An uncertain future

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Adele and Gerry. By Allexcited69...diairies of a tortured soul ...en 3 parties (short story)
(RandyAndy 123 is allexcited69)

Warning: this short story entails nudity, graphic language, fetichism and topics of sexual content of the non vanilla variety.All names and places are fictitious. The story is authored by Allexcited69, pseudonym for its author and all reproduction is prohibited without the express agreement of its author.

It was a cold winter morning of December 2017 that Adele finally decided that she'd had enough. She couldn't take it anymore. Her husband Gerry had come in the middle of the night smelling of alcohol and perfume.

Adele had always been loyal and conservative in her approach with her husband. However lately, Adele had attended a conference in Los Angeles that dealt with self actualization and self empowerment and it got her thinking that her ways were obsolete given these modern times. .

A subgroup within this conference were ardent militant feminists that were pushing for drastic changes in legislation concerning the rights and privileges bestowed to men, In their eyes, men were nothing but selfish animals with no self-control and their position in society was still hindering female empowerment.With their strong egos, most men had refused to be coached and their interpersonal relationships with women had greatly deteriorated after they had been evicted from the labor market. Corporations preferred to hire the more docile, better educated and more coachable women that had increasingly become the breadwinners. Most men stayed at home minding the house.

Often frustrated sexually because of their boyfriend or husbands' inattention, a cottage industry of spas had emerged. In those spas, women were massaged, bathed and pampered. Women entrepreneurs had recognized the potential caused by the predicament of these women and had set up the Enlightened Women's Conference, a think group of like-minded women willing to take bold steps to change society, their relationship to men, a help line for women and had convinced legislators of the need for retraining facilities for men.

Many men had fallen into self abuse and drug addiction, wasting their time jerking off or smoking pot ever since it had been legalized. Men were still mentally wired by centuries of wars and trauma to suffer, to sacrifice and to deny their self worth. Women and their conquest was the only redeeming element in their psyche and when their relationship with women deteriorated, they fell into addiction or compulsive behaviors like gambling, internet porn, self abuse and drugs.

Most ordinary women were simply not equipped to deal with this and lacked the time and resources to deal with this.The enlightened group of feminist activists had examined this problem in great depth calling on anthroplogists, behavioural experts, including preachers, psy-ops military personnel, hypnotherapists and coaching luminaries.

The overwhelming conclusion was that to solve this problem, one had to work back from the desired results of any such program. Working from results was the new mantra of the enlightened and empowered women. You visualize the desired result like your husband cleaning the house and the universe manifested it for you. Some steps were required to encourage men but it was all in the realm of possibility and all things are created twice in this universe; once when you visualize it and once when this finally occurs through bold steps that sometimes involved some risk and stepping outside one's confort zone. The greatness of women was held back by what they saw as lazy and ungrateful men who didn't contribute to their success and had become useless.

Many women wanted to have a docile man around that could service them orally, clean their house and provide them with the safety of his company. Safety for the woman had been defined as safety from unwanted sex, obedience by the man, safety from burglary and home invasion, and the psychological assurance that she could also copulate with other lovers, both men and women, with the assistance and willing agreement of her ex-husband or slave-maid. In their view, men had to be trained and feminized, conditionned to finally accept the authority of women.

Like with some fish that undergo changes in their sex in mid-life for survival reasons, it seemed like a no brainer that now men, rendered useless and obsolete, were better off living as sissies, as beta males in support and service of their alpha female Mistresses, often their ex-wifes. The transition from husband to sissy slave was ardouous and required some coaching to bridge the gap between where they were, standing up, and were you wanted them, under your heel.

According to the new law, the term ''husband'' was to be banished from the vocabulary because it presumed that the man still had some type of right or privilege over them and the historic domination of women by men, or any allusion thereof, had to be terminated once and for all.

Even though most men had now been made more docile, the term husband was an inconvenient and unacceptable reminder to women of past exploitation of women by men and it made them feel guilty when they wished to have affairs.

The new economic and social status of women no longer warranted the type of equality in a relationship to which some men had grown accustomed to for no good reason. The enlightened women's conference (EWC) had set up new guidelines that severely curtailed men's role, status and autonomy in society.

