Round and Round part 8

Round and Round part 8

After David is caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, his entire life changes in ways he never could have expected. This is a fan fiction taking place in the Whateley Universe.


Jackie and I were at breakfast, having found a diner that offered ‘all you can eat’ pancakes during a two hour period. I couldn’t help but feeling sorry for the owners since the two of us were definitely going to take full advantage of that offer. By the time we were done, they’d probably be out of pancakes and might even have to file for bankruptcy. That might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but I had no doubt that the diner was going to lose money on us because of how much we ate.

I was still stunned and amazed at how much food I’ve been eating lately, finding it hard to believe that I could eat two full plates and still feel hungry. I wondered how I could possibly fit all this in my stomach, but Jackie said it was due to having an energizer metabolism which converted all the food to energy at an extremely rapid rate.

After I’d started on my third stack of pancakes, I said, “If I keep eating like this, I’m going to be so fat…”

“Not a problem,” Jackie told me, pouring a ridiculous amount of syrup on her fourth stack of pancakes. “It’s very rare that you’ll see a fat energizer. We burn up the calories too quickly. And the only time you see a fat exemplar, it’s because being fat is part of their BIT.” Then she grinned at me and added, “Being able to eat all the junk food you want without getting fat is one of the advantages of being a mutant…or at least of being an exemplar and energizer combo.”

I chuckled at that, though I couldn’t help but thinking of all the disadvantages too. For one thing, I was getting hungry so much more easily, and then there was the amount of food I had to eat in order to satisfy my increased appetite. With food bills that high, it was no wonder Jackie had turned to a life of crime. Of course, these were just the minor disadvantages of being a mutant, well behind the fact that I had the MCO after me, couldn’t go home, and had spontaneously turned into a girl. At the moment, I was trying very hard not to think about those problems.

Yesterday, Damocles had made it very clear that I wasn’t going to be changing back to normal, that I’d be stuck looking like a younger version of Jackie for the rest of my life. I certainly wasn’t happy about that, but it was actually a relief to know what the situation was instead of having to guess.

I just wished that Damocles had at least pretended that he was sympathetic instead of acting like he really didn’t care. Then again, he worked with super villains for a living and had apparently been one himself, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I guess hanging out with Jackie may have given me a distorted view of the profession, or at least made me briefly forget that they were the bad guys.

“The bad guys aren’t who they used to be,” I muttered to myself, thinking about the MCO. I used to think they were the good guys, that they protected baselines from dangerous mutants, but now I realized that from the mutant perspective, they were the bad guys. They hadn’t cared at all that I was just manifesting, that I was scared, confused and hadn’t done anything wrong. They just assumed that because I was a mutant, I was a monster and a threat. “Just like Mom.”

When we’d both finished eating, I looked to the waitress, who was cleaning plates from our table with a look of horror. I had a feeling that she was less than thrilled by the fact that she’d been serving us plate after plate of food for the last hour, and we were going to walk out of here with a bill of only twenty bucks. That wouldn’t leave her with much of a tip after all the work she’d done serving us.

“So what now?” I asked Jackie. “Time for the road trip back to your house?”

Last night, we’d finished with the power testing a bit later than Jackie had expected, so instead of spending two hours driving back, we went to a motel and stayed the night. We shared a room with two beds, which I’d found rather exciting in an odd way. After all, I’d never expected to share a room with such a hot babe, much less one who didn’t seem to care much about getting undressed in front of me. However, the fact that I looked like a younger version of her pretty much guaranteed that she had no interest in me.

“We need to get you some new clothes,” Jackie said after a moment of consideration. “There are some good shopping locations in the area, and since you’ve stopped changing, we can finally get you some things that fit properly.”

I nodded at that, knowing she was right. I definitely needed clothes that would fit my new body since I was tired of wearing things that were too tight in some places or too loose in others. And from the way I was now built, I was fully aware of the fact that boy clothes were out of the question.

As we got up to leave the diner, I noticed Jackie left a hundred dollar bill to pay our tab with. My eyes widened at that, especially since we only owed twenty for the meal. I quickly glanced to the exhausted waitress on the other side of the diner, knowing that a tip of this size would probably improve her mood a great deal.

Jackie and I walked down the busy sidewalk, further away from the parking garage where her car was still parked. After we’d finished our business with Damocles last night, Jackie had just left her car where it was rather than trying to find another parking spot. As she’d pointed out at the time, the motel was only half a block away and everything else was within easy walking distance as well.

