sherry’s cute in her pajamas with feet. When I take them to say goodnight to their Mom, I realize I need to return and take time with Aunt Marti.

Marti’s kind of bummed out about something but she’s also down to her panties and bra along with being six months pregnant. I want to call Mom; Marti says all she needs to do is talk. She’s sitting up in her bed and I’m holding her hand. Marti wipes her eyes and regains her composure. Physically she is glowing; this is a beautiful side of a woman that guys don’t usually see unless one’s a husband and sensitive enough to see.

Instead of being a dumb teenage boy, I find I’m a jealous teenage girl. Aunt Marti already has two beautiful girls and at six plus months she has a glow and beauty that says she is way prettier than me. “Aunt Marti as a teenage girl looking at you, I’m envious that someone can be as beautiful as you.” She talks about how her breasts were just getting back to normal but normal are now a full C-cup… She tells how her growing womb stretches her skin and how the baby’s pushing begins now grows increasingly more uncomfortable… Time and again she says, “Look at me?” The boy Mel is uncomfortable with that, but Melanie is downright sympathetic to jealous.

“Aunt Marti in three months, you’ll be having a baby as pretty as the other two; I’m the one who looks like a fool. I’ll not be a woman who has carried her baby to term, but a boy who might think he knows what you experienced but I'll only have pretended and not really have experienced.”

I tell her, “You are someone I already admired and want to be like. You help me with makeup, hair and which skirt to wear. I know, Uncle Ron would like to be the one here with you. I know he would be telling you, you’re the most beautiful woman alive and mean it.”

Aunt Marti smiles, she’s even trying to hold back from giggling, “Would you mind if I take you shopping for some maternity clothes?” “O no Aunt Marti you aren’t asking that?” We hug and we’re laughing. She complains her bra cuts in underneath and has me help with the hooks in the back. I try not to look but I do and Marti giggles with me.

“You really are my second niece. You’re so pretty inside and out and a very good listener.”

~ ^_^ ~

Marti asks, “Melanie, would you mind getting ready for bed and then come back to sleep with me tonight?” While I’m getting ready for bed, Marti remembers I need to be taking off my faux breasts to let my skin breath. She helps apply the solution to take them off. I take a shower to help get them off and then to clean the area thoroughly. With each one coming off I pass it to Marti on the other side of the shower door. It is like going from womanhood to being a boy with a small screen between us. Coming out I wrap the towel as the young woman Melanie has become. Once I’m dry and in a nightgown I’m back in with Marti and she brushes out my hair.

Aunt Marti tells me, “The son of a coworker saw your picture on my web-page. He asked, his mother if she could get him your phone number to ask you to a dance. I’ve seen a picture of him and he’s really cute.”

“I’m not impressed that he’s cute. And why would he want date me?”

“He wants to date you because his former girlfriend is trying to hurt him. His Mom told him how pretty you are and you’d make him look real good.”

“But Aunt Marti, I don’t want to hurt another girl’s feelings.”

Aunt Marti gets a serious expression, “Melanie, I’ve met this girl; she’s badly in need of an attitude adjustment! Other than to dance and maybe a kiss or two at an appropriate time he will treat you right and make sure you have a good time.”

Aunt Marti waits for me to answer and when I don’t she tells me, “I’m going to give him your number and you can say yes or no.”

“That is not fair Aunt Marti, like how will I know it’s even him?”

“His name is Jake Johnson and he goes to Scotch Plains High School. I guess they have a dance this Saturday and next Friday so you can choose which to go to.”

When Aunt Marti kisses me goodnight I can feel her tears and wet eyelashes touching me. I wish I were in my own room so I could call Sis. I’m afraid I should be saying or doing something more or different for Aunt Marti. Instead I rub her back and neck gently. I would stop but she says it’s nice.

~ ^_^ ~

Finally I fall asleep and I wake up hearing Suzy crying for her Mommy. I slip out of bed and get Suzy; I need to change her diaper. Suzy is fully awake so I get her a small bottle. As she drinks her bottle she scowls, holds her breath and turns red as she dirties her diaper. She smiles at me, “O Suzy you shouldn’t have.” It is around 4:00 in the morning and I think, ‘How many boys are up changing diapers, now?’ I hear my phone ringing on low and check who would be calling? Its Trudy texting, “Are you up?” She is amused that I am, “Hey Miss Babysitter call if you’re awake.”

I finish changing Suzy the second time and put her back to bed. I call Trudy and we get lost in talking until 6:00 a.m. and Trudy reminds me we need to get ready for school. It is the first time I put the phone on speaker phone and we get ready for school together kind of. After I select a skirt that Trudy likes she suggests a cami and another blouse. Aunt Marti is amused how smart I look today. She speaks up and invites Trudy over for diner which Trudy quickly accepts.

The day at school goes well for being accepted as a girl, a pregnant girl at that is weird. The baby bump is large enough to be a constant reminder; I’m afraid others will notice. It is not smart to sit down fast the hard plunk down affects my bladder and kidneys. I’m in need of the toilet. My teacher says I can use the girl’s room and has two girls escort me. It isn’t easy sitting on a toilet trying to pee with two girls waiting for you.

Derrick seems to find it easier now to talk with girls; I thought I would have been happier about that than I am. “No offense,” he says once as he passes by, “But I was just being nice and I like real girls.”

I want to tell those with him, “I know he’s a good kisser, I was his boyfriend before.” I don’t do that realizing Derrick is just an old date. Maybe some time in the future we’ll be back to being just friends. “I know how a guy’s ego can run away with him.