The guidelines were to be passed into law soon by President Hilary Ridethem. Also, there were too many stray unemployed men roaming the streets. Men were also to be tagged, chipped with gps, numbered and if desired and preferably collared at all times, they could keep a female pronoun or Female Nicks like Messy, Roxy, Milly, Sissy, Becky,Juicy, Susy, and Flusy were the most popular and met the guideline criteria. The more elegant and graceful names like Catherine, Elisabeth, Mary, Rebecca, Liberty were reserved for the women in power, usually better schooled than men.

Most women now were expected and requested to call the 911 help line handled by a group of dedicated experts in female Domination. They could give advice over Skype or show up in person to assist, train, drug, subdue or transport the offending male.They could call in to report a male that was untagged or uncollared and mobile units were dispatched to locate and recover them.

The collars allowed the Mistresses to limit the movements of their slave. Usually, they were set to keep all men at waist level or below and within a radius of 10 meters of the home. When the male attempted to stand up, or to go beyond the 10 metres, an ultra-sound or electrical buzz on his genitals reminded him of his station in life.

The campaign to empower women had been very successful and had been largely unknown to men who no longer read the serious papers not dealing with the man-issues of sports, gambling, household maintenance or sex idolatry. They had also been banned from watching TV or listening to radio except as a special reward for good behaviour.

Men were now increasingly expected to dress as Female Maids and to be held in Chastity . Most men seemed to collaborate but some were beyond their wive's help and they had to be transported to retraining camps in the Caribbean by an elite group of female officers.

The story described here deals with such a case.

After Adele had lodged her call to the help line, assessment officers were deployed to her home. Gerry was still inebriated and evidence had to be gathered right away to assist the Female in her swift divorce proceedings. They arrived at the scene with an ambulance and brought the stretcher to Adele's apartment. They took pictures, documented the women's mistreatment, gathered microscopic DNA samples, a deposition from the wife, took breathalyzer tests and blood samples from the offending male. A case number was issued. Once a case number had been issued, the rest fell into place quite quickly.

The man was stripped naked and one of the female officers took measurements of his physionomy. Body scans of the male would be done at the retraining facility but certain dimensions were required for immediate intervention and equipment design. Sometimes, a man was put into a Humbler device that assured his position on all fours as well as a collar that emitted radio frequency signals, shocks or messages to instill a new sense of powerlessness and conditionning.But generally, this was only an interim measure pending judgment which took about two days to obtain at most.

Justice was now very efficient because the long delays caused by male attorneys was a thing of the past. Most judges were female and had lots of compassion for a wife's predicament and the law provided a new remedy to speed a man's integration into this female-led society.

Audio plugs held by lobe piercings for in situ conditionning were installed with efficiency by the officers. Frenum piercings, nipple piercings or tattoes or branding of the case number were also done by the female mobile intervention units. Prior to any transport, the man, referred to as the case, had to be prepped.

The unit would lube him up, then insert an enema of warm soapy water with a mild hallucinogenic, while the ''case'' was humbled and expected to lick his female guardian's boots during this process. Afterwards, after a thorough rinse, a cold icewater douche was administered to establish clear dominance and control over this estranged person. The piercing, tattoing was also part of this ''take-down'' procedure where the man was made to feel powerless.

The Female that had called for help was congratulated and bestowed the honor and encouraged to proceed with the branding if she wanted. The case number usually branded with an electric case brander had to be discreet and was usually affixed to one of the case's asscheeks.

The premier training facility was right adjacent Puerto Rico and it had been modeled after the famous Other World Kingdom Pilot Project in the Czeck republic. The facility's name was Dorothy's farm. It referred to the Wized of Oz, used by Behavioral Scientist to implement beliefs, anchors or blockages or programs in a predetermined sequence.

Females had discovered that they had been conditionned through the ages with limiting beliefs and Chakra Blockages or anchors, which they promptly proceeded to remove with hypnotherapy, yoga and coaching which explained their greater freedom from past programming, addictions or psychological blocages, often passed down from previous lives.

As a result, most women went on to prosper, attract happiness and entitlements that men continued to deny themselves.Men had not beneffited from such retraining but were still not suited fully for their new more subservient roles in society.

