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Josh tried his best to act normal. However it was tough since she was still in Ashley mode. She had to concentrate hard too not walk with a sway, let alone with her legs spread. For something so darn simple it shouldn't be so tough but it somehow was. He did this almost everyday of the week and yet here she was walking down the school hallway where the absence of the familiar movement between her legs and the slight bounce of her breasts make her think of herself as a girl.

Her breasts were tightly bound down with some foam padding, some medical tape, and further hidden with a bulky hoodie. If they were silicone breasts instead of the foam and gel that she had this would have been near impossible to accomplish. As it was her mother was concerned that her breasts would not resume their normal shape afterwards.

As far as he was concerned they could be shapeless lumps after this. Waking up as Ashley and peeing all over the floor, and himself, was less than fun. She had had to have a quick bath that morning careful to not get her long hair wet as it would have taken far too much time to dry and then style. Besides she had washed it the night before. Her only mistake was putting on some talcum powder when she got out. Her mother's scented talcum powder.

Josh had to make himself think of himself as his normal male self. He was sure that everyone could see the constant fight to remain male. It was like there was a switch in her head that switched back and forth between male and female. One second he was his normal male self and yet the next step she was back to thinking of herself as female.

As he walked into his classroom he had to fight to not hold her books in front of her breasts like the other girls. Sitting down with his legs spread wide open like normal felt wrong on a deep level that he could not put a name too. His few friends, of course, sat around him with one or two greetings. Men did not greet each other like girls did. Normally the other girls would hug or chat for a second or two when greeting. Guys just said hi or bye if they said anything at all. Usually it was just a nod and that was that. He had to fight to not get up to hug his friends.

The morning had been tough as she had gotten dressed in a daze in her lingerie, some of which she still wore, and had put on the school uniform blouse and skirt hanging in her room. Apparently she had two such uniforms. The school tie was left loose and the blazer had felt strange and she made her way into the kitchen. At first her mother had not noticed his attire. It was only when she pointed out he should get changed that he had realized his mistake.

Her mother had helped her to bind down the breasts on his chest. It felt uncomfortable to say the least. His mother had assured her that if her breasts were real they would be quite painful. It was also his mother that pointed out that he had not washed her hair sufficiently enough and that he should make sure to keep it tucked away down his shirt. She assured her mother this shouldn't be a problem as he usually kept it that way at school.

At roll call she had almost forgotten to answer to his name. The teacher had had to ask twice and he had gotten out a 'here' but she had said it with her voice at first clearing his throat causing everyone to laugh at him. He had apologized in his voice but it was almost like he had to strain her voice to do it.

This constant duality was trying on him. She had never had had such a problem keep the different sides of him separate as only Ashley was a girl when needed. Having her parts on at school was causing far more problems than he thought it would be.

By the time his second class rolled around he was getting better at keeping his Ashley side at bay. It required a bit more of his attention span than he had expected. As he walked down the hallways to his next class he looked around at the faces of other kids his age and wondered just how many, if any, of them had a similar problem. Not because of them playing a part such as he did, but because some of them were those trans people. The experience was giving him a new insight into those who had this battle on a daily basis.

If it required this much concentration for him to remain in his normal mode just how much did it require of them? He could at least get home and change out of his parts and it would be so much easier for him but what of those people who couldn't? What surprised him more was that he had never given it much though before. It was strange as people should see this but everyone was completely oblivious to it. Still he was glad it was only a half day at school.

So lost in his thoughts was Joshua that he completely failed to notice a commotion at the far end of the hallway as he stepped into his class.


Tandy cussed and swore at the traffic as she tried to get to her son's school. It seemed that traffic was just being stupid.

She had gone into work as soon as she could get there. She was still a little surprised by finding her daughter at home last night, a bit with bad makeup which was still better than her own first try so long ago. Still she hadn't needed to try get her son to be her, she had done it all on her own. She loved her son with all her heart but still having a daughter to share her experiences with was different. She had gotten that special feeling last night when she was showing Ashley how to do makeup.

She remembered that feeling well. The first time was a long time ago when she was watching her much older cousin doing her makeup for a date. Tandy had been maybe ten at the time while Betty had been almost seventeen. She just watched fascinated as she worked at it. She was trying a new technique on her face that turned out really well. Betty looked different but it wasn't that. It was the feeling of joy she got from watching Betty learn the art.

