ET 4: Obedience Trainer

Obedience Trainer
By Paul Calhoun

They're back! My group that takes the sliding scale of romantic vs. nymphomaniac, rips the slider off and tries to insert it in various places.

Jess has yet another brilliant idea to help their completely secure relationships! This time there's pushback and she has to modify, but her final plan is even better than the original. She decides that Kevin needs to learn to be more assertive and so places herself under his control for the night. Sort of. It's hard to let go.

I decided to make Charles and Melissa slightly more snarky because I thought Jess needed a balancing force besides her steadier husband. I like the idea, though, of them all being only less amorous as compared to her. The other three have big sexual appetites, but she makes them look normal.

“She’s got that look again,” Melissa said. “That one that means that since it’s Halloween, it’s time to do something super weird.”

Charles said, “Do you have any idea what?”

Kevin shook his head. “No. She’s been keeping it a complete secret. You know how she loves springing surprises. It must be a big one if she’s getting it together this early, though.” He shrugged. “It’s not like Jess doesn’t have great ideas though. We all had fun last year.”

“My back still hurts.” Charles said.

“And you’ve been crossdressing ever since.” Melissa added. “Though I can understand that. I wouldn’t want to be stuck wearing guy clothes all the time either.”

“Like I said, we have fun.” Kevin replied. “I know Jess sometimes sweeps us up in her enthusiasm, but don’t tell me you haven’t had a few pony rides since last year.”

“Shh. Here she comes.” Charles said.

“You don’t have to clam up.” Jess said brightly. “I know you’re all itching to find out what you’re going to be this Halloween.”

“Maybe we want to pick our own costumes this year.” Melissa grumbled.

“What? And be some boring old couple from a Pixar movie?” Jess asked. “Feh. I mean, with my costumes you could be. In fact, you won’t be picking your own costumes so much as each others’. I mean, unless Charles has learned women’s sizing or Melissa knows how to fit a pair of pants around a pair of balls. In fact, I got these as early as I did so that you could do just that. Maybe we could even learn something about ourselves in the process.”

“Honey?” Kevin said.

“What, love?”

“You’ve built up too far and told us what it is.”

“Bet you oral sex that I haven’t!”

“Each other?”

“Oh yeah, smarty! Tell me how.”

“I don’t know.” Kevin thought. “Corset, wig, that sort of thing.”

“Nuh-uh.” Jess ran to their room and hauled a box through the door. “Lookie!” She threw the lid open and hung four empty skins on the back of the sofa. “It’s us!” She looked up at the others with an eager expression. “See, last year I thought it would be neat to do shared costumes to get closer and learn how to work together. This year I wanted to go with the same idea, but take it even further. Not just get close, but become.” She saw the looks that ranged from blank lack of understanding to open doubt. “No, really, think about it. We could even swap around. I wear a skin and become Kevin and he wears the suit of me and we try to act like each other so we better understand what we like, dislike and notice. Or I wear Melissa and show her how outsiders see her interaction with Charles and so on and on. Get it?” She beamed at the assembly.

“Sweetie.” Kevin said slowly. “I know I don’t usually rain on your ideas, but -”

“You’re usually really submissive. That’s something I thought you could work on by being me and me being you. I know I can be pushy, but maybe if you toughen up –“

“I wasn’t going to say that,” Kevin said, his tone hardening, “but thanks for the observation. That’s the sort of thing that would only get much worse if we did this.”

“I really, seriously, and please don’t take this as critical but it is Jess, do not want to sleep with you.” Melissa said. “I wouldn’t get any sleep.”

“That goes double for me.” Charles added. “But more because Melissa is the only person I want to sleep with.”

“Oh yeah, that too.” Melissa said. Charles slapped her playfully on the arm and she started chewing on his shoulder. “Besides,” she said when she’d put sufficient bite marks on him. “It sounds really creepy having you pretend to be me and having sex with my husband.” Melissa said.

“I’d run away at top speed.” Charles agreed. “Actually, I don’t trust you.” He took his own skin and Melissa’s. “We’ll just put these where you won’t be tempted. If you and Kevin want to do stuff like that, go ahead.”

“I had an even worse thought. What if she’d dressed as me and then made a pass at me?” Melissa made a gagging noise. “I really don’t want to see how she thinks I’d try to seduce myself. I’d have to take a shower, but then I’d see myself in the mirror and feel like she was still there. Argh!”

“Hey! I’m still in the room.” Jess stamped her foot. “You’re just thinking of the negatives.”

“Honey, do you want a rational argument?” Kevin asked.

“Aw, you’re against me too?”

“I worked this one out in my head. There are ninety-six possible combinations. Do you really think we’d get through all of those?”

“I don’t think we’d have to.”

“Without strangling each other on the first or second?” Kevin asked gently. “No, hon, I’m putting my foot down. If you think this argument is bad now, try to see how it would go with us all pretending to be each other. It wouldn’t be pretty. I love you more than anything and I never want to hurt your feelings the way I would if we swapped places like that. I also don’t think I could stand having someone else with your face pretending to be you in a relationship with me.”

Jess looked down. “Maybe you’re all right.” She looked up with an enormous grin and kissed Kevin hard. “I’ve never seen your so assertive, dear! It’s already done what I needed and given me a much better idea. You’ll see! It’ll be amazing and you’ll love it and it and it won’t make us hurt each other’s feelings at all.” She ran off.

“She’s always so cheerful when she’s got an idea.” Melissa said. “It’s endearing, but I like her better when she’s settled down to a plan.”

“I admit, she’s a little hard to live with when she’s chasing a concept. Again, we do enjoy ourselves.” Kevin said.

“Yeah.” Charles said. “I mean, these things aren’t terrible.” He picked up the skin of his wife. “I mean…”

“My husband is thinking about its uses as a sex toy.” Melissa said. “See, that I could live with. Not trying to act like each other except for fun.”

“Do you want me to call her back in?”

“Heck no! I want to see what she’s cooked up next.” Melissa said.

“Let her have fun with planning.”

Kevin smiled at the closed bedroom door. “She’s so cute when she’s hyper.”

“Excuse us,” Melissa said, sidling towards her own bedroom with her husband. “I just started getting the same mental images as Charles.”

“Have fun.” Kevin said.

Jess was insufferable the next day when she spotted straight off that Charles wasn’t who he claimed to be at breakfast. “I knew it! You liked the idea!”

“We liked the costume,” the woman who appeared to be a slightly taller and fuller bodied Melissa said. “The idea needed work.”

“Going as each other sounds fun,” ‘Charles’ said. “We just don’t want to do a lot of swapping and trying to improve each other. That was the thing; we were sort of with you at first but then you suggested all that other stuff.”

