Jaci and Dottie: Boy Trouble Part 5

Jaci was very nervous as she sat beside her sister Dottie in the old styled restaurant.

The boys had decided to treat the two girls to a night out type of date. Two boys two girls, go to theater after a small meal in a restaurant at the boy's expense. This meant that the local A&W restaurant inside the mall where the movie theater's were. It wasn't the normal type of A&W as this one actually had waitresses and booths even if the meals were the same.

There was memorbilia saying Allen and Wright all over the walls, most likely reprints of original adds. Even the waitresses worn different era uniforms. Theirs was a roller skater type of uniform with, what are now called, hot pants and a tank top, tennis style with buttons, green and white top with flared brown short curled sleeves. She didn't actually wear skates but shoes that looked like them.

Their waitress was currently giggling at the foursome. First there was Jaci who couldn't look up from her lap. Then Dottie who had been chatting up a storm only to go blank when asked what she would like to eat by Rob.

Rob himself was trying to melt into the floor beneath the cushions of the bench seat he was on. While Kieth was doing a gold fish impression. His mother was the chaperone and two benches away trying to not laugh openly at the scene.

The waitress took pity on the two girls and asked them to both follow her to freshen up. It seemed the safest of choices available.

The evening had started out rocky to begin with. First there was Jaci fretting over what she should wear as she had gone through her entire closet, twice, looking for anything else to wear aside from the outfit she had picked the night before. Tante Drea had finally gotten the girl, who was only in her panties and bra at the time, to change into the outfit she had chosen the night before then put away her clothes.

While Jaci was supposedly busy putting away clothes Drea had walked into Dottie's room to find Dottie hiding in the closet all dressed up as she had scared herself. Dottie's rainbow skirt and butterfly top had her looking far more like a girl than she thought possible outside of the magic princess uniform.

When she had gotten the reluctant Dottie out of the closet and sat on her bed she went to check Jaci again only to find the girl just finishing putting on makeup she was not allowed to wear. Drea was surprised at just how beautiful Jaci looked with a bit of shadow,mascara, and lipgloss. Gone was the fumbling girl of a few months ago who had made her face look clownish.

She also knew that if Jaci was going out with makeup or at least playing with makeup Dottie would be too. Dottie however was not quite as good as Jaci and needed a few spots of help amid tears. She knew how important a first date was so this time she relented on the makeup.

Amazingly after running between two rooms to get both girls in proper shoes, Dottie had tried to go with 3 inch heels for some reason and Jaci running shoes, purses, and in all get them both ready and somewhat calmed down in time for the boys to arrive.

It was Kieth who had knocked on the door, Rob right beside him, that Drea led into the living room before she called the girls in. Both of them had been shy right away, however Dottie had this habit of chatting when nervous and bluntly asked if she should change, giving many different options to Rob in the span of a minute totally overwhelming the boy.

She wished her camera had worked as she saw a feminine young woman by the name of Jacilynn enjoy her very first meet for a date. Kieth had stared openly at Jaci as she had walked into the room where she stopped not 3 feet from him. It was obvious that at that very moment the boy was truly smitten by the girl. Kieth had brought a mixture of pink, white, and red roses in a fancy plastic wrap. He crushed the stems in his hand as he took in the sight of Jacilynn looking as she did.

Robbie had also brought Dottie some flowers, daisys and pink carnations also in a wrap. He had tried to offer them to Dottie but it took her a full minute to even notice them during her assault of words on the poor boy. Dottie only shut up when she saw them.

"For me?" she had asked. Rob nodded and Dottie gushed tears running into the kitchen. Drea told Rob to stay right there and ran after Dottie.

Jaci and Kieth were locked in a world all there own as they stared at each other without saying anything.

Drea had calmly walked into the kitchen and removed Dottie from actively trying to open the locked back door, Drea had expected this before hand, and just turned the girl around wiped the tears, fixed her mascara runs and walked her back to her date.

Getting the foursome to move out of the door had taken a bit of work but they were finally on their way.

Poor Andrea just sat down on the couch amazed at having to have gone through that before she started to sniffle. A quick speed dial on the phone.

"Ruth I need to.." and she broke apart crying.

Rob was in the back with both girls vainly trying to keep himself under control the short drive to the mall where the movie was going to be. Kieth had taken the front seat in a daze while his mother just laughed. Dottie was on one side while Jaci was on the other. Dottie happily described her favorite foods, in order and detail to Kieth's mother during the drive.

Once at the mall Kieth's mother Diedre, got the foursome out and in order before ushering the nervous couples into the mall and then the restaurant. Diedre watched as the four stiffly, or in the case of the two girls gracefully, sat into their seats. She was a little concerned that the two girls were on one side and the boys on the other but on the other hand she was relieved as well as she didn't want the boys to go too fast either with fast fingers.

Jaci and Dottie followed the older girl waitress into the ladies room. Jaci giggled as she saw the door causing Dottie to blush as they both shared a memory of trying to get into the boys room at this very mall not 4 weeks ago. Once inside the small white and black tiled bathroom the waitress turned on the two girls.

"Sorry about this girls but it's obvious the two of you are on your first date and I just couldn't let you go as you were. First you miss motormouth,"talking to Dottie," need to shut up. Let your date get a word in."

Turning to Jaci"And you miss so painfully shy. Need to look up at your date in the eyes. Trust me girls you will have a much better date. Now freshen up and I'll meet you back out there." with that the waitress left the two girls in the bathroom.

Dottie started to cry and so did Jaci. The two were trying to be strong for the other and managed to JUST not openly sob before going to the bathroom and then checking themselves in the mirror.

It was two calmer and more together girls that came back to the table. Dottie did not launch into a non stop verbal assault and Jaci actually spoke, softly, a few words of her own while looking at Kieth.

When the waitress came around the next time the four ordered burgers and shakes without hesitation. Jaci and Dottie along with Kieth and Robbie all then enjoyed a long but good meal amid many smiles.

Next time the movie theater date.

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