The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 50

The Girl Most Likely To ... - Part 50
by Barbara Lynn Terry

Chapter 1 - Dinner with the girls.

As everybody was shown their seats, Maddeline stood up to say a few words.

"I want to say welcome to our guests. I hope our meager meal is satisfactory." Everybody giggled. "Now, I wanted to say this. The next time someone invites someone to dinner here, expect more to show up than whom you just invited." She winked at Sharon and Janice, who covered their mouths to stifle a giggle. "So, ladies, and gentleman, enjoy your dinner. Who wishes to say grace?" Joy raised her hand. "Joy, you may say grace."

"Please Lord, we thank you for this bounty, these friends, these people who work so hard to make sure we are safe. We thank you, Lord, for our health. Amen." Everybody said amen.

"That was very appropriate, Joy, thank you. Girls, Mrs. Richards has something to say."

"Rachel's mother and I were talking about getting Dr. Nita to place Rachel on hormones so she can develop like she is supposed to. We would like you girls to tell us what you think. We also said, too, that maybe we should get Rachel a babysitting job with someone, so she can learn how to take care of a real baby. We would like your help in helping find Rachel a babysitting job somewhere close by, if possible."

"Mrs. Richards," Connie started, "I have a friend in town, whose mom needs a full time babysitter from right after school until she gets home at about midninght. Sometimes, Rachel may have to spend the night, because my friend's mom works until three in the morning. I will ask her if they will allow Rachel to watch their baby."

"Thank you, Connie, that would be wonderful, but, just in case this doesn't work out, the rest of you are needed, too, to help look. Let's see what Connie's friend says."

"Mrs. Richards," Janice said, with a serious tone. "We will be more than happy to help Rachel in her transition. She is already our sister, and has proven in just one day, how much of a girl she really is. If she gets hormones to help her develop, we will be there for her when she goes through her "puberty". She is going to be more emotional than she is right now. But, we will be there for her, and to comfort her when she needs it."

"Thank you, Janice. By the way, how is your extended visit going?"

"It is really nice, Mrs. Richards. Mom and I are getting everything ship shape, as they say in the Navy. We are going to have a lot of work to do this summer. We want to landscape the yard, but we want to do it ourselves. Maybe my sisters can help, a little."

"We would be happy to help, Jan," replied Joy. There was a chorus of "here, here".

In almost a month, Rachel has become friends with everybody in the home, as well as an adopted sister. Rachel is still a little unsure about things, even though she puts on a happy face. Rachel has thought constantly about what she did in a seemingly previous life, and has not come to any good reasons why she did what she did. Rachel's thougts went to her arriving at the home, and how Sharon had bonded with her right away. She couldn't unserstand why she wasn't being called names or otherwise picked on.

As Rachel finished her dinner, she took her dishes out to the kitchen and then went in and sat in the living room. Renée saw this and noticed that her sister seemed to be deep in thought. Renée excused herself, and took her dishes in the kitchen. Then Renée joined Rachel in the living room.

"What's wrong, sis," Renée asked rachel, with concern.

"I started thinking about how nice everybody has been to me. I was also thinking as to how nobody made fun of me, or called me names or picked on me when I got here. I ... I ... I'm really not ... not ..." The dam broke wide open. Renée and Rachel didn't notice that everybody had gathered around them in the living room. "It has been three weeks and three days since I have been here, and I am still unsure about ... things."

"Sis," Joy stated with genuine concern. "You haven't been here long enough to know how to get around the grounds yet. But as far as thinking about the things you were just thinking about, I, too, think about the things I did to be placed here. You are not a lone wolf, as daddy is fond of saying. Just remember that we are here for you." Then the girls started singing the home's theme song.

Cheer her up! Listen now!
The time has come for one and all
To give her all.

We are the sisters of the Pine Meadows Home for Adolescent Girls.
We come from cities near and far.
We're all for one, we're one for all

Each girl stands, her head so proudly high,
Her motto 'all for one and one for all.'
She's the one each girl looks up to.

Our house parents are not too soft,
They're like real parents,
We have a super who really loves us,
We're all for one, we're one for all,
We are the sisters of the Pine Meadows Home for Adolescent Girls.

"So," Joy added, "just remember, we are all for one and one for all. Here," Joy said, handing Rachel a tissue. "Wipe your tears. Everybody here actually understands why you were thinking about the things you were. Sis, it is going to take some time. You have only been here twenty four days. You aren't even settled in yet. So, I will make you a deal. Since we both came here about the same time, we can settle in together. Sound like a plan, sis?"

"Yes, sis, thank you." Rachel replied, still with tears in her eyes, hugging Joy, tightly.