“We’ll start with the important things first,” Jackie told me, pulling me towards a lingerie shop. “You need the basics, especially since you’re a little too obvious in that shirt…”

I looked down at the shirt I was wearing, wondering what was wrong with it. It took me several seconds before I noticed that the shape of my nipples were clearly visible poking out. I blushed at that, suddenly feeling self-conscious and admitting, “That might be a good idea.”

I felt just a little nervous as I stepped into the lingerie store, but a quickly glance around revealed that there were a couple of very hot looking women present. I smiled faintly at that, especially when I saw one woman coming out of a changing room with a lacy bra on but nothing else on top.

“Try not to be so obvious,” Jackie whispered to me with an amused look, making me blush brightly.

After half a minute, one of the women I’d been admiring started towards us. She was one of the sales clerks and had a name badge on that said her name was Jessica. Jessica gave us a pleasant smile and asked, “May I help you?”

“Yes,” Jackie responded just as pleasantly. “My sister just went through a growth spurt so we’re going to need a measurement and some new undergarments.”

“That won’t be a problem,” Jessica started, then as she turned to give me a closer look, her eyes widened in surprise and perhaps a little fear. “Your eyes…”

“Those contacts are just too much,” Jackie quickly said, letting out an exaggerated sigh of exasperation. “I told her she doesn’t need those to stand out, but apparently it’s the latest fad at school…”

“Hey, these are cool,” I protested, playing along to help cover for my odd eyes. Then I grinned and proudly told her, “I’ve got another pair at home that are totally awesome… I mean, they’re green and glow in the dark… They’re totally awesome for the rave…”

“I’ve told you before,” Jackie said in a stern tone. “You’re too young to go to those places…”

I snorted dismissively and responded, “You’re not my Mom…”

By this point, Jessica was chuckling at our antics and no longer seemed nervous. “Those contacts are very interesting,” she finally told me. “So, what’s your name?”

“Da…,” I started to answer before remembering how I looked and correcting myself. “Na… Dana.”

“That’s a very nice name,” Jessica said pleasantly.

“Yes it is,” Jackie added with a look of amusement.

We chatted politely for another minute, or at least Jackie and Jessica talked about what kind of things I’d need. Once Jessica hurried away, Jackie told me, “I think we might need to get you a pair of sunglasses. Your eyes are a little…”

“Freakish?” I supplied.

“Distinct,” she corrected me.

A few minutes later, Jessica took me and Jackie in the back, then had me take off my top so she could measure me. Jackie watched the whole process with obvious amusement, probably at the idea of a guy getting measured for a bra. If I knew one of the guys at school had gone through something like this, I would have teased him mercilessly.

“You should have put the sports bra back on this morning,” Jackie commented. “It would have done until we finished here…”

“Bite me,” I responded almost cheerfully, which seemed to amuse her even more.

Once Jessica was done measuring me, she ran off to get some bras for me to try on to make sure they fit. I didn’t bother protesting the need for one, knowing that any girl my age would be required to wear a bra, especially one as big as I was. At fifteen years old, a D cup was a bit larger than the average, and I was also fully aware of the fact that Jackie was three inches taller than me and a few cup sizes larger, which meant that I would have a bit more growing to do as well.

Getting measured for bra size and then trying them on should have been totally humiliating, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. Jessica treated the whole thing so matter-of-factly, acting as though it was completely normal and nothing to be embarrassed about in the least. Jackie seemed amused by my situation, but she didn’t make too big a deal about it, much to my relief.

By the time we left, I had four bras, one of which I wore out, and a bunch of panties. When I saw the bill for all that, I nearly choked, surprised by just how expensive it all was. My whole dresser full of boy underwear and socks didn’t add up to what a single bra cost.

“I can’t believe you spent that much on me,” I protested to Jackie as we left.

“I guess I am getting low on funds,” Jackie teased me, gesturing to a bank across the street and saying, “How about I go make a withdrawal?”

“NOW?” I gasped in horror, though Jackie just burst out laughing.

“No,” she responded, still grinning. “I wouldn’t pull something this close to Damocles’ place. It would draw too much attention here and make him unhappy with me. And trust me, you do NOT want Damocles angry at you. Besides, I have a policy that the only banks I go after are Goodkind Bank branches.” Then she gestured to a nearby jewelry store and mused, “Now that store on the other hand… The owner is a pretty vocal Humanity First supporter, and if it wasn’t for Damocles living just down the street…”

I snorted and said, “You almost make it sound like being a bank robber is a good thing…”

“Well, I do donate a lot to charity,” Jackie told me with a grin. “Mostly my own, but some of it does go to mutant support groups.”

