Two's A Wolf

Two’s a Wolf
By Paul Calhoun

A commission.

A wolf takes a rabbit home for supper and his friends go to rescue him with the help of a suspicious hare and a sexy bitch suit.

I had a lot of fun with this because I thought I wouldn't get any more really original 2-person suit ideas, then I was given a toony feral comm and realized I'd never done anything like it!

Rabbits everywhere!

That was how Soren had described the meadows and thickets of the depression to Brik. As the wolf crouched low on a hill overlooking the bowl, he agreed with his friend that there was a bounty down below. The brush shook incessantly with their hopping passage and they blanketed the grassy areas, their nibbling progress back and forth removing all the tall grass and reducing their cover to nothing. Even better, much of the fields had been sown with root vegetables with leaves that didn’t grow far above ground level. The hawks, foxes, cougars and other wolves had somehow overlooked this place and so the hopping herbivores had multiplied in peace, building lavish homes in the sides of the bowl while keeping the center a wild mixture of herbs, vegetables and grass. Until now. The wolves had moved in recently, finding a den that smelled like it had once belonged to a bitch but had since been abandoned. From there, they’d gone on the occasional foray, but had been careful to stay out of sight in case they spooked their quarry. Soren had agreed that it was time to act, but had gone up to check that there weren’t any bears or mountain lions that might be attracted by their feast later on.

Brik didn’t feel like waiting for Soren, and there was no need. These bunnies were so much fatter than the fare they were accustomed to. He could bring one back alive to Soren and they’d both be full that night. He’d even go as far as letting Soren pick how they were to cook the fat little one. The only thing that worried Brik was that his satchel wouldn’t be big enough. He’d have to be careful he picked a rabbit that fit.

He slunk closer, until he was hiding behind the second story window of a burrow that had been fitted with a peaked roof above the earthen diggings. He was lean and unconcerned with being seen as he was far too thin to be seen past the tiled edifice. He fought the desire to salivate and wag his tail, lest the motion attract attention. He stuck his nose out and around the corner, sniffing for the nearest rabbit to take. It would be best if he wasn’t seen, but even if he was, there was nothing the rabbits could do to stop him and they wouldn’t pick up and leave their paradise behind for the loss of a single one of their number. It would take more hunting than that to scare them off.

He smelled a rabbit and heard it leaving the burrow. Like the wolf, the rabbits only ever rose to their hind feet at need, so the catch was probably operated by a single paw and at eye level when on all fours. It was a stray thought, but an important one for the wolf, just in case he needed to get inside for his quarry later. Darting around, the wolf caught the rabbit by surprise, but also just as it called out to two of his friends who were coming up the track to meet him. Cursing his ill luck, Brik leapt on top of the rabbit before he could run and bundled him into his satchel, grabbing him by the neck in his jaws and using his front paws to roughly shove the squealing, scrabbling prey. Falling back onto his forefeet, Brik sped away with his prize.

Vern and Linder stood for a moment, completely still in case motion might attract another predator. This gave them a good view of Brik’s hindquarters as the wolf loped away, his tail streaming in the wind, covering ground with powerful drives of his hind paws. He disappeared into the woods before they could take a single halting hop to follow, not that they were much inclined to do so.

“What are we going to do?” Linder said, almost whimpering.

“Get Trey back!” Vern replied. “We’ll go find Jinks, he’ll know what to do.”

Jinks was an expert in all the things that might come down and eat the nearly defenseless population of their town. She kept track of all the local predators and usually had a way to repel or misdirect them. It was sometimes a little spooky to the peaceable rabbits in her care how she knew so much and was actually able to keep them safe from scary things like owls and wolves. Jinks listened to their account of how Trey was kidnapped and curled up in a ball to think. Something else that made Jinks worrisome was how limber she was. She insisted she was a hare, but the rabbits were positive she was a very small ferret. They gave her vegetables, though, in payment and she seemed happy with them, so no one asked too many questions of who she was and where she came from. “Things aren’t as bleak as you believe,” she said at length. “It sounds like this beast was less worried about a quick meal and more interested in something more satisfying. He’ll have taken your friend up to his lair to prepare him for dinner, so you don’t have much time. I expect he’ll be in the pot by nightfall, so you’ll have to hurry.” Jinks saw their questions coming and held up a sharply clawed paw. “You want to know where the wolf is. That’s simple. Up out of the bowl and down southwest a ways is a tall oak next to a stream. About two hundred yards west of that is a cave that used to belong to quite a fearsome wolf bitch. She tried to hunt these parts, but had a bit of trouble. Seems she was a little too attractive to the opposite sex. Something about being permanently in estrus. Anyway, she skedaddled awhile back. Our pal the wolf likely made a beeline straight for that cave when he got a whiff of what was on offer, and stayed when he found that she was no longer around. That appetite confounded, he came in search of something to make him feel better and took your friend Trey as consolation. That’s how I make it out, anyway.”

