A Ghost Of A Chance. Book 2. Chapter 19

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Part Nineteen of 19+

Chapter Nineteen: Someone’s in Trouble

    Chloe found her mother stood with Stacy’s mother talking when she walked down to the house after she’d finished bedding Shadow down for the night and fed him some mints.

    Shadow had found his way over to Chloe’s house earlier in the evening and by doing so he had forced Valarie into letting Chloe out of her punishment early.

     “Hi mummy...!” Chloe shouted with a grin as she walked over to where the two women were stood talking.

     “Hello sweetie.” Valarie said as she wrapped her arms around Chloe and pulled her closer. “Did you have a good ride?” She asked as she looked down at her daughter who was grinning still.

     “Yes, once I had him saddled.” Chloe said with a pained look as she rubbed her saw bottom.

     “I’m so sorry that Shadow got out Chloe.” Dorothy said as she pulled Stacy closer to her just like Valarie had done with Chloe. “Do you have any idea how he got out Stacy?” Dorothy asked as she looked down at her daughter for an answer.

     “No mummy, he was just gone when I got down to the stables after finishing my homework.” Stacy shrugged.

     “I’ll have to let your father look into it when he gets home.” Dorothy frowned. “We can’t have him going for a wander whenever he feels like it.” She added with a sigh

     “I’m sure he’ll behave from now on.” Chloe said. “I think he just wanted to see me and say sorry for not coming over this morning when I saw him.” Chloe added in a matter of fact way.

     “I think you give that horse far too much credit at times.” Dorothy said as she shook her head. “He is only a horse at the end of the day.” Dorothy reminded Chloe.

     “A horse that found his way to Chloe’s house, even though he’s never been there before.” Stacy pointed out to her mother.

    Dorothy wanted to argue with Stacy, but she had no answer for how Shadow had found his way to Chloe’s house. Chloe had a pretty good idea that Spirit had something to do with it, but she wasn’t going to say anything until she’d spoken with Spirit about it, and even then it would remain a closely kept secret because she was now free to go out and ride again instead of being grounded.

    Chloe and Valarie said their goodbyes to Stacy and Dorothy before they got in Valarie’s car and headed for home.


    Chloe ran up to her room to get cleaned up for dinner when they got back to the house. Valarie helped her sister set the table ready for dinner.

     “Chloe looks much happier now she’s free again.” Ashley said as she placed the plates on the table.

     “Yes she does.” Valarie agreed. “I was going to let her go for a ride on Friday anyway, but Shadow turning up like he did forced my hand.” Valarie added with a sigh.

     “That’s one seriously clever horse Chloe has.” Ashley admitted.

     “Yes he is, but only when he has some help from a higher power.” Valarie frowned.

     “Do you think he had some help from Spirit?” Ashley smirked.

     “What do you think?” Valarie asked.

     “I think Spirit was feeling partly responsible for Chloe being grounded, so she did what sisters do, and she found a way to get her off the hook.” Ashley grinned. “She’s not the first sister to do something like that.” Ashley added.

    Valarie couldn’t argue with that because she had done some crazy things to get Ashley out of trouble when she was Chloe’s age, just as Ashley had done for Valarie.


    Chloe was all smiles when she came out of her bathroom and found Spirit sat on the edge of the bed stroking the two kittens while they lay on the bed next to her purring like a couple of sports cars.

     “Thank you for what you did.” Chloe said as she walked over to Spirit and leaned down to give her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

     “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Spirit smirked.

     “I know Shadow is a smart horse, but there is no way he could have found the house without some help from someone, and I think that someone was you.” Chloe grinned.

     “You’re not the only one to work that out.” Spirit admitted. “I’ve just heard Mum saying the same thing to Aunty Ash.”

     “Does that mean I’m still grounded then?” Chloe asked as she slumped down on the bed, almost sitting on Smokey as she did so. Smokey didn’t look to worried about it thought, and he was soon jumping up on to Chloe’s knee hoping to get even more fuss.

     “No, mum said she was thinking about cutting your sentence short anyway.” Spirit giggled. “I think you’re getting time off for good behaviour.” Spirit added as she leaned over and bumped Chloe’s shoulder with her own.

     “I’ve not done anything good though.” Chloe looked confused.

     “You helped those pour children find peace, and you stopped that nasty man as well.” Spirit sounded shocked that Chloe was playing her part down. In truth Chloe had just forgotten all about it, she was just glad she’d been able to get out on Shadow again so soon.

