Allie Sequel 6: Speed Limit

Speed Limit
By Paul Calhoun

And so, ladies and gentlemen, we come to the penultimate installment of Allie, where we set up the fates of the five boys who started out impersonating their own babysitter for fun and profit.

Connor continues to grapple with the fact that his girlfriend likes Allie better than him.

A door closes on Alan, but love comes in his window.

Donald ... his plot actually pretty much resolved already, so he's just there to help out.

Mark tries to thank Bruce for everything he's done, but all Bruce wants is the chance to stay a mother.

Dereck, his backpack heavy with the books he’d retrieved, followed the sound of girlish laughter to the kitchen. What he saw there froze him in place, staring. A stunningly attractive blonde a few years younger than him was stirring a pot of macaroni and cheese. She looked like she was wearing a leotard or a tank top on her upper half, but from the waist down she was a pale purple pony with a deep purple curly tail. The top half of the costume she was wearing fell from Dereck’s limp fingers. The reaction was not to how adorable she looked doing domestic chores in the bottom half of a pony suit but in how casually she wore it, like she’d had it for a long time.

The woman turned around to give the two girls their dinner, looking startled to find him behind her. “Oh, hello!” She said, putting a hand to her chest.

“That’s my brother,” Gina said around a mouthful of pasta. She swallowed. “Dereck isn’t around much since he went to college.” Donald couldn’t tell from Gina’s tone what she thought of that.

“And you got a nice room out of it,” Dereck said. He put the front half of the pony suit on a free chair. “Mind if I ask where you got that costume?”

“I got it from a previous set of kids.” Allie said, sitting down. “It’s a long story.”

Dereck moved the pony costume aside and sat across from her, putting the suit on his lap. “I can imagine. When Erika said she’d lost it, I tried to get her to tell me what she did. She’s in high school now and still won’t give me a hint other than she had a lot of fun and is too embarrassed to tell me about it.”

Allie laughed. “You could say that.” She arranged her tail so she could sit back. “I should have guessed it was yours when I saw you. I was told it belonged to an older brother and Gina’s her younger sister.” Allie beamed at the little girl who was scarfing down her macaroni. “I’m glad I get to babysit Gina. She’s a lot nicer.”

“You can say that again. So what happened?”

Allie tried to cross her legs, but the bulky stuffed pony appendages got in her way, squishing down but leaving an inch of padding between them. She shared a smile with Dereck before beginning. “I have this second hand, but from what I was told, your sister took something belonging to a boy. He and his friend tried to get it back and Erika and a friend of hers were playing in the pony costume when they arrived. The two girls pretended to be a stuffed toy until my boys got in deep and then jumped them. The girls stuck the boys in the costume and used them as a pony until the boys escaped. They met up with another pair of boys I used to sit for and were too ashamed to let on who they were, preferring to pretend to be a couple of girls and play with the boys that way. I think you can imagine how ashamed two normal elementary school boys would be to get caught in this thing, especially once the girls had put them in a big flowing dress and heels.” She giggled. “It was quite an effective trap, now I think about it. The heels slowed them down, kept them from being able to pinch the stuffed hooves to unhook the middle and strapped their hands into the hoofs so they couldn’t reach around and open it from the inside.

“In the end, the boys in the costume told the boys who found them what happened and gave them the costume because they liked it and had gotten the first pair off the street before they got into worse trouble. When those two outgrew wearing the costume together, they gave it to me and I use it to entertain children — mostly girls — who I sit for now.”

“That little troll!” Dereck said. “One of these days her choices will catch up to her.”

Donald thought back to the things Mark and Connor had done to Erika and her friends while using the Allie suit to become her babysitter, from watching them bathe to confiscating costumes and using them to disguise as little girls. She noticed Dereck was blushing.

“Uh, I just realized that I admitted to wearing that when I was in junior high.” Dereck said.

Allie smiled encouragingly. “And I’m wearing it as an adult. Some of my boys had it in elementary.” She got up and wiggled, swinging the tail back and forth. “I think I look cute in it and I’m sure you did too.” She swung her hips and the costume fell to the floor. “Do you want it back?”

“No, I think you’re getting better use out of it than I would.” Dereck said.

Allie noted that his gaze had never left her face. “You know, one of my boys is a little young but I bet he’d get along with you great.”

Dereck frowned. “Just because I liked ponies doesn’t mean I’m gay.”

“No.” Allie said. “But it’s odds on favor that watching a sexy girl wiggle her way out of an exotic costume you used to own while wearing a one piece is liable to cause most heterosexuals in their twenties to at least take a good look. Besides, I never said I wanted to set you up on a date.”