“You’re also going at it like leporids.” Jess supplied.

“We are indeed.” ‘Melissa’ said. “We don’t want to improve ourselves, Jess, we just want to have fun with it.”

“In other words, nothing new.” ‘Her’ husband added.

“Meanwhile mine,” she cast Kevin a sidelong glance. “Seems decidedly unwilling.”

“I wanted to see what your new idea was. I didn’t want you to be distracted by the previous one.”

“That and you’ve already pretended to be me so much that the novelty wore off.” Jess said sadly.

“Not really? Most people didn’t know it was you specifically, just a random busty girl in a tiger costume looking for fun. If I was pretending to be you I wouldn’t have flirted so much.”

“But these outfits are so much more advanced. Don’t you want to know how it feels?”

“After Halloween.” Charles said firmly.

“You’re being assertive again, honey. I’m going to drag you back to bed if you don’t start letting me have my own way.”

Kevin slowly pulled the maple syrup bottle away from Jess’s place. “No more.”

“That’s not assertive, that’s evil.”

“All right, hon, let’s see you dispute this idea.” Jess said, proudly holding out an enormous package.

Kevin took it and removed the contents, a furry bundle that seemed to go on forever. When he placed the four-legged body on the bed, its long-muzzled head lolled backwards and looked up at him as if begging him to pay attention to it. “It’s a dog suit.” He said, straightening out the limbs and pulling it so that it lay at full length.

“It’s way more than that.” Jess said. “Look at the front legs.”

“I have. I’m not sure how we’re supposed to both fit into it with all that padding. Plus if it’s one piece with the zipper on the back, how are we supposed to get into or out of it? We found out how bad an idea this sort of thing was last year.”

Jess had most of her clothes off and hugged the costume to her chest. “It’s not for both of us.” She looked coquettishly over the head of the costume, her chin framed by the upraised ears. “It’s for me.” She saw Kevin’s expression and smiled. “See, I thought maybe I was being too controlling. Last year I ceded some to you when we were stuffed in that tigress, but even then I was making you act in a way I wanted you to. You were dominant, but constrained by my choice of costume.”

“I loved it, though.”

“No doubt.” Jess hooked her toe into her panties and flicked them up into her hand, throwing them onto the bed beside the costume. She rummaged around, emerging from her closet holding a lycra bodysuit. “I still feel like I tell you what to do too much. So this year you pick your costume and the only constraint is that you have to bring your faithful – an obedient – giant canine companion with you.” Her feet were resting in the stirrups of the bodysuit and she started pulling it up. “I even got a harness and leash!”

“I don’t feel very comfortable dragging you around like that.”

“You’ll do it and you’ll like it!” She said in a mock severe tone.


“Sorry, sweetheart, but I’ve made my decision. You’re going to pick your costume and I’m going to go along with it like a good pooch. Let’s practice!”

“What if I order you to take the costume off and go back to being my boss?” Kevin asked, standing behind Jess and putting his arms around her to help get the massive wolf/dog costume up to her waist.

“That’s not the sort of command a dog would understand.” Jess replied turning her head to brush her cheek against his. “You know, I could get a ball gag just to make sure I don’t cheat and say something.”

“I trust you.” Kevin said. “That’s going too far anyway. What if you really needed to talk?”

“And I trust you to know when I need something. Oh well, this muzzle feels like it’s got a lot of resistance. I doubt I could talk easily.” She ducked her head into the costume head and arched her back so she could put her arms into the forelegs. She daintily fell to all fours and shifted her weight from foot to foot to foot to foot, almost kneading the floor and fidgeting impatiently while Kevin zipped her up. The back of the head had a loop under a thick fringe of fur which the zipper passed through and latched to a hook on her back. A downy mane of thicker fur covered and hid the top of the zipper track as well as the loop and the shaggy body fur rendered the rest of the track invisible when Kevin stroked her. It was so thick that his hand almost vanished into it. “This is really thick. And soft.” He knelt and hugged Jess around her wolf shoulders, burying his face in her fur. She seemed to tense up and then the wolf’s mouth opened and a very unconvincing pant followed.

“That’s the most fake dog sound I’ve ever heard.”

“Woof!” The wolf said.

“Wow. That’s terrible.”


Kevin laughed and patted his wolf-wife’s head. “Good dog. Bad actress. Isn’t that really warm?”

Jess cocked her head and then came another human sounding bark.

“You look good, but you seriously need to work on the woof.” Kevin told her. She followed him – tripping more literally than figuratively on her paws – to the window, which he put his hand to. “We’ll have to find a way of cooling you off or you’ll never last the party. For now, though,” he picked up the harness. “What wants walkies?”

Jess reared up and put her forepaws on Kevin’s chest, treating him to another poorly mimicked pant. “Down girl!” He laughed. She fell back onto all fours. “Hmm.” He said, grinning. “Maybe you ought to earn your treat. Sit!”

Jess fell into a splay legged crouch that was the closest she could approximate a quadrupedal sit with no practice.”

“Roll over!”

Jess got as far as laying on her side when she got stuck. The whine that came from the wolf’s muzzle was more of a feminine grunt of annoyance than the high pitched sound a dog made.

“Come on! You can do it!” Kevin said brightly. “Go on! Roll over!”

The wolf looked up with him with liquid eyes and whined again.

“You can’t do it?”

The wolf shook her head.

“You want me to help you back up?”

The wolf panted yes and barked.


Jess extended a paw in entreaty, waving it at Kevin.

“All right.” He put his hands under Jess and helped her to her paws, feeling the give in the thick padding as he pushed. She panted and tried to frisk around him, running into the nightstand and almost knocking a glass over.

“Bad dog!” He said. She whined and put a paw over her eyes.

“Aww. It’s all right. Shake?” She extended the paw, which he shook. “Good girl” He clipped the harness on her and attached the leash. “Let’s go for a walk, then.”

Jess led him to the front door, her held head high. She semi-sat as he opened it and almost dragged him out, straining as he locked the door. “Bad dog.” He said playfully. “Don’t make me go back in.”

She panted at him in an imitation of a dog who was already out and knew she wasn’t going back in until she’d had her run. As she pranced around the yard, as much getting used to four legs as for the role play, Kevin said, “I ought to take you to the park and see how many looks I get.”

Jess half barked, half giggled.

“Or maybe I ought to stake you out here for the night.”

She growled.

“Well, dogs don’t belong in the bed and I don’t have a dog bed right now.”

Jess turned and leapt at him, knocking him down into the grass and standing over him. “Get off, ‘tout bitch!” Kevin commanded.