     “I’d forgotten about that.” Chloe admitted with a giggle. “How are the children now? Have they moved on yet?” Chloe asked with hope in her voice.

     “The children are fine, I showed them the way to Mary in the library, and they will be moving on very soon, but they wanted to thank you before they left, so they will see you tomorrow at school and then they will be taken to the other side by Mary.” Spirit explained.

     “Don’t their bones need to be buried before they can move on?” Chloe asked, not understanding the rules for the dead passing over to the other side.

     “No, they just need to find peace and then let someone that knows them to guide them over to the other side.” Spirit smiled with pride.

     “And that person will be Mary?” Chloe asked as she started to understand how they would be able to pass over.

     “Yes, Mary was stopping here to find the children. She was killed on the night the children were taken, and even though her body was laid to rest, she wouldn’t go over herself until the children were able to travel with her.” Spirit sighed.

     “They don’t need to thank me, I didn’t do that much.” Chloe shrugged. “I’m just glad they won’t be possessing anymore students at the school, or being chased around by that nasty little man.” Chloe shuddered as she thought about the ghost of the man that tried to punch his hand through her chest.

     “You did more than you think sis.” Spirit argued. “I could sense the fear in you, but you still stood up to him.”

     “I was scared, but he was no scarier than my stepfather was.” Chloe shrugged. “And I knew that Brute would come when I called him.” Chloe added with a grin. She loved the look on the ghost’s face when he turned and found Brute stood there.

     “I still feel guilty for not being closer to you while you were down there though.” Spirit said as she threw her arms around Chloe and hugged her. “Sammi chewed me of a strip as well.” Spirit admitted.

     “Is she going to punish you?” Chloe sounded worried.

     “No, but she did warn me to stay closer to you when you go into situations like that in the future.”

     “I’m hoping I don’t have too many of those situations to deal with.” Chloe frowned. “I’d like to have some sort of a normal life.” Chloe added in a pleading tone like Spirit had some control over what happened to Chloe.

     “I’ll try and help that happen, but I don’t have as much control as you think.” Spirit smiled. “But I will always cover for you when I can, just like I did today.” Spirit added with a grin. “That Fin is really cute by the way.”

     “Hey...! Keep you sticky little paws off my boyfriend.” Chloe said as she slapped Spirit on the arm.

     “So he’s your boyfriend now then...?” Spirit teased.

     “I guess he is.” Chloe blushed. “I just feel so comfortable with him, and I feel all funny inside when he wraps his arms around me.”

     “I could feel the love he has for you when he took me in his arms.” Spirit admitted.

     “You let him wrap his arms around you...?” Chloe sounded jealous as she asked the question.

     “Yes I did, but he thought I was you when he did it, so calm down.” Spirit said in her own defence. “It’s not like he’s cheating on you with another girl.” Spirit added with a smile.

     “I’m sorry sis; I don’t know why I reacted like that?” Chloe looked confused now.

     “I blame it on those new hormones you have coursing through your body.” Spirit grinned as she hugged Chloe again to show her there were no hard feelings between them.

     “Do you really think so...?” Chloe sounded excited now. “I have been feeling more emotional since I started taking those pills.” She admitted.

     “Stephi did warn me that you might suffer mood swings to start with.” Spirit said.

     “Have you been speaking to Stephi much about me?” Chloe sounded nervous.

     “Yes I have.” Spirit admitted. “I thought she could help me to help you a little better, and she has helped me to understand how you feel and what you’ve got to face in the future.” Spirit added.

     “Do you regret saving me now you know what work is involved?” Chloe sighed.

     “No...!” Spirit snapped as she hugged Chloe again. “And you saved our mum, don’t forget that...!”

    Chloe was just about to say something when she heard her mother calling her to say dinner was on the table, so Chloe slid off the bed and left her bedroom with the two kittens following close behind in the hopes of getting some table scraps. Spirit said she was going to check on Mary and the children at the school just before she vanished.


    Chloe looked nervous when she got down to the kitchen and she found Jennifer sat at the kitchen table. Chloe was worried that something had happened at the school and she was now in trouble for it.

     “Hello Chloe.” Jennifer smiled at her. “Please don’t look so worried, I just came over to let you know that Tracy and Tara don’t remember coming to find you, or taking you down to the basement.” Jennifer explained. “Your mother said I couldn’t leave again until I’d had something to eat, and I’m not one to turn down a home cooked meal.” Jennifer grinned.