“She’s got you there,” Gina said.

“Shut up, squirt.” Dereck said. He smiled sheepishly at Allie. “All right. I’m not really in the market for a matchmaker, though.”

“What if I told you that he was one of the boys who took in the pony while she was wandering the streets in high heels and a puffy dress?”

“I guess I’d want to thank him for being kind to my Rarity.” Dereck admitted.

“Good. I’ll set you up.”

“What about the other boy who helped her?” Dereck asked.

Allie knelt and put her lips to his ear. “Promise you won’t tell?”

“I’m still in the closet to my parents.” Dereck said. “Your secret is safe with me.”

Her breath on his ear did not electrify him nearly as much as the words they carried. “You’ve been talking to him.”

“But you’re not interested?” Derek asked, forgetting that though Allie looked like she was nearly his age, the boy inside was definitely not.

Allie picked up the pony’s bottom half and worked her way back into it. “Not really, sorry. I’m straight.” She shrugged one shoulder. “Does that sound weird?”

“Yes, but the rest of our conversation sort of makes it less so.”

“I’m already going out with a nice guy.” Alan said when Donald told him about Dereck.

“Too bad that nice guy is heterosexual.” Donald replied. “Come on, Dereck’s really sweet. He loved hearing about how we played in the pony costume.”

Alan picked up the Allie suit and started putting it on. “I have a date with Chris soon and I really need to get ready.”

“I’ll help,” Donald replied, grasping the skin and hiking it up over Alan’s hips.

“Thanks,” Alan said as he put his arms in. When the mask was on and zipped up, Allie looked at Donald with pained worry. “Why don’t you think my relationship with Chris will work out?”

Donald nodded at the mirror. “That’s why. You’ve been dating Chris for over a month and haven’t told him. You know why and you know that eventually you’ll either have to tell him or break up with him and you’re afraid of how he’ll take the truth.” Donald picked up a brush and started absently working the knots out of Allie’s wig. “Chris fell in love with Allie because she looked like a sweet and sexy girl. You make her that, but you are not more Allie than any of us.” He put the brush down and gently kissed the young lady who was silently crying. “I always loved you, Alan,” he said, dabbing at Allie’s cheek with a tissue, “but I’m sexually attracted to girls. I think Dereck is the kind of guy you could do well with because he’s like us. Chris … Chris is nice, but he’s nice to girls.”

It was a sunny, cloudless day, but Allie felt like the whole world was dark. She was sitting in the courtyard of a bar and on her second glass of wine when Chris arrived. His joke about her starting early died before it began when he saw her face. Allie had worked hard not to cry, but her mascara was streaked despite this and she almost sobbed at seeing Chris bending low with concern. “What’s wrong?” He asked in a voice that broke her heart. She desperately wanted to tell him nothing was wrong, to get up, put her shoulders back and use her body to make him forget he’d seen anything. To keep him from finding out who she really was. She rubbed her bare legs together under her skirt, feeling their feminine smoothness wishing she could have shown him how the flawless illusion extended up those legs and between them. She knew if she did that she’d never have the courage to say what she needed to say to him.

“I — I need to tell you something.” Allie said haltingly. “I should have told you from the start but you were so nice and hopeful and no one ever said the things you said to me.” Allie choked a deep breath. “I’m not Allie. I — I — I’m not sure how to explain it.”

“I don’t understand either.” Chris said, taking the wine glass away from her as she looked like she was going to take another gulp.

Having him show so much kindess only made it harder for Alan to continue. “Let me start at the beginning. The Allie you saw was my babysitter. I was one of the kids she watched. I used to love how easily she embraced her femininity. How attractive she was without trying. I wanted to be like her.”

“So you lied about being Allie. You’re still an attractive, smart, sweet girl who —“

“No.” Allie held up a hand, noticing as if for the first time how each slender finger had a perfectly painted red nail at the end. Alan had spent hours making them. “I mean that I was one of the boys she watched. That’s why it seemed impossible that I could ever be like her. How ashamed I am that me embracing my femininity like she did hers led you to think I was her and how I took advantage of that. I wanted so badly to be loved like she was, to be held in strong arms like I knew she had to be when she went home after tucking me into bed. As soon as I could, I started finding ways to look like her, act like her. To be the woman who I admired so much.” Another set of lies, but one that was close enough that Alan only felt a twinge of guilt at telling them. It was enough to make the point. “I’m not the girl you fell in love with. In so many ways.”

Chris sat back, stunned. “I don’t know what to think.”