I get a text from Aunt Marti reminding me of an appointment at the GYN doctor.

Sandy takes joy in helping me with a smock like dress for when my pregnancy pushes me out of more clothes. She asks, "Will your boobs be growing during the later part of the pregnancy?" Needless to say, I hadn’t thought much about things like that. We change the design at the top just in case. There will now be an opening held together with laces in the front that can be tightened or loosened as needed. Now, I have another question to ask at the doctor’s.

~ ^_^ ~

When I get home from school, I need to quickly change into a loose fitting dress in preparation to go to my doctor’s appointment. Just as we are to leave Trudy arrives and comes with us. Just what I needed a girlfriend with me in the waiting room of a women’s clinic

Once we're sitting down, I hear one woman announcing to her daughter, “I’m certain that’s the boy acting like a pregnant girl.” The daughter looks to be a college age young woman, who appears to be six or seven months along in her pregnancy. The college girl gets up and as I fear, she comes over to me. She smiles as Trudy moves over so she can sit down.

She asks Trudy, “Are you her girlfriend?” She then turns to me, “I’m Tamera. You know you are a lucky guy to have people around you, supporting you through this.”

I smirk, “How is it then I don’t feel so lucky waiting to go in to see an OB/GYN doctor?”

Tamera responds, “Because deep down you’re afraid to admit that you like it.” With that she takes a hold of my hand and I know she isn’t being flippant. I have tears in my eyes that I’m holding back. I am glad to hear my name being called and I turn to Tamera as I get up. “Thank you, I hear what you saying, but I’m puzzled about how you knew.”

Trudy visits with Tamera after I go with the nurse. Tamera’s interested in staying in touch.

The nurse takes me back to an exam room and asks me to change into the exam gown. I ask, “Is this really essential? It is very embarrassing, and I’d rather not.” The nurse puts down the gown and leaves. She and the Doctor are back in the room ten minutes later. I am dutifully changed.

Dr. Stephens turns to my Aunt. “So Marti, are you feeling well? This young one is just getting a taste of being pregnant; Is she cooperating with you and learning the real side of things?”

“Melanie, your Aunt contacted me about you sneaking pills that weren’t yours. What have you learned about using things not approved for you?” We talked, she informed me what I had used was not likely to make much difference. She did reprimand me saying if I did so again I would be in trouble.

“I do think it is okay to continue to use the blocker into January at least. Next week when the bump gets bigger you may begin to feel your bladder and your digestion responding to added pressure.”

I told her, “Today I experienced that when I sat abruptly like a normal guy does.”

The Doctor say, “You need to realize right now you’re not a normal boy. Please journal your body changes and any discomfort you might experience. We don’t want you getting hurt during this experience. Truth be told, many women have trouble knowing what is a normal discomfort and what might be a sign of a problem. So please continue to ask questions and to tell my about what happens to you.”

~ ^_^ ~

Tonight’s sleep is the beginning of dreams about being a real pregnant girl and things like needing to get married or consider an abortion. I dreamt of a wedding gown being placed over me and someone telling me I need to give up my name and will be called Mrs. Derrick Holmes for the rest of my life… I woke sitting up and crying. I had trouble going back to sleep and was sort of relieved when Suzy wakes up crying. After helping her I was able to get back to sleep.

Aunt Marti has me make out a Christmas list asking for things like panties for a pregnant woman, a nursing bra. My list has things like a baby doll for me, my own set of curlers, combs, brushes and teen fashion apps and more for my computer. Finally I get creative asking for girl posters, music and footwear.

While I am getting ready for school Jake Johnson calls to invite me to a dance at his school. Upset with Derrick’s put-down yesterday I agree to the date. “Aunt Marti, I just made a bonehead promise to go with Jake Johnson to his dance. How is that doing to impress his old girlfriend when he shows up with a pregnant girl?”

“Well that would be a problem; whether she sees you as being pregnant or that boy pretending to be pregnant." Aunt Marti says, "I guess I will allow you to play Cinderella until midnight on Saturday.”

I smile and say, “Wouldn’t be better if I didn’t go?”

Aunt Marti smiles, “You should have thought about that before you accepted the date.”

My practice with the cheerleaders is helping me to get in better shape. But Kathy says Tonight and Friday will be my first and then last time to be a cheerleader until my pregnancy ends. I am only good enough to help with three of their many cheers. Tonight was fun after I got over my initial butterflies. I am good on high kicks, a single cartwheel to the side, jumping in place and moving in sync with the other cheerleaders. Tonight’s game was away and the bus ride home was a chance for the girls to mercilessly tease me. But I enjoyed it as it was 95% in fun.

Friday, I am shown and given that the baby bump is larger, it is agreed I don’t need to wear it until Sunday morning. They give it to me because I will need it to get the proper size clothes for wearing as pregnant me.

The games Friday were suppose to be tough, but the girls won big and even the boys won the harder fought contest. My joy was in receiving a corsage and celebrating making the cheerleaders squad. Despite the cold, I went out with the cheerleaders in uniform after the game. Trudy was even allowed to come with me.

Early Saturday Trudy stops over with a shimmering blue mini-dress for my date with Jacob. “How can you do this to me Trudy, I’m your boyfriend?”

“I just want to see if Jake can help you feel more like a girl? I think, that’s the you I’m in love with the most.” A moment later Trudy tells me, she is only joking, but deep down inside I’m not sure…

To Be Continued…

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