Back Door

He didn't know he was being set up by his wife and another couple to be trapped in skirts.

This story contains explicit descriptions of sexual encounters.  If this gives offense, or if you’re below the legal age to read such things, stay implicit, don’t read them.


Back Door


It’s hard to know when anything really begins, but for me the world turned around when my wife came upstairs looking for her purse during Dan and Bonnie’s Tenth Wedding Anniversary Party, and found me curled face down on a bed piled high with guests’ coats, my ass way up in the air and Dan plunging his prick into it as if there were no tomorrow.

I think I’d drunk too much and passed out on that stack of coats, just get away from the crowd for a minute and close my eyes was what I thought, and then go back downstairs.  Then when I came back to the world
I felt very peculiar.  There was a strange wiggly feeling in my dick, or was it further back in my loins?  A sweet yearning, kind of, like rising toward cumming.  Nice.  I writhed luxuriously into it, and then came
aware there was something huge slithering in my rear end, like a two-way turd, and something heavy pushing on me rhythmically, someone leaning on my naked butt.  My NAKED butt?  I looked over my left shoulder, and damned if Dan himself wasn’t leaning over me, hair hanging over his face, a little sweaty, concerned about something.  Nice of him.

“Hey Dan,” I said appreciatively.  “Anything wrong?”

“No, it’s great!” he said. “You enjoy it too, now that you’re with us again.”

This was puzzling.  He pushed against me again, and that huge thing filled me up again, and again I had that satisfying sense of well-being, except for feeling stretched in the rear.

Stretched?  He was FUCKING ME?!

“Hey!” I shouted at him as best I could with my head turned and him with half his weight on me, “Hey! Get off me!  What the hell are you doing?” I tried to squirm free, but all that did was seat his meat
even more firmly into me on his down stroke.  He had me pinned.

“Ahh!” he said.  “Again, Alvin.  That was just great!”

I tried again.  I tried to free my arms too, but they were buried among the coats.  “Yesss!” he said, pushing that fat turd in and out of me even faster.  “More!  Hold on, guy, it’ll be just a
little longer.  You’ll feel fabulous!  You already feel fabulous!”

“What?!”  That nice feeling in my loins was growing, and I didn’t like it at all!  “Get off me, Dan!”  This time I didn’t sound quite as forceful, even to myself.

“Hi Delia,” he replied brightly.  WHAT!?

I turned my head to the right and there was my wife standing in the doorway.  Staring stony-faced straight into my eyes and saying nothing.

For how long?  Light streamed past her onto my face.  Dan never lost a stroke.  “You can have him back (hunhh!)in another minute (hunhh!), Delia, just as soon as I can (hunhh) finish off
(hunhh, hunhh, hunhh, hunhh).  LIKE  RIGHT NOW, I’M CUMMING!  HUNHH!, HUNHH!, HUNHH!”  And as his cock squeezed and swelled and spurted deep into my guts I stared bleary-eyed at my Delia  Yes, there she was, my
Delia!  Not moving either.  “Delia?” I asked as Dan humped me tentatively once or twice more, then rested his full weight on my back, recovering his breath.  “Delia, is that you?”

There was enough light pouring in from the hallway for me to see perfectly clearly that’s who it was.  And she could see perfectly clearly that it was me from whom Dan was now pulling out his still-engorged and
dripping cock.  Then she said in shocked disbelief, “Alvin?!!”

“Delia, this isn’t Alvin’s fault,” Dan assured her from above and behind me, with remarkable presence of mind for a man still looking around to wipe his prick on something.  He settled on someone’s
raincoat.  “I found him passed out here with his ass piled high up on this pile of coats, and I just couldn’t resist.  Maybe he thought I was you when I pulled down his pants and started to jerk him off to get him ready.”

Delia just glared relentlessly at me.  Was she even listening?

“So I oiled up and rammed in before he could figure out what was happening.  He felt just terrific!  And once I got my prick into his honey pot he’d never be able to get me out again, I knew that. 
Not that many ever really want to.  I think he tried a few times, especially toward the end, when he was thrashing about some.  Or maybe he was just enjoying it by then.  Whichever, it sure felt real good!”

I tried to say something, but nothing came out, maybe because I was still a little drunk, but also maybe because there was nothing to say.  Then, “Delia!”  I tried again.  “He pushed himself into
me!”  No, that was no help.  Better to say nothing.  I said nothing.