     “Thank you Miss Scott.” Chloe said as she took her seat at the table, and using the formal name she used for Jennifer when she was the headmistress at the school.

     “Please call me Jenny while we’re not at school.” Jennifer smiled.

     “Okay Jenny.” Chloe smiled. Chloe liked Jennifer because she looked much younger than she acted at school when she was the headmistress, and Chloe loved her smile.

     “Did you have any trouble with the police when you called them in?” Valarie asked while they ate.

     “No, they just took the remains away and took photos of the crime scene, but they said it all happened that long ago that there is no one left to inform.” Jennifer sounded sad as she explained. “I feel sorry for them poor children, and how they must have felt to be trapped down there in that room.” Jennifer added with pain in her voice.

     “Spirit told me that the children are doing fine, and will be going to a better place tomorrow, but they wanted to see me and say thank you for helping them.” Chloe smiled, proud of what she had been able to do.

     “Why do you have to wait until tomorrow?” Jennifer asked.

     “They are in the library at the school, and Spirit said they can’t move away from the school, for some reason.” Chloe shrugged, not understanding some of the reasons for the children and other ghosts being stuck in one place.

     “Why don’t you go to the school this evening and see them off?” Jennifer asked.

     “The school will be all shut up at this time.” Chloe pointed out.

     “The school is never shut up when you’re the Headmistress.” Jennifer grinned. “We could go and sort it out tonight, so there won’t be any chance of other students seeing you do it tomorrow.”

     “That does sound like a better idea sweetie.” Valarie agreed.

     “I don’t have a problem with it, but I’ll call Spirit here to make sure it’s alright with her.” Chloe said as she called out to Spirit in her mind.

     “You called me lady?” Spirit asked as she appeared next to Chloe.

     “I don’t think I’ll ever get use to that.” Jennifer said as she watched Spirit appear.

     “Hi Jenny.” Spirit grinned as she turned and saw Jennifer sat at the kitchen table.

     “Jenny is willing to take me to the school this evening so I can say goodbye to Mary and the Children that is if it’s alright with you?” Chloe asked.

     “That would be great because the children are eager to go see their parents, and Mary would like to see her Henry.” Spirit said with a roll of her eyes. Chloe gathered that Mary had been talking Spirit’s ears off about her husband and she wanted to be with him.


    They finished their dinner and Valarie was going to ask Ashley if she’d be alright doing the dishes, but Ashley wanted to go with them, so they all got stuck in and soon had the kitchen cleaned up.

    Valarie was going to take her own car, but Jennifer thought it best for them to go in her car, just in case anyone noticed Valarie’s car and started asking questions about her being at the school in the evening when there was nothing happening to justify her being there.

    Jennifer pulled into the school grounds without any trouble, and she was soon parking up and leading Valarie, Ashley and Chloe into the school and to the library where Spirit said Mary and the children were.

     “This place seems much creepier in the evenings.” Chloe admitted as she took hold of Valarie’s hand.

     “I think if any ghosts tried to attack us, you’re the one that’s the safest out of us all.” Valarie smiled as she looked down at Chloe, but Valarie was glad to see Chloe still looked to her for protection like any teenage girl would.

    They made it to the library without bumping into anyone, but Jennifer had taken a route that kept them away from the areas of the school where the children and other staff hung out in the evenings.

    Chloe smiled when she saw the two children in their normal form running around with Mary chasing them as the three of them laughed. Spirit was sat on the edge of a table watching them, but she slid off the table and ran over to give Chloe a hug when she saw them enter the library.

     “Did you have any trouble getting here?” Spirit asked.

     “No, it’s easy when you know the Headmistress.” Chloe grinned as she looked up at Jennifer.

     “I’d like to get this sorted out as quickly as we can before someone finds us here.” Jennifer warned as she looked at her watch. “We have security guards that patrol the school and they’re due to be here in about twenty minutes,”

     “This won’t take long; Mary and the children just want to thank Chloe.” Spirit said as she stepped aside and let the two children run over to where Chloe was stood.

    Chloe knelt down as the boy and girl ran over to her. The boy looked to be around four, and the girl looked a little older at around six, but they were both dressed in Victorian clothing.

     “Thank you for stopping the bad man from getting us.” The girl said as she threw her arms around Chloe’s neck and hugged her.