“You’re furious,” Allie said, her chair scraping on the concrete as she stood. “I’ve been paying in advance for the drinks. I’ll go now and stop hurting you.”

“I’m not angry at all,” Chris said. “Okay, I am little. You’re right that I’d have to be. You lied to me about so many things, did this for so long.” He closed his eyes, a tear rolling down his cheek. “You gave me exactly what I’ve wanted for almost a quarter of my life, though. How can I not thank you for that?” He reached up and took Allie’s hand, caressing it and pressing it to his cheek. “Thank you and goodbye. You’re right that we shouldn’t see each other anymore but you’re wrong that you hurt me. I spent my adulthood comparing women to the impossible romantic ideal that I had for your babysitter and for a few weeks of dating you, I thought that maybe I was right and Allie was as perfect as I thought she was. I thought that I had waited so many years, turned down so many opportunities for exactly what I imagined I would get. You’ve broken the illusion, and I thank you for that.”

Chris drained the rest of Allie’s glass. “You started dating me out of kindness, but you stayed for selfish reasons. I prefer to think that it means I’m worth so much that you felt the need to lie to me, to dress up and to put yourself through this for me. It makes me feel kind of good to think that a man squeezed himself into girl clothes and made himself up the way you did because I was such a great catch. My self worth is running so high right now, and I thank you for that as well.” He got up and kissed Allie. “I can only imagine how uncomfortable some of those outfits must have been on you now that I know you’re a man. How hard you must have worked to look that beautiful. You were fantastic and from the lengths you went to in order to have me, so was I. Thank you so much, Allie, for making me see that I’m worth so much, that any girl would be lucky to have me.” He grinned. “I don’t think I will ever be shy around women again.” He left and Allie sank back into the chair. Alan knew that he’d never see or hear from Chris again. Even with the brave words, he’d been hurt enough to admit that they shouldn’t see each other anymore. The quiet contemplation with which he’d met the announcement that his dream girlfriend wasn’t anything of the kind was proof of what Alan had lost. He felt guilty at the thought, but he couldn’t help wishing that he hadn’t told Chris. The man would likely never have figured it out on his own.

Donald was waiting in Connor’s room and held Allie as she sobbed into his shoulder. He stroked her hair and told her it was going to be all right. Alan knew that, but he couldn’t stop himself crying anyway. The time he’d spent with Chris was idyllic and he couldn’t imagine anyone doing better. “At least I won’t have to wear this girly stuff with Dereck,” she choked, trying to smile.

“Unless you want to.” Donald said. “I think Dereck likes dressing up as much as we do.”

“Oh great,” Allie said, recovering enough to give Donald a wry smile. “I’ll have to learn to crossdress all over again.”

“It’ll be fun,” Donald said. “I’ll help.”


“Do you even need to ask?” Donald looked over Allie’s shoulder. “I think Connor is waiting.”

“Do you think he’ll tell Tracy eventually?” Alan asked.

“I don’t know,” Donald replied. “I hope so.”

Connor was indeed waiting and very impatiently. He barely asked what had happened before he was stretching Allie’s skin over his own. “I’m so sorry that had to happen.” He said, already in Allie’s voice. “But I think you’re right. You had to tell him eventually. It makes the rest of our lives simpler.”

Alan ignored Connor’s selfish attitude, but Donald rounded on him. “Alan’s heartbroken and all you can think of is your convenience?”

“I’m sorry.” Connor said, seeming genuinely contrite. “I have a lot on my mind. I don’t think my date with Tracy went well. She … she’s been pushing me away lately. Allie is supposed to meet her to see how she’s doing. I really need the help in knowing what I did wrong.” He pulled on the mask and Allie took a pair of cotton panties from her underwear drawer.

“I understand,” Alan said. “Honestly, I did this because Donald thinks he has someone that will love me for who I am.”

Allie zipped up the jeans she’d put on and — naked from the waist up — hugged Alan tightly. “That’s wonderful! You’ll have to tell me how it goes.” She started rummaging around for bras.

“His name’s Dereck. He’s Erika’s older brother. The pony suit was his.” Donald said.

Allie poked her head out of the T-shirt she was putting on. “Now that’s very interesting. I’ll want to hear all about it later. That reminds me, are you still using it to babysit?”

“Yeah, and it works great.” Donald replied.

“I bet I look ultra-super-cute in it.” Allie said, flicking her hair back and slipping into a pair of high heeled sandals. “Well, gotta run.”

“Egomaniac,” Donald muttered as Allie left.

Alan’s sobs turned to choked laughter.