Perhaps it was that incident that had gotten her so fascinated with makeup and its effects on peoples faces. She had tutored people in college and helped in the theater but, while she did get some of that special feeling it wasn't quite the same.

Last night she had the full feeling watching Ashley watch her put on her makeup. Before Josh had watched but not like this. She could feel her learning.

"Asshole! Use your stupid turn signals!"

This morning at work she had gone to fetch the solvent first thing. It was in the bag she had left at work which contained her "Kit". What surprised her was that the place was unusually quiet as she came out. Usually Jed or Brad, the camera guys, would make joke passes at her. This morning they were silent.

She should have known something was up as Alex approached with a sheepish look on his face.

"Tandy, I'm afraid we might have a problem. Tina signed out the van this morning done up as Tina Extrema." He had said.

" Yeah so? " she didn't get the problem the twit had done this before. The girl would cover some park event or something. It was unusual that she hadn't had her to do the makeup though.

" I think she is going after Ashley." His words dropped like a bomb on her. She was surprised she didn't faint at the time.

How the twit had figured out that Ashley was her daughter was beyond her. What is worse is that the only child she had listed was Josh and his school.

Alex was busy calling in a favor from his cousin who was headmistress at Sister Margrette's. The plan sounded sound however this blasted traffic was pissing her off. Still she had time to get there as Alex had convinced Buddy to take the long route. If he did they should arrive just before the school broke for lunch. She wouldn't have much time at this rate. Having to go home for a few pieces and Josh's locker combination didn't help.


Josh was trying hard to listen to his friends talk about their latest exploits in THE World of Warcraft. He had played it a few times but his mother was rather insistent that he not play games for long periods of time. Wow, as it was called shortened, was a game that took massive amounts of time to get anywhere. Even on the pirate servers that his friend John was currently explaining. It was a good thing this was the last class of the day and their teacher was just letting everyone chat. When it got too loud Mr. Arms would use a thick wooden rod and slap the desk. He had never used it on any student. Desks however were a different story.

It got ones attention really well. Nobody slept in Mr. Arms class. He was a good teacher if a bit old. Geometry was his passion, the rest of the mathematics he wasn't so fond of but he did have some neat tricks that sunk in on even the densest person.

Josh had tried to not speak to much. He just grunted or nodded for the most part. He had found that he had trouble speaking properly today. Speaking monotone was not really an option as it made her sound fake, like a girl trying to sound like a guy, yet to speak normally his voice would go all musical even if she was trying hard to talk in his normal tone.

Even little things like smiling, which one takes for granted, was different. It was like his face muscles were all wrong. Still he knew that there was very little time left and he could go home, and when his mom got home, remove Ashley's parts from his body. He longed for the time when he could be herself. She turned and looked at one of the other girl's in her class and wondered how she would look in that outfit. Catching himself again he turned around to pay more attention to John.

Josh's back was to the door of the classroom, listening to John talk about his latest worgen palladin's something or another when she felt a vibration in her backpack. She hadn't even realized that she had pulled it up. Normally Josh didn't carry a phone. Only Ashley did, something her mother had panicked about when she first came out. He wasn't suppose to use it, however it was vibrating so he discretely pulled out the pink phone without letting anyone see it. On the screen, after unlocking it, he saw a simple text from his mom.

"Just go with it. I'll explain later."

He was so busying looking down in his bag away from the door that he didn't see as Tina Extrema made her grand entrance into his classroom. He only turned around when he felt his hair being pulled out of his oversized hoody.

She knew without looking that her red curls were now on display for all to see. Still she turned around ready to scratch out their eyes with her fingernails and stopped with her mouth gaped open staring at a Tina not a foot away.

Tina reached over and pulled out the front of her hoodie giving Tina a clear view down the front of her hoodie. She knew what Tina saw. A girls breasts bound up. That plus her rather flat crotch, even though her knees had closed of their own accord, didn't help her picture any. Looking into Tina's eyes she knew..

"Hi Ashley!" She said in a simple low tone voice with a smug grin on her face.

Ashley struggled to come up with an explanation from her suddenly empty brain.

"Ashley Dawn Appleton Greer! What are you doing dressed up like your brother, and where in pray tell is he?" Her mother called out rather loudly from just back at the classroom door. Peering around Tina she saw her mother wink at her just a little.

"Mother! I can explain..." It was the only choice.

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