Jess settled onto her chest, curled up and rested her muzzle on his face. “Who’re you calling bitch?” She said, forcing the quiet words past the restrictive muzzle.

“There’s only one female canine here.” Kevin said, stroking her side and scratching her muzzle. He hugged her close. “All right. I’ll try this out. But my condition is that you don’t see my choice until that night. Deal?”

Jess barked, panted and then snuggled closer. Kevin closed his eyes and started to doze. “It’s really nice having a warm wolf to cuddle.” Jess panted harder than usual. Kevin opened his eyes, full of concern. “You’re getting overheated, let’s go inside and get you out of that fur.” Jess whined weakly and tried to press her face harder against him. “No arguments, my sleek beauty.” He said, wiggling out from under her and then picking her up. He held the fluffy wolf close as he went in, both sets of legs spilling out from his arms. When he put her down, unclasped the harness and opened the zipper, Jess wriggled out of the hot, sweat-soaked wolf costume and looked up at her husband with tired, liquid eyes. “I’m glad you took this suggestion. So you really liked it?”

Kevin kissed her nose and picked her up again, now sans wolf costume. “I’ve already decided what I’m going to do. Now let’s get you cleaned up and maybe woken up too. That costume must really be hard work.”

“It is.” She said quietly. “But it’s worth it.” She perked up as he carried her into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. “Bath time?”

“Let’s shower first.”


After the previous year, both couples had decided they liked bathing together so much that they’d both installed larger tubs in their respective bathrooms. There was nothing more relaxing and intimate, had said, than sitting together in a hot bath. And Kevin had found that playing the water jets over his wife never failed to get her in the mood – or at least ready for a playful splash fight that usually ended in him getting the mop while she luxuriated and teased him about being her favorite pool boy - although she could say the same for him. The shower helped rouse her a little, but when they switched to the whirlpool, it wasn’t long before she was laying stretched out on him with her head resting on his shoulder. He gently rubbed her back with the hand brush, listening to her breathing. She surprised him a few minutes later by stretching and pulling back. “Thanks, hon,” she murmured. “Now let me.” She took his hand and gently pulled him onto her lap, taking the brush off his hand and starting in on massaging his back. “Not that you’re likely to have nearly as stiff a back as me, though it couldn’t have been easy to carry me like you did. No, not a word about it being easy,” she said when Kevin looked about to protest. “I know how much I weigh! Besides,” she playfully rubbed Kevin’s biceps. “You have scrawny arms.” She yawned. “I’m feeling better now, but it’s not good that I didn’t last long. We’re going to have to practice all the time we can – or more accurately I am. I need to get into shape so I don’t end up flopping down at the party and needing to be taken home early.” She stretched again and shifted her rear, pushing on Kevin’s shoulder so he’d slide off of her. “In fact, I think I need to push myself. I’m putting it back on.”

Kevin shifted his own weight so that he wouldn’t move. “No you’re not.”

Jess pushed harder. “I am!” She got out from under him and made a run for the door.

Water sloshed as Kevin went after her. “You’ll get it all wet! Nobody likes a wet dog.”

Jess started vigorously rubbing herself with a towel. “There, fixed.”

“I don’t want you falling asleep in it. Cute as that would be, I’d be too afraid you’d overheat or not get enough air.”

“I won’t fall asleep.” Jess protested, already one leg into the lycra undersuit. “See how energetic I am?”

“All right,” Kevin sighed, picking up the heavy wolf pelt. “Let me help you into it.” Soon Jess was again enveloped in soft fur. “So how is it so far?”

Jess barked more weakly than she had the first time around.

Kevin knelt and massaged Jess’s back legs, feeling the angular bulge of the digitigrade padding. “This must be hell on your legs too. You’re going to be so sore tomorrow.” When Jess turned to bark in agreement, he felt the heat coming from her muzzle. “Let’s go outside.” Kevin opened the door as Jess tried to pick up the harness in her partially mobile mouth. Kevin sighed again. “No role play this time. I think I can trust you not to run off.”

Jess whined, but followed Kevin out the back door and into the yard. Though less energetic, her movements were also less clumsy and she voluntarily went back inside and lay down to have the costume unzipped after fifteen minutes. “You win,” she said, tired but not sweating. “Though we’ll have to do more practice indoors in future. The party’s probably going to have the heat turned on.” She lay down next to him on the bed, their bodies nestling into each other. “It’s getting easier.”

“I could tell. That will help with the strain.

“Yeah.” She was falling asleep, but opened her eyes one more time. “Honey, is my dog impression that bad?”

“Yes, dear.”

Jess closed her eyes. “At least I can do something about that without putting the whole thing on.”

It was late afternoon when Jess sat up and looked out the window. “Honey?” She nudged Kevin. “Come on, we’d better get up.” She got out of bed and when Kevin joined her, she kissed him. “That’s for being supportive.” She almost bore him back down onto the bed with her next kiss. “And that is for going to sleep with me even though it will probably wreck both our sleeping schedules.”

“We could always stay up late tonight,” he said suggestively.

“Or wear ourselves out right now!” Jess cried, this time actually knocking Kevin onto the bed and jumping on top of him.

Melissa and Charles looked up from their desserts as Jess and Kevin came in. “We were wondering where you’d gotten to.” Melissa said.

“We’re totally off kilter right now.” Jess said. “My fault. The costume I’m testing for Halloween is exhausting!”

“Oh?” Charles asked.

“No, not like that!” Jess said as Kevin took their dinner out of the fridge. “Though we may do that costume again afterwards.” She said speculatively. “It was such a blast last year.”

“You’re telling us.” Melissa said. “We were the ones who got stuck like that overnight.”

“Oh, you loved every minute.” Jess said dismissively.

“Not that part.” Charles said.

“Well, not all of it.” Melissa added.

“There were occasions…” Charles agreed.

“Like when you woke me up with that morning wood that wouldn’t go away.”

“Don’t go running off on us.” Kevin said, finally finishing with the microwave.

“We’re still trying to decide what we want to be.” Charles said.

“Apart from each other, of course.” Melissa added. “So we decided to throw on those skinsuits and go down to the mall to see if we can find inspiration.”

“What a transparent excuse to attempt to run into someone one or both of you know and laugh it up when they don’t realize the switch. Or just go into places you normally wouldn’t be able to without getting looks.” Kevin said.

“How would you know?”

“Because it’s exactly what I did.”

“He was so excited to be able to shop as a woman.” Jess said.

“You haven’t crossdressed in awhile. What happened?” Charles asked.

“Meh, I was never really satisfied with how I looked. Jess did her best, but I could never help seeing myself no matter how much I learned from her. I was fine in the tigress costume, but that really only works around Halloween and even then I got stared at.”