That's were the retraining facilities did the rest, masterfully shaping them into obedient man servants that would be programmed to serve females and assist them in finding lovers or fuck-boys or women-lovers.

Body modifications like Breast Implants, castration, permanent tattoed make up, enlarged lips, nipple enhancements were also common in both men and women. The cost of this retraining was tax deductible for the Female and covered the cost of the continous brainwashing -audio updates and recalls occurred regularly.

Man's eyesight and vision was also limited so that their reading abilty was seriously impaired. Glasses or contact lenses for men were against the law because it was considered an unfair advantage. For men, reading and writing was considered a time wasting vice and the conditionning trigered serious guilt in males that further attempted to read, earn money or otherwise prosper.

Their mindset was to be subservient and powerless, they were retrained to react to orders by Females instead of creating their life as Females did. All kinds of restrictions had already been placed on men to make them feel powerless notably the banning of men travelling alone without adequate security or female escort.

Men usually travelled by rail only in a new cattle – coach category that reeked of piss whereas women benefitted from a business class type of service that suited their greater status. Driving for men was also no longer allowed as most men had revoked driver licenses due to unpaid parking tickets. Men driving was considered dangerous and they were programmed to feel unworthy to drive. Most cars were increasingly driven by computers so that a woman could her sex serviced by her red cap slaves during their transport.

Insecurities were programmed in as well to all men to keep them seriously off balance and always in a position of dependence, precarity and doubt where they waited for orders and were trained to serve. They would be trained to idolize all that is Female and their soul or subconscience was now female in nature but they were made to feel incomplete and inadequate because their physical transformation into females was incomplete.

Women had also insisted that they be programmed to long for cocks, lick and worship boots or female feet, yearn and accept sodomy or whippimgs with delight. Bisexuality was now the norm and women did not tolerate visible discrimination unless there were security reasons or cleanliness issues like the smell of piss which women found non civilised. Several men had also been caught with guns so they were banned from all schools, hospitals or courts except as case numbers being examined.

The pain-slut feminized beings that resulted were so much more pliable, obedient and reliable, unlike their former more rebellious selves. They were conditionned to be indoor creatures averse to any risk or opportunity, preferably hiding in some dark corner of the house so that the lady of the house could entertain her female friends or fuck boys or stud lovers, programmed to perform sexually, and sunbathe and have fun without undue interference from their subservient males . Women were encouraged to keep more than one slave if they could affort it.

The sissy-maid's expectation programming was to have no expectations of sex whatsoever with the Female because they were undeserving or uncapable, to deny themselves all earthly pleasures except pain and the more they suffered, the more they loved their Mistress. They were conditionned to become sexually excited by humiliation, whippings or any type of suffering or deprivation. Their maintenance was therefore minimal.

Some women had sissy maids that they never touched, prefering a female mate as their mate with full legal privileges, They were also programmed to shy away from all eye contact with the ruling female elite, which was considered inappropriate and offensive.

Their new station in life required maximum discretion and it was expected they not speak unless asked a question by their Mistress . They were now totally powerless human beings, not unlike the serfs of the middle ages. They were most at ease
in a cage, preferably locked and they quickly panicked in unfamiliar settings.

The Females that controlled them increasingly realized that this setup allowed them total freedom, maximum obedience by the males, no household duties or chores, and the freedom to focus on their careers, prosper and be happy. It was the era of female empowerment and the enslavement of the male species.

Males were programmed at birth to fail in school, to do manual work only and to avoid reading at all cost. If they had any spare time, they were encouraged to focus on their appearance, to masturbate, to long to suck the cock of her Female Mistress or any cock for that matter, to idolize all women.

The sissy maids, as they were commonly called, were trained to walk with small hobbled steps on high heels, or if not , to be humbled on their knees attending to floor cleaning or boot licking or walking in a curtsy fashion behind any group of Females, looking down at their heels.

Their facial or other body hair was also permanently removed to instill in them their true absence of Maleness. Strong female eyebrows, breast implants, pouty lips, humblers were surgically installed to give them a sense of an incomplete female, an androgynous quality which made travel easier.