Delia just stood there, watching Dan finish wiping his cock, then storing and zipping it up.  Then she said, biting each word, “Don’t try to make excuses for him, Dan!  I saw him squirm his ass at
you!  He made his ass too tempting for you to resist, was that it?  Disgusting!  Look at him lying there with that smirk on his face!”

I wasn’t smirking.  I was addled, and beginning to feel desperate.

She to me.  “Alvin, don’t you dare come home tonight, not tomorrow either, not ever!  Stay with your boyfriend here, your...lover!”  She scraped the word “lover!” off the bottom of her throat
and let it rise into a scream as it left her mouth.  Then she lifted her purse from the bureau and stamped out of the room.



I spent the rest of the evening just sitting in a chair in that same bedroom with my face buried in my hands.  As neighbors and friends came to claim their coats they glanced at me sympathetically, miserable
drunk that I appeared to be, and decided to let me sober up on my own.  One offered to drive me home, but our house is only just down the street, so I shook my head.  It might as well have been across the continent.

When the last guest left, Bonnie came in to see me.  “Feeling a little better?” she asked.  “Dan’s already gone to bed, out like a light,” she said.  “Sleeping the sleep of the just.  He told me what Delia said.  You’ll stay here in a spare room tonight of course, and tomorrow we’ll sort all this out.”

She led me to the room, disappeared, and then returned.  “Here, Alvin,” she said, handing me a pink tube of ointment.  “You’ll find this quite soothing.  You must certainly be feeling sore back there.  I always am, and I’m used to him.  He’s pretty huge, isn’t he?”

I just stood there.  I still had nothing to say.  She didn’t seem at all bothered by her husband’s ...infidelity?  Is that what it was?  Maybe it was nothing new to her?

“He can be so impulsive!  It’s just that he’s pretty powerfully sexed, and he’s bisexual to boot, so really, nobody’s safe around him.  You might want to lock your door tonight.”

She grinned at me to show she was joking.  Then she went on, still trying to cheer me up.  “Dan really likes you!  He wouldn’t have felt attracted to you if he didn’t.  Oh, don’t be so
gloomy!  I’m sure Delia will feel better about it tomorrow.  I’ll send Dan to talk to her first thing in the morning, to explain again that it wasn’t your fault.  You’ll feel better about it too.  What’s one fuck?  It really isn’t that big a deal!”

I realized I was being somewhat boorish.  After all, this wasn’t Bonnie’s fault.  “Thank you, Bonnie, I appreciate this, I really do,” I said   A sense of my full predicament began to well up
inside me.

“Bonnie, I don’t know now....Delia....”  I said,  “I ....”  I sat down

on the bed with a lurch, and started trying not to cry,

Bonnie sat down next to me and took both my hands between both of hers, then placed them firmly in her lap.  “That’s all right, Alvin,” she said.  “I know.  We all feel a little sad when we first
lose our virginity.  But we soon learn there are compensations.”  She squeezed my hands sympathetically, and pressed them against her crotch.  She seemed not to notice.  “I’m sure some of it was enjoyable for
you.”  Then she let go of me and stood.  “There’s a new toothbrush for you on the night stand there.  Also, I didn’t know if you’d prefer a nightie or a pair of pajamas, so I left one of each on the bed.  I’m sorry
I’ve got nothing of Dan’s for you.  He sleeps in the buff, as you’d expect.”

She then handed me a pair of pink panties and a mysterious pink plastic packet, and a cardboard tube, a tampon!  “Oh yes, slip these on, and use one of these, or you’ll leak onto the sheets, and stain everything else too.  Be careful sitting on the bed now.  I’ll come back in a few minutes to pick up your pants and underwear and things and put them in to soak before those stains set.”

I smiled wanly back at her to show I appreciated her effort to cheer me up, and she disappeared down the hall.

But when I looked at the bed, there was a pair of ladies’ pajamas, some kind of draped nylon with floppy legs and arms and teeny pink pearl buttons up the front.  Also a large pink cotton nightgown with lace
trim.  Was she still joking?  No.  When I pulled down my pants I found Dan’s sperm had soaked my shorts and leaked onto my slacks–the seat was wet.  I realized there was much more still inside me.  I would have
to sleep with Dan’s cum deep in my bowels until it was absorbed, or it worked its way out with my stools.  That felt peculiar, and I resented it.  It was as if I were somehow Dan’s receptacle, his available and used cunt.  True enough I suppose.  That was an aggravating thought.  But I already had enough trouble with Delia without brooding about that kind of thing.  Concentrate on damage control.  I was beginning to sober up.