Jackie and I started going into a clothing store so I could pick up some real clothes, and I suddenly wondered just how much this would cost. “Why are you doing all this for me?” I asked Jackie. “I mean, you went out of your way to save me from the MCO, and I know you probably paid that Highwayman guy a lot to help you. I doubt Damocles did all that power testing stuff for free. And now you’re buying me all these clothes…”

“You needed help,” she told me with a shrug. “So I helped.”

“If you were all about helping people,” I pointed out, “then why are you a criminal instead of a hero?” Then I paused, suddenly feeling guilty for pressing her like that, especially after everything she’d done for me. “Sorry, I don’t mean to be rude or anything. I mean, I’m really grateful for everything you’re doing, but it just seems like so much…”

“It’s okay,” she assured me with a faint smile. “Honestly, I’d probably question my motives too. I’m not exactly in a line of work that garners a lot of trust.” She let out a sigh and actually looked sort of sad for a moment.

“I’m sorry,” I said again.

“Don’t apologize for being curious,” Jackie told me. “As for the why, I already told you that I felt responsible for your situation. And like I told you, you do remind me a lot of my little brother. He was always a smartass too.” Then she grinned at me before her expression turned serious again and she continued, “Both of those reasons are completely true. But the truth is, you kind of remind me of myself as well. Between that and your…situation…I guess I’ve started thinking of you like a little sister.”

I stared at Jackie, a little surprised at that revelation, especially since it hadn’t even been a full week since we first met. But in spite of having met because she robbed a bank and took me hostage, she’d been very good towards me. Even while she was in the middle of a bank robbery, she’d tried to protect and look out for me. She’d rescued me from the MCO, took care of me when I was injured, gave me a place to stay, and she’d been acting as my mentor with my powers and all things mutant related. And along with all that, she even seemed to enjoy teasing me. It startled me to realize that she really had been acting a lot like a big sister.

After several long seconds, I gave Jackie a nervous smile and admitted, “I’ve always wanted a big sister.” Of course, that wasn’t completely true. I’d always wanted a big brother, but I saw no reason to tell her that.

Jackie smiled, seeming rather happy about that. Then she put her arm over my shoulder and announced, “Then I guess we need a sisterly shopping trip, complete with mani-pedis and a makeover…”

I groaned at that, then joked, “I should have kept my mouth shut…”

“Too late for that…Dana,” Jackie said with a grin.

I let out a sigh, wondering if I could have come up with a better name but suspecting it was too late. “You know,” I told Jackie with my best innocent look, “Little sisters have a God given obligation to be an enormous pain in the butt…”

“Then you’re already doing a good job,” she responded with a smirk.

Jackie and I continued to talk while we looked at clothes, picking out a few outfits that would work for me. I had to try some of the clothes on to make sure they fit, but we didn’t get carried away. I might have a killer body now, but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of dressing all sexy, and Jackie didn’t push me.

We ended up finding some clothes that were nice and even a bit feminine, but without being too sexy or revealing. I could handle wearing tight jeans and a blouse, just so long as it didn’t reveal too much cleavage.

Once Jackie and I were finished getting my new clothes, we started back towards the car with our hands full of bags. I wasn’t sure if Jackie intended to start heading back to her house, or if she wanted to just drop the bags off so we could go to lunch.

We were almost back to the parking garage when Jackie suddenly froze and hissed, “Torment.”

“What?” I asked in confusion. Then I noticed that Jackie was staring at a large man who was wearing a trenchcoat and hat. He had on a pair of sunglasses, and what little I could see of his face looked brutish and ugly.

“That man,” Jackie said carefully. “His name is Torment, and you do NOT want him to notice you. In fact, if you ever see him again, get away from him as quickly as you can.”

I stared at Torment, who went into the parking garage, obviously intending to go visit Damocles. Between his name, destination, and Jackie’s reaction to him, it was pretty clear that he was in the super villain business as well.

“I take it he’s in your line of work,” I said carefully, fishing for more information.

Jackie scowled at that, reminding me of her dislike of being referred to as a ‘villain’. “He’s a mercenary and hitman, but his hobby is doing unspeakable things to women. I had to work with him on a job once. Never again.”

I gulped, deciding that in this situation, I would definitely take Jackie’s advice and avoid the man. If he could make her this uncomfortable, I didn’t want anything to do with him.

Suddenly, a voice called out, “Pinball!”

“Shit,” Jackie spat out, glaring at the source of the exclamation.

The woman was beautiful, blonde, and stacked…not to mention floating in the air a short distance away. She wore a blue and white spandex costume that covered her entire body from the neck down and included a stylized star symbol that covered most of her chest and a blue mask around her eyes.

“Super Star,” Jackie said in contempt.

The flying blonde, who seemed to be called Super Star, continued to hover in the air, looking imperious as she put her hands on her hips and stared down at Jackie, as though she was a mother who was scolding a wayward child. Something about her body language and expression immediately made me dislike her.