"Girls," Gloria Richards spoke to the whole group. "We know that you are all involved in Rachel's therapy. We would appreciate it very much if you would help her through all the trying times she is going to have when she starts the hormones."

"We would do that anyway, Mrs. Richards. We are sisters, now and for always. We help each other with our therapy. This way, we can focus on other things that we can enjoy, instead of thinking too much about our situation. But, we live in a real home, a home that has love. We are all for one and one for all."

"Thank you, Sharon."

Sharon Hardesty was there for Rachel since the first day. Sharon is the girl she met first. Besides being room mates and Sharon being Rachel's shadow, they both became fast friends. Every girl swore on the oath of their sisterhood, that they would be there for Rachel as she settled in, and for her trying times. Now they were being asked to be there when Rachel is placed on female hormones, because, if Rachel thought she was emotional now, she does not know just how much more emotional she will be when her hormones begin to take effect. This is where Rachel will need the help of her sisters more than she does now.

Chapter 2 - Tea and a phone call..

As everybody sat in the living room, comforting Rachel, Madelline had an idea.

"Girls, gentleman, what say we play a nice game of Twister?" All the girls said "yes".

Madelline got out the game, and laid the sheet of circles on the floor. Now, as everybody always says, it is time to have fun. Madelline did this to take Rachel's mind off of her thoughts, because, in Madelline's mind, it does no good to go to bed in a saddened or depressed state of mind. Twister is one of those games that can go on and on and on and in to infinity, if that is the way you want to play. But, there is always someone who is still standing after everybody else has fallen out. A lot of times, it doesn't really last that long. Sometimes.

As the last game ended, Madelline clapped her hands, and everybody looked at her.

"Ladies, it is bed time, school tomorrow."

With groans and dragging feet, the girls went upstairs to their rooms to wash up and get in to bed. After saying good night to Madelline, the lights were turned off and only a few night lights were left on.

The next morning, Jan came in and woke up the girls, telling them to get their clothes and take their showers. After every girl was finished with her shower, they went upstairs to the dining room, and stood by their chairs. Jack Olsen took a head count, silently, and then asked who wanted to say grace. Rachel raised her hand.

"Rachel," Jack said, with a smile, "you may say grace."

"Thank you, Lord, for what we have before us, in food, friends and good health. Please keep all of my friends, parents, siblings and those who care for us, safe from harm as we go about our day. Amen." Jack Olsen looked a little confused.

"Rachel, do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"Yes, daddy, I have most of my sisters right here, pluse Janice, Renée and a few others."

"I never thought of it like that. Thank you, Rachel."

"You are very welcome, daddy."

When everybody was finished with their breakfast, each girl went to brush her teeth, and get her coat, boots and books, and head off to the school. As Sharon and Connie were coming out of the house, Renée's mother drove up. She told Rachel she would pick her up after school. Mrs. Richards then left the grounds of the Pine Meadows Home For Adolescent Girls and headed to town to drop off Renée at the Pine Meadows Senior High School.

As Mrs. Richards turned on to the street where the school was, she saw there were fire trucks, an ambulance, and city police and county sheriff cars. Naomi Petersen came over to their car.

"Hello Renée, Mrs. Richards. School is closed for the day, at least, because one of the boilers burst. The school will have to relace it. The maintenance engineer was hurt when the boiler burst."

"Do they know what caused it to burst?" Gloria Richards asked Naomi.

"It was just old. Anyway, they will probably replace it with another one just as old, if I know school boards and their wanting to save a penny."

"Well, okay, I guess. Thank you, Naomi." Mrs. Richards left to go back home, but had to stop at the market first. "Well, dear, looks like you get a mini vacation. Want to help me around the house?"

"Sure, mom. At least that way I won't be bored." Both ladies giggled.

They stopped at the supermarket and Gloria Richards gave Renée part of the shopping list.

"Honey, you go and get these items, and I will get the rest."

"Sure, mom." Renée left to go aisle hopping looking for this and that.

After getting two full shopping carts, They went through the checkout counter, then went to the car and put everything in the trunk and back seat.

Gloria Richards drove up to the back door, and popped open the trunk. Renée and her mother took the groceries in to the house and started putting them away. When all the groceries were put away, Gloria Richards sighed, and then she looked at Renée.

"Well, dear, the house doesn't clean itself. Let's get started. You do the kitchen, I will do the upstairs, and then we both can tackle the living room and dining room. The basement your father can do." Both ladies giggled, and they started cleaning.