I undressed, decided that Bonnie’s nightgown was a little less feminine than her pajamas and so a little more respectable, and slipped it over my head.  It was just long enough, to the tops of my thighs. 
Then I put on her panties.  The pink plastic packet turned out to contain a sanitary napkin with something sticky on one side for sticking it onto panties.  So that’s what I did.  It felt bulky between my legs, but I figured if millions of women use them, I can too.  No way was I going to insert that tampon.  I had suffered enough invasion of my asshole this evening.

There came a gentle knock, and Bonnie opened the door and looked at me.  “Cute!” she said.  “Sleep well, Alvin.  Let me take your clothes, and I’ll see what I can do with them.  Remember the ointment, or believe me, you’ll regret it in the morning.”

I got under the covers and rubbed the ointment in and around my asshole, and pushed my finger into my anus and worked some more ointment into my bowels.  Bonnie was right.  It did feel good.  Very soothing.  I fell asleep still stroking my rim with my finger.



When I woke up the sun was high, and I scurried down to the kitchen still in Bonnie’s nightgown,  anxious to get my reconciliation with Delia under way.  It was not my fault, after all, I had to repeat to myself.  I had no reason to feel ashamed.  I shouldn’t need to defend my innocence.

Bonnie was already up, and standing at the counter with her back toward me, pouring coffee for herself and waiting for something to finish heating in the toaster.  She was wearing the shortest of shorty
nightgowns, and I think the flimsiest too, because I could see plainly her ass cheeks curve below her hemline, and the dark crack between them rise above it.  She was weaving her hips rhythmically, shaking her rear and tapping
her toes to some kind of internal music only she could hear.  But she wasn’t dressed.  I started to back out.

“Oh, Hi, Alvin!”  She turned to welcome me with a cheerful smile, her large dark nipples  fully visible through the material as I’d feared.  “Feeling better?  Oh, don’t worry how we’re
dressed–we’re all informal here.  Dan likes easy access to my bottom, that’s why this shorty nightie–but I guess you know something about that yourself now.  Sit down, and I’ll pour you some coffee.  Want a toasted bagel?  I see my cotton nightie fit you fine.  When you go up to get dressed you’ll want to douche I think, and then  use that tampon if you haven’t.  Dan’s partners often do that when he’s used their back door,
so they can feel fresh again.  You’ll find everything you need in the linen closet in the upstairs hallway.”

She was rattling on, but it was all beside the point, I thought.  “Bonnie,” I said.  “Thank you for your hospitality and all, but is Dan up yet?  I’m anxious to get home and resume my life and try to
forget that any of this ever happened.”

I’d decided that was the best recourse, to be generous and forgiving as the quickest route to everyone forgetting what had happened and never mentioning it again.  It was even more embarrassing seen by the
light of day.  And after all today was Sunday.  Delia was a Mormon, very strict about family values, and would be going to church services this morning.  I hoped the sermon would be about forgiveness.  I needed
it, even though I’d done nothing!

But Bonnie’s entire stunning figure was visible to me as she carried over a cup of coffee and set it on the dinette table.  She was barefoot, and it was almost as if she were naked!  I could see blond hair
curling out from her crotch, just under where her nightie ended.  Now I was starting a boner, and I hoped her panties would restrain it.  They didn’t.  I was glad I was seated!

“Oh, Dan’s been up for hours!  He went over to your place early this morning to see Delia.  I guess he’s still there–she must really take some convincing!  What time do you think it is now?”

I looked at the kitchen clock.  Nearly 11:00 a.m.!  Being smashed and miserable must have exhausted me that I’d slept this late!

We waited together.  I consumed a bagel and a cup of coffee, trying hard not to look at Bonnie’s thinly veiled boobs pushing out from her slim body, her nipples jutting even further.  Were they always

Then Dan came whistling in through the back door and headed straight for the kitchen.  “Hi, sleepyhead, awake now I see,” he said, planting himself in a chair.  He was wearing a sport shirt that
concealed none of muscular build, and when he lifted his coffee cup he moved like a man who works out regularly.