Tracy was waiting for Allie at the café and had ordered them drinks. After bending to kiss Tracy’s cheek, Allie sat across from her. “So? How’d it go?” She said in her best ‘girlfriend’ voice.

“OK.” Tracy said. “I’m still not sure.”

“Why?” Allie asked, putting her hand on Tracy’s.

“He just seems so single minded. So detached. When he put his arm around me at the movies, I could hardly stand it because I couldn’t help feeling like he was doing it because he thought it was the right thing to do.”

That was exactly what Connor had thought. Allie replied, “He’s young and new at this.”

“I guess that could be it.” Tracy said. “He’s really a perfect gentleman. Just so cold. Not warm, like you.”

“I’m just a people person,” Allie said, trying to sound airy.

“No, it’s that you care.”

“I’m sure Connor cares about you.”

“I’m not.” Tracy said. “And I don’t really like seeing him. To be honest, I’ve sort of been dating him for you. Because I want to give him a fair chance for you.” Tracy smiled shyly. “I’ve really liked having these meals with you. You’re so wise and I feel like we connect and that you value me.”

Connor had been afraid of this, that his feelings for Tracy might be visible when he posed as Allie. “I think you need to be more fair to Connor. He —“ Allie’s attempts to steer Tracy back to the boy inside were cut off when Tracy abruptly leaned over the table and brushed Allie’s lips with hers. Unable to help himself, Connor kissed her back. He liked her too much to resist the surprise advance.

“I thought so.” Tracy said. “You’ve been hiding it well for Connor’s sake but I had a feeling you liked me.” She rested her hand on Allie’s. “I like you too. I’m sorry, you’ve done your best for Connor but I’d rather be with you.”

“I’m a little old for you.” Allie said weakly.

“Is that a no?”

A part of Connor was screaming at him to deny her advances, but he was too much in love with her. “I guess it isn’t.” Allie scooted her chair around so she was next to Tracy and kissed her. “Let me tell Connor. He deserves to hear it from me.”

“All right,” Tracy said, melting into Allie’s embrace. That was the trouble, Connor reflected. He was really better at seduction as Allie than as himself. “I’m looking forward to our first real date already.”

“So am I.” Allie said.

In the intervening week, Connor saw Tracy several times at school. He wasn’t sure how to act, so he was polite but not too friendly. It seemed to work as after apologizing, Tracy was back to being just another school friend. Connor pretended to take the apology well and said that Allie was someone he loved too and could understand what Tracy saw in her. She promised that they could stay friends and Connor had pretended that he would like that.

On the night, Allie spent over an hour thinking trying on different outfits before settling on a slinky, figure hugging white dress that fell below the knee, along with white pumps and a slender necklace. Tracy had fallen in love with a more modest Allie and Connor wanted to keep up that image. Though Allie greeted Tracy with a smile and a kiss, the boy inside was torn between disappointment that it had come to this and elation that the beautiful, sexy girl in the short blue dress that he’d been after for so long was looking so genuinely happy to see him. Even on their more romantic dates, she’d never worked as hard as she must have to look so good for him and hidden beneath the dress, silk lingerie and faux labia, Connor’s erection was growing by the minute, fueled further by the feeling of Allie’s body on him, still erotic after seven years.

The restaurant was the same one Chris had taken Alan’s Allie to when he wanted to be truly romantic and it had the same effect on both women as they sat. Connor could tell that Tracy was admiring Allie just as much as Connor was having to fight to keep Allie’s face from showing just how attracted to Tracy he felt then. They’d been seeing each other as friends for so long that the conversation was not tense at all, in fact a tension Connor hadn’t even been aware of seemed to have lifted. He guessed that Tracy had been trying to work up the nerve to ask Allie out for a long time. He felt a little sad that his own dates with her hadn’t felt so natural, so joyful, and that Tracy must have been seeing him just so that she could then talk to Allie afterwards. Being treated that way banished any guilty thoughts from Connor’s mind and Allie chatted happily with Tracy, allowing her to make all the advances but also succumbing to each of them in turn with almost no argument. Emboldened by her success, Tracy took Allie out to the dance floor, heedless of the admiring and jealous stares as she held Allie close in a slow dance.

Connor wanted to be sure he was right. “I still feel a little wrong going out with you. You’re so young and I was trying to get you together with Connor.” Allie said in Tracy’s ear.

“Connor seemed to take it well.” Tracy said. “Though I have so much trouble telling how he feels. Not like you. I feel like I’ve known you forever.”

“You hardly know anything about me.” Allie protested.