     “Yes, thank you.” The little boy added as he joined the hug.

     “I’m glad I was able to help the two of you.” Chloe smiled as she felt a sense of pride.

     “Will that big man come and take us as well?” The little boy asked as he referred to Brute and how he’d taken the nasty man away kicking and screaming.

     “No, you will be taken over to the other side by Mary.” Chloe explained. “My large friend only comes to sort out the really naughty people.” Chloe added in a whisper like she was sharing a big secret with the little boy.

    Mary stepped up to where Chloe was knelt down and she waited for Chloe to get to her feet again. “Thank you Miss Chloe.” Mary said as she was finally able to step closer to Chloe so she could give her a hug.

     “You’re welcome Mary, and I hope Henry is happy to see you again.” Chloe giggled as she hugged Mary back.

     “I know he will.” Mary grinned. “Come along children that bright light is for us.” Mary added as she turned to look over her shoulder at a glowing light only she and the children could see.

    Chloe waved to Mary and the children as they stepped over to where the light was. The children waved back just before they turned and looked into the light and saw their parents stood there waiting for them, they were soon running off calling out their parents names. Mary must have seen her Henry because she started smiling as she stepped into the light and she too was soon gone.

     “Is it all over?” Jennifer asked in a whisper. She, Valarie and Ashley couldn’t see Mary and the children step into the light, and Chloe just saw them suddenly vanish.

     “Yes, they are all on the other side with their loved ones.” Spirit smiled. “You should be proud of yourself sis.” Spirit added as she looked at Chloe wiping some tears away.

     “I am.” Chloe snuffled. “I actually feel like my life has meaning now, and I can do something to help people.” Chloe added with a grin, even though she was still crying.

     “I better get you all out of here before security turn up and start asking questions I’d rather not answer.” Jennifer said as she led them all out of the library and back the way they had come. They were all soon back in Jennifer’s car and she was driving them home again.

    Chloe said goodnight to Valarie, Ashley and Jennifer once they were back at the house, and then she made her way up the stairs so she could get ready for bed. Jennifer was going to stop and have a drink with Valarie and Ashley before she headed home.

    Valarie looked in on Chloe a little later and found Chloe already asleep with the two kittens cuddled up to her, they were also fast asleep. Valarie smiled as she saw how relaxed Chloe looked when she was asleep, and she thanked the heavens for delivering Chloe to her when she needed her the most.


    Chloe found her mother sorting out breakfast the next morning, and her aunt was sat at the kitchen table looking through cook books and making some notes.

     “Morning sweetie.” Valarie smiled when she saw Chloe enter the kitchen. Valarie was soon bringing Chloe a glass of juice and some pills to take.

     “Morning mummy, Aunty Ash.” Chloe smiled. “What are you doing Aunty Ash?” Chloe asked as she watched her aunt scribbling away.

     “I’m sorting out what we’re going to be eating this evening when David and Susan come over for dinner.” Ashley explained.

     “Are you sure you want to get adventurous with the menu?” Valarie asked nervously. “Why don’t you just stick to something simple and impress them that way.” Valarie added as she tried to talk her sister out of trying to cook something new.

     “I want this meal to be special.” Ashley complained. “I want David to know that I’m a good cook.”

     “You are a good cook, but I don’t want to see you make a mistake on your big night to impress them with your cooking.” Valarie said as she tried to make Ashley see her point.

     “I’m sure that Mr Smith and Susan will be happy with whatever you decide to make Aunty Ash.” Chloe said as she tried to help her mother stop Ashley from getting to adventurous with her cooking.

     “I’ll be fine.” Ashley said as she carried on writing out a shopping list of things she needed to get for dinner that evening.

    Chloe and Valarie realised that Ashley wasn’t going to be talked out of anything, so Valarie went back to sorting out breakfast, while Chloe kept looking at the things her Aunty Ash planned to make for dinner that evening. Chloe didn’t understand much of what Ashley had wrote down, but she knew that she’d enjoy eating it still.

     “Has David spoken to you about Susan’s medical condition yet?” Valarie asked Ashley while they ate breakfast.

     “No, not yet, but I’m hoping that after the meal tonight, he might feel like he can trust me enough to tell me about it.” Ashley sounded hopeful.

     “If he does tell you about Susan, does that mean we can tell them about me?” Chloe asked.