“My, but you do look cute, Allie, good enough to eat.  Interested? No, I suppose not now.  Delia’s on her way to Church just about now, I think, so she won’t have a chance to see how delectable you look.   You’ll want to know what happened.  In a nutshell, she says you deceived her, and she’ll stop by after Church to tell you that herself!  You can’t come back, she says, you’re not her husband, and you’re my girly-queen.  I thought she might feel that way, and Bonnie and I discussed it this morning before I left.  We agree, stay with us longer, until Delia has had a chance to cool down.  After all, it was here that all this started.  You won’t be any trouble, lover!”

“Dan, you said you’d straighten it all out this morning!  Or Bonnie said you would!  What happened!”

Dan sighed, and looked at his watch.  “I really want to get in my morning jog before lunch.  Well, in a nutshell, first of all, she thinks you’re gay, that you married her for a respectable cover, and that you screw her only to keep her from suspecting.  She thinks your main mission in life is getting some guy’s cock into you, any guy’s, like mine last night, and that your marriage vows are therefore a fraud.”

I went wild.  I stood up and shouted, “What makes her think that!?”

“Easy, guy!” he said.  “Well, you, for one thing.  She saw you wiggling under my masterly moves, each time on the down stroke when you’d get the most pleasure from it, your timing perfect.  She thinks you’ve had lots of experience, that you’ve been getting it on with me for some time, and that your ass is better tuned to my cock than even her pussy is.  I told her it’s not really experience, just a matter of instinct in my opinion, and that you’ve got a talent.  I could feel your pleasure growing inside you when I had to pull out before I could bring you off!  I told her that!   She said she could see that much for herself!”

I was still standing, but was being careful not to move toward Dan despite my outrage.  He was a big man!  “My ass is better tuned to your cock than her pussy!!!??  What are you saying?”

“Well, that’s the second thing.  Me.  I tried to persuade her she was wrong, that you were just making random moves trying to get me out of you and off you is all.  She didn’t believe me, so in the
end I showed her how it works.  We went upstairs to your bed and I gave a little demonstration.  I have to say, she told me before we began that she was going to enjoy it especially because she was getting even with you. 
And also, to her credit, she wanted to try to understand you a little better.”

“I tell you, Alvin, she went wild.  There was nothing random about her wriggling!  She’s been sliding up and down and around my pole for the better part of two hours now!  I suppose she was trying to
get me out of her some of the time, to see if she could, but she never managed it.  Then when I got too tired to hump her any more, she got on top and started to hump me, and again she wouldn’t quit!  Is she always that loud
with you, Alvin?  By her third or fourth orgasm her screaming and shouting were continuous!  A really great piece of pussy, your Delia!  For future reference, you two are very different when you’re getting laid.  No
cute little wriggles and squiggles on the down stroke with her, nor on the up stroke either.  Just vigorous fucking!”

I couldn’t say anything!  I tried to choke out “You!” as a first word of something, but nothing came out!

“Also, Allie, I may have misled her.  When I first started to explain to her about last night, she asked me how often before last night, and if there’ve been others too.  I thought she was talking about
me fucking other people, so I told her lots of times, and I had to confess there’ve been lots of others too, though not as many since Bonnie came into the picture.  Then I realized she was really asking how often I’d gotten into
your ass before last night, and if I knew about other people who’ve fucked you.  A little misunderstanding.  But before I could straighten it out she got very excited and started shouting “Even Bonnie too!?” She didn’t believe me when I told her you weren’t man enough to interest Bonnie, though you might be girl enough under the right circumstances.  Did you know Bonnie here is bisexual too, Alvin?  Anyhow, we got back into this business of wiggling and getting pinned down, and didn’t do too much more talking.”

I was speechless, out of my mind!  He goes to my house to reconcile me with my wife, and instead he tells her he’s been fucking me often and lots of other men have been fucking me and Bonnie too, and then he
fucks her for two hours?  And I’m in the wrong?  I started gasping for breath.  I sat down hard, and Bonnie hastened to get me a glass of water.



The door chimes sounded.  While Dan went to answer it, Bonnie came around in front of me and leaned over, and clamped my head between her hands, and said, “Alvin, Alvin, calm down, it’ll be all right, it’ll be fine, you’ll see, just don’t have a stroke, take some deep breaths now!  Breathe in!  Now out!  Now again!”  She started stroking my head, and she straddled my lap, and said, “Again!”

