Jaci and Dottie: Boy Trouble Part 1

The wind blew dust and last years remnants of leaves across the sidewalk. It was not a big wind, more of a breeze really. It did little more than make most adults crave the safety of air conditioned comfort
However for the children it was just another summers day. Two such children were walking along a cement path towards the center of the park.

One was a red haired girl of about 12 years of age. Her curly hair pulled back and held with a clip. Her almost B cup breasts swinging free inside of a white cut off tee shirt that had tassels on the bottom holding beads. Under this was a simple pair of frayed jean shorts just barely hiding her daisy flowered panties.

Beside her was a younger blond girl about 11 her a cup breasts were snuggled in a bra, that it was obvious she hated wearing. She wore a pink skirt and a lemon yellow top. Her hair in two braided pigtails down her back. Both girls had bangs over the front of their foreheads that they occasionally would brush to the side without realizing it. Both girls were wearing running shoes.

One would expect the two girls to be chatting about maybe icecream, clothes or boys. However...

"Jaci I had nothing to do with your pants." The blonde girl said.

"Dottie I know you are responsible for putting all my jeans in the wash. How am I supposed to play with the boys looking like this?" The flame haired girl replied.

"Yeah right. You have all of two pairs of GIRLS jeans."

"They are boy jeans!"

"Boy cut maybe."

"Your just jealous that I pass as a girl and you don't!"

"Yes you do pass as a girl." Dottie giggled at Jaci's slip.

"That's not what I meant!" however she couldn't help giggling at it herself, knowing full well she put her foot in her mouth.

"So your going to play with the girls and I on the swings?" Dottie asked while skipping along just enough to make the front of her pink skirt billow out.

"Dottie." Lil Jaci stops and drops her shoulders as she gets ready to explain yet again." I'm going to play with the other boys and Keith. I told you that already."

"But you never play with us. I know why. You got a crush on Keith."

"I do not" she blushes. " He is just nice to me unlike the other boys."

"Maybe he has a crush on you as well."

"Dottie it's not like that. We are two boys! Nothing can happen!"

"Nobody see's you as a boy. I bet all he sees is a pretty girl." Dottie dances in front of Jaci with her hands behind her back.

"Do you think he does?" she asks while still blushing. Then realizing what she just did she gasps

"Dottie!! You... you... You and your girlie germs! Get them away from me you .. you .. girlie girl."

"Ha! Your the girlie girl! The Pink's at school even said so." Dottie replies.

The Pink's were an exclusive club at their private school. Only the girliest of girls were ever invited in. This was done with a simple invitation of a pink blouse. Jaci had received the blouse on the last day of school. She knew it was a mistake and wanted to correct it but so far had not had any luck contacting any of the girls from the club.

"That's not true! It was a mistake as the blouse was meant for someone else."

"Sure miss girlie girl."

"I just have to talk to one of them and give it back."

"But why?" Dottie gasped at Jaci. Nobody but nobody ever gave back an invitation into the elite club of the school!

"Cause it's for girlie girls! I'm a girl!" she paused and hung her head as she had done it again.

Dottie just giggled at her sister.

"Your a girlie girl and you have a boyfriend! Jaci and Keith sitting in a tree.."

"What about that boy from the dance? Rob?" Jaci asked with a smirk. Dottie was cut off in mid tease as her face registered the comment.

" I don't know what your talking about. I don't like boys!"

"Isn't that hit across the street?" Jaci asks.

"WHAT! Where? Oh god I look awful! Don't let him see me like this!" Dottie moved around behind Jaci so fast that it was all Jaci could do to not laugh. Which she did anyways.

"That's not funny Jaci! You big meanie!"

" Dottie and Robbie sitting in a tree..."

The two girls alternately teased each other between bouts of laughing.

Strangely enough Rob was indeed on the other side of the street having just come out of a comic book store. He noticed the two girls as they entered the park.

Rob twisted the bag containing the comic he had just bought as he contemplated following the girl he had danced with. He knew he had enough for a soda and icecream and stood there and momentarily daydreamed about taking the blonde girl out but realized she was too pretty and would just laugh at him. With a sigh he headed to the other end of the park to join up with the boys for a round of soccer.

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