     “No, we can’t let anyone know that you’re not really a girl yet, because you’re supposed to be my daughter, not my transgendered son.” Valarie said with pain in her voice because Chloe flinched when she called her a son.

     “I understand.” Chloe sighed. “I just wish I really was your daughter.” Chloe admitted as she sat pushing her food around her plate.

     “You are my daughter sweetie.” Valarie pleaded with Chloe to believe her. “We just can’t let anyone find out about your secret because we could all get in trouble, and people would come to take you away from me.” Valarie added as she pulled Chloe into her arms like they were about to knock on the door any minute. “I just want to keep you safe.” Valarie said as she kissed the top of Chloe’s head.

    Chloe could understand Valarie’s worries, and she didn’t want to be taken away either, so she could live with keeping all her secrets as long as she stayed with Valarie and Ashley.

     “Mum...? Is it okay for me to take a couple of apples with me when I leave for school?” Chloe asked, trying to change the subject.

     “Why...? Do you think you might get hungry at some point later in the morning?” Valarie asked.

     “No...!” Chloe giggled as she looked at the plate of food sat on the table in front of her. “I made Shadow a promise the other morning and then I forgot to take him an apple.” Chloe started to explain. “I want to make good on my promise and take him one this morning when we go to pick up Stacey.” Chloe pleaded.

     “I think we can spare a couple of apples for Shadow.” Valarie agreed. “He did stop you running away after all.” Valarie added with a smile.

    Chloe finished her breakfast and then ran off to finish getting ready for school. Ashley was going shopping once she’d dropped the girls off at school, and then she and Valarie were going to spend the rest of the day sorting out dinner for that evening.


    Shadow came bounding over to the fence when he saw Chloe stood there, and he was soon munching on the apple she held out for him in her hand.

     “I’m sorry that I never brought you an apple yesterday.” Chloe said as she stroked the side of Shadow’s face. “I’m sorry I can’t stop longer boy, but I need to get to school.” Chloe added with a sigh just before she gave Shadow’s head a quick hug and then ran off back to Ashley’s car where Ashley was talking with Dorothy, Stacy’s mother.

    Ashley got back in the car after Stacy got in the back with Chloe, and Ashley drove the two girls to school where they could see Sophie, Jade and Susan stood waiting for them when Ashley pulled up outside the main school building.

    Susan smiled as she gave Ashley a wave just before Ashley pulled off again. Sophie and Jade pounced on Chloe and Stacy, eager to tell them what they had found out about Tracy and Tara from the day before. Chloe and Stacy acted surprised as the two girls told them about the remains that had been found in a secret room, and how they had been tied up and left to die.

     “Do you think Tracy and Tara had anything to do with it...?” Chloe asked as she tried to make it seem like she didn’t understand what Sophie and Jade were telling her.

     “No, they died back in Victorian times.” Sophie said it like she thought Chloe was acting dumb.

     “I think they were possessed and were led down there by the spirits of the two children.” Jade said in a spooky voice.

     “Do you really believe that Tracy and Tara were possessed?” Chloe giggled. “I find that a little farfetched, even for you.” Chloe added.

     “Don’t you think the spirits of these children would have led someone else down to their remains before now if that was the case?” Stacy asked with a raised eyebrow.

     “Stace does have a point Jade.” Susan agreed.

     “I think it’s more likely Tracy was looking for someplace to try and trick Chloe into going, so she could trap her down there.” Sophie frowned.

     “Now that sounds more believable.” Stacy laughed sarcastically.

     “Do you really think Tracy would think I'd be dumb enough to follow her down to a dark creepy basement?” Chloe sounded offended as she asked.

     “I’m sure she’d send you another note pretending to be a love struck boy looking to hook up with you.” Sophie said in a swooning tone as she placed her hands on her heart.

     “Like I’d fall for that one again.” Chloe frowned this time.

     “I did say that Tracy wasn’t the sharpest knife in the draw.” Stacy grinned as she bumped Chloe with her elbow.

    The girls had made their way into the school as they spoke, and they were soon at their lockers sorting out their books for their first lesson of the day. Chloe and Stacy were soon grinning when they saw Finlay and Paul walking up the hallway towards them.

     “Have you heard about the bodies that Tracy and Tara found while they were bunking off yesterday?” Finlay asked with excitement edging his voice.

     “Yes, Sophie and Jade were just telling us about it.” Chloe answered as she let Finlay wrap his arms around her from behind while she was placing some books in her locker until she needed them later in the day.