Their penis was trained to stay flacid or erect on demand as requested by their Mistress. Penetrative sex with them was to be shunned and they were programmed to feel unworthy of this task and depraved for having erections. Their desire to masturbate was strenghtened by images and female idolatry and this strong desire to masturbate made them feel dirty and unworthy. Mistresses exploited this weakness to belittle or humiliate them further.

Their implanted continual longing to masturbate was used to great advantage by the Mistress and training Females to control them, reward them, or humiliate them further. They were programmed to long for any form of humilation or debasement, which usually assured their continued entrapment and lack of autonomy.

They would nor hesitate to attract ridicule or mistrust, because of a guilty conscience and mindset that was programmed in to them to always attract punishment or deprivations of all kinds including being locked in a cage. Also, they were trained never to talk back to a Mistress or appear in any way superior to their Mistress. In conversations, Mistresses talked about them as if they were absent.

They would manifest all possible bad things while the Mistress would manifest wealth, good fortune and career success.

They were also programmed yearly to believe that they were lazy and subhuman beings that had just had primitive animal cravings.

The greatest pleasure for them was to lick a Mistressses boots, asshole or pussy. They were also trained to see themselves as disgusting and Mistresses were encouraged to not touch them without gloves when masturbating them.

They were trained to live in a deprived state and this deprivation compounded with the deprivation thoughts and mindset were sure to attracte more deprivation and punishment for them.

Their signals between pleasure and pain had become crossed and therefore confused. They felt a rush of pleasure when they felt that their Mistress was pleased or getting off their suffering, so pain was pleasure for them and vice versa. They were also indoctrinated not to give themselves permission for any decision making, fancy meals, fancy accomodations, socializing without their Mistresses consent or idle moments.

They were programmed to be low maintenance for their Mistresses. As for food, they were trained to eat food like a dog, preferably on the floor, after the food had been crushed by the Mistresses boots or in a bowl. Special dog food type diets had been developped for them and it lowered the cost of upkeep for the busy Mistress. Certain strong homosexual longings programmed in further made them feel undeserving and they yearned for a thorough ass raming or enema which really made them feel submissive, slutty and appreciated.

They were also programmed through hypnosis and NLP to view themselves as bimbo maid sluts that were lazy and clumsy. If they had a choice between deprivation or chastity over pleasure and abundance, they would chose the first as a certainty. Their mindset and emotional baggage assured that they always stayed in their place at the heel of their Mistress.

They worshipped and identified fully with their Mistress, but knowing full well, that they were a clumsy, imperfect and incomplete version of their Mistress.


The male studs, which were raised on farms were more aggressive and had training that enhanced their sexual performance and erectile capacities. They ressembled the male of the 1960's , crude and unsophisticated with strong subservient triggers that ensured their obedience to the now powerful Females.The boy-toys were under 18 and were under observation and were used by the randy Females. Pedophilia by definition was a serious crime punishable by castraion, established by presumtion and two simple affidavits by women. Women could not committ pedophilia. It was a male crime often used to entrap or discredit certain males in power by planting irrevocable images and evidence on their assigned computer clouds.

In this new world, there were no more wars, no visible poverty but there existed this huge under -class of enslaved males, redefined as sissy maid sluts (SMS) at the beck and call of their Mistresses. They were programmed to feel unworthy to own property or any type of lady-like privilege like swimming. If they had property before their enslavement, their programmed attitude assured that their ex-wife eventually would own or manage all the claimed assets of the maid.

The only few males that had escaped this destiny were a new class of eunuch or committed homosexual males that were usually wealthy enough or powerful enough and that had somehow programmed themselves to see themselves as free professional females. Their numbers were quite small but it assured a legitimacy of the system of power. Some of these were highly competent civil servants or token elected officials with no real power. The ruling Females did not see them as a threat and if they ever became a threat, steps were taken to discredit them and retrain them also. There was an important group of black and hispanic men in this group and it created the false appearance on the surface that men were still in positions of power.

Gerry woke up with a tight collar shackled to chains anchored to the cement floor. It kept him in a humbled kneeling position. His balls were held tight by a humbler that restricted the movement of his torso. He could not really remember what had happenned. He was fully naked but he could feel the humid air from the caged ceiling above.

