Jaci and Dottie: Boy Trouble Part 3

The troubled young girl in the tight jean shorts and white top more reminiscent of the 80s than current, even if some of the styles were making a comeback, made her way over the group of boys.

Kieth the young man who had been blessed by puberty with cute muscles, in all the right places, with his shock of brown hair and blue eyes stood apart with dark brown haired Rob. Rob was still filling out but he had promise with his height to one day soon be something that most girls would love to look at, was beside him.

The two boys were chatting animatedly as Jaci sauntered up. It almost looked like Rob was blushing as she walked up.

"Hey guys! So what we gonna play today?" she was hoping it would be something boyish like baseball, even if she couldn't hit worth beans. Her annoying breasts made such a sport less than fun.

"Oh uh. Hi there Jacilynn. I... I... Well later K-man!" and with that Rob left a bewildered Jaci standing there beside Keith.

"What's his problem?" she asked.

"He has a problem talking to cute girls."

"Oh good thing they are at the swings then."

"Well not all of them. I think the prettiest is right here actually." he said.

"Really? Where is she?" Jaci turned around to look for this mysterious girl.

Far away at the swingest Dottie was busy giggling with her friends on the swings. She was a little surprised to see a pale looking Jaci come into the area where the swings were not five minutes after she had left. One look at her face caused her concern and before she knew it she was off of the swing and walking to her sister.

"Jaci what's wrong?" Dottie called out.

"They ...He... there was no room for me to play." she answered a bit vaguely as she got closer.

Normally Jaci wouldn't be caught dead, willingly anyways even if she ended up in a group of girlie girls far too often, with a bunch of girlie girls. However she seem oblivious to how girlie the trio of girls were right now.

"Oh so they said no girls today." Jenny answered with a snicker.

"Yeah something like that." Jaci replied. However this was almost the total opposite of how Jaci would answer.

"Jaci what's wrong?" dottie asked growing scared.

"He.. He..." Jaci started then stopped as if she lost the words.

"Jaci?" She asked her sister again.

"Uh. Well Rob.. He wanted to go on a double date with Keith and well you Dottie." She said.

"WHAT?" Dottie squeaked out not quite believeing the strange words out of her sister's mouth.

"And who is Keith's date?" Kylie asked with a smirk on her face already having an idea.

"Well he asked.... he asked... he asked..." Jaci stuttered out.

Having a sudden bad feeling Dottie had to ask "You?"

"Yes!" and with that Jaci broke down as the tears poured out.

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