     “You must be freaking out about all this?” Finlay asked Chloe.

     “Why would I be freaked out about it all?” Chloe asked nervous now that someone had seen her going down to the basement with Tracy and Tara the day before.

     “I just mean that first you find out about Heather Porter being pushed off the roof, and now they have found human remains in the basement.” Finlay explained. “You must think this wasn’t the best school to come to after all.” Finlay added with a nervous laugh.

     “I still think it was worth coming here because I met all of you.” Chloe smiled as she looked at her group of friends.

     “That is so sweet.” Sophie said as she threw her arms around Chloe and hugged her. All the others joined in and they had a group hug in the middle of the hallway. They soon broke it again when a teacher wandered past and told them to get to their home room for roll call.

    Finlay and Paul walked the girls to their homeroom and then they stole a kiss from their girlfriends before they ran off down the hallway to their own homeroom.

     “Is everything alright Suzy?” Chloe asked later in the day as the two of them were sat in the library again while Stacy. Sophie and Jade had another sports lesson. Chloe had noticed that Susan had looked distracted most the day, and this was the first time she’d been alone with Susan to ask her if everything was alright.

     “I’m fine.” Susan smiled, but Chloe could tell that something was bothering her. “I’m just trying to work out some personal stuff.” Susan added when she saw that Chloe didn’t believe her.

     “Anything I can help with?” Chloe asked.

     “Have you ever had a secret that you wanted to tell someone, but you were worried that you might lose a friend if they found it out?” Susan sounded worried as she asked.

     “I don’t think they would be much of a friend if they fell out with you because you kept something from them, because I guess you would have a good reason for keeping the secret in the first place.” Chloe shrugged like she didn’t fully understand what Susan was getting at, even though she had a pretty good idea what Susan was talking about.

     “So what your saying is you’d still be my friend no matter what the secret was?” Susan asked with a little less nervousness in her voice.

     “Yes...!” Chloe said a little too loud and had to slap a hand over her mouth. “You can tell me anything, and I promise to still be your friend.” Chloe said as she reached across the table and took hold of Susan’s hand.

     “I have something I want to tell you then, but I think it best I leave it until this evening when my dad and I come over for dinner.” Susan said with a sigh that made it sound like she’d finally made her mind up.

     “My aunty Ash is really going to town with this meal, so I hope you and your dad have a good appetite.” Chloe warned her.

     “I love your aunt’s cooking, it’s nice to eat proper meals.” Susan grinned.

     “Can’t you or your dad cook?” Chloe asked.

     “We can do basic stuff, but nothing like your aunt can cook.” Susan admitted. “Can you cook?” Susan asked.

     “No, but I have asked my mother and aunt to start and show me.” Chloe admitted.

     “I hope you don’t think me silly, but I kind of wish that my dad would get serious about dating your aunt, because I’d love to have a mother like Ashley.” Susan smiled.

     “How does your dad feel about my aunt?” Chloe asked with a grin, eager to find out what Susan knew about her father’s feelings for her aunt.

     “I’ve never seen him so happy before, and he loves the fact that she’s so excepting of him having a teenage daughter, but the thing that’s had me distracted most the day has been weighing on his mind.” Susan said nervously. “I’m scared that your aunt and my dad might split up, and it would be all my fault.” Susan added with a tear in her eye.

     “I don’t know what this secret is.” Chloe lied. “But I know for a fact that my aunt would never stop seeing your father because of any secret you have.” Chloe said in a firm tone, just a little too loud because she was shushed by the librarian.

     “I hope you’re right, because I’d love to keep you as a friend.” Susan giggled at Chloe getting told off.

     “You will keep me...” Chloe argued. “Why not tell me your secret now, and then you can see for yourself that I’m still your friend.”

     “I promise to tell you this evening at dinner when my dad is there.” Susan said after being quiet for a couple of minutes.

     “And I promise to prove to you that I’m still your friend, no matter what this big secret is.” Chloe said with a serious look on her face.

    Susan seemed a little more relaxed after that, and Chloe knew that Susan would feel even better when she told them what her secret is and she finds out that it doesn’t bother any of them.


    Chloe and the others all saw Tracy, Tara and the other member of their little group at afternoon break, and Chloe was shocked to see Tracy just walk right past her without having a dig. Tracy just kept her head down and walked right past, as did her two friends.