“I thought you looked pretty.” Melissa said. “A little wide in the shoulder and sharp in the face, but not obviously manly.”

“Speaking of which, have you two tried out your own skinsuits?” Charles asked.

“Nah, we’re a bit busy with her costume.” Kevin said, serving his wife.

“We’ll try it out afterwards.” She said, squeezing his hand in thanks. “Hey, that might make the tigress costume even more interesting!”

Kevin bit his lip. “Eat first, then get me in the mood, dear.”

“Silly. You’re always in the mood.”

“And you aren’t?”

Jess wrapped her lips around the fork suggestively. “Fair point.”

“You two are such nymphos.” Charles said.

“Hypocrite.” His wife said.

“That’s so ironic coming from you.”

“Guess what. Our meals are done.” Melissa got up and took her husband’s hand. “Bath time.”

During the next week, Kevin often got up to find his wife already in her lycra bodysuit and waiting for him to take her on her morning walk. Every day saw her staying longer and sometimes even scratching on the back yard door and begging until he opened it and followed the wolf, her head proudly up and her mouth open in a happy pant, around the block. When she almost made them late for work, he threatened to call her in sick and leave her either staked out or in the house. They both ended up late when he unzipped her and she burst out of the costume and showed how much she enjoyed his assertiveness. In the afternoon, he’d again help her into the costume and she’d follow him around as he did his household tasks. It became impossible to hide herself from their housemates and when they called her a ‘proud bitch’ she made it a point to lift Melissa’s skirt with her tail as often as possible and stick her nose into Charles’s crotch whenever he sat down. The hour before dinner was usually spent curled up on Kevin’s feet as they watched TV.

“You need to work on your training.” Kevin said halfway through a re-run. “Sit!”

Jess looked up at him with obvious fatigue, but obediently rose to her feet and then clumsily fell into her best doggy-sit.

“Now stay.” While Jess sat, her legs quivering from the effort of holding the pose, Kevin went into the next room. She was still sitting when he got back and he said. “Good girl! Here’s a treat.” He held up a miniature fan, which whirred loudly when he turned it on. It’s power was not lost on Jess, whose muzzle opened as she luxuriated in the breeze. A very non-doggy sound of contentment issued from the open muzzle. “Now, let’s see how much better you’ve gotten. Roll over, girl!”

This time Jess made it all the way onto her back and barked happily with the achievement. She was rewarded with another long blast from the fan, then Kevin sat down on the floor next to her. “Who wants her belly rubbed?” Without waiting for a response, Kevin started vigorously rubbing Jess’s soft belly. At first he thought that her rolling back and forth and the kicking of her legs was part of her act, then he heard the muffled yelps of laughter from inside. “Ticklish, girl?” He asked, a slow grin spreading across his face. “Well, how about here?” He moved his hand up to between her forelegs and her motions became even more frenetic. What had at first started like a growl now became a higher pitched exhalation. She tried to wrap her legs around Kevin and hump him, but he jumped back. “Bad girl! I’m not a boy dog.” Jess scrambled back to her feet and then reared up, knocking him down and lying on top of him, resuming her attempts to fuck him through the costume. “No, girl!” He laughed. “Don’t make me get the newspaper.”

Jess ignored him until he reached behind her head and pulled the zipper down. With a few hard swings of her shoulder, she’d freed her upper body and stripped the rest of the costume off of herself in a few seconds. “Bedroom, now.” She panted.

“So much for me taking charge.” Kevin joked.

“You’re damn right, so much for you being in charge,” she said, grabbing his arm and dragging him with her. “I’m going to screw your brains out.”

“But Melissa and Charles were going to tell us what all that plastic they’d bought is for.” Kevin said.

“They can wait. I can’t.”

“I guess I’d better not do that at the party, huh?”

Jess turned and looked at him with a broad, slightly manic grin. “The belly rub, yes. But move your hand too far up and you’ll regret it. If I have to stay in that dog suit and pretend to be your faithful pet for very long after that, I think I’d explode.”

“You have more self control than that.” He said confidently.

“Maybe, but I don’t think you have the stamina for what would happen if I had to be patient.” Her smile became both inviting and challenging. “But if you want to find out, I can’t really stop you, can I? That’s the rule when I’m in costume, but when I’m out,” she pushed him backwards onto the bed and knocked the wind out of him when she jumped on top. “I won’t take ‘stay’ for an answer.”

“Remember that we haven’t got everything quite worked out,” Charles said in Melissa’s voice through their bedroom door. “There are some changes we’d like to make and –“

“Get on with it!” Jess called.

“Ta da!” Charles said, stepping through. He was wearing a purple spandex bodysuit over which was placed green and white powered armor with a black rubber flexible midriff. His Melissa face was painted blue and her long brown hair was hidden under an even longer red wig with bright highlights. She had large, red lips and had made herself up to make her blue eyes seem huge. The effect of being an ethereal Tangean Royal was somewhat spoiled by the fact that between Melissa’s human female shape and the need to adapt it to Charles’s larger frame, Mira Nova looked like she’d gone from Disney Princess to a ripe figured Rule 34 fanart piece. “You said something from Pixar, and that gave us the idea to go with the animated adaptation.”

“So you could guess what I picked.” Melissa said, stepping out in a Buzz Lightyear costume. “To infinity and et cetera.” She said with moderate enthusiasm. “My husband got the good outfit.”

“You could have gone as XR.” Kevin said.

“Too short.” Melissa replied. “And Scooter’s too big. No, I was pretty much stuck with either Buzz or Zurg. It seemed silly to go as Zurg, so here I am. I am not,” she said, removing the hood, “wearing a bald cap over all this. Buzz will just have much better hair.”

“Thanks, babe!” Charles said.

“That sounds so weird in my voice.” Their armor clunked together as they hugged.

“That’s fantastic.” Kevin said.

“Really nice.” Jess agreed. “So are you going to tell everyone?”

“Meh,” Melissa said, her armor riding up with the shrug.

Charles did a classic Mira Nova shrug to compliment hers. “Why should we? Anyone who can tell can tell. We won’t try hard, but we’ll answer to each other’s names most of the night.”

“So much potential for abuse and you don’t take it.” Jess said. “You guys are no fun.”

“Oh look who’s talking miss ‘I don’t even know what my husband’s picked out because I’m a good little dog.’”

“I think she’s going to have plenty of fun with my choice.” Kevin said with smug assuredness.

“He’s not even giving me a hint.” Jess said petulantly.

“You’ll see.”