Which is why I was breathing in and out heavily, and Bonnie’s face was against mine and blocking my vision, when Dan returned with Delia.  Bonnie moved, and behind her there was Delia, standing in the
doorway in her Sunday best dress and hat, looking at me calmly this time, as if I was a problem she had solved.  I suddenly realized that what she was looking at was her husband in a pink lace-trimmed nightie, with Bonnie in a
short transparent nightie sitting in his lap, her ass and pussy pressed against his cock, apparently holding his head and maybe kissing his face.

Dan looked at me and Bonnie with a slight smile.  “Have fun, kids,” he said.  “I’m going jogging now.”  He nodded to Delia and disappeared.

My God! I thought.  She must think we’re fucking at this very minute!  That my cock is inside Bonnie!    So I cried out, “Delia, this isn’t what you think!  I’m wearing panties!”

“Good for you, Alvin,” Delia replied calmly, strangely uninterested.  “I’m not at all surprised.  Your kind does.  But don’t let me interrupt you.  I’ll wait.”

She sat down at the dinette table.  Bonnie swiveled around on my lap and left an arm draped over my shoulder possessively.  “Hi, Delia,” she said with a smile.  “We weren’t expecting you until
later.  Anything wrong?  Can I get you some coffee?”

“No thanks, Bonnie, though I do appreciate the offer.  I’ve been doing some thinking since Dan left.  I want to be fair.”

Delia smiled a quick smile, then continued.  “You see, Allie, I know now why you want to have Dan in your pants so badly, or as I guess I should say from now on”–she looked me up and down–“in your panties.  He came over this morning to ask me to forgive you, and at first I was too disgusted and furious.  But eventually he succeeded.”

She smiled again, rather sweetly.  “So I forgive you, Alvin.  I know now why you needed to feel that man in you so bad that last night you risked public exposure, and seduced him during a party when anyone
could have walked in and discovered the two of you.  The way I did.  I know now the way you do what it’s like to feel all of that power and energy squeezed inside me in that massive cock, to feel my body come alive glowing
with happiness.  So despite your betrayals I’ve been thinking about a new arrangement for our marriage.  How we can share Dan.”

Then, “Bonnie, when you’re finished with what you’re doing, may I have a word with you?”

“Of course, Delia,” Bonnie said brightly.  “We haven’t really started yet.”  She got off my lap, and I thought Thank God!  Now Delia can see that my prick is still in my panties, and that it isn’t even hard, that I’m faithful to her.  Then I wondered if my fidelity mattered at all in this unhappy affair.

Delia wasn’t concerned to see my panties or my prick.  She and Bonnie went into the dining room, and I heard murmuring and  occasional giggling.  Finally, I heard “Sure, Delia, right away,
don’t worry about it, what choice has she got?”   And the two of them came back.

Bonnie looked at me appraisingly, and her hips began to sway in rhythm again, her legs dancing to that inner music of hers, just as when I first came down.  I realized that dancing in place was her way of
thinking.  I just sat there and watched for a moment as she went to the counter and started cleaning away breakfast dishes, her back to us, her ass in motion.  Then I looked at Delia.  I didn’t understand any of this!

“I’m going now, Alvin,” she said.  “I’ll be back soon, less than two hours.  After I’ve been to Church.  Then we’ll all four go to a family Sunday dinner at Mario’s–they have a wonderful buffet,
and this week it’ll be my treat.  From now on we’re a family.”

I still understood nothing!

“You see, I realized after Dan left me this morning, while cum was pouring out of me the way it must still be trickling out of you too, I realized that if Bonnie is so generous hearted lending Dan out, I shouldn’t be any less generous with you, especially if it’s Dan who wants you.  In fact when I swap you for Dan, I come out ahead.”

She leaned both hands on the table and stared me straight in the eyes.  “But make no mistake, I want nothing to do with any man who’s let other men fuck him.  Call it my hang-up, but that’s how it is!  You’re a proven drip-assed faggot who cheats and lies and deceives his own wife because he’s too cowardly to come out and say so.  You’re not a man, and today one way or another that fact gets to be known to everyone.  So if you want to keep some reputation and stay married to me, you’re going to have to dress and behave in a manner that’s more respectable and appropriate!”