His thumbs were held in a plastic contraption that made him feel powerless. He could hear the boots of the female guards above walking on the cage in which he was. He could smell the scent of jasmine from outside or was it their perfume of refined power and he was seriously hungry. He felt deprived and missed his ex-wife and future Mistress.

His head hurt and he could hear a female voice of the audio speaker in his ears dictating her commands; ''You are here because you have been deemed unworthy and selfish. God does not exist. The only Goddess for you is your Mistress. You will adore her more every time you listen to his tape. You are going down into the depths of your depravity. Going down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 , 6, 6, 5, 3, 2, and 1, As you go down in this tunnel of depravity, down the stairs, it is getting darker. For you, hope is just a word. You feel more and more deprived and depraved. You will yearn to be deprived and isolated , to be abused, to be beaten.''

….''You visualize your Mistress clearly as a sublime creature and perfect in every way, walking confidently with her boots or high heels. Your Mistress will despise you more and more and you will feel more and more ashamed and unworthy . Ashamed to be so deprived and unworthy...always as erect as a dog in heat. You are going deeper and deeper into poverty, not just physical poverty but poverty as a state of mind and clumsiness and stupidity in all your ways. ''

''Poverty in your eyesight, poverty in the the quality of your thoughts, you feel confused and you constantly need direction. There is a brain fog that keeps you from thinking clearly, an intoxication every time you see or hear a Female or your Mistress. ''

''You continually need direction through the stern gloved hands of your Mistress or Trainors or through the text messages sent to your brain.. You will always yearn for sexual release. This lack mentality will overtake your being. Only your Mistress can release you from your Chastity. You are no longer a male but some kind of worm crouching on the floor . You are an undeserving worm, a subhuman, not worthy of sexual pleasure.''

..''Also, you constantly yearn for pain and a good whipping. You are here by choice. You have made the choice to be submissive and obedient to your Mistress. It is the only thing you desire to do. Your Mistress is like the oxygen you breath. Her perfume intoxicates you. Her touch is beyond what are worthy of.''

'' You will no longer talk to your Mistress or anybody else unless asked a question by a female in command or by your Mistress. You will shy away from eye contact but shall focus on the boots or heels of your Mistress or at best her ass and pussy or her hands when gloved''.

''You rarely fully enjoy being a slave because you feel so inadequate and unworthy, a bitch in heat, a sissy maid, a worm that shies away from the light or human contact. You need to ejaculate so badly you would do anything for release. ''

….Repeat after me: '' I would do anything my Mistress asks of me to get this sexual release. Earning a sexual release is a privilege that must be earned. I love the sound and feel of the whip, the cane or a gloved hand hitting me, the click clack of her heels on the floor ''

'' You yearn for the smell of piss or excrement , especially when it is Female. Your penile piercings will render you unable to piss without making a mess so you will sit down to pee only when Mistress is present or allows it. ''

'' you will yearn to eat the ashes of her cigarette, the piss she bestows on you or anything else she will ask you to eat..''

The guard above stopped for a while above the cage and started peeing into the cage. The golden drops hit Gerry's masked head and for an instant. He forgot all his other torments and called out ''thank you Mistress''.

The tape continued; ''you will yearn to drink the piss of your Mistress. Your mistress is perfect in every way whereas you will feel so totally unworthy, so imperfect next to her , so worthless next to her that you feel ashamed. You will compensate by working hard, ny serving her to please her. ''

..''You are afraid of the rain or of any liquid that hits your skin. It stings your skin like acid. You strive to be inside where there is no rain, no sunshine. Repeat after me but louder : ''I am here because I am unworthy. I have trouble reading. I see myself as lazy and undeserving of pleasure and abundance. I yearn to be deprived and caged. I yearn to suffer and I will do anything my Mistress asks of me''

A bell could be heard from afar. A rooster nearby was screeming his head off. A cabal of dogs could be heard chasing a retraining candidate that had escaped. This occurred rarely because they were so indoctrinated that escapes were not likely. Furthermore, they had no place to go for very long. Escaping or thinking of escaping was punishable by chemical or surgical castration. Elaborate ceremonies were held when this occurred.