“Can you give us something that will get us near so we can get Trey back?” Linder asked. “I remember my ma saying that you sometimes have disguises that could let a rabbit get in close without being spotted.”

“I know someone,” Vern chimed in, “who said you gave him and a friend of his a cougar pelt that made him bigger than the cat that was after them and they used it to scare the cat away.”

“Oh, yes, I have something like that.” The ferrety hare said. “The trouble is that wolves are pretty scarce in these parts. You can’t just slap together some fur that you find lying around. A predator would still smell you out. You need smells and other things. So you can imagine that the only wolf that’s been in these parts was that there bitch I was telling you about, so that’s all I can give you. I can’t tell what to do with it, but I think you understand what I’m suggesting.”

“Thank you.” Vern said sincerely. “Anything you can do is appreciated.”

“You can use the yard out back to practice in.” Jinks told them. She laughed, her chest rattling. “Don’t want you scaring the bejeessus out of people by showing yourself out in the open. Also don’t want any nosy wolves catching you before you’re ready.”

The rabbits followed her to the back door where she left them for a moment, returning pushing a huge gray and tan mound of fur with her nose. She rested her front paws on it and rolled it over into the yard, spreading it out as she did so to display it as being the skin of a sleek wolf. The bitch had ice blue eyes and a mane of thicker fur around her shoulders and halfway down her front legs. Her body tapered down in the middle and then flared out again in powerful haunches. Her tail was long and thick with fluffy fur. Unlike the half-starved brown male that had taken Trey, this gray wolf looked like she was in the best shape a wolf could be in. Every line was beautiful and deadly. As Linder nervously felt the pointy teeth inside the slim, pointed muzzle Jinks laughed again. “Yes, I filed them myself. You won’t be able to bite down on much, but once they get a feel of those, you won’t need to!” She turned back to her house. “I’ll leave you to it now. I’m sure you’ll figure everything out; it’s not too hard to get.” Before the rabbits could make a move, she was back with Ryan, a rabbit who worked for her and who the other two knew from when they’d been at school. “This boy will make sure you stay on the right track, though. Just so you don’t waste too much time finding out what thing goes where.”

Ryan said a polite hello, but otherwise stood silently as Vern and Linder rolled the skin over a couple of times. “How do you get in?” Linder asked.

“Miss Jinks didn’t want to ruin the appearance of the wolf, so the only entry is through the mouth.” Ryan told them.

“Oh great.” Vern said.

“Do not fear hurting yourself, the jaw opens quite wide when forced to.”

“Who goes where?” Vern asked Linder.

“First to the shed over there gets to be in front?” Linder said.

“Right.” They raced along, Vern just beating Liner by a whisker. Linder acknowledged Vern’s victory and they didn’t break stride as they streaked back to the skin. Linder picked up the head and backed into the mouth, Vern holding it open for him as he scraped his back along the hard roof. Vern kept it open so Linder had some way of seeing where he was going and the wolf bitch’s shoulders shook as he passed, then her middle expanded momentarily, followed by her haunches rocking back and forth. “There’s a lot in here,” Linder said, his voice almost inaudible in the thick fur. The wolf bitch’s hind legs extended behind her as Linder wiggled his paws back into them and finally her back toes flexed, Linder’s filling them. “Your turn,” the bitch’s rear end said.