“I know that you’re smart, wise, compassionate, kind and the most beautiful woman in the world.” Tracy replied.

“You’re way prettier than I am.” Allie said. Connor believed that and not just because he was used to Allie. His babysitter and now dating help was perfect in her smooth skin, taut flesh, fine features and luscious hair, but there was a natural charm about the long-limbed Tracy. Her spread of freckles were endearing and the way she seemed just a touch self-conscious in the more revealing dress she’d put on for Allie made Connor’s heart thump. If only he could have shown her that he felt that way as himself. Instead, Allie regarded her lovingly and received another deep kiss in reward.

“I love you so much. You worked so hard for Connor and … I’ve never been attracted to a woman before but it feels right with you. It feels sort of like what I thought it should feel like with Connor. Every time we had a date, I looked forward to telling you about it. You understood so much and always had something helpful to say. You tried so hard, Allie. I felt like I could love him better by talking to you, but then I realized I was really loving you through him.”

“I just feel like we’re going so fast. You said you barely even hugged Connor but now you’re kissing me.”

“I’d like to do much more.” Tracy said. “This feels so right and I’ve been waiting for a long time. Waiting for you to notice me.” She bopped Allie on the nose. “I couldn’t wait any longer and I’m so glad I made the first move. You keep saying you’re too old for me, but you don’t look it at all.” Tracy pressed herself up against Allie and Connor had to work to keep moving gracefully and not gulp. “Will you come home with me and have coffee?” She cooed.
Connor couldn’t help himself. “I’d be delighted.” Allie replied, feeling like she was floating on air rather than dancing on high heels.

At that moment, Donald was ringing the doorbell to Dereck’s flat, Alan shifting uncomfortably behind him. “What if he doesn’t like girly things anymore?”

“He was staring at me, but really at the costume.” Donald assured him. “Trust me, you two will like each other. See you later!” He said, pressing a backpack into Alan’s hands and turning away just as the door opened.

Alan broke out in a nervous sweat, standing as still as he could while the taller, broader college student looked at him in silence. “So, do you want to come in?” Dereck asked, sounding as nervous as Alan felt.

“Oh, yeah.” Alan said, fighting the fear that he would say something wrong.

“So was that the same person who was babysitting my sister last week?” Dereck asked as he closed the door.

“Donald? Yeah, he’s the one.” Alan replied, trying not to mumble.

“Wow. He’s really good at crossdressing.”

“We’ve had a lot of practice,” Alan said.

Dereck sat in a chair and Alan hesitated for a moment before sitting across from him. “So you’ve…”

“Oh, yeah.” Alan gulped and made an effort to construct a longer sentence. “It’s weird, you know? When I dress, I can go on a date with a guy and always feel like I’m saying the right thing.” He laughed self-consciously. “There I go. That seemed like totally too much information for someone I just met.”

“Maybe for most, but not me,” Dereck said, smiling encouragingly. “I can understand, though. You probably made a very attractive girl and it meant you were the one doing the intimidating. I bet a lot of straight guys would get tongue-tied talking to your friend when he’s in drag.”

“Thank you!” Alan didn’t want to get sidetracked by explaining how they all looked almost identical when they wore the Allie suit. “I mean, thanks I think. For saying I made a pretty girl.”

“To be honest, I think you’re kind of adorable right now.” Dereck said. “You’re taking this so seriously!” He looked at the strap crossing Alan’s shoulder. “So what’s in the bag?”

“I don’t know. Donald just gave it to me when we were on your doorstep.” Alan unzipped the bag, which immediately began to overflow a pale purple velvet. “Oh no!” He said, blushing.

“Is that my old pony costume?” Dereck asked.

“It was really yours?”

Dereck nodded. “Yup. It was a really odd thing for a middle school boy to have, but it made me feel cute and happy. Even when I was a little kid, I preferred dress-up and dolls.”

“Me too!” Alan said. “I was so delighted when Connor and Mark got trapped in this. I mean, that they ended up with it so that they could give it to us.” He pulled the thick padded front out and hugged it. “Donald and I had so much fun prancing around. I sort of miss being able to do that with someone, but Donald’s not really interested anymore. He’s still got an eye for fashion, but doesn’t want to do all that girly stuff with me now.”

“Not interested in girly stuff, but he babysits girls as a young woman?”

“He … he likes to remember what it was like, but not to do it himself. It’s kind of hard to explain but I understand. It’s like he knows he loved it, but can’t quite do it as himself, so he does it for them, uses their fun as an excuse. Plus he’s straight. I think he wouldn’t even disguise himself as a girl except that he’s a lot more likely to get jobs as the pretty late teenaged girl you met than the early teenage boy he is. Who would you trust with your daughters? And who looks less creepy in this?” He held up the pony costume.