     “Wow, I actually feel a little sorry for her.” Stacy whispered to Chloe as they watched Tracy and her friends walking away from them.

     “That’s because you’re a human being with feelings for others.” Chloe replied. “I doubt Tracy would feel the same way about you if it was you in the same position.”

     “She didn’t, and I have been in that position.” Stacy sounded angry as she remembered all the trouble Tracy had caused for her last term when she told the whole school about Stephanie once being Stacy’s brother. “You know I suddenly don’t feel sorry for her.” Stacy added with an angry growl.

     “You don’t mean that do you...?” Chloe asked.

     “No I don’t, I still feel bad for her.” Stacy sighed.

     “Like I said, you’re a good person Stace.” Chloe grinned as she threw her arms around Stacy and kissed her on the cheek.

     “I’m sure she will do something to make me want to kill her again soon.” Stacy grumbled as she tried to fight off Chloe’s cuddle attack without much success.

     “It’s like you keep telling us though Stace.” Jade smiled. “She’s not the sharpest knife in the draw.” Jade added.

     “True, but even a blunt knife can do some damage if used right.” Sophie warned.

     “You have quite the dark side don’t you Sophie?” Finlay asked with a raised eyebrow.

     “Only against those who try to hurt my friends.” Sophie smiled. “Speaking of friends, how’s Danny doing?” Sophie asked.

     “He’s doing okay, but he’s sick of being stuck in the hospital though.” Finlay sighed.

     “How long before he can go home?” Chloe asked; glad to be talking about something other than Tracy. The whole school had been talking about her and Tara all day, and Chloe was getting sick of hearing her name.

     “The doc’s have said he can go home on Friday.” Paul grinned.

     “When will he be back at school then?” Stacy asked.

     “Knowing Danny, Monday.” Paul laughed.

     “Do you think his parents would let him come back so soon?” Chloe sounded worried about Danny.

     “Danny is a force of nature, so when he wants to do something, he tends to get his own way.” Finlay frowned.

     “You make him sound like a spoilt brat.” Chloe complained.

     “Danny can be a little like that at times, but for the most part he’s pretty cool and easy going.” Finlay explained.

     “I think he’s just eager to get back to some kind of normal life now he’s awake again.” Paul added.

     “Will you still hang around with us when Danny comes back to school?” Chloe asked, nervous as to what Danny might start to remember if they start spending too much time around one another.

     “If Danny wants to keep hanging with Paul and I, he won’t have much choice in the matter.” Finlay said it like he thought Chloe was insane if she thought he would stop hanging around with her because of Danny feeling left out.

    Finlay and Paul walked the girls to their last lesson of the day and they each spent a couple of minutes saying goodbye to their girlfriend before they ran off to get to their own classroom. Finlay and Paul were doing an afterschool class, so they wouldn’t see Chloe or Stacy now until they were back at school the next day.


     “I’ll see you later this evening then Suzy.” Chloe smiled at the end of the day as they made their way out of the main school building.

     “Okay, I’ll see you later Chloe.” Susan smiled back, but Chloe could see that Susan still had her worries about how Chloe and her family were going to react to the secret she wanted to tell them.

     “Is Susan alright?” Stacy asked as they made their way over to Ashley’s car. “She’s seemed distracted all day today.” Stacy pointed out.

     “I think she’s planning to tell my Aunty Ash her little secret this evening, and she’s worried about losing me as a friend and Aunty Ash as a mother figure.” Chloe explained.

     “Does that mean you’ll be coming clean about your secret as well?” Stacy asked.

     “No, I asked my mother the same thing this morning and she pointed out that I’m already supposed to be a girl, and she thinks it best we leave it that way, as telling them that I’m actually trans, might lead them to find out more than we want them to know.” Chloe tried to explain.

     “That’s a good point.” Stacy agreed. “I kind of like having this secret between us.” Stacy added with a grin. “It makes me feel like your bestest friend.”

     “You are my bestest friend Stace...!” Chloe sounded shocked that Stacy could think she wasn’t.

     “Just as you’re mine.” Stacy giggled as she threw her arms around Chloe and started kissing her on the cheek, just like Chloe had done to her earlier in the day.

    Chloe and Stacy finally got in Ashley’s car, and she drove Stacy home before heading back to the house to carry on sorting out dinner.



To Be Continued At some point in the future


Story by SaraUK


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