Vern took a breath and turned around so he could back into the mouth himself. Ryan held the mouth open for him as he felt his way around the leathery confines of the wolf bitch disguises’ innards. His toes caught on what felt like small rings and the whatever they were slid over the top of his head. He had to reach a paw up to extricate his long ears from one. Freed from the mysterious stuff, he grasped at the folds of skin inside in those weak upper digits and worked the shoulders of the disguise over his hips, his legs sliding along, splaying out the wolf bitch’s front paws. His legs extended to their full length before his toes were enclosed in the individual toes of the wolf’s. When he flexed them, Ryan let go of the mouth and both rabbits were plunged into almost total darkness. In the gloom, Vern saw that there was vision through the eyes, nose and mouth when it was open. From the light behind, he guessed that Linder could see his the wolf’s feet and the ground beneath, but no more unless he looked over Vern’s shoulder. He reached out towards the mouth and encountered those rings again. He put out both front paws to steady himself and found that there were enough for each to go over a digit. He rose to his feet and a moment later felt the back end of the wolf do the same. He felt like he was on tiptoe, his legs extended to their full length in a way that he almost never had to do except when making a particularly powerful leap. “Are there any rings back there?” He asked Linder.

“Yeah.” His friend’s voice was easy to make out inside the disguise. “Ten of them.”

“Same here.”

“They’re controls.” Ryan called, loudly enough for Linder to hear. “You pull on them to move things. The back should have one hand to control the tail’s direction and the other does things like raising the fur up and other hindquarters things. The front has ear swiveling, mouth opening, eyes and hackles. Try.” With Ryan telling them what the wolf bitch was doing, they learned how to move each part of her body. The bitch’s tail wagged, curled between her legs and rose up in invitation while she blinked, swiveled her ears in interest, aggression or pain and blinked, squinted or opened her eyes wide. Vern found the controls to her tongue and used his forepaws to bob her head up and down as she stuck out her tongue in a pant. Finally, she raised her fur all across her body in soundless threat.

“Good.” Ryan said. “Now try walking.”

Vern’s legs hurt already from being flexed for so long to stand at the wolf’s full height. He took a hesitant step and then stumbled forward. He could feel the bitch’s body stretching before Linder lurched forward and imagined what it looked like on the outside. The wolf’s front half moving ahead until her middle looked distorted and then her hindquarters finally following and bunching her up.

“We need some sort of signal,” the wolf’s head said, twisting unnaturally around to take a playful nip at her rear.

“Linder, try to get a hold of Vern,” Ryan said, taking her muzzle in his hands and turning it back. “Can you do that?”

“I think so,” The wolf’s rear said. Vern felt Linder’s front legs around his middle. He was beginning to regret being the front. Linder now had Vern to support his front paws, which were almost never off the ground, but Vern had to only rest his front paws lightly on the front portions of the wolf’s shoulders’ insides.

“Good. Now I want you both to take a step with your right legs and then with your left. Go!” The wolf bitch staggered forward. “Linder, try to feel when Vern is going to take a step. He’s going to be making most of the judgment calls. Vern, try not to do anything unexpected. Now I want you to walk slowly, starting on the right side.”

The wolf bitch took a few hesitant steps and then a few more. Gaining confidence, the two rabbits walked the bitch around, but when they reached a wall, the wolf’s front turned and her rear kept going, colliding with the wooden barrier. Her back half scrabbled, its claws making furrows in the dirt before righting itself, her front half looking backwards at it, swiveling its ears in concern. “Linder, pay attention to how Vern moves. Follow his lead. Vern, good reaction. Now try again.”

The wolf bitch walked slowly back the other way, this time her rear following her front when she turned a corner. “Good,” Ryan said. “Now, Vern, I want you to tense one side. When you do, I Linder has to take a step and then you do a moment later. Wolves always start walking from the back.” Vern tensed his left side and felt Linder take a step. As he did so, Vern did the same and they settled back into the wolf’s trot without difficulty. “Keep your tail level, Linder, and your ears forward, Vern,” Ryan called. “Excellent. Now let’s pretend you’ve seen something you don’t want seeing you just yet. What do you do?”