“That’s fair.” Dereck said. “So do you want something to drink?”


While Dereck was gone, Alan tried unsuccessfully to put the pony costume back in the bag. “I don’t know how Donald did it!” He grumbled when Dereck got back.

“It’s not important. You can just lay it out on the floor.” Dereck said. “I sort of miss having her around anyway.”

“I just feel so bad about being set up like this!” Alan blurted. “I’m really sorry Donald did this.”

“I wouldn’t have said yes if I’d not been interested.” Dereck said soothingly. “You really need to embrace the serendipity of the situation. And calm down.”

“I’ll try.” Alan said meekly.

Without getting up, Dereck hooked both halves of the pony costume with his feet and brought them up to his lap. With a deftness that seemed to have stayed with him despite not having it for ten years, he hooked the two halves together and laid the half-empty pony on Alan’s lap. “Here, pet this. It’ll make you feel better.”

Alan hesitantly stroked the pony. “I feel sort of silly, but you’re right that it works.”

“Of course it does. She’s a soft, squishy, huggable pony.” Dereck lifted a leg and squeezed it. “Look how much we already have in common. We’re gay — probably the first prerequisite for romantic interest considering we’re also both male — we both wanted girly things when we were younger and still enjoy feminine stuff. We appear to also enjoy dressing up and neither of us like my younger sister. Come on, let me show you something.” He took Alan’s hand, a gesture that had Alan flushed and hoping Dereck didn’t think he was enjoying it too much. He took Alan to a room that looked like it belonged to one of his younger sisters. “Gina took this room when I left,” he said to Alan. “I still have a few of my old things stuffed in the back of the closet.” He dragged out a cardboard refrigerator box and pushed it over so it was lying lengthwise on the floor.

Dereck dove in and sank into the bric-a-brac, worming his way down almost to the bottom before wiggling out with a huge clothing bag. “I got this from a school play,” he said, winking at Alan. “I pretended to almost everyone that I was only doing this as a favor to the director since no one else was willing, but the producer was a friend of mine who knew what I liked and arranged for me to get the part, and later the costume when the play ended. It helped that there was a girl in front and by then they all knew I wasn’t interested. My parents always wondered how I convinced Virginia to let me star behind her like this. They still don’t know.”

This time Alan realized that it was Dereck who was nervous and he put his hand on the back of Dereck’s. “So what is it?”

Dereck opened the bag. “Have a look.”

Alan dragged out what at first seemed like a stuffed animal, then realized it was a scaled up version of the pony costume, though in different colors. “Rainbow Dash?” He asked, rubbing the blue velvet fur and multicolored mane.

“They wanted a strong female character.” Dereck said.

“Sounds like an interesting play.”

“It was. It’s been a long time since I wore it. What nobody ever found out was that some nights Virginia didn’t feel up to projecting her voice through this big stuffed thing,” he hefted the pony’s head, “so she switched with me.” His voice softened and rose in pitch, taking on a confident tone, “I can do a pretty good girl impersonation myself.”

Alan giggled. “Sounds like you had fun.”

Dereck put the costume down. “I just thought you’d be interested to know that it didn’t stop with Rarity. You said you wanted someone who was willing to do things like this with you.”

Alan nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, I do! I think we ought to get to know each other a little better, though, don’t you?” He started to color. “It’s a little tight in there and since you are interested in me that way…”

“You’re right,” Dereck said. “I’ll put this away and we can go find somewhere to eat. On me.”

“I’ll help,” Alan said, kneeling to join Dereck as he packed the pony suit and then the box back where it belonged.

Connor couldn’t believe his luck, though he wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. Here he sat in Tracy’s living room as she sat down in close contact and made out with him in a way that showed that she’d been bottling up her desire all evening. That was the good. The not so good was that his erection was being restrained by a set of artificial female genitals and that he had a set of boobs that were being fondled as much as Tracy’s were. It was a fundamentally dishonest thing to do, yet Connor couldn’t seem to get up the moral outrage at himself to do anything about it. He was enjoying having Tracy in his lap too much to care. In fact, since Allie’s body didn’t betray lust below the waist unless he wanted it to, Tracy seemed all the more comfortable sitting on top of it and having her way. He’d noticed that she seemed to shy away when she noticed his pants bulging. He couldn’t help it; she was so sexy and all the more now because she was completely willing.