“That’s how come I thought of our new family arrangement.  From now on there’ll be only one man among us, and no jealousies.  He’ll sleep with whoever he wants–in fact it’s obvious that’s what he’ll do anyway.  The three of us will make ourselves as attractive as we can for him, and whichever two of us aren’t chosen on any one night, well, we’ll find things to do to console each other I’m sure.  If Joseph Smith’s and Brigham Young’s wives could share their husbands and still get on with each other, so can we.  Now I’m off to Church to pray for good deliverance into our new family for all of us.  Even if it’s old fashioned, it’s a traditional arrangement, and I’m sure it’s still sanctified.”



When she was gone, Bonnie finished clearing away, turned, and began a rhythmic dance toward me.  “Alvin honey,” she said.  “We haven’t much time, so listen.  I know Delia doesn’t understand what really happened last night, and how you really felt about it.  And now she’ll never want to understand.  She likes this idea she’s come up with too much.”

“And so do I.  It keeps Dan closer to home, and it gives me someone to be with when he isn’t with me.  Believe me, this is a better outcome than any we could have hoped for you.  You get your wife
back, and sometimes me to comfort you at night.  And sometimes you get Dan too– that’ll take a little getting used to I don’t doubt, but don’t tell me you felt nothing at all when that monster meat of his was working in and out of
your love-hole.  Ah, I see there was something, you can’t say there wasn’t, can you.  Don’t feel embarrassed, almost no one can.”

“And in return, all you have to do is join our family, learn how to be one of us girls, and learn how to be please your man.  Dan obviously doesn’t care if you’re a man or a woman, but Delia does, and frankly,
I think you’re much cuter dressed like this.  It gives me ideas, you know?”

She reached down and pulled my cock and balls through a leg of my panties, and bent down and kissed then.  “You have so much to learn, sweetheart!” she said, her voice muffled by my lap.  “I’ll bet
you’ve never even given head to a guy.  Well, you’ll soon be giving as good as you get.  As Delia would say, you’ll soon be doing unto others everything you would have others do unto you.”

Her mouth took me in and I began to swell up in the soft, moist warmth, her lips enclosing my shank.  Then when I had hardened, Bonnie suddenly stood up, straddled me facing me, and sat down on my lap
again.  This time my cock went deep into her wet, sweet slit, and she leaned both arms on my shoulders, still dancing, her hips still swaying to that same inner music.  I began to feel that sweet yearning again, and closed
my eyes.

“That’s it, honey.  Go with it.   Rise up and empty yourself into me.  That’s what you want to do.  That’s what you’ve got to do.  Into my ass too, if you can go again–I love the feel of
cock in there, the same way you will in time.   Then we’ll go upstairs and get you ready, and there won’t be any embarrassing bulges under your skirt while we’re at Mario’s.  I’ve got a nice outfit you can wear,
until we can get you more of your own.”

“Bonnie,” I said in a small voice, beginning to push rhythmically back into Bonnie, so we were dancing together in a way..  “What can I do?  If I leave, Delia will divorce me and take everything, I
know it, and tell everyone tales about all the men who’ve fucked me, and how dishonest I’ve been.  Then no one will have anything to do with me, except maybe other horny men.  If I stay, I get to do this with you and Delia
both”–I closed my eyes and pushed hard and deep into Bonnie’s sweet pussy–“and much more.  And it feels marvelous!  But then I have to live like a woman, and let Dan fuck me.”

“That’s right.  It isn’t so bad, being a woman, honey.  In fact it’s much nicer than being a man!  It has all kinds of advantages men know nothing about.  And getting fucked by Dan isn’t so
bad.  Not at all.  You’ll see.”  She closed her eyes and smiled, then picked up the pace, her loins now rolling around on mine.  I reached to grasp her writhing rear and pull it toward me.  Our breathing picked
up.  “The worst of it comes right away, this afternoon at Mario’s.  We can get you looking presentable, but you’ll never pass.  Not yet.  So lots of people will know you’re a man in drag, and some will recognize you,
and you’ll have to explain to them all that you’ve always thought you were a girl, and now you’ve decided to become one and live like one.  A lot of them will smirk and make jokes behind your back, but some will admire your
courage.  And eventually that’s what you’ll be, a girl, so there’ll be no more gossip.  Believe me, Allie, that’s much better than being known for the rest of your life as a closet gay deceiver who lacked guts.  OOOhhhhh!