The back end of the wolf bitch immediately sank down and her tail lowered until it was almost brushing the ground. Vern realized what Ryan had meant and belatedly did the same, relieved at being able to bend his legs again. Ryan had them do that several times, shouting “Duck!” At random intervals as they walked. At first there was a significant lag in one end or the other, leaving the wolf bitch looking like she was either wanting a gentleman wolf to pay attention to her or about to have a bowel movement. When he was satisfied, he had both Vern and Linder fall to the wolf’s stomach to get a feel for each others’ way of signaling the need. “You never know when you’ll need to hide,” Ryan told them.

Their trotting around the yard was getting a spring in its step as the wolf bitch became more and more confident in her occupants’ control of her. Vern was even having her open her mouth in a wolfy grin of anticipation while Linder picked up on his enjoyment and wagged her tail. The next time Ryan had them sink down, he said, “You want to get closer but remain hidden.” The wolf bitch slunk around the yard, her chest fur brushing the ground, her head down and her tail straight out behind her. “You’re picking things up nicely,” Ryan complemented them. The wolf bitch straightened up, wagged her tail and panted. Trotting up to Ryan, she thanked him with a few licks to his face. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. You’ll need to go quickly to get your friend.” The wolf was all attention and duty then, her ears forward and her tail curved upward as she stood at attention. “You’ll need to learn one two more things. First is how to run like a wolf.” He described the ground-eating loping gait. “It’s hard, but let’s try it.”

The wolf bitch tripped several times as either her hindquarters made the jump too quick and bowled her front over or her front went too fast and dragged her butt behind. In either case, she usually ended up in a tangle of limbs that required the two rabbits to have to speak to each other to get her back on her feet. The found in the end that it wasn’t much different from a longer, higher propulsion than they usually used when they were in a hurry and with a much longer time spent practicing, they got the hang of the run. When Ryan was satisfied, they even improvised having Vern back up a little and Linder settle back so that the wolf was sitting on her haunches to listen to Ryan’s final instruction. “You’ve been doing wonderfully at nonverbal communication,” the wolf bitch panted and her tail swept the yard, her eyes wide and friendly, “but the wolf you’re after will expect you to talk. These roots will give you a nice growl and a slightly higher pitch. Luckily most wolves are pretty deep voiced, so it won’t take too much work to get that right.” He stuck the roots in the wolf’s mouth and she tipped her head back, looking like she was gulping them down while Vern caught and chewed them. “Hey there, hot stuff, how’s it going?” The wolf bitch asked in a feminine growl. Her tail wagged as she panted, “Wow, this stuff works great. I mean, you’d better watch out, bunny,” she rose to her feet and paced around.

“So are you ready to go get that wolf?” Ryan asked.

The bitch’s hackles rose and she tipped back her head in a howl. “I’m so ready!” She loped to the back gate. “Let’s go!”

She wasn’t more than a couple hundred yards away when Vern saw Pitrik coming down the road. Rather than hide, she panted a wolfy grin. “It’s Pitrik,” Vern whispered in the wolf’s voice. “Let’s give him a scare.”

“Oh yes!” Linder replied. Neither of them like Pit much, so it was with a lot of naughty joy and satisfaction that they loped towards him, tongue lolling and tail streaming behind them. Pit barely had time to turn and scurry a few steps when the wolf bitch landed on him. “Yum, dinner!” She said. “But you’re such a scrawny thing,” she added, digging her claws into his back as she nipped at his long ears. “Hardly worth my time.