Connor encircled Tracy’s waist in Allie’s red-painted fingernails, digging them into her back as he pressed Tracy to his smooth, feminine faux skin. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” he admitted around a kiss and a female gasp.

“I’m so happy to hear that.” Tracy replied, grinding against him. He wished so much that she’d wanted to hear him say it in his own voice. No matter how much that same voice complained to him in the privacy of his mind, it was drowned out completely by Allie’s cries of pleasure as she felt her new girlfriend’s body. Two pairs of smooth legs rubbing against each other, bare below the knee and clad in sheer, satiny fabric above. Skirts that were slowly inching upwards as they themselves inched closer to taking their new relationship further than Connor had expected Tracy would be willing.

Suddenly, Tracy planted her feet back on the floor and rose, stretching sinuously. Allie couldn’t help but let out a cry of need and reach out to her. Tracy danced back, grinning. “Not quite yet, sexy.” She teased, turning and departing with a deliberate swish. “I think I’d better get that coffee before we forget about it entirely. Though maybe tomorrow we can get together again and forget the coffee entirely.”

While she was gone, Connor’s phone rang in Mark’s ringtone. Looking to make sure that Tracy was well away, he dug one of Allie’s long nails into her neck and lifted the voice changer away.

“I know it’s really short notice, but can I borrow Allie for the night?” Mark said, sounding like he was nervous and trying to be quiet.

“I don’t know,” Connor said, crossing her legs and losing the battle to clear his mind of the thought of Tracy’s body pressed up against his. “You tend to bring her back late. I’ve got a date tomorrow morning, Alan’s got one one in the afternoon and Donald’s got a babysitting gig in the evening.” Tracy shouted something about cream — an association Connor did not need while he was concentrating on Mark. “I’ll be right there, love!” He called back, letting Allie’s voice changer fall back into place.

“I swear I won’t wear it out of the house. I need it to stay in.” He heard Mark’s reply just as the he got the phone back to his ear.

“This date’s really important,” Connor said - his voice mixing with Allie’s, fearing to remove the changer entirely again in case Tracy walked back in. He didn’t want to admit to Mark just how important it was. At the rate things were going… He was barely listening as he imagined what Allie and Tracy would be doing the next night.

“What’s going on? I thought you were going out with girls now. As yourself.”

“I — I really don’t want to talk about it.” Connor replied, screwing his eyes closed against the now resurfacing guilt. “Things are not going the way I’d planned.” Allie’s bosom heaved as Connor took a deep breath. “All right, come over right now and you can have her but I want her back first thing tomorrow.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Connor realized whose house he was in. “Uh, give me a few minutes actually.” Tracy returned with a pair of mugs, rolling a stirrer suggestively in her mouth. Connor let go of Allie’s throat, the voice changer completely altering her voice again. “I need to finish something.”

Tracy set the mugs down and settled down in Allie’s lap, bending her neck to flick the slender plastic stick around in Allie’s cleavage. She laughed a low, sensual growl. “Something so important you can’t pay attention to me?”

“All right! I’ll get off the phone!” Allie giggled. “But I need to take care of this soon, so we’ll have to finish up.”

Tracy rolled her tongue, running the stirrer quickly up Allie’s skin. It seemed to disappear as she inserted both it and her tongue into Allie’s mouth. She then picked up one of the mugs and sucked a small quantity of the coffee into the straw, transferring it to Allie’s mouth in another kiss. “Isn’t this a cozy way to share a coffee?” She whispered, burying her hands in Allie’s blonde mane.

“Mmmhmm.” Allie hummed contentedly. “I wish I could stay.”

“How soon do you have to do?” Tracy asked as she delivered another straw-full.

“Soon.” Allie moaned regretfully.

“Then we’ll have to be quick.” She took Allie’s hand and pushed it under her dress and into her underwear. Allie’s breath quickened as Tracy placed her own hand in a similarly intimate place on Allie’s body.

The next couple of minutes were a sexual fog to Connor, who hadn’t thought Tracy was capable of such goodbye. They screamed their pleasure in unison and then Tracy had both hands on Allie’s butt, urging her out. “Otherwise you’ll never make whatever important business you have to do.” Tracy said. “But tomorrow, we’re turning off our phones,” one hand reached down into Allie’s underwear, “so we can take it nice,” she ran her finger around the rim of Allie’s vagina, “and,” her finger reached the artificial nub that stimulated the boy inside, “slow.” She finished, rubbing the clit in a lazy circle before licking her lips and nibbling Allie’s ear. She hauled Allie into a final, aggressive goodnight kiss and closed the door in Allie’s stunned face.

“Wow.” Allie sighed. “What a woman!”