She closed her eyes and her body shuddered.  Her first orgasm.  But she didn’t slow down.   “Monday you’ll quit work and we’ll begin your transition: clothes, beauty parlor, charm school,
whatever seems to be needed.  Hormones too.  They’ll soften and round you out, make you more attractive as a woman.  Then later, when your breasts are large and your cock has gone limp for good, we’ll decide as a
family whether to have it turned inside out and made into a vagina, the way they do it nowadays.  We’ll all have something to say about that I should think, and the majority will rule.  I think you’ll end up quite pretty,
though then there’d be no more of this kind of thing of course.”  She gave me a bump, a grind, and a dazzling smile.  “Well, there’ll still be you rolling around on Dan’s lap I suppose, and Dan with his choice of holes.”  The thought amused her.

Soon she was really rolling and pitching and yawing, out of control, and my cock was somewhere incandescent, a place where bliss pressed in from all sides and yet seemed exquisitely withheld.  “Do you have any
choice?  There’s nothing to choose!  We’ve got to get upstairs and get you started,” Bonnie said between gasps.  “So tell me.  Are you coming?”

“I’m coming!” I cried out.  “I’m coming, Bonnie!  I can’t help it, I’m coming!”  And that’s what I did.



When I came downstairs with Bonnie nearly two hours later Dan and Delia were sitting in the living room together, chatting like old, intimate friends.  They looked up at me.  “I did the best I could
with her hair,” Bonnie said apologetically.  Delia smiled.  “Not bad,” she said.  “You’ll do for now.  At least you don’t look ridiculous.  That’s a pretty lipstick shade, I think it really is you!  Later when the beauticians have been at you, and maybe a plastic surgeon or two, and your pills and shots start to work, and you’re better dressed and trained, you’ll be quite nice.  You’ll love what we’re going to do with you.  You’re ours, now, honey!  We won’t touch your asshole, of course.  That’s Dan’s.  But understand, everything else from now on is ours, not yours.  You’ve got only one vote. 

I teetered on my four inch stiletto heels and pressed my elbows into my waist, arms upraised, one hand up and one drooping, just as Bonnie had quickly instructed me, and nodded.  What else could I do?

Dan looked at me with a slight smile.  “You’ll do just fine, Alvin, sorry, I guess you’re Allie now.  Of course you didn’t have to do any of this as far as I’m concerned.  But last night when you
passed out, the girls insisted that I take a piece of your ass then and there.  They had their little scheme all worked out.  Bonnie has always wanted someone like you to play with full time, especially when I’m busy with other people.  She’s wanted a man who cares about girl things, and a girl who can do things like a man, someone who swings both ways and understands both ways of thinking and feeling.  Someone to shop and gossip with, who
can fuck and fix things.   And Delia has her own reasons.  For a long time now she’s been afraid you’d find out about us, that she’s been riding my cock long has it been now, Delia, nearly two years since I first
dipped into you and you wanted to stay wrapped around me forever?  It’s bothered her, how you’d feel when you found out.  Self-righteous, sure, but also devastated, and she cares about you.”

Dan stood up and took my hand, always a perfect gentleman!  “But that’s all behind us now, Allie.  They insisted I take your cherry while you were out cold, and then keep at it until you came to
and knew that’s where I was, so they could then do their things.  And now they’ve done them, and now we’re a family.  I’m now your husband, so to speak, and they’re my other wives.  I kind of like that.  But I want you to know up front, I’d have fucked your ass man or woman, and I mean to, often, whichever way they finally swing you.  By the way, those aren’t pantyhose you’re wearing now under that skirt, are they?”

I almost wasn’t listening.  I shook my head ‘No,’ registering meanwhile that he wanted to mount my ass as soon as we got back from Mario’s.  Well, now it was his ass.  And he meant well.  It
was rather sweet of him in fact.  He wanted to finish off for me the new urges he’d felt awakened in me last night.

And, I realized, I’m now free to finish off other urges the girls have awakened.  I can get myself involved with other men if I want, and with other women too while my prick holds up against the hormones,
and with still other kinds of women after it capitulates.  Not too bad.  Fucking and getting fucked require the same moves, after all, blessing equally those who give and those who receive.  Now that I’ve been well-fucked, I realized, I should go forth and do likewise.



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