“Please don’t eat me!” Pit begged, yelping as the wolf bitch daintily grasped his tail in her mouth and started worrying at it. When Vern heard Linder start to giggle, he knew they’d better get going before Pit also noticed.
The bitch stepped off of Pit and trotted a little ways off, her head and tail in the air. “Hmph. I’ll go find someone who looks healthier and who isn’t such a crybaby. I hate whiners.” She loped off, leaving Pit facefirst in the mud, trembling in fear. From then on when they saw a rabbit, the wolf bitch would fall to the ground and slink around them. Tempted as they were to terrify a few more rabbits they weren’t fond of, they had a job to do. Maybe when they got back and Trey could enjoy it with them, maybe raising a bit of a noise, driving an enemy towards the waiting wolf. That sounded like great fun.
Once out of town, they poured on the speed, the wolf bounding along the roads, slowing only to hide herself from passersby. When they got as far as they could and had to turn off, she picked her way delicately through the undergrowth, one end or the other occasionally tripping over a hidden root and spoiling the fine lines of her exquisite body. They knew they’d have to be more careful later, but for now speed was essential. They pushed on until they saw the cave, and then stopped, the wolf bitch settling on to her hindquarters for them to discuss the best way to enter. Just in case they were already being watched, she opened her mouth a little to mimic tasting a new scent on the wind.
Brik’s dinner had struggled for hours to escape the cage he’d been put on, but neither his feeble rattling nor his cries for help would stop him from being supper. Brik hoped Soren would get back soon so they could decide how the young rabbit was to be cooked. He looked like he was wasting away already and Brik didn’t want the taste fouled with his stress and fear. After a screeching outburst, Brik thumped the cage with his shoulder. “Pipe down. I hate loud dinners.” He growled.
“Hey, hot stuff. I’m glad you brought me some dinner or I might have ripped your throat out for coming into my cave.” A sultry voice intruded into Brik’s fuming impatience. Seeing his dinner’s eyes, widen, Brik turned to find out who was threatening him. His mouth opened wide as he saw the delicate, lovely young bitch trotting in. He took a long sniff of her heady musk, knowing that she was the wolf who had previously occupied the cave. He took in her sleek lines, curves and the lovely mane around her shoulders which bounced and fluffed as she moved.
“Y-you-you seemed to have left for good.” Brik stammered. “I mean, not for good. It’s very good you’re back. Uh, want some rabbit?”
The wolf’s nervousness emboldened the two disguised rabbits. The bitch laughed half-mockingly. “Oh, I do. I hunted these lands for a long time and I know where you got that fat rabbit from. You can easily get another one.” She stood for a moment with her nose almost touching his, then moved forward a little to nuzzle and nip at his shoulder. She moved up to one ear and as she took it in a love bite, she murmured, “I want that one. All of him. Surely that’s fair payment for using my cave.” She stepped back. “Among other things.” She lowered her front half down so her rear was sticking in the air. Before Brik could go around to have a closer look, she used her teeth to splay one of his front paws. Her tongue darted out, licking him between each digit. It was something he’d never experienced but instantly wanted more of. Seeing his delight, she wagged her tail. “I have a new den now. I’ll just take this rabbit.”
Brik was now down on his belly licking her feet back. “Not yet,” he said. “Let’s take our time.” All thoughts of Soren had fled from his mind. He wanted the bitch so badly.
“If you insist,” the bitch said, her voice betraying that she would love nothing more. She slowly moved forward, nuzzling every part of Brik’s side as she passed him. “But not out here where we might be taken by surprise. Deeper.” How Brik wanted to hear her say that word again!
Linder knew what Vern was thinking. They both knew it might come to this and he was ready. Just as the bitch passed Brik, she flicked her tail up, showing that she was glistening with readiness for him. Linder felt Vern lower himself down and Linder tried to rise even higher, the wolf bitch looking eager as her toes splayed and her tail remained up. Vern was braced and Linder tried to do the same as Brik climbed up on top of the bitch, grasping the nape of her neck in his teeth for balance. “Yes, that’s so good.” The bitch gasped. “Oh, I want it so much,” she growled. Linder had nothing to do but hold tight as he felt Brik’s penis poking him repeatedly. It seemed a good experience for Brik who took the joyful cries from the front half of the wolf bitch as encouragement. When he rolled off of her, he showed her his belly in appreciation. The bitch placed her front paws on his chest and massaged him. “Is that all?” She asked.
“You want more?” Brik asked, amazed.
The bitch’s pawpads were rough against his fur as she climbed the rest of the way on to him and started rubbing him with both sets of paws. “When you’re ready.”
Linder had no idea what Vern was thinking, but went along with it. Whatever Vern had wanted seemed to work because Brik looked about ready to fall asleep. “Just give me a few minutes,” he yawned.
The bitch panted and wagged her tail. “I’ll be ready, alpha.”
That almost revived Brik there and then, but he fell into a stupor as fatigue settled on him. He would have fallen asleep if Soren hadn’t arrived at that point. “What’s going on here? Is that dinner?”
“You’ll have to catch another rabbit,” Brik yawned, not stirring from the bitch’s ministrations. “I promised this one to her.”
“Oh really?” Soren asked. “I wasn’t consulted.”
“I caught him, I get to say what we do with him.” Brik replied heatedly. “I’m giving him to this lovely creature.”
“Hi!” Vern barked, the wolf bitch panting and wagging her tail.
“Marvelous. Some bitch comes in here and gives you a ride and you give her our dinner. Well, if you’re getting what we worked hard to find and catch, you’d better be willing to give us both something.”
Vern had never whined before, but did his best to then. The sleek wolf bitch looked down at Brik. “Is that OK, handsome?”
“No, it is not!” Brik stirred and the wolf bitch fell down on top of him as the two rabbits tried to jump off in opposite directions. “See? She’s mine!” Brik said triumphantly.
“I’ll be taking her. You don’t know how to treat one right.” Soren replied.
“Say that again!”
“You’re a pussy!”
The wolf bitch’s rabbit controllers were given ample opportunity to co-ordinate the scrambling back to her feet in the loud tussle that ensued after Brik heaved her off his belly and went for Soren. The rabbits quietly agreed to take the chance and the wolf bitch slunk over to the cage holding their trembling friend. “Don’t worry, it’s us.” Linder said, trying keep his voice down. He knew it wouldn’t work to have Vern make the assurances.