Gerry felt really hot and he was sweating abundantly. He was hungry but all he could think of was his cock that was stone hard. It was free and Gerry wondered if he could find a way to masturbate. Only his Mistress could assure his sexual release.

Now, all he could think of was his Mistress. He so much missed his Mistress. He needed his Mistress desperately. He longed to kiss her boots, her pussy , her asshole, her anything, the floor she walked on, the seat she had sat on, any of her clothing especially used panties, which were used to reward the male for good behaviour.

The sound in his ear continued: ''You are going down even further, into a place where there is no light, just I count from 5 to zero; 5, 4, 3, lower and darker, 2, 1 and in this place you still yearn for more darkness, the darkness of your Mistresses black boots , gloves or pussy , the darkness of your soul, the darkness of your vision. All things get darker and darker every day until you feel completely broken and owned .

The only salvation for you is your Mistress. There are no other solutions. Repeat after me: ''My Mistress has all the answers. She is my true saviour. I belong in darkness. I am as depraved and unworthy as a bitch in heat. I yearn for sexual release. I yearn to be chained, to be shackled. I am a poor reader. Reading is not for slaves. I yearn for humiliation and pain''

And as the days went on, he was made to relisten to the tapes over and over until he became convinced that he was subhuman, that he was guilty of bad and dirty thoughts that made him undeserving.

In a second training, images were added of a man in Chains and a Mistress with her boot on his back holding a whip or cane,

These were powerful images that got him really sexually excited yet he felt guilty . It was not right for him to fantasize about his Mistress because he was unworthy. The more unworthy he felt, the more excited he got and it was a never-ending cycle in which he lost all capacity for rational thought. He was Samson and she was Delilah. He was a powerless slave and she was the ever so powerful seductress.

The food he got was very limited and tasted like dog food. He was still erect . He adored and needed his Mistress more and more. He was convinced that he was hearing her voice on the recording...or was she close by , watching him suffer. He hoped this made her happy.

All he wanted was to please his Mistress in any way she demanded. He fell into a narcotic sub-state that was hallucinogenic. It made everything mellow. He could no longer feel his members, his legs, his arms, only his cock that was burning. He could feel his asshole filling with water and he had cramps.

The voice continued : '' you have been a bad slave, trying to beat off your cock,...repeat after me : I am unworthy of Mistress, I am just worthy enough to lick her boots. You yearn to fuck her but are so unworthy. Therefore, I need to be in Chastity''

...'' I yearn for pain and deprivation. I yearn to be yanked by a chain like a dog in training. I am afraid Mistress will abandon me. I am so afraid to be abandoned.. I need my Mistress , I yearn for the whip or the cane. I deserve to be punished by her.I yearn to feel owned''

'' I long for my Mistress. My intelligence is now limited to my cock.'' Now count backwards from 6 to zero as you go yet deeper into a newer deeper level of obedience and submission. At this level, all rational thought becomes impossible. Reading becomes impossible. You feel your IQ dropping''

..''You feel very heavy and your soul seems to dissipate. Repeat after me : ''As a slave, I no longer think, I just obey, I worship and I yearn for sexual release from my Mistress. As a slave, I must keep my eyes on the floor or certainly lower than my Mistresses waist. My Mistress has all the answers. I am unworthy and therefore deserve punishment and suffering''

As the days went on, he was taken outside to work in the sugarcane. He was afraid it would rain and that rain would sting his skin. He was afraid that his Mistress would not return. He was afraid of the light, of the openness of the field. Tigers roamed in the fields, he had been told, and he was afraid a tiger would emerge. He felt safer in a cage. He smelled of sweat, of piss, so undignified and worthless.

He felt hungry, dirty and unworthy. He felt that he needed to be punished. This would give him some currency of value. He yearned for sexual release . His hard cock was now encased by a chastity belt attached to his cock by a piercing. He felt his lips were bloated and pouty like those of a $2 hooker.