It takes about three to four hours to do the housework, since everybody basically cleans after themselves anyway. But Renée's little siblings needed a little help in the straightening up department. It doesn't take long to do the younger childrens rooms, and by the time Gloria was done with Cathie and Daniel's rooms, Renée was done with the kitchen. Gloria Richards went downstairs, and decided it was break time before tackling the two easiest rooms in the house. They just needed to be dusted and vacuumed.

"Want some tea, dear?"

"Yes, mom, thank you."

Gloria got up and got out two tea bags, two cups and filled the coffee maker carafe with water to heat. It would take about five minutes for the water to filter through the machine. Then they could enjoy a nice hot cuppa before doing the dusting and vacuuming.

"What do you want to do, the vacuuming or the dusting?"

"The dusting."

"Good. After our tea we will get started. Then we will get the living room and dining room done. Gloria poured the water over the tea bags, and they sat there enjoying their tea. As they were talking, the phone rang. Gloria went to answer it.

"Hello," Gloria Richards said in to the mouth piece. She listened for a bit. "No, Mrs. Watkins isn't here, right now. Alright, thank you, we will be there. Rachel has an appointment with Dr. Nita right after school. I'm going to call Naomi and let her know."

Gloria dialed Naomi's cell phone number and left a voice message, because she was busy. Gloria thought that she would try again, later.

Chapter 3 - Dr. Nita discusses hormones.

After a little over an hour after Gloria Richards had called Naomi, she tried again. This time Naomi answered. Gloria Richards told her about the appointment Rachel had with Dr. Nita, and Naomi said she would be there. Gloria Richards cleaned the living room, while Renee cleaned the dining room. When the two ladies were done, they sat down and talked mostly about fashions and boys. Even though Renee was only interested in boys as friends, there was one she wanted to spend more and more time with.

"Mom, do you think Dr. Nita will let Rachel have the hormones she needs?"

"All we can do is wait and see. Naomi will be there for that appointment. If Naomi and Ms. Wells has anything to say about it, I will bet Rachel will be able to start her development on time. Some girls are what we call 'late bloomers'. So, we will see what happens."

"Are we going to be there?"

"I don't think it would hurt if we were. Renée, sweetie, we have to remember that the actual decision is with Dr. Nita. By the way, young lady, your doctor should be here tomorrow. From what I understand, she takes the prospective transgender person on a shopping trip, then treats the client to a lunch. All the while, she will be watching you to see if there is any hint of a male action. If she sees that, the shopping trip is over. But, you have nothing to worry about. Dr. St. Clair is very professional, from what I was told when I called her office."

"Dr. St. Clair, mom?"

"Yes, dear, Dr. Barbara St. Clair. She is making an especial trip to come to see you."

"How did you hear about her?"

"I called the psychiatric hotline, and they gave me her office number. They also told me what I just told you. I have never met her, but if she is as good as they told me she is, you shouldn't have any problems getting your hormones. The best thing is, we don't have to change your name."

"Then Rachel and I should be able to start our developments together."

"Yes, dear. It is geting on time we should get to the home, so we're not late for Rachel's appointment. This way, too, you can spend a little time with your house sisters."

"I will get my coat. Meet you in the car."

As Renée was getting her coat and boots on, she was thinking about what her mother had said about Dr. St. Clair coming tomorrow. She knew she would have nothing to worry about. All she needed to do, was be herself. Renée grabbed her purse on the way out and got in the car. She buckled her seat belt, and they were off to visit at the home until Rachel's appointment time.

Gloria parkd the car right near the walk leadng to the front door of the teen girls house. Gloria beeped the horn a couple of times, and Sharon looked out of the window to see Renée and her mother walking toward the house. Sharon went to the door, and waited for them to come up the stairs. Sharon decided to be facetious.

"Hello and welcome to Sharon's fly by night nut house. If you are as nutty as the rest of us, you will fit right in." The three ladies giggled and Sharon and Renée gave each other sisterly hugs. "How have you been, sis?"

"I've been all right. Rachel has an appointment with Dr. Nita right after school. Hey! Wait a minute! Why aren't you in school, sis?"

"I have a cold, and here you can't go to school if you have a cold."

"I hope that is all it is. I had a cold when I was younger, and it turned in to pneumonia."

"Well, sis, I hope it doesn't do that. Why are you here? I mean, not that it matters, we're glad to have you anytime."

"The school was closed today, because one of the boiler's burst. Naomi said the maintenance engineer was hurt. We also want to go over to Dr. Nita's office for Rachel's apointment. They're going to talk about Rachel getting hormones."

"You know, Renée, Dr. Nita is nice, but she is also very firm when she treats us as patients. I hope Rachel is ready for disappointment if Dr. Nita doesn't let her have the hormones."

"That is why we are here. To give her moral support."

"I will ask mom if a few of us can go over, too. This way, Dr. Nita can talk to all of us."