“Really?” Trey asked, his eyes widening even further.

“Yeah, so let’s get out now. Pretend like we’re eating you.” The wolf bitch nosed the catch open on the cage and Trey’s paws scored the dirt as the bitch tipped her head up and ‘swallowed’ him. He tumbled in, distending her belly and making it look like the bitch had overeaten. Not bothering with a “Bye, boys,” the bitched turned tail and tried to flee as fast as her newly weighed down middle would let her.

It was crowded inside the wolf with Trey curled up and wedged between Vern and Linder. Linder now had only the view through the wolf’s belly fur where the skin had been made sheer to see, and Vern staggered slightly every time Trey stirred. Silently, the wolf bitch crouched and then tried to sneak away, fearing that the predatory instincts of the two real wolves would kick in if she tried to make a full speed run for it. With her belly so full, however, she was scraping along the ground and when she passed over a sharp stone, Trey said, “Watch it!”

“Shhh!” Both rabbits said, the wolf bitch freezing in place. “Keep quiet.” Vern added, the wolf bitch twisting her head around to nip at her side. It was too late, though. Brik pushed Soren away and loped up to where she’d stopped. “Where are you going?”

Soren trotted after, the imminent escape of the prize they were fighting for erasing his enmity. “You haven’t paid us both yet.”

Vern grit his teeth and Linder felt like hanging the wolf’s tail in defeat, but instead, she turned, her eyes bright and ears up. “I was just slipping off to rest up for when one of you tough guys finally won.” She panted, wagging her tail. “I wouldn’t want to mate with a loser after all.”

“That’s great because you’re mating with me.” Soren said.

The bitch’s tail twitched in confusion as she bobbed her head towards Brik. “I haven’t seen him roll over for you, yet.” She rested her muzzle on Soren’s shoulder and gently licked his ear. Not only did this arouse the wolf, but it also let Vern rest his front paws on something steady. “He rolled over for me.” She growled.

“Come on, Brik, just admit it. I’m bigger, stronger, smarter and a better fit for the lady.” Soren growled in turn, snarling at Brik. “In fact, I’m sure the fit will be much better with me inside her.”

“Yeah, right.” Brik rumbled, baring his teeth. “Tell him how much you loved having me.” He said to the bitch.

“He’s got a point there,” Vern said, stepping back. The wolf bitch turned and lifted her tail. “I’m in heat just thinking about him. Maybe he’s right. I don’t know how much better you could possibly be if you aren’t even willing to take him on without an argument.” She backed up to give Soren a smell, then padded over to Brik. On her way, Trey whispered, “Oh no, I’m going to sneeze!” Just as he did, Vern closed the wolf’s eyes and shook her head and shoulders, showing off her luxuriant mane of fur again, thankful that Trey had warned him. She continued her walk to Brik, sniffing at his backside and opening her mouth a little in interest. “He’s really ready.” She said, licking his crotch. She heaved her now rabbit filled bulk up onto Brik’s back, Linder having to quickly put his paw over Trey’s mouth to stifle his complaint. “Look how strong he is,” the wolf said as Brik’s legs shook with her surprising weight. She rubbed her paws along his middle. “So big.” Linder thought to make things more interesting and the bitch hopped a little, scrambling and making it look like she was trying to mount him. “I want him so much right now. He recovered so quickly.”

