Jaci and Dottie: Boy troubles part 7 part 1

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Gonna have to post this section in two parts as it is taking far more than I thought it would.


The morning sun was not quite shinning into her window as she woke up from yet another troubled dream that she could not remember. Her bedsheets were twisted around her again. Thankfully she had not peed into them, although it had been quite some time since she had last peed in bed. The covers while twisted around her were very warm and inviting. So warm that they seemed to call her back with false promises of sweet dreams.

She was just wondering why she was awake so early when she heard the teltale click of a dish on dish from outside of her door.

"Breakfast!" mumbled a sleepy Dottie.

Rizing from bed involved untwisting her bedcovers, which took a bit, before he naked feet searched off the side of her bed for her pink fluffy slippers. Her pink Disney princess nightgown reached her feet once the slippers were on. Her hair still in its twin braided pigtails Dottie yawned as she made her way to the bathroom.

Not for the first time she wondered, yet again, why she automatically sat to do something as simple as pee. She knew she could easily stand to do it. However it was almost like she had a muscle that wouldn't release if she did that and she always had a squirt afterwards into her panties when she tried to stand to pee. Sitting it just all flowed out. Then a simple wipe with a few pieces of toilet paper and she was done.

At the sink Dottie washed her hands and brushed her teeth. It was silly to do so before breakfast but she felt it was wrong to expose her morning breath to anyone. With her hands washed, teeth brushed, and her face given the once over with the face cloth she left the bathroom for the kitchen.

The smells from the kitchen invaded her nose. She smelled the unmistakable scent of home made hamburgers. Tante's hamburgers meant a picnic, especially at this time of the morning. Smiling for the first time since her ordeal two days ago at the theater, and then the hospital. Dottie turned around and went to take a quick shower instead. She was excited as it had been some time since they last went on a picnic. Her shower done after a few minutes since she didn't wash her hair, she powdered herself with the Tinkerbell lilac and rose scented baby powder before sneaking across the hallway into her room with her nighty just held in front.

From her closet she choose a nice summery yellow summer dress that showed off her small breasts but not too much. It had an optional shoulder jacket if it got cool. Her sandals were a close match for the dress. Her outfit done she sat at her vanity all smiles as she worked on unbraiding her hair, damp in one or two spots but otherwise dry, then brushing it out before putting it into a simple fall down her back with a yellow barrette on each side of her head to hold back her bangs.

On her vanity was her makeup. Dottie stared at the makeup with longing before she sighed and walked away. Tante had made it known to both girls that she thought girls their ages should not be wearing makeup. It was not fair one night of being out with her face on and actually looking like a young woman and now she was limited to being just a young girl again.

With a twirl before her mirror on the back of the bedroom door she stared. It seemed that more and more of her dresses and outfits were being corrupted by the magic princess uniform as they made her look like a girl.

Still better than looking like a boy in a dress.

That done Dottie stepped out into the hallway to greet Tante. She was a bit surprised to see that Tante still looked far from awake. It was almost like she had just woken up. Finding this strange Dottie made her way to the sounds from the kitchen.

Going through the living room into the entrance to the kitchen with it's sliding door hidden in the wall she first saw the edge of the beige counter. The counter top on the right hand side stretched the full length of the wall ending in the double sink where the girls usually washed and dried dishes. There was a small bit of counter before the stove started with it's oven underneath.

That was all normal. So was the back door that sported a new brass lever type latch. What was not normal was seeing that the person doing the cooking was Jaci.

Both Dottie and Jaci had watched Tante cook various meals plenty of times. Jaci had always shied away from helping except to read out the recipes for Tante. Dottie was more hands on and helped mix the various recipes from time to time.

Both girls took home economics in school of course. Even there Jaci had never really stood out as being able to cook more than she was told to. Half of the time it was whatever partner she got that did most of the work. Dottie always wished she could take the class with her sister however the faculty had decided the two girls would not share those classes.

It was therefore shocking to find that not only was Jaci cooking but she apparently was doing so rather well. Far better than Dottie thought she could.

Lil Jaci turned around from checking on her cookies in the oven. Her jean skirt covered by an apron along with her simple old white top. She jumped a little to find her sister Dottie staring at her apparently all made up for a day outside. Jaci immediately felt guilty as she knew that Dottie would not be joining her and Kieth at the mill pond.

The mill pond was an old pond created as a place to store wood floated down from the logging of what is now the greater lake region. During the massive logging that opened up the area there was canals dug from the lakes to the city over fifty miles in length. At the end of that was the mill pond where the logs were stored in water before they were pulled and put onto trucks for the mill.

The logging only lasted a few years and then the canals were filled, tilled over, or reclaimed by nature. The lumber mill was torn down and houses set up in its place. Around the edge of the mill pond trees took root along with brushes. At one time it was thought the pond was polluted beyond recovery however recent tests showed that there actually was no pollution. None of the mills had emptied into the pond just the old trees that were cut and shipped.

Since the trees surrounding the pond were a colorful mix of poplar, ash, oak, pine and spruce it was believed that many of the seeds from various trees had migrated down the canals into the pond. A soil sample taken from an older section of where the pond could have brimmed it's banks showed a minute collection of oils but that was a good six feet from the pond.

The mill pond was never given a real name, mostly because it's actual ownership has never been determined. Everyone knew it only as the mill pond. The pond itself was really not all that far from the school that the girl's went to. On one edge of the pond was a grassy area that was kept short by the occasional lawn mower from the city. There was many signs posted for no trespassing and No parking. Yet it was not uncommon to see families sitting on the edge of the pond having picnics.

It was also known as the place to be for boys to take girls on a date. They knew they couldn't get away with anything as there was always people around but it was still a nice place to be, especially since it was almost smack dab in the middle of nowhere in the city itself.

The day before Jaci had been on the phone with Kieth. She had foolishly agreed to meet the boy at the mill pond for a picnic. She had felt quilty about it and set about making a picnic for the two of them. She was a little surprised at just how easy cooking really was. She had watched Tante do it along with the girls at school but had always held herself back from dipping in.

She knew she couldn't ask Tante to make the two of them a picnic so she set about doing it herself. She was hoping to have it all done and hidden from Dottie before she woke. In the oven was four buns she had made herself along with a small batch of chocolate chip cookies. The hamburger patties were already cooked and in a tupperwear container. The wicker basket had the checkered towel, some knives, cheese slices, and small packages of condiments.

Turning fully to face her sister Jaci opened her mouth to explain when she heard the front doorbell ring. Using the doorbell as an excuse to not face her sister Jaci ran to the door and opened it without looking first. In the doorway was her parents.

"Mommy? Daddy?" she asked.

"Excuse me young.... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING BOY?" Her father yelled at her in the doorway.

The yelling drew Tante Drea and Dottie fast. Drea tried to turn Dottie away from seeing Jaci's father grab the poor girl and shake her.

"Put her Down Mr. Sevale!" Drea said with anger growing in her voice.

"What the fuck have you done to my son? You were supposed to help him for god's sake. Not this ..this freak!"

"Mr. Sevale! I will warn you to shut your mouth now or I will call the police!"

"You can't hide my boy forever. I got a lawyer fighting to get us control and a Doctor that has some aversion therapy to cure my boy of this girlish foolness."

"Get out!"

"We will get our SON back! Mark my words freak!"

Tante Drea slammed the door in Mr. Sevale's face tears streaming down her face for a few reasons. Dottie in her dress was staring open mouthed and quite pale but it was the sight of a unblinking white Jaci that forced her to move just as the girl started to fall.

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