Jess sat on her haunches, looking almost natural in the pose after another week and a half of work. The wolf looked up at her husband expectantly. “Yes, it’s time to find out what our costume will be.” He said indulgently. He scratched the top of her head and she panted half decently. She’d had her own surprise that she had sprung on him that night and though he had his suspicions after catching a glimpse of a slender zipper in the lower regions of her lycra undersuit, he had not asked her how the wolf’s tail was now sweeping the floor in a happy wag. “Now you wait there for a few minutes and I’ll be out to show you.” He retreated into the bathroom and she sank down and put her muzzle between her front paws.

She came back to attention and barked excitedly when she saw what her husband was wearing. His black books and brown socks left an expanse of smooth leg before reaching the well above the knee straight skirt of the black dress. A red belt with several pokeballs hung at an angle over his hips and the red high-necked jacket was cut off high at the midriff and was closer to a cropped vest than a real jacket. Unlike pokemon rangers, the black dress was also low cut, showing off his wife’s high breasts as the skirt displayed firm buttocks. She adjusted the red fedora that rested on short black hair. “I thought about wearing a wig,” he explained in Jess’s voice. “But I’ve always liked your hair.”

Jess got up and wagged her tail. Then she tilted her head questioningly.

“I have your part here.” He said. Now give me your paw. He took the proffered limb and fitted blood red sheaths over each claw, doing the same with her other front paw and then lifting her feet to affix them with the sheaths. Jess looked up at him curiously when he took several red fluffy objects out of the box. “I thought a long time about what pokemon you should be,” he said. He heard her gasp as he grasped her tail and with great care slid a tail wig that was same color as the sheaths at each end and matched her dark gray fur in the middle over it. “There were only three good choices with your coloration.” Her breath caught again as he tied a black band with a blue gem around the middle of the dark section. “Does that feel OK?” He asked, kneeling in front of her.

Jess looked back and experimentally wagged her tail a few times in slow sweeps. She looked at him and barked an affirmative. He patted her head. “Great. So,” he continued, smoothing a narrow strip of long red fur with black spikes of hair down her spine, “Houndoom seemed a good idea, but you’ve got such long fur and in the end I thought the bones were ugly.” He finished with the spinal ruff and moved up to her head with a mohawk of red and black fur. “I really liked Mightyena, but that was just too much extra fur for you. I thought you were fluffy enough as it was and that would weigh you down and be too hot.” He tied a ruff of black fur around her shoulders and clasped it between her front legs. “Zoroark, though, was perfect. Not too much extra fur, your undercoat matches beautifully and it hints at the fact that you’re more than you appear to be.” He said, stepping back to admire his pokemon. “Plus,” he said playfully, “Zoroarks can talk if they need to.”

Jess growled something that sounded a little like, “Cheater.”

Kevin bopped her on the muzzle. “Bad dog. I thought you said you weren’t going to take orders I shouldn’t be able to give. Now no more talking unless it’s a real emergency.”

Jess replied with a low, annoyed woof, then trotted over to the mirror.

“See? It’s a really good costume for a dog.” Kevin told her. “Too bad I wanted this to be a surprise, or I would have been able to give you the voice changer from the other skin.” He looked at his own costume. “You really make a sexy ranger.” He told Jess. He squeezed his boobs and closed his eyes. “I don’t know where you found these, but if what I’m feeling is close to what you do, I can see why you were so hot before.” Jess stuck her nose under his skirt and his knees went weak for a moment before he was able to step back. “No more. If we go any further, we won’t be leaving the house.” He adjusted his hat and took a deep breath. “Come on, girl. Let’s see if the others are ready.”

Jess paused at the door and looked back. “Oh,” Kevin said. “I suppose we’ll need this.” He clipped the harness to her. “Good girl. It wouldn’t look right if you weren’t on your lead. I might get a ticket.” He hefted his breasts again and patted his rear. “Though I bet I could get out of it.” When Jess let out a grumbling growl, he laughed and clipped her leash on. “Afraid I’ll sully your reputation.” He asked. He kissed her on the nose. “Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll too busy showing off how strong my pokemon is to flirt.”

Charles and Melissa were waiting for them. Charles absently tried to adjust his chestplate and Melissa slapped his hand away. “Stop that!”

Charles wrinkled his nose. “I always thought it was kind of sexy when a woman did something like this. Besides,” he said, swinging his shoulders back and forth in an attempt to move the plate without touching it, “it’s pressing on my boobs.”

“So is mine,” Melissa said, “but you don’t see me fidgeting.”

“You did a good job on his makeup,” Kevin said in an attempt to steer the conversation towards getting out the door. “His cheeks look a lot slimmer than before.”

“I’m a miracle worker,” Melissa said airily. “Wow, I sound like a douche when I say that in your voice.”

“Now you see why I have to be so humble.” Charles replied. “Hey, I sound like a strong, confident woman when I say stuff like that in your voice.”

“No you don’t. You just sound smug. By the way, that’s a very revealing costume, Kevin. I wonder what Jess would say if she could talk right now. I bet you sprung it on her when she was already dressed.”

“Guilty.” Kevin said happily. “That was a fast guess, though.”

“No guess. You’re taller than she is and even with all your corset training you’re still bigger around. Plus Jess is much more graceful in that wolf suit than you would be. She’s had time to practice.”

Jess wagged her tail and reared up on Melissa.

“Not making the boob situation much better.” Melissa said, pushing her down. “I like what you did with her.”

“Thanks.” Kevin said. “So are we ready to go?”

“Who’s driving?” Charles asked.

“I seem to have the fewest encumbrances.” Kevin said.

“I’m not making the obvious rack joke.” Charles replied.

Jess whined.

“Don’t worry, I won’t drive recklessly and get you points.” Kevin said scratching her head. “Though if I do, you’re pretty much stuck, aren’t you?”

Jess growled and pretended to nip at his hand.

Melissa said, “He’s right, though. Two of us are in clunky plastic and Jess hasn’t got hands. Or probably very good sight in that. Kevin’s dressed normally. Well, normally for Jess when she wants to flaunt it.”

Kevin put a hand on his hip and pulled back his shoulders. “Now I have it, so you’re darn right I’m going to flaunt it.”

Jess barked, panted and wagged her tail, then she trotted towards the front door, pulling Kevin along by the leash. “No, girl!” Kevin laughed. “I’m supposed to be the one in charge.”

“She’s just being a proper dog.” Melissa said. “They always lead when it’s time for a walk.”

