The Maiden of Bronze Chapter 5 Part 1

The Maiden of Bronze

Chapter 5 Part 1

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.

By: Desiree

I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.
I am probably being over cautious on my Cautions, but due to my psychological Condition my views are probably a lot warped compared to most other people. Love and Light to You All.

After a semi quiet breakfast where Clare gave a very detailed report of her morning in Queensland. As Mink was on her way out, “Clare, love your fashion sense, but Hanna please show her what colors she needs for Make-up, those are the colors I use they are hideous on her skin color, flawlessly done, but please. I am flattered, Darling Clare, you need to learn what colors you are right for you.” She was still enjoying being right on the edge of orgasm, when Clare touched her just before she stepped out the door, over the edge she went and she wobbled as she closed the door. Mink tried a step and had to lean against the wall as the waves of pleasure washed over her. Mink was sure that she would have a wet spot on her dress, but there just seemed to be a little dampness on her stocking tops and the thong.

Hanna and Jonni looked at each other, they were unaware that just outside their friend Mink was crashing in pleasure, then at Clare whom was smiling. They were not sure about what had just flowed over them, but waved it off even though they had felt some of the disturbance. Clare was happy that she had been able to make the comms and feedback a bit more private as well as individualized.

Hanna said “Jonni, I'll take Clare over to Beauty Boutique, will you book makeover appointments for two, before you head back to the compound and get some of the things we might need for Sennyo Limited.”

Clare's phone rang, not that anyone other than her could her it. As it was now part of her, “Hello you have reached Clare Sennyo, How may I help you?” It was great all she had to do was think the words, she touched Hanna and they were next to the car.

Jonni smirks, “Sure, do I tell Clark about the engagement. Probably not...” Jonni looked around she was talking to thin air as she found just Kisa was still here. “Well so much for joking with her.”

Clare responded “I Heard That.” She had directed at Jonni, over the comm-link, “No don't bother it would just make my Father cranky.” Clare had Translocated her and Hanna down to the Studebaker.

Samantha Ivy was surprised she had answered her own phone, “Hello Miss Sennyo, Mister Chance asked me to find out when you might be available to talk with him?”

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

At Sun Corporation, Comm Center, “Madame Hafyaan, we have an incoming call to Clark Tylos Thirteen, from a land-line out of San Clemente.”

Nimfylla ordered, “Trace it, and record, we need every bit of info we can get.” She could only hope this would lead to something useful. But the sound from the speaker was a voice she never expected to here again “reached Clare Sennyo, How may I help you?” then the line went to static. She had heard Clair, they had been childhood friends, but had a falling out when she felt that Clair had stolen Clark twelve from her, sure they had only had the one date, but...

v v v v v v v v

Hanna screeched, “Hey, could you give me some warning and CLOTHES would be nice.” She still had just the robe she had thrown on before breakfast. She was already feeling the heat between her and Clare rise. Hanna tried to distance herself from Thirteen, but was sure she was destined to fail as Hanna found herself on the verge of shear delight.

Thirteen smiled, “Sorry Hanna, um, can we go to the mall as well.” They all giggled over the comm channel. Clare knew that all her friends were almost there on the sensual edge once more and wanted to let it be just bringing the sexual tension to the peak. Shaking her head that Randell had not called himself. She had noticed that the line wasn't secure and swapped to a secure mode before anything more could be said. Clare was upset, “If it's important we could have talked now, but I guess it's not, as he didn't call himself.” Thirteen disconnected and set all calls from Chance and company to go to voicemail.

Hanna felt the world wobble, looking down she had the same outfit on as Clare though the dress was red and the accessories are blue. “Um, Wow, thank you sweetie, though I do not see any reason for you to need to go to the mall. Um, don't you think it might be better for me to drive?; As you do not have a Drivers License, or, um any other ID as Clare.” Hanna started towards the drivers side of the roadster.

Clare pulled from her purse a drivers license, passport, social security card and a [email protected], all with Clare Anne Sennyo imprinted. To top it all off, the License and Passport showed her as female. “I think I have that covered Hanna.” As she slid into the drivers seat and started buckling the nine point harness.

Hanna barely made it back around to slide into the car, as she felt the delightful shiver of eroticism wash over her body. Sending her, Kisa, Jonni and Mink to the delightful shuddering climax, Clare joined them moments later, as she wiggled in the seat of the Studebaker.