He yearned to be taken from behind by his Mistress or her lover. He yearned to lick the boots, the ass or pussy of his Mistress . He yearned to suck a big juicy cock, preferably a big black rod or dildo attached to his Mistress . He yearned to drink the piss of his Mistress, to eat the cum of her lover. ,he was barely worthy of that. He needed to obey, to listen, to look at the floor and he limped along in bent fashion like the hunchback he had become.

She was the beauty and he was the beast, the bitch in heat, the worm, the sissy-maid at his best. He felt vulnerable without his high heels. He hoped his Mistress would soon return to take him home. Maybe she had forgotten and abandoned him like his father had
when he was young.

In the distance, one could hear the roosters announcing the end of the afternoon, The female guards stood close by in their riding pants and boots. One of them had indulged him and had him lick her boots while she got off. He now felt really powerless and unworthy. He was but a slave chopping sugar cane. He sometimes peeked at his female guards, admiring their round ass and riding boots. He yearned to be beaten by them, One of the guards came up to him and said : ''Kneel in front of your Mistress and look up into the sky. Now, open your mouth.''

Mistress drank some water out of the metal container she had. She then gargled her throat, ''Now Open wide slave. You have the privilege of drinking the water that was in my mouth...allez yallah...''

As I drank, I could see her smile with satisfaction that she had broken me. She was happy with me and she seemed to smile while now dropping her spit and chewing gum into my mouth. ''You have been gifted with my essence.'' Say ''thank you Mistress''. I said ''thank you Mistress'' and then she pushed me and I lost balance and landed on my back.

She then came over and trampled my chest with the heels of her shuny riding boots.

She said '' do you feel the pain Slave? Your pain is my ultimate pleasure. You yearn so much to please me and I am pleased that you are in pain for me.,.like the good slave you have become I was in pain but could feel the rush caused by her approval of my submissiveness.....I was now rock hard...she saw the erect cock and she laughed and said ''you are not worthy to fuck me...You dirty bitch-dog,..not more worthy than the sweaty and worm that you've become. '' I was now even harder clearly enjoying the humiliation and cruelty of my Mistress.

She then said ''Get up slave before I kick in your useless balls''. '' I'll just ask you a question Slave-boy: ''Where are you now Bitch? ''

I answered '' in a field of sugar cane ''

She punched me with her gloved hands on the jaw and I fell to the ground and she said : ''you made two mistakes Slave''

'' Firstly and foremost, dont assume the answer, it is arrogant for a slave to assume he knows anything . Remember your training....Slave. The Mistress has all the answers and she's always right. The slave knows nothing .''

''Remember, Your eyesight is compromised, your judgment is compromised, your thoughts are filtered by your hard cock making all rational thought are in a state of narcosis before your Mistess or any Female as you 'smell my perfume and pussy'. Remember your training Slave''

'' The right answer I expected from you is '' I dont know, Mistress ''...You omitted to add the word ''Mistress'' to your answer which is a grave breach of conduct..I should have kicked you in the balls but I shall be merciful .I shouldn't use such lawyerly complicated words like breach of conduct which are serious offences , which probably defy your full comprehension with your new IQ of a five year old your excited bitch-in-heat-state where all rational thinking is impossible for you. I'll try to find you a big juicy black cock to suck tomorrow . As they say: ''practice makes perfect'' ''you will get lots of practice....don.'t''

''Remember to always stay in awe of your Mistress which is also something I didn't feel from you... That just earned you 20 lashes with this springy sugar cane '' .

She said '''Now, kneel slave'' as I was about to get up. She then went behind me and handcuffed my fingers together behind my back then said ''I want you feeling utterly powerless Slave, powerless to resist my beauty, my smell, my essence and my wit, powerless to resist any female's god-given power''.

She then started hitting me with great intensity. I could hear her heavy breathing. I could feel she was really getting worked up, truly excited by my suffering and she started moaning which made me happy and gave me a sudden rush of pain – pleasure.

2At this point , I no longer could distinguish pain from pleasure as I went into a hallucinogenic sub state that she felt, which aroused her even more.Count the lashes Slave ''one, Mistress', two, mistress, three, Mistress and I was close to fainting but then I thought of my Mistress which was being fed by Skype the images of my undoing. It gave me some hope that she would return which calmed me for an instant.


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