The three humanoids helped lift Jess into the back of the car. She turned a few times and curled up. The space rangers sat in the back seat and Kevin got into the driver’s seat. Seeing Jess’s face in the rear view mirror gave him an erection that strained at the false vagina. Taking a deep breath and resisting the urge to rub his smooth legs together, Kevin started the car and backed out. Despite the distraction of the seat belt on his sensitive chest, the occasional glimpse of himself and thoughts of what would happen at the party, Kevin got them there uneventfully. He remembered to swing his legs going out of the car and avoided one of the prime pitfalls of sitting in a tight above the knee skirt.

Jess jumped down when they opened the back door, looking proud and energetic. They didn’t go for the entrance this time, though Jess drew stares the moment she walked in. Melissa and Charles stayed with them to make sure Jess was safe. Some people talked to the space rangers and the few who knew them well complimented them effusively on the swap. Most of the men were too distracted by the sexy Tangean to notice her occasional masculine behaviors. The women were not so distracted by Buzz since Buzz’s costume didn’t follow his body so closely and those with dates looked on with amused patience as they flirted with Charles and he clumsily flirted back. The young and somewhat inexperienced tomboyish nature of Mira’s character worked in Charles’s favor as it came off to his male admirers that he was playing the innocent rather than being genuinely so. The friends who recognized them got into the act and bolstered the illusion. Melissa found herself in the unusual position of being paid less attention to, though she had a few passes from women who were playing along. She wasn’t exactly happy with this, but she had to admit to herself that it was a refreshing change to have so little sexual undertone to her conversations. She also took great satisfaction when one reveler went too far in ‘examining Mira’s control panel’ and got a chance to pull him away. There wasn’t much the guy dressed as a private eye could do, since he was up against a ‘dude’ who wasn’t bigger than him but was decked in heavy plastic plate. They both also had to occasionally come to Kevin and Jess’s rescue when the first was overwhelmed by romantic attention and the second was swamped by too many admirers leaving her too little room. Kevin did his best to deal with those, but everyone wanted their turn petting the dog.

From Kevin’s perspective, it was a very successful costume. Even the people who spotted Charles and Melissa didn’t always catch that ‘Jess’ was in fact her husband and the dog dressed as a Zoroark was Jess. This was partly to do with Kevin’s choice of a more revealing costume and with Jess being completely covered by the wolf suit. Jess was enjoying herself immensely and her tail wagged constantly as she was pet and scratched. She barked at someone who seemed to be looking for a zipper and snapped at him when he ignored her.

“Don’t bug the precious thing,” a young lady in a white and gold dress said, hugging Jess around the shoulders. Jess panted at her. “You’re a good boy, aren’t you.” She cooed. “Oh, you’re so soft.” She rubbed her cheek against Jess’s side. “You look thirsty,” she put a glass in front of Jess’s muzzle. “Here.”

Jess whined and the girl said, “Aw. You can’t drink. Let me see.”

“I found a straw.” One of Jess’s male admirers said.

“Great!” The white and gold lady - Kevin thought she looked to still be a teenager - put it in the glass and slid it into Jess’s muzzle. “Is this good?” She grinned when Jess got her lips around it and liquid flowed into the muzzle. She looked up at Kevin after Jess had drained the glass. “Are you his trainer?”

“Yup. I bred him from a wild one I found in Lostlorn. It was an uphill fight, I can tell you. His mother was living in a trailer as a human woman and at first I thought she’d seduced a man to live with her. It turned out he was one too! The weird thing is that when this one evolved, he tried to please me by turning into a perfect replica of me and offered to do … romantic things.” Jess looked up at him and he could hear her laughter in the panting and wagging. “Want to see how well I trained him?” Kevin pointed. “Sit!”

Jess sat on her haunches and the crowd of onlookers became an interested ring. Those who were already close and had been fawning over her clapped.


Jess barked.


Jess offered her paw to anyone who wanted to take it, which took a long time as there were a lot of takers.

“Now roll over.”

Jess rolled onto her back. “You can give him belly rubs if you want.” Kevin said. “He really likes them.”

Kevin watched, hiding laughter at Jess being tickled by a crowd of kneeling partiers. With the high demand, some had to end up on her chest and her rolling, wagging and kicking only spurred them on. “You’re a very talented trainer.” An urbane baritone said. A man in impeccable blue and silver samurai plate was at Kevin’s elbow.

“Thank you!” Kevin said brightly. “I’ve had him since he was a tiny Zorua. I hatched him myself.”

The samurai linked arms with Kevin, “Why don’t we discuss breeding in a more secluded spot?”

Kevin smiled politely. “I’m afraid I couldn’t leave him. He’s my responsibility.”

Jess had finally managed to get back onto her feet with Charles and Melissa’s help and padded up to Kevin trailing the young woman and an older woman in a Victorian dress. The others had apparently decided they’d had enough fun with the fluffy dog. She barked half in warning and half in laughing appreciation of Kevin having made good on both his threat and her insistence that he treat her as his loyal and obedient pet. She reared up and put her forelegs over Kevin’s shoulders, her paws brushing his nipples under the black minidress. He caught his breath at the sudden stimulation, then put his arms around the forelegs. “See? I’m afraid that I’m a bit committed. Although,” he said, looking sidelong her his shoulder. “There are things a man like you could give me that a dog couldn’t.”

“I’m sure I can think of several.” The samurai said.

Jess growled low but Kevin ignored her. “Maybe I ought to stake Zoroark out and see what you have to offer.”

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.”

Kevin bit his lip, stifling giggles as he heard the sound of mixed longing, worry and annoyance in his wife’s growl. He pretended to consider for a few seconds and then said, “Sorry. I don’t think I could leave my pokemon alone like that.”

“He could join us.” The samurai said.

“What do you think, boy?” Kevin asked.

Jess fell down onto all fours, pacing around the samurai and sniffing him at intervals. She sat and barked twice, her tail unmoving. “Sorry,” Kevin said, “he isn’t interested.”

“That’s a shame.” The samurai said. He didn’t look like he was about to move.

“I’d better go find my friends.” Kevin said at length.

The samurai said nothing as Kevin awkwardly excused himself and Jess led him away. He knew exactly what he would see if he turned around because it’s what he’d be looking at. Jess’s fabulous rear shown to great effect by a short, stretchy skirt. Imagining that left him unaware for a few seconds that Jess had veered off course. When he stopped mentally checking himself/his wife out, he yanked on her leash, “No, boy, this way.” Jess continued to strain and Kevin saw that her nose was pointed arrow-like at the restrooms. “Boy, how are you going to manage that?”

Jess whined loudly, more human in tone than any time before.

“Did those girls give you drinks while I wasn’t looking?” Kevin said sternly. He’d seen Jess being given drinks by the girls, but hadn’t said anything since he thought she was probably getting dehydrated anyway and he knew there was no alcohol being served since the hosts had some friends with older kids who liked to come as well, hence the girl who had given her the first drink.