“Pinball,” Super Star repeated. “I was following Torment to discover what he was up to, but I didn’t expect you to be involved. I knew you’d gone bad, but even I never suspected you’d go so far as to work with a monster like him. Fortunately, I saw you before you could meet up with him. Now you’re going to tell me what he has planned.”

“I have nothing to do with Torment,” Jackie exclaimed. “Now fly your ass out of here Holly, because I have better things to do than deal with you.”

“You really think I’m going to believe that,” Super Star exclaimed, looking offended. “I caught you and your lackey going right to him…”

“Lackey?” I blurted out, now getting angry myself.

“This is my sister,” Jackie stated grimly. “And we were simply out shopping.” She held up the bags she was carrying.

“She may look like you,” Super Star said, “but I know good and well you don’t have a sister. And even if everything you said was true, it still doesn’t change anything. I heard that you kidnapped a boy, and I’m going to make you tell me where he is…”

With that, Super Star suddenly flew straight at Jackie, who merely formed her force field bubble. The apparent hero punched the force field, though it didn’t seem to do any good. However, Jackie dropped the force field, along with her bags, and before Super Star could react, Jackie grabbed her and threw her right into the middle of traffic where a car smashed into her.

“Oh shit,” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry about Super Star,” Jackie told me grimly. “That Cape Squad nitwit is a PK Supergirl. It will take a lot more than a car to stop her.”

Then as if to confirm what Jackie said, Super Star got to her feet and shoved the smashed car to the side. She glared at Jackie with a pissed off look then started walking towards us with a determined expression.

“Damn,” Jackie muttered. “Take our bags to the car and wait for me there. I’ll deal with her and catch up as soon as I can.”

I wanted to protest that I had powers now too and could help, but the truth was, I knew good and well that I had almost no training. And even if I did know what I was doing, I didn’t think I wanted to fight a super hero.

“Just don’t get sent to jail,” I told her as I began picking up all the bags. “You’re my ride after all.”

“Such concern for my safety,” she told me with a faint smirk. “Now go…”

I hurried off with the bags, turning back just in time to see Jackie rolling off down the street with Super Star flying after her. I winced slightly as Jackie lunged into the middle of the street and bounced off a car, then I shook my head and hurried into the parking garage and the car.

“I just hope I don’t run into that Torment guy,” I muttered, suddenly feeling very nervous.

Fortunately, I made it to the car without any sign of Torment. Of course, I’d been going up a floor while he’d probably gone down to the lowest one so he could see Damocles. After I’d dropped all the bags off in the car, I couldn’t resist going to see how Jackie was doing.

When I stepped out of the parking garage, I couldn’t see any signs of Jackie or Super Star. It looked like they’d taken their fight out of range, much to my disappointment. I’d actually been looking forward to watching it.

I returned to the car where I sat and waited for another fifteen minutes. Jackie finally returned, walking up as though nothing unusual had happened. However, she was wearing sunglasses, a new jacket, and a baseball cap.

“Did you beat her?” I asked curiously, both excited and worried at the same time.

“I barely even fought her,” Jackie responded with a grin. “This time, that is. I gave her a red herring, made her think I ran into a building to get away from her, then slipped away and came back here.”

I nodded at that, then hesitantly said, “It sounded like you two have a history.”

“You could say that,” Jackie replied, climbing into the car and starting the engine. “We used to go to school together, back at Whateley, but we didn’t exactly get along well even back then. She was really into some guy, but he was interested in me instead. She accused me of trying to steal her boyfriend and I accused her of being a stupid bitch. At the time, I couldn’t exactly come out and tell them I only liked girls, so the whole thing came off like some cheesy drama.”

I blinked at that. “You mean, that whole thing was about some high school love triangle?”

“That’s how it started,” Jackie admitted with a sigh. As we pulled out of the parking garage and began driving off, she explained, “A couple years later, I became at odds with the law and she saw it as a chance to settle an old grudge while claiming moral superiority. She came after me and we’ve tangled a number of times since then.”

“So she’s your…arch enemy?” I asked.

Jackie just snorted at that. “More of a high school rival who never let go.” Then her expression darkened a bit more and she said, “But the last time I went to visit my family, Super Star attacked me. She’d been watching my parents, keeping them under surveillance so she could catch me when I showed up. She’s the reason I haven’t seen any of my family in years.”

“That really sucks,” I said, feeling sorry for Jackie.

I reached out and grabbed her hand, giving me a gentle squeeze and trying to be comforting. She’d done so much to help me and I really wished I could do something to return the favor.

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