Clare smiled as she rode the waves of pleasure she was sharing with her friends. “Going to the mall mostly for ideas, and to make other women jealous.” Thirteen had her hands on Hanna for almost five minutes as they shared the sensuous touch feeling so delightfully aroused. Thirteen put her hands on the wheel. Clare was a tad miffed, “I thought you said Randell, liked me. His secretary called to make a date, if he liked me he should have called.”

Hanna had slid farther down in the seat and pushed off the floor boards to sit properly, making sure she smoothed her outfit just right. She smiled, “So just to look, that's about right for a teenage woman.” She loved this girl like a daughter actually, and then she heard the rest of what Clare had said, almost as if it had been delayed. “Yes Clare he likes you very much and when did you talk to his secretary.”

As she drove the atmosphere went from tense to fun and flirtatious as the wind washed over them. ZZ Top played on the sound system. The scarves were perfect keeping their hair from being destroyed by the wind. “She called just before we left and I just hung up after asking about the mall, I set their calls to be shunted to voice mail automatically.”

Hanna was shocked, Of course all her gadgets were apart of her now, the Trans-mat was just the most significant. “Well you should take Randell's call if he does call, sweetie as sometimes secretaries do things without being asked.”

Speaking of the Devil as Clare pulled into the parking lot for The Beauty Boutique, Randell called, “Hello this is Clare Sennyo, and you have a lot of nerve having your secretary calling to ask me for a date.” She had the call sent out over the sound system. So Hanna heard the beginning of the call and grimaced.

Randell knew he was in trouble, “Hello Clare, sorry for the misunderstanding. She was calling about an Interview for the Magazine as you're the hottest new Betty in surfing. I'm calling for a date, and also to see if you'd like to do the interview.” He prayed that he had defused the bomb that could very well end his chances to be with a woman that was so talented.

Hanna grinned, “See just what I told you sweetie. Now make a date and set and interview time up as well. Be a good Girl.” As she playfully smacked Clare''s shoulder.

Clare decided to go private with the rest of the call, and got out of the car. “Yes that would be nice, what are we doing and how formal. Interview, I am thinking yes but no nudity.” She was in the boutique, and Hanna was signing them in Clare was looking at a Dark Amethyst satin corset with shelf cups, her entire outfit shimmered and she was wearing a Corset dress in royal blue with a silk blouse that was two shades lighter and very thin her nipples trying hard to break through. Clare's shoes were peep toed thirteen cm heeled pumps with piping the same color as the blouse, the stockings matched her blouse as did the unseen thong.

Randell was really amazed, when his computer screen blinked on with video of Clare, as he spoke to her. Tomorrow night what you have on would be perfect for the evening or more formal if you wish. Um, the interview would be at your convenience, um, uh, even though I would like more topless shots to go with what we still capture from the video.” He hoped that he had not gone to far, after all she had called him honey and said the word Love twice in her email.

Clare smiled, teasing him back, “Oh you want me naked,” damn why did she feel like this they were males away yet she was drenched. The porn from the net started to affect her again, as her image on his screen was naked and she was squirting, “Yes, Um, whatever you want, oh Goddess I need to go bye Lover.” Thirteen barely put the corset back on the rack, as she grabbed hold to steady herself.

Randell blinked, as his phone disconnected. Looking up at his computer screen he saw the change in his wallpaper. It was quartered now, with Clare, surfing topless, in her Blue outfit, in her Purple outfit, and Nude.

Everyone had been having fun at the Beauty Boutique, the Makeovers had been so nice. Clare had charmed all the technicians, and the other patrons. When Bella the owner laughed about the outfits, “Oh I think a nice Mother and Daughter outfit for Hanna and her Daughter would be nice.”

Hanna had sputtered, “Clare is only six years younger than me.” The Laughter had filled the shop, everyone there was awed by Clare's beauty and poise. Though Hanna did feel proud of her 'Daughter'.

Now that Clare new what colors worked for her skin coloring she could generate the perfect make-up every time. Clare teased, “Mommy I think we look good in a nice Mum and Daughter outfits.” Thirteen spun and changed Hanna's outfit to look Identical to hers, a bit longer and not so much cleavage. Everyone was amazed, and Hanna actually loved the outfit.