“See?” Brik quavered. “She likes me.”

“I’ll show you!” Soren howled, charging at Brik. The wolf bitch tried to deftly disengage herself and move aside, but the maneuver took Linder by surprise as well as being hindered by Trey’s extra mass, so she only got partway free when Soren leapt onto Brik. Brik finally fell to his belly, Soren slipped and the wolf bitch found herself sandwiched between them, mounting Brik as Soren took the opportunity granted to mount her and show her what she was missing.

“Get off of her!” Brik said, trying to roll over.

“Hah, you can’t even move,” Soren said, spreading his legs as he found his spot and bit down on his mate’s neck.

With strength borne of rage, Brik threw both of them off his back, dislodging Soren just as he was about to penetrate the hole beneath Linder’s belly. They went back to their tussle, the wolf bitch taking hesitant steps away, but always being forced back to the fight as one seemed about to win. “Go, handsome!” She’d shout occasionally, both wolves taking it as praise for themselves. The three rabbits wondered how long they could fight. They at least tried to settle down on the wolf’s belly when the fights kept on, but it wouldn’t be long before Brik or Soren appeared to have the other beat and came to take his prize. She’d be obliged to stand, pant, tell him how she knew he was the wolf for her, but then shy backwards and out of the way as the other wolf got his wind back and leapt to it.

The next morning, the wolf bitch’s belly seemed to twitch as Trey stirred yawning and trying to stretch inside the imprisoning fur and skin of the middle of the wolf. “I think they’re actually asleep.”

“After all they did yesterday and last night, I wouldn’t be surprised,” Linder replied. “At least now they know that our town is the private preserve of a horny bitch who won’t give them any if they don’t stay away.”

“Yeah, but now we’ll have to visit them all the time to make sure they keep their word.” Trey sighed, having agreed in a whispered conversation while the wolves were busy that he’d help them out thanks for the rescue.

“Let’s see if we can get away now.” Vern said, chewing a bit more of the roots in case the wolf needed to speak to anyone else. He and Linder were as careful as they could be as the wolf slowly got to her paws, trying not to scratch her claws against the stone of the cave floor as they splayed under her, the rabbits stretching their legs and digits in preparation for the walk back.
They were miles away when the tired rabbits slowed down to finally tell their friend the whole story. Trey was impressed by their resolve — having seen much of it firsthand - and giggled uncontrollably at their suggestion. “Hey, now that we know you can, why don’t I go in first and then you chase me down? You ‘eat’ me and then we go after whoever we don’t like.”

“Do you think Jinks will approve?” Linder asked.

“Jinks will laugh her head off.” Vern said.

“You’re right. She’s always saying the folks aren’t vigilant enough. This will give them something to think about. Let’s go.”

The rabbit town never did learn how Trey escaped the belly of the well muscled wolf bitch who ate him that day and many of the rabbits were humiliated by their reactions to being pounced on, worried at, nipped and verbally abused. The three rabbits were still laughing the next day at being there as they dug the bitch’s claws into backs, her teeth into tails and then sniffing and complaining of scraggly, scrawny, cowardly rabbits, loped back off to cause more mischief. In the end, most rabbits chalked it up to mass hysteria. After all, how could so many rabbits have — walking alone — witnessed Trey being devoured and then somehow avoid being eaten themselves? Trey, Linder and Vern were quite satisfied with how those rabbits were never seen as quite right again, and Jinks was glad for their nerves since after that they cried out whenever even the slightest shadow of a predator passed. It was mostly false alarms, but occasionally a true one. What few knew was that they had a protector in those cases. A ferocious wolf who drove away anything smaller than a cougar. Not that they would have believed it even if they saw it.

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