"That sounds like a good idea, Sharon," Gloria said, with a smile. "The more people who can be there for Rachel, the better."

"I agree," Madelline said, as she came out of the office. "Sharon, I will let four of you go over to psychiatric for Rachel's appointment. Is Naomi going to be here, too?"

"Yes, she is," Gloria answered Madelline. "I called her to let her know and she said she would be here."

No sooner than Gloria said that, than Naomi announced that she was there by blasting her siren on her SUV. Naomi opened the door, and was almost smothered to death with hugs and talk that sounded like gibberish.

"Hey, hey, one at a time. I'm off duty until tomorrow morning, unless I get called in. It should be time that we were going to meet Rachel coming from the school."

"Then what are we waiting for," Sharon Hardesty said, eager to get going. "Let's go."

Everybody walked toward psychiatric, and met Rachel on her way to drop off her books. When Rachel saw Naomi, Renée and her mother walking toward her, she had a puzzled look on her face.

"What are you guys doing here?"

"We're here for your appointment with Dr. Nita."

"They told me in school I had an appointment, but I didn't know you would be here."

"Rach," Naomi started, "I told you that I would be here to help you through your therapy, and I meant that. Remember, sis, we're one for all and all for one."

"Thank you, everybody."

Rachel starting crying and that was not good because the temperature was below freezing. The group walked toward psychiaric and when they got inside, Naomi announced Rachel.

"Just have a seat, Dr. Nita will be right with you," the receptionist told the group.

As they sat there, Rachel and Renée were whispering about Dr. St. Clair coming tomorrow. Rachel squealed.

"Girlfriend, you are going to be right there with me. Great!" It was then, that Dr. Anita Garcia came out of her office and called Rachel's name.

"Hello, Rachel, I'm Dr. Anita Garcia, or Dr. Nita as everyone calls me. I see you brought your éntourage with you."

"Excuse me, but, my what?"

"á‰ntourage, sweetie. It means you brought your followers with you. Now, I have only seen you for your physical. I believe at that time, we established that your transgender transition was to be a major part of your therapy. Is that correct?"

"Yes, doctor."

"Okay. In a place like this Rachel, we have what is called the rumor mill. A little birdie told me that you were wanting to take female hormones, so that you could develop like a normal girl. Let's discuss this for a moment. Rachel, hormones are very important, and they do work well. But, in order for them to work well for you, there is one other item that must be taken care of." It was then that Dr. Nita's phone rang. She was told that it was Ms. Wells on the line. After talking briefly to Ms. Wells, Dr. Nita had a big smile on her face. "This other item that I mentioned is called an orchiechtomy. Do you know what that is?"

"No, doctor."

"Well, it's where we remove the testicles that produce the testosterone in the male body. Once they are removed, the estrogens I will prescribe will be able to do the work the way they were intended to. So, my question to you is; would you like to have the orchiectomy and start taking estrogens?"

"Yes, Dr. Nia, I would."

"Good. Since you are a ward of the state, we are your legal guardians. That means any surgical procedures you will need, are up to us to give permission to have them performed. Ms. Wells told me on the phone that you have been approved for the orchiectomy. Now, we can do this in the O.R. at the hospital, or we can do it right here in the clinic, where you will stay for a couple of days, just to make sure there is no infection. So, when would you like to start?"

"Is now too soon?"

Dr. Nita smiled, because Rachel's answer told her that Rachel was serious about her transition. Renée was in the waiting room, with everybody else, when Dr. Nita said that Rachel will be in the infirmary for a few days.

"Excuse me, doctor, but, what do we tell her mother?" Asked Gloria Richards.

"You tell her that Rachel will have a procedure to remove the testosterone producing stones from her body."

"I know what that means. Thank you, doctor, I will certainly tell her that her daughter is well on her way.

Except for Rachel, everybody else went back to the house to tell the girls about Rachel's procedure. As they were walking toward the house, Renée asked what the doctor meant by testosterone producing stones.

"Well, sweetie, it means that Rachel will have her testicles removed, so that her body doesn't produce testosterone. This way the estrogens that Dr. Nita will prescribe will do their job better."

"Do you think if I had that procedure, that my estrogens could work better?"

"Have you thought this out?"

"Yes, mother, I have. If Rachel can have her procedure to have her hormones work like they should, will you ask Dr. St. ... uhm ... well, anyway, could you ask her if I could have my procedure?"

"Yes, sweetie, I will ask her."

Renée knew that Dr. St. Clair would approve her to have her orchiectomy and be able to develop like a "normal" girl. The trying times are ahead of both girls, as they deal with the emotional roller coaster.

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