Connor hated having to take Allie off to give to Mark, but much as he was tempted to simply disrobe and masturbate until Mark arrived, he didn’t want Mark to see how affected he was. With a dreamy expression, Allie slipped out of the dress and shoes, shed her undergarments and started slowly brushing her hair. She stared into her own eyes, “I love you, Tracy. I love you so much.” She looked down at the swell of her breasts. “I wish I could tell you that as me, but I know you’d never believe it.” By the time Mark arrived, Connor had cleaned Allie off and presented the skin to him. “Remember to bring it back tomorrow morning,” he admonished.

“I will.” Mark said, rolling his eyes. He stayed long enough to collect a few items of clothing, then left Connor to remember the night to himself.

Back in his own room, Mark struggled to keep his mind on something else as he stretched Allie’s skin over his own with the ease of practice. Once her genitals were safely covering his, however, he gave himself to the thoughts of what the night would bring, secure in knowing that the tight faux vagina would hide anything and keep his arousal from being visible.

Mark was glad of his practice with Connor as Allie laced herself into a red and black corset, tightening it just enough to be obviously nipping her waist. Sheer red stockings with black lace tops followed, along with a matching thong and five inch pumps. After checking to make sure that the garters were all secure, Allie worked her slender fingers into a pair of scarlet and sable gloves. She ran her hands down her body, enjoying the sensual feel as well as making sure for the final time that everything was sitting correctly. She applied bright red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush and eyeshadow. There was nothing subtle about what she was about to do.

Tiptoeing — as if she had any other choice — down the hall, Allie stole silently into Brenda’s room and dimmed the lights. Arranging her long fall of hair over the pillow and behind her back, Allie lay silently, eyes closed and breath as even as the corset would allow. She didn’t have long before the door opened and Brenda walked in. “Hi, Bruce,” Allie said breathily. “I heard about all the nice things you’ve been doing for Mark and I wanted to thank you.” She closed her eyes and pouted, “Personally.”

Mark was expecting a range of reactions from immediate lust to doubtful acceptance. He just hoped that Bruce would take off the suit first. He was a great actor, but it would take all his skill to make Allie seem aroused and eager while she made love to his own mother. Mark was taken totally by surprise when Brenda sat down on the edge of the bed next to him, brushed back Allie’s artfully placed hair and kissed her forehead maternally. “Oh, Mark,” Brenda said with loving reproof. “You don’t need to do this for me. Being your mom is its own reward.” She got up and pulled Allie to her feet, the girl’s expression numb with shock. As it she was dressing Mark for school, Brenda loosened the corset with tender attentiveness. “This must be terribly tight. Here, let me make you a little more comfortable.” She patted Allie’s shoulder and kissed her cheek. “There, love. That’s much better, isn’t it?” She stepped back and assumed a stern expression. “Now you wipe off all that stuff and get out of those silly clothes. You have school tomorrow, honey, and I can’t have you playing dress-up until all hours of the night. If you want to go out as my daughter, then we can talk about that later, but we’re going to have to discuss proper attire!”

Still unable to form a coherent reply, Mark tottered out, slipping off of the heels as soon as Brenda closed the door. After a moment, he flushed with embarrassment and love for the boy/woman who had just chased him out of her room. He understood that he’d made a laughable mistake in trying to reward the teenage boy when he really wanted to show his love for the adult woman. His next try would be as a son to his mother than a naughty babysitter to a former charge.

On the other side of the door, Brenda fanned herself with one hand while the other reflexively clutched at her skirt, undoing the button and working its way beneath the waistband of her panties. She squeezed her crotch, massaging the penis held within. It hadn’t been hard for her to look at her disguised son and send him off to bed with the scolding he deserved, but now that she was alone, the Bruce inside Brenda was salivating at what Allie would have given him if he’d asked. Brenda looked at herself in the mirror and her hand retreated. It wasn’t right, though. Besides, she wanted a man, not a boy in clothes of a sexy girl, trying to behave like a wanton for Bruce’s perverted amusement. If there weren’t school the next day, Brenda might have changed into something sexy and gone down to a local bar, or called Oliver to see if he was free that night. Instead, Brenda settled for a hot bath and her fantasies before putting on a nightgown and going to bed. She had a busy day tomorrow what with making her son’s lunch, taking him to school, changing out of her suit into Bruce, going to school, dashing out to change back into herself and pick her son up so she could take him home and make him dinner. Despite the seeming impossibility of being both friend and mother, Brenda had no worries to keep her awake. It was a mother’s life to work hard for her child.

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