They looked at so many interesting outfits, corsets and other fun lingerie that Clare would remember for future outfits. They spent almost a thousand dollars on new lingerie, mostly for tactile information and stimulation. The textures and feelings were so marvelous to Clare, and she was happy to have turned down her sensitivity. Even with her tactile sensation closer to a normal sensitivity Thirteen, she had been rocked by quite a few orgasms. So she was smiling pleasantly as the erotic waves kept crashing over her.

Back at the Magazine office the Pictures of Clare updated, in that her make up was right for her skin tone in the three pictures where she was not surfing. Randell noticed and did a double take, 'Wow, she really has a lot of talent.'

Thirteen was really charged with sexual energy, after all the intimate contact. As she stepped outside, she quick stepped to the car approaching from the passenger side. Clare, launched her self into the air using the door to gain elevation. The car rocked a little as she pushed off, she dropped the bags of clothing behind the seats as she flew into the air. She did a twist and a quarter on a double layout into the drivers seat smoothly. As she twisted over the car she popped her parasol up and spun it as she floated down towards the seat. Her skirt flowing up her legs, ending up around her waist, as she flipped over so gracefully. Thirteen's amethyst thong and thigh highs glistening in the sun. Her hair looking more red than the rich gold it normally looked flowing behind her. She stuck the landing in the drivers seat, arms over her head. She closed the parasol with a flourish, sliding it into the sheath on the bucket seat. Clare's breasts were wobbling, then jiggling as her skirt slid back down over her thighs, from the jolt of her landing. It was an amazing sight, though the East German Judge, would have scored her a six-point-nine out of ten. Thirteen glowed from the sheen of dew that had covered her from the exertion. She Bowed slightly and slid easily down into the seat, keeping her skirt smooth beneath her. The few people that were looking her way, had gotten quite the show and applauded. Hanna had watched in astonishment, the athleticism and sexuality of this woman was so tantalizing.

Hanna walked up to the car opened the door, “Think I shall get in the car the normal way. Must say though your style points are big, your thong and thigh high stocking tops are very sexy to look at as well.” Hanna buckled in as Clare finished strapping in.

Clare blushed as she realized she had been seen. The firm tug of the nine point harness made her tingle deliciously. As she pushed the starter, the biometric scanner accepted Thirteen's thumbprint lit green and started the power-plant. Clare felt the thrills of another climax flowed over her body. “Mmmm did a lot of people see them? Wait why does it seem as if that’s a good Idea... Why do I like this feeling so much?” Thirteen tried to understand why she liked the idea that people had seen her panties. Now her face was flushed for another reason, still her body shuddered with pleasure.

Hanna put comforting hand on Clare's arm, felt the rush of heat from their contact, “It may have to do with how your wired to everything, through the living Matrix. Of course Hanna and Mink are both exhibitionists, and your mom always seemed to love showing off as well.”

Clare smiled, “I suppose that's a lot of different traits to deal with.” Thirteen got delicious charge from Hanna's touch. She thought about the changes she was dealing with, which was everything. Not only her sex, but how her body feels, the connection with Multiphasic Field, the living Matrix. Being able to be anywhere, in any clothing, in a moments notice, was exciting as well as daunting.

- - - - - - - -

Balboa Inn, Dr. Stripacha Blyadischa puts away the breast enhancers, she has been wearing for a week. 'Hard to fathom that Desgraçado didn't notice they were smaller when naked with him. Especially since that's were he put the trackers. Wonder if anyone realized I had the trackers in those earrings, goddess they were so gaudy. Guess only an airhead bimbo could get away with wearing them all the time.' She was still tender from the week old surgery, and had dared only drop two cup sizes. Pasha was happy to be closer to her natural D, but at least she was no longer carrying around the G's she had sported for the past year.

Pasha was sure that soon as she could she was going to drop down to a triple D, as she did not think she could look good smaller than that after stretching to a G-cup. Pasha was happy that over all her appearance was so much different now, all that was left was the soak to get the nu-skin finger prints off. Pasha laughed that she had kept the development from everyone, of course she could always make a totally different set. She was starting to worry that might be her only option as the alkaline solution did not seem to be effecting the nu-skin as it did in testing.

Pasha noticed that there was news from Thirteen, and she wondered how he was coping as a woman. It had been 4 years since she had last scene Clare with her mother, they had gone to the tea Room together. 'Have a feeling she is happier than ever.'

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