Jess whined and tried to put her paws over her eyes, failing miserably since the forearm stilts were too rigid.

Kevin sighed. “If we find a handicapped stall, I’ll help you. Otherwise we’re going home.”

Jess yawned expansively. She apparently didn’t mind either choice. She led Kevin towards the restrooms, stopping only briefly a couple of times to accept pets and compliments. “Narcissist.” Kevin said fondly.

They were stopped at the door by a woman dressed as Black Canary. “Uh, I don’t think you should be bringing him in there.” She said hesitantly.

“Why not? He’s only a dog.”

“Yeah,” she looked uncomfortable. “But seriously, he isn’t. It might make people nervous.”

“What is he going to do?” Kevin laughed. “Pant at them? Look at where his head is relative to our bodies. If he wanted to see things, he could have any time he wanted.” Kevin sighed. “Listen, do you use the men’s room when the ladies’ gets crowded? Do you bother women with young boys? No.” He pet Jess’s head. “He’s my baby and I’m taking him in with me. I’d take him into the men’s room, but I can see from the water leaking out from under the door that there’s been some trouble. My shoes would be fine, but I don’t want to get him wet.”

“Yeah.” Black Canary still looked hesitant. “It’s different, though. He’s still a guy.”

At that point one of Jess’s admirers, a coltish young woman in a Batgirl costume walked up. “Is there a line?”

“No,” Kevin said.

“Would you be comfortable with them using the bathroom?” Black Canary demanded.

“Sure.” She bent and scratched Jess behind her ear. “You’ve been so good all evening. Is this nasty lady keeping you out of the toilet?” She looked at Canary. “You should be lucky he’s so well trained or he’d have peed on the floor.”

“He’s not a real dog!” Canary whined. “Doesn’t anyone realize that?”

“No, he’s much better behaved.” Batgirl replied. “A real dog – and a lot of guys I know in his situation – would have been sniffing at me by now and might have tried to get under my skirt. This Zoroark has been very proper.” She held the door open. “Go on in.” Jess wagged her tail and panted appreciatively at Batgirl for a moment before trotting in.

“Thanks, Gregor.” Kevin said.

“No problem, Kevin.” She replied. “I know I won’t get any trouble from you. Not with Jess watching anyway. That’s a sensational likeness of her, by the way. I’m really jealous.” She winked and started checking her makeup. There was a handicapped stall, which both trainer and pokemon entered. After locking the door, Kevin turned to find Zoroark already standing.

“Let’s see.” He said, gently probing her back. He pulled the strip of red fur partway off and pulled the zipper down. Jess let him help pull the costume off of her upper half and keep hold of it as she carefully stepped out so he could keep it off the floor while she was on the toilet. She rubbed her bottom before she sat down. “Every time someone pets my tail…” She said.

“At least you can pee without taking the undersuit off.” He offered. “And it was your choice, anyway.”

“I didn’t know you’d be putting something on it.” She complained after finishing and standing up.

“Does that matter?”

“Yes!” She said. “It matters because it meant you had to move it all around rather than just one direction like most people have. You also pushed it in further. I’m so glad I didn’t go for the one that vibrates when it’s touched. I think that cover you put on it might have turned it on permanently.”

“I was surprised.” Kevin said. “You usually don’t show any interest in those sorts of things.”

“I’m glad I haven’t! I don’t know what people see in them. I only got that one because I wanted to have a mobile tail and because I thought it might be fun to put in later and play with.” She rubbed her behind again. “No thanks.” She looked at Kevin speculatively. “You’d look pretty good with a fluffy tail, though.”

“I’m not happy with the idea of having something up my butt either. Speaking of which, couldn’t you have put it in –“

“No, I couldn’t.” She said. “Apart from the anatomical placement, I know precisely what you would have done. You’re far less tempted this way.” She stepped into the suit, wiggling her rear a little to get the tail back in, and fell to all fours to let him zip it back up and put her spinal ruff back on. She looked up at him, her head tilted in a question.

“No, I don’t need to.” He said.

She barked and scratched at the door. He unlocked it and they back out into the party. The actual dance part had started and the space rangers were gingerly attempting to do a slow dance without making too much noise banging their armor together. Jess pulled Kevin out, stood and put her forelegs over his shoulders. “This is ridiculous.” He laughed, burying his face in her shoulder.

“It’ll look even weirder if they start a waltz.” She whispered.

“Or a salsa.” He said, biting his lip. “Hey, how about next year we do something where we can actually dance with each other? Last year it just attracted people who thought we were a tigress in need of a dance partner and this year –“ He tried to put his hands where they would be on Jess if she was out of costume. “I look like a little girl dancing with a stuffed animal.”

“I was thinking more of a Scooby and Shaggy vibe, but yours is a lot more complimentary to us both.” She whispered. “OK. I think you’re right. She rested her muzzle on his shoulder. “You liked it though?”

“Loved it. Especially being the one holding the leash and picking the final outfits. This way I get to look at you even though you’re currently our adorable costumed pet. I hope you don’t mind, but if given the choice, I totally want to see your body than mine.” He stroked her back. “I think there are going to be a lot of boyfriends being forced to play puppy after tonight.”

Jess barked and panted laughter.

“Yeah, that’s better.” Kevin said, mockingly stern. “You’ve been talking far too much.”

Jess gently hit him in the face with her muzzle.

The space rangers danced closer to them. “Getting tired?” Melissa asked.

Jess yawned at them and barked once, though she also wagged her tail.

“I think we can last another couple of dances,” Kevin translated.

Jess fell back to all fours and pointed at the door.


Jess panted hard.

“Oh. We’ll be outside when you’re ready to go. I think that’s ‘more hot than tired.’” Jess barked an affirmative and trotted towards the outer door, threading her way amongst the legs of the party goers.

“You’re intentionally snarling your leash.” Kevin accused.

Jess panted and wagged her tail again, the picture of a pet who is eager to go places and totally unable to comprehend why her owner needs to stop every few steps to untangle a leash. They were followed by what Kevin was thinking of as ‘The Pokemon Fan Club’ led by the young woman in white and gold. “Are you leaving? “ She asked when they reached the door.

“In a little while,” Kevin said. “Zoroark is getting hot and tired, so we’re going out to cool off for a few minutes before our friends finish.”

The fan club knelt around Jess, sending her off with loving scratches and ‘good boys.’ Outside, Kevin opened the back door of the car and helped Jess climb in. She curled up and Kevin left the door open, perching on the lip where the door would close. “There are going to be a million pictures of us tomorrow. Well, you with me in the frame sometimes.”

Jess whuffed a tired laugh.

Kevin absently rubbed her head. “I think you were a bigger hit than Charles and Melissa were as the pony last year. Lucky you to have such a dedicated trainer keeping people from taking advantage like they did before.

Jess put her head in Kevin’s lap. He continued to pet her. “I bet you’re going to be glad to take that off for longer than a couple of minutes, though. I hope you’re not too tired.” Jess weakly pushed at Kevin’s crotch. “Good girl.” He said. He lay down next to her and snuggled into her fur. The space rangers found them curled up together in the back and Melissa volunteered to shed her armor in the parking lot and drive them home. Jess woke up as they were pulling in to their driveway and nudged Kevin with her muzzle until he stirred. “Oh.” He said. He stuck his head up and over the back seat. “Thanks.”

“You looked like you needed it.” Charles said. “Speaking of needing something, I’m going inside right now. Melissa wouldn’t let me take my chest armor off before we got home and I am that tired of having my boobs mashed. See ya!” He ran inside.

“Need any help?” Melissa asked.

“No, we’re good.” Kevin said as Jess jumped down and he threw modesty to the wind as he followed her out.

Kevin kicked off the boots when they got into their bedroom and Jess flopped down onto the bed. He pulled off the red ruff and unzipped the back, but Jess made no move to get out of the suit. “Come on,” Kevin said, working his arm into the head and pulling it off of her. “You have to get out and get a shower.”

Jess wiggled out of the costume. “All right.” She sat up, her lower half still covered in thick gray fur. She pulled Kevin towards her and kissed him. “I’ve been wondering what that would be like all night.”

“How was it?”

“Not really that different. Though I can’t press up against you because of boobs.”

Kevin took her hand and pulled her to her feet. She stepped out of the wolf suit. “You’re sweaty. Go take a shower.”

“Hey, I’m not a dog anymore.”

He put his hand on her bum and gave her a push. “I’m still a trainer, though.”

“Can’t we shower together?”

“When you’re done, I’ll join you. I left the skinsuit of me in the bathroom. Or do you need more belly rubs to get back in the mood?”

Jess shook her head, the fire re-entering her eyes. “I don’t think so. I should have known you wouldn’t be giving up your authority so easily. Of course, the moment you stop being me, I’m going to get you back so much for leaving me like that.”

“I’m looking forward to that. While you’re showering and getting changed I’ll be getting ready in my own way.” He grinned and opened Jess’s drawer of vibrators. She didn’t often need them, but her appetite was voracious and if they were apart for more than a couple of days, it helped to tide her over until he could get back. It didn’t bother Kevin in the least. He knew she preferred a night with him than one with electronics and it wasn’t like he didn’t keep a picture of her in his luggage wherever he went. That was all he needed.

“Oh, no.” Jess said hungrily. “Allow me.” She shoved Kevin onto the bed and pushed up his skirt. “Hey, those are mine!” She said, seeing the lacy lingerie he had underneath.

Kevin shrugged and smiled sheepishly. “I couldn’t help myself. You know how much I love seeing you in them.”

“And you were able to take your eyes off long enough to put on that dress?” She asked. “Pfft. Proof if I ever needed it that I’m the better me.” She tugged the panties down his legs and stood up. With a gratuitous amount of wiggling, she put them on and leapt back onto the bed. “I can see in your eyes that you like it better on the real me.”

“Even on top of that sweaty body stocking.” He agreed.

Jess knelt on the end of the bed. “Now, since I’m still the submissive one, I’m going to get you ready without needing all that stuff. Plus I won oral from you a couple of weeks ago and I guess since I’m going to be you, that means you get it.” Kevin almost whimpered as she put her head between his legs and started licking.

“So much for waiting on revenge.” He gasped.

“I prefer my vengeance to be like my men. Hot!” She said with an extra long lap. She moved up and took one of his feminine nipple in her mouth. “That was for the belly rubs and this is for when they moved up to my chest.” She said. The sensations from the skinsuit overwhelmed Kevin, his body shaking under Jess’s expert foreplay. She finally inched up so her mouth was on his. “Now, it’s time for you to experience something else that I do.” She whispered.

Kevin mewed with pent up desire.

Jess got to her feet. “Time for that shower. I’ll finish when I’ve got something to put in you.”

“What?” Kevin cried.

“Even as a skinsuit, I know my body so well. I bet you’re just the tiniest touch away from a spectacular climax.”

“That doesn’t even make sense. I may look like you and have some stupendous tactile interface going on, but I don’t react the way you do.

“Maybe it’s doing more than you thought.” Jess said, making no move to rejoin him despite the pleading expression that belied his calm discussion. If there was one thing they’d both learned from being together, it was how to carry on a conversation no matter what they were doing together.

“So you’re just going to walk away and leave me like this?”

“Hey, now you know how I feel.”

“No fair, you never wait.”

Jess looked at where she knew his penis was straining and twitching inside the artificial female swell ready to burst out with his need. She smiled slowly. “Oh, but I do. I’m just too supportive to let you know.”


Jess giggled. “OK, maybe I don’t wait very often. But I think I’ve got you about where I am on a daily basis when we’re preparing to go at it.” She put her hand out in equivocation. “Eh, I’m not usually that amorous. Not at first.” Her hands strayed to chest and crotch. “It’s exactly how I felt most of tonight, though. Being your pet, letting you have control for a change, and then the belly rubs. I never thought you’d actually leave me like that. So yeah, you get to have a taste of how I felt in that tiny moment I wasn’t sure I’d be able to recover long enough to get away. You’re just lucky that under all that sexy girl skin is a sexy man. You can’t multiple orgasms and still want more or I’d have taken you even further.”

Kevin lay back and closed his eyes. “I’m the one in charge. I could finish on my own.”

“Yeah, but you know that I’d do it better.” Jess closed the door.

Later that night, Melissa looked up for the fifth time from his position beneath Melissa. “My god are they loud.”

Melissa breathlessly replied, “Yeah, hon, but you know how they are. Now switch it around and remember that they haven’t used to it like we’ve gotten. I mean, not really used to it so much as it isn’t completely new to us. I’m still getting used to having effectively a double dildo in me for long periods of time and having to focus on it rather than play with my boobs.”

“We weren’t that bad.”

“True, but this is Jess we’re talking about. You know she has no volume control.”

“Uh, babe, I’m pretty sure that’s Charles.”

“Apparently neither does he when he’s got a vagina.” She replied flatly. “By the way, I love me as a redhead. I’m borrowing that wig.”

“I think we ought to do something.”

“All right, all right.” Melissa inflated her lungs and shouted at the top of her voice. “